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mlankhorstwgrant: thank you :)07:35
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scootergrisenHow do i download all the po files from https://translations.launchpad.net/linuxmint/latest/+lang/da in a smart way?12:29
scootergrisenI don't want to request to download each file, then wait for e-mails and open like 20 e-mail with links to download the files.12:30
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sergio-br2git-commit variable is  git rev-parse --short=7 HEAD18:00
sergio-br2is it explicit 7 characters? git 2.10/2.11 changes default from 7 to something that depends on the number of objects in the repository18:01
sergio-br2cjwatson, you that? ^18:07
sergio-br2* you know that18:09
cjwatsonWe call --short, so it'll (perhaps unfortunately) depend on the version of git18:11
cjwatson        return self.branch.git_output(18:11
cjwatson            "rev-parse", "--short", self.commit).rstrip("\n")18:11
cjwatsonyou can't use that for version ordering anyway - it can only be informational - so it doesn't matter too much18:12
sergio-br2I need hash match exactly between launchpad build and others builds18:13
cjwatsonwhat else implements source package generation using recipes?18:13
sergio-br2some emulators rely in the git hash for netplay stuff18:13
sergio-br2dolphin devs use hash in their builds18:14
sergio-br2then i need to match it on launchpad18:14
cjwatsonwhy are you doing that by parsing it out of the package version?  that's extremely baroque18:14
sergio-br2are there any problem with that?18:15
cjwatsonit's very strange to pick out a hash from that and then use it to control the behaviour of the software18:15
cjwatsonsurely there's some other way you can embed the hash18:15
sergio-br2also, it's the only way I found, getting from the version, since tarball does not have the git stuff18:15
cjwatsonwe could perhaps add a git-commit-long substitution variable that doesn't truncate?18:16
cjwatsonor git-commit-full or whatever18:16
sergio-br2urgh, then the version will be very big18:17
cjwatsonor we could explicitly force it to be --short=718:17
cjwatsona bit odd, but it would match the docs and match bzr-builder ...18:17
cjwatson(for bzr recipes based on git-to-bzr imports, git-commit is always the first 7)18:18
cjwatsonfile a bug on git-build-recipe?18:18
scootergrisenHow do i download all the po files from https://translations.launchpad.net/linuxmint/latest/+lang/da in a smart way?18:21
cjwatsonI don't know of a sensible way, unfortunately, but my knowledge of the Translations component is a bit sparse.18:22
cjwatsonWe should probably add an export-tarball function there just as we have for packages.18:22
dobeyif it's importing from a branch that's hosted on lp, you can configure translations to export back directly into the branch, and lp will automatically commit po files into the project18:25
cjwatsondobey: they're asking for an efficient way to do this for lots of packages but a single language18:26
dobeybut if it's a branch import, that won't work; you'd need to make a separate branch just for translations and use it as an intermediary, copying the pot file and po files out, when needed18:26
cjwatsonnot just one branch18:26
dobeyi guess would need to do langpack building magic like ubuntu does18:27
cjwatsonit's sort of like a language pack, but different audience18:28
dobeynot sure if there is a sensible wa to do that though18:28
sergio-br2cjwatson, filled18:28
cjwatsonit would also be terribly slow if the DistroSeriesLanguage was more like Ubuntu-sized than Mint-sized18:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1659624 in git-build-recipe (Ubuntu) "git-commit should be explicitly --short=7" [Undecided,New]18:33
scootergrisenHow can i delete a string suggestion?19:09
scootergrisenThe person reviewing don't want to review my suggestions so i just want to delete them.19:11

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