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tryubuntuhow we can run nodejs based application on ubuntu snap ? any link for how to translate nodejs app to snapcraft based app04:21
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blumoondoes anyone know the correct usage for using config-flags with autotools plugin ?08:28
driftwoof@any *09:04
nothaldriftwoof: No such command!09:04
zygasorry, had a power failure last night and didn't realize my server was down11:20
oSoMoNMirv, would you mind reviewing https://github.com/ubuntu/snapcraft-desktop-helpers/pull/39 ?11:50
MirvoSoMoN: done, indeed it makes sense. I don't have commit rights though.11:54
oSoMoNMirv, thanks11:55
chihchunbarry: just wonder if autopkgtest of ubuntu-image 0.14 is broken at this moment?12:02
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chihchunbarry: some tests are failing, not sure it's caused by build environment or its just does not work in this release? https://gist.github.com/chihchun/59c4845da7b493c0e26ccfe2b5224e0812:03
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stokachuwhat bugs are blocking snapd 2.21 from reaching updates?13:45
ogra_the SRU was just set to verification-done13:47
stokachuok cool13:47
ogra_next run of the SRU team should move it to updates13:47
stokachuogra_, perfect, thanks13:48
* stokachu getting anxious13:48
tito_Hi folks; I've got a question regarding a snap packaging. It's quite simple, but I've not found the answer yet. How do you guys handle a configuration files of your software within your packages?14:21
tito_as long as $SNAP root directory is read-only, how can I copy it (in the installation phase of snap app) to the writable directory, so end-user could modify the configuration file on his own?14:21
tito_is it even possible?14:22
zygatito_: hey14:22
zygatito_: it all depends on what kind of software stack are you dealing with14:22
zygatito_: on one extreme end there are pre-built debian packages that keep everything in /etc and have no way to look elsewehre14:23
ogra_tito_, you can create configuration hooks in your snap that call scripts/tools in the backend to adjust app configuration and are managed via snap set/get commands14:23
ogra_http://snapcraft.io/docs/build-snaps/hooks has some docs about this14:23
zygatito_: on the other extreme end you can have software that was built to understand snappy and the configure hook and read-only code / writable data14:23
zygatito_: most real software falls in the middle14:23
zygatito_: you can typicall pass configuration to daemons / services14:24
zygatito_: so even if the hard-coded defaults are in /etc/foo, you specifiy `foo -c $SNAP_DATA/foo.cfg`14:24
zygatito_: you can copy good defaults from your snap ($SNAP) to $SNAP_DATA on start-up (if they are missing)14:24
zygatito_: you can patch software to be smarted abotu all of this14:24
zygatito_: on top of that snappy supports per-snap configuration14:25
zygatito_: so you can give users unified way to configure something14:25
zygatito_: (unified across snaps)14:25
zygatito_: this translates to the configure hook14:25
zygatito_: that system is more complex but also ultimately better14:25
zygatito_: (I don't know if we have docs for that)14:25
tito_thanks!: )14:26
tito_is it a good way to copy the configuration file14:26
tito_to $SNAP_DATA14:26
tito_in a command wrapper ?14:26
zygajust copy it in a wraper14:26
tito_aha ok - so the last question then14:26
tito_(for now :D)14:26
tito_how do you deal with custom wrappers ?14:27
tito_I am sure that I am doing it wrong14:27
tito_but here are my steps:14:27
tito_1. normally,when snapcraft.yaml is done i perform: snapcraft command14:27
zygatito_: I copy them to /usr/bin and use them from snapcraft.yaml instead of my comman14:27
tito_it creates all prime stuff etc14:27
tito_then I modify the prime/command-wrapper14:28
zygatito_: no, don't edit snapcraft-generated wrappers, you will just waste your time14:28
tito_and perform another snap packaging with: snapcraft snap prime/14:28
tito_SUX right?14:28
zygatito_: as I said :)14:28
zygatito_: you can use a simple dump part14:28
zygatito_: that copies your wrapepr over14:28
zygatito_: or a simple makefile part14:28
zygatito_: (I prefer makefiles)14:28
tito_when I will eventually type on a ubuntu core system14:29
tito_will it look first in usr/bin ?14:29
