nsnzeromorning guys06:51
nsnzeroeveryday i receive at least 1 phising email - is there anywhere i can report it ? 06:52
andrewlsd\o all07:00
andrewlsdmissed, kulelu8807:00
andrewlsdmaaz tell kulelu88 to ping andrewlsd if he still hasn't got history timestamps working07:01
Maazandrewlsd: Got it, I'll tell kulelu88 on freenode07:01
paddatrappernsnzero: Only one, that's not bad. Since subscribing to debian mailing lists I get about 5-10 a day07:06
paddatrapperLuckily all caught by the spam filter07:06
nsnzerothanks paddatrapper - i wanted to report it so others dont get caught - i have a good spam filter - common sense - unfortuanately others may not 07:10
andrewlsd\o thatgraemeguy07:14
paddatrappernsnzero: Yeah I understand, not sure there is a place to report them that is actually effective07:43
nsnzerowould be nice if these spammer can get caught 07:57
paddatrapperAnyone know of a good online storage service for dumping about 5-10GB worth of backups? Preferably with a low price-point08:02
andrewlsdAmazon Glacier paddatrapper08:09
andrewlsdand/or "crashplan"08:09
andrewlsdGlacier is very cheap,  until you need to recover all your data.08:10
nsnzeromega.nz free account 50G08:10
andrewlsdGlacier allows you to retrieve a percentage of your data at no additional charge.  +1 for nszero08:10
andrewlsdwith any cloud hosting, also have a plan for how to migrate to another provider, in case the one you've selected closes down (or just shutters that product)08:11
paddatrapperthanks, yeah I just back-up the lxc containers and then restore them to a new host if I need to move providers, etc, but I need to find a way of doing it that doesn't require me downloading it all locally08:12
andrewlsd... if those containers contain sensitive information then you probably want to encrypt that data before uploading them.08:14
paddatrapperDefinitely plan on it08:14
andrewlsdOTH,  you could run your own LXD image registry on amazon. and use that to publish your LXC containers.08:15
andrewlsd... methinks Mega is likely the easiest option.08:15
paddatrappernsnzero: is it possible to rsync/similar to mega?08:18
nsnzeroi havent used it myself - but they offer megatools a command line client - not sure if its free though08:20
nsnzerothis might help - its free - https://github.com/megous/megatools08:23
paddatrapperthanks. I'll take a look08:26
paddatrapperAnd it's in debian repos08:27
=== chesedo- is now known as chesedo
nsnzeroand this if you want to mount the share locally  - https://github.com/matteoserva/MegaFuse08:28
* andrewlsd lurks08:48
paddatrapperDo we have a meeting tonight?09:26
nsnzeromaaz might know 09:34
nsnzerothe ubuntu loco team portal needs updating btw 09:39
paddatrapperMaaz: meeting09:41
MaazMeetings are held every 3rd Monday of each month at 19h30 SAST. More info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings09:41
paddatrapperThat page is also out of date...09:42
andrewlsdpaddatrapper: so we should have had a meeting on the 16th, by the looks of that info from Maaz09:46
paddatrapperandrewlsd: The channel title says today at 20:30. Then I guess shall we have it?09:54
paddatrapperMaaz: seen Kilos10:43
Maazpaddatrapper: Kilos was last seen 1 day, 5 hours and 22 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2017-01-23 07:43:16 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2017-01-23 08:06:13 SAST10:43
chesedowe should have a meeting tonight10:45
chesedopaddatrapper: seems like you would be chair... i can share our cheatsheet in a bit if you are still up to it?10:48
chesedoTo all: the meeting page has been updated so feel free to add anything missing...11:12
chesedoMaaz: announce Meeting here tonight11:12
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Meeting here tonight11:12
chesedoinetpro: can you send out the twitter notification for the meeting?11:20
