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zedroidHello! Is it possible to use linux application (e.q Chromium) in kiosk mode for ubuntu touch? Also can I add my own script to autoboot in the same system?12:50
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dobeyzedroid: it sounds like what you want is ubuntu-core snappy system with kiosk stuff14:19
dobeykgunn: ^^ what was the url for the wiki page for the kiosk stuff?14:20
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zedroidI'm not going to develop my own embedded hardware and I don't think that ubuntu core supports  wide number of devices.14:27
zedroidThats why ubuntu touch is the best case imho. Maybe possible to start other than Xmir DE in Touch?14:29
dobeyno, phone/tablet images are built to be phone/tablet images. you could build your own custom image that does something different if what you want is a kiosk device, though14:30
dobeythe images aren't generic either. each supported device must have images built specifically for it14:31
mterrytedg_: in the u8 snap, snap apps in the drawer are shown twice -- is that a known issue?14:31
tedg_mterry: Yeah, fixed in silo 2105 :-)14:31
tedg_mterry: They're not shown twice actually, once for every compatible interface. So it would be 1-3 times :-)14:32
mterrytedg_: ah...  so once we get a successful UAL build and redo the snap, it might be fixed?14:32
tedg_mterry: Yeah14:32
mterrynice  :)14:33
tedg_I should rebuild 2129 sometime too14:33
tedg_Hoping to kill it soon :-)14:33
tedg_mterry: Can you hit the recycle button on U8 here for me please? https://bileto.ubuntu.com/excuses/2384/zesty.html14:34
mterrytedg_: done14:34
tedg_Thank you14:34
mterrytedg_: yeah killing the silo would mean we no longer pull in -proposed, which would be nice14:35
dobeyuntil the next one anyway14:36
zedroidYes, but I mean, I just want to start browser on the top of the DE. Is it really no simple ways to do this in touch?14:37
pmcgowanzedroid, sure there are, have you see the blogs on kiosks14:38
dobeyzedroid: you need to create a libertine container, install chromium in it, and then probably create an upstart job in the phablet user's home dir, to run 'ubuntu-app-launch $app_id_of_chromium' when the session has finished starting14:38
SaviqElleo, hey, do you have a bug for the OSK about switching languages mid-word? When you type "foo", switch language and choose a auto-completed word "foobar", it will actually end up being "foofoobar"14:40
zedroiddobey: That is what I want to find. upstart job should be made inside of the libertine container or in the "host" system?14:43
bregmazedroid, in the host system, in .config/upstart14:43
ElleoSaviq: no, don't think that's been spotted before; if you could file a bug that'd be great :)14:44
* Saviq does14:44
zedroidbregma, dobey: Thank you very much14:46
pmcgowandobey, why does he need libertine and chrome? he started asking about core14:52
pmcgowanhe doesnt need all that14:52
pmcgowanhe can do browser straight to GL is he wants14:52
dobeypmcgowan: no, i suggested core.14:55
dobeypmcgowan: the original question explicitly mentioned chromium14:56
SaviqElleo, bug #165931914:56
ubot5bug 1659319 in ubuntu-keyboard (Ubuntu) "Changing language mid-word results in duplicated words" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165931914:56
pmcgowandobey, ack14:56
ElleoSaviq: thanks14:57
ElleoSaviq: is this under X or mir?14:59
SaviqElleo, does it matter? phone, so Mir15:01
ElleoSaviq: odd, I'm not able to reproduce it on my phone15:02
SaviqElleo, huh, can't repro now, either15:03
SaviqElleo, I think it depends whether the original language had an auto-complete for that word15:04
SaviqElleo, let me write exact steps15:05
ElleoSaviq: thanks15:05
SaviqElleo, updated the bug description - I think it depends on the layouts you toggle between15:06
Saviqbut can reliably reproduce with (En)"bar" → (Pl) → "dz" → select "bardzo" → "barbardzo"15:07
ElleoSaviq: yeah, I can reproduce it with that now too, thanks15:08
* taiebot misses daily updates my phone has become too boring :-)15:18
kgunnsorry was off earlier, but for future reference https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/mir-snaps/15:41
kgunndobey: ^15:41
Satyam2345Oh and i thought connection broke again15:49
Satyam2345any ubtouch porter15:49
Satyam2345worked with mtk devices15:49
