* rick_h hates being at dealerships with the tvs always on loud on news14:28
jrwrenrick_h: simple solution: sell your cars. :p14:29
rick_hjrwren: going to be hard to get the 10,000lb trailer to VA that way14:29
* jrwren was last at a dealer when car was purchased 2 yrs ago. ;)14:29
jrwrenrick_h: a little pain now for a lot of pleasure later, eh?14:31
rick_hjrwren: definitely14:32
rick_hjrwren: on the brain since we were spending time last night looking at spring break plans to head to VA and maybe stop in the TN smokies on the way back14:32
* rick_h turns on noise cancelling and puts the music on to drown out the news14:33
shakes808rick_h: are you the only one in the sound booth? just turn it down.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯14:35
jrwrentime to carry a tv-b-gone?14:37
jrwrenbonus if yout built it yourself.14:37
jrwrendouble bonus if it has wifi and runs ubuntu-core14:37
jrwrentripple bonus if it runs ubuntu unstead. ;)14:38
rick_hshakes808: heh, no there's 7 or 8 folks here all sitting in front of the tv riveted14:38
* rick_h is off to the side laptop'ing away14:38
shakes808jrwren: https://media.giphy.com/media/qqzOG3rgcqXbW/giphy.gif14:39
shakes808rick_h: gotcha,  that sucks.14:39
rick_hmeh, I'm just whining14:39
shakes808Then maybe you need you need that "tv-b-gone" solution I just posted :)14:39
brousch__I find this career path very interesting. Leveraging PYthon skills without the web crap, for science! https://www.datacamp.com/community/blog/web-development-data-science#gs.IOEePfg14:42
jrwrenshakes808: lol14:42
jrwrenbrousch__: that is funny. I did python without the web for many many years before I ever did python for the web.14:42
rick_hit's one of hte things I <3 about python is that it's skills you can use for anything14:44
brousch__Yeah, but it's hard to find non-web Python jobs right now. We actually have some here, but it's considered legacy code and is moving to Go.14:46
jrwrenpoor python. people under the false impression that go is better and faster.14:46
brousch__Concurrency is the issue sited here.14:47
brousch__Spinning up a ton of Python processes to talk to redis14:47
jrwrenthere are so many great python solutions for that, moving to go is foolish.14:51
brousch__It also kind of sucks that we're stuck on Python 2.7, because of Salt14:52
jrwrenthat does suck.14:53
brousch__Moving a bunch of stuff to Xenial and systemd right now14:53
jrwrenI used fabric. I never used salt.14:53
jrwrenbut, if salt is only for deploying, can't you use python 3 for your apps and still deploy it with python2?14:54
brousch__We could, but like I said, the Python apps are considered legacy14:54
* jrwren shakes head14:55
jrwreni really dislike this industry, the older I get.14:55
jrwrenI should have been a doctor or a lawyer and just programmed for hobby.14:55
brousch__Doctors and lawyers will be replaced by Watson14:56
brousch__jrwren: Are you still at Canonical, working on Juju?14:57
rick_hI could never have been a doctor14:57
rick_hturns out...I hate people14:57
rick_hespecially stupid ones. I'd never get a patient base.14:57
* shakes808 agrees14:57
rick_h"oh quit your fussing...are you dead yet?"14:57
brousch__Funeral director?14:57
jrwrenbrousch__: yes, still here, working with rick :)14:58
brousch__Isn't that written in Go?15:00
jrwrenbrousch__: it was originally python. it was rewritten in go. IMO this was a mistake.15:01
jrwrenbrousch__: I'm monday morning quarterbacking. I've no insight into the history of that decision. My opinion is mine and mine alone :)15:01
brousch__I appreciate your opinion. You have a lot of experience in this realm15:03
jrwrenbrousch__: I've made python go very fast. both for CPU bound and for IO bound applications. pypy and cython for the cpu bound stuff. pycurl for the io bound stuff.15:05
shakes808PHP question, if anyone knows.  I am seeing this -> http://pastebin.com/BuiSXxEV  What is the \SimpleXMLElement?  I can't find any references why there is a \ preceding the Class name.15:06