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chesedohi synapse | Guest8900411:22
chesedoand welcome to the ubuntu-za channel11:23
jeritchesedo: I read the word cheese in your nick now I want cheese puffs11:38
paddatrapperchesedo: cool. That would be great thanks11:45
chesedojerit: nlsthzn may have some again at the meeting tonight :P12:35
chesedothought he never shares them either :D12:35
chesedoinetpro: we also need to make sure paddatrapper has Maaz permissions for tonight's meeting12:37
chesedoMaaz: last seen kulelu8812:37
Maazchesedo: Excuse me?12:37
chesedoMaaz: seen kulelu8812:38
Maazchesedo: kulelu88 was last seen 16 hours, 43 minutes and 55 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2017-01-23 21:54:05 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2017-01-24 04:56:36 SAST12:38
inetprogood mornings13:45
inetprochesedo: I won't make the meeting tonight13:45
inetpropaddatrapper: let's see whether we can get you up on Maaz13:46
paddatrapperinetpro: thanks, that would be useful13:49
inetproMaaz: help accounts13:51
Maazinetpro: Manage users accounts with the bot. An account represents a person. An account has one or more identities, which is a user on a specific source.13:51
MaazYou can use it like this:13:51
Maaz  I am <identity> on <source>13:51
Maaz  link user <username> to <identity> on <source>13:51
Maaz  remove identity <identity> on <source> [from <username>]13:51
Maaz  create account [<name>]13:51
Maaz  delete (my account|account <name>)13:51
Maaz  rename (my account|account <name>) to <name>13:51
Maaz  set (my|<account>) <name> to <value>13:51
Maaz  list (my|<username>'s) identities13:51
inetproMaaz: permissions for paddatrapper13:51
Maazinetpro: I don't know who paddatrapper is13:51
inetpropaddatrapper: try this: "Maaz: I am paddatrapper on irc"13:52
inetproobviously without quotes13:52
paddatrapperMaaz: I am paddatrapper on irc13:52
Maazpaddatrapper: I've created the account paddatrapper for you13:52
Maazpaddatrapper: I am not connected to irc13:52
paddatrapperMaaz: I am paddatrapper on freenode13:52
Maazpaddatrapper: This identity is already attached to account paddatrapper13:52
shifterwhats up all13:52
inetproMaaz: permissions for paddatrapper13:52
Maazinetpro: Permissions: none13:52
paddatrapperhey shifter 13:52
inetproMaaz: grant chairmeeting to paddatrapper13:52
Maazinetpro: Alrighty13:52
inetproMaaz: permissions for paddatrapper13:52
Maazinetpro: Permissions: +chairmeeting13:52
inetpropaddatrapper: done13:53
shifterhas anyone used bitvise ssh before on windows?13:53
shifterhey paddatrapper 13:53
inetpropaddatrapper: don't know whether it matters that we said irc rather than freenode above13:56
inetproif you want you can just remove identity and we try again13:56
inetproshifter: what is windows?13:57
shifteranyone know of a good alternative for bitvise ssh, something that can open a terminal window and a sftp windows13:58
shifterinetpro, its cancer, i recently found the cure13:58
inetprohaha :-D13:58
superflyinetpro: What's the time? 14:11
sakhiHello ubuntu-za14:12
superflyshifter: putty or winscp14:12
superflyHi sakhi 14:12
shifterthanks superfly, do they have sftp windows as well?14:12
sakhihi superfly happy for you :) greencard.14:12
superflysakhi: thanks! 14:13
superflyshifter: I don't know. I just know that those two are tools some colleagues of mine used. I last used Windows more than 10 years ago 14:14
sakhiAny suggestions on Linux based VPN (besides OpenVPN) that will allow users connection to their Windows DC's and other local MS services?14:15
shifterlol, thanks superfly 14:15
superflysakhi: what about pptp? 14:15
paddatrapperinetpro: It does, it it dependent on your config file - by default it uses freenode, as each irc server (freenode, atrum, oftc, etc) is a different source14:15
