diddledanthis is reassuring: https://twitter.com/SwiftOnSecurity/status/82406913436333260801:43
diddledanemergency! kittens! https://twitter.com/EmrgencyKittens/status/82407486298150092902:02
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:28
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davmor2Morning all09:06
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, morning09:07
SuperMattgood morning09:09
SuperMattWFH day today :D09:09
davmor2SuperMatt: I almost always do :)  I sometimes work from the caravan too :)09:10
davmor2SuperMatt: the commute is aweful right09:10
zmoylan-piheard of someone who worked during their commute and that time was taken into consideration so an hour each way commute meant only 6 hours in the office per day...09:16
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Wednesday, and happy A Room Of One’s Own Day! 😃09:53
zmoylan-pii'd cheer but i'd wake up a bunch of people... :-P09:54
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6Q3mHyzn7809:55
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SuperMattoooh, I'd love a room of my own, but the cat and wife have differenr ideas10:33
zmoylan-piyou just need to set the cat against the wife and while they're fighting go off and find a quiet corner... :-P10:34
SuperMattThey love each other too much10:34
zmoylan-pinever said it would be easy...10:35
SuperMattIt couldn't happen, I'ms sure of it10:36
foobarrycan anyone see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1180652 please?10:37
lubotu3Error: Error getting bugzilla.redhat.com bug #1180652: NotPermitted10:37
zmoylan-piwhat i'm hearing is that they're so tight that they must be plotting against you... :-P10:37
zmoylan-pi'you are not authorised to access bug #'...10:38
foobarrymy login doesn't seem to work with the bugzilla10:39
awilkinsIs there an Ubuntu / Canonical team that has overall responsibility for VPN?10:43
SuperMattI'm sure they just pull from upstream projects11:13
diploHey guys, if you were to change /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max11:41
diplowould you use sysctl or echo value > /proc/sys....11:41
diploJust a temp test11:41
SuperMattI think both would work11:42
SuperMattI would do sysctl myself, because chances are I want it to persist11:43
SuperMattand I'd write it to /ect/sysctl.conf (or whatever)11:43
diployeah it's a issue with our software so it's a quick test on a customer site11:43
diploDoesn't happen on any other site11:43
diploWill try sysctl :) thanks11:43
foobarryneed a new dishwasher, any recs? needs to be slim11:47
zmoylan-pi...and run linux? :-P11:49
diploOK to add to the question above, pid_max - anyone know how the max is calculated? I've got different values on different systems11:50
diploCombination of proc / memory ?11:50
zmoylan-piif i was going for an appliance like a dishwasher i'd be looking at which magazine survey ratings instead of single ancedotes.  just my 2c11:55
diplo+1 - I sold my dishwasher, prefer handwashing11:56
diploApart from dinner parties :P11:56
zmoylan-pithat's when you serve fish and let the cat lick everything clean before boiling it all... :-P11:57
diplohah, my wife always asked why I hand washed, I think our dishwasher was rubbish tbh, but it got me away from her as well :)12:02
foobarryi do think dishwashing is a sign of a marriage under strain12:03
diploWell we are divorced :P12:03
diploBut I actually don't mind doing it, my girlfriend uses a dishwasher and her plates / glasses never seem as clean as if you hand wash them12:03
SuperMattIf they aren't coming out as clean in the dishwasher, then you're over loading it, or not topping up the salt12:30
diploI did suggest that to her :) but I decided not to pursue it12:31
zmoylan-pithen the dishwasher should be able to point that out12:31
diploMuch preffered solution zmoylan-pi12:31
diploAnyone got a redhat access portal login ?12:32
SuperMattThe wife and I live alone, but we have made sure we have enough plates, etc, to last us a few days until the dish washer is full, and then we put it on12:32
SuperMattThe mother in law does about 3 loads a day. Don't know how12:32
diploOh my! I couldn't wait that long12:32
zmoylan-pisolution: paper plates :-)12:32
diploI wash as I cook/complete then wash up as the kids finish12:33
SuperMattI will rinse as I go along, and put things in to the dishwasher then12:33
SuperMattbut my wife is a "soaker"12:34
SuperMattit always makes me shudder12:34
SuperMattI don't mind something being left to soak, but if it has been left for more than half an hour, it's not going to make any more difference12:34
diploI'm a soaker for 5 mins whilst I do something else, like my water red hot12:35
diploGod are we getting old!!!! :(12:35
SuperMattI know, I have a wife and a mortage, both things I didn't have 2 years ago when I left my twenties behind12:36
diploWell I am old then if you're in your twenties ( obviously not as old as popey though! )12:37
foobarrySuperMatt: do rackspace offer managed windows servers?12:37
foobarrywhere they patch and look after SQL server dbs etc?12:37
SuperMattI don't work for RS any more, but yes, they do12:40
foobarryi know :P12:40
foobarryany idea on pricing, or wasn't your area...12:40
SuperMattwasn't my area at all12:40
SuperMattbut more expensive than linux12:40
SuperMattI think you can get managed DBs from Rackspace too12:41
foobarrythat'll do12:41
SuperMattand some may say that's preferable12:41