jrwrentuning uwsgi for the web stuff. It is amazing how fast you can actually make it go.15:06
jrwrenshakes808: google is your friend. "php simplexmlelement" first link: http://php.net/manual/en/class.simplexmlelement.php15:07
jrwrenor, in my case, duckduckgo.15:07
jrwrenshakes808: same thing for backslash: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=php+new+operator+backslash&atb=v32-7b_&ia=qa15:07
shakes808jrwren: thank you.  i think i wasn't getting anything because i searching literally \SimpleXMLElement and \ in the search instead of typing out "backslash" ... :|  I see it with the namespace\foo, but haven't seen it with just \namespace before.15:14
jrwrenshakes808: afaik, that tells it the root namespace.15:15
jrwrenshakes808: and since namespaces are newer in php, most things are in the root namespace15:15
shakes808jrwren: makes sense.  thank you15:17
rick_hhas anyone else's twitter feed turned into just a maas of depression?15:53
* rick_h has to close it...too much15:53
_stink_Melancholy as a Service?15:53
jrwrenespecially this morning.15:53
cmaloneyrick_h: Yes15:56
jcastrojrwren: ping16:03
jrwrenjcastro: pong. On a call. I was planning to lyft there and get there on time.16:07
jcastrook, omw.16:08
brousch__Hm, shouldn't this page show Ubuntu 16.10 by default? https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop16:17
jrwrenbrousch__: scroll down. it is there?  LTS is apparently prefered.16:19
rick_hyea, LTS is the default for most things16:19
brousch__That seems strange for the Desktop page16:19
rick_hI guess desktop might be ok to not be...but meh16:19
rick_hthat is a giant space down the page from 16.04 to 16.1016:20
rick_hwould be nice to get that closer together imo16:20
brousch__Yeah, I didn't even seen it until jrwren mentioned it16:20
brousch__They gave me a Windows desktop at work to go along with my Windows laptop. I might as well nuke the desktop and try some Ubuntus16:25
jrwrenif it is windows 10, try ubuntu for windows.16:26
brousch__It will basically be for running vagrant+virtualbox16:29
brousch__It's win716:29
jrwrenah, the best windows16:31
brousch__Xubuntu is the bizomb21:14
jrwren+1 I love Xubuntu22:18
jrwrenI think it is my favorite Ubuntu flavor.22:18
jrwrenI've not ruled out lubuntu just yet either.22:18
greg-gsome days working from home where within the immediate 2 next door neighbors there are a total of 6 boys (8mos - 7 years) is a bit tough.22:24
greg-gbulk of them (4) are 5-722:24
jrwrenso they can go outside and play and be out of your hair?22:24
jrwrenjcastro got me checking for att fiber like what what waht... click click click... NOOOoooo!!!22:25
greg-gjust got them out there :)22:25
greg-gone was up next to my office door screaming into a walkie talkie "CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" I went out and said "You're talking into a walkie talkie, you don't need to scream." "OK" he says. then proceeds to scream more.22:25
greg-gkids man22:26
_stink_my 4 year old does that22:26
jrwrentake walkie talkie away.22:27
jrwrentell kid to leave the building.22:27
jrwrenI am not a popular dad. :)22:27
greg-g:) I didn't do #1, but did #222:27
_stink_rage smash walkie talkie?22:27
jrwren_stink_: yes... or... consider yourself very patient and self controlled for not rage smashing walkie talkie22:27
_stink_win win22:27
rick_hgreg-g: is there was a close by coworking space I'd be in air at least a few times a week23:43
rick_hAlways fun when the boys go nuts all over23:44
greg-gyeah, there's one downtown, just about 7 blocks away, I haven't yet even priced them23:44
cmaloneyWe priced one over by us for when we lived in our old place23:51
cmaloneyso JoDee could have an actual office space23:51
cmaloneyIt was a bit pricey, and they seemed hot on the whole "office vibe"23:51
cmaloneywherein people would randomly talk to other people23:51
cmaloneyWonder if you can rent a storage locker cheaper.23:52
jrwrensounds like the ones around here.23:52
cmaloney"Yes, I'd like a 12x12 with a fiber connection"23:52

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