paddatrapperhey superfly 14:15
superflyHey paddatrapper! 14:15
paddatrapperMaaz: link user paddatrapper to paddatrapper on freenode14:16
Maazpaddatrapper: Just do it yourself14:16
sakhiPf-Sense (vpn) -> Auth -> AD -> Services. I need to have *nix on the edge.14:16
paddatrappersuperfly: How goes things?14:16
sakhisuperfly: that should work, will check it, will also look at what IKE.14:17
superflypaddatrapper: slowly. Finally got a desk, so now I can at least set up the mac again and have a desktop machine 14:17
paddatrappersuperfly: Nice! Getting there14:18
superflypaddatrapper: am uncle gave us a PC, but we need to go fetch it, so I'm not sure what its specs are 14:18
superflypaddatrapper, sakhi: What's the time there at the moment? 14:18
superflyI've completely lost track 14:19
sakhisuperfly: 16:2014:19
superflyThanks. I want to try to be at the meeting 14:19
paddatrappersuperfly: Meeting is in 2h1014:20
superflyOK, 9:30 my time 14:21
shifterif I wanted to run sublime test form the terminal, how would i do that?14:24
paddatrappershifter: you use vim :)14:25
shifterlol eventually14:25
shifterlet me crawl first before I move to hyper speed 14:26
paddatrapperlol, vim isn't too bad14:27
superflyactually, it's easier to just go straight to vim. It's so completely different to other editors that you'll only get more confused if you use others. 14:28
shifteraw maaaaaaaaaaan14:28
superflyshifter: read that ^^14:29
superflyshifter: also this: http://www.terminally-incoherent.com/blog/2012/03/21/why-vim/14:30
shifterok, prepare for more annoying questions LOL14:30
shifterim still on the first resource14:33
chesedo-superfly: hi, do you know of any good *complete* and in-depth vim guides?14:34
shiftervi is the "killerest" LOL14:35
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=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
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superflychesedo: I don't. I used the first article I linked to, and then I just used it on a daily basis for anything that involved typing, except e-mails.15:46
superflyYou can probably figure out a way to use it for e-mail too, I just haven't bothered because my e-mail is web-based,15:46
superflychesedo, shifter: also, use Neovim, not vim. And get some good plugins installed. I'll put up my configuration just now. 15:58
shifterim trying out vimtutor15:58
superflychesedo, shifter: also, http://vimawesome.com16:04
superflychesedo, shifter: I'm using vim-plug as a plugin manager. See https://github.com/junegunn/vim-plug16:07
superflychesedo, shifter: this is my init.vim for Neovim: https://bin.snyman.info/mmm8mcm716:07
paddatrappersuperfly: mutt for email, with $EDITOR=vim will allow you to use it for email too16:08
superflypaddatrapper: does mutt work with imap?16:09
* paddatrapper has his config in git: https://gitlab.com/paddatrapper/dotfiles16:09
paddatrappersuperfly: last I checked yup16:09
paddatrapperI was using it with Gmail for a while, then got lazy16:09
superflypaddatrapper: I have my config in bzr on a server I control ;-)16:10
superflyI need to install loggerhead or something16:10
paddatrappersuperfly: Nice, a little _too_ much work for me there16:10
paddatrapperI need to fix the current issues I'm facing before I even consider adding more to my infrastructure16:11
superflypaddatrapper: actually, all you need is bzr installed on the server (and in the case of git, git) for a remote repo. for a frontend you'd need something like cgit16:11
paddatrapperone day then :)16:11
shifterman this is hectic16:12
superflychesedo, shifter: also, install Hack: http://sourcefoundry.org/hack/16:14
superflypaddatrapper: so, is this meeting happening?16:31
* superfly feels like he's missing something16:58
paddatrappersuperfly: Seems I can't maths - supposed to be in an hour17:25