tito_(For the wrapper)14:29
zygait will look at snap.yaml14:29
zygaand run that14:29
zygathat will run the generated wrapper14:29
zygathen that wrapper can run what you specified14:30
barrychihchun_afk: 0.14 should pass its autopkgtests.  it did in zesty because it's in the main archive, and it actually does in x and y too because they're in proposed waiting for sru approval (but they pass their tests).  curious to hear more details about your failures14:30
zygajust call it foo.wrapper14:30
tito_and in that generated wrapper calls another one ?14:30
zygaand expose it as "foo" app14:30
tito_so another level of inception :D14:30
tito_Ok ok14:30
tito_now I get it14:30
zygadeception ;)14:30
tito_anyway - I like this stuff, great work14:30
* zyga gets back to content interface14:32
tito_btw. ok last, really last question.14:32
tito_Is it possible to update snapd over snap or it is "to core" in the OS ?14:33
zygawe're planning to spit the core snap into a core snap and a base snap14:33
tito_Why I am asking. I want to develop custom interface14:33
zygawhere >1 base is available14:33
tito_and test it on the machine that is not my developer machine14:33
zygafor that, the answer is: do it upstream14:33
zygayou can easily test that, we have tools for it14:33
zygabad link14:34
zygatito_: ^^14:34
zygamay be somewhat stale but still works ok14:34
zygashould work ok14:34
zygatito_: once snapd and base snap are separate the process may change14:35
zygatito_: no ETA on that yet14:35
zyga(but I like the ability to use other base snaps)14:35
zygae.g. debian base or fedora base14:35
zyga(insert joke about fedora core)14:35
tito_I will go over this thanks14:35
tito_but when I think now14:35
zygagood luck, ping if you get stuck14:35
tito_about copying14:36
tito_configuration stuff in a command wrapper14:36
tito_then I think that it won't work14:36
tito_when user changes the copied configuration file14:36
tito_it will be overwritten on a second command wrapper run14:36
tito_right ? :D14:36
zygayou can only copy it if it's not there, obviously14:36
tito_GOOD ONE!14:37
zygaand if you do it so that the config hook manages all the changes14:37
zygayou can even do sensible updates with new revisions of your snap14:37
tito_ok, thanks guys14:38
tito_once again.14:38
zygaogra_: http://es.farnell.com/bitscope/bb01b/bitscope-blade-uno/dp/254657614:40
zygaogra_: or maybe https://es.farnell.com/MarketingProductList?orderCode=2546576,2546577,2546578&COM=referral-handler&CMP=SOM-FACEBOOK-PRG-NPI-BITSCOPE-BLADE-TRANS-GBL14:40
zygaogra_: pi ... rack?14:40
zygaogra_: doesn't support pi 3 (probably just not tested) but supports pi214:40
ogra_well, you need a blade chassis for that14:40
ogra_but yeah, pretty cool14:41
zygathey have one14:41
* zyga looks14:41
zygastill wrong link14:44
zygaogra_: http://www.bitscope.com/product/blade/?p=about14:45
zygaogra_: the money link is http://my.bitscope.com/store/?p=list&a=list&i=cat+314:48
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zygajdstrand: hey15:45
zygajdstrand: I was looking at raw-usb and I see it doesn't work unless your USB devices are on the PCI bus15:46
zygajdstrand: any objection to let it allow access to things like: /sys/devices/platform/soc/3f980000.usb/usb1/idVendor15:46
zygajdstrand: so e.g. /sys/devices/platform/soc/*.usb/usb[0-9]** r,15:47
alecuzyga, ogra_: if you guys are thinking of making a beowulf cluster of raspis (or some such), you may be interested in the raspi compute module: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/01/raspberry-pi-upgrades-compute-module-with-10-times-the-cpu-performance/16:11
ogra_yeah, i thought of that16:11
alecuhere's more info on the old one: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspberry-pi-compute-module-new-product/16:12
ogra_when zyga showed the above :)16:12
ogra_but for that you also need a case with slots and power supplies16:12
zygaalecu: I'm well aware of those16:13
zygaalecu: just hard to get and not as flexible for *testing* PI16:13
alecugreat :-)16:13
ogra_i wonder if the blade setup doent come out cheaper in the end if you sum up all the bits you need16:13
alecuogra_: yeah, that's likely.16:13
zygablade also supports hats and allows for more flexible test setup16:15
zygacompue feels like an embedded/cloud thing16:15
zygajdstrand: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/271616:40
