yakiza1 onboard and my graphic card00:00
yakizavancho so what can i do ?00:01
vachoyakiza: connect monitor to the other port, and see if see anything on ur screen00:01
yakizavacho but i want my monitor to be connected in my nvidia not the onboard00:02
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Jeatoni have a dual boot setup on this computer, anyway, is it possible to access my encrypted home folder off another partition00:20
mumspumpjust wondering does anyone know what webfs does in ubuntu 16.04 its installed but what does it do00:21
adalbertmumspump: webfs is a connection interface to webdav if i'm not mistaken, it's used to mount a website folder.00:23
bazhanglightweight HTTP server for static content. mumspump00:23
mumspumpbut is it just wor anything that is important in the system ?00:24
zachFuck me in the ass00:25
k1l_mumspump: you can look with rdepends what installed it00:25
mumspumpk1l hoe do i do that ?00:25
k1l_mumspump: sudo apt-cache rdepends webfs --installed00:26
mumspumpk1l i allready uninstalled it can i do i anyways ?00:26
k1l_mumspump: no00:27
mumspumpk1l ok00:27
mumspumpi was just wondering if its just for anything imprtant like system updates or anything00:28
k1l_mumspump: no. its not installed as standard. so you must have installed it sometime00:29
mumspumpk1l no it just pooped up as an new file that a needed to update that why i was wondering00:29
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tankersanyone here know how to use excel?00:34
k1l_tankers: the microsoft guys know since its closed software from them :)00:35
mumspumpfound what webfs does for me it has something to do with smplayer00:37
usr_hey tankers ... yeah a bit ... what's up?00:37
tankerswell actually im using google sheets but w/e00:37
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tankersI have multiple tabs that contain data of different stations lets say station 1 station 2 & station 3 after them are conditions OK or NOK, can I somehow get all of the rows that have NOK as condition to be gathered to separate tab00:39
k1l_mumspump: hmm, that does not have webfs as dependency00:39
tankersany idea usr_ or anyone else?00:40
usr_you could use something like:00:40
usr_if(Station1!A2 = NOK, Station!A1, if(Station2!A2=NOK, Station2!A1, if(Station3!A2=NOK, Station3!A1, "")))00:42
humoroustwoI'm having issues with my hotspot and network-manager. The hotspot works as intended, but network-manager keeps opening the hotspot by default (whenever I restart or resume my laptop it creates the hostpot)00:42
tankersand that exclamation point searches for it from all different tabs?00:42
usr_actually you'd probably need to do all the 1's first, then all the 2's then all the 3's instead of the way that just came to mind00:42
tankersOkay, I'll try to tinker abit with that. Thanks for help00:43
humoroustwoalso as long as the VPN connection file is present under /ect/NetworkManager/system-connections , I can't view SSID's and the network manager icons are broken00:43
humoroustwo*hotspot not VPN00:43
worldlandlord4k1l_, hey, here again00:50
worldlandlord4would updating to 16.10 help in repairing anything that was missing?00:51
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okwahowhat do u mean?00:54
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ash_workzif I remove a initrd.img-x.x.x-x-generic from boot, it is safe to remove everything else that has the same number? (specifically: abi, config, System.map, vmlinuz)01:03
k1l_ash_workz: better remove the old kernel package. that will take care of all that01:04
okwahohow about autoremove01:04
k1l_(and that should be automatically made on recent ubuntu version)01:04
k1l_worldlandlord4: hmm, dont know, to be honest01:04
k1l_ash_workz: can you show a "ls -al /boot | nc termbin.com 9999"?01:05
k1l_and a "dpkg -l  | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999"01:05
dvdmucklehey there, could use some help with ldap and lightdm01:08
dvdmucklewe have a lab of 20 some odd computers with ubuntu, and for whatever reason only one computer can be logged into ubuntu at a time01:08
dvdmuckleif someone else logs in to ubuntu, both machines freeze01:08
dvdmucklewe've narrowed the issue down to lightdm (login via a tty on multiple machines work, as do other display managers)01:08
dvdmucklewas there an update to lightdm that broke ldap or something?01:09
ash_workzk1l_: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/71fa6f9d4b2e2463e2e424e0a94bcd8001:11
k1l_ash_workz: does "sudo apt autoremove" want to remove some old kernels?01:11
ash_workzk1l_: not enough memory01:12
k1l_ash_workz: ?01:12
ash_workzautoremove exits with an error01:13
ash_workzwhich has happened before when I run out of space on /boot01:13
ash_workzoh, I guess it worked this time o.O;01:13
k1l_so it removes old kernels now?01:14
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pf100Hi! Can someone help or point me to help on iwlegacy and iwl3945 wireless driver power management. Specifically how to turn it off? Pretty sure that's what my problem is.01:15
ash_workzk1l_: well, autoremove exited without any errors this time but I still have old System.map, abi and config files in /boot01:16
k1l_please show the output urls from "ls -al /boot | nc termbin.com 9999" and "dpkg -l  | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999"01:17
pf100adding options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=0 to /etc/modprode.d/options.conf fixed random disconnects. But if I lock the screen the wireleass adapter disappears until I reboot and modprobing just hard crashes01:17
ash_workzk1l_: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/447933ec7ee1cbd96bebf0c9a68ba29801:19
k1l_ash_workz: sudo apt purge linux-image-4.4.0-38-generic linux-image-4.4.0-42-generic01:20
k1l_might want to get rid of linux-image-4.4.0-53-generic too01:20
ash_workzk1l_: yeah?01:20
pavlospf100, Open /etc/modprobe.d/iwl3945.conf file and set iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=001:21
pf100pavlos: should i leave "options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=0" in /etc/modprode.d/options.conf like it is now also?01:24
pf100wait a sec01:27
pf100pavlos: sorry, I had options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=0 set in iwl3965.conf, not options.conf. My mistake. But yeah, that fixed the random disconnects days ago, so your suggestion is what fixed it.01:29
pf100it still disconnects when i lock the screen though. I don't get it.01:29
pf100or the adapter disappears completely01:34
pf100I'm wondering if pcie power management might be kicking in when the screen is locked. This is on a laptop with tlp installed.01:36
pf100sleep, hibernate, everything else works fine. just losing wifi when i lock the screen01:37
pf100i tried the power inhibit applet (running cinnamon). No difference.01:38
pf100I also added options mac80211 probe_wait_ms=1000 to mac80211.conf because it was timing out and deathing. that fixed that.01:41
pf100I guess I could try disabling suspend and hibernate next to see if that fixes it. suspend would be nice to have but reliable wifi is more important.01:48
pf100hmm... hibernate is already disabled, so I'll try disabling suspend then reboot and try locking the screen to see if it fixes it. Then I'll come back and let you know how it went.01:53
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Guest66131how do i change the permisson on a file02:05
piercedwaterGuest66131: "chmod <mode> <file>02:05
k1l_Guest66131: permissions with chmod. owner with chown02:05
victorque onda pio jaajajajja02:07
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Guest92153aca los que estan mas de  años si o si02:07
conleymas de cuanto? ;d02:07
kjefsup morons02:08
conleyhey man02:08
guyFromWebhi, i am trying to install Ubuntu on ThinkPad Edge, I already used UNetBootin on Mac to create bootable USB flash drive, but how do I boot into the flashdrive when booting the laptop?02:08
conleyi'm just trying to figure out how the fuck apt-get repos work.02:08
conleyguyFromWeb: depends on your computer.  try pressing and holding delete, F12, etc.02:08
conleysee if you see any keys or anything, google it idk02:08
guyFromWebwell this is #ubuntu :D02:08
guyFromWebI did get to the BIOS menu02:09
kjefguyFromWeb: save urself from this piece of crap02:09
conleyI'm not sure if BIOS is what you're looking for but that's a good thing i guess02:09
guyFromWebkjef: what do you mean piece of crap, Ubuntu is awesome02:09
guyFromWebconley: i also got to the Boot menu02:09
kjefyeah man... awesome in getin on ur nerves02:09
elkykjef: how about you stop02:10
k1l_guyFromWeb: you need to set it to boot from usb first. or press the button to get the "one time boot menue".02:10
guyFromWebkjef: maybe if you're new to it (which i am lol)02:10
conleypoke around, you'll find it in there02:10
guyFromWebi found it02:10
kjefit's good to see how painful it can be to use an OS02:10
kjefit should be used to torture ppl02:11
elkykjef: please be constructive here or leave02:11
guyFromWebkjef: are you honestly a noob with OS's?02:11
kjefoh yeah i'm as nooby as it can get02:12
elkyguyFromWeb: he's trying to stir up trouble02:12
kjefwell can't a guy have his own opinion around here?02:12
guyFromWebkjef: i wasn't trying to offend you :P02:12
elkykjef: this isn't an opinions channel no, it's a tech support channel, you're supposed to be constructive02:13
kjefwell i AM constructive - preventing UBUNTU installation is as constructive as it can be02:13
guyFromWebkjef: i'm sure your problems can be solved, what do you hate about it so much? :D02:13
guyFromWebit just WON'T load from the USB02:14
guyFromWebidk why02:14
guyFromWebi select it and it normally boots into Windows02:14
victorpinduis bad02:14
k1l_guyFromWeb: unetbootin is known to make issues. better use dd when you use macos anyway. or rufus on windows to create that usb02:14
victorpindubetter use lili usb02:15
pf100guyFromWeb: I've had that same problem. Try a different flash drive in addition to other suggestions02:15
k1l_guyFromWeb: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows02:15
guyFromWebok i got a suspicion it is UNetBootin, i had problems with it b4 too02:15
victorpindulili usb is good02:15
guyFromWebgood that i have Boot Camp Windows 10 :)02:16
victorpinduhwt is your distro??02:16
guyFromWebi may be back02:16
victorpindutapeho pe japiropaite ymatare02:18
guyFromWebso i'm on Windows 10 right now02:22
guyFromWebtrying out the Rufus02:22
guyFromWebIT WORKS02:24
cfhowlett!es | celia02:24
ubottucelia: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:24
guyFromWebok but the ubuntu did not install, just launched, i wanna put it instead of Windows, how do i actually install it? :D02:25
pf100use the install icon on the desktop after booting from the usb flash drive02:26
k1l_guyFromWeb: launch the installer on that desktop or launcher bar.02:27
guyFromWebo lol02:27
MannyLNJHelp: Ubuntu 16:04 whenever I wake my system up from Sleep mode it says there was an internal error02:28
guyFromWebshould I install the third-party software for graphics and wifi hardware?02:28
k1l_guyFromWeb: yes02:28
MannyLNJThe Details show a chash in Openssh server.02:29
guyFromWebso far my Continue is grayed out02:29
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guyFromWebthat normal?02:29
pf100it's doing magical things02:30
k1l_guyFromWeb: we dont see what you see. make sure you filled out all the fields required.02:30
guyFromWebye ye, i'll wait :D02:30
guyFromWebim mostly just installing it to host AssaultCube server so we can play at school lol02:30
guyFromWeband i could use it for Minecraft server too i guess02:31
cfhowlettsteam server!02:31
MannyLNJCan I get some help solving the error when I come out of sleep mode. The error is sshd crashed with SIGSRGV in ))Gl___libc(free()02:31
guyFromWebnow the computer shut down :?02:36
guyFromWebis shutting down part of Ubuntu's process? it doesn't seem to be doing anything02:38
pf100did the screen fade to black?02:39
cfhowlettit is part of process: shut down, remove the live usb/cd, reboot from hdd02:39
guyFromWebpf100: yea02:39
guyFromWeboh nvm02:40
guyFromWebit's not shut down02:40
guyFromWebbut the continue is still grayed out :/02:40
cfhowlett"remove usb/cdrom and press <enter>"02:40
pf100what screen are you on where the continue is greted out?02:40
guyFromWebimma try again02:40
guyFromWebi just clicked continue02:40
guyFromWeb"Preparing to install Ubuntu"02:41
guyFromWeboh it's continuing02:41
Specbuy cheap?02:41
guyFromWeb"Force UEFI Installation?"02:41
guyFromWebso if i wanna replace Windows, I will select Continue in UEFI mode, right?02:42
pf100Now I can't make my wifi misbehave by locking the screen any more. I guess it fixed itself. Yeah, that's it.02:42
drama@guyFromWeb unless you can turn UEFI off in the bios which I prefer... but ubuntu can handle ufei02:43
MarkB2Now I've done it.  changed the video settings on a Ubuntu 16.04.1 install and now the monitor is black.  Can't see a thing.  I've got that system running off the install CD and can get into my $HOME.  how can I reset the display to 1024 x 768 ?02:43
loganleeMarkB2, xrandr -s 1024x76802:44
pf100boot from hard drive with nomodeset option, then set the resolution again but to the right one this time02:45
MarkB2pf100: I can boot the system  from the HD.  What must I do to get into a startup prompt before the ubuntu comes completely up?02:46
pf100hold down shift i think brings up the grub menu02:46
guyFromWebdrama: so what is the UEFI?02:46
loganleeguyFromWeb, its a windows thing02:47
pf100uefi lets you use 1000 partitions on a zillion terabyte hard drive02:47
guyFromWebloganlee: i wanna remove Windows and install Ubuntu, so should I disable or enable UEFI?02:47
MarkB2pf100 I'll try it.  One moment while I turn around (it's behind me) and give it a shot.02:47
dramasome crap M$ thing to control hardware manufacturing02:47
MarkB2I want to see a zillion terabyte drive!02:47
loganleeguyFromWeb, you need to enable uefi or it wont boot02:47
kk4ewtguyFromWeb,  it doesnt matter, most modern linux distros support uefi02:47
guyFromWebso i forced UEFI02:48
kk4ewtdrama, no it was intel02:48
dramaoh... same thing02:48
pf100and don't confuse uefi with secure boot, even though they are linked and confusing02:49
guyFromWeb"Use LVM with the new Ubuntu installation" - anything very neccesary?02:49
pf100noy unless you need to manage large volumes02:50
cfhowlettif you do not know what that is, you don't need it for now  :)02:50
guyFromWebwtf "Install Now" is greyed out02:50
guyFromWeband it is NOT doing anything rn02:50
MarkB2pf100: left-shift down during boot didn't work.02:50
pf100hmm... just a sec02:51
MarkB2Thank you.02:52
guyFromWebok weird thing - anytime something is greyed out, i need to go back and press continue again...02:52
loganleeneed drink brb02:52
guyFromWebit could be my Rufus settings so :P02:53
dramaguyFromWeb, how much ram do you have?02:53
guyFromWebdrama: i honestly don't know xD02:53
guyFromWebit's an old computer02:54
guyFromWebi couldn't boot it02:54
guyFromWebhow could you quickly check?02:54
pf100Keep hitting Shift until you see "Grub Loading Message" After the message, hold the Shift down until the menu appears.02:54
pf100if that doesn't work try esc02:54
MarkB2pf100: Got it. <whew>  "nomodeset"...?02:55
MarkB2Lets see if I can find where to stick that in grub (I'm more of a Lilo man...)02:56
pf100put it after quiet splash02:57
pf100or just before. doesn't matter02:57
MarkB2I don't see a "quiet splash" .   At the grub boot selection menu, I entered 'e' to edit the boot options.  From there I see a screen full of keywords and options.  <groan>02:58
pf100I know nothing about lilo so I know who to ask now02:58
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MarkB2At the top of the edit is says "setparams 'Ubuntu'02:59
tyriondwarfI have a slight issue, my files become corrupted when copying from Ubuntu VM to host computer02:59
tyriondwarfUsing parallels02:59
tyriondwarfAny ideas?03:00
MarkB2Ah!  Found "quiet splash"03:01
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* MarkB2 AWARDS +100 InternetZ to pf100 !! IT WORKED!03:03
pf100MarkB2: I learned that lesson the hard way. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth, etc.03:04
guyFromWebso thank you everyone for your help, i really appreciate it03:04
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BootstrapHello, I am trying to dd System03:06
MarkB2I just set it to 1024 x 768 ... rebooted .. now waiting to see if it recovered.03:06
cfhowlettBootstrap, system?  pretty sure dd is a command.  open a terminal:  man dd03:07
pf100OH NO, Not 1024x768!!! Just kidding03:07
BootstrapHello, I am trying to dd SystemRescueCD to my usb drive. Instructions says to run "isohybrid /path/to/iso.file". How should i do this?03:07
MarkB2And it didn't recover.03:08
Bootstrapcfhowlett: sorry, typo mistake03:08
cfhowlettBootstrap, no problem.03:08
pf100do you have a proprietary video driver installed?03:08
MarkB2Alright.. back into grub.. back into nomodeset  what was the xrandr command?03:08
loganleeMarkB2, xrandr -s 1024x76803:09
MarkB2pf100: No.  it's stock to ubuntu.  loganlee: will that persist between boots?03:09
loganleeMarkB2, nope03:09
MarkB2gr... where does ubuntu keep the per-user X configuration file?03:10
pf100I don't think it really uses xorg.conf any more03:10
MarkB2<moan>  Where does it leep a user-set display resolution?03:11
pf100I THINK it's in ~/.config/monitors.xml03:14
pf100not sure03:14
MarkB2I'll look.03:14
pf100If the file is there deleye it and log oout and back in03:15
MarkB2Yah.. that's where I was headed.03:16
yakizaBen64 are you here?03:20
pf100If that's a no go, then restart in recovery mode and choose run in failsafe graphic mode03:20
yakizaHello guys i managed to install my graphic card drivers ( nvidia) and when i am running dota 2 i get   square of collor to what ever has effect .. and if i try to play a game or watch a game its not possible  the effects ...03:21
pf100Then when there pick your display's native resolution or 1024x768 if you don't know.03:21
MarkB2pf100: I got into the display settings (it got confused) and set the primary display to 1024 x 768 .  It went black again.  Is this one of those things where it'll automatically revert in 30 seconds?03:22
pf100yakiza: did you try the next oldest driver?03:22
yakizapf100 i was in this channel for two days trying to install drivers  loads of guys helped me and i couldnt make them work for my computer  and  i end up formating it and the drivers i just  installed are the one i dont have any issue03:23
pf100MarkB2: I don't think so. Find out the exact native reolution of your display and try again03:23
yakizathe others drivers when i install them they dont run or they dont let me log in to the system or i get blakc screen p10003:23
pf100yakiza: I don't know then. IS there a bios switch n the video card to run at different speeds? What video card is it?03:26
yakizaits an nvidia  gt 63003:26
pf100that's really weird. the gt 630 shouldn't be that hard to set up. is it a laptop with intel and nvidia graphics?03:27
yakizano its a desktop pf10003:28
loganleeis it a new graphics card?03:28
pf100it should just work. I don't get it. You sure the card is good?03:28
MarkB2pf100: Okay. Everything is working.  I've made a note to myself: don't fool with the video settings .  Thanks.03:28
yakizai ave installed it and in details it shows my gtx630 but when i open the game everything is bad .. i wouldnt say its new i bought it 3 years ago 80 euros03:28
pf100MarkB2: excellent.03:29
yakizaits this one https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=gt630&biw=1920&bih=985&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwid-Ke869nRAhUKLsAKHcw7CmAQ_AUIBygC#imgrc=Um-bt3inZAjUdM%3A03:29
pf100You should be able to install the driver from driver manger, click install, and it should just work.03:30
yakizai did that pf100 and  i just get squares and stuff like that in the game03:30
pf100Any chance of trying it in a windows machine?03:31
pf100I've had cards that did the squares thing, and I underclocked the card and it fixed it03:32
pf100underclocked as in slowed it down03:32
pf100but i had to use an nvidia bios editor called nibitor03:33
pf100not saying that's what's wrong with yours03:34
chrisc99hey so I just finished setting up my ubuntu 14.04 install03:36
pf100does it work without the nvidia driver installed? I mean, I know the performance will suffer, but does it fix the squares?03:36
pf100did you try dota with the nouveau driver?03:36
chrisc99but every time I boot I keep getting this error, saying that it can't set my custom resolution (1360x768) and defaults back to 1280x72003:37
chrisc99I can get you a screenshot of the error if required03:39
loganleemy ubuntu can't find driver for my network printer :(03:40
pf100chrisc99: what video card and driver?03:42
pf100loganlee: what printer?03:42
loganleebrother mfc-j6520dw03:43
loganleethere is a driver from brother website03:43
loganleehavent tried03:43
pf100you have to install the driver from the rother site03:44
loganleemaybe it will break my ubuntu install03:44
pf100mo it won't03:45
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pf100loganlee: http://tutorialforlinux.com/2015/01/14/how-to-easy-install-the-brother-mfc-j6520dw-printer-driver-on-ubuntu-linux/03:49
pf100in step 2 extract to ~/Downloads folder, not /tmp03:51
pf100that's a typo03:51
pf100then follow the rest of the instructions03:51
loganleety pf100 ill read it now03:53
loganleeshould i do it?03:54
pf100you're probably not going to be able to scan over the network, so prepare for that possibility03:54
loganleeim afraid it will break my system somehow03:54
loganleepf100, ok03:54
pf100it can't break it. the worst that can happen is that the printer won't work03:55
pf100I've installed lots of brother printers. sometimes you have to install it several times to get everything just right though, but it won't hurt to reinstall it as many times as you need03:56
pf100the driver will just overwrite itself03:56
pf100If you absolutely can't get it to work no matter what you try, plug it in to your computer with a usb cable. It'll usually work first try and you can scan too.03:58