Satyam2345i've heard touch going to make android app run on it15:51
k1l_do they? or was that just a rumor?15:52
ogra_Satyam2345, regarding the drivers you probably have better luck in the #ubports channel15:55
dobeywell, so, anyone can make an android app run on ubuntu. you just have to package the app and the android runtime inside your package15:55
Satyam2345plasma was working on Shashlik ~~ dalvik'15:56
Satyam2345its stopped for now15:56
Satyam2345can't something similar can be done on ubtouch15:57
ogra_like dobey said, you'd have to bundle the execution environment in your package15:57
Satyam2345its not that simple as you've said it15:57
ogra_the switch to snap packages might make it easier ... it could become a framework that other snaps then use via the content sharing interface15:58
ogra_but thats still a bit away15:58
Satyam2345do you own a ubtouch device16:02
ogra_a few16:02
Satyam2345a nexus??16:02
ogra_i have a nexus but that has not been booted in 2 yeras or so16:03
dobeywhich nexus16:03
ogra_i use a maizu mx5pro as daily driver16:03
Satyam2345< ' ' >!!16:03
Satyam2345why not booted ..is bricked or damaged16:03
ogra_no, just collecting dust16:04
ogra_(nexus4 that is)16:04
Satyam2345nexus 4... you can try doing something of16:05
Satyam2345as flashing roms16:05
ogra_the 4 is an awful device ... good hardware and all but the all-glass case is unbearable if you actually use it for more than compiling stuff on it IMHO16:05
ogra_it is slippery in the hand, slides off tables if they are not 100% plain etc etc16:06
Satyam2345are you a android dev16:06
Satyam2345maybe you can send it to me ..LOL16:07
ogra_(ubuntu dev ... )16:07
Satyam2345want don't you try plasma-mobile on it16:07
ogra_because i'm happy with it as is ...16:07
Satyam2345but you have to build it... So not do so16:07
dobeyogra_: i like when i have my n4 sitting on my desk and it just starts spinning16:08
ogra_haha, yeah16:08
Satyam2345(^_^) happy from a dead phone16:08
Satyam2345i crushed my phone a month ago .. due to service was a shiit. they taken 6 month for replacement16:09
Satyam2345it was a YU YUNIQUE16:09
Satyam2345its chinese brand16:09
Satyam2345hows the performance of ubuntu touch nowadays16:10
ogra_for me its fine ... not missing anything16:11
ogra_but i havent touched any android phone in a long time so i cant really compare16:11
Satyam2345i can't see any recent review on youtube.. All of them are 2 year ago16:11
Satyam2345i were wishing to buy one.. but i think i might reconsider..16:11
Satyam2345are you on telegram16:12
Satyam2345add @Satyam2345 and send some screenshots..i like to see it16:14
ogra_https://plus.google.com/+PopescuSorin has a lot of videos and screenshots16:15
ogra_(i guess you need to scoll a bit for phone specific stuff, the recent bits are more about the desktop mode and snap packages)16:15
Satyam2345What you develop specifically on ubtouch16:16
ogra_nothing anymore ...16:16
ogra_i'm working on snappy ubuntu core nowadays16:16
ogra_doing hardware enablement, manitaining the raspberry pi and dragonboard images etc16:17
Satyam2345wow..then u must have a lot of arm devices lying around16:17
ogra_a few16:17
Satyam2345i wanted to get a raspberry pi but i see no use of it now..and its costly in india due to taxes16:18
Satyam2345Odroid Xu4 was another board i might buy. in coming summer16:19
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Genuineis anyone here?21:44
k1l_better ask the specific question and see if someone can answer that :)21:45
GenuineDoes anyone know if I could install ubuntu phone OS on any phone? if not when is the upcoming ubuntu phone OS going to be released?21:45
larreamikel[m]You can check:21:46
Genuinealso, if I manage to install ubuntu desktop OS will the SIM card work and the right drivers be installed?21:46
k1l_Genuine: you can install it on phones, but you need to port it first. on the mobile devices you cant just use a generic install cd/usb like on the laptop.21:46
larreamikel[m]or https://ubports.com/21:46
k1l_Genuine: desktop ubuntu is differently from the ubuntu touch right now21:47
Genuineboth will be united as one?21:47
Genuinein the future21:47
Genuineamazing links thank you very much21:48
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k1l_Genuine: yes. but you still need a special rom made to work on that exact hardware.21:50
