elachecheMorning folks :D08:47
nzoueidiMorning elacheche09:01
nzoueidiThe meeting of UBM will be in 2nd February?09:02
elachecheMorning, yep..09:12
nzoueidiAlright! how are you then :D09:12
elachecheGood, tired, but good.. Still have one sunday to finish exams and focus on other things..09:15
Drobjr elacheche nzoueidi et tlm :D11:17
elachecheYo Dro11:22
SalahMessaoudGM channel o/11:24
DroGM drupal guy!11:26
nzoueidiMorning SalahMessaoud Dro12:18
nzoueidiGood luck with the exams elacheche12:19
praisethemoonfwhcat, yo13:19
fwhcatnetdata is cool praisethemoon13:19
fwhcatcheck http://fwhost.eu:19999/13:20
praisethemoonis that graphana?13:20
fwhcatno it looks like but it's not13:21
fwhcatit's netdata13:21
praisethemoonahh alright13:21
fwhcatlet's work a bit !13:24
elachechefwhcat: I like Grafana more :D :p13:27
* elacheche is installing LineageOS :D13:28
privikI can't understand why tunisians mock other people's religions while all they do all day long is bending to a rock house called Kaaba ?13:32
praisethemoonprivik, this community is about Ubuntu, not religion13:33
elachecheprivik: Are you here looking for Ubuntu & FOSS related support or talk?13:33
praisethemoonobviously you're in the wrong place friend :)13:33
elachecheOtherwise, please don't discuss off-topic things..13:33
privikI thought the afrikanas ubuntu13:33
elachecheAnything is not related to Ubuntu or FOSS is off-topic13:33
privikI thought it was about Ubuntu = Getting along etc :P13:34
elachecheNot in that way.. Any Ubuntu & FOSS related talks are welcome in here.. Anything else is not..13:35
privikWell, if it is ubuntu the software not the concept, that is true.13:36
privikI think it would be good to include in the topic: Ubuntu distribution or something like that13:36
elachecheprivik: I think the *ubuntu.com* links in the topics can make that very clear13:37
privikelacheche: I missed the link :(13:37
privikAnyway, thanks for the information :)13:38
praisethemoonelacheche, did you attend the ISIM event?13:43
elachecheNope praisethemoon.. :(13:47
elachechenizarus: Do you use CM on your Nexus 5 ?13:55
nizaruscm ?14:01
nizarusAh non ! j'allais le faire au cours des dernières vacances mais entre temps il y a eu l'annonce de la fin du projet :/14:02
nizarusj'attends donc LineageOS :p14:03
elachecheOh! Cool :) So you'll do a Fresh install, not a migration.. That's good :)14:03
elachecheThe LineageOS Nightly build for the Nexus5 was released yesterday :) :D14:04
nizarusvoilà ! déjà j'ai lu que ce n'est pas possible de migrer de cm à lineage14:04
nizarusAh ! good to know, où ça ?14:05
elachecheNo daily Nightly builds, they'll keep it on a Weekly schedule because there is not much servers.. This time all servers are contributions from the community14:05
elachecheIf you have CM14 you can migrate to LineageOS14..14:05
elachecheI already did it, 1 second ago x)14:05
nizaruselacheche: tu as un nexus 514:06
elachecheBut to migrate you should flash a migration zip before.. CM team was using some testing keys to sign the rom, Lineage Team are using Real Private keys, so the migration zip (experimental.zip) should be flashed to do not have issues14:07
elachecheNope, I still have my old SGS 3 :D14:07
nizarusbookmarked :-)14:08
nizarus14.1 c'est nougat ?14:08
nizarushmmm ! i will do it soon14:10
elachecheCheck this too https://lineageos.org/Update-and-Build-Prep/14:10
elachecheThe irc channel & sub-reddit are cool too if you need help..14:11
fwhcathey back14:28
fwhcatLineage is for mobile phones ?14:28
fwhcatOh it looks like CyanogenMod website14:29
fwhcatdid they change name or is it another team?14:29
nizaruscm est mort vive LineAge :p14:31
elachecheYep, CM is dead.. The company killed the community one.. So the community did a re-branding and starting almost everything from scratch..14:35
fwhcatDo you guys know Minetest ?14:39
fwhcatIt'a Free Software alternative to Minecraft :)14:39
elachecheYep, tried it once, but never used it again, I'm not a "gamer" x)14:41
praisethemoonhello folks19:36
fwhcatpraisethemoon, what are you doing ? :)21:27
praisethemoonelacheche, https://scontent.ftun1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16174626_1488141761204279_7894496934557740256_n.jpg?oh=d12861bcb6e64effe23c95b068ef8dfc&oe=5901380B21:30
praisethemoonfwhcat, working on my stupid language21:30
praisethemoonfor the 6th damn year21:31
praisethemoonmaybe one day i'll finish it21:31
fwhcatcan I make a 3D game with it ?21:37
praisethemoonyes, but not now xD21:37
praisethemooni killed OOP21:37
praisethemoonit's called IOP21:37
praisethemoonInterface Oriented Programming21:37
praisethemooni'm preparing a medium post about that :)21:38
fwhcatGreat. So basically you 1: break things, redo them, and goto 1:21:38
praisethemoonWhy the redo?21:39
praisethemoonI'm making things better21:39
fwhcatsame features = redo.21:39
praisethemoonelse, i would have finished the language years ago ^^21:39
praisethemoonno not really21:39
praisethemoonI have new features my friend21:39
praisethemoonmore powerful features21:39
fwhcatnow make me a 3d engine with it21:40
praisethemoonI'm currently investigating if I can target GPU for highly parallel programming tasks with my language using SPIR-V21:40
fwhcatjust kidding lol21:40
praisethemoonand ofc, wouldbe fun to make 3d game engine ^^21:41
praisethemoonI always wanted to make one21:41
praisethemoonu'll make a minetest clone with it21:41
praisethemooncall it faptest (kawai face) ^_^21:41

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