pf100I know that defeats the purpose of a network printer03:58
pf100but then you can share it with samba to the rest of the network03:59
pf100If you do set it up from usb, you can set it to a static ip address and then connect it back on the network as a network printer, then reinstall the driver and point the driver to the printers ip addd\ress04:00
MochaOtI'm wondering if someone can help. I installed Ubuntu on a laptop that has a touch screen. After about 2 minutes of being logged in the mouse disappears, and I can only use the touchscreen. I went into the mouse settings, and touchpad is turned on. How can I resolve this?04:10
JicossThats weird, i changed my wallpapper, and now i cant change it04:12
Jicossand the computer starts to freeze when i switch applications04:12
hydrajumpi have an external USB drive and I used gparted to create two partitions: 1) 2GB fat32 primary 2) 2GB ext4 primary casper-rw04:14
hydrajumpI then did `sudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb1`04:14
hydrajumpbut when I reboot and select the external drive as the startup disk it's not possible to boot it04:15
hydrajumpif I dd the iso to /dev/sdb is works fine but then I don't have the casper-rw persistent partition04:15
ThePotato456I had to open Ubuntu install with nomodeset checked04:18
ThePotato456How do I fix to where I don't have to do so04:19
hydrajumpThePotato456: /boot/grub/grub.cfg04:19
ThePotato456When I boot with nomodeset it has a low resolution04:20
ThePotato456After the install will it fix04:20
ThePotato456I installed 3rd party drivers04:21
clarei need help installing google chrome. i downloaded from google website, it opens in software center, i click install and then an install icon shows up and then it does nothing04:23
ThePotato456Apt-get install google-chrome04:26
clareThePotato456: that doesnt work04:28
ThePotato456Google is friend ?04:29
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest48852
clarei need help installing google chrome. i downloaded from google website, it opens in software center, i click install and then an install icon shows up and then it does nothing04:32
fishcookershould i restart the box after configure network interfaces? http://vpaste.net/HQirT04:45
clarei need help installing google chrome. i downloaded from google website, it opens in software center, i click install and then an install icon shows up and then it does nothing04:47
pf100clare: go here, click download, then when it's downloaded, double click the downloaded file and it'll just work https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/04:49
clarepf100: thats what i did04:50
JoeBkwhat's the best DVD player for ubuntu?05:00
pf100clare: right click the file, go to properties, and check the executable box05:06
loganleegot my network printer working on my ubuntu box05:08
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slashedzerodoes anyone have an experience with appindicator3 and unity?05:12
Guest99032Hello, I'm having issues running fsck, when i do "sudo fsck /dev/sda3" i get fsck from util-linux 2.27.105:14
xXEoflaOEXxGuest99032, Force fsck to check the disk. (sudo fsck -f /dev/sda3)05:15
Guest99032i did try that and I get the same thing05:16
xXEoflaOEXxGuest99032, Do you have e2fsck installed? What is your Ubuntu Version?05:17
xXEoflaOEXxHello underd0g05:18
Guest99032its 16.04 im running off the live disk05:18
underd0gjust testing out weechat05:18
xXEoflaOEXxGuest99032, Do you have e2fsck installed?05:19
Guest99032xXEoflaOEXx, yes I do05:22
Guest99032xXEoflaOEXx, the partition im trying to fix is ntfs05:24
underd0ghello p0id05:27
xXEoflaOEXxGuest99032, Did you try sudo touch /forcefsck?05:29
Sean_McGsince when does Linux know how to fsck NTFS partitions?!05:31
xXEoflaOEXxGuest99032, Wait, do not run that command. Linux does not know how to fsck NTFS. Did you install fsck for NTFS?05:32
yakizaneed help with my nvidia graphic card all drivers doesnt work....05:32
yakizadunno what to do05:32
Sean_McGyakiza: graphics-driver PPA05:33
Sean_McGyakiza: it's not officially supported by Ubuntu, but I have been using nvidia-370 successfully for some time now05:33
loganleei got network printer working but there is no config tool for scanner function05:33
xXEoflaOEXxyakiza, Do you have the PPA for graphics drivers?05:33
deus402yakiza: http://askubuntu.com/questions/760934/graphics-issues-after-while-installing-ubuntu-16-04-16-10-with-nvidia-graphics05:34
Guest99032xXEoflaOEXx, how do I install fsck for NTFS?05:34
deus402go through the stuff in step 2. i think the latest driver now is 378 though.05:34
yakizaSean_mcg xxxeoflaoexx guys ive been trying for days to make my graphic card work and even  guys from the channel helped me but we couldnt figure out what was wrong so i formated my system   my problem is that every  driver i install when i reboot i cant log in i ither get a grub menu or black screen , only one driver kinda worked it set my nvidia a05:35
yakizas my graphic card but when i  open the game nothing worked05:35
Sean_McGyakiza: what nVidia card do you have?05:35
yakizadeus404 i try that05:35
yakizagt 63005:35
yakizalatest drivers versio 375 but when i install them i get a grub menu and i dunno what to do05:36
Sean_McGtry 370 then05:36
xXEoflaOEXxyakiza, Did you install the inappropriate nVidia drivers?05:36
Sean_McGxXEoflaOEXx: isn't it universal?05:37
xXEoflaOEXxSean_McG, Yes.05:37
xXEoflaOEXxGuest99032, Try fsck.ntfs or ntfsfix.05:37
yakizano  i went to additional drivers install the prepritory  restarted my system started normally but when i started the game nothing worked05:37
yakizasean_mcg ok i will ry to install 370 now but if i get  grub menu is there a change to come back again or i have to format again ( i have done more than 10 formats today05:38
xXEoflaOEXxyakiza, If you get the same thing in 370, Try to install a graphics card drivers that is more compatible with your card.05:39
Sean_McGit would surprise me if there wasn't a way to back out of the change, but I don't know how myself as I've never had to do it05:39
yakizaxxeoflaeoexx and  witch are those secret driverrs?05:40
yakizai went to the official nvidia page put my graphic card model and told me 375.42 latest version of drivers and  i got a grub menu05:40
yakizadunno what else to do05:40
Sean_McGwhat Ubuntu release are you using?05:41
xXEoflaOEXxyakiza, Try nouveau. What Ubuntu version?05:41
Sean_McGOK, same here05:42
yakizabtw i think it might be something with my xorg file ..05:43
yakizacould that be?05:43
=== ckeeney is now known as metateck
Sean_McGentirely possible, yes05:43
Sean_McGsean@ohana:~$ dpkg -l | grep nvidia | head -105:44
Sean_McGii  nvidia-370                                  370.28-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.3                    amd64        NVIDIA binary driver - version 370.2805:44
yakizahow can i know witch one is the best for me in additional drivers i have 3 options?05:45
Sean_McGdon't use that -- use the manual installation procedure from the URL that xXEoflaOEXx posted05:45
Sean_McGyou basically need to activate the graphics-drivers PPA and install nvidia-370 from there05:45
xXEoflaOEXxyakiza, What is the 3 options gave you?05:46
yakizaxXEoflaOEXx:  http://prnt.sc/dzkc4s05:47
xXEoflaOEXxyakiza, Use the tested device proprietary driver and test it.05:50
yakizaxXEoflaOEXx:  when ever i install that one i get a black screen05:50
yakizaor grub menu05:50
xXEoflaOEXxyakiza, Test the second option (proprietary)05:51
Sean_McGOK, I'm going to bed, good luck05:52
yakizagn mate05:52
yakizaxXEoflaOEXx: OK I AM rebooting now see ya in a bit hopefully05:56
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest31367
yakizaxXEoflaOEXx: i think this is the driver i installed befoe05:59
yakizaso it was succesfully installed and its even in the detail05:59
xXEoflaOEXxyakiza, OK, Does the game work?05:59
yakizaxXEoflaOEXx:  dunno have to download 7 gb again06:00
yakizais there another way to test it?06:00
Guest31367guten morgen zusammen, spricht hier einer vielleicht deutsch und hat ein BQ E5 ?06:00
yakizaa quicker way06:00
xXEoflaOEXxyakiza, Download the benchmark for your graphics card (any)06:00
underd0gwas ist ein BQ ES06:01
Sean_McGI think Unigine Heaven has a Linux binary06:01
Sean_McG(sorry, still awake)06:01
Guest31367ubuntu phone E506:01
underd0gokay aber ich hab keine information dieses handy06:02
yakizaxXEoflaOEXx:  any of these? http://www.nvidia.co.uk/coolstuff/demos#!/geforce-gtx-60006:02
yakizathey are .exe06:03
Sean_McG!de | underd0g06:03
ubottuunderd0g: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!06:03
underd0gguess its wrong to speak german here06:04
crassfaceI am having some trouble with my primary user account on ubuntu and was wondering if I can get some help06:04
yakizasEAN_MCG hey buddy take a look i try this and the seccond one doesnt run only the first06:06
Guest31367danke ubottu :)06:07
loganleehello my friends06:08
yakizaHello guys i have installed my nvida gt630 drivers from additional driver and try out this benchmark and the second one doesnt run i get an error any help what to do ?06:10
Sean_McGI'm downloading that free version of Heaven now, but it is 1 AM I should really be asleep06:11
yakizaSean_mcg.. alright man06:11
Sean_McGyakiza: it is possible that some of those tests require a newer card06:11
yakizai  was able to play dota 2 and counter strike before in my pc06:11
yakizawhen i had windows06:11
loganleeanyone wanna play around with a simple bot that can be configured in real time (no need to rerun) ---> http://realtimeconfigurablechatbot.sourceforge.net/06:12
loganleeyakiza, sorry hope we can fix this !06:12
yakizaloganlee  honestly  i am  now 3 days just made 3 days trying to figure it out06:12
yakizai am so frustrated  of switching06:12
=== WildSoft_ is now known as WildSoft
loganleeyakiza, usually if u set proprietary driver for ur nvidia card on additonal drivers app it should work06:14
crassfaceyeah I don't know much about that yakiza but good luck06:14
yakizaloganlee here http://prnt.sc/dzkisl06:16
loganleeyakiza, look at this https://s28.postimg.org/hpz7gkmi5/yakiza.png06:16
yakizaloganlee i dont have a 35206:19
crassfacedo any of you know how to regain root privileges? I think I might have made a terrible mistake when renaming my user account info06:19
tatertotshi yakiza06:19
=== Evan is now known as Guest61703
loganleecrassface, sudo -i06:20
yakizatatertots:  hello06:20
loganleeyakiza, it should work if you chosen proprietary driver06:20
yakizai do have choose them06:20
yakizaEric^^ finally ...06:21
EriC^^yakiza: what's up?06:21
yakizaEric^^ man i have made great progress since last time06:21
EriC^^yakiza: aha, do tell06:21
yakizaEric^^ http://prnt.sc/dzkisl06:21
tatertotsyakiza: is it true you have tried "multiple" version of the nvidia driver without success??06:21
yakizaEric^^ but  it doesnt run  any games or benchmarks06:21
loganleeyakiza, dmesg | grep -i nvidia06:22
yakizatatertots:  you can ask EriC^^ he have been helping me for 3 days now to solve this with no luck06:22
yakizahttps://thepasteb.in/p/wjh0JrzM2lWFv loganlee06:22
EriC^^yakiza: looks good06:22
EriC^^yakiza: does lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA show nvidia?06:23
crassfaceloganlee its more than that, I believe I have overwritten my previous username when editing /etc/passwd06:23
loganleeyakiza, that shows u the error06:23
alkisgcrassface: you can boot in recovery mode and edit passwd from there06:23
yakizahttps://thepasteb.in/p/zmh8QVp5EJyfZ EriC^^06:23
EriC^^yakiza: nice06:24
loganleeit says nvidia: module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing - tainting kernel06:24
yakizaEric^^ but why i cant run any benchmarks? like i tried to open a game and  graphics was so messed06:24
tatertotsyakiza: what happens when you try to run games/benchmarks?06:25
loganleeyakiza, module nvidia taints kernel06:26
loganleethis is ur error06:26
rellisAnyone know why the Ubuntu EC2 AMI's don't have ENA enabled by default?06:27
EriC^^yakiza: try sudo /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p06:27
tatertotsloganlee: that's actually normal, if you queried many nvidia proprietary driver users logs you would see the same06:27
yakizatatertots:  dota 2 just the hole pc frezzez and i see blue red yellow etc colors and from this benchmark  only the  firrst run    https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/linux-gpu-benchmark/   i get this error from the second       Segmentation fault (dumped)06:27
loganleeyeh sorry06:27
loganleenothing wrong there06:27
EriC^^loganlee: google says it's not important06:27
rellisApparently Amazon Linux is shipping with it turned on (suprise suprise)... not having it turned on by default makes it a real pain to use latest generation (ie r4.x) instance type06:27
yakizaEriC^^:  here06:27
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
EriC^^yakiza: try sudo apt-get install glmarks206:28
loganleeyakiza, can u see the animated gears when you do glxgears?06:29
yakizaloganiee yes i can06:29
tatertotsyakiza: can you open terminal?06:30
yakizatatertots:  yes06:30
tatertotsyakiza: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit06:30
tatertotsyakiza: just let me know once the install has completed06:30
yakizaEriC^^:  unable to locate glmarks206:33
yakizacfhowlett:  the gear works06:34
yakizatatertots:  finished06:34
loganleei think driver is working...06:34
loganleemaybe game settings?06:35
tatertotsyakiza: in terminal>      inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit06:35
tatertotsyakiza: press enter06:35
tatertotsyakiza: share url/link here06:35
yakizatatertots:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23856334/06:35
yakizaLogan:  game setting are the lowest06:36
yakizai am downloading again the game06:36
loganleeyakiza, i mean use the card instead of intel one06:36
tatertotsyakiza: in terminal>      pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:36
tatertotsyakiza: press enter06:36
tatertotsyakiza: share url/link here06:36
loganleeyakiza, use nvidia instead of open gl06:36
yakizatatertots:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23856340/vvvvvv06:37
yakizaloganlee:  and how do i do that06:37
Ben64yakiza: looks like you got nvidia06:37
tatertotsyakiza: in terminal>      apt list --installed|grep nvid|pastebinit06:37
tatertotsyakiza: press enter06:37
yakizaBen64 welcome to the paty man hey kind of06:37
tatertotsyakiza: share url/link here06:37
loganleeyakiza, inside game settings use 'hardware acceleration'06:37
loganleeyakiza, what game is it?06:38
yakizatatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23856344/06:38
yakizaloganlee:  dota 206:38
loganleeok one sec06:38
Ben64yakiza: how are you running it06:38
yakizanormaly i installed steam and from steam i pressed install06:38
yakizabut now i have to redownload  it06:39
tatertotsyakiza: in terminal>      cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:39
tatertotsyakiza: do you see information when you run the above command? yes or no06:39
Ben64tatertots: that was already pasted06:39
tatertotsyakiza: in terminal>      cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|pastebinit06:39
Ben64tatertots: bruh. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23856340/06:40
tatertotsBen64: the url didn't load for me..06:40
yakizatatertots:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23856348/06:40
tatertotsBen64: thus it was (re)requested06:40
john-ateuquestion about lubuntu 16.04 - the menu bar in the lower right hand corner. when i connect to my vpn, the vpn icon does not show. to the nake eye, it apprears that i have a normal internet connection06:41
loganleeyakiza, if you run dota 2 what is the problem?06:42
yakizawhen i run it where ever there is an effect i get a square red black  or blue or what ever06:42
yakizalike the logo is shining i get a sqyare there06:42
tatertotsyakiza: in terminal>      nvidia-settings &> ~/nvid.nfo06:42
Mr_CyclopsHello, I am running Ubuntu Mate Xenial, and my Network Manager applet (nm-applet) keeps crashing all the time. Everytime I have to run nm-applet & from the Terminal to bring it back06:42
tatertotsyakiza: if the nvidia utility opens just close it06:42
yakizaok i did06:43
Mr_CyclopsThough, its not a show stopper, but annoying06:43
tatertotsyakiza: in terminal>      cat ~/nvid.nfo|pastebinit06:43
tatertotsyakiza: press enter06:43
tatertotsyakiza: share url/link here06:43
yakizahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23856353/ tatertots06:43
Ben64yakiza: glxinfo | grep ct.re06:44
yakizait say yes ben6406:44
Ben64congratulations! you're the proud owner of a functioning nvidia card06:45
tatertotsyakiza: in terminal>      ubuntu-drivers list|pastebinit06:45
tatertotsyakiza: press enter06:45
tatertotsyakiza: share url/link here06:45
yakizahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23856357/ tatertots06:46
Ben64yakiza: so any problem you're having with games is because of the game or settings06:46
yakizaBen64 my game was lowest setting06:46
=== 17WAADN6I is now known as flatwhatson
loganleeyakiza, maybe try higher setting?06:47
tatertotsyakiza: your installation of nvidia-340 was successful and no problems have been detected thus far, with that being said I agree with Ben64 in that these symptoms you have are with the particular software or applications that produce these symptoms06:48
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest52084
tatertotsyakiza: if you continue to have problems, it may be beneficial to keep track of under which version of the driver these symptoms occur. If it is determined the symptom occurs with ALL the proprietary drivers offered by driver manager, that evidence even further suggests the symptom is most likely not related to the nvidia-340/otherversion driver(s) themselves06:50
yakizatatertots: i will install another game to tryr06:51
yakizathank you so much for your help you and everyone loganlee and base64 that have been helping me for 3 days now06:51
loganleetry another game06:52
tatertotsyakiza: in terminal>      glxinfo|grep OpenGL|pastebinit06:52
tatertotsyakiza: press enter06:52
tatertotsyakiza: share url/link here06:52
yakizahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23856379/ tatertots06:53
tatertotsyakiza: looks good :)06:53
Herebordis this the right order when using apt-get: update; upgrade; auto-remove; auto-clean. I'm just not sure if I should first run clean or remove?06:54
EriC^^Herebord: i'd run update; dist-upgrade; autoremove --purge; autoclean06:54
brandonhey I had a quick question about the /etc/passwd file06:54
loganleeHerebord, apt-get auto-clean deletes outdated cached deb files06:55
yakizatatertots:  thank you so much will try to see how it works now06:55
loganleeyakiza, try another game06:55
brandonI made some changes to the username on it and now don't have root access how would I go about putting things back?06:55
tatertotsbrandon: put things back the way they were prior to you making any changes06:56
Herebordloganlee, and auto-remove removes packages which aren't anymore used? Like old dependencies?06:56
EriC^^brandon: hold shift when the pc boots to get grub then go to advanced > recovery > drop to root shell, type "mount -o remount,rw /" then type edit /etc/passwd back06:56
loganleeHerebord, the outdated deb files06:56
HerebordEriC^^, is there any difference between upgrade and dist-upgrade?06:56
Ben64Herebord: yes.06:57
Ben64!dist-upgrade | Herebord06:57
ubottuHerebord: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.06:57
loganleeHerebord, when u install a package apt will download deb file first right?06:57
loganleeHerebord, system stores those deb files at a location06:57
TehRabbittso trying to follow this network setup guide... but failing horribly.... https://documentation.online.net/en/dedicated-server/network/ip-failover/virtual-machine06:57
HerebordEriC^^, loganlee, Ben64 Ok I got it now, thank you very much06:59
* Herebord should read the apt docs now06:59
loganleeHerebord, they are stored here  var/cache/apt/archives06:59
loganleeHerebord, they are stored here  /var/cache/apt/archives06:59
brandonthanks EriC07:00
brandonill give it a shot07:00
EriC^^brandon: no problem07:00
hateballtatertots, yakiza: nvidia-340 is ancient, so it's not strange if games dont work properly with that. the GT 630 chipset should work fine with current drivers07:03
Ben64340 isn't a problem07:04
yakizai am downloading dota again so i have to w8 2 hours to  see if what we did works07:04
loganleeyakiza, try a different game to see if it works07:04
yakizaloganlee i try one stupid game it run07:05
yakizaand ihave my hope shigh now07:05
loganleeyakiza, but we havent really changed anything07:05
loganleeyakiza, dota 2 will be the same result07:05
tatertotshateball: not sure i get the point07:06
tatertotshateball: but okay sure07:06
yakizai have this is the second time i am using the 340 drivers the first tme couldnt load the game etc so i formated it and did it again07:06
Ben64yakiza: formatting isn't necessary07:06
tatertotshateball: the sun in the sky is also ancient....it still provides heat to the earth and photosynthesis for plant life07:06
TehRabbittanyone here know how to configure a point-to-point ethernet connection?07:07
yakizaben64 i got stuck to grube menu  black screens etc didnt know what to do due to the fact i have only one pc i cant search for the error elsewhere07:07
loganleeyakiza, so... it is a steam game? maybe change steam setting?07:08
loganleejust a guess07:08
yakizaloganlee i have to w8 1.30 for the download to try again07:08
loganleeshould be the same result07:09
hateballtatertots: some games may rely on functions introduced in later driver versions and so on07:10
Ben64hateball: nope07:10
hateballBen64: What do you mean no? Shadow of Mordor is one example07:11
EriC^^the nvidia site only lists 340 as supported for the chipset07:11
hateballThat's weird, when I search for it it showed 375 as supported07:11
hateballat any rate, steam store states 331 as required for dota207:12
EriC^^yakiza: did you have to run anything special to get 340 to work?07:12
EriC^^did you keep the update-alternatives to the 3rd choice that had mesa?07:12
