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EvilRoeyhello all.  I just mistakenly (i.e. had issued do-release-upgrade -d) upgraded from 16.04 -> 17.04-devel; tried installing the latest VirtualBox package and got this: http://pastebin.com/zU8QuCzi  <-- how can I fix this?  I've asked in #vbox but don't see any replies so far.15:16
ikoniathe most realistic thing would be to re-instal the ubuntu version you want15:23
ikoniarunning on a development version by "accident" is not the way to run15:23
EvilRoeyikonia: aye.... (and as someone who used to run debian's SID for years... yeah... I kind of agree)15:24
EvilRoeystill though--if I can do this without having to resort to reinstalling, that would be ideal15:24
EvilRoeyfor me.15:24
ikoniayou'll need to re-install15:24
ikoniathere is no downgrade15:25
EvilRoeyI understand that.15:25
cskamahi. anybody having problem with highDPI scaling in zesty? seems like all GTK3 apps round the scale factor after the upgrade15:31
cskamai.e. unity is scaled to 1.5 (like i set it) but firefox and geary are at 2.015:32
EvilRoeyreinstalled my OS from 17.04-devel to 16.10, and now VirtualBox appears to build the kernel module without errors. Yeay!  Thanks for your help!16:37
Dreamanhot install kernel 4.10 rc520:25

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