zygajdstrand: that's a one liner16:41
zygajdstrand: if you can review that quickly it would make it into the next release16:42
elopioogra_, kgunn : we were talking to Robert Wolff from linaro yesterday. He has a live show on thursdays, and he would like to talk about ubuntu core. Would you like to join him and show the dragonboard image and kiosk?17:16
ogra_i havent used the dragonboard image as kiosk setup yet ... only pi17:18
elopioogra_: you can just present the image part. And leave the kiosk part to kgunn .17:18
ogra_hmm ... k17:19
elopiohe apparently wants to do two or three separate shows.17:19
ogra_when would that be (i assume not ad-hoc tomorrow ?)17:19
elopioogra_: he said february. The 2nd or 16th, I think.17:19
ogra_that works17:20
elopioand I'm not sure about the third show. Maybe we can talk about snapcraft, but that's not really related to the dragonboard. We would have to make something up.17:20
elopioogra_: great! I'll tell him. I can help you if you need something, and maybe kyrofa too (?).17:21
elopiowe can at least join the video conference and cheer you.17:21
ogra_cool, just get me in the conversation loop17:22
elopioyes. He said he will send more details on Friday. And he even mentioned about giving away some dragonboards with ubuntu core preinstalled to the attendees :)17:23
ogra_whee !17:23
elopiowell, to a few attendees.17:23
elopioogra_: and what about making an ubuntu testing day with us on the 10th ? :D17:26
ogra_elopio, sure17:33
elopioogra_: woohoo, you will get many new fans :) Please choose a time that's good for you on the 10th, and I will add it to the ubuntu on air calendar.17:34
ogra_14:00 UTC17:35
ogra_(or later)17:35
elopioogra_: I think 14 it's too early for kyrofa. 16UTC ?17:36
ogra_thats fine17:36
kyrofaelopio, ogra_ yes thank you :P17:37
jdstrandzyga: looking18:34
azubietanoise][: I'm still working with your sample store, now i'm traying to use the download functionality but i'm getting the following error from the snapd: "error: Get : unsupported protocol scheme """20:02
azubietanoise][: any ideas ?20:02
noise][was that on doing 'snap install foo'? and what did you set for the URL in /etc/environment?20:03
azubietanoise: my /etc/environment "SNAPPY_FORCE_CPI_URL=http://localhost/api/v1/"20:05
azubietanoise][: and i was running snap download20:05
noise][azubieta: is your snapstore running on port 80? default is 5000, i.e. SNAPPY_FORCE_CPI_URL=http://localhost:5000/api/v1/20:10
noise][but as noted before, you will still get blocked after that when snapd tried to download and verify assertions for the local snaps ("error: cannot fetch snap signatures/assertions")20:11
azubietanoise][: so i can't use the download command either ?20:11
noise][it does successfully download the snap and then fail after trying to get the assertion20:12
azubietanoise][: so i'll not get my file to later run snap install on it20:13
noise][so e.g. this is working for me: snap download foobar25; snap install foobar25_1.snap --dangerous20:13
azubietanoise][: mmm, which code are you using? the master branch on github ?20:14
noise][metadata_tests branch20:14
noise][i need to find a bit of time to get that merged20:15
azubietanoise][: letme try with that20:15
mterryniemeyer: hello, I'm trying to pick up the unity8 interface work that tedg started.  kgunn suggested to me that I try to land an incomplete version of it in snapd and iterate on it from there to at least drive down apparmor warnings, even if it doesn't work yet.  It seems that you folks generally prefer things to land only once they're complete, but I was20:16
mterrycurious if you had particular feelings on the above strategy in unity8's case.  The current WIP branch doesn't let apps run confined yet, but having it in trunk--even partially--might ease releasing our own apps that try to use it unconfined since it would be a known interface20:16
jdstrandmterry: note that it being a known interface should not be a problem with the store. I have added a special case in the review tools so that the 'unity8' does not block approval20:19
mterryjdstrand: ah cool, I thought we were able to land in edge only.  That's good news20:19
mterryWell driving down warnings and getting wider testing are still reasons to maybe land a partial interface20:20