k1l_you cant just install a random OS on smartphones. that will not work because the driver situation is a mess21:51
Genuineone day! or i will just buy an ubuntu phone.. any ideas when they are going to be out?21:51
Genuineyea i always thought that, I wish tablets and phones had better drivers support like pc hardware21:51
GenuineI read somewhere that Ubuntu is working on a new mobile OS anyone knows when thats going to be released? Sorry too much questions..21:53
dobeyit was "released" 3 years ago. :)21:54
Genuineso theres isn't a new one other than the current one?21:55
dobeythere isn't something especially different in terms of user experience, no. it's the same thing. we are working on some major improvements, but it's just further iteration on what we have today21:56
k1l_Genuine: they are changing some internals to a new setup. like switching from click packages to snap packages. since ubuntu uses the snap package over all installed systems now.21:56
GenuineDo you have any specific dates or period of time of when a new phone by ubuntu will be released? Im hoping to buy a new one but there isnt any on the website.21:56
dobeywe're moving to a snappy based system, which is a huge amount of changes, but it's almost all lower level stuff to make that work. there are some design changes and stuff too, and you can play around with it today if you want21:57
dobeyubuntu doens't make phones. when a phone geets released with ubuntu installed on it, will be up to the manufacturer of the phone21:57
Genuinethat's amazing :D21:57
Genuinecorrect, but i meant this https://www.ubuntu.com/mobile/devices21:58
Genuineok so mostly there will be more devices ones ubuntu finished the move to snappy.21:59
dobeyright. and no new devices will appear on there before the manufacturer decides to announce it :)21:59
dobeythat's the idea, yeah22:00
GenuineI see, my best option today is to buy one of these devices "mostly have android on them" then install ubuntu on them.22:00
dobeyassuming it's a supported device, yes22:01
dobeyi wouldn't suggest buying a random phone and hoping to get a fully working ubuntu on it easily. :)22:01
Genuineyea, someone here provided a link of supported devices. Thank you very much. one last question, any approximate date of when ubuntu finishes the move to snappy and it will be ready?22:02
dobeyif you want a phone, a google nexus 4 or meizu pro 5 are probably the best options right now if you can find one. you might be able to find someone selling one of the other ubuntu edition devices on ebay or similar too22:02
dobeywhen it's ready :)22:03
Genuinealright thanks. And thank you guys for creating an alternative to today's phones..22:04
larreamikel[m]Be careful with what you buy now. My suggestion is to wait for the next movements of ubuntu touch, because nobody has clarified if any of the actual supported phones will be ported to the new snap system.22:09
GenuineI have read multiple times that ubuntu accepts donation of old devices does that include desktops and laptops?22:10
GenuineYea, I'm going to wait.22:11
larreamikel[m] no idea about that, sorry.22:11
Genuineno problem.22:12
danielthebaguehi folks whats the news for the ubuntu BQ E4.5 i heard that development for it will cease and only a few security updates will be realeased for it!!22:17
danielthebagueShould i go out and get a new phone?22:18
k1l_development is not stopped. there are changes in the low level system like the switch from click packages to the ubuntu wide snap packages, and so it will ned some time so not the work done now has to be redone again.22:20
k1l_and security updates are very worth it. on many other OS devices you dont get any updates and are vulnerable to old linux kernel security issues.22:21
danielthebagueso no reason as of yet to save up for and purchase a newer version of the ubuntu phone22:23
Genuinei'm saving up for the newer version :)22:24
danielthebagueGenuine is that the mx5?22:25
dobeythere is no ubuntu mx5. it's the pro 5. if you're planning to buy one, make sure you're very aware of the difference :)22:26
Genuinei dont think so. I will wait till ubuntu announces that it finished ubuntu touch os and phone manufacturers install it on their phones.22:27
Genuinethen i will move to ubuntu phone and never go back :P22:29
danielthebagueYes will probbaly wait and see what happens22:35

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