airportbumhi everyone. I have a question.When I first start Ubuntu Mate it seems my system is fast with no lag times but the longer I use it the slower my system gets so I started Mate Monitor and noticed that I'm swapping memory (I have 2 megs)  but after I close all programs it continues to swap memory. My system gets slower and slower until I reboot and it goes back to normal. Is there a reason for this?02:01
airportbumI have a pentium 4 cpu02:02
airportbumany thoughts?02:03
HoppingMadManWhat web browser are you using airportbum?02:32
Astro7467airportbum, think you will find firefox is memory hungry02:48
Astro7467for example I currently have firefox (approx dozen tabs) 1.1GB RAM used02:49
Astro7467Vivaldi (approx 2 dozen tabs) <300MB02:49
airportbumyeah, the problem is the worst when using firefox with several tabs open02:49
Astro74672 Google sessions (diff google ids) with approx 2 dozen tabs currently open <350MB02:49
Astro7467you can flush swap02:50
airportbumhow i do that?02:50
Astro7467sudo swapoff -a ; sudo swapon -a02:50
airportbumok, good to know, thanks02:50
Astro7467if u hv free RAM > swap used will occur pretty fast - else it can take hours if memory is tight02:51
Astro7467you can also reduce 'swappinesss' - there is a sysctl.conf setting that can increase system resistence to using swap02:52
Astro7467a quick google should reveal it02:52
airportbumthe other problem...if i put any memory in bank 0 the computer wont boot until the third try so i had to put booth memory sticks in bank 102:52
airportbumso i think there is no memory paging?02:53
Astro7467AFAIK, paging isn't related to banks - banks is related to RAM channels and performance at the hardware level02:53
airportbumvideo playback in firefox is almost impossible, I have to use VLC02:53
Astro7467eg if you hv 4 slots and dual channel memory, for max performance you would put 1 DIMM in each bank02:54
Astro7467e.g. DIMM 1A & DIMM 2A02:54
airportbumthats what I thought...the system usually wont boot with a stick in each bank02:55
airportbumso I can't use the first to slots02:55
airportbumits an old computer that my employer thew away02:56
Astro7467I would be suspecting a hardware issue with the slots in this scenario02:56
airportbumyeah...if I put a memory stick in each bank the computer will eventually boot with no post beep and seem to work ok...I guess thats why they threw it away02:57
airportbumthe other thing i notice is when I watch a mp4 video the cpu is at nearly 100%02:58
airportbumbut an avi just coast along at about 15 to 20%02:58
Astro7467otgher thot is if the BIOS allows changing of settings related to memory timings etc, someone has altered these - a bios settings reset may help (probably grab ur cell/mobile/handphone a snap pics of each page before doing so just incase)02:59
airportbumother than that...for a free computer I love Ubuntu Mate03:00
Astro7467cpu probably old enough not to have the extensions for x264 decoding optimization03:00
airportbumit really sucked when It was running hp03:00
airportbumif i want to watch a youtube video I have to capture the address then load in in vlc and it runs great but the videos wont run in firefox or vivaldi at all03:02
airportbumthe videos freeze and all i get is the audio03:02
Astro7467u installed the Codec pack from Software Boutique? Wondering if that would help - VLC is self-contained AFAIK - whereas FF & Vivaldi could be using system libraries03:05
airportbumhmmm...I'll check that out. I haven't loaded the Codecs03:05
airportbumwhat is AFAIK?03:08
Astro7467As Far As I Know03:10
airportbumoh...sheese sorry03:11
airportbumhahaha...well, I loaded the codecs and I'm watching two youtube videos and a movie. The cpu is at 100% but everything works03:35
airportbummemory is at 50%03:35
Astro7467good to know - thx for the update03:36
airportbumthanks for the tips guys.03:37
airportbumthis really gives my fans a work out03:38
ubuntu-mateHow is everyone doing?05:00
astro_ruzzarini have a problem13:32
astro_ruzzarini can't install vino for ubuntu mate13:33
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Guest88635G'day my fellow Mate inmates14:35
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nxs-45I am new to Linux my son set me up on Ubuntu Mate and I am enjoying my experience on it as a new user. I was hoping that someone here could be kind enough to tell me if it is possible to install Linux Mint Mate menu on Ubuntu Mate and if so how does one go about it ? Thanks for your help in advance.14:38
alkisgThey are different distros, you either have ubuntu mate _or_ linux mint mate14:39
alkisgubuntu-mate is better though, why would you want mint?14:39
nxs-45alkisg, Allow me to clarify I want Ubuntu Mate I just want the Linux Mint menu it holds some advantages and I enjoy it I just want the menu with the search function found in Linux Mint Mate.14:42
nxs-45oops found in the Linux Mint Mate menu.14:43
alkisgnxs-45: in the system menu, there's mate-tweak14:43
alkisgYou can select the mint menu from there14:43
