n-iCehi guys, would you say lubuntu is the most lightweight distro out there? using a DE?01:17
tsimonq2n-iCe: I'm not sure, I would have to say building your own LFS and using ncurses and bash is the most lightweight. :P01:17
tsimonq2n-iCe: You can then install awesomewm and use very very VERY little resources01:18
n-iCewhat do you use?01:18
tsimonq2(I'm joking, I hope you get my point, I'm pointing out your superlative :P)01:18
tsimonq2I'm half and half with LXQt and KDE Plasma01:19
n-iCehas lubuntu migrated to lxqr already?01:21
tsimonq2Nope not yet01:21
n-iCeI see01:22
n-iCeWas thinking in use archlinux01:22
alocompsci_Hi guys, trying to install Lubuntu on a mac (triple boot already e failed to install grub efi.08:29
alocompsci_After reading only apparently this error happens when there is no internet connection? So wifi drivers aren't working on the live usb08:30
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CrazyTuxhello, how much of an influence or control does Canonical or its policies have on Ubuntu derivatives like Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint etc17:32
CrazyTuxis Lubuntu suitable for new laptops?17:35

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