yakizaEriC^^:   no the first time just worked as now but the first time i had the game to test it now i am downloading it again07:12
yakizai just selected in "additional drivers " restart and worked07:13
EriC^^aha, and in update-alternatives you had selected the 3rd choice back?07:13
Xzwhy is ubuntu so bad?07:13
XzI just go it working from live & persistent USB07:13
Ben64Xz: you don't have to use ubuntu07:14
Xzand now ssh client hangs anytime I try to connect somewhere07:14
XzBen64: I kind of have to07:14
XzBen64: I need USB-live-persistent build that works with UEFI secure boot07:14
XzBen64: not many options to shop around07:14
hateballEriC^^: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/112992/en-us has GT 630 under supported products far as I can tell, where did you see only 340?07:14
EriC^^hateball: ah, he said his card was the gt 36007:15
hateballEriC^^: I read the xorg.log, it seemed to spit out 63007:15
hateballlemme re-read07:15
Ben64it was 63007:15
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest71428
Guest71428i need some advice07:16
Guest71428ok so im runnning ubuntu 160407:16
Ben64Guest71428: best to put the whole issue on one line07:17
yakizahateball:  mate i dunno if they are not good drivers or not but  these two guys EriC^^ and Ben64 are trying to solve my problem for 3 days and this is the closest to  something actually working07:18
yakizai try all other drivers version none worked07:18
Guest71428ok... im running ubuntu 1604, ive alwyas been a proponent of linux and ubuntu like hard core, it is my go to OS,07:18
yakizai even went to nvidia website saw what are the latest for my graphics card nothing07:18
Guest71428my laptop keeps crashing07:18
EriC^^Ben64: what does "sudo update-alternatives --config x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf" show you as selected?07:18
loganleeGuest71428, you need the error message pinpointed07:19
loganleethen search google07:19
Ben64EriC^^: * 0            /usr/lib/nvidia-340/ld.so.conf              8604      auto mode07:19
hateballyakiza: well that is strange, as it shows 375 for me when I search for GT 63007:19
EriC^^Ben64: aha, his was selected to the 3rd choice with /mesa/ in the line07:19
Guest71428i have. ill never give up on this operating system, can somebody redirect me to someody who cares about a noble user of ubuntu?07:19
Ben64Guest71428: give us all the details07:20
loganleeGuest71428, you didn't tell us about the error07:20
EriC^^after we set it to nvidia-378/ld it went bazzerk and he got a nvidia cant register07:20
yakizai ttry the 375 and when ever i do that i get either a grub menu or a black screen or a loop in log in i try the ctrl alt f1 i open the xorg.conf but the file didnt exist try  several command nothing worked so i ended up here07:20
EriC^^yakiza: what does "sudo update-alternatives --config x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf" show as selected right now? which one has the "*" at the beginning?07:21
EriC^^wondering if that actually had anything to do with xorg saying nvidia module not found before07:21
yakizawitch seslection EriC^^ 0 again?07:21
EriC^^yakiza: no i mean which one has the "*" next to it right now?07:21
Ben64yakiza: he just wants you to paste the one with the asterisk, don't change anything07:21
yakizathe 007:21
Ben64ctrl+c to exit07:21
EriC^^yakiza: it has /nvidia/ in the line?07:22
Guest71428ben64- i have an hp pavilion g series, and an amd processor, now i igknowledge amd isnt very compatable with ubuntu 1604 but i still have hope taht i can run a fully operating system with my computer, it keep crashing and the only way to solve that is holding the power button manually and shutting down07:22
EriC^^yakiza: ok, press ctrl+c07:22
Ben64Guest71428: you're still not giving any information07:22
Guest71428what nfo do you need07:22
Guest71428give me a command07:22
Ben64explain the issue07:22
Ben64more than "crashing"07:23
Guest71428freezing completely07:23
Guest71428within internet, mixxx programs, i have 8 g ram07:23
loganleeGuest71428, maybe search google with your model07:23
Ben64loganlee: don't tell people to google it07:24
Guest71428i would send screen shots i just dont know how07:24
nwehmm I have a strange problem.. I booting my server via pxeboot (uefi) with ubuntu 16.04 LTS, I can see it downloding my preseed-file but it doesnt partition my disks, it doing everything else execpt fix my disk correct as I want them.07:24
Ben64Guest71428: put them on imgur.com07:24
Guest71428take me 5 mis07:24
EriC^^Guest71428: press "printscreen" on your keyboard07:25
Guest71428basic view of what i see07:26
Guest71428not funny guys07:27
Guest71428im a die hard ubuntu user,07:27
EriC^^let me try this again, send me 1 million dollars07:27
Guest71428i want to solve this ill give you my netfli password07:27
Ben64well, dota2 works on 34007:27
Guest71428but help07:27
loganleenice looking desktop you have there07:27
Ben64so everyone can stop worrying about that07:27
Guest71428lol thanks07:27
duckgooseHELLO I need to report a bug07:29
Guest71428so... processor: 0 vendor_id: AuthenticAMD cpu family: 18 model: 1 model name: AMD A4-3305M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics07:29
EriC^^!bug | duckgoose07:29
ubottuduckgoose: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.07:29
Guest71428yo im not just a "guest" im a hard core ubuntu user prolly been so longer than 1/2 of yall07:31
Guest71428and i need help07:31
Ben64Guest71428: impossible without details07:31
Guest71428let me know how i can improve on this IRC07:31
Guest71428to get help07:31
Ben64pretend we can't read your mind and explain what's happening07:32
Guest71428deal, thank you for listening and being here for me, i apreciate that, on a human level i will exlain now07:32
Guest71428for instance, ill have open youtube in like 4 tabs each playiing video, and then i will have open a few music editing pragrams, and it seems like when ever i open more programs and use more memory my laptop starts lagging like glitching, my mouse will stop moving and the whole GUI stops, FREEZES07:35
Ben64sounds like you're running out of memory07:35
loganleeGuest71428, run system monitor and look for the culprit07:36
Guest71428but does running out of memory automatically freeze everything, it dosent seem like thats ever happened on any other laptop, ive ran ubunut on 2005-2006 year laptops with less trouble07:37
Guest71428what are my options07:37
Ben64it can freeze everything07:37
Ben64monitor memory usage and if it maxes out and freezes again, you'll know07:37
Guest71428i know but thats not merited , ubuntu is a well supported system, there has to be a solution07:38
Ben64get more ram07:38
fishcookerhow to join the new hardisk(500GB) to raid1 hardisk(400GB) with partition layout like this http://vpaste.net/25q2m07:38
Guest71428what are you running ben07:38
fishcookeri have 2 slot disk07:38
Guest714288 g ram?07:38
hateballGuest71428: Do you have a swap partition at all?07:38
Ben64not sure how that's relevant, but I'm running ubuntu 14.04 and i have 16GB of rams07:38
Guest71428no that is what im concerned with, my swap may be messed up07:39
Ben64Guest71428: pastebin the output of "free -m"07:39
hateballGuest71428: "swapon -s"07:39
=== shubbar7 is now known as shubbar
Guest71428how do you change name07:39
Ben64/nick newnamehere07:39
Guest71428FilenameTypeSizeUsedPriority /swapfile                              file    41943000-1 /dev/dm-2                              partition78438360-207:40
=== Guest71428 is now known as EricRose
TARMINQUAYYYKen o Keefe : The Punisher in Political debates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbh77ZJkLPY07:41
EricRosei mean i can easily run irc chat without crash, but i have a capable computer, which to my knowledge is able to run this OS without flaw, i dont know where the problem les07:42
hateball!paste | EricRose you havent pasted what Ben64 asked for07:43
ubottuEricRose you havent pasted what Ben64 asked for: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:43
EricRoseok one sec07:43
hateballThat's quite an odd swap setup as well07:44
hateballAltho it may be perfectly functional07:44
hateballEricRose: And "free -m" ?07:45
Ben64EricRose: paste.ubuntu.com07:45
Ben64don't post a picture of text...07:45
nwehello I trying to install ubuntu 16.04 via efidefault (pxeboot) It´s doing everything in my preseed file expect setup the disk.. what I have miss with this.. http://pastebin.com/imhNHRSR07:46
EricRose<nwe> keep trying , never give up07:47
Alex__Hello Everyone07:48
EricRosei ran free -m07:48
Alex__I'm using a VPN07:48
EricRosei have a shit ton of free ram07:48
EricRosei think07:48
Alex__I'm however writing a code that accesses an API from my local network?07:48
Alex__I'm trying to bypass the VPN for that ip07:48
Alex__I have read questions etc but the guides assume some knowledge in routing tables etc..07:49
Alex__can someone give a quick help?07:49
nweEricRose: ?07:49
EricRosesorry ? w nwe what07:49
EricRoseim trying to figure out why my OS keeps crashing whenever im using high memory07:50
Ben64EricRose: the obvious answer is "you've run out of memory"07:50
tatertotsAlex__: there are tasks that require knowledge...that just the nature of some things....think heart/brain surgery, a person couldn't google or youtube video their way to being on the same level as a actual heart/brain surgeon07:50
EricRoseok. is there anything i can do to lower my usage07:51
Ben64don't have so many things open at once07:51
EricRoseand that is the definate solution? no swap modification ?07:51
EriC^^once swap is used it's game over07:52
hateballEricRose: What is the reason for both having a swap partition and a swap-file?07:52
Alex__tatertots: true07:52
Alex__tatertots: can you give a hand?07:52
hateballWell ideally having swap available should prevent outright crashing :D07:52
EricRosei dont have a definate swap part. but i believe that that is the solution to my problem im unaware of how to set that up07:52
EricRoseunaware of how to correctly set up swap07:53
hateballEricRose: according to swapon you do07:53
hateballIt's just set to use /swapfile first07:53
EricRosecan i see that for my self07:53
Ben64you can see it in free -m07:53
hateballEricRose: and your swapspaces are mounted via /etc/fstab07:54
EricRoseright, but my swapon always shows up as 007:54
EricRosemy used swap is 0 always07:54
hateballBecause it's not using any swap *now*07:54
EricRoseeven though ive set up swao07:54
Ben64how do you know it's "always"07:54
EricRosebecause if i have swap shouldnt anything that uses memory be divided up into it07:55
EricRoselike everythign uses memory so why should it ever be 007:56
ktechmidasNo, swap is a buffer for the memory07:56
ktechmidasif it runs out of memory07:56
ktechmidasthen it will start using swap07:56
Ben64ideally you'll never use it07:56
ktechmidasbut why use the much slower hard disk if you have memory available?07:56
flingHow to uninstall everything leaving the minimal package set?07:56
ktechmidasfling: reinstall Ubuntu?07:57
TARMINQUAYYYKen o Keefe : The Punisher in Political debates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbh77ZJkLPY07:57
flingktechmidas: without reinstall07:57
ducasseTARMINQUAYYY: stop the spam, please07:57
EricRosehaha fling07:57
ktechmidaswhy would you... uh... nevermind07:57
TARMINQUAYYYducasse, But he's The Punisher.07:57
ducasse!ot | TARMINQUAYYY07:58
ubottuTARMINQUAYYY: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:58
Alex__anyone knows some routing?07:58
TARMINQUAYYYThe Punisher will not be silenced.07:58
EricRosejwhy would i waste my time in this irc if i didnt believe that we solve what ever problems we have within ubuntu07:58
Alex__Please help me exclude an ip from VPN...07:58
ktechmidasAlex__: I can route a sandwich to my mouth?07:58
flingktechmidas: afaik I should apt-mark everything to auto but how do I get the package list?07:58
EricRosehow do i upload myself to the matrix07:59
ktechmidasdpkg -l can give you a list of what's installed07:59
Alex__ktechmidas: nice07:59
ktechmidassorry Alex__ you left it wide open for my joke there07:59
EricRoseim just syaing, there should be thinggs inplace that can prevent all of our machines from ever crashing07:59
Alex__i'm reallly desperate07:59
Alex__i need solve this like in 10 mins08:00
ktechmidasAlex__: what VPN do you have set up?08:00
HerebordIs there any reason to use full-upgrade instead of dist-upgrade? In which cases should I?08:00
ktechmidasand what are you trying to exclude?08:00
Alex__I have an L2TP VPN08:00
Ben64Herebord: they're the same08:00
Alex__i want to access local content without leaving the VPN08:00
EricRoseill just dist urage and input other random commands untill it stops crashing08:00
Alex__ktechmidas: by local I mean ip in local ntk08:01
Alex__ktechmidas: by local I mean ip in local ntk08:01
EricRosewhat vpn you running08:01
hateballAlex__: are you using openvpn?08:01
ktechmidasso you're connected to a L2TP VPN somewhere08:01
Alex__not openvp08:01
ktechmidasand most stuff goes through that08:01
hateballAlex__: iirc there is some bug with split dns and network-manager08:01
Alex__not openvpn08:01
ktechmidasbut you want to exclude local things08:01
Alex__it's L2TP08:01
ktechmidasand have them not go through the VPN08:01
Alex__on Ubuntu08:01
Alex__ktechmidas: yes08:02
EricRosewhats your issue alex08:02
flingktechmidas: but I only need what is installed as manual, not auto08:02
elisax2e2can someone help me debug why 1 of my cores is at a constant 100% CPU usage, in top its kworker thats seems "stuck".08:02
Alex__EricRose: I have a VPN set up. I want to communicate to a server hosted on my local network08:02
ktechmidasAlex__: Alright, what VPN client are you using?08:02
ktechmidasjust the default one?08:03
EricRoseelisax2e2 can you free -m08:03
Alex__but it fails because all traffic goes through the VPN which is on a remote server08:03
ducassefling: why not just reinstall only the minimal package set? probably quicker and safer.08:03
Alex__ktechmidas: default08:03
EricRoseand post results from terminal08:03
Alex__ktechmidas: not PPTP though, if it matters08:03
flingducasse: because I'm working with what I have.08:03
Alex__I know the solution is manipulating the routing table but I don't know how to do it08:03
flingthe tast is to perform the job without reinstalling08:03
hateballelisax2e2: http://askubuntu.com/a/42191608:04
ktechmidasAlex__: the L2TP should just give you the routes from that VPN08:04
EricRosetype ping into terminal08:04
ktechmidaseverything else should be going normally...08:04
Ben64Alex__: pastebin 'ip route'08:04
JC_Yangguys, is there any windows-device-manager alternative in ubuntu?08:04
ktechmidasyeah, what Ben64 said08:04
Alex__Ben64: ok08:04
elisax2e2EricRose, pastebin.ubuntu.com/2385654508:04
Alex__Ben64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23856547/08:05
EricRoseelisax2e2 check out this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq08:06
elisax2e2hateball, nice, thanks. seems to be something with a wireless driver08:06
elisax2e2EricRose, im not following. why is it a swap issue to u?08:06
Ben64Alex__: and which network do you want to access without vpn08:06
JC_Yang16.04 lts here08:06
Alex__Ben64: specifically08:06
Alex__Ben64: it's inside my work's local net08:07
Ben64elisax2e2: what's the full process name that's taking the cpu08:07
EricRoseonce you set up swap it will override manual memory setting creating a virtural ram set thus freeing up you 100% mem usage from one drive distributing it throughout your system08:07
elisax2e2Ben64, its kworker08:07
Ben64elisax2e2: no...08:07
flingapt-mark help screen says `It can also list marks.`08:07
ducassefling: then get a list from 'apt-mark showauto' and feed that into dpkg or apt to remove them. no idea how bad that will break your system, though.08:08
Ben64elisax2e2: ps aux | grep kworker08:08
flingducasse: the idea is to mark everything as auto08:08
elisax2e2Ben64, Ben64, [kworker/5:2]08:08
Ben64elisax2e2: and you're hooked up to it with wifi?08:08
Ben64whoops, wrong person08:08
Ben64Alex__:  and you're hooked up to it with wifi?08:08
flinghmm hmm08:09
flingbad idea…08:09
Alex__Ben64: yup08:09
ducassefling: ok, then use showmanual, feed it to apt-mark to set them auto08:09
EricRosesudo apt-get lmms08:09
EricRosethat way you can make the dopest beats08:09
hateball!behelpful | EricRose08:09
ubottuEricRose: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.08:09
EricRoseok  thanks you08:10
EricRosei will08:10
EricRosesisk + troll08:10
hateballelisax2e2: What chipset/driver are you using? Perhaps there are known bugs08:10
siskhow old are you ?08:10
Ben64!ot | sisk08:10
ubottusisk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:10
Ben64EricRose: don't contribute to it08:10
EricRosethank you for helping me08:11
Alex__Ben64: possible?08:11
EricRoseill update if i fid the issue on my machine08:11
Ben64Alex__: yes08:11
EricRosetry hooking up through ethernet?08:11
elisax2e2hateball, how do i determine?08:11
EricRosedmidecode | less08:12
elisax2e2hateball, the interrupts are coming from alx08:12
hateballelisax2e2: "lspci -k" will show chipsets and loaded modules08:13
elisax2e2nice, better than lsmod and trying to figure it out08:13
Ben64Alex__: ip route add via
Ben64Alex__: maybe.08:13
Alex__Ben64: maybe :)08:13
elisax2e2hateball, yes, its alx for ethernet, which is throwing fatal interrupt errors in dmesg08:13
EricRosewhats a good program to manage memory in ubunntu 16.xx08:14
Ben64EricRose: nothing08:14
EricRoseeric@eric-HP-Pavilion-g7-Notebook-PC:~$ sudo apt-get nothing [sudo] password for eric:  E: Invalid operation nothing eric@eric-HP-Pavilion-g7-Notebook-PC:~$08:14
EriC^^EricRose: it's apt-get install nothing ya dummy08:14
EricRosegot it08:15
EricRosesame name = sae person?08:15
hateballelisax2e2: perhaps this is relevant https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10217108:15
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 102171 in Network "High CPU usage and crashes probably caused by ALX driver with linux 4.1.3" [High,New]08:15
EricRoseone love08:16
EricRosepeace guys thank you. you you ever need a friend add me on fb. https://www.facebook.com/eric.rosengren08:16
EricRoseim gonna finish this bottle and loisten to this music.. thanks for being the real deal....08:17
elisax2e2hateball, yes this is exactly it. seems it hasnt been resolved yet. ill just blacklist the module08:17
EricRose     : a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.  Origin Xhosa and Zulu.08:17
EricRoseubuntu :     a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.  Origin Xhosa and Zulu.08:18
EricRosenever loose track of what this really means, see you all in the next plane08:18
Alex__Ben64: shall I go ahead and try it. I won't be able to fix it if something goes wrong08:18
Alex__Ben64: shall I go ahead and try it. I won't be able to fix it if something goes wrong08:18
EricRoseyou got this alex, just believe08:19
hateballelisax2e2: oh well, at least now you know08:19
elisax2e2hateball, how do i blacklist modules in ubuntu? just echo "blacklist module" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf" ?08:20
hateballelisax2e2: sure, if you dont want to create a separate .conf for that module, easier to keep track that way imo08:23
EricRoseubuntu 4 life08:25
EricRoseis it possible to upload myself to the matrix ben08:26
Ben64EricRose: stop with the offtopic stuff08:27
EricRoseim really in a dark place so do you need any help with anything08:27
EricRosei can try to help08:27
EricRoseits probably just a memory issue08:27
ducasseEricRose: try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat with other ubuntu users08:28
EricRosei run out of memory and crash08:28
flingducasse: ktechmidas: EricRose: it is `sudo aptitude markauto '~i!~nubuntu-minimal'`08:28
=== sparklyballs is now known as Guest53102
EricRosefling it might be08:29
EricRoseits probably an issue with my mem08:29
=== morsnowski__ is now known as morsnowski
hateballReboot and run a memtest then08:30
EricRosemorsnowski explain08:30
morsnowskino I won't08:30
EricRosei feel its to late, everytime i shut down i loose data08:30
morsnowskiand how is that related to me?08:30
EricRosemorse law08:31
k1lEricRose: please stop that confusing chatter in here, thanks08:31
* morsnowski is lost08:31
WeiJunLianyone who used syzkaller?08:32
EricRosewhat is syzkaller?08:32
EricRoseis there another node that i should connect with, if so please direct me, i dont mean to crosschatter, ive just found myself in this place with no direction08:34
EricRoseben - thankyou08:34
ducasseEricRose: /join #ubuntu-offtopic08:35
EricRose#ubuntu-offtopic Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services08:36
EricRosei got that :/08:36
ducasse!register | EricRose08:36
ubottuEricRose: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.08:36
EricRoseill try08:37
EricRosei cant figure out where to type that in08:38
EricRoseill figure it out08:42
EricRosedont quit08:42
EricRoseyou guys know the actual definition of ubuntu right08:43
Bent0My box only uses 92 of 128GB of RAM. What could cause that? swapiness=508:46
CuriousWombatHello! How can I control an installation using a preseed on a PXE server to check if packages are being downloaded from the mirror I set on the preseed file? Kind of verbose parameter...I am unable to find it out on google.08:50
EricRosei cant figure out how to enter a off topic (an)  diussion board08:52
EricRosemake your swapyness 6 - bent 008:53
EricRosecee ya08:53
CuriousWombatis it setting priority=low?08:53
CuriousWombatIs there a place where the process of installation is stored??08:55
EricRoseim stuck here08:57
EricRosethe matric08:59
mcphail!ops | EricRose08:59
ubottuEricRose: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu08:59
mcphailEricRose: you have been asked to stop the offtopic chat repeatedly. Please behave09:00
daumieEricRose: Show respect to other users09:01
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu09:01
EricRoseis there an easier way do i require sleep09:01
bazhangEricRose, no chatter here09:02
EricRoseok no problem09:02
EricRosemy omputer keeps crashing09:03