jdstrandmterry: my two cents if niemeyer agrees> I would try to focus on slot side permanent policy and not do any policy for plugs. make it so you can run unity8 in strict mode so that your apparmor policy denials are gone20:21
mterryBut I don't know the side effects of updating an interface after the fact20:21
azubietanoise][: it seems that my snap command is ignoring the port on the enviroment path and is giving my the following error: cannot find snap "bar": Get http://localhost/api/v1/snaps/details/bar?channel=: dial tcp [::1]:80: getsockopt: connection refused20:22
jdstrandmterry (cc niemeyer): then we document that the interface allows unity8 to run but doesn't allow snaps to connect to it yet. this way, the interface offers no 'holes' in the security policy. you install it and apps in devmode20:22
mterryjdstrand: the slot side policy, it looked to me like it's only used once there is at least one connection to a plug?20:22
jdstrandmterry: there are slots and plugs and there is permanent and connected policy20:23
mterryjdstrand: but OK that's good advice, I had been coming at the problem from the other side (the plug side)20:23
mterryjdstrand: ah right that makes sense20:23
jdstrandmterry: permanent slot policy is the policy that is needed for the snap to run at all. connected slot policy and connected plug policy are what are used to make snaps talk to each other20:24
mterryjdstrand: well OK that's a strategy I can pursue.  Doesn't help the apps for a while, but I think getting closer to landing anything is good20:24
niemeyermterry: Heya20:24
niemeyermterry: We actually always land big changes in small chunks rather than at once20:24
zygajdstrand: thanks for the review :)20:25
noise][azubieta: did you restart snapd after fixing the port in the config? (sudo service snapd restart)20:25
jdstrandmterry: I suspect you would be able to easily add some connected policy for common cases20:25
jdstrandmterry: eg, for say something simple like a calculator to run (ie, don't need the whole breadth of Touch policy)20:26
niemeyermterry: So polishing over time seems fine.. we should also have that strictly bound to unity8 itself via assertions, so the risk of creating problems by the organic landing is pretty much nil20:27
azubietanoise][: yes! twice20:27
jdstrandmterry: that would cut down the policy denials by a huge amount. then chip away at the various wervice sin followup PRs20:27
jdstrands/wervice sin/services in/20:28
jdstrandzyga: np20:28
azubietanoise][: "snap find bar" does work but "snap download bar" desen't20:28
jdstrandmterry: by assertions, niemeyer is saying make the base declaration restricted such that a snap declaration is required to use the interface at all20:31
jdstrandmterry: then in the store we say what snaps can connect to unity820:31
mterryniemeyer, jdstrand: OK.  So I'll work on a bare bones (maybe empty) starting unity8 interface (that is restricted by assertion) and work that to a landing (so we can remove jdstrand's special case in the store at least).  Then I can focus on the slot side, and eventually plug side over future PRs20:32
jdstrandmterry: at a later date we lift the base declaration restriction when the interface is deemed 'safe'20:32
azubietanoise][: by the way my "snap --version snap    2.20+git44.gdf4776c05 snapd   2.20+git44.gdf4776c05 series  16 debian  9"20:32
jdstrandniemeyer: that's a nice idea for rolling out a partial interface btw20:33
zygajdstrand: please add this to your queue, unfinished but I'd like to see what you think: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/271820:34
zygajdstrand: as well as (lower priority) https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/265820:35
jdstrandzyga: the second is in the queue. thank you for letting me know its relative priority20:36
* jdstrand adds 271820:36
zygajdstrand: thanks20:37
ahoneybunmhall119: https://github.com/nickgermaine/Eden-Browser.git20:45
ahoneybunthat would be cool with sitter's new kde fw snap content20:45
azubietanoise][: sorry i went offline, I was testing in another enviroment, I had to reboot the whole system in order to make it work now i'm getting the same error as you but the snap is being downloaded20:50
noise][azubieta: great! i mean as far as things are at the moment at least :)20:52
azubietanoise][: thanks !! I'll keep working on the store I'm considering make an interface for management with django20:53
