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davmor2Morning all09:08
SuperMattGood morning09:12
SuperMattI need more sleep and water09:12
andylockranMorning guys09:25
* davmor2 thinks SuperMatt is actually AquaMan 09:26
SuperMattI'm not Aquaman!09:30
SuperMattI'm totally better09:30
davmor2nah not if your only sleeping in the water you're not :P09:34
SuperMattI want sleep *and* water, not sleep *in* water09:34
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Tuesday, and happy Compliment Day! 😃09:41
diddledanJamesTait: you're great at these day of the day09:41
JamesTaitWhy thank you! I love what you've done with your hair today.09:42
diddledanbedhair ftw09:42
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:49
davmor2JamesTait: I think this covers it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WybiA263bw10:00
diddledan200 squiddlers for an acer 4K 24inch monika: http://www.ebuyer.com/700238-acer-cb240hyk-24-ips-ultra-hd-4k-monitor-um-qb0ee-00110:13
davmor2diddledan: I was just reading that self same email :)10:29
davmor2diddledan: £64 saving isn't to be sniffed at either :)10:33
diddledanooh, late nite linux episode 2 is podcasted12:40
foobarryhow can i tell if a windows PC has a certain update installed?13:39
foobarryrunning wuapp and searcing installed updates doesn't show it13:39
diddledanno idea13:44
knightw0rkhey everyone13:45
davmor2foobarry: you know this is Ubuntu-UK right not windows uk ;)13:50
foobarrynot sure where else to ask...13:50
foobarryi haven't used windows properly for 15+ yrs13:50
knightw0rkwhat was your question foobarry13:50
popeyfoobarry: windows 10? it has a history list in windows update which lists all the updates13:51
popeyoh, no idea13:51
foobarrythe history list seems to list only up to 201513:51
popeynever used 813:51
foobarryits possible that 1) nobody is updating 2) they do something funky with the images since they are VMs13:52
diddledanif it's a new VM then the image it was created-from was probably minted in 201513:53
foobarrythats a worry if true13:53
diddledanit's a hassle updating base images for Windows mass-distribution13:54
foobarrynot if its your full time job13:56
diddledanIIRC you need to install it on a system and bypass the OOBE system on first-boot-after-install, do all the updates required, do any other stuff required to customise the base image, run sysprep and finally create an image.13:56
diddledanit's several hours work13:57
foobarryyes, enough time since 2015 surely13:57
* diddledan twiddles his thumbs waiting for delivery man15:20
davmor2diddledan: I kidnapped him knowing you were waiting on something15:22
diddledanthe expanse season 2 starts next week! \o/15:43
davmor2I didn't see season 1 ;)15:45
diddledanit's awesome15:45
diddledanI love the realism15:46
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diddledanparcel arrived16:38
diddledanit's plugged-in and running. I have a working ups again16:38
daftykinsi'm still without a shower ;) timber treatment fella is coming over tomorrow to assess the damage16:49
davmor2I'm gonna laugh my ass off if he walks in, deep inhales and says yes that is damaged :D16:50
daftykinswell it's a bit more than that, 1) active furniture beetle (woodworm) 2) rotten AND woodworm eaten joist 3) listed property16:52
diddledanlisted in the "condemned" column :-p16:52
daftykinswell, the room floor will be hopefully \o/16:53
daftykinsi've been doing jobs for my wealthy clients boat guy at the mo, check out the formers boat up in a warehouse :D https://www.dropbox.com/s/cvcchzlswwhdtja/VID_20170124_142418.mp4?dl=016:54
daftykinshttps://youtu.be/DHLP0eyXsSo?t=311 now THAT is a shower for a small room like mine :>17:17
zmoylan-pibut then you'd have a slippery part of the floor in one part of the room a few times per day depending on the number of times it is in use... but very interesting design18:11
davmor2daftykins: I have a problem with that video it showed no shower :)18:32
zmoylan-piand the panels would have to be lower than the shower head and controls as they would protrude from the wall... but still possible18:34
diddledanoh dear symantec issuing fake certs again: https://www.scmagazine.com/once-again-symantec-spotted-improperly-issuing-certs/article/633266/18:39
daftykinsdavmor2: ok it was more an enclosure :P18:45
davmor2daftykins: the video after shows you it as a shower18:46
daftykinsi don't allow autoplay so i'm not sure which one would've followed18:47
davmor2daftykins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLmOrg79a5o18:56
daftykinshaha yeah it actually isn't hugely practical when you have to keep moving the shower head :>19:00
zmoylan-pishould be possible to make a shower head that moves out of the way as doors are closed over19:01
daftykinsaww yeah another new client \o/19:11
daftykinshelp pay for the bathroom drama this ;)19:11
zmoylan-piyou'll be able to celebrate by brewing up some bathtub gin... :-P20:18
popeyali1234: seen http://www.savethedate.foo/ ? seems like a puzzle up your street20:58
ali1234doesnt work in firefox :/21:23
daftykinsthis just looks like a copy of zahada, which a mate of mine made21:29
ali1234number 4 is an actual puzzle tho21:49
ali1234hmm i dont think they expect it to e solved in under two hours22:36
diddledanhave you done it?22:38
ali1234hacker news did it22:39
ali1234its just an advert for google i/o in may22:39
diddledanI figured it was about googley io22:39
ali1234i will have totally forgotten about it by then22:39
zmoylan-pii'm sure they'll pop an advert or two in your face before then22:41

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