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tsimonq2I can confirm what CryptoSiD said this morning.02:50
tsimonq2Needs to be fixed.02:50
CryptoSiDit's already fixed on my side02:59
budRichhello people, i think i might have bricked my internal emmc storage when trying to install 17.04... I think this error from syslog is related: mmc1: error -84 whilst initialising MMC card18:10
naccbudRich: if you used a non-standard ubunut, (linuxium?) you will need to contact them for support, presumably, as they seem to provide their own kerenl18:15
budRichyes i am in contact with the linuxium dev. he said i should repartition the mmc in gparted and install a previous build or 17.04 wo encryption... but the mmc doesnt show up in gparted...18:17
budRichbut a .ubuntu. boot option shows up above the install usb...18:18
budRichalso i get failed to boot ubuntu, when booting wo usb..18:19
budRichnacc: but in general if i would not have used linuxium. do you have any ideas on how to access (reformat (i dont care for dataloss)) the mmc?18:22
naccbudRich: if the kernel is reporting a failure like you mentioned, then you won't be able to, afaict, with any tools. Can you use 16.10 instead?18:22
budRichi only have one computer, and it is this with broken emmc, im using liveCD (usb) now, dont know if its possible to fix a new usb (16.10) wo other computer.18:24
budRichnacc: do you think a liveCD/USB installation with 16.10 would recognize the mmc?18:25
naccbudRich: I have no idea, sorry18:25
budRichi also have an sd card laying around, can i install to that?18:25

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