g3I think it is you and I only bud00:03
g3no one else in the world00:03
andrew-iiProlly. I'm trying to figure out where the setting is to allow nodes to talk to the outside world00:04
g3What do you mean allow them to talk to the outside world?00:05
andrew-iiBasically, I have the region (and rack) controller on the office network, and all the nodes on a separate wired network, with the only line out through the region controller. It should act like a proxy, but it only does it for apt out of the box, I think.00:06
g3You'll need a VLAN no?00:10
andrew-iiI've got a lot of those, too. I'm vaguely following a tutorial by a Juju dev (  http://blog.naydenov.net/2015/11/deploying-openstack-on-maas-1-9-with-juju-network-setup/)00:11
andrew-iiMainly, I'm still learning how the various configurations are set and overridden.00:11
g3You'll have one VLAN to do the management and another VLAN on the same port that allows outside access00:11
andrew-iiSo maas uses squid as a proxy at /var/lib/maas/maas-proxy.conf, and I'm trying to figure out if it's allowing my node to talk to the outside world or not. Hilariously, it's handling outside DNS great, which means I have the opposite problem I had a long time ago00:13
g3Do you know the difference between fabric and space?00:14
andrew-iiI think a space is an arbitrary designation for grouping things together00:15
andrew-iiBut a fabric should (at least semantically) be on its own physical network00:16
andrew-iiIn the tutorial linked there, I set up two fabrics: `maas-external` which is just on the one NIC on the region controller going to the office, and `maas-management` which is all things connected to the maas switches00:17
g3So lets say I have two subnets: 1 management and another that is my block of IPs from the isp.00:19
g3And when I go to provision new nodes I'd like for MAAS to use the subnet from my ISP and hand out IPs to the nodes00:19
g3Is maas capable of doing so while keeping track?00:20
andrew-iiI think so00:20
andrew-iiBut honestly I am not sure exactly how to go about that - I'd guess that after the node is commissioned, you would set the NIC to have its IP autoassigned00:22
g3Hmm in the rack controller, there isn't a green check next to the dhcpd00:44
andrew-iiThat's a bad day - I had that happen too. There can be a few reasons for that from what little I've seen: make sure you're actually serving dhcp on a subnet (make sure there isn't a conflict), make sure there isn't a bogus subnet (like a blank IPv6 one) that is confounding it00:46
g3I have the interface set with a CIDR
g3with a gateway at
andrew-iiI assume that is also set as the region controller's IP address?00:52
andrew-iierr, and/or racks? (sometimes that needs a dpkg-reconfigure to get set after install)00:52
g3I only have one management node which is a region and a rack?00:55
g31 controller that is a Region and a rack controller00:55
andrew-iiMakes sense.00:55
g3And on the subnet that I have set for fabric 3 on interface em3 it says it is serving dhcp00:56
g3according to https://docs.ubuntu.com/maas/2.1/en/installconfig-subnets-dhcp#enabling-dhcp00:56
g3but ifconfig doesn't show anything on that port00:56
andrew-iiI don't think ifconfig will show that, though I don't know enough to say why00:57
andrew-iiBut if the subnet says that it is serving dhcp, and if rackd shows dhcpd is running, then I'd bet it's working00:58
g3So rackd doesn't have a check next to dhcp01:00
andrew-iiah, I was hoping that got fixed for you; hmm, I don't really know too well how to troubleshoot that01:01
andrew-iiI'd guess there's a conflict preventing it from starting01:01
g3The thing is there is nothing else on that machine01:01
andrew-iiperhaps check /var/log/maas/?01:01
g3it has a static route on a different port01:01
g32017-01-25 23:42:43 maasserver.dhcp: [info] Successfully configured DHCPv4 on rack controller 'ncgqxy'.01:02
andrew-iiI guess I'm out of my depth on that01:03
andrew-iiMuch so. I really wish I understood better how that particular bit works01:07
g3me to01:07
g3did you set your gateway in the subnet to the upstream router perhaps?01:32
andrew-iiI don't think so... If I do a wget on my earlier pastebin ( `wget http://pastebin.com/raw/FkMnpY8f` ) it will correctly resolve the ip of it, but it will never connect01:33
andrew-iifrom a deployed node, that is01:33
andrew-iiThe maas controller is gold01:34
andrew-iiIf I set the proxy to my maas controller via `export http_proxy=`, then I get a 403 forbidden. So it's like the built-in maas proxy could work, but it rejects everything01:35
andrew-iiI think that may be for an ealier version of maas (maybe pre-1.8?)01:40
andrew-iiThough that's close to my setup, where I just don't have that red line01:40
andrew-iiPart of the problem is the docs and a lot on the net are for pre-maas2.0, and a lot has been added and managed in maas 2, so it's hard to tell what's still meaningful01:43
andrew-iiWell, there are a lot of 2.x docs, too. But it's not quite as expansive yet01:45
g3So I have teh checkmark next to the dhcp now01:50
g3but there is no activity on that port01:51
g3no activity light* blinking on that port01:51
