qenghoI just got email asking how to run a orig tarball. I could not help very much.01:15
dufluAll efforts to make Linux more user-friendly are welcome :)01:21
TheMusoYeah the joys of users knowing just enough to be dangerous such that they put up some random instructions on the net as to how to get something working.01:27
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pittiGood morning!06:58
flocculanthi pitti :)07:31
chrisccoulsonhi pitti :)08:42
willcookemorning all09:00
flexiondotorgMorning desktopers09:01
willcookehi flexiondotorg09:01
davmor2Morning all09:06
willcookemorning davmor209:06
flexiondotorgwillcooke I found some info about getting Alexa to control Raspberry Pi GPIOs :-)09:06
willcookeflexiondotorg, just saw that on G+ :)09:06
flexiondotorg:-) I think that could make for some fun projects at home.09:07
davmor2flexiondotorg: you need help ;)09:14
flexiondotorgdavmor2 If I can't ask Alexa to turn a red LED on then life is not worth living ;-)09:30
davmor2flexiondotorg: you really need help ;)09:31
davmor2flexiondotorg: although I discovered why I was getting crappy 3d prints the filament that came with the printer is like the worlds cheapest so hopefully the sample I have coming from rigid.ink will be better and I'll be able to print happy :) so we are all as sad as each other :)09:33
flexiondotorgUnless you can ask Alexa to print something it's irrelevant ;-)09:34
davmor2flexiondotorg: I don't have alexa I have a Sue can I ask her to print things?09:37
flexiondotorgI Googled for a Sue. I can't find one :-(09:38
davmor2flexiondotorg: oh She is way better than Alexa, She's like a complete house hold automation system, I go downstairs and it's like tidy and clean, there is food, and hugs and all sorts of stuff ;)09:41
flexiondotorgsudo snap install sue09:41
flexiondotorgNothing :-(09:41
davmor2flexiondotorg: :D09:42
seb128good morning desktopers10:03
willcookehey seb12810:03
flexiondotorgMorning seb128 Laney10:03
seb128sorry bit late this morning I overslept and I had an appointement at 10am10:03
flexiondotorgseb128 Are you recovered yet?10:03
seb128hey willcooke flexiondotorg10:03
seb128flexiondotorg, I feel better thanks, just annoyance (blocked nose)10:04
pittibonjour folks!10:05
pittiseb128: argh, another flu? :-(10:05
willcookehey pitti!10:05
seb128hey pitti! yeah, winter got me :-/10:08
Sweet5harkpitti, seb128, willcooke, all: morning guys!10:12
seb128hey Sweet5hark!10:13
Sweet5harkhmmm. seems my dybsym libreoffice build worked (mostly) fine. If it wouldnt the lp uploader wouldnt complain about dbgsym packages ...10:16
Sweet5harkINFO libreoffice-core-dbgsym_5.3.0~rc2-2ubuntu1~zesty2_amd64.deb: control file lists name as 'libreoffice-core-dbgsym', which isn't in changes file.10:16
Sweet5harkthats curious: of course they are not in the changes file as their existence is triggered by checking a box in lp. (Or rather: whatever that checkbox does to generate dbgsyms should not be surprised to get dbgsyms?)10:20
Sweet5harkwillcooke: watched that cyber-nuclear BBC thingie btw. Needs to be talked about on some upcoming sprint ;)10:22
willcookeSweet5hark, :D  sounds like a good plan10:23
seb128Sweet5hark, try maybe asking on #launchpad or #ubuntu-devel (others likely hit that before)10:23
Sweet5harkseb128: done10:26
Sweet5harkseb128: FWIW I hit that before last cycle IIRC but it was late due to snap-foo, so I dropped the issue.10:28
Sweet5hark(well, punted for this cycle)10:28
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* Sweet5hark is away for lunchbreak (might take a bit longer today)12:37
seb128Sweet5hark, enjoy! btw did you sort out the ddeb issue?12:37
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andyrockksamak: hey14:14
andyrockyou here?14:14
davmor2cyphermox: double header is gone in zesty \o/ however there are no slide on the installer on xps1314:15
davmor2cyphermox: zesty isn't showing the hit enter to reboot on older hp or xps 13 either.  So is stuck in tty14:18
ksamakandyrock: yep14:33
ksamaki'm here14:34
andyrockthe ezoom_focus_tracking is bigger than expected14:35
andyrock1500 lines for a MP is a bit too much14:35
ksamakok. what then?14:35
ksamakyou want a bug linked to that?14:36
andyrockwould be nice to split it in different branches, I'm taking a look right now14:36
andyrockI'll be back to you asap14:36
ksamakok. no problem14:36
andyrockI want to be sure that all the changes are actually needed14:36
cyphermoxdavmor2: does it reboot if you hit enter though?14:37
cyphermoxsounds like the xps13 has bad graphics.14:37
davmor2cyphermox: nope just drops down a line14:37
cyphermoxwhat's the one before that?14:38
davmor2cyphermox: happen on intel across the board then14:38
ksamakandyrock: well, there's probably thins to discuss i guess14:38
cyphermoxdavmor2: have you filed a bug about it?14:38
davmor2cyphermox: double header gone, installer shows no slides14:38
cyphermoxtwo bugs, one for no slides, and one for no reboot14:38
andyrockksamak: for the moment I'm reviewing just the style and other minor changes. Then we can discuss a bit more14:39
davmor2cyphermox: will do in a meeting at the moment so will be a minute or two14:39
cyphermoxdavmor2: no problem14:40
ksamakandyrock: yeah, that's something i was wondering? does a11yWatcher have to adapt to compiz's coding style?14:41
andyrockit's inside compiz14:41
andyrockso yes14:41
ksamakcause well... i actually change compiz's code locally sometimes, cause i can't read stuff14:42
ksamakok, i guess that'll take a little while.14:42
ksamakandyrock: tell me what else you see14:43
andyrockksamak: please check the diff comments14:53
andyrockI'll continue the review later14:53
andyrockonce these are fixed14:53
ksamakandyrock: i guess i could've checked the coding style better, i thought there might have been some more general/structure things to change.14:56