bazhangubuntu support only EricRose09:03
ktechmidas#ubuntu-offtopic is good09:03
EricRosecan you redirect me to a node that can support chatter?09:03
bazhanggive us the details then EricRose , use a pastebin for errors09:03
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic EricRose09:03
EricRosecan u help guide me to ubuntu-offtopic09:03
EricRoseim having trouble09:03
bazhang /join #ubuntu-offtopic EricRose09:04
ikevinEricRose, what do you mean by crashing?09:04
EricRosewhere to i type that09:04
ktechmidaswhere you're typing your words09:04
EricRosefreezing and me having to hold power to shut down09:04
ikevinEricRose, using ctrl + alt + f1 is working when freezing?09:05
EricRoseno it is not09:05
ikevinEricRose, do you do anything that make the pc freezing?09:06
quadsardoes anyone know of a nice graphical system resources thing like windows has?09:06
EricRosemy reall isue is my inability to connect to offtopic node09:06
EricRoseno cmmand works when crashed09:06
ikevinquadsar, ubuntu has a system monitor tool09:07
EricRoseubuntu-offtopic Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services09:07
EricRosethis is what i get09:07
ikevinEricRose, so, do you use some tool who make the pc freezing? like games, browser, ...09:07
Ben64EricRose: join #freenode for help with registering09:07
quadsaroh nice, i didn't even realize lmao09:07
quadsarthanks man09:07
EricRoseim trying to get to off topic09:07
ikevinquadsar, yw09:07
EricRosebut all i get is ubuntu-offtopic Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services09:07
Ben64EricRose: join #freenode for help with registering09:08
Ben64and for the love of god stop spamming here09:08
EricRoseill try09:09
EricRosewhat do i do from there09:09
EricRoseyo i am h3h3 production09:24
EricRoseanybody have a goo referal to an off topic node09:29
drekiIs there any software that could try to repair a video file? I have a piece of camera footage that could solve a crime I was the victim of but the file is corrupted.09:34
ikevindreki, try vlc or ffmpeg09:35
drekiopening it in vlCgets me audio and some distorted video images. but they are not clear enough to be useful09:36
ikevinif video trame are broken, you maybe can't repair it09:37
ikevinor you need to call the NSA to get a copy :p09:37
drekiIt was my dashcam recording my attempted carjacking. It would mean a lot if I could repair the footage.09:38
ikevincan you share a sample video to see what is broken?09:39
drekiGive me a minute to set that up.09:39
hateballdreki: mencoder should let you salvage what is possible09:58
hateballbut of course it depends how broken it is, and what codec etc09:59
hateballdreki: see https://falcon1986.wordpress.com/2010/09/10/how-to-fix-avi-files-within-ubuntu-quick-command/10:00
drekihateball: I will check that out10:00
drekihateball: thanks10:00
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
drekiI'm uploading a sample video now that you can see. It is another file I managed to pull from the same SD card.10:02
CrazyTuxis Ubuntu going the MS way?10:03
hateball!ot | CrazyTux10:03
ubottuCrazyTux: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:03
CrazyTuxok thanks.10:04
drekihateball:  ikevin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_GaGMqGlB7Zd2pxaWFDZ2M1d1U/view?usp=sharing10:05
drekiThats not the video I need to save but a random file from the same SD card10:06
drekicorrupted in the same way10:06
ikevinif it's the sdcard who was corrupted, try to repaire the sdcard fs with testdisk10:07
ikevin[h264 @ 0x7fd7b4d67ca0] error while decoding MB 102 8, bytestream -4310:08
ikevin[h264 @ 0x7fd7b4daf460] no frame!10:08
ikevinframe are lost so can't be recovered10:09
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
drekithats unfortunate.10:10
drekiThanks for your help10:11
TvL2386hey guys, I'm wondering how "cd /tmp ; sudo -u some_user git clone git@gitlab.domain.com:project/repo.git"  knows that it should use the key /home/some_user/.ssh/id_rsa. If I run "sudo -u some_user env | grep HOME" it refers to the homedir of the user invoking sudo10:11
ppfTvL2386: sudo -H10:13
ikevinTvL2386, try: sudo su -c "cd /tmp ; sudo -u some_user git clone git@gitlab.domain.com:project/repo.git" some_user10:13
TvL2386ppf, that doesn't explain why calling "sudo -u some_user env" shows the home is /home/invoking_user and git is using /home/some_user/.ssh/id_rsa right?10:15
ppfTvL2386: i don't know the answer to your actual question thouhg10:15
TvL2386ppf :)10:15
ppfmaybe ssh looks at $EUID10:15
TvL2386that ENV VAR does not seem to be set (sudo -u some_user env). Only USERNAME and USER are set to "some_user"10:17
TvL2386that seems to be the only reference10:17
TvL2386I did "sudo -u some_user strace -v -s 256 -f -o /tmp/strace.out git clone ....." hoping to find out why it is using /home/some_user/.ssh/id_rsa, but so far no luck10:18
ikevinTvL2386, it maybe depend of which interpretor is used, sudo -u some_user /bin/sh <command> maybe don't have the same env var than sudo -u user <command>10:20
tatertotswell guys..it's that time of year again..to upgrade from my aging LTS to a more recent LTS, i'll need you guys's support and moral support.  I'm nervous kinda, i'll probably panic a little (not much) but it has to be done10:23
TvL2386yeah ikevin that's why `strace -v`, because it seems to list all ENV VARS that are present when invoking `git clone ...`. This particular user has: HOME=/home/invoking_user USER=some_user USERNAME=some_user SHELL=/usr/sbin/nologin and some more that don't seem to be relevant10:23
TvL2386tatertots, backup / snapshot before start?10:23
TvL2386good luck though!10:24
tatertotsI'm going to press the button to upgrade in the next ten minutes or so...got my self an electronic cigarette here for the panic10:24
saju_mIn what order I should install these packages http://dpaste.com/1Q388JC ?10:25
tatertotsTvL2386: i was going to image the whole system but don't have another drive large enough, this IS the box i store all other images on/with (thus the nervousness)10:25
ikevinsaju_m, image, extra then headers10:26
tatertotsif you guys would cross your fingers, maybe legs if you need your hands......here we go...i'm pushing the button10:26
TvL2386tatertots, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you10:26
saju_mikevin, I got error Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 3.19.0-43-generic cannot be found.10:28
saju_mwhen i tried to install image first10:28
ikevinsaju_m, install headers for -43 :)10:29
ikevinyour trying -6610:29
saju_mikevin, that error i got when i tried to run $ sudo apt-get install linux-image-3.19.0-43-generic10:30
saju_mnext, i an going to do for -6610:30
ikevinsaju_m, try: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.19.0-43-generic10:32
k1lsaju_m: kernel 3.19 sounds like an outdated ubuntu10:32
saju_mi want to know the order10:32
saju_mis it headers, then extra, then images ?10:32
k1lsaju_m: you can use dpkg and name all packages.10:33
ikevinextra need to have image installed10:33
tatertotsjust a little heads up info10:33
k1lsaju_m: but again: that kernel is outdated and potentially insecure10:33
tatertotsi'm going from 12.04 LTS to 14.x LTS10:33
loganleegot network scanner working woot10:34
tatertotsi still remember you guys helping me when i went from 10.x LTS to 12.x LTS10:34
loganleeeverything works10:35
loganleeeven better than windows10:35
loganleenetwork printer with scanner10:35
TvL2386congratz loganlee10:38
TvL2386saju_m, I can't recall I ever bothered about order... Just `dpkg -i *deb` (assuming you want to install all deb files in the current directory)10:39
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The-English-PubThe best blog to learn English is http://www.the-english-pub.blogspot.com11:10
cfhowlettnothing to do with this channel.  spam elsewhere, thank you.11:14
MaxSanHey folks11:16
CuriousWombatHello! I am struggling to find information on preseeding + apt-cacher, any help??11:16
MaxSanhow can I replace the ubuntu overlay that happens when I install cinnamon?11:16
MaxSanSeems to make my desktop unusable11:16
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest43729
=== synapse is now known as Guest89004
k1lMaxSan: can you give more details?11:23
=== Piece_Maker is now known as Acou_Bass
MaxSanI installed cinnamon 3 on ubuntu.. now when some actions happens I get the default background fom ubuntu switching over it sometimes and the icons become unclickable11:24
MaxSanthere is some package I guess that runs even though its a different shell running11:25
k1lMaxSan: how did you start cinnamon? did you choose cinnamon on the login screen?11:25
humoroustwoAm I correct in saying that /usr/share/applications contains the shortcuts for programs launched from unity?11:26
humoroustwoI'm trying to add a launch parameter for a program11:26
k1lhumoroustwo: own starters come into ~/.local/share/applications if they are only for your user11:27
MaxSanyeah that is how i started it11:27
k1lMaxSan: did you install cinnamon from a ppa or other 3rd party repo?11:27
MaxSanyeah it was one designed for 16.04 specifically11:28
k1lMaxSan: because if you install the ubuntu repo package that should work.11:28
=== ricardo is now known as Guest14760
MaxSani actually ran from a different ppa and it done same thing11:28
k1lso you did not use the ubuntu repo one but a ppa?11:28
MaxSanyeah i used a ppa, never realised ubuntu had a pack for cinnamon11:29
k1lcan you try the guest account or another user to login and see if the same happens there?11:29
MaxSanas cinnamon?11:29
MaxSanor as ubuntu?11:29
MaxSanunity even11:29
k1las cinnamon. since that is what you want to run and got issues, right?11:30
MaxSan2 mins il try11:30
k1lhumoroustwo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles11:30
humoroustwok1l, I think I misspoke, I meant the launcher11:31
humoroustwoIs it possible to add parameters to programs launched through the launcher?11:31
humoroustwoIt's a temporary fix for a bug with a program11:31
k1lhumoroustwo: ah ok. yes, you can use the .desktop file, open it with a text editor.11:32
humoroustwok1l, I'm sorry I didn't scroll down fully :P Just saw the launcher bit on the page you linked11:32
humoroustwoCheers <311:32
TvL2386hey guys, I'm trying to think of an update strategy. What I want to accomplish is to update the "test" environment with the current available updates. Then 1 week later I want to update the "production" environment with exactly those updates11:33
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
TvL2386what I was thinking was to create an apt-mirror server and freeze the syncing at some point11:33
Ben64TvL2386: sounds like a kind of bad idea11:34
cfhowlettTvL2386, I'd suggest a virtual test machine11:34
TvL2386Ben64, I'm not fond of it myself, but it is a solution11:35
TvL2386Ben64, though it uses an enormous amount of disk space and burdens the mirrors... I don't like that11:35
TvL2386cfhowlett, I don't need a virtual test machine, because I've got a test environment. I just want to make sure that production receives the same updates as test did11:35
Ben64why wait a week11:36
Ben64that's a week your stuff is potentially vulnerable11:36
TvL2386Ben64 to let the bugs become visible11:36
TvL2386Ben64, that's true, but test is there specifically to test major changes, like updates11:38
Ben64i've been using ubuntu for 10 years now, and i haven't had a single update break anything yet11:38
Ben64there are no major changes in an ubuntu release11:38
TvL2386so what do you do for updating strategy?11:39
Ben64update everything11:40
TvL2386at once?11:40
TvL2386how many servers if I may ask?11:40
Ben64currently 811:40
TvL2386I see...11:40
Ben64going to a new release takes a lot more planning11:41
Ben64but within a version, it's not a big deal at all11:41
TvL2386I'm currently around 70 servers11:41
* cfhowlett is deeply impressed11:42
MaxSank1l: ive remove the custom ppa11:42
TvL2386now it's manual here and there... and that sucks11:42
MaxSanremoved cinnamon11:42
MaxSanand il upgrade with the ubuntu one11:42
MaxSansee if it helps11:42
k1lMaxSan: did you try the other user or guest account?11:43
TvL2386I'm a bit scared to just kick of all updates, keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best11:43
k1lMaxSan: we cant support the PPAs since we dont know what people changed there and if that is the reason for the issue.11:43
MaxSanI did try yes11:43
MaxSanbut i cant make it happen as I dont know what causes it11:44
MaxSanstarts out fine11:44
Ben64TvL2386: it's pretty much just bug fixes11:44
MaxSanok see how i get on brb11:46
yabbahI use ubuntu server 14.04, but have to use GUI to test some things out. Is it possible to install gnome/kde without getting it autostart and things like that?11:46
Ben64yabbah: what do you need to test11:46
TvL2386yabbah, that would seriously clutter your server install11:48
yabbahBen64: Need to test againts dnsleaks, and dont now how to test it without going to dnsleaktest.com11:49
Ben64what does that even mean11:50
TvL2386what Ben64 says11:50
yabbahdnsleak is what you dont want to have when using a openvpn-connection :P11:52
Ben64set it up properly and you don't have to worry about it11:53
TvL2386if you don't want your dns requests to traverse the internet, use local dns servers or server inside the vpn....11:54
MaxSank1l: well it seems the default ubuntu one crashes on startup11:55
MaxSanit is only cinnamon needed to be installed? no other packages?11:55
MaxSani have removed the ppa and cinnamon completely as of now11:55
k1lMaxSan: yes, you need the cinnamon package, that will pull in all the dependencies.11:56
k1lMaxSan: does it crash on your account only? or on guest account or other account too?11:57
TvL2386Ben64, you do know that the update-manager of ubuntu has a PhasedUpdates feature? This to make sure that the whole world will not get all updates at once to prevent major worldwide breakage? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhasedUpdates11:58
TvL2386also unfortunately I've had some updates that broke stuff... Mostly kernel and third-party drivers, true that... Not a common case... Nevertheless: bugs can always creep up so I'm not yet convinced that I should not implement a kind of PhasedUpdates myself11:59
XATRIXHI guys, can you help me a bit. Using XFCE4, and i wanna fix my session screen locking mechanism. I did some settings and try to run 'sudo light-locker' manually. But get https://paste.fedoraproject.org/535460/52593701/12:02
XATRIXAny ideas what can i do ? Tried googling myself, but still no luck12:03
=== captain_fixerpc1 is now known as captainfixerpc14
MaxSank1l: nope both crash start away12:07
MaxSanslightly frustrating as i need to retstart each time i test that lol12:08
BluesKajHey folks12:10
dominikmamy tutaj jakiś polaków?12:28
cfhowlett!pl | dominik12:29
ubottudominik: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.12:29
groundnutyhey, been searching quite a while, I invoke mount --make-shared <point>, is there a way to specify this in a fstab?12:32
ikevingroundnuty, have you tryed on the option list?12:36
groundnutyikevin: somone just explaied to me, it should work if put 'next to' the 'defaults' options12:37
groundnutyapparently the option list it is12:37
briefhi, im about to install ubuntu on a usb stick with gpt (no efi). i created a 1mb bios reserved area, a boot partition and a furhter partition. where to install grub? on the small 1 mb partiton sc1? or just sdc?12:48
soquelI can't install any package with python, because of this recent problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-pip/+bug/1658844  any ideas how to install old version of pip if pip nor easy_install doesn't work? (I am on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 in VirtualBox so can do whatever I need to do)12:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1658844 in python-pip (Ubuntu) "most recent version does not install /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pkg_resources/extern and /_vendor" [Undecided,New]12:50
BluesKajbrief, why gpt, msdos should be better for a USB , especially if you're not using UEFI12:52
briefBluesKaj: perhaps i use it later12:53
ikevinsoquel, no :]13:02
zzz_lmaowho am i talking with?13:17
zzz_lmaois this real?13:17
ppfzzz_lmao: derrick13:17
zzz_lmaoi think this is insane, or i am13:17
zzz_lmaonobody chatting ..13:18
zzz_lmaoguess ill never come here back again13:18
zzz_lmaothis is dead?13:18
cfhowlettask no ubuntu questions, get no answers. jibber jabber in #ubuntu-offtopic13:19
zzz_lmaodamn homie you poppin Da POp!, call da pOPpERS13:19
daisy_hi all13:20
zzz_lmaohello daisy_13:20
daisy_why ubuntu is better than windows ?13:20
cfhowlettalso a great topic for #ubuntu-offtopic daisy.  this is the support channel, not chat.13:21
zzz_lmaobecause its simple as you have illusion to choose something in your life like ubuntu or windows, but then ???13:21
daisy_well windows is more for noobs13:22
daisy_but what are the abilities of ubuntu13:22
daisy_what make him better than windows13:22
JP____zzz_lmao why don't you have anything better to do?13:22
cfhowlettthis is not the windows channel.  let's move on to the topic now.13:22
zzz_lmaoi feel i haventt felt like this for so long, chatting ??13:22
JP____daisy_: ubuntu allows for greater customization13:22
JP____But i guess the main reason is that it is open source and free13:23
JP____Also, you can do anything you want with your pc in ubuntu13:23
JP____In windows that is allot harder13:23
JP____*read impossible*13:23
zzz_lmaocon artists13:23
zzz_lmaohow to join offtopic13:24
soeehow can i force apt to redownload package ?13:24
zzz_lmaoi feel i have to say some things13:24
zzz_lmaosoee you have to Reiinstall RAM memory13:25
cfhowlettsoee, sudo apt install --reinstall packagename13:25
zzz_lmaomy question went unanswererd13:26
Southern_Gentlemzzz_lmao,  /j #channelname13:27
JP____lol, get him out of here13:27
Southern_Gentlem!ot zzz_lmao13:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:28
ikevinsoee, you need to clean apt's cache, do apt-get clean the apt-get install --reinstall <package>13:28
zzz_lmaoim gettin trolled  by Seasoned HAckers13:28
soeeikevin: i have removed the package from /var/cache/apt/archives13:28
yakizaHello is there a way to make my top bar auto hide or make my game go on top of it ?13:29
zzz_lmaovery helpful13:29
JP____zzz_lmao there are plenty of irc rooms in which you can chat13:29
yakizaHello guys so basicly just set up my second screen and when i have on screen 1 dota 2 and i put my cursor on screen two and click dota on screen one minimizes ho can i change that?13:32
assmithHi all13:37
zzz_lmaoi beliave that all chats are low population cant get nothing but harrasment?13:37
zzz_lmaocan you recommend a frew??13:37
assmithI am trying to create a network bridge between 2 interfaces. I have followed some instructions on archwiki, I can see the interface but it has the wrong hwaddr - how can I set the bridge up with a different13:37
JP____zzz_lmao: just search based on your interests13:38
assmithhwaddr *13:38
Southern_Gentlemassmith, isnt the file that is created just a file so it can be edited just like changing the mac address of any interface13:41
assmithPerhaps, I'm quite new to ubuntu. Do you know where this file is located?13:41
ikevinassmith, hwaddr is take from the first interface bridged13:43
_Fussel_Hey ubuntu specialists, i’m trying to configure a usb modem to use lte over wvdial. i only have a command line to the system. does anyone have an idea which settings have to be provided to configure this?13:48
assmithikevin: I thought the same thing, but if I add the dongle first, then the ethernet is takes the ethernet address.13:49
jwitkoHi all, could someone please help me with an issue starting libvirtd after upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04?  libvirt is giving me apparmor errors where it did not used to on 14.04   - http://cdn.pasteraw.com/ndy99dq2r8znl0wr1n8tbo6myx3g1sb13:49
ubottuciao: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:51
=== ShortSighted is now known as HedonistsRetake
ikevinassmith, try to create a persistant bridge on /etc/network/interfaces and specify the hwaddr you want13:52
mernilioHi all!13:53
=== HedonistsRetake is now known as AltruistsRetake
jwitkoHere is a paste with the apparmor profile and some additional logging from /var/log/syslog - http://cdn.pasteraw.com/1gor4t7tiy5fe3s0z9nqljqpixprktg13:53
assmithikevin, I'll try that, thanks13:55
jwitkoI notice the error "Failed name lookup - disconnected path"  which the wiki says "lazily unmounted device path opened outside of current namespace ", however this is a ZFS mount and it was not unmounted at any point and still shows status OK and mounted13:55
shifterHi all13:55
mernilioIn your opinion, do you think gnome is lighter on the resources than KDE?  I have been a KDE user for a long time now, but it has started to feel sluggish.13:55
mernilioeven after a fresh install13:55
cfhowlettmernilio, try lxde or xfce413:55
shifterhas anyone used bitvise ssh on windows?13:56
kd3423#join #twill13:56
assmithgnome3 always feels heavy and sluggish to me. Too much animations13:56
merniliocfhowlett: i like xfce and fluxbox13:56
cfhowlettxfce4 is certainly lighter than kde13:57
yakizaubuntu  is gnome or kde?13:57
cfhowlettand gnome13:57
cfhowlettneither, yakiza: unity13:57
merniliocfhowlett: absolutely! That guy who made xfce, he is a god, because he have made so much himself, so it seems!13:58
yakizacfhowlett:  is there  a way to meky top bar autohid? or make my game  stop at the end of the screen and not go further cause i cant click the options? and moue wong go further down?13:58
mernilioSo it seems, and im impressed as always! :-)13:59
DocPlatypuswhat program can I use to convert an .mdx image of an audio CD to something more standard on Ubuntu?13:59
cfhowlettyakiza, sorry, IDK: I'm on Xubuntu13:59
yakizaokay thank you14:00
cfhowlettDocPlatypus, ffmpeg should transcode but IDK if it does .mdx14:00
DocPlatypuscfhowlett: I can hear the audio if I 'play -x -t cdr image.mdx' but I'm looking for something to do it *right*14:00
sruliis it possible to access files under a mount --bind? say i "mount --bind /foo /bar" i want to access the files in /bar before the mount is is possible?14:01
