errrUsing MAAS Version 2.1.1+bzr5544-0ubuntu1 (16.04.1) is there a limit to the number of machines returned by the API in a single request?06:41
brendanderrr, not that i know of07:37
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errrfrom what I could find in the source code thats what it was looking like to me but I wasnt 100% sure07:54
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aaranHi, tried to get support regarding an issue yesterday however there was no one around so I will ask again09:36
aaranwhen i tell a client to network boot it gives the error Unable to locate configuration file09:36
aaranAfter restarting the server the client now boots into a ubuntu instance however the server is showing commissioning until it fails10:00
g3hey yo!19:49
g3Anyone around?19:50
errris it possible to provision based on tags a machine has been given?20:08
errrUsing MAAS Version 2.1.1+bzr5544-0ubuntu1 (16.04.1)20:08
g3setting up maas for the first itme, currently stuck at One cluster is not connected to the region.20:12
g3Currently have a cluster controller setup at a network interface handling dhcp and dns20:13
g3and /etc/maas/clusterd.conf reflects that information20:14
g3Hmmm apt installed 1.920:21
pmatuliserrr, how are you provisioning?21:08
pmatulisg3, i suggest using maas 2.1 if you're setting up for the first time21:09
g3Yeah I just realized I can't use Trusty for that21:10
g3So I'll have to upgrade another server first.21:10
roaksoaxerrr: yes21:18
roaksoaxerrr: you can 'allocate' a machine based on tags in order to deploy it21:19
roaksoaxerrr: so you can allocate + deploy the machine21:19
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andrew-iiWhat could cause a node to properly boot via PXE but not enlist?21:39
roaksoaxandrew-ii: lack of network access ? or not being able to contact the maas server ?22:03
andrew-iiIt seems to do ok for the most part22:04
roaksoaxandrew-ii: do you have a console log I can see ?22:04
andrew-iiIt boots under maas direction, and only seems to trip up at the end during the enlist stage22:04
andrew-iiLemme double check if rsyslog captured any of the end bits22:05
roaksoaxandrew-ii: if you could get me an error output or the whole output for the matter, I would be able to have an idea of what's wrong22:07
andrew-iiNeat - is there a preferred place to put a log? (It's about 3.9MB at the moment)22:08
roaksoaxandrew-ii: not really, a pastebin would be good22:08
roaksoaxandrew-ii: if you have the snippet of the failure, that's better22:08
andrew-iiLet me sed out the ureadahead bits and see if that makes it more obvious22:09
andrew-iiSorry for the delay - here's the last attempt: http://pastebin.com/FkMnpY8f22:13
andrew-iiThe strange bit is that I've got 4 other machines that commissioned happily. Just this one seems to get confounded.22:14
andrew-iiNote that all the machines are different - it's a horrific Frankenstein's monster of boxes22:16
roaksoaxJan 25 21:56:24 maas-enlisting-node cloud-init[2325]: curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 400 BAD REQUEST22:20
roaksoaxJan 25 21:56:24 maas-enlisting-node cloud-init[2325]: + maas-enlist --serverurl
roaksoaxandrew-ii: can the machines access ?22:21
roaksoaxandrew-ii: or is that in a different subnet22:21
andrew-iiThey should - the maas region/rack controller is and all the machines are on the same set of switches22:21
andrew-iiThat's the PXE address, at least22:22
roaksoaxandrew-ii: right, so tail -f /var/log/maas/regiond.log while that happens, is there any error ?22:22
roaksoaxandrew-ii: my guess, however, is that the machine itself cannot ping the above IP22:23
andrew-iiJust did it and literally caught it22:23
andrew-iiI think this is what you mean? 2017-01-25 16:22:17 -: [info] ::ffff: - - [25/Jan/2017:22:22:16 +0000] "POST /MAAS/api/2.0/machines/ HTTP/1.1" 400 119 "-" "curl/7.47.0"22:24
andrew-iiRunning another commission attempt to see if I can see it live22:25
andrew-iicat /tmp/enlist.out yields empty string, which is a bit disappointing22:33
andrew-iiI think it was related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/152064522:43
andrew-iiBasically, I rebuilt the machine, this time adding *all* four NIC MACs instead of just the first. I guess it was attempting to phone home to MAAS via the second NIC, and that MAC wasn't included yet.22:45
andrew-iiAt any rate, thanks roaksoax! I was wondering how it could possibly boot but not be able to enlist. I guess the node just didn't reply with the first NIC =/22:53
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g3Okay I'm now on 2.023:16
g3Should I upgrade to 2.1?23:16
g3So what does an untagged VLAN mean exactly?23:44
g3I setup a subnet with dhcp on a specific port23:44
andrew-iiAn untagged VLAN is basically stuff without VLAN tags/numbers23:46
andrew-iiI'm not sure about dhcp ports (I'm currently trying to get a node to contact the outside world through the region controller)23:47
g3I see23:48
g3So now that I have MAAS setup with a subnet serving DHCP on a fabric.23:49
g3next setup would be to try to provision a node?23:49
andrew-iiI'd give it a shot! I think PXE is untagged by default, hence why you can't provision on a VLAN.23:51
g3I don't think a VLAN is currently needed as I am using an entirely seperate network for this?23:52
g3Can MAAS handle IPMI stuff?23:52
andrew-iiAt least, I think it's recommended to let maas be on its own hardware; that's what I'm trying23:52
g3LIke have MAAS provide DHCP and then use those IP's for IPMI management stuff?23:53
andrew-iiGenerally I think the IPMI stuff is pretty good23:53
andrew-iiI have an HP iLo2 Gen 5 server off Craigslist that apparently has a firmware bug that just refuses to play ball with it, but otherwise every other machine seemed to connect well23:53
g3Oh and I see that it will handle APC pdu things interesting.23:54
andrew-iiI set static IPs for the IPMI connections, but I think the node discovery may actually figure it out for you; I haven't tried that yet23:54
g3Yeah it looks like post-commission you can have it set up all of the network interfaces.23:55
g3Do you know the difference between commission, acquire and deploy?23:56
andrew-iiCommission: bootstrap the machine and get it to report back settings; Acquire: plonk your name on it and reserve the node (I think); Deploy: Spin up the node with an image (full install)23:57
andrew-iiSomeone probably has a better answer about what Aquire does23:58

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