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D-rextrying to ppa-purge the backports ppa but I'm getting the following errors when I do http://pastebin.com/YJXKefje00:41
D-rexanyone want to take a stab at what's wrong?00:41
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[Relic]any clue if wayland works on k16.10 with backports?03:54
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assmithI have made some iptable changes (bridge utils) and some ip changes to an interface, what is the recomended way of making those changes persistent?09:08
lordievaderassmith: What version of Kubuntu are you using?09:12
lordievaderOh... I thought bridge configs went in /etc/network/interfaces before systemd.09:19
lordievaderFor the firewall, I'd write a service wich loads the rules from file.09:19
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excognachi all. I'm trying on 16.10, trying to run Partition editor. Once the KDE su window pops up and asks for my root password it freezes. I can type it in ut then I have to close the window. Also, the eye icon appears so I can make root password visible, which i find weird.10:01
excognacAny ideas why is this happening? http://pasteboard.co/qhim9ar7h.png10:05
hateballexcognac: if you run "partitionmanager" from a terminal, do you get any output?10:06
excognachateball: it runs perfectly https://paste.kde.org/pkonks6pd10:07
hateballexcognac: you got prompted for sudo password etc?10:09
excognachateball: yep10:09
hateballI'd take a look at the launcher then10:10
hateballthe .desktop file you are using, that is10:10
hateballperhaps it says "kdesudo partitionmanager" which shouldnt be needed, polkit should handle that10:11
hateballit should still work, but...10:11
excognacwhat is weird it has worked fine until now (although i ran it last time a month ago or so)10:12
hateballWell things tend to work until they break10:14
excognacin the meanwhile I'm looking for the .desktop with locate10:18
excognacis it this one? /usr/share/kservices5/plasma-containmentactions-applauncher.desktop10:19
hateballexcognac: how do you launch partition manager via the gui? using krunner or clicking the kicker?10:23
excognachateball: clicking the kicker10:24
hateballexcognac: rightclick kicker and edit the menu, look under system for the partition editor entry10:25
hateballand have a look how it is configured10:25
hateballit should just be "partitionmanager" and be set to run as a different user (blank)10:25
excognacit is exactly like that10:26
hateballotherwise the real .desktop file is /usr/share/applications/org.kde.PartitionManager.desktop10:26
hateballexcognac: does kdesudo work for anything else?10:26
hateballlike if you "kdesudo kate"10:26
excognacyou mean from cli? yes, they do work10:31
hateballvery strange10:32
hateballI am on 16.04 here so cant replicate10:32
hateballI use 16.10 at home and I cant recall having an issue there either... but I dont remember the last time I used kdesudo either so :|10:33
excognachateball: does this help to clarify? https://paste.kde.org/pvnmkrsvd10:35
hateballexcognac: no that looks fine (same as mine)10:35
excognachateball: the ibus thing is not a problem?10:37
hateballexcognac: That is more than I know. I get the ibus errors as well, but not the QInotifyFileSystemWatcherEngine::addPaths: inotify_add_watch failed10:39
hateballnor QFileSystemWatcher: failed to add paths:10:39
hateballso perhaps that is something to google10:39
excognacyeah I'm on it10:39
excognacI'll try this https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148566710:43
BluesKajHi folks11:06
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R13oseIs there a way to get better wireless connection?11:47
hateballR13ose: begin by describing your problem, and what chipset/driver you are using11:49
hateballR13ose: otherwise the answer will be "Yes."11:49
hateballYou can always make everything better11:49
R13oseNot sure on the chipset.  I am not able to get a wireless connection where I am but others are from further away11:50
hateballRight, so here one might have asked "how can I find out what chipset I have?"11:51
hateballAnd then the reply would have been something like run "lspci -k" in a terminal11:51
R13osehateball: how do I only show wireless chipset?11:53
hateball!paste | R13ose11:54
ubottuR13ose: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.kde.org | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:54
hateballjust look for the network related bits11:54
R13osehateball: paste.kde.org/penm5uq7s11:58
hateballR13ose: and what does "iwconfig" say?12:00
hateballalso, wifi is black magic12:01
hateballR13ose: when you say others get signal, do they get signal in the same spot as you?12:01
hateballas there could be a number of factors affecting wifi signal12:01
R13osehateball: yes I am on wireless now on phone12:01
hateballR13ose: right, so share the output from iwconfig12:03
R13osehateball: added to same paste url12:04
R13osehateball: paste.kde.org/papyljcym12:07
hateballR13ose: you cant see any networks at all when scanning with "sudo iwlist scan" ?12:09
hateballR13ose: any interesting output when running "dmesg" ?12:10
R13osehateball: I see the wireless network when I do scan.  The dmesg is super long, how do I only show the parts you want to know?12:13
hateballR13ose: dont worry about that, just pastebin it all12:14
hateballR13ose: and this network you are trying to connect to, is it run by you?12:15
hateballI mean, do you have any control over its configuration12:15
hateballif you have a phone connected to it you should be able to see some details at any rate12:15
R13oseYes I control that12:15
R13osehow do I do sudo with a normal user?12:16
R13osehateball: ^12:19
hateballI dont even understand the question12:23
hateballYou run "sudo <command>"12:23
hateballobviously the user needs to be a member of sudoers12:23
hateballwhich by default your first user will be12:24
R13osehateball: paste.kde.org/ptc2n7hyn12:30
hateballR13ose: are you in the US?12:33
hateballor more importantly, what channel is your router broadcasting on?12:33
hateballI think that is the same, but I am not sure. anyhow line 767 says the card is using US domain, so then you wouldnt be able to use channel 13 that is allowed in the EU, iirc12:34
R13oseChannel 1212:35
hateballR13ose: and when you run iwlist scan, did it show your network or ntot?12:37
R13osehateball: wireless one yes12:37
hateballSeems US and Canada are the same, channel 11 max12:37
hateballR13ose: and if you try connecting to the network, what happens?12:39
hateballR13ose: if it fails for whatever reason, there should be output in dmesg12:39
R13osehateball: on normal user, the wireless connection doesn't show up12:41
hateballR13ose: What does that mean?12:42
hateballR13ose: If you run iwlist scan without sudo? or when using network-manager?12:42
R13osehateball: when a normal user in network-manager12:44
R13osehateball: thoughts?12:53
hateballR13ose: was this broken on install?12:54
R13osehateball: I don't think so12:54
hateballwell if the kernel loads the modules and you can see networks with iwlist, there should be nothing wrong there12:55
hateballso then the problem would be with network-manager12:55
hateballAnd I dont really know how to troubleshoot that12:55
R13osehateball: yet, if I am closer to the box, I can see this12:58
mixxit_please help me13:29
mixxit_my pc is about to crash i think any minute13:29
mixxit_i clicked a link in chat and its opening thousands of endless winebrowser windows13:30
mixxit_cant click kde bar any more13:34
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