paddatrappergoeie more inetpro, almal06:15
inetprowhat would "INFO" be used for in meetings?06:16
paddatrapperinformation that is relevent to the minutes, but not an action for someone to do06:18
superflynight inetpro, paddatrapper06:43
* andrewlsd lurks07:21
theblazehenMorning all07:33
nsnzeromorning guys07:48
pavlushkamorning nsnzero :)08:15
nsnzerohey there pavlushka 08:52
pavlushkahello nsnzero :), I was connected but missed the yesterday's meeting here, awe.08:54
* pavlushka thinks what's Cryterion 's criteria now ?08:56
nsnzeroi was in the meeting but i missed most of it - bad mobile internet connection08:56
nsnzerominutes should be available 08:56
chesedomorning all09:20
chesedopaddatrapper: I can not find you on our trello page09:34
chesedowhat is your nick there?09:34
paddatrapperchesedo: should be paddatrapper on there09:46
paddatrapperchesedo: Fixed, I am paddatrapper now09:48
magespawngood morning09:58
nsnzerohi magespawn , long time no C10:39
nsnzerobut i use python quite often , lol10:39
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chesedopaddatrapper: found ya11:15
jerit_So I drive all the way out to Cullinan (roughly 130km from home) to the magistrates court there so that I can have summons issued on a guy who owes me a lot of money11:24
jerit_2nd time I've been out there since the person I was supposed to deal with wasn't there the last time11:25
jerit_surprise surprise, the dude's off this whole week as well11:25
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nsnzerojerit did you send a register letter of demand to the defaulter ?11:44
nsnzero*registered letter 11:44
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jeritnsnzero: I sent it via registered post11:55
jeritbut since the whole business affair has been done through my mom's business there's a question as to whether the company can claim against the guy in small claims though the guy at the court wasn't able to find specific legislation that says a company can't make such a claim in small claims11:57
nsnzerosmall claims court is for amounts less than R5000 iirc12:10
nsnzerojerit this might be of some help http://www.osti.co.za/small-claims-court.html the maximum claim amount is R15 00012:14
jeritsmall claims is up to 15k12:30
jeritmy claim is for 20k, but I'd rather get 75% of 20k than 100% of 012:30
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smileHi guys, you might like this :) https://github.com/Smile4ever/VLC-Lyrics-Finder15:45
chesedosmile: in my browser i use this -> https://robwu.nl/lyricshere/ (you might find the extra sources interesting)15:59
magespawnchat later all16:39
smilechesedo: very nice, thanks! :D16:57
* smile hugs chesedo16:59
smileI already have a lot of coverage by using the services I implemented :)17:03
smile* I've17:04
smileBut sure enough, it's always nice to have more coverage :p17:04
smileOr in the case a service does down we'll still have lyrics :)17:04
superflyGoeie môre17:09
smilesuperfly: hallo :)17:11
paddatrapperHey superfly17:29
superflypaddatrapper: how is Nugget doing, btw?17:29
paddatrappersuperfly: unfortunately he died after his last batch of vaccinations... He had an allergic reaction and the vet couldn't get the fluid out of his lungs. Vet said it's extremely rare and he's never seen it happen before 17:31
paddatrapperIt was a huge shock to us too17:32
superflySadly, in general, reactions to vaccines is not actually that rare. most people just don't talk about it17:32
paddatrapperYeah... 17:34
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jerit170.4km round trip to get my court documents submitted so that I can sue the guy who owes me money and I can't even do it because my current documents are all on my company's letterhead18:33
jeritSmall Claims Court doesn't allow companies to initiate claims18:33
jeritbut I think I can get around that by removing the letterhead from the letter of demand, sending it again and waiting another 14 days before I continue with the claim18:34
inetprogood evening 18:49
inetprooom Kilos sending regards to everyone from a lazyboy at Steve Biko18:50
inetprono beds available 18:51
inetprofor the last 3 days already 18:51
jeritwhat's the matter with him :(18:59
inetprojerit: waiting for a bypass procedure or stents19:28
jeritdoesn't sound good19:29
inetpromentioned Unstable angina, a condition in which your heart doesn't get enough blood flow and oxygen19:30
jeritsend him my best okay?19:31
kulelu88who is this? inetpro 19:45
jeritoom Kilos19:45
jeritindeed :(19:46
paddatrapperEish. Hope he gets sorted quickly! 20:30

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