=== uruk is now known as uruk7
DocPlatypussruli: --bind just makes the files available in more than one place. once you mount them it should be possible to access them in either location14:02
cpaelzerjwitko: that isn't a bug I'd have seen so far for 16.04 libvirt14:02
cpaelzerjwitko: could you file a bug and attach the guest definition that is failing in your case as xml?14:03
jwitkocpaelzer, Yea not claiming its a bug, just trying to find out what I'm doing wrong or what has changed that I didn't configure correctly14:03
JP____Who needs help?14:03
cpaelzerjwitko: feel free to also pastebinit if you want a few people to pike on it14:03
JP____Got some free time14:03
sruliDocPlatypus: i might not have explained properly, /foo has files 1 2 3 , /bar has 4 5 6 , when i mount /foo over /bar i can only access 1 2 3 (from /foo) is there a way to access 4 5 6 from under the mount bind?14:04
DocPlatypussruli: that's how mount works14:04
DocPlatypusso no14:04
_Fussel_JP____:  Have some questions about wvdial and a usb modem.14:04
jwitkocpaelzer, sorry, pastebin what?  the XML definition of the container ?14:05
JP_____Fussel_ don't know anything about either14:05
JP____But what is your question?14:05
sruliDocPlatypus: thanks14:05
cpaelzerjwitko: yeah of whatever gues that fails for you this way14:05
_Fussel_JP____: I’m trying to connect to the lte network and don’t know which settings i have to provide in the wvdial conf14:05
cpaelzerjwitko: virsh xmldump <guestname> | pastebinit14:06
cpaelzerjwitko: that gives you a link you can post here and we can look at it and even try to recreate the case14:06
JP_____fussel_ can you pastebin the response of "lsusb"?14:07
jwitkocpaelzer, here you are http://cdn.pasteraw.com/7bi84lyrw31h00vaahqynxhykuq2dyr14:07
jwitkoIs it possible this is the issue?  <emulator>/usr/lib/libvirt/libvirt_lxc</emulator> ?  I saw here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/lxc.html  "Use of libvirt-lxc is not generally recommended due to a lack of Apparmor protection for libvirt-lxc containers."14:07
cpaelzerjwitko: if you want my opinion lxd >>> libvirt-lxc - but well that is opinion14:09
jwitkoa fair opinion at that, but one that is beyond my control where I'm working :(14:09
_Fussel_JP____: There you go! http://pastebin.com/2qsWTeaq14:10
_Fussel_JP____:  It’s the Huawei Modem14:11
JP____Thank God, i thought you were using dial up :p14:11
JP____ok, can you pastebin response from: "sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf"14:12
jwitkocpaelzer, the odd part to me is that its complaining about not being able to find the "realpath" for disk  although its clearly accessible and accurate: http://cdn.pasteraw.com/pkkjto8i2q5jvocky7l3543jgf5iydg14:12
=== blackhole is now known as Guest41004
cpaelzerjwitko: maybe virt-aa-helper itself can't access this path14:13
cpaelzerjwitko: IIRC it only gets to a few paths that are considered for images14:13
cpaelzerjwitko: I don't remember right away14:13
cpaelzerjwitko: but you might be able to add a local overwrite14:13
cpaelzerjwitko: let me try to suggest something, just a sec14:13
jwitkocpaelzer, it works perfectly with these exact settings in 14.04 so I don't think its the path14:13
jwitkobut I'm all ears for suggestions14:13
cpaelzerjwitko: arr this has no loacl override in xenial yet - so you would have to add to /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper - add "/var/local/mount/** r," in there and retry14:16
cpaelzerjwitko: you will also see the list of default allowed paths there14:17
_Fussel_JP____:  http://pastebin.com/jek305y114:17
JP____Was that all of it?14:18
assmithI'm still having trouble with my bridge. I described my issue a few days ago; and was told this was the right way to proceed.14:18
JP____Seems like there are parts missing14:18
_Fussel_JP____:  Yes, everything on the terminal14:18
cpaelzerjwitko: but maybe it is a red herring - that is the diff from trusty to xenial of the aa-helper apparmor file http://paste.ubuntu.com/23857961/14:19
cpaelzerjwitko: still worth a try14:19
assmithI have a raspberry pi type board running Ubuntu - My ethernet goes to a web server (Not connected to the internet) and I have a LTE dongle. I'm trying to access that web server through the dongle14:19
JP____try this one "sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf > log.txt "14:19
_Fussel_JP____: My provider configurations don’t have the default name. You want to see the connection setup?14:20
a19344show me14:20
JP____Nope: i just want the full output of the command i gave you14:21
JP____What was on your terminal was only a part of it14:21
jwitkocpaelzer, OK I've added both lines:  "/var/local/mount/** r," and "/mnt/album/**/* r," , Please excuse my ignorance on this but do I need to do any commands to reload apparmor profiles before trying again ?14:21
a19344how are you?14:22
cpaelzerjwitko: yeah you need to reload - just a sec14:23
_Fussel_JP____: Sorry, I need about 5 min. Connecting through another machine, maybe it got cut by putty14:24
cpaelzerjwitko: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor#Reload_all_profiles14:24
cpaelzerjwitko: there also is more if you want to e.g. disable just the aa-helper one for other tests14:25
jwitkocpaelzer, no luck :(  -  http://cdn.pasteraw.com/c7c3nvq3e0d57rzswxtq9w7j2oqf6yt  You can see towards the bottom  "/var/local/mount/** r," and "/mnt/album/**/* r," are in there14:29
cpaelzerjwitko: :-/ disabling the profile for a test if it is the apparmor protection before we spend more time on that route?14:31
=== nat__ is now known as Natkeeran
Piciitsmeboi: /join #channel14:32
jwitkocpaelzer, is that just "sudo invoke-rc.d apparmor kill" ?14:32
XatenevI have a problem with wget, ##linux doesn't seem to like me right now14:32
jwitkoor "sudo invoke-rc.d apparmor stop" ?14:32
XatenevTrying to use wget -r http://mysite.de --user=myUser --password=myPass --auth-no-challenge --spider to crawl a whole page.14:32
XatenevIt only crawls robots.txt and index14:33
XatenevAny ideas why this might be?14:33
itsmeboiPici shot thanks just installed hexchat and am lost in cyberspace14:33
_Fussel_JP____:  http://pastebin.com/g2GE8T6M14:33
_Fussel_JP____:  It hasn’t changed that much14:33
HerebordXatenev, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11124292/why-does-wget-only-download-the-index-html-for-some-websites, maybe this helps somehow14:37
JP____Ok try this one: "sudo wvdial"14:38
XatenevI got it14:39
XatenevHerebord: The robots.txt defined that it shouldnt be crawled. LEL14:39
Xatenev-e robots=off => works14:39
JP____or rather: "sudo wvdial > log2.txt"14:39
_Fussel_JP____: Got this output for the root user14:39
_Fussel_JP____: Gonna put it into a file14:40
_Fussel_JP____: Just seen, you want the output of wvdial, not wvdialconf14:41
jwitkocpaelzer, it looks like libvirt is still attempting to load apparmor even after stopping the service14:41
=== b0be is now known as bobe
multifractalI have a directory with the following structure: root_dir/sub_dirs/sub_sub_dirs/images. I would like to put all the images into a single directory i.e. root_dir2/images. But images in different sub_sub_dirs might have the same name, and I don't want them to overwrite each other during the copy operation.14:43
mas886I'm getting a missing library error (error while loading shared libraries: libpng12.so.0) at ubuntu 16.10, what package should I install to get this one?14:44
_Fussel_JP____:  Got some failed connection attempts due to the bad gsm quality over here14:48
_Fussel_JP____: http://pastebin.com/7uu5e6Sw14:48
_Fussel_JP____: Trying to connect and provide the log14:48
jwitkocpaelzer, even after I put the profile into complain mode it still errors out on attempting to start a container14:51
cpaelzerjwitko: hmm - then maybe the apparmor things are a red herring and only distracting14:53
jwitkoWell the errors are still AppArmor specific, ironically enough14:53
cpaelzerjwitko: for the sake of testing one shot with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor#Disable_AppArmor_framework14:54
_Fussel_JP____: I have a german system which was able to connect http://pastebin.com/CcMTtuSV14:55
jwitkocpaelzer, it is unclear for me which of those options to use.  it says for ubuntu 9.10 and alter (i'm on 16.04) to add grub options14:55
jwitkois that the only way ?14:55
jwitkoI had been using systemctl stop apparmor.service;14:56
cpaelzerjwitko: yeah having a wiki page across that many releases can be confusing14:58
cpaelzerjwitko: you can - probably better - disable them one by one14:58
cpaelzerjwitko: check the related profiles with "sudo apparmor_status | grep virt"14:58
JP_____Fussel_ there you go14:58
cpaelzerjwitko: and then test disabling/enabling them one by one via https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/apparmor.html#apparmor-usage14:58
cpaelzerjwitko: TL;DR sudo apparmor_parser -R <profile>14:59
cpaelzerjwitko: this way you can kind of bisect if and which profile might cause your error14:59
bhikkhusubhutican someone help me to get "touch to tap" working on lxqt  desktop option.. I am using gnome ubuntu iso 16.1015:01
bhikkhusubhutiI asked "askubuntu and googleplus"  No tap to touch for touchpad in lxqt running Ubuntugnome 16.1015:02
bhikkhusubhutiI want to get lxde and xfce working so that tap to touch works for the touchpad. It is so painful to work.. that I am not using it. I need it to run Ardour more smoothly.15:02
bhikkhusubhutiI have installed Synaptics TouchPad driver for X.Org server and the.d version from repo15:02
bhikkhusubhutiI am not able to complete the instructions found in https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Touchpad_Synaptics#Configuration because there is no such file to edit (assuming xsession is the next equivalant). I see nothing with "syn* in the search (using nautilus) in the etc/x11 directory ..15:02
bhikkhusubhutiI hope someone can help me.15:02
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest83064
mustmodifycan I temporarily disable my ufw rules, allowing full access to my machine, without getting rid of the rules?15:06
pip2hi guys, I'm using Ubuntu Mate 16 on a RPi3 here and a script that I need to use is attempting to install a package called "libnl-dev" which has no candidate.15:06
pip2the script I'm trying to use was meant to be used on RPies specifically so I think this system is just more up-to-date than the script author is aware of15:07
_Fussel_JP____: You found something?15:08
pip2http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/arm64/libnl-dev/download this the page where I found something about it but I'm not sure if I can do without that package15:08
k1lpip2: there is no libnl-dev on ubuntu 16.04 anymore15:09
pip2I suspect that libnl1 would now suffice for what I'm trying to do, is there somewhere you would refer me to in order to inquire about this package and its development history and such?15:09
pip2k1l, does that mean it's been superseded_15:10
mustmodifyok, better question.\15:11
k1l!info libnl-3-dev xenial | pip215:11
mustmodifyThere's a server that has been running since June all by itself.15:11
ubottupip2: libnl-3-dev (source: libnl3): development library and headers for libnl-3. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.27-1 (xenial), package size 85 kB, installed size 513 kB (Only available for linux-any)15:11
mustmodifyIt is set up with a firewall because it has elasticsearch, which isn't password protected. I thought it was UFW but `sudo ufw status` says `inactive` ... however, I'm getting "server unexpectedly closed connection"... so ... seems like that's a firewall.15:12
pip2k1l, I'll try replacing libnl-dev with libnl-3-dev in my script15:12
mustmodifyWhat else is common as a firewall?15:12
pip2k1l thanks15:12
bhikkhusubhutilxqt tap to touch help?15:13
cfhowlettbhikkhusubhuti, please see /msg ubottu patience15:14
jwitkocpaelzer, it was giving me a lot of trouble so I just uninstalled apparmor entirely and am rebooting.  will let you know how it goes15:15
htafdresgiI've been trying to install a caldav/cardav server for over a month!15:15
bhikkhusubhuticfhowlett, ok waiting15:16
htafdresgiit is so frustrating! does anyone have any success with nginx/caldav-cardav ?15:16
cfhowlettbhikkhusubhuti, suggestion: make a paste with all the relevant material then ping the url at 15 minute intervals or so with your "Help lxqt tap touch" message15:17
ikevin<htafdresgi> I've been trying to install a caldav/cardav server for over a month! <== owncloud / nextcloud :)15:18
bhikkhusubhuticfhowlett, ok15:18
jwitkocpaelzer, after uninstalling apparmor I was able to start a container with no issues15:18
itsmeboiHi am new to IRC and linux. Could anyone point me to a newbies channel? Currently using lxde linux light installed as a VM using Virtualbox.15:19
htafdresgiowncloud/nextcloud is too frustrating, I can't get it to work reliably15:19
cfhowlettitsmeboi, see linux light support options15:19
ikevinhtafdresgi, oO15:19
TBotNikAll: Is there a good channel for MySQL help?15:19
cpaelzerjwitko: hrm - that is odd - I recentl tested libvirt-lxc and it worked15:20
cpaelzerjwitko: not great (if you know lxd) but it worked15:20
htafdresgii could try it again, I have a vps now. maybe it'll somehow work better15:20
Amm0nhtafdresgi, try baikal server15:21
mustmodifySo any help would be appreciated.15:21
mustmodifys/I/A SERVER15:21
ikevinTBotNik, try #mysql :)15:22
JP_____Fussel_ oh you send me a pastebin of a working config, i thought you were done15:22
mustmodifyEither (a) I set up UFW and it has been disabled, eg compromised or (b) I set it up wrong / set it up on the wrong machine / something else stupid and everything is OK. (c) I used a firewall other than UFW. Any thoughts on how I can triage?15:22
ikevinhtafdresgi, i've setup oc since lot of years and don't have any problem to do that15:23
ikevinand it work very fine15:23
stevenxlHi folks. I am trying to use some of the more common linux utilities. I have a directory with three files that end in *.log. For each file, I want to run "echo '' > file.log". I tried doing this: ls | grep log | xargs echo '' >15:23
stevenxlbut that command didn't work.15:23
stevenxlAny idea on how I can use xargs for thsi task?15:23
_Fussel_JP____: Sorrowly not. I’m connecting through the gsm network, not the intended lte. But I’m not sure where to set the cellular network type15:23
ikevinstevenxl, echo "" > *.log don't work?15:24
bhikkhusubhutiI am having problem with tap to touch .. message is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/23858189/15:24
ikevinstevenxl, if not, use find15:24
ppfikevin: doesn't work like that15:24
Amm0nmustmodify, did you enable ufw via systemctl?15:24
stevenxlikevin: Haven't tried. I'd really like to learn how to use xargs. ;)15:24
stevenxlyou mean use find with xargs?15:25
JP_____Fussel_ in my excitement over your apparent success, i closed the pastebins15:25
ikevinstevenxl, nop, with -exec option15:25
_Fussel_JP____:  I even now have connected successfuly to the network in switzerland if you also need the logs from this machine15:25
ppfstevenxl: for f in *.log; do : > "$f"; done15:25
_Fussel_JP____: :D Gonna search them again15:25
_Fussel_JP____: http://pastebin.com/CcMTtuSV15:25
ppffind doesn't help (much)15:26
mustmodifyAmm0n: Just found /etc/ufw/ufw.conf which says ENABLED=no; so I'm thinking I enabled it manually and when the machine was recently restarted by linode, it didn't come back up. Ugh.15:26
ikevinstevenxl, find *.log -exec echo '' > '{}' \;15:26
ppfikevin: doesn't work like that either15:26
mustmodifyAmm0n: So I guess I'm not compomised... just my firewall was down. Stupid thing.15:26
JP____what was your modem name again?15:27
_Fussel_JP____:  Bus 001 Device 005: ID 12d1:1506 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E398 LTE/UMTS/GSM Modem/Networkcard15:28
ppfikevin: i take that back, it does in fact work15:28
JP____Ah i see  most Huawei modems work out of the box15:28
ppfwelp, no it doesnt15:28
ppfi'm shutting up now15:28
JP____Is it visible from the network manager?15:28
JP____Did you choose your carier?15:29
Amm0nmustmodify, you enable it with "sudo ufw enable" and to make that survive a reboot, enable it via "sudo systemctl enable ufw.service"15:29
KissakiHey. Ubuntu changed from init.d to upstart etc/init and then to systemd etc/systemd, and now I'm confused as to where/how I should create scripts for my server processes. Should I create systemd files? (seems complex) or init? The only ones I'm really familiar with are classic init.d scripts15:29
_Fussel_JP____: Just have a terminal to the box, carrier is set in the wvdial.conf15:29
ppfKissaki: yes, systemd files15:30
nicomachusKissaki: give this a read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers15:30
KissakiI'm not really familiar with upstart tho15:30
Kissakibut I'll take a look15:30
Kissakithanks guys15:30
ppfKissaki: hang on15:30
JP____Oh ok, so you can tell wvdial which carrier you wanna use15:30
JP____And your saying that it works fine for the german carriers?15:31
ppfKissaki: that article has a "Job vs. unit keywords" table that matches upstart keywords to systemd equivalents15:31
ppfbut that is very bad practice, generally!15:31
_Fussel_JP____: Yes the box in germany works fine. In switzerland we have a really bad gsm network, that’s why i want to switch to the better lte network15:32
ppfKissaki: although actually, now that i read it again, it doesn't seem too bad. so disregard that comment for now15:32
JP____can you run "wvdial --help > help.txt"?15:32
kbob_Fussel_: hi, is the modem 'unlocked' ?15:33
_Fussel_JP____: http://pastebin.com/0QAbQe2z15:35
_Fussel_kbob: yes, the modem is unlocked15:35
_Fussel_kbob: i can even connect from time to time15:35
jwitkocpaelzer, so it looks like apparmor in ubuntu 16.04 creates these dynamically named files in /etc/apparmor.d/libvirt  (I can see it doing this on another ubuntu 16.04 install that runs VMs instead of containers)15:36
jwitkoit appears these files are not being generated on my 16.04 installation that uses containers15:36
jwitkoand that is why apparmor is failing to load their profile15:36
jwitkobecause the file doesn't exist15:36
kbob_Fussel_: ok, try download sakis3g script ... its old but it works.... maybe you need to disable modem manager ...15:37
bhikkhusubhutigetting ready to go to bed (10:07pm)  any last helpers  for my tap to touch problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/23858189/15:37
kbobhuwaei modems do not need usbmodeswith, that can disturb modem manager15:38
_Fussel_kbob: Thanks, gonna test it15:40
mustmodifyso... I re-configured UFW.15:40
mustmodifyI was expecting "connection reset" or something but instead I'm getting a timeout on non-allowed ports. Is that expected?15:41
jwitkocpaelzer, it looks like these profiles are created by virt-aa-helper15:42
jwitko(except in my case they're not being created)15:42
itsmeboiis there a newbies channel lol15:42
itsmeboii'm new to linux and irc15:42
cpaelzerjwitko: yes aa-helper creates a custom profile for each guest15:42
jwitkocpaelzer, so in my case it is not doing that :(15:43
jwitkowhich of course results in15:44
jwitkoJan 24 07:32:05 ramen7 libvirtd[4457]: internal error: cannot load AppArmor profile 'libvirt-ffb8bbc9-eaae-4134-8de6-596d3e26f6be'15:44
pip23!info php5-fpm15:44
ubottuPackage php5-fpm does not exist in yakkety15:44
pip23!info php515:44
ubottuPackage php5 does not exist in yakkety15:44
pip23!info php5-fpm xenial15:45
ubottuPackage php5-fpm does not exist in xenial15:45
bhikkhusubhutiok going off15:45
ikevinpip23, php-fpm15:47
cpaelzerjwitko: ah I see what you might hit now15:47
ikevin!info php-fpm15:47
ubottuphp-fpm (source: php-defaults (44)): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary) (default). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:7.0+44 (yakkety), package size 3 kB, installed size 11 kB15:47
cpaelzerjwitko: you can disable apparmor security labels in your guest conf - that might help you to pass that15:47
laykeCan someone help me format this, I just don't know awk suficiently enough... http://paste.ubuntu.com/23858284/ - My intention is that I get three columns, one with the count of the duplicates, one with the phrase UPTO the first comma, then the ["Tabs"] bit on the third column15:47
kbob_Fussel_: sakis needs some dependences bz2 and ppp15:47
cpaelzerjwitko: try 'security_driver = "none" in /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf15:48
laykeI want to get it into a CSV file15:48
pip23!info php-fpm xenial15:48
ubottuphp-fpm (source: php-defaults (35ubuntu6)): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary) (default). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:7.0+35ubuntu6 (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB15:48
laykeSo 25, 5 star luxury, ["Tabs"] basically15:48
pip23ikevin, thanks15:48
cpaelzerjwitko: there is some background at http://wiki.apparmor.net/index.php/Libvirt15:48
Amm0nitsmeboi, i'd recommend you to read: http://www.funtoo.org/Linux_Fundamentals,_Part_1 and http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/ircc-commands.html . I don't know about a noob channel, but you could join/idle #linux and this channel to learn a lot. For a list of channel try /msg alis search keyword15:48
jwitkocpaelzer, would this in any way undermine the security apparmor provides?15:49
=== frista is now known as andinoh
jwitkoor reduce its ability to perform its job?15:50
Amm0nitsmeboi, ^i mean ##linux15:52
itsmeboiAmm0n thanks I'll check owt funtoo now15:52
kbob_Fussel_: yes, Install bzip2, ppp, libusb-0.1-4  (wvdial is optional and take a look also to UMTSkeeper15:52
ikevinlayke, use cut15:52
sruliis it possible to install ubuntu from iso on a partition in chroot env? (i am booted in regular ubuntu but want to install it on another drive)15:53
_Fussel_kbob: And thanks again. Now i have some stuff to work on :)15:54
ikevinsruli, from iso not sure, so you can use deboostrap to do that15:54
xXEoflaOEXxsruli, debootstrap.15:54
=== dax is now known as ro
cpaelzerjwitko: the setting would disable it protecting libvirt guests, but not change anything else15:56
