bluesabreochosi, never understood the locking myself00:33
Unit193bluesabre: Any progress? :P06:14
flocculantochosi: :)07:32
flocculantochosi bluesabre I guess we are back where we were last cycle - do we ditch l-l and use something else like xscreensaver or gnome-screensaver07:50
flocculantUnit193: thanks for reminding me - I think g-s is what I was misrembering as unity-greeter 6 months ago07:51
flocculantochosi bluesabre - even assuming we get l-l working this cycle, that's now two cycles it's stopped working completely on us07:52
Unit193VT switching is bad.07:57
flocculant nix g-s - problems there - will detail later08:32
bluesabremorning all10:43
bluesabreflocculant, ochosi, As light-locker is in a perpetual state of non-maintenance, VT-switching is terrible, and breaking is typical at least every 6 months, I am totally in favor of switching to something else10:45
bluesabreUnit193, current opinion on file managers? I still think there's not a patch that actually fixes the issues without creating new ones in Thunar11:02
Unit193bluesabre: I'll have to consider that at a better time perhaps, but I think I'm personally going to stick with Thunar.11:06
akxwi-davehmm a few hours ago we had Zesty A2 on the iso tracker.. now when I go to put up the testing results its gone...11:20
bluesabreakxwi-dave, maybe flocculant pulled it off since I don't think we were planning on participating11:26
Unit193[02:29:11] < flocculant> can someone from the release team get Xubuntu removed from this alpha 2 thing please :)11:27
akxwi-davelol.. typical..   :-)11:30
akxwi-daveshould have checked.. I thought we were doing A2, but when I saw it .. thought That it had been added for some reason I missed  :-)11:32
flocculantakxwi-dave: even if it was there we would need to critically fail and not release anyway :p12:18
flocculantbluesabre: ack - I did do a quick test on g-s but problems there - not got time to look properly now but will thi evening12:19
flocculantwill also check if gnome actually locks ... 12:19
flocculantand will check x-screensaver too12:20
akxwi-daveaye just tested that suspend on the iso from today..same13:18
flocculantbluesabre ochosi - ok done some testing - the outlook is poor ... pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-locking-zesty16:56
flocculantI'll try and let r_a know later this evening what I've tried17:00
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pleia2all social media-ed20:58
ochosiflocculant: meh, have you forwarded this also to robert? to me this clearly shows that at least wrt light-locker it's a lightdm problem as the greeter wasnt touched. also: when it works, it seems to work best...20:59
flocculantochosi: not specifically - have added it all to the bug though21:00
flocculantand yea - as you say - seems to definitely point to a lightdm problem21:01
flocculanthave specifically now - I kept looking for him then stopped :p21:04
flocculantAsk logind to terminate remaining processes in the greeter session on closing, which is more robust than trying to fix every greeter.21:07
flocculantjust broke us ...21:07
flocculantochosi: as far as I can see now - I'll leave it be, unless I happen to stumble across something, and just wait and see 21:11
flocculantnot much of anything I could do now - tried greeters, tried losing l-lock and adding others21:12
ochosiyeah, i think you've done your job well21:13
ochosiin the worst case we have to try to fix up the greeter21:13
ochosibluesabre: ^21:13
flocculantbudgie is broken too ... 21:43
flocculantI didn't try the kde one nor unity8 but I've beaten my head against the rest :p21:49
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