jsalisburydmj_s76, bjf test kernel posted to bug 164657400:10
ubot5bug 1646574 in linux (Ubuntu Yakkety) "Mouse cursor invisible or does not move" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164657400:10
dmj_s76jsalisbury: Thanks!  Will test00:11
dmj_s76jsalisbury: bjf: The test kernel works here.  Will test more of course but I have a functioning cursor at the desktop without the nvidia blob.01:30
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bjfdmj_s76, we will respin yakkety with the patches applied and have it available for the .2 release kernel06:11
dmj_s76bjf: Thanks, the patches seemed good in all my testing last night.  Will test again when they hit the .iso.16:57
bjfdmj_s76, ack16:58
hwpplayer1could you please give more information about last patches17:51

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