JP____morning to all; i want to know what software app i have on lubuntu to download apps07:57
helppleasewhat's the alternative to HOSTS file when I need a format like "", instead of: "      myhostname"? either I'm doing something wrong or it won't work with 2 numeric hosts11:16
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gile_in the event of no internet can i still install lubuntu?15:41
gile_Cannot I install bootloader pls15:47
Kan_excuse me I dont mean to be rude but already I checked online and it doesnt work. how do I change my login password17:39
configuringMOUSEHello. I'm trying to remap my mouse thumb button. I've tried xte, xbindkeys, imwheel, and a few more. They all bind the mouse thumb to a key correctly, but there is an issue: when I am holding another mouse button (ie left click) and then I press the thumb button, then the thumb button will do nothing.19:23
configuringMOUSE tested it with xev, having thumb_1 remapped to SPACE key, and while pressing thumb in fact printed space, pressing thumb while holding left click printed button 8 (default mouse thumb button), so  S O M E H O W  the sole act of holding a mouse button DENIES EVERY REMAP TOOL AVAILABLE FOR LINUX.19:24
configuringMOUSEI've googled for hours and there are some people who had my same issue, but no one provided an answer!!!!! i'm going crazy. I've been 4 hours on this. I just want my mouse thumb to behave as a keyboard key, why is it so complicated?19:24
wxlconfiguringMOUSE: it's quite possible that the hardware itself won't support it.19:25
configuringMOUSEthis can be done easily on windows, it's not a hardware issue.. but thanks xwl19:26
wxlthen i'd suggest asking at #ubuntu. this is not a lubuntu-specific problem. for that matter, it's not an ubuntu specific problem either. try ##linux.19:27
configuringMOUSEwxl: it's not a linux specific problem either, it's only about xorg and the tools available in lubuntu to remap mouse buttons19:37
configuringMOUSEi don't know about other distributions19:37
wxlconfiguringMOUSE: so you tried asking in ##linux, then?19:51
configuringMOUSEwxl: won't allow me to enter, can you ask for me?19:56
wxlum, no19:59
wxlif you see /msg chanserv info ##linux and look at the entry msg you'll see what you need to do20:00
configuringMOUSEwxl: I don't need to do anything, it's you who wants me to ask there XD20:01
wxlconfiguringMOUSE: well, do what you want then20:02
configuringMOUSEdon't mention it!20:03

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