superflyah, OK17:25
paddatrapperSorry was busy with supper17:25
superflyIt's currently 10:25am here, so I've pretty much got all day ;-)17:25
superflypaddatrapper: just a tip, we should have an AGREED to end every topic. If you look at the last meeting's minutes, you'll see that there are lots of topics, but nothing to say what we actually discussed or even decided (if anything)18:02
superflyMaaz: help meetings18:02
Maazsuperfly: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:18:02
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]18:02
Maaz  I am <True Name>18:02
Maaz  topic <topic>18:02
Maaz  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>18:02
Maaz  minutes so far18:02
Maaz  meeting title is <title>18:02
superflypaddatrapper: I think using "idea" might also be a good idea... if you'll excuse the pun18:03
paddatrappersuperfly: thanks. Yeah will do 18:03
superflypaddatrapper: look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20161122#Summary to see what I mean18:04
superflymaybe I should raise it as an idea in the meeting ;-)18:05
superflyhow meta :-P18:05
nsnzeroevening all18:12
* smile pokes superfly18:12
smileis there a meeting tonight / today?18:12
superflyhi nsnzero, smile18:12
nsnzeroat 8.3018:12
superflysmile: yes18:12
superflyin about 15 minutes18:12
smileokay :)18:12
nsnzerogreetings superfly and smile 18:13
superflynsnzero: 11:30 my time, I think18:13
smileDon't forget it's 19:13 here, nsnzero :p 18:13
nsnzeromy apologies 8.30pm18:13
smileoke :) 18:13
nsnzeroback in the day my grandfather used to wind his watch , now we have to charge our watches18:16
smilekmf: welcome18:16
kmfhi smile 18:17
nsnzerothanks for joining us kmf 18:18
kmfnp nsnzero 18:19
superflysup kmf!18:19
kmfhowdy superfly ... hoe's die weer?18:19
superflykmf: 'n bietjie koud, maar nie sleg nie. beter a kaapstad se winter, en veels beter as gauteng se winter18:20
kmflol ... keep to engrish sounds better18:20
nsnzeroalmost meeting time ...18:28
paddatrapper2 minutes according to my clock18:29
chesedoa few seconds18:30
chesedohi kmf18:30
paddatrapperMaaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - January 201718:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:30
kmfchesedo: hello!18:30
paddatrapperMaaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction 18:30
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:30
paddatrapperWelcome all those who made it, thanks for being here!18:31
paddatrapperOur bot maaz does the minutes as usual so please introduce yourself to it using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg. 18:31
paddatrapperMaaz: I am Kyle Robbertze18:31
Maazpaddatrapper: Okay18:31
chesedoMaaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht18:31
Maazchesedo: Yessir18:31
paddatrapperThe agenda for today is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20170124 feel free to add any last minute stuff18:31
paddatrappereveryone happy with the agenda?18:32
nsnzeroMaaz: i am nsnzero18:33
Maaznsnzero: Righto18:33
chesedopaddatrapper: I'm ok with it18:33
paddatrapperMaaz: agreed All happy with previous minutes18:33
MaazAgreed: All happy with previous minutes18:33
paddatrapperMaaz: topic Review of previous minutes18:34
MaazCurrent Topic: Review of previous minutes18:34
=== smile is now known as smile|bbl
paddatrapperPrevious minutes are here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20161122#Summary18:34
paddatrapperEveryone happy with the minutes of last meeting? Even if it was a while ago18:35
paddatrapperMaaz: agreed All happy with previous minutes18:36
MaazAgreed: All happy with previous minutes18:36
paddatrapperMaaz: topic Plans for 2017 18:36
MaazCurrent Topic: Plans for 201718:36
paddatrapperThey aren't around, but does anyone know the status of magespawn's application or that of tareq or Kapanda?18:37