sruliikevin: xXEoflaOEXx: reading the wiki... but will that do a full install?15:56
laykeikevin, The lengths change though if I want to use cut. For example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23858314/15:57
ikevinsruli, it install the minimal, then you can install virtual package "ubuntu-desktop"15:57
xXEoflaOEXxsruli, I am not sure. but maybe it will install minimal. Like the Ubuntu server.15:57
sruliminimal is what i am after, i need it to be able to boot on another machine15:58
=== andinoh is now known as mashredder
jwitkocpaelzer, these guests are required to be heavily protected/locked down as they run user-submitted code/tests.  So unfortunately if this works its probably not an acceptable solution  :(15:58
linelevelHi, can anyone recommend a way (cli command?) to "redraw" all the windows/UI elements when they become corrupted? Sometimes when I'm low on memory I get weird errors where one of my windows turns black, or sometimes it's a widget on the top toolbar or side launcher. This usually persists until I reboot.15:59
kbob_Fussel_: start the script with ./sakis3g -s -i -g MENU=MOREMENU APN=YourISP.com APN_USER=name  APN_PASS=password (s = sudo password, i = interactive and g = google dns)15:59
jwitkocpaelzer, also it did not work.  the profiles are still not being created in the /etc/apparmor.d/libvirt/ directory15:59
cpaelzerjwitko: yeah with security non they are not created, but should also not be needed anymore16:01
Amm0nlinelevel, do you use swap?16:02
linelevelAmm0n: Yes.16:02
linelevelAmm0n: Or rather, I try not to. :)16:02
linelevelbut I do have swap16:02
Amm0nlinelevel, is it enough swap? Maybe it's your memory that's getting wonky. Try memtest too.16:04
linelevelAmm0n: I am using an Nvidia proprietary video driver, and this problem does not occur with the open source Nouveau driver that Ubuntu uses by default, but that driver caused worse issues (my whole machine would freeze sometimes when I press Alt-Tab or try to switch workspaces, and I would have to hard-reboot).16:04
jwitkocpaelzer, gotya.  UNfortunately I still receive errors about "not being able to load AppArmor profile libvirt-UUID" so it looks like at some point its looking for them16:05
Amm0nlinelevel, do you have the same problems with another OS?16:07
cpaelzerjwitko: :-/16:07
pip23!info php5-xcache xenial16:08
ubottuPackage php5-xcache does not exist in xenial16:08
linelevelAmm0n: I used to dual-boot with Windows and it did not occur with Windows. It did, however, occur with all 3 of Ubuntu {12.04, 14.04, 16.04}.16:08
k1lpip23: ubuntu changed to php 7 on 16.0416:08
jwitkocpaelzer, I'm thinking this is all leading back to " Use of libvirt-lxc is not generally recommended due to a lack of Apparmor protection for libvirt-lxc containers." on https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/lxc.html16:08
linelevelAmm0n: I don't think it is a lack of swap, but maybe a lack of video memory?16:08
linelevelAmm0n: Since the problem goes away (or rather, is replaced with a different problem) when I use video drivers.16:09
linelevel^ when I change* video drivers16:09
pip23k1l, thanks16:09
cpaelzerjwitko: yeah - as I said lxd >> libvirt-lxc IMHO16:10
cpaelzerjwitko: there isn't a lot of love for libvirt-lxc due to that16:10
=== pkennedy_ is now known as pkennedy
Amm0nlinelevel, which GPU is it? maybe xrefresh is something you asked for^16:12
Guest54218C:\Snort\rules\app-detect.rules(33) Unknown ClassType: web-application-at ack16:13
linelevelAmm0n: lshw reports "NVIDIA    GT218M [NVS 3100M]" -- is that what you were asking for?16:13
Amm0nlinelevel, if you got no problems with another OS it's most likely a driver issue16:14
DarkHorsehow to check wheather graphics driver are installed or not?16:14
renn0xtk9ubuntu 16.04 I cann not boot following a TPM error code and there is no more "recovery mode" in grub menu16:15
renn0xtk91)Who decided to remove the recovery mode?16:15
renn0xtk92)Why did he/she thought it was a great idea16:15
renn0xtk93) What do I do now ?16:15
linelevelAmm0n: That was my thought as well (and because the problem goes away when I switch drivers). Since I'm not a kernel hacker, I've given up on the prospect of trying to prevent this from happening, but I would still like a way to redraw/repaint the screen without closing my userspace applications. `xrefresh` does not seem to do anything.16:16
renn0xtk94) optionally if anyone has the email/phone number whatsover of the he/she... I am talking ..16:16
Amm0nlinelevel, if that doesn't anything you need to restart X16:16
linelevelAmm0n: That's my current solution, but that closes all my applications, which is why I was hoping for a way to avoid that.16:17
=== jwash_ is now known as jwash
Amm0nlinelevel, anything useful in the logs when it breaks?16:19
_Fussel_kbob: Thanks, i gonna do that stuff tomorrow16:19
_Fussel_kbob: And may come back if i figure some problems ;)16:19
k1lrenn0xtk9: you need at least 2 installed kernels because the recovery mode is using the second last kernel. the entry for recovery mode is listed under the "more options" setting in grub16:20
=== Evan is now known as Guest26898
workerbeetwoHi. any ideas to colorize/highlight ssh sessions on production systems?16:21
huggybear404I just installed ubuntu 16.04 lts server , when i tryed select lamp server etc it just continued, probably keyboard is bad , then after reboot I get 1 nanosekond grub loader then display turns off, is there any way to make it show a display / driver that my screen can display ?16:22
renn0xtk9k1l issue is I NEVER told ubuntu to keep only 1 installed kernel  and i have no  "more options"16:22
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest35187
renn0xtk9it means a setting change on my computer has been made when I made an update, in other words it is the distro people that fucked it up...16:22
k1lrenn0xtk9: so is your system booting to the regular grub at all? or is there a hardware/bios issue?16:23
renn0xtk9I can go to grub wher I only have ubuntu or memetests16:23
k1lrenn0xtk9: my 16.04 still got the recovery entries16:24
MenzadorMine does too... renn0xtk9 - see "Advanced options for Ubuntu"16:25
renn0xtk9there is a bios/hardware issue in the sense that it says a TPM error occur (code 7) but I refuse to call it a hardware issue since at first installation it did work well. After i made an apt-get update which contained among others new graphic driver  I had this problem which i manage to solve in "getting to recovery mode (still present the last time) " and then disinstall the driver and then mark it  on hold16:25
jwitkoso cpaelzer, not sure if you're still around or able to assist (and thank you very much for your time so far) but as I'm circling back to things I'm realizing that virt-aa-helper is erroring out early in the process and that is probably whats causing it not to get to the point of creating that libvirt-UUID profile - http://cdn.pasteraw.com/robrv0hwm7zfnjs0s14lf3yqhd6p5a516:25
jwitkocpaelzer, if you look at that paste bin  ( http://cdn.pasteraw.com/robrv0hwm7zfnjs0s14lf3yqhd6p5a5 )16:25
renn0xtk9therfore I call it an hadware related     distromaker issue ...16:25
bSchoolWhat file contains the list of sources to check for updates when apt-get update is used?16:26
DocPlatypusrenn0xtk9: "TPM error" sounds like a BIOS/firmware setting, disable TPM or "Secure" Boot or whatever it's called now16:26
SPeedYMy Ubuntu 14.04 system will only boot to memtest, I am unable to access the internet to reinstall it and having issues installing it from the live cd16:28
SPeedYafter mounting the directory, amo not able to chroot into the directory16:28
Amm0nlinelevel, did you try the Nvidia legacy driver? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-30416:29
cpaelzerjwitko: if you could pastebin your guestxml I could try to reproduce tomorrow morning16:30
cpaelzerjwitko: it seems your xml triggers "internal error: dev->name buffer overflow: a5aac250:5645:00.0"16:30
cpaelzerjwitko: something too long maybe?16:31
=== MaolangDaSamurai is now known as maolang
jwitkothe device names are really short unless there is an incredibly small name size limit ?16:31
linelevelAmm0n: Yes, I did. Same problem as the more recent Nvidia proprietary driver. Re: logs, not that I could find. Maybe I don't know where to look (I checked dmesg), but I do not expect there to be logs since nothing is crashing or closing. The widgets or window elements just become pixelated/garbled or turn black. Sometimes the problem corrects itself (if something causes it to redraw), but often it does not.16:31
Menzadorrenn0xtk9 - for TPM issues you might consider blacklisting the tpm_tis module, with [ echo blacklist tpm_tis > sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/tpm_tis.conf ]16:32
cpaelzerjwitko: yeah, but worth to debug if you can share your xml16:32
=== raja is now known as Guest39985
renn0xtk9Menzador that raises the question why it is not blacklisted by default ^^16:33
Menzadorrenn0xtk9 - because there's probably some regression16:33
renn0xtk9Menzador indeed which should have been detected if the distromaker would feel in anyway commited to what they do ..16:34
jwitkocpaelzer, http://cdn.pasteraw.com/cb4sg34vue74w0h2fum3fem5xfe0h2116:34
Menzadorrenn0xtk9 - this is distro-agnostic16:34
renn0xtk9On the same level of issue ubuntu is shipping the latest driveer for bcmwl-kernel-source16:34
Menzadorrenn0xtk9 - same problem occurs in Arch Linux16:35
renn0xtk9Menzador you don't get the point16:35
renn0xtk9it has a regression that I (and a lot other people) filed in a bug report in 201216:35
renn0xtk9they a re still shipping it in 16(aka for 2016).0416:35
jwitkocpaelzer, question:  Since ubuntu 14.04 does not create these apparmor libvirt-UUID profile files... would setting the security_driver="none" be matching that sort of functionality?16:36
renn0xtk9The distro makers simply do not read bug reports or care about regression in any way16:36
renn0xtk9they don't test the package and the distro16:36
renn0xtk9and they don't listen to the user who have test it and took their time to file bug16:36
Menzadorrenn0xtk9 - this has NOTHING to do with the "distro maker". They have no obligation to look at community-supported firmware.16:37
tgm4883well that seems a bit harsh16:37
KiendeleoHello all, hey I wanted to ask if the problem I have is just me not knowing what I am doing or if it is a bug,  I just installed lubuntu 16.10 and all of the snaps that I install via the software app error because they don't have access to my home folder.  Is this an expected behavior?16:38
Herbalistgood day16:39
Herbalistsome web pages not displaying correctly in Firefox16:39
cpaelzerjwitko: IIRC 14.04 does create profiles as well16:39
Herbalistjust repeating elements etc16:39
nicomachusHerbalist: what do you mean by "not displaying correctly"?16:39
cpaelzerjwitko: essentially that is what virt-aa-helper is doing since forever and that is in 14.0416:40
Herbalistnicomachus .. some parts of the page are just repeated until the bottom16:40
Herbalistno content16:40
jwitkocpaelzer, got ya.  I'm trying to do some googling but I'm having a hard time understanding the full ramifications of disabling this with lxc containers16:40
Herbalistor obscured by elements16:40
jwitkocpaelzer, btw i was able to get it to work by disabling it in lxc.conf, not qemu.conf16:40
nicomachusHerbalist: sounds like a firefox issue, not Ubuntu.16:41
Herbalisthmm yes i agree16:41
k1lHerbalist: did you try to run it with a new profile without addons etc?16:41
Herbalistit's only firefox16:41
cpaelzerjwitko: oh sorry to point to the wrong conf then16:41
workerbeetwoHow do you make it obivous that you are working on a production system? (ssh session)16:42
Herbalistk1l no i havent tried anything yet, before i know what causes it16:42
k1lHerbalist: that would rule out that its an addon/user setting issue16:42
Herbalistit's been like that since 2 days16:42
jwitkocpaelzer, no apologies!  it was you who got me in the direction to find the right one.  I really appreciate all your help16:43
Herbalistk1l thanks, i;ll try that first16:43
Amm0nlinelevel, apart from trying the original drivers from Nvidia, i'm clueless. Sorry.16:43
nicomachusHerbalist: I would recommend asking the firefox channel.16:43
Herbalistgood idea16:43
Herbalistah i'm bounced ... unregistered16:43
nicomachusthey're on irc.mozilla.org at #firefox16:43
Herbalisti tried here16:44
Herbalistbut it's for registered ppl only16:44
nicomachusHerbalist: then register, or go to irc.mozilla.org and join #firefox16:44
Herbalistfound it16:45
Herbalistit's Moznet16:45
Amm0nlinelevel, maybe it's related to acpi stuff. For example try to boot with another OS string acpi_osi= with examples from here: http://redsymbol.net/linux-kernel-boot-parameters/16:46
Amm0nbut that's only wild guessing.16:48
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renn0xtk9Menzodar who does the package ? when they are listed in the official ubuntuu repo...16:56
jdaiiiWe have some software installed that requires a package, but apt keeps saying that it is unused. Where can I set it as a dependency to the application so that it does not uninstall if someone runs an autoremove?16:56
PipeItToDevNulljdaiii: Apparently you can edit the package to add that info: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11045816:58
noc_jdaiii, ''apt-mark manual''. That's a bug in the application packaging, what is the application? is it from ubnutu repos? PPAs?16:58
jdaiiiPipeItToDevNull, Thanks, I don't want to release Godzilla16:59
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=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
jdaiiinoc_, The application is a commercial application, but it does OCR and requires libtiff, but libtiff keeps showing in my autoremove list. Thank you for the apt-mark manual. I'll send it to the developers.17:00
=== CRogers____ is now known as CRogers
squeakytoyHey all. I am a newbie and got a linux/ubuntu question. Is the "root" user locked to a specific IP, or RSA, or something like that, when you reset a password?17:02
nicomachusI have a rpi set up as a network "gateway" so that I can SSH into a few different machines. Previously, I was using a desktop PC for that with full Ubuntu (12.04 through 16.10). With the full ubuntu machine, I was able to reboot the pc remotely (which would drop connection) but I could SSH back in after it rebooted, without having physical access to log the machine in. Now, with the rpi running Mate17:02
nicomachus16.04, if I reboot remotely I lose connection and can't SSH back in until I physically log into the rpi from local. What's the difference there? Can I fix it?17:02
squeakytoynvm, my question, its false17:03
timeis there anyone?17:06
nicomachushi time17:06
PipeItToDevNullDo you need help?17:07
geniitime: It's better to just describe your issue to the channel17:07
squeakytoyGuys, does "ssh -v root@somedomain" contain anything sensitive, or can I paste the verbose information on stackoverflow?17:07
PipeItToDevNullContains an IP17:07
EriC^^and port17:07
squeakytoyi can change a number in the ip, but apart from that it should be ok17:08
squeakytoyi am feeling that i am soon going to rage, due to ssh17:08
EriC^^why dont you ask here17:09
PipeItToDevNullWhat is your issue?17:09
nicomachussqueakytoy: me too, man. me too...17:09
keith_what channel would be a good channel for getting help with Xubuntu namely slow wired network speeds?17:09
nicomachuskeith_: this one.17:10
PipeItToDevNullXubuntu is just Ubuntu with XFCE17:10
nicomachusor ##networking, depending on the issue.17:10
squeakytoyI am getting a "key_load_public: invalid format" when I try to ssh to my digital ocean ubuntu droplet. Even though I have (temp) moved all my .ssh information in my "c:\users\myuser\.ssh\" folder in Windows.17:11
keith_here's the deal  I have a good broadband connection  all Gigabit lan, and have multible win10 and xp machines that all get aprox 30mb up 5 down17:11
EriC^^squeakytoy: you just need to add your public key17:12
squeakytoyEriC^^, where?17:12
PipeItToDevNullsqueakytoy: What are you connecting with? Putty?17:12
keith_I have an old ibm on mint 18.1 that gets close 21 down 4.8 up17:12
timeWindows good or linux good17:12
squeakytoyPipeItToDevNull, i think its openssh17:12
EriC^^it's usually id_rsa in .ssh , add it to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the droplet17:12
EriC^^squeakytoy: ^17:12
squeakytoyEriC^^, how do I login to the droplet?17:12
keith_on this one and one other is a laptop I get 3.9 down 3.5 up17:13
PipeItToDevNullOpenSSH is the service, Windows does not natively support it (MS is stupid)17:13
EriC^^squeakytoy: use the vnc tunnel thing17:13
EriC^^squeakytoy: add the key by copying and pasting it in the droplet control panel for keys17:13
keith_running xubuntu17:14
keith_the laptop is an old acer with broadcom wireless and SIS chipset17:14
keith_for wired17:14
keith_did do the Broadcom added driver thing to get the wireless going17:15
squeakytoyEriC^^, but, i dont get that tho. Why.. cant i login with username + password with ssh?17:15
PipeItToDevNullsqueakytoy: that is set by server side config17:16
squeakytoybut i always do that on digital ocean17:16
EriC^^squeakytoy: i think they send you a root password once you set up the vm to your email, check that and use it with the vnc tunnel on their control panel17:16
nicomachuskeith_: try to keep it on as few lines as possible please. right now your issue is spread across like 20 different lines with 10 other issues in the middle.17:16
squeakytoyssh root@x17:16
PipeItToDevNullIt can be enabled if you have access to /etc/sshd/config17:16
keith_I also have a toshiba laptop with Mint 18.1 that does great as well, so I know it's not connections it's hardware OS driver issues or settings17:16
Herbalistnicomachus thanks,i restarted FF without addons, then restarted again with addons enabled normally .. that solved the problem17:16
squeakytoywait wait, i am trying to understand this. I have other digital ocean droplets, where I login with "ssh root@x" - why do these work, but not this one?17:17
EriC^^squeakytoy: didn't they send you a password?17:17
squeakytoyalso, this is strange. I could SSH from work via "ssh root@x", but when I come home I get the "invalid format", so your theores have to be wrong17:18
EriC^^no they're not17:18
EriC^^i told you to check your email for the password they sent17:18
squeakytoyEriC^^, yes, which I "ssh root@x" in and changed the password. But at home, when I tried to "ssh root@x", I get the "invalid" problem.17:19
squeakytoythis is what freaks me out, when stuff like this happens17:20
squeakytoyand no one can explain it17:20
keith_anone that can help with connection speed issue in Xubuntu?17:20
EriC^^squeakytoy: ..17:20
EriC^^squeakytoy: did you happen to add a sudo user?17:21
EriC^^squeakytoy: again, check the vnc tunnel at their site, and fix the mess you made in .ssh17:21
squeakytoyEriC^^, .ssh server side?17:21
fubSo sometimes when debugging network applications (which fork) with gdb and there is some crash/exit, the port gets blocked and I cant bind to it again17:23
fubI checked with lsof and netstat, but they dont show any process for this port17:23
fubhow do I free this instead of waiting 30+ seconds?17:23
squeakytoyEriC^^, just a quick question. I am currently in the ~/.ssh/ folder, I type "ls" and see a "authorized_keys" folder, but I cannot "cd" into it.. any advice?17:27
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
EriC^^it's a file, not dir17:27
squeakytoyyou said put it into authorized_keys, so i automatically assumed it was a folder17:28
squeakytoymy bad =)17:28
ubottumimmo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:29
keith_can anyone help with slow network issue with an Xubuntu machine?17:30
squeakytoyEriC^^, I have done "id_rsa.pub >> authorized_keys" now, so the file contains my key. Do you know if I should restart any services?17:33
EriC^^squeakytoy: do you have the private key on the pc you're connecting from?17:35
squeakytoyi just read that i can "recreate the public key"17:36
keith_anyother place I can go for help?17:36
EriC^^squeakytoy: what's the permissions of ~ ~/.ssh and ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ?17:36
squeakytoyEriC^^, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8183146/temp/erikc1.png17:38
keith_what's the link to the remote app?17:39
keith_like a remote assistance thing, a while back someone helped me was able to remote to my box and fix it17:41
EriC^^squeakytoy: chmod 700 ~/.ssh17:41
sudo_nomyo yo17:42
squeakytoyEriC^^, nope. Still getting the invalid_format17:43
squeakytoyEriC^^, ive removed authorized_keys, touched it, chmoded both the ssh-folder and the authorized_keys, wget to download my public key, and did a "cat id_rsa.pub >> authorized_keys"17:44
squeakytoyEriC^^, would "ssh -v root@x" give any evidence what could be wrong?17:44
keith_what would be another good network for tech support for Xubuntu?17:45
EriC^^squeakytoy: it sounds like the keys are bad somehow17:45
squeakytoyEriC^^, here's the thing tho. If I move all my keys from "c:\users\myuser\.ssh\" to "c:\users\myuser\.ssh\backup", i still get the problem17:46
Picikeith_: Theres #xubuntu here on freenode17:46
EriC^^squeakytoy: maybe it's the hosts file?17:46
EriC^^the known_hosts ?17:46
Picikeith_: But keep in mind that neither of these channels is going to respond to "can anyone help me with...". Just ask your real question all on one line and if someone knows, they will chime in.17:47
squeakytoyEriC^^, no, its something with that digital ocean droplet, I can SSH without any problems, even tho i have removed all keys, to other droplets17:47
woodraganyone with some wkhtmltopdf experience?17:47
squeakytoyits an ubuntu configuration problem, it has to be17:48
EriC^^squeakytoy: try enabling password authentication on the droplet just for testing17:48
squeakytoyEriC^^, whats that? and how do to that?17:48
EriC^^nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config17:48
EriC^^remove the # and set it to PasswrdAuthentication yes17:49
EriC^^and PermitRootLogin yes17:49
