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flocculantakxwi-dave: rebuilding iso's - should be a ubiquity fix 07:41
Unit193I use it with 1G, think VMs I give 512.09:48
slickymasterWork1G in VMs, myself09:50
akxwi-dave2g for me, but 1g  works fine10:20
knomeso how about 512?10:22
knomei mean, the minimum is... minimum10:22
knomeeg. "you can run and you can get applications open and start working"10:22
knomenot "this is the smooth experience we imagined"10:22
knome(recommended is closer to that)10:22
Unit193Well...It functions in VM...10:24
Unit193In the most basic sense of the word if nothing else.10:24
akxwi-daveworks with 512, but you wouldn't want a lot of apps open at once, and they do take noticabley longer to open10:32
slickymasterWorkI'll set up a 512 VM at work this afternoon knome and will perform some testing10:33
knomeakxwi-dave, yes, sure10:59
knomeakxwi-dave, maybe we could explain a bit more what "minimum" and "recommended" means on the new version...10:59
knomeeg. minimum -> run one application at a time10:59
knomerecommened -> run several applications at a time as long as they are not very resource consuming11:00
knome(but word it much better than that)11:00
flocculantknome: just running in and out - but what are we telling people Xubuntu is? A smooth useful experience or a bunch of judderiness11:00
knomeflocculant, yes, that's the reason the minimum requirements shouldn't be too low... but otoh minimum has never meant "this is what we intended you to run this with" with any OS/game/whatever software11:01
knomeand obviously it's not about the memory amount only, CPU also affects the performace11:02
knomeon lower end machines, i don't think the hard drive is that big of a deal unless it's some ancient piece11:02
akxwi-daveI would add caveat's to the minimum spec along the lines of "you can run xubuntu with 512meg of ram, but performance may be limited, dependant upon your hardware"11:27
knomeyep, something like that11:45
knomeand i'd probably add a line mentioning the "one app at a time" policy to make it a bit more graspable11:45
flocculantthat would certainly help the "xubuntu is slow ... how much ram do you have? ... foo ... best install something else then' you see from time to time in #x 12:10
knomewe need to do better than we do currently...12:12
flocculantstill think the minimum should be raised12:12
knomei'm not qualified to make a good call about that12:12
flocculantwell none of us are - but nevertheless we need to :p12:13
knomewhat i meant is that i'm the least qualified, so i'll leave that to others12:13
flocculantwhen was the min last looked at? probably 3 years ago - and we would likely have then based that on 'old' machines kicking around still 3 years ago (if it was 3) 12:14
knomethat's possible12:14
knomei don't remember really12:14
knomeit must've come up when we did the last website redesign12:14
flocculantsince then non-PAE has happened - what's the chances of some old old machine being able to run xubuntu now anyway?12:14
knomei've no idea :)12:15
flocculantor rather is a PAE machine likely to have more than 51212:15
knomei understand what you're saying, but i don't know12:15
flocculantit's always going to be guess work on our part12:15
knomewell... kind of :)12:15
knomeor maybe :(12:15
flocculantbut to my mind I would (if I was wanderng about lookiing for some linux to install) look on Xubuntu more kindly if I was told you need 1Gb ram than I would if I'd been told 512Mb and then found it was awful and had to look again, reinstall etc etc12:16
flocculantis kind of where I'm coming from :)12:17
flocculantin the first case I'd maybe come back when I had more ram - in the second I'd not12:17
flocculantdoes that make my point make more sense :)12:18
knomeno no, it always made sense :)12:18
flocculantakxwi-dave: ubiquity fix appears to have done the trick 12:34
flocculantalso keeping old 64bit iso's so we can track back a bit if needed12:35
akxwi-daveyay..  just seen that with todays iso.... it works,,,,   sgt launcher from menus doesn't though.. still :-)14:00
akxwi-davewish i had seen your message earlier,, just deleted around 30 iso images I had in my downloads folder on this pc.. :-(14:01
flocculantakxwi-dave: didn't know you were doing that :p17:00
flocculantI'm only going to keep 1 arch though - issues we've been plagued with have been general17:01
akxwi-davelol.. wasn't actually saving them.. just all the downloads of each test iso on my work pc.. never got round to deleting them since before xmas..17:04
flocculantoh right - well I decided it was a good plan to keep some - probably keep a month, then the 1st of *a* month after that17:08
flocculantknome: finished looking at contributor docs now - got a bit of an issue with the way some of the docs page looks, but more importantly about some of the apps we translate and their relative importance19:34
flocculantbest to write that specific stuff as a bug? or pad? 19:35
flocculantor make it part of the mp and go from there? 19:35
flocculantI could add reasoning to the mp comments19:36
knomeflocculant, probably mp directly20:05
knomeflocculant, unless you think it requires thorough discussion20:05
knome(and even then, i think people should know how to look at diffs enough so just do an mp :P)20:06
flocculantknome: okey doke - works for me :)20:07
knomeno i meant thanks :P20:09
knomeunless you are going... :P20:10
flocculantnope not yer :)20:10
knomeyeah i thought so20:10
* flocculant knew you meant cheers20:11
flocculantochosi: thinking back to last time we had locking problems - I'm sure I tried unity greeter then - I wonder what's gone on to stop it working20:20
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ochosiflocculant: yeah, not sure, tbh i've lost track of this a little22:22
ochosi(the locking changes, the session stuff with systemd,...)22:23
ochosimaybe bluesabre can help...22:24

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