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cpaelzergood morning06:45
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pittimdeslaur, xnox: FTR: https://bugzilla.suse.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1020601 only affects systemd 228, thus no debian or ubuntu release/pocket/backports/etc.11:37
ubottubugzilla.suse.com bug 1020601 in Incidents "VUL-0: CVE-2016-10156: systemd: world writable suid files local root vulnerability" [Major,Confirmed]11:37
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mdeslaurthanks pitti!12:00
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mdeslaur@pilot in12:15
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sil2100cpaelzer: hey! I see there's a libibverbs package on Bileto from you ready for release - you want me to release it for you?13:26
cpaelzerrbasak: I have a few rather minimal merges done and in progress14:04
cpaelzerrbasak: do you want to review them still, or do you think we can upload and just merge if it is really down to a trivial delta?14:05
rbasakcpaelzer: I'd like to move towards getting peer review for all uploads, but I don't think there's any need for trivial things right now.14:06
rbasakMight as well start with the large stuff.14:06
rbasakThere may be a squid3 merge review coming your way soon :-)14:06
cpaelzerrbasak: makes sense - I'll go on with the trivials to get out of our way then14:07
cpaelzerrbasak: I'll trade squid for a multipath review :-P14:07
cpaelzerrbasak: in fact my personal timeline says I'll upload multipath on Friday as-is to get some practical testing if there is no review14:07
cpaelzersil2100: thanks for the proactive check, yeah ticket 2395 should be safe (minor upstream release, minimal delta)14:08
rbasakcpaelzer: I think that's fine. If no reviewers appear after a while, just land it.14:08
cpaelzersil2100: except I wanted to try hitting publish myself and see what permissions might break14:08
sil2100cpaelzer: do you have upload rights for this package?14:09
sil2100cpaelzer: anyway, nothing wrong will happen if you press publish, it'll tell you if you have the rights to do it or not14:09
cpaelzersil2100: yeah I should have upload rights, let me check14:10
cpaelzersil2100: ok, it didn't reject me right away - now copying it seems14:11
cpaelzersil2100: "INFO Succeeded in 0m 6s"14:11
cpaelzersil2100: you might keep an extra eye open since this might be the first time a non core-dev hit publish - just in case anything weird comes up14:12
sil2100cpaelzer: I guess all looks good!14:12
juliankpython-apt 1.4 beta is coming, but there never was a 1.2 or 1.3 (not even a final 1.1) :)14:45
juliankSo don't get confused, the version number is just matching the apt release series it requires!14:45
cpaelzeris that a known issue of sbuild dep8 tests atm "FAIL stderr: W: Ignoring Provides line with non-equal DepCompareOp for package wine"14:48
cpaelzerhitting that with an update to exim4 but I doubt to have caused that (https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-zesty-ci-train-ppa-service-2394/zesty/amd64/s/sbuild/20170124_111649_92763@/log.gz)14:48
juliankcpaelzer: Sounds like a bug in wine14:48
juliankcpaelzer: It also happens if you run apt update on a recent zesty system14:49
juliankHmm, not sure why that happens.14:50
juliankoh wait, wrong chroot14:51
* juliank is trying to find the broken package14:51
juliankPackage: wine-stable14:52
juliankVersion: 1.8.6-3ubuntu114:52
juliankProvides: wine (>= 1:1)14:52
juliankOh, come on14:52
juliankjbicha: ^ you merged that?14:52
juliankjbicha: I assume that should be wine (= ${source:Version})14:53
juliankOr wine (= 1.8) or something14:54
cpaelzeroh, thanks juliank for looing15:00
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ginggsjuliank, jbicha: looking at the previous versions, it was just 'Provides: wine'15:10
juliankginggs: Oh, good to know. I'm not sure what the >= 1:1 is trying to achieve - I also just noticed the epoch15:11
juliankmaybe it should provide wine with an epoch?15:11
juliankbecause some other "wine" package had an epoch15:11
ginggsjuliank: we are trying to get rid of the epoch15:11
juliankIn that case, it could Provide: wine (= 1:${source:Version})15:12
ginggsjuliank: hence the renaming of wine -> wine-stable until the next ubuntu LTS15:12
juliankginggs: Right, but currently the provides is broken. It either needs to become unversioned or a useful version provide.15:13
juliankwine (= 1:${source:Version}) is a bit ugly, but has the advantage of simply just saying wine-stable X provides wine with the same version an epoch 115:13
ginggsjuliank: shall i just revert to 'Provides: wine'?  i can upload shortly15:17
juliankginggs: Well, I think it's better than keeping it broken. I'm not sure what the intention was, or if it was intentional at all.15:18
ginggsjuliank: ok, reverting now. i'd better check src:wine-development too15:19
Laneyjuliank: meow, got a second to check on my sanity?15:30
Laneyjuliank: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/303682921/buildlog_ubuntu_zesty_amd64_kubuntu_BUILDING.txt.gz15:31