chesedosuperfly kmf nsnzero thatgraemeguy shifter spinza  would you guys introduce yourself to Maaz with your fullnames18:38
chesedopaddatrapper: i am checking magespawns18:38
paddatrapperAnd while we're at it, anyone else wanting help with membership, launchpad IDs, etc?18:38
kmfMaaz: I am Karl Fischer18:38
Maazkmf: Righto18:38
chesedowiki page still missing for him18:38
paddatrappersuperfly: word wakker man!18:38
chesedolol, we took to long, he was eager 2h ago :P18:39
paddatrapperchesedo: cool. I haven't seen tareq or Kapanda around at all18:39
paddatrapperyeah kids must be calling18:39
paddatrapperOk then is there an update on Ubuntu for Hope?18:40
chesedopaddatrapper: tareq is from somewhre in asia and only Kilos has contact with him...18:40
superflysorry, busy with some other things18:40
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:40
Maazsuperfly: Alrighty18:40
chesedoKapanda has not been around in a while18:40
paddatrapperWonder how Kilos is doing... Hasn't been online today at all18:40
chesedopaddatrapper: I do not know if we have any...18:41
* chesedo also wonders18:41
paddatrapperMaaz: agreed magespawn still needs a wiki page, Kapanda hasn't been seen in a while and Kilos is the only one with contact with Kapanda18:41
MaazAgreed: magespawn still needs a wiki page, Kapanda hasn't been seen in a while and Kilos is the only one with contact with Kapanda18:41
paddatrapperMaaz: agreed no update on Ubuntu for Hope18:42
MaazAgreed: no update on Ubuntu for Hope18:42
chesedokmf: any events planned for Ubuntu for Hope that we can help with18:42
kmfchesedo: ...18:42
paddatrapperMaaz: topic Events 18:42
MaazCurrent Topic: Events18:42
paddatrapperI'll take that as no kmf :)18:42
kmfchesedo: nothing major planned, but I want to organize a GLUG party18:43
kmfpaddatrapper: ... sorry my wife called ... she has OP status ....18:43
chesedokmf: sound exciting!!!18:43
kmfchesedo: GLUG is 20 years old I think 18:43
paddatrapperkmf: No problem. That she does!18:43
paddatrapperThat's impressive18:44
kmfchesedo: spoke to Ross Addis and he is keen to do something from a RedHat side :D18:44
* paddatrapper has no idea how old CLUG is18:44
inetprogood evening 18:44
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer 18:44
Maazinetpro: Done18:44
paddatrapperhey inetpro 18:44
chesedokmf: is this in the near future?18:45
kmfchesedo: .... I hope so ... but he is busy now ... it's the RedHat forum18:45
kmf@inetpro hello Oom Gustav18:46
paddatrapperkmf: I take it GLUG is 20 y/o this year?18:46
kmfpaddatrapper: .... ja ... I think 18:46
paddatrapperMaaz: agreed kmf wants to organise a GLUG part sometime soon for what may be their 20th year18:47
MaazAgreed: kmf wants to organise a GLUG part sometime soon for what may be their 20th year18:47
inetprochesedo: sorry, I forgot to tweet about the meeting 18:47
chesedoinetpro: np18:47
paddatrapperAnyone able to report back about devug that happend earlier this month?18:47
inetprokmf: good to see you here 18:47
* chesedo forgot to got all things ready late last week18:47
kmfinetpro: my pleasure ... you look good have you lost some weight or is it my new font that makes you look smaller18:48
inetprohaha :) 18:48
chesedopaddatrapper: seemed like kulelu88 was interested in going, but do not know anything18:49
paddatrapperMaaz: agreed no info about devug18:49
MaazAgreed: no info about devug18:49
* chesedo rofl18:49
paddatrapperOk then there are two events coming up - rubyfuza and devconf, anyone know more?18:50
paddatrapperrubyfuza: 2-4 February 2017 Cape Town and devconf: 9 March, 2017, Johannesburg18:50
inetprosounds good 18:50
kmfpaddatrapper: ... yes ... what about scaleconf?18:50
paddatrapperkmf: I shall add it in! That's next month isn't it?18:51