sixwheeledbeastSystem > Prefs > Look and Feel > MATE Tweak14:44
nxs-45alkisg, sixwheeledbeast Thanks so much I will look into this right now .14:45
sixwheeledbeastThere are different options for your panels and windows there. I am not quite sure what feature you like from mint but I am sure there will be an equivalent in Mate14:46
nxs-45alkisg, sixwheeledbeast I did look at Mate Tweak as you both suggested but it does not offer a Mint Mate Menu. Any ideas on how I could install the Mind Mate Menu into Ubuntu Mate ? I am new to Linux but not afraid to give things a go. Thanks14:53
alkisgnxs-45: try "redmond" and "enable advanced menu"14:55
alkisgI think that's what mint uses14:55
raul_alkisg, Thanks I will do that right now.14:57
nxs-45alkisg, Thank you so much that did the trick.15:00
sixwheeledbeastYou could just switch on advanced menu and leave as Ubuntu-MATE panel if you like, the choice is yours.15:01
kelompok6#join hackerinside15:14
raul_sixwheeledbeast, Thanks I did just that.15:24
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guest-opr1woinstalled ubuntumate on rpi3 and only guest account aviable and asks for password if i want to install anything. but i have no set a password. how can i delte this guest shit and just get a normal login_18:41
HoppingMadManI saw, that someone was having trouble with memory management yesterday, did anyone help out that person?20:02
shawn_hello all im new to mate what should i do when after installing20:55
shawn_should i start with ther updates20:56
HoppingMadManAnd the software manger20:59
shawn_software manager do you mean synaptic20:59
HoppingMadManNo the Ubuntu Software Center21:00
shawn_oh the store21:00
HoppingMadManThere are two now, one that is like the Gnome and the old Ubuntu One21:00
HoppingMadManI use both21:00
shawn_sweet i think ill go with the orange one thgen21:01
HoppingMadManI like both as someone of the new packages can not be found in the old one21:02
shawn_the new one does it look like a white bag with a globe21:02
HoppingMadManYeah, I am starting to use apt-get more than the software manger if you know what you are looking for that is the best method21:03
shawn_thanks for the help21:05
HoppingMadManIf you new to the world of Linux the new software manger is much better21:05
MetalindustrienAfter 48 hours of attempting to get Ubuntu MATE installed on my MacBook Pro I'm really close to giving up... I've installed rEFInd, so booting from a USB Flash drive is not a problem, I've even succesfully made a flash drive with Ubuntu MATE 6.10 on it, and I can get to the GRUB bootloader and choose 'Try Ubuntu MATE live'. But after that I just get a black screen. I've tried waiting for HOURS but the screen remains21:17
Metalindustrien black. What am I doing wrong here?21:17
HoppingMadManI might have a clue, just give me a little while21:28
HoppingMadManIs it a power pc mac or a x86?21:35
MetalindustrienHoppingMadMan If you're talking to me, it's x6421:42
HoppingMadManAre you running MacOS along side it21:44
MetalindustrienNo, I'm trying to boot directly into the Live Flash drive. I'm trying to switch completely from MacOS (currently installed) to Ubuntu MATE21:45
HoppingMadManWhat year of MacBook Pro is it21:46
MetalindustrienLate 2011 (gen 8,2)21:46
HoppingMadManYeah, my wife had the something the same, we ended up install rEFInd in MacOSX then install Linux over the top and it worked...21:47
MetalindustrienThe most annoying part is that I don't know if it's trying to read things from the USB stick or if it has frozen21:47
MetalindustrienI have installed rEFInd. But I can't install Linux because I can never get any further than the GRUB screen where you can select 'Run Ubuntu MATE live', 'Install Ubuntu MATE' or 'Check disc for defects'. All three result in a black screen21:49
HoppingMadManHow are you installing the ISO or IMG to the USB?21:49
MetalindustrienFrom terminal, the hdiutils if=/img.img of=/dev/disk3 (or something like that) command21:49
HoppingMadManTry using etcher to copy the ISO to the USB because I never ran into any issues with it making device that works21:50
MetalindustrienHuh, I've never heard of Etcher - thanks, I'll try that out :)21:50
HoppingMadManI have used Terminal, Gnome disk etc all have failed once in a while21:50
HoppingMadManEtcher has never failed me yet21:51
MetalindustrienIf all else fails I'll probably just go out and buy a burnable DVD. It's just annoying that you can only buy them in 20-packs :/21:51
HoppingMadManYeah don't worry, my wifes Macbook was a pain in the ass to run linux21:52
HoppingMadManStill can't get the web cam to work21:52
HoppingMadManYeah, I also have trouble with my HP but its all we have for now... So I have a git repo with all the scrips I need to re-install Linux on our laptops21:54
ouroumov_HoppingMadMan, I think Metalindustrien could have tried using "nomodeset" kernel boot parameter.22:42
HoppingMadManMaybe, I can't be sure, it seems that using nomodeset would get that type of results22:47

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