Laneyjuliank: or schroot -c zesty-amd64 -u root --directory / -- sh -c 'apt -y install appstream; apt -o Acquire::IndexTargets::deb::DEP-11-icons-hidpi::DefaultEnabled=true -o Acquire::IndexTargets::deb::DEP-11-icons::DefaultEnabled=true update'15:31
juliankLaney: Ah15:31
LaneyDon't undertand why the hash sum mismatch15:31
juliankHave you seen http://bugs.debian.org/83844115:32
ubottuDebian bug 838441 in apt "apt-get update fails with "Hash Sum mismatch", mixes hashes between tar.gz and tar file" [Normal,Open]15:32
juliankthere's a bug somewhere in APT causing it to take the uncompressed hashes for the compressed file, but no constant reproducer yet15:32
Laneyjuliank: ah right, nope15:33
ginggssrc:wine-development has 'Provides: wine'15:33
Laneythat one up there works for me, let me see what you want15:33
Laneysec, got to go give a weekly report15:33
juliankLaney: I added zesty-sec to my Deb system, and can't reproduce it, so it's officially complicated.15:45
Laneyjuliank: Hmmmm15:47
Laneyfor me it happens with *only* zesty-security in there15:47
Laneywhich is good for reducing the size of the output ...15:48
juliankLaney: Hmm, not happening for me15:51
juliankAh wait15:51
juliankit only downloaded the inrelease file15:51
juliankLaney: The problem happens while copying the file from partial to the main directory15:52
Laneyjuliank: you reproed it?15:53
juliankAPT tells the copy method it should expect uncompressed hashes for the compressed file15:53
juliankLaney: No, but that's what the log say15:53
juliankE: Failed to fetch copy:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_zesty-security_main_dep11_icons-64x64.tar.gz  Hash Sum mismatch15:54
LaneyAlso it only happens if I enable both the IndexTargets15:54
Laneyximion added that in https://launchpadlibrarian.net/303563290/plasma-discover_5.8.5-0ubuntu1_5.8.5-3ubuntu1.diff.gz15:59
Laneybet that's why it's now happening for kubuntu15:59
juliankLaney: Oh well, it might not actually be coppying but just an implementation artefact.16:01
juliankLaney: Maybe talk to donkult in #debian-apt on OFTC, and add some logs with Debug::Acquire::Transaction set16:04
juliankand take a copy of the repo for further debugging :)16:05
juliankLaney: ^ some more debugging options16:07
juliankI'll give repro a last try16:09
juliankAnd now I can repro :)16:10
Laneyoh sweet16:11
cpaelzerinfinity: I looked at liblockfile merge, but I wonder if dropping that old Delta would be fine - especially since this would make liblockfile a sync then.16:16
cpaelzerinfinity: TL;DR is just dh/dh_auto_configure cross build safe enough these days? I'm not a cross build expert so I wanted to ask and the old delta is yours.16:16
cpaelzerinfinity: Also it wasn't merged for a long time - if there is a hidden reason please let me know.16:16
cpaelzerthis is the old delta and the currend d/rules http://paste.ubuntu.com/23858458/16:17
cpaelzerhmm just checked the dates on the upstream changelog - there seems to be a flurry of activity just recently16:20
renn0xtk9What do you do if you have TPM_Error code 7 (i.e. you can not boot anymore ) and you have no recovery mode in boot ( Note that I never choose to deactivate it so it is a choice of the distro maker, which I would like to understand as welll....)16:21
cpaelzerthat explains why we had 1.09 for so long16:21
mdeslaur@pilot out16:32
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barrydavmor2: howdy.  just wanted to let you know that i haven't forgotten about aptdaemon.  been having some trouble with its autopkgtests so i'm trying to suss that out so it won't fail to promote in zesty once i've uploaded it16:43
davmor2barry: awesome thanks dude, seb128 flexiondotorg ^16:44
seb128davmor2, barry: thanks16:44
barrydavmor2, flexiondotorg, seb128 you can test the change in lp:aptdaemon but the package isn't yet ready.  i added the fix as a quilt patch in the packaging because i don't think there's been an upstream release of aptdaemon in a long time (probably never will be; i think it's been more or less orphaned)16:46
seb128barry, you could probably take over it/update the vcs if you wanted16:47
barryseb128: it's the "if" that's the problem :)16:47
seb128barry, well in theory foundations is supposed to maintain it...16:47
seb128barry, or somebody should look at deprecating it for good and replace it by e.g packagekit on the default install16:48
barryseb128: true.  i certainly don't mind helping out in cases like this, i just don't want to assume ownership of the upstream and package :/16:48
barryseb128: yes +1 to that16:48
barrypretty sure it's been dropped in debian, so we're looking at gnome-software, language-selector-gnome, oem-config-gtk, and sessioninstaller as revdeps16:49
coreycbbdmurray, hi can you reject the barbican upload from 2017-01-09 from the xenial review queue?  had to add a missing bug # to the changelog.18:09
coreycbbdmurray, thanks18:22
jbichaginggs: thanks for fixing the wine merge19:19
ginggsjbicha: np!19:22
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