zenvoki<m new here so don't worry everything is under control00:08
zenvokjust the receptionism thats all00:08
zenvokwho's on duty tonight ?00:23
j09I'm thinking about switching to Ubuntu MATE. I've heard you don't have the bug that causes a lot wireless cards to not connect after resume from suspend. Does anyone know if this is true?00:25
Astro7467j09, I cannot confirm nor deny, but thought this issue was resolved in all Ubuntu releases 16.04.1, and a non-issue in 16.10 - and that the problem is not DE related00:27
j09Ok, I think I may give it a go. Its looks great in a VM.00:30
HoppingMadManI have not been effected by since about two weeks j09 there was a update that came down the pipes that fixed it00:56
j09That's good to know HoppingMadMan00:58
HoppingMadManBut just remember if you are running a brodcom chips you need the firmware00:59
j09It's a Qualcomm Atheros01:00
HoppingMadManYou will be fine then01:01
HoppingMadManI never had trouble with my Qualcomm chips01:01
Astro7467Wish I could say the same for anything I have with RealTek NICs - I hate RealTek chips - an worse is that they seem to be in everything if it doesn't use an Intel NIC.. grumble .. grumble..01:03
HoppingMadManYeah.... Don't worry I could say the same thing with my whole HP Laptop... I am really wish I had the cash to upgrade... This thing needs some many tweaks after install any linux ditro I just stay on any LTS because once it starts running stable I just need to pray nothing breaks01:07
j09the WIFI seems to work after resume from suspend. Nice!01:25
j09Nice. I got my Ubuntu MATE all set up and working nicely. I'm always pleasantly surprised by this distro. It's not much but I left a small tip on the donations page for the pleasure. Thanks guys.01:42
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Guest63433Anyone know how to make the top of the Window appear within the bar at the top? ... am I even making sense?02:47
Astro7467The window size is messed up and you cannot drag it down?02:48
Astro7467Try ALT-SPACE, should drp the window menu so you can do move or resize - I usually fix with keyboard - mouse can be troublesome02:49
Guest63433No, sorry. When I first installed Ubuntu-mate... there was an option that when you maximize the window... the top of the window isn't there. I guess trying to make it behave like a Mac does... where it's built into the top bar02:51
Astro7467aH UNDERSTAND - JUST A SEC02:51
Guest63433Thanks Astro!02:51
Guest63433Been looking for the last half-hour without success02:51
Astro7467Control CFentre -> MATE Tweak -> Windows02:52
Astro7467De-select "Undecorate maximised windows"02:53
Guest63433Under MATE Tweak. Got it. I tried the regular Windows config.02:53
Guest63433The reason I disabled it before was because the window controls completely vanished and I couldn't figure out how to unmaximize02:54
Guest63433I discovered I could pull it down to unmaximize02:55
Guest63433Astro any favorite software that you just have to have on Linux? I'm a little new to it.02:55
Astro7467that problem is where my 1st try at guessing your problem comes in02:55
Astro7467it happens if you play with layouts etc when there are windows open - they don't seem to get a event to re-size02:56
Guest63433Hmm yeah. I'm not sure if I'll keep it... I was trying to duplicate the MAC behavior but it doesn't quite do it.02:57
Guest63433TopMenu Panel Applet doesn't respect the transparency of the top bar02:57
Guest63433and there is no way to change from maximized if you enable it... without keyboard shortcuts02:58
Astro7467I like it from a screen realestate point of view but find it impractical when doing a lot of window jumping with full screen and tiled windows plus having focus-follow with the mouse02:58
Guest63433yeah :/02:58
Guest63433maybe someday they will nail it... or I'll learn enough programming to offer a fix :D02:58
HoppingMadManSo what have I missed?03:25
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swift110hey all15:06
swift110how are you ali123415:30
swift110alkisg: i mean15:30
alkisgI'm fine, do you have some ubuntu-mate support question?15:31
binarydepthI was experiementing with Unity17:43
binarydepthAnd installing the Mate desktoip enabled themed Unity17:43
rmflaggHello everyone!  I have a question about the interaction of Mate and Kupfer.18:42
rmflaggI don't know if anyone has any experience with Kupfer, but here goes:  When I open an application, say Galculator, and I use Kupfer to open another instance of Galculator, it doen't open a second one, but takes me to the existing instance of Galc.18:43
rmflaggWhen I did this in Cinnamon, it would open a new instance of the application, which is what I would like to happen.  Anyone know how to achieve this?18:44
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jaimehola...  como puedo instalar el adpatador tplink wn722n19:49
Akuliwe need a more verbose "don't quit within 10 minutes of asking" in the /topic19:51
dersveni changed the password of my main-user with passwd user, but now it doesnt work19:55
dersvenits a really simple pw. its not a typo19:56
Akulidid you get any error messages?19:56
dersveni cant unlock the screensaver nor sudo su -19:57
Akuliand it's the same username?19:57
Akulihave you logged out and back in? i'm not sure why that would matter though19:58
alkisgdersven: are you sure you ran passwd user and not sudo passwd?19:58
dersveni did sudo su -19:58
dersventhe passwd user19:58
alkisgThen you changed the root password, not the user password19:58
alkisgTry with the old password19:58
dersventhe old one doesnt work either19:58
Akulipasswd user changes password of user19:58
alkisgTry: su -19:58
alkisgDoes the new password work there, for root?19:58
alkisgsudo su -; passwd; changes password of root19:59
dersvenas i said i did passwd user19:59
alkisgAh sorry I missed that part19:59
alkisgmy bad19:59
Akulidoes systemd have some kind of weird password managing thing?19:59
Akuliwouldn't surprise me if it had19:59
Akulihow can you be sure?20:00
Akuliit has everything...20:00
alkisgdersven: well, an easy way to reset it is to select "recovery" from grub20:00
alkisgThere you get root access, so you can reset the password20:00
dersvenalkisg: yes if that was so easy.. grub isnt displayed20:00
alkisgAnother is with a live cd20:01
dersveni see bios for 0,5secs then black screen, then desktop20:01
alkisgTry holding down left shift20:01
dersvenok livecd it is ;)20:01
Akulibooting straight into a shell from grub is another nice alternative20:11
Akulikind of a hack but hey, it works20:11
alkisgif he managed to get a grub menu...20:12
alkisgHe doesn't get a grub menu though20:12
dersvenlivestick worked20:12
alkisgYou need to mount and run chroot, then passwd...20:13
dersvenyes its done20:13
dersvenwhat do you guys use for remotedesktop20:14
alkisgreverse vnc, mostly...20:15
dersveni want to phone home from work and managa downloads and stuff20:15
alkisgAnd teamviewer for windows20:15
alkisgThere's also x2go20:15
dersveni want to connect from windows to my linux-desktop20:15
alkisgAll of the above can do that20:15
dersvenoh teamviewer as .deb20:16
stichрусо туристо20:26
dersvenwtf teamviewer uses wine?!20:28
Akulithat's lazy20:28
dersvenand its doesnt work20:31
dersventv doesnt ask for a password on the windows-side20:32
dersvenuhh strike that20:36
dersvenversion were incompatible20:37
dersvenit really works20:37
ubuntu-matehi, german here22:13

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