ksamaki'll get on that14:56
andyrocki'll check that later14:56
willcookeLaney, did you have an Ikea chair that was good?16:44
Laneywillcooke: yeah, markus or something, quite decent16:44
Laneythink Trevinho has it too?16:45
Laneyand didrocks16:45
willcookeI'll google that, thx16:45
TrevinhoYes I've it16:45
TrevinhoMarco has Markus :-)16:45
Trevinhoand seb too I think16:45
willcookeDoes it have arms on?16:45
Trevinhoyou can't change their height tho16:45
willcookeah, kk16:46
Trevinhowhich is somewhat annoying sometimes...16:46
Trevinhothe only bad think I of that chair i think16:46
willcookeI fear another trip to Ikea is on the cards16:46
willcookehurrr. The floor protector is called Kolon16:48
* Laney wanted something from there the other day16:48
LaneyNot available online16:48
willcookeThat's how they get you16:48
Laneysneaky little swedes16:50
ogra_hurry up before the brexit makes them unpayable ;)16:51
LaneyI actually looked on ebay for the same thing16:52
Laneyit was like 2×, coming from .de16:52
ogra_thats bad16:52
Laneythat's including postage16:52
Laneybetter to try to get a lift over there :P16:52
ogra_heh, yeah ...16:53
ogra_eurostar ikea tours ... new market niche16:54
Laneydid you see 'sleeping in ikea'?16:56
ogra_nope (heard of it though)16:56
Laneylooks like fun16:57
willcookenight all18:23
seb128have a nice evening desktopers!18:47
dobeydesrt: is it just impossible to pass an unsigned int to gdbus cli tool?18:58
dobey0u gets interpreted as string, and 0 as regular int :-/18:58
desrt'uint32 0'18:59
desrtor @u 018:59
desrt0u might be a nice syntax to support19:11
desrtpatches welcome =)19:11
desrtjjohansen: hey19:14
desrtjjohansen: attente mentioned that you're working on adding support for regexps to the dconf stuff.  i was wondering how you imagine that working...19:14
attentei'm a bit concerned about how this watch path merging is going to work. if paths with different permissions get merged together to a single watch path, i'm not sure how the dconf side is expected to ahead-of-time query the permissions for paths that disappear due to the merge19:17
davmor2cyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1659395 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/165939819:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1659395 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "No slides in the slideshow" [Undecided,New]19:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1659398 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "On intel gfx stack I see no enter to reboot prompt" [Undecided,New]19:33
jjohansendesrt, attente: atm it won't. It is going to be rejecting rules with regexs. dconf won't see path merging in the watch lists20:06
Sweet5harkThe constant swearing you hear in the background is a perlhaters unexpected journey into the debhelper source code.20:15
mdeslaurSweet5hark: danger! staring directly at debhelper perl code may cause blindness and insanity!20:23
cmillerWe evicted Py2. Shoulda targeted Perl first.20:23
cmillerWrite-only languages are hard to replace. :(20:24
Sweet5harkmdeslaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Od6hY_50Dh0 *whistles*20:31
desrtjjohansen: sounds good.  thanks.20:42
* Sweet5hark find nothing particularly hate-inducing in the stuff beyond the obvious (its perl). but maybe seeing much libreoffice source and writing an full OOP build system in pure GNU make already killed remaining bits of my soul earlier in life.20:42
desrtjjohansen: also please stop calling them "watch lists" :)20:43
desrtit makes me think that we're still not on the same page about exactly what this API is supposed to do20:43
desrtit's not just about watching.  it's the authoritative list of what is allowed to be read and written20:43
dobeySweet5hark: you're just not wearing enough hats20:44
Sweet5harkdobey: oh, I do. No day without at least two or three hats. Fashionable though not too ... for lack of an english word: alltagstauglich20:47
dobeySweet5hark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2QJvc_SxFQ20:49
flocculantrobert_ancell: re the issue we're seeing with lock - I managed today to do some checks, losing light-locker and using gnome-screensaver then xscreensaver - perhaps that helps track down the issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-locker/+bug/1656399/comments/1621:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1656399 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Unable to unlock Xubuntu XFCE session after suspend." [Critical,Confirmed]21:03
robert_ancellflocculant, thanks21:04
ochosirobert_ancell: following up on what flocculant said, is there any significant change between 1.21.1 and 1.21.321:05
flocculant1.21.2 ochosi - that was when it broke for us21:05
ochosioh ok, that should narrow it down even more closely then21:06
robert_ancellochosi, I think the only significant change is the change pitti made to use logind to terminate sessions21:06
ochosihumm, so any idea what would have to be changed on the greeter side?21:06
robert_ancellochosi, if you could compile a local version with that change removed (rev 2437) that would confirm it21:06
ochosior would you argue that it just exposes a bug in the greeter?21:06
robert_ancellochosi, I think it has exposed a bug in the greeter (it's not exiting cleanly for some reason) and the daemon (it's not handling a non-clean exit correctly)21:07
ochosiso you didnt have to change anything in unity-greeter to make this work for you then21:08
robert_ancellochosi, no21:08
robert_ancellI'm just trying to knock out a snapd-glib 1.5 release, then I'll get back to looking at this issue in more detail21:09
ochosiok, thanks! it's much appreciated!21:10
flocculantyup - thanks :)21:10

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