diploWho do you guys use for dynamic dns ?12:51
daftykinsno-ip here13:09
daftykinsdiplo: although the last domain i bought from namecheap.com allows dynamic update from a client utility, so that could work too13:10
diploI've been thinking buying a domain specifically for it yeah, I guess if I can get dhclient to work with it that would do13:16
diploWonder if any of the other registrars allow that13:17
diplono-ip wants you to renew monthly doesn't it.. I think that's who I am with now, keep forgetting to do it, quite happy to pay a small sum or may just script something myself13:17
foobarrydyndns is $40 pa13:19
foobarrysounds a lot13:19
daftykinsthey don't do a free account anymore, but no-ip do.13:20
daftykinsdiplo: just pay no-ip the $25 USD for a year then :>13:20
diploYeah, thought about it.. but for what I get/want I was thinking more like a tenner :D - Just reading up whether I can update 123-reg or gandi with an api :P13:22
diploOooh I can with digital ocean I think! ooh!13:22
popeydiplo: THANKS! :D13:22
diploSomeone has beaten me to it daftykins - Shell script ahoy13:23
daftykinsevery time i've tried to use a dynamic DNS updater on an ubuntu server with repo packages, they've all been utterly useless13:23
diployes, which is why I wanted something else daftykins13:24
diploI had an issue with afraid.org because of dhclient on the version of ubuntu I was on and my router didn't support it13:25
daftykinsyeah i just wanted to share just how rubbish they are and see whether anyone else had encountered the same13:25
daftykinsseems to be my experience of universe packages :P13:30
daftykins"oh neat i found an appropriate program... oh it doesn't work"13:30
SuperMattI've just moved my DNS to digital ocean. I needed 20 zones, but they limit you to 10. Despite being a saturday morning, I sitll got an upgrade13:33
SuperMattdigital ocean have their heads screwed on13:33
SuperMattThe limit is only so they don't get people creating accounts and registering a million spammy domains13:34
diploAh right I see, I may move all my stuff over to, see how  Iget on with this dns :P13:39
diploAnd success! The one I found was old api but fix0red it now \o/14:09
diddledanBryan Lunduke "The Lunduke Hour: You put Linux on THAT?!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlBS66kd3JE (some swearing)14:13
SuperMattthat reminds me, is it the time of year for Lunduke's Why Linux Sucks talk?14:16
daftykinsdiddledan: i am confused, this hour seems to be 30 mins long14:16
diddledanyeah I spotted that, too14:16
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diddledanBlessed are they who just can't even, for they shall be able to. https://twitter.com/JesusOfNaz316/status/82424746132563968015:39
diploNow with SSL certificate - woohoo!15:44
diploOnlu took me an hour and 3/4 :D15:46
m0nkey_9:50 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery .. *squeals*15:46
diploLearning ssl was hard :P15:46
diddledanI still haven't learnt SSL - it's all binary gibberish that I can't decipher15:47
m0nkey_diddledan, that's because you don't have the key15:47
diddledanit's almost like they're talking in code15:47
diddledanm0nkey_: we'll lose you to the machine later today then? :-p15:47
m0nkey_yes, I am entering the matrix15:48
m0nkey_as soon as it's arrived and setup15:48
diploCreated a LE cert on my VPS and then copied it down, next thing to do is to automate the renewal process and then get it to sftp it to the correct directory and check perms on update15:49
diplohttps://github.com/andy-partington/shell_scripts/ if anyone wants to use the DO dynamic thing16:13
diploGoing to tidy the code up eventually16:13
diddledanhow you respond to twitter - two images, one when you first join, the other after a few years: https://twitter.com/furrygirl/status/82412982127397683216:29
diddledandaftykins: notice I've been trying to explain my links better the past couple of days? :-)16:30
daftykinsdiddledan: i'm so proud, it brings a tear to my eye!16:40
daftykinsi'll have you know i never fed the ex16:41
m0nkey_MY VIVE!16:41
diddledandaftykins: is that why they're now "ex"?16:42
daftykinsoh tux you went and did it eh :P16:43
daftykinsyou silly billy!16:43
daftykinsdiddledan: lies, there's no correlation!16:44
m0nkey_Would it be wrong of me to admit I'm squealing like a little bitch right now? :)17:20
diddledanno, the squealing is wrong, though17:21
daftykinsglad you're enjoying it, but we'll see how long it lasts17:21
m0nkey_daftykins, not even plugged it in yet. it's got to get to room temperature17:22
diddledanhow long until you knock yourself out by headbutting your desk?17:22
daftykinsi think he has his own padded room!17:22
diddledanm0nkey_: did you lean on the pool-table yet?21:19
diddledanref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLhlHvIajpk21:20
daftykinsmight as well get a pint in and lean on the bar </Only Fools>21:21
m0nkey_diddledan, not yet21:29
m0nkey_been doing some zombie training and playing in the lab21:29
danielthebagueHi folks, whats the news or status for the BQ e4.5 ubuntu phone?22:15
daftykinsdanielthebague: wrong channel22:45
lubotu3Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch22:45
danielthebagueyeah already switched to touch channel22:45
daftykinsgood stuff22:45
danielthebagueJust out of interest is anyone in the not so near future  going to purchase a ubuntu phone handset, hopefully this isn't a sore topic22:46

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