andrew-iiMight not do much until it commision/deploy?01:52
g3on your maas server01:59
g3are you doing dhcp?01:59
g3if so do you get anything in ifconfig?02:00
andrew-iiQuite a bit of it02:00
andrew-iiThe maas controller is doing dhcp on all subnets that are not on the wan or office (basically all the 10.xxx stuff)02:01
g3but on that interface port?02:01
g3like em#02:01
andrew-iiifconfig shows that all my adapters and vlans are live02:01
g3mine doesn't show anything but the main network02:01
andrew-iiThere's almost no traffic, since only one node is live02:01
g3I have em1 which is the network and I'm trying to set em4 to the private network02:02
andrew-iiAh, mine's enp3s0f0 and enp3s0f102:02
g3yeah I don't expect the names to match02:03
andrew-iiSo the first is the external, and the second is the internal. Everything internal seems to be sane, though I haven't bootstrapped juju or fully configured it all yet02:03
andrew-iiExternally, I serve no dhcp02:03
g3are you serving dhcp from the region /rack controler?02:03
andrew-iiThe little office router will handle that (well, the Windows domain controller, I guess)02:03
g3I see02:04
andrew-iiThe rack/region controller handles dhcp for everything on the maas management network02:04
andrew-iiOne sec, snapshotting mine02:05
g3also if you could pastebin your cat /var/lib/maas/dhcpd.conf ?02:06
andrew-iihttp://pastebin.com/raw/qYDuH0c1 < cat /var/lib/maas/dhcpd.conf02:09
andrew-iiNote that I only configured names. The maas setup automatically filled in all the stuff from my /etc/network/interfaces file02:12
g3it basically matches mine02:12
g3with more vlans02:12
andrew-iiI also have to ifup the vlans after startup, because the interfaces file apparently trips overitself if you do it all there at once02:13
g3what does your /etc/network/interfaces look like?02:25
g3did you have to configure the interface there?02:26
g3I got the activity light to come on by setting it in /etc/network/interfaces02:26
g3but if I set it to dhcp it doesn't come up02:26
andrew-iiI've configured them all there02:26
g3I seee02:26
andrew-iiI'm just noticing that there's some iptables stuff there. I dunno if that's not needed anymore; the EC2 redirect was a response to what I think was a bug in the setup, but again, I may need to try it without the rules02:28
andrew-iiNote that I commented out the vlan auto enp... lines, since it breaks the setup. I have to ifup the vlans after the network is up02:29
g3OH NICE02:31
g3*does a dance*02:31
andrew-iiMake sense?02:31
g3Though I have two of the rackcontrollers popping up02:31
g3on and
g3but the other machine plugged in is popping up on the dhcp02:31
andrew-iiOh, good!02:32
g3I don't understand the two, but hey02:32
g3Now I see the other machine in the subnet02:32
andrew-iiSeems like something that could at least be troubleshot, right?02:33
g3how do I now commission?02:34
g3It isn't showing up in device discovery02:37
andrew-iiI've added machines manually; I have a text file with all the machine's MAC addresses and the static IPs I set for the IPMI setup, and then just commision manually02:38
andrew-iiI think it will eventually discover the machine, but that's a new feature that I just haven't gotten to trying yet02:38
andrew-iiAlright, giving up for the day. Good luck!02:42
g3thanks buddy02:43
g3now it is stuck on commisioning02:50
g3It can reboot02:50
g3Hmm now when I went to commision it did it's PXE thing. THen a new machine popped up03:12
g3and then I was able to commission that one?03:12
pmatulisg3, what are you trying to do? the backscroll is too long03:16
g3No worries03:21
g3I finally commisioned and acquired03:21
g3when I went to deploy03:22
g3Stdout: "Error: /dev/sda: unrecognised disk label03:22
g3Installation failed with exception: Unexpected error while running command.03:22
g3Command: ['curtin', 'block-meta', 'custom']03:22
g3Exit code: 303:22
g3Reason: -03:22
g3Stdout: "Error: /dev/sda: unrecognised disk label\nError: /dev/sdb: unrecognised disk label\nno disk with serial 'PHFT6401010P800CGN' found\n"03:22
g3Most of the backscroll is myself and andrew-ii trying to get my dhcp to work03:22
g3I think I sorted that out.03:23
g3Though the machine wasn't showing up in the device discovery, so I manually added a node.03:23
g3using the IPMI 2.0 I was able to reboot / commission03:23
g3but the node that I created hung on commisioning, while a new node popped up with a random name (warm-spider.maas)03:24
g3I was able to then commission that node (which was the one that I created...as that is the only machine plugged in)03:24
g3and it had the same DHCP ip of x.x.x.10103:24
g3then after it commisioned I acquired it, setup a RAID1 on sda&sdb03:25
g3went to deploy03:25
g3and it failed03:25
g3So now I released it and am currently erasing the disks03:27
pmatulisyou don't need to acquire. that's really just used if a user wants to reserve a node. maas will never automatically use a node that is acquired03:29
g3ok so correct path is to commision then deploy?03:33
pmatulisg3, yes. curious. did you start by reading the maas documentation?03:34
g3I did03:35
g3but frankly, it seems a little spotty03:35