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squeakytoyEriC^^, Hey. In just see that in "/etc/ssh/" folder there are a lot of keys. The same keys I see when I do "ssh -v root@x".. what keys are these?17:50
squeakytoy"ssh_host_ed25519_key" /.pub, etc17:51
Amm0nsqueakytoy, if you are trying to login with root, did you enable the rootaccount before?17:51
squeakytoyive never done that action in my life, on any digital ocean droplet17:51
Amm0nBy default, the root account password is locked in Ubuntu.17:52
EriC^^squeakytoy: tose are for host based authentication17:52
squeakytoyso.. no touch?17:52
squeakytoyi removed "#" from the line "PasswordAuthirication yes", still getting invalid key17:53
Gimme2Спокойной ночи всем!17:53
EriC^^squeakytoy: you need to restart the ssh daemon17:53
EriC^^squeakytoy: systemctl restart ssh17:53
squeakytoybut could the keys in /etc/ssh/ be corrupt, hence all SSH connections to the server.. fail?17:53
mcphailsqueakytoy: just catching the end of this conversation, so excuse me if I'm butting in. Are you hitting problems with the ssh-dsa key restriction on recent ubuntu versions?17:54
squeakytoymcphail, i dont what what you said. I am trying to SSH to a digital ocean droplet, via "ssh root@x" but get a "key_load_public: invalid format"17:55
squeakytoyEriC^^, i dont think that worked. I typed the command, but entered nano of the config file, i just kept pressing CTRL+X to save and quit17:55
squeakytoyoh wait, nvvm17:56
squeakytoyrestarted, no access17:57
squeakytoyactually. I am willing to pay someone to figure this out and teach me whats wrong.17:57
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EriC^^squeakytoy: those files if corrupt would be on the client not server17:57
squeakytoyyes, i can SSH to any other of my droplet17:58
EriC^^squeakytoy: type "cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | nc termbin.com 9999"17:58
EriC^^squeakytoy: yeah, i wasn't saying they were corrupt17:58
EriC^^paste the link that command gives you17:58
EriC^^also did systemctl mention sshd restarting?17:59
squeakytoyno, that was silent17:59
prod__enter #apollo prod abbaffabba17:59
sjuxaxHi all. I'm having the packaging issue described here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/842217/cant-update-nginx-because-of-debconf. The messages indicate that this was fixed upstream, but I'm encountering it today with nginx-full 1.10.2-3+trusty418:00
elisax2e2hey, im running 16.04 with lvm encrypted disk. whenenver im doing a disk intensive action, dmcrypt_write (from iotop) is at 99.99% and locks up the rest of the system until it stops. in dmesg i get a ton of "task:x blocked for more than 120 seconds".  Is there something wrong with my scheduler?18:00
squeakytoyEriC^^, (whats taken so long time is i dont know how to do the pipe char with us keyboard layout)18:01
EriC^^squeakytoy: it's next to the Enter key18:01
EriC^^shift + \18:01
EriC^^squeakytoy: i was able to get the same error you're getting by modifying my id_rsa.pub replacing a few chars with others18:03
EriC^^ssh e@e18:03
EriC^^key_load_public: invalid format18:03
squeakytoyEriC^^, but.. with no files, i get the same problem.18:03
EriC^^squeakytoy: it's on your windows box i think18:04
squeakytoy>any< idea how I figure out what file it uses then?18:04
squeakytoysince c:\users\myuser\.ssh\ has always been that18:04
EriC^^squeakytoy: i bet if you create a fresh user it would work18:05
squeakytoyshould i try putty then?18:05
EriC^^squeakytoy: for now, undo the changes you made in /etc/ssh/sshd_config18:06
EriC^^squeakytoy: you had a good root password right?18:06
squeakytoyi have a basic one, since I cannot copy paste via the "web console" of digital ocean18:07
squeakytoybut my biggest concern is to SSH to the server18:07
EriC^^how basic18:07
squeakytoy8 alphanumeric18:07
squeakytoybut i can reset the password later18:07
EriC^^ok, well disable password authentication again18:08
EriC^^and set root login to "without-password"18:08
EriC^^and change the ssh port to something hard to guess18:08
EriC^^squeakytoy: bots will try to bruteforce their way into the server if you stick with 2218:09
squeakytoyeven with putty, i cannot connect18:09
EriC^^squeakytoy: ask in ##windows about it18:10
squeakytoyEriC^^, has to be an ubuntu problem tho, since i can ssh to other servers.18:15
EriC^^squeakytoy: you said yourself you could ssh from work18:16
EriC^^so obviously it's not18:16
squeakytoyat work i use mac, at home, windows18:16
EriC^^since you emptied .ssh after copying stuff and it still does it then it's a problem from your current machine18:17
EriC^^ok, /join ##windows and ask there18:17
EriC^^the chances somebody here knows is close to ziltch18:17
squeakytoyEriC^^, just one last question. I just, right now, created a new digital ocean droplet. I did a master reset and got a password. I did "ssh root@x", entered the password, it forces me to pick a new password, and I got logged in. I did an "exit" and ended my SSH connection. I literally press the up arrow for the same "ssh root@x" command but get "key_load_public: invalid format"18:20
squeakytoyOh, no, hahaha, it works!18:22
EriC^^well, quite frankly i dont believe you18:22
squeakytoyit says "key_load_public:invalid format", but i can still login18:22
EriC^^well that's great18:22
pvh_sahey there... I've got a Dell XPS 15 running Ubuntu 16.04. Since a few weeks ago every time my laptop suspends it shuts down instead. Kernel version 4.4.0-59 btw. Any ideas how to get suspend behaviour back?18:22
squeakytoyEriC^^, im just gonna file this with "droplet corrupted"18:23
ctjctjHello.  What is the replacement for iscsitarget in 16.10?18:23
squeakytoyEriC^^, if you have paypal, i would like to show a sign of gratitude as thanks for helping18:24
Noname01x2hi. i need ubuntu help18:24
EriC^^squeakytoy: thanks, none required18:24
Noname01x2wow. awesome.18:24
Noname01x2eric please help me also.18:24
EriC^^Noname01x2: not anymore, it was happy hour and now it's $900.99/advice18:25
Noname01x2ahhhh. lol18:25
EriC^^Noname01x2: ask the question and be descriptive18:25
Noname01x2how can i reinstall apparmor without removing mysql-server-5.718:26
Noname01x2or get rid of this error msg: failed to start LSB: Apparmor initialization.18:27
Noname01x2"Unit entered failed state"18:28
Noname01x2"Failed with result 'exit-code"18:28
Noname01x2im trying to get rid of this error by reinstalling apparmor but it says it will remove sql18:29
MonkeyDustNoname01x2  is that a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server18:30
Noname01x2i also tried installing selinux as an alternative to apparmor, but it also said it will remove mysql18:30
Noname01x2its a server lol18:30
MonkeyDustNoname01x2  -server may not be as busy as this channel18:31
Noname01x2sorry eric18:31
Noname01x2oh its not much less active, however. thanks.18:32
Noname01x2I'll try them out. Thanks. Peace!18:33
ctjctjThe one I love is when you are directed to #ubuntu-server and ask your question.  And the same person that was answering questions on #ubuntu answers you once you get to #ubuntu-server.  *GRIN*18:33
kernellohello everyone, (how) can I export gnome keyrings to a non-ubuntu based key system?18:34
Noname01x2ok ur right - much less active... hence ur mentioning of less activity18:34
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gde33shut down took very long so I reset, now my audio is gone in chrome and firefox but vlc still works18:36
gde33it fixed some things during startup but I dont recall the exact text18:36
gde33rebooting again didn't fix it18:37
CelelibiHey there.18:37
=== anon is now known as Guest3080
CelelibiIs there a webpage that would allow me to see which version of a given package is available in the different ubuntu releases?18:38
CelelibiI want to see if it's worth upgrading my docker to 16.04.18:38
MonkeyDust!info docker yakkety18:39
ubottudocker (source: docker): System tray for KDE3/GNOME2 docklet applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-1 (yakkety), package size 11 kB, installed size 64 kB18:39
Babei want sex18:39
Amm0nCelelibi, it's http://packages.ubuntu.com/18:39
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gde33I tried     pulsaudio -k    and    pulseaudio -D    then it says:   E: [pulseaudio] main.c: Daemon startup failed.18:39
CelelibiBabe: apt-get install sex18:39
CelelibiAmm0n: thanks.18:40
Babewhos played drand fuck auto18:40
kernellomy gnome keyring export function is greyed. how can I turn it on?18:41
MonkeyDustBabe  stop18:41
sqaishyis gross18:42
sqaishyim board18:43
CelelibiHello board.18:43
MonkeyDustsqaishy  this is ubuntu support18:43
DJonessqaishy/Babe: please stop, this a support channel only18:43
sqaishyim not babe18:44
sqaishybabe is my twin brother18:44
sqaishyhe is always gross18:44
MonkeyDustsqaishy  stop18:44
DJonessqaishy: Stop now, this is not a chat channel18:45
sqaishythen where can i get a chat room18:45
DJonessqaishy: Maybe join #freenode and ask there, they can probably point you in the right direction for a software/hardware/opensource chat channel you're interested in18:46
sqaishyk thx18:47
gde33pulseaudio -v looks like this https://paste.ubuntu.com/23859184/18:48
gde33a website suggests deleting the config dir18:49
huggybear404is there a way to get unbuntu 16.04 to install a display ? I tryed first server and now desktop and get only black screens18:50
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | huggybear404 start here18:51
ubottuhuggybear404 start here: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:51
huggybear404how to I set that ?18:52
kernellomy gnome keyring export function is greyed. how can I turn it on?18:52
huggybear404Im not getting any meny18:52
MonkeyDusthuggybear404  what *do* you see... so help can start from there18:55
huggybear404hm i get a brief flash bgrt ignored then all goes black18:55
huggybear404i now have 2 screens one on vga and one on hdmi in case one works18:55
huggybear404cd is chewing a long time in the dark18:56
MonkeyDusthuggybear404  what is 'all'? can you launch a live session (usb or dvd)18:56
huggybear404hm I get a grub menu first to select live or install, then I get bgrt ignored something and both screens turn off18:58
kernellofor the 5.time asking..in 90% of the time over the last months I didnt get a reply here. is something changing?18:59
MonkeyDustkernello  everything changes... what's you issue?18:59
kernelloso we should expect no-reply?19:00
kernellomy gnome keyring export function is greyed. how can I turn it on?19:00
Norbini know this not might be the right place to ask but is anyone using or have used ubuntu desktop running on hyper-v by chance?19:00
Norbinit's my only option on my work laptop and the performance is awfully slow19:00
huggybear404Ignoring bgrt19:00
MonkeyDustkernello  sounds like a normal, valid question, repeat it every 15 minutes or so, until someone enters who can help19:00
gde33oh ok19:01
huggybear404is there any way to force a display i can see ?19:01
huggybear404im not getting any option to set any kernel or other option19:02
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nutzzIf they told me to write a pop3 client, this means that ma client shouldn't be able to send email, right? Since pop3 is responsible only for sending emails19:03
nutzzretrieveing emails*19:04
kernellowell maybe export is not necessary, one can directly use the keyrings folder19:04
=== quarkstrudel is now known as heavymental
huggybear404hm I found a way to edit boot settings and added nomodeset after linux then it says bad filename and turns off screen19:07
kernelloI need gnome keyring manager to export XML, but export feature is greyed out..can anyone help please?19:08
=== mightywing is now known as jojofriedtater
alkisgkernello: if you select a specific key, does it allow you to export it? For me, it does; it just can't export a whole keyring19:10
kakoldyes my wife has got a bf bcz i cnt :(19:10
kernelloalkisg, no, it doesnt allow19:10
kernelloalkisg, sorry, I am not talking about SSH keys..I mean passwords or password keyrings19:11
alkisgkernello: I don't think the export menu is for those.19:11
alkisgIt does support ssh and gnupg exports though19:12
kernelloyes, looks like that19:12
huggybear404hm when i replace the spash wuith nomodeset it shows  0.036247 Ignoring bgrt failed to map image memory, is that bad ? now it stays longer and dont turn off19:12
gde33could someone update the guide with the correct path here? I'm 93% sure rm -r ~/.config/pulse/* should be rm -r ~/.config/pulse19:17
Worm_in_a_BoxIf you are going to tell someone to burn a cd to install ubuntu.19:18
Worm_in_a_BoxRemember to tell him to burn at 1x.19:18
malonumasyggnbmulmngb89    nnn88g ng -19:28
malonumasoli  vc=r,mm,iiiii8io9vihvbhib 'i19:28
malonumas 19:28
malonumas 19:28
regeditsomeone drunk rolling on their keyboard?19:32
regeditdied on their keyboard?19:32
regeditforensics will want to know the above message texts19:33
nicomachusignore it. move on.19:33
regeditnicomachus: are you the hitman who just took the real nicomachus out?19:34
regeditalright alright i'm done19:34
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hydrajump when you use a casper-rw partition for persistence. Is it in casper-rw/work that persistent files should be stored?19:48
gLouLHI all, I got a good news19:57
gLouLMy faggot naighbout is back from parents' house to engage in a new semester19:58
gLouLF-n queer19:58
anonyI have a question20:02
=== ansivirus_ is now known as ansivirus
BluesKajanony, just ask20:02
ashmawyhey how to scan my windows partition from virus from ubuntu20:03
anonyif i wanted to install VB Guest Additions, How would i procede? I use Blackbox. I did apt-get upgrade and apt-get update but it wont show on desktop20:03
Southern_Gentlemanony in you vm window devices20:05
anonyRUNNING VB on WIndows and WIndows Version ?:P xD totally new to this.20:05
adalbertanony: in VB go to Devices, then select: insert Guest Additions CD-Image, it will then be mounted and be accessible for installation20:05
Southern_Gentleminsert guest additions and it will be mounted in your cd drive in the guest20:05
anonynow i got when i pressed Guest Addition, I got it on my desktop?20:06
adalbertanony: /media/...20:06
adalberti think20:06
anonyi think i fixed it20:08
anonyi ran the autorun file inside ?:P20:09
adalbertok, now you need to reboo20:09
anonyThx adalbert20:09
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ernburgerbest alternatives to unity?20:25
ernburgerI'm really liking I320:25
xanguaSo use it?20:25
ernburgerits the only other one ive tried, im wondering if theres anything else worth trying20:26
xanguaKDE, xfce, lxde, gnome, mate20:26
adalbertxfce, is standard in xubuntu20:27
xanguaAre you taking about desktop environment or window manager?20:27
Worm_in_a_BoxSo I get lubuntu install to start.20:31
Worm_in_a_BoxBut then it can't read the cd.20:31
Worm_in_a_BoxCan I make it read a flash ?20:31
xanguaWorm_in_a_Box: read what CD? Read a flash?20:32
Worm_in_a_BoxLubuntu iso.20:32
Worm_in_a_BoxRead a flash drive with the iso mounted.20:33
=== raynold is now known as raynold[away]
adalbertyou could use a bootable usb iso img?20:33
Worm_in_a_BoxBox won't boot usb.20:34
adalbertno chance then ! :)20:34
Worm_in_a_BoxI get to the main installation menu through the cd, I want to know if I can mount the flash and point the install to it after.20:35
donofrioWorm_in_a_Box, use Plop if needed20:36
regeditplease help! trying to install Software & Updates > Additional Drivers, it seems to have gotten stuck and i'm seeing /var/log/apt/term.log is filling up with errors about secure boot password20:36
regeditInvalid password20:36
regeditThe Secure Boot key you've entered is not valid. The password used must be between 8 and 16 characters.20:36
regeditis there any way to remedy this while this is running? do i have no choice but (and is it safe) to interrupt/abort this in middle?20:37
MarkB2Hello.  I have an FTDI USB-to-serial device.  Plugging it into a PC running ubuntu 16.04.1 64-bit produces (in the dmesg output0 a "connected" message... then a few seconds later a "disconnected" message.20:40
_geoffwhat could be blocking ports other than iptables?  at the software level i mean?  i am trying to get ssl running for someone but port 443 is refusing connections20:40
nightwalkerkgQuick question, i am runing an APU 10-5800k with HD7660D iGPU. So since there was a drop in support for radeon drivers in newer versions of most linux distros, which ubuntu version can you guys recommend me to get, that will have support for these.20:41
_geoffit's an old server btw 12.0420:42
nightwalkerkgOpen source drivers just don't cut it as they tend to have lag issues and performance is not great.20:42
adalbert geoff, if iptables isn't blocking port 443, and you get a connection refused, make sure there's a service handling port 443 .20:43
adalbertgeoff: whats the output of netstat -pltn ?20:44
regediti kill -STOP'ed the apt process meanwhile, hoping anyone here can help with the Secure Boot key issue ^20:44
noc_regedit, no idea, maybe report a bug posting the /proc/$(pidof apt)/cmdline  and the usual term.log?20:45
_geoffadalbert: hrm, it lookslike my service is indeed not there20:46
adalbertgeoff: that's what i thought, so the refusal is normal .20:46
regeditdoes it maybe have to do with UEFI secure boot, and the fact that during installing the system it asked me for a password to disable secure boot?20:46
_geoffi did a2ensite default-ssl and updated hte default-ssl to use my key20:46
_geoffand reloaded, restarted apache20:46
_geoffi must be missing some step there20:47
regeditit said something about installing proprietary software that it requires a password to disable secure boot, and that i'll need to enter the password upon rebooting... or some such20:47
p14nd4in 16.10, does anyone have ideas for diagnosing (or even better, for fixing) why sometimes my unity dash will immediately close after clicking the dash button or pressing 'super' or alt (from within some app)? it doesn't crash, it just appears for a few milliseconds and goes away. i don't see anything interesting in syslog, Xorg.0.log, .xsession-errors20:47
p14nd4(the behavior persists until i reboot (or probably if i restart lightdm or maybe even just log out and log back in, but if i'm going to do that, i might as well reboot))20:47
p14nd4screencap: first i press super, then i click a few times: https://www.p14nd4.com/ars/dash-sucks.gif20:48
wedgie_geoff: is mod_ssl loaded? ''apache2ctl -M | grep ssl_module20:49
_geoffwedgie: :-/20:50
wedgiea2enmod ssl20:50
crackalgun activo?20:53
regeditshim-signed seems to be what's choking20:53
regeditany ideas what can i do to satisfy whatever shim-signed wants? related to UEFI secure boot (i think)20:54
briansillyboybeen a very long time since ive been in irc20:59
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=== doebi_ is now known as doebi
GumaDoes anyone know of any service to scan for ssh access in auth and out put this to some other file?21:16
huggybear404if I want try gnome instead of unity can I just change only-ubiquity to gnome ?21:16
WeiJunLiqemu vm users?21:20
doebihuggybear404: install it and select desired windo manager on login21:21
doebiGuma: check /var/log/auth.log21:22
xanguahuggybear404: sudo apt install gnome-shell21:32
Bashing-omhuggybear404: Maybe already installed ? . 17.04 (development) has the option to boot ubuntu with unity, gnome or mir from the login drop down .21:37
Worm_in_a_BoxThis is a nightmare.21:42
Worm_in_a_BoxI think that the cd drive might be destroying the cd.21:43
rypervencheWorm_in_a_Box: No USB drive?21:50
Worm_in_a_BoxWont boot from it.21:50
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: are you sure the usb is setup correctly?21:51
rekhello is there the possibility to recover an installation of lubuntu 16.04 using the live cd? i don't see the option in the graphical install21:52
wedgiewhat do you mean by "recover"? What's wrong?21:53
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: does it work at another pc?21:54
jat-cloneinstall again from scratch and restore your backup21:54
rekwedgie, just keeping the /home dir   i can't use the X server anymore and i have problems with dpkg and unresolved dependencies,also i'm not able to use the nouveau driver anymore21:55
Worm_in_a_BoxWhat I am not sure is if god exists.21:55
Worm_in_a_BoxI installed ubuntu 7 using a cd.21:56
MarkB2I've got two ubuntu 16.04.1 systems... and am having troubles with both.  On the first... I plug in a cable connecting an FTDI serial adapter and see "a connect" followed by a "disconnect" from dmesg .21:56
Worm_in_a_BoxAnd I managed to install 70% of lubuntu 16.21:56
Worm_in_a_BoxThen I could an error21:56
solidpizzahello, is it possible to install xubuntu 16.04 and keep the current os home folder from ubuntu 16.0421:57
MarkB2Have been all over Google looking for why the connect/disconnect on an FTDI serial port and I still can't believe I'm the first to get caught by this.21:57
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: what error?21:57
solidpizzaI seem to remember this feature in the installer in the past, but do not see it any moe21:57
Worm_in_a_BoxHe couldnt find something.21:58
Worm_in_a_BoxThen when I tried rebooting and isntalling again it could not find the cd which booted it.21:59
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: its hard to help with that unspecific informations21:59
solidpizzaI'll just do a backup...21:59
MarkB2k1l: Good evening.21:59
Worm_in_a_BoxIf lubuntu finds an active internet connection22:00
Worm_in_a_BoxWill it try to download stuff?22:00
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: you can check on the installer to load stuff from the net while installing or not.22:02
rekcan i reinstall the system using a command instead of the graphical install22:03
rekjat-clone, how?22:08
rypervencherek: Unless you did some really bad things, your installation can still be salvaged the way it is now.22:10
rekrypervenche, it should be possible yeah... that was just an easy way to recover it but i think i still would lose the configuration of iptables, dnsmasq network etc...22:12