kyrofamwhudson, console-conf is taking foreeeeevvvvvaaaar to contact the store on the dragonboard. What exactly is happening?22:38
mwhudsonkyrofa: i don't know!22:38
mwhudsonkyrofa: it doesn't happen all the time22:38
kyrofaOh you've experienced this as well?22:38
mwhudsonbut never when i've got SNAPD_DEBUG_HTTP=4 or whatever it is set22:39
mwhudsonkyrofa: as far as i can tell it's just the something in the networking stack being really slow22:39
kyrofaI hate those turn on debugging -> problem goes away problems22:39
mwhudsonkyrofa: have a look in syslog/journalctl after it completes?22:39
kyrofamwhudson, sure thing22:39
mwhudson(assuming it does, iirc it always does for me)22:40
mwhudsoncan take 2-3 mins though22:40
kyrofaTook me like 10. But yeah, for the second time, completes fine22:40
kyrofamwhudson, is the wifi useless for you, too?22:41
mwhudsonkyrofa: um, it kinda works sorta, i haven't pushed it a lot?22:41
mwhudsoni also haven't tried anything at all with it for a good few weeks22:42
kyrofamwhudson, whenever I made it "do" anything (enable classic, or apt update in classic) it just goes down. I reflashed to I could run console-conf again on my ethernet adapter instead22:42
mwhudsonkyrofa: hmm22:42
mwhudsonkyrofa: lovely lovely devboard experience i guess22:45
kyrofamwhudson, I see a LOT of these types of messages: /usr/lib/snapd/snapd[1510]: booted.go:81: cannot get info for "dragonboard-kernel": cannot find snap "dragonboard-kernel"22:45
ogra_kyrofa, bug 163853722:45
kyrofa(just looking for out-of-the-ordinary things that could cause the slowness)22:45
* ogra_ tickles the bot22:45
kyrofaogra_, yeah it's been sad the last few days22:45
ogra_its been sad forever22:46
kyrofaogra_, oh!22:46
ogra_oh, i meant thee image, not the bot :)22:46
kyrofaWell, "please press enter" actually came up pretty quick for me. Everything works fine until I enter my SSO email address and hit "go"22:46
ogra_the press enter comes up fast since we started generating the pyc files at image creation22:47
kyrofaAhh, okay22:47
ogra_but snapd is still eating the system22:47
mwhudsonalso the dragonboard is ~10 times faster than a bbb :)22:48
ogra_its all snappy and fast once it is through console-conf22:48
ogra_mwhudson, i see it on all arm boards22:48
kyrofaWonder what snapd is doing22:48
ogra_producing I/O :)22:50
kyrofaogra_, is /etc/network writable?22:53
ogra_hmm, might only be /etc/network/interfaces.d ... one sec22:54
kyrofaYeah that's really what I was asking-- can I still configure interfaces that way?22:54
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ grep network /etc/system-image/writable-paths22:54
ogra_sill yIRC22:54
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ grep network /etc/system-image/writable-paths22:55
ogra_/etc/network/interfaces.d               auto                    persistent  transition  none22:55
ogra_/etc/network/if-up.d                    auto                    persistent  transition  none22:55
ogra_/etc/systemd/network                    auto                    persistent  transition  none22:55
ogra_there we go22:55
pedroniskyrofa: that message is because until we are first booted, the kernel and core refs in the boot loader env don't make sense to snapd yet... I think we can avoid those though22:55
kyrofaOh! I didn't know that file existed, awesome22:55
ogra_i'm about to move it one level up though22:55
kyrofapedronis, I was just trying to figure out what was causing the slowdown. Do you think that's it?22:55
pedronisI don't know22:56
pedronisjust saying that for sure it will spam logs22:56
pedroniswhich is bad anyway22:56
kyrofaWell, the slowdown doesn't provide for the best out-of-the-box experience. https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/1638537 has no responses22:56
ogra_there iis a trello card ... i guess an strace session is due22:57
ogra_it could be related to netplan/console-conf updating the network but not really switching to the new config without reboot22:59
ogra_you get an IP thats coming from networkd on boot before console-conf runs ... usually the system keeps that instead of downing/upping the interface23:00
ogra_i could imagine that snapd gets confused by that or so23:01
ogra_niemeyer, looks like mup dropped off here ...23:06
* ogra_ vanishes into the night again23:09

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