k1l_i still think it was good to get sigyn back to #u00:26
daxk-line removed00:27
daxshe's not been too bad. definitely some false-positives tho00:27
daxoh for god's sake00:27
daxk, guess it can sit a bit00:27
daxalrighty, removed again :P01:03
bazhangMenzador, hi01:47
k1l_<kjef> sup morons02:09
ubottumcphail called the ops in #ubuntu (EricRose)08:59
ubottuEricRose called the ops in #ubuntu ()09:01
=== dax is now known as ro
k1l<S3XU4Lharassment> Hi.  I am here to sexually harass people.23:38
ubottuCodeMouse92 called the ops in #ubuntu (S3XU4Lharassment)23:39

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