TheMusoHey hikiko.06:00
happyaronhey hikiko TheMuso06:06
hikikoHi TheMuso