pmatulisthis gives a runthrough: https://docs.ubuntu.com/maas/2.1/en/installconfig-checklist03:35
pmatulissubheadings: 'Commission a node', then 'Deploy a node'03:35
g3so what does acquiring actually do?03:36
g3And under DHCP I had to setup the MAAS interface (em4 for instance) under /etc/network/interfaces as a static route03:37
g3then in MAAS give that interface a static route as well03:37
pmatulisg3, re acquire, i pretty much told you03:39
pmatulisbut you can read here: https://docs.ubuntu.com/maas/2.1/en/intro-concepts03:39
pmatulis(see 'acquire' action and 'allocated' status)03:39
g3Where did the random name come from?03:40
pmatuliswhen used with a service orchestration tool, such as Juju, acquire happens under the hood03:41
pmatulisg3, from some python library probably03:41
pmatulis(random names)03:41
g3fair enough03:41
pmatulisg3, i have never had to set up a static route in MAAS yet. why did you do that?03:42
g3Because nothing was coming up?03:43
g3I went to the VLAN and setup DHCP03:43
g3went to the interface on the region / rack controller and set it to DHCP03:43
g3but nothing was showing up in mass, with ifconfig and the activity light wasn't blinking on the port03:44
g3Only once I setup static routes for MAAS did the green check next to DHCPD on the region/rack controller page appear03:44
g3And only then did the other machine I am attempting to deploy show up in the node list03:45
pmatulisyou set the interface on the region/rack controller to 'DHCP'?03:45
g3I did, but nothing was happening03:45
g3I can remove the static from /etc/network/interfaces and give it a go again03:46
pmatulisthat's not how you enable DHCP03:46
pmatulisi recommend you read the docs: https://docs.ubuntu.com/maas/2.1/en/installconfig-subnets-dhcp03:47
pmatulisanyway, i need to go to bed. please read the docs. if you find them lacking kindly open a bug. there is a link at the bottom of the menu (left pane)03:49
g3I have03:49
g3and I've done that03:49
g3I've now removed the route from /etc/network/interfaces03:49
g3in the vlan on the subnet I have enabled the dhcp03:49
g3in the region/rack controller I have the em4 interface set to dhcp03:50
g3but now the check mark next to the dhcpd is gone and there is no activity on the port again03:50
ihihhelp configuring maas?03:54
g3help me?03:54
g3Well first I can't get the dhcp to work unless I set a static in MAAS and in /etc/network/interfaces03:55
ihihis there another dhcp server on the same network?03:56
g3This side of the network is all static routes as it is our public IP block03:57
g3and I am setting up MAAS on a private OOB network03:57
ihihits supposed to be static03:59
g3Hmm okay04:00
g3pmatulis said otherwise, but that is the only way I've been able to get it to work04:00
g3okay lets say it is working04:01
g3It wasn't discoverying the device04:01
g3So I added it manually and commisioned the nod04:01
g3it then hung at commissioning forever, while a new node of random name popped up04:01
g3with the correct cpu, mem, drives, ect..04:01
g3I commissioned that one. then acquired. then deployed with a raid104:02
ihihyup that happens04:02
g3which part?04:02
g3random name?04:02
ihihthe entire thing04:02
g3then it failed though04:02
ihihcommissioning failed?04:03
g3Stdout: "Error: /dev/sda: unrecognised disk label\nError: /dev/sdb: unrecognised disk label\nno disk with04:03
g3            serial 'PHFT6401010P800CGN' found\n04:03
ihihwell, I tried to configure it for openstack04:04
ihihand juju bootstrap failed04:04
g3And how hmp04:05
ihihim guessing youre stuck where i am04:08
ihihnodes arent properly configured04:08
ihihhow have you networked the nodes?04:08
g3I currently only have the node connected to the OOB network04:09
g3I did see lots of 401's popping up04:10
ihihis your region controller node configured to access the internet04:12
g3It is, but I don't have that subnet forwarded to the nodes04:13
ihihis your network configured to something like this? - www.openstackbasement.com/maas-network-hardware/openstack%20network.png?attredirects=004:14
g3minus the 5port dumb switch yes04:15
ihihhave you updated the boot images?04:16
g3I only pulled them down maybe 4 hours ago04:16
ihihhave you tried recommissioning the same node again?04:17
g3I am doing it right now04:17
g3without the raid104:17
g3THough now it appears that the machine is off and it is stuck at deploying04:21
ihihGive it some time04:22
ihihsay 10-15 min04:22
ihihwhich maas version are you using?04:22
g3Okay well I'll head home then check on it in 30 min or so04:23
ihih2.1 out? updating maas only gets me 1.904:24
g3are you on 14.4?04:24
g3states you need xenial for 2.0+04:25
g3for 2.0 and above**04:25
ihihis your node configured to wake on lan?04:27
g3so I uploaded a sshkey to the MAAS admin account. Deployed a server, but I can't access it?05:45
g3ssh ubuntu@<node> asks for a pass05:45
g3Oh it gave it a ip from the reserved block. got it.05:54
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pmatulisTeranet, https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+filebug23:53
TeranetThank you23:55

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