shifterMaaz: I am C Fleming18:52
Maazshifter: Okay18:52
paddatrapperScaleconf - 9-10 March, Cape Town18:52
paddatrapperKirstenbosch nog al!18:52
kmfpaddatrapper: yebo ... same time as devconf ....18:53
inetproanyone here been to previous scaleconf events? 18:53
superflyI went to ScaleConf 201318:54
paddatrappersuperfly: What's its focus?18:55
superflypaddatrapper: mostly boasting about how much data they're processing18:55
chesedosuperfly: highpoint/best that you got from it?18:55
superflychesedo: anyone can process a lot of data if you have a lot of money18:56
* superfly turns the sarcasm down a little18:56
* paddatrapper wonders if SKA will present anything considering the volumes they process18:56
superflychesedo: the best talk, in my opinion, was actually my boss's18:56
superflypaddatrapper: they did in 201318:56
superflythey had some MS salesdrone present on Azure18:57
paddatrapperAs always18:57
paddatrapperMaaz: agreed Rubyfuza: 2-4 February, Cape Town :: Scaleconf: 9-10 March, Cape Town :: Devconf: 9 March, Johannesburg18:57
MaazAgreed: Rubyfuza: 2-4 February, Cape Town :: Scaleconf: 9-10 March, Cape Town :: Devconf: 9 March, Johannesburg18:57
paddatrapperMaaz: topic Miscellaneous 18:58
MaazCurrent Topic: Miscellaneous18:58
paddatrapperAnyone know anything about the Ubuntu education project?18:58
chesedosame here18:59
superfly(my boss's talk)18:59
paddatrappersuperfly: was about to ask, thanks18:59
paddatrapperanything else anyone wants to bring up?19:00
* inetpro don't remember seeing anything about Ubuntu education recently 19:00
* inetpro wondering whether highvoltage is still involved with edubuntu19:01
chesedoinetpro: Kapanda and william are the main guys on it19:01
paddatrapperinetpro: as far as I know, yes19:01
paddatrapperin that I am redesigning stuff that he wants to include in it19:01
inetpronice 19:01
inetprowb MaNI 19:02
paddatrapperMaaz: topic Next meeting19:02
MaazCurrent Topic: Next meeting19:02
paddatrapperNext meeting 28 February 2017 @ 20:30 according to the agenda, is that fine?19:03
paddatrapperMaaz: agreed Next meeting is 28 February 2017 @ 20:3019:04
MaazAgreed: Next meeting is 28 February 2017 @ 20:3019:04
paddatrapperMaaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting19:04
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting19:04
MaNIinetpro, thanks 19:04
paddatrapperWho feels like volunteering as tribute?19:04
paddatrapperhey MaNI 19:04
* inetpro votes for paddatrapper 19:04
kmfme 219:05
paddatrapperIt's still before the start of term, so should be possible19:05
chesedoinetpro: you are chickening out again :P19:05
chesedoI am also ok with that19:05
inetprochesedo: you guys are better than me 19:06
paddatrapperMaaz: agreed paddatrapper to chair next meeting19:06
MaazAgreed: paddatrapper to chair next meeting19:06
paddatrapperMaaz: end meeting19:06
MaazMeeting Ended19:06
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2017-01-24-18-30-31.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2017-01-24-18-30-31.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2017-01-24-18-30-31.html19:06
paddatrapperThanks everyone!19:06
inetprogreat job paddatrapper 19:06
chesedoawesomely done paddatrapper19:06
paddatrapperthanks inetpro, chesedo 19:07
inetprochesedo: my time is still too uncertain at this stage 19:08
inetprolife keeping me busy 19:08
chesedoinetpro: i'm just pooling your leg19:08
inetprogood night everybody 19:09
kmfgood night19:09
kmflove you all19:10
chesedonight inetpro kmf19:11
superflypaddatrapper: you know what would be useful in ibid, an "INFO" for meetings19:20
=== smile|bbl is now known as smile
smilebye! :) 19:36
paddatrappersuperfly: yeah. There are a couple of things I'd like to pull from the Debconf bot like that 19:53

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