rypervencherek: So what do you want exactly? Is your graphics simply not working for you?22:12
rypervencheBecause that can be resolved from the command line.22:12
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
Worm_in_a_BoxI got it to boot again.22:15
Worm_in_a_BoxI disconnected teh ethernet cable22:15
Worm_in_a_BoxSo it will keep the cd spinning through all instalation22:15
Worm_in_a_BoxLets see if that works22:15
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: that is how a cd works.22:16
Worm_in_a_BoxLets see if the bubble gum will hold22:16
=== oslozorin_ is now known as oslo
rekrypervenche, i installed the nvidia proprietary driver first trying to do it running a file i got from the geforce website,then installing it from the repo, but there's no way i can see my desktop using the nvidia driver, i just get stuck i can only go to tty, then uninstalling i don't see nouveau driver is working if i run lshw....so i'm stuck in low graphic resolution,i also uninstalled the lubuntu-desktop and lightdm e22:18
rek reinstalled it and auto reconfigured the x but it's the same...stuck in low resolution. lately i also tried to install ubuntu-desktop and gdm but i got unresolved dependencies too. another thing i also installed is bumblee or something just saying.22:18
rypervencherek: Oh...yeah, you don't want to be using the file from the website. I'd recommend reinstalling then. That file is no good. Stay within the package manager.22:18
Worm_in_a_Boxk1l: I think that it downloaded some files for a while, leaving the cd cold, adn then coudlnt get it to be read again.22:19
rekrypervenche, i wanted the nvidia driver to try to use pcsx2 or simly get back to the nouveau driver.... that's a common problem i see... but i don't understand why i can't anymore use nouveau22:19
Worm_in_a_BoxIf that makes any sense.22:19
ttmxAnyone here can help me with a very unusual request?22:19
rekrypervenche, did it a lot of times...22:20
rypervenchettmx: Ask away.22:20
rypervencherek: So, you can use both Nouveau and the Nvidia drivers, but you might need to install a certain version of the nvidia package for it to work. We'd have to know more about your hardware. And Nouveau is blacklisted when you have the nvidia drivers installed.22:20
ttmxSo... I'm making a ppoint presentation... And its the most cliche security blablabla stuff.22:20
ttmxTo make it interesting for myself I was trying to use ubuntu's design, since it looks flabbergasting.22:21
rekrypervenche, i did apt-get purge nvidia*22:21
ttmxBut its reeeally hard.22:21
Worm_in_a_Box34% and increasing.22:21
rypervencherek: You can't uninstall all of the files if you used the .run file from the Nvidia website. I can't help with that.22:21
MonkeyDustttmx  keep your questio in one line, that's easier to follow and repeat22:22
rekrypervenche, i did ./nvidia-xxxxx  --uninstall so i'm fine22:22
rypervencherek: It might be possible to remove them using the .run file with a certain option, but yeah, I'm not sure. And because you've tried using the package manager's version after that, it may have messed with things.22:22
Worm_in_a_BoxWe already have flying cards and I am trying to make a pentium 4 usable. Screw me.22:22
ttmxSozz MonkeyDust22:22
rypervencherek: So start with purging nvidia, yes.22:22
rekrypervenche, but the strange thing is if i go to "drivers aggiuntivi"  that's proprietary drivers and stuff after having uninstalled and purged everything i still get an option "nvidia 304. etc etc"22:24
bhikkhusubhutilooking for help for touch to tap problem in lxde using gnome16.10 iso22:24
ttmxSo... I'm making a ppoint presentation... And its the most cliche security blablabla stuff. To make it interesting for myself I was trying to use ubuntu's design, since it looks flabbergasting. But it is reeeeally hard to do, even using the design.ubuntu page. Could I get a hand? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ22:24
r0st3rWhich device should I use for boot loader during installation: "/dev/sda" or "/dev/sda1 (efi Windows Boot Manager)"? I want dual-boot with Windows 10/ Linux with UEFI firmware.22:25
Worm_in_a_Boxttmx: http://tinyurl.com/jcjhhq9 This should help.22:26
Worm_in_a_BoxOh, rats.22:26
Gumadoebi: I know about auth.log. I am looking for some other service to scrub this file to another file just with ssh time/login/logout since auth.log is rotated22:27
Worm_in_a_Box"An error was returned while trying to install the kernel into the target system. Kernel package: 'linux -generic'.22:27
Worm_in_a_Boxk1l: That was the rror.22:27
ttmxFor making me want to kms again22:27
ttmxWorm_in_a_Box: its a legit question... I just have no idea how to do it... I cannot find any images of stuff on google, I have no idea how stuff looks since I havent used ubuntu in like 2 years and even then it wasnt for long22:29
Worm_in_a_Boxk1l: And when trying the step again, it fails even earlier22:30
MarkB2Pardon... where is the 'blacklist' directory in ubuntu?22:30
Bashing-omWorm_in_a_Box: An old old P4 processor that might not be PAE enabled ? try : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE22:33
MarkB2Apologies to the group... just realized I could have google'd that.22:33
Worm_in_a_BoxBashing-om: Hey, thanks man! I will try that.22:34
Worm_in_a_BoxBut I still think that it is still a c d rom problem.22:35
Worm_in_a_BoxWhen I try installing again after cleaning the last attempt:22:35
Bashing-omWorm_in_a_Box: Be aware most P4s are PAE capable .22:35
Worm_in_a_Box"The installer cannot figure out how to install the base system. No installable CD-ROM was found and no valid mirror was configured."22:35
=== alan_ is now known as Guest85782
Bashing-omWorm_in_a_Box: Yeah, that ^ do indicate a failure to read the DVD ( desktop has to be a DVD as a CD is no longer large enough ).22:38
Worm_in_a_BoxBashing-om: Lubuntu got 690 mb isos.22:39
Worm_in_a_BoxHe could mount the cd the first time but now he cant.22:40
huggybear404bashing-om Im not getting any choice or a login dropdown, I tryed install gnome in apt and also gdm but it just hangs, cant get it to boot22:41
Bashing-omWorm_in_a_Box: Been a bit but last time I installed (l)ubuntu was 6 bits over .22:42
huggybear404I get ubuntu in large letters and 4 red dots and it hangs22:42
huggybear404no 5 dots22:42
huggybear404looks like im stuck with unity as the best ?22:43
=== nuno_nunes is now known as Guest22032
Bashing-omhuggybear404: Yuk ! .. can you boot to the grub boot menu ?22:44
adalbert huggybear404 , you could try lightdm-gtk-greeter and settings ?22:45
Worm_in_a_Box You can boot isos from HD with Grub2 right?22:45
huggybear404is light better ?22:45
huggybear404i did get choice of light or gdm22:45
adalbertit's simple22:45
Bashing-omhuggybear404: unity is the heavyweight DE . If ya can run unity the others should fly .22:46
Worm_in_a_BoxI booted the cd, cleaned it and the drive,and tried to continue with the install, lets see how it goes.22:46
huggybear404hm im not sure, my pc is so fast im not sure I even see  a menu22:46
huggybear404i liked the design before unity22:46
huggybear404how do I select light if it just hangs ?22:47
adalbertyou could run /usr/bin/lightdm --test-mode from command line ?22:48
Bashing-omhuggybear404: Well ,, different strokes for different folks . I have a preference for the xfce DE . gnome also is " old style " .22:48
ubottuGNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome22:49
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Bashing-om!ask | Guest4406222:51
ubottuGuest44062: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:51
huggybear404hm I think I liked the xubuntu 9.1 , the new xf I did not like , looks like trying to change it just mess it up22:52
huggybear404in unity I have to search for the appz i need a long time, it was much easyer to find them before22:53
Worm_in_a_BoxNo installable kernel was found in the defined APT sources.22:53
Guest44062lol yea I meant " / help" forgive me xD, I haven't used IRC in a good while22:53
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Bashing-omhuggybear404: All I can say is that I sure like the simplicity and configurability of xfce . ( desktop install is xubuntu )22:55
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huggybear404hm when I search for gnome it says unity uses gnome ? im confused23:00
huggybear404is there a way to make ubuntu look like it did before unity and not have it complain about needing to update always23:01
ChadTaljaardtim trying to get wget a file thats 1.6GB23:01
k1lhuggybear404: unity is a gnome-shell (but not the gnome-shell from gnome that everyone names gnome3. unity uses the same gnome base)23:01
ChadTaljaardtand i get this error23:01
ChadTaljaardtHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable23:01
k1lhuggybear404: look at xubuntu23:01
Bashing-omhuggybear404: unity is a layer on compiz . all layed on top of gnome .23:01
huggybear404oh so gnome3 is an older version ? maybe thats why it crashes23:02
k1lhuggybear404: no23:02
Bashing-omhuggybear404: gnome3 is current . but if crashing .. we must have a config issue .23:02
huggybear404what to do when it hangs with ubuntu and 5 red dots under ?23:03
k1lhuggybear404: hangy when? did you see the login screen?23:03
Bashing-omhuggybear404: Me, I boot to grub, and from grub try and boot the sytem . Kinda technical to do so . but booting from grub there are a number of things one can do to find out the why and where .23:05
huggybear404hm now I dont even get that, just black when i reset23:05
Worm_in_a_BoxIs there a live cd of some boot manager that will easily load usb flash drives?23:05
Cust0sLim3nhi, so I have this problem - I'm using ansible debconf module - but when I set values with it (which sets them using debconf-set-selections I guess) - then they don't show up if I run dpkg-reconfigure23:06
Bashing-omhuggybear404: EFI machine ?23:06
Cust0sLim3nhowever if I set them via dpkg-reconfigure then they show when I re-run dpkg-reconfigure23:06
huggybear404probably efi is brand new msi b25023:07
Bashing-omhuggybear404: Likely . OK, what release are you booting ?23:07
huggybear404ubuntu 16.04 desktop23:07
ChadTaljaardtcan someone help?23:08
huggybear404hm I think I killed it (crying)23:08
huggybear404screen dont even try to light up now23:08
Worm_in_a_BoxIt is not PAE related.23:08
Worm_in_a_Box65%, almost showtime.23:08
huggybear404it ran unity when I used nomodeset23:09
k1lWorm_in_a_Box: some pentium4 need "forcepae"23:09
Bashing-omhuggybear404: K; let's see if we can get you to the grub boot menu . reboot the box, and as soon as the firmware screen clears spam the escape key . that should get grub's attention . // Might also be a graphic's driver issue !23:09
huggybear404im not getting the firmware even23:10
huggybear404im using hdmi now, maybe better with vga ?23:10
Worm_in_a_BoxPreparing linux-image-extra-4.8.0-22-generic (i386).23:11
Bashing-omhuggybear404: If it worked before as HDMI .. still should ! Kerenl should pick it up no problem .23:11
ubottumatrixv: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».23:11
Worm_in_a_BoxI think that it will work now.23:11
=== Smn is now known as Guest76823
huggybear404now I got grub up23:12
Guest76823guys, I got an sd with some files I want to recover, it seems they are all on the LOST.DIR folder, but they have no extension, how do I proceed?23:12
huggybear404and then it died again, it showed grub 5 secs then went black again23:13
huggybear404I miss old pcs where  i had chance to hit buttons and read error msgs23:13
Worm_in_a_BoxYeah, I was right.23:14
Worm_in_a_BoxThe cd would go cold and unreadable and then it would try to download the kernel without finding anything23:14
Bashing-omhuggybear404: Good deal ! With a ubuntu kernel selected as boot, press the 'e' key for edit mode. Next screen is the boot parameters screen . arrow down to the line starting with linux and replace "quiet splash" and all after with ther term systemd.unit=multi-user.target . Key combo ctl+x to continue to terminal log in . can do ?23:15
Worm_in_a_BoxConfiguring apt now.23:15
ChadTaljaardtcan someone help23:16
Bashing-omChadTaljaardt: Help with what ? I am leary about unknown links !23:17
ChadTaljaardtits a image of the error im getting23:17
ChadTaljaardtim using wget to download a file and its 1.6gb23:17
Bashing-omChadTaljaardt: look'n . stand by .23:17
huggybear404hm I tryed videoinfo it says im using a cirrus 5446 pci, i think thats way wrong23:17
ChadTaljaardtThanks Bashing-om23:18
geniiHeh, Cirrus23:19
k1lChadTaljaardt: the file is fully retrieved. nothing to do23:19
Bashing-omChadTaljaardt: ^ concur . ya just need to know where the file downloaded to .23:21
=== efm__ is now known as efm
ChadTaljaardtbut the progress bar isnt 100%23:21
ChadTaljaardtand the filesize is not that stated on the website23:21
ChadTaljaardtit only downloaded 15% of the file and ive tried it 3 seperate times23:22
huggybear404hm its tricky when the pc is done booting or crashing before the screen even lights up23:22
Bashing-omhuggybear404: Hardware problems ?? sure look'n like so .23:23
huggybear404I think ubuntu selects some random ancient graphic driver that crashes23:24
huggybear404dont see how hardware can fail its my first day unpacking it23:24
GumaI am connecting to remote machine over ssh. When I try to run my app that I pushed there I get "Error opening terminal: xterm-256color". I see xterm-256color in /usr/share/terminfo/x/23:24
GumaAny one know what might be the problem23:25
Ben64huggybear404: that's the most likely time for hardware to fail23:25
Bashing-omhuggybear404: If it only crashes as the system is loading .. believable , If it crashes with Bios only loading .. ---- Houston, we have a problem .23:25
huggybear404if I could slow it to 1% speed maybe I could see the menus23:25
Gumaif I export TERM=xterm I get same message but xterm instead of xterm-256color23:25
ChadTaljaardti have no idea how to download this file now23:26
k1lChadTaljaardt: i am testing with wget right now.23:26
huggybear404its too fast , I did want a good stable server, trouble is its hard to get into even bios since it boots so fast23:26
huggybear404need to know what to press at the exact nanosecond23:26
huggybear404by the time the screen tries to light up its way to late23:27
Ben64huggybear404: what's the actual issue23:27
huggybear404i noticed it only has ahci option for drive23:27
k1lChadTaljaardt: is it always stopping at that much downloaded?23:27
Bashing-omhuggybear404: Got a manual that tells what button to push to get the firmware settings utility ?23:27
huggybear404im pretty sure its ubuntu not finding graphic drivers that work23:28
ChadTaljaardti cant remember becuase i closed the terminal and rebooted before testing again23:28
Worm_in_a_BoxSo close.23:28
huggybear404what settings should I change in bios ?23:28
Worm_in_a_BoxSo damned close.23:28
k1lChadTaljaardt: well, it dropped to 0 speed right now. seems like its an issue from the nvidia webserver23:28
k1l*and raised again23:28
Ben64huggybear404: what version of ubuntu, what video card, why do you need to get in the bios? what other hardware? is it a laptop or a desktop? do you have dual gpu? what's actually happening?23:28
ChadTaljaardtfor me too23:29
ChadTaljaardtcuda_8.0.44_linux-run.1                                      15%[====================>                                                                                                                     ] 217.33M   156KB/s    eta 6m 6s23:29
ChadTaljaardtwas downloading at 6mbps earlier23:29
k1lChadTaljaardt: having 420mb so far and running23:29
huggybear404hm thats not good, now im getting chinese characters in the bios and it resets...23:30
ChadTaljaardtim monitoring mine, speed is slow23:30
ChadTaljaardtcuda_8.0.44_linux-run.1                                      16%[======================>                                                                                                                   ] 233.00M  --.-KB/s    eta 11m 23s23:30
Ben64huggybear404: sounds like bad hardware23:30
huggybear404would be just my luck to get a dead board yeah23:30
huggybear404or some settings are bad23:31
Ben64ChadTaljaardt: not sure how downloading something from nvidia.com is on topic here?23:31
ChadTaljaardtBen64 i was worried incase its a problem with my Ubuntu23:31
ChadTaljaardtits a fresh install and it was having errors23:31
Ben64problem with your internet probably23:31
ChadTaljaardtk1l is testing it too and he says he was having the same issue, we are testing it now23:32
k1li guess its an issue on the nvidia webserver side23:32
ChadTaljaardti guess ill just wait a few hours and try again then :/23:32
k1lChadTaljaardt: you can try with -c again when it fails again23:33
huggybear404now they build boards to die if installing anything other than windows....23:33
guyFromWebhey, i'm kinda new to Ubuntu, and I wanna ask some things23:34
guyFromWebanyone ever played AssaultCube?23:34
guyFromWebi'll take that as a no :)23:35
loganleeguyFromWeb, its a free fps i played it23:36
Ben64this is a support channel, not chat23:36
guyFromWebloganlee: on Ubuntu?23:36
k1lguyFromWeb: irc doesnt work for polls :)23:36
loganleei think so23:36
guyFromWebi'll get to the question23:36
guyFromWebso i am trying to setup AssaultCube server on Ubuntu, so we can just launch and play in school23:36
guyFromWebbut i cannot connect to the server from school :P23:36
Ben64ask the networking people at the school23:37
guyFromWebit's not the school23:37
guyFromWebit's my setup23:37
guyFromWeb(most likely)23:37
k1lguyFromWeb: did you forward the proper ports from the router to that server pc?23:37
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
guyFromWebi will reference to this site: http://assault.cubers.net/docs/server.html23:38
guyFromWebI portforwarded 2876323:38
S3XU4LharassmentHi.  I am here to sexually harass people.23:38
CodeMouse92!ops | S3XU4Lharassment23:39
ubottuS3XU4Lharassment: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu23:39
guyFromWeboh and is there an actual difference - I can download AssaultCube as tar.gz, what if I do apt get? why would I need apt get command when I can just download it?23:39
S3XU4Lharassment!ops ubottu has a nice ass23:39
ubottuS3XU4Lharassment: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:39
k1lS3XU4Lharassment: please stop that in here. this channel is for technical ubuntu support only23:40
guyFromWebi mean when i did the apt get assaultcube, i can now launch assaultcube by just typing "assaultcube", but can that be achieved without it?23:40
S3XU4Lharassmentim looking for cute girls23:41
ChadTaljaardtBen64 thanks ill try it23:41
guyFromWebsorry my irc page crashed23:42
guyFromWebzdenek mluvis cesky?23:42
ubottuČeské uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.23:42
guyFromWebok ok23:42
guyFromWebso who could please help me setup AssaultCube server?23:43
adalbertNow, if you had said Quake1 server ...23:44
guyFromWebI mean it should be VERY easy, I am just new to Ubuntu23:45
guyFromWebthis is supposed to be the guide: http://assault.cubers.net/docs/server.html23:45
k1lguyFromWeb: start server_wizard.sh i guess?23:46
guyFromWebk1l: yeah, how would i start it...?23:46
guyFromWebis it just ./file?23:46
tgm4883guyFromWeb: or 'apt install assaultcube'23:46
tgm4883then run the server binary23:46
guyFromWebi did that tgm488323:46
guyFromWebwhat server binary? :D23:47
tgm4883guyFromWeb: assaultcube-server23:47
guyFromWebdid that too23:47
guyFromWebi even did it on my MacBook23:47
godFuturehi, someone good at grub2? I read many how tos and blogs. But I am still confused. I dont know how to properly partition AND install a grub2 on GPT installation with SW RAID and LVM. When I do BIOS boot partition, I end up on a shell doing nothing...23:47
guyFromWebtgm4883: i always get the looking up ms.cubers.net:28760...23:47
guyFromWebthen pause23:47
k1lif you have assaultcube installed by apt then you could run assaultcube-server23:47
guyFromWebWARNING: master server registration failed: failed pinging server23:48
guyFromWebthat may be the problem23:48
guyFromWebi can connect to the server from home, so i guess so far for me it just works for LAN23:48
k1lguyFromWeb: what about you tell us the whole story first and then someone can try  to help. and not get bit by bit of information that is not helping.23:48
guyFromWebi want people to connect to it from anywhere23:48
guyFromWebok that's the story23:49
tgm4883guyFromWeb: not really23:49
guyFromWeband i did portforward, i believe i said that23:49
=== ohnx is now known as Guest71171
tgm4883guyFromWeb: it sounds like "Hey guys, I need some help getting people connected to my assaultcube server. I've got it running locally and can connect to it, but not sure where to go from here"23:50
guyFromWebi have the apt install assaultcube, and i have downloaded the newest assaultcube .tar.gz23:50
loganleeguyFromWeb, port forwarded both TCP and UDP?23:50
guyFromWebi think it's just TCP23:50
guyFromWebwait no23:51
guyFromWeboh nevermind, i edited, it shows both TCP and UDP23:51
guyFromWebso yeah...23:51
k1lAssault cube needs UDP ports 28763-28764 open.23:51
guyFromWebk1l: it needs to be both of them?23:51
k1lseems so23:52
loganleeguyFromWeb, you port forwarded a wrong port23:52
=== Guest71171 is now known as ohnx
guyFromWebi portforwarded this port: 2876323:52
loganleethat should work23:53
guyFromWebi'll be back in 20, sorry i need to do something23:53
k1lguyFromWeb: extensive howto: http://wiki.cubers.net/action/view/Port_forwarding23:54
joe50brasil anyone?23:55
k1l!br | joe5023:55
ubottujoe50: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.23:55
Worm_in_a_BoxIs there a live cd that will easily install a boot manager that will allow me to boot from USB in a box that normally would not?23:57
Ben64theres a cd that can boot usb23:57
squintyplop boot manager23:57
Ben64yeah thats it23:57
Worm_in_a_BoxCan I trust it? I only got 2 cds left.23:58
Ben64its supposed to be very good23:58
=== CodeMouse92 is now known as JasonMc92
squintypersonally i have used it quite a bit over the years for different projects and don't remeber having any serious problems with it23:59
Worm_in_a_BoxHere I go.23:59

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