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ryebotHey guys, I'm seeing 502 errors whenever I try to `charm attach` a resource. Is something wrong right now, or any idea what I might be doing wrong?19:22
rick_huiteam ^ 19:31
ryebotrick_h: ah, sorry, didn't realize you were directing that at me earlier. lame question, but how can I reach them?19:32
rick_hryebot: I'm poking them about it. 19:33
ryebotrick_h: oh, awesome, thank you19:33
rogpepperyebot: have you got the full comand output?19:38
rogpepperyebot: how big is the resource?19:38
ryebot9.2MB, one sec I'll link you a gist19:38
arosaleshmm did we lose rogpeppe ?19:42
ryebotarosales: seems like it19:42
arosalesrick_h: any other folks aware of what may cause "ERROR can't upload resource: cannot post resource: cannot unmarshal error response"19:43
arosalesblocking some of the k8 development atm :-/19:43
rick_hplease have them jump in #juju-gui and complain there. 19:43
arosalesrick_h: we are :-)19:43
rick_harosales: ryebot's been hitting issues and roger is poking at it last I saw19:43
arosalesthat is ryebot 19:43
arosalesrick_h: indeed just looks like rog is no longer here19:44
rick_harosales: doh, he's traveling on a train today so guessing he dropped 19:44
arosalesWe can also log a bug a Canonical Ltd, and hold tight there as well. Just wanted to check with folks here since it was holding up some of the k8 dev19:45
arosalesryebot: I wonder if you are hitting https://github.com/juju/charmstore-client/issues/9619:51
ryebotarosales: yeah, looks like the same 50219:52
ryebotarosales: My resource should be small enough (I've uploaded larger), and I am including the version. Hmm.19:54
arosaleshmmm, indeed. Well I commented on https://github.com/juju/charmstore-client/issues/9619:55
ryebotfwiw, Cynerva was able to repro19:56
arosalesif the uiteam has any sights on the failure, same problem as issue 96, of if we should open a new bug please give us a ping. 19:56
rogpepperyebot: sorry if you've responded to my questions - my connectivity is terrible currently. probably not worth trying to interact further.19:57
rogpepperyebot: (i'm in transit)19:57
ryebotrogpeppe: np, good luck!19:57
arosalesrogpeppe: info @ https://github.com/juju/charmstore-client/issues/9619:57
arosalesrogpeppe: and https://gist.githubusercontent.com/wwwtyro/b8529784d99f7441f02c8b7935fdefdd/raw/282931bf827a4a6638e4b74b3e93ce58eb0ea4e6/gistfile1.txt19:57
rogpeppearosales: ta19:58
arosalesrogpeppe: thanks for the help19:58
rogpeppearosales: this does seem like the "large attachment" issue20:00
rogpeppearosales: and to fix it we need to support multipart uploads, which is a big change20:00
arosalesresource = 9.2MB20:00
ryebotrogpeppe even at 9.2MB?20:00
rogpepperyebot: hmm, hopefully not indeed20:05
rogpepperyebot: unless you've got a slow upload speed20:05
ryebotrogpeppe: 6Mbps, not stellar, but enough for larger uploads to work previously20:06
rogpepperyebot: yeah, should be fine. 30s is when things fall down.20:06
ryebotrogpeppe: ah cool good to know, I'm gonna time it20:06
rogpepperyebot: good idea20:07
ryebotrogpeppe: 17s20:07
arosalesryebot: could you also add that info to the issue?20:47
ryebotarosales: right away20:47
arosalesupload speed and tine, specifically20:47
ryebotarosales: done20:48
arosalesryebot: thanks20:49
ryebotrogpeppe: arosales figured my problem out, user error22:24
arosalesryebot: a solution no less, what was the issue?22:29
ryebotarosales: I munged a metadata.yaml file incorrectly and ended up with stale resource definitions22:29
arosalesryebot: ah, glad you found the issue22:31
ryebotarosales: thanks :)22:32
* arosales didn't do much but thanks to rick_h and rogpeppe for the replies here22:41
arosalesryebot: could you also reply in the issue with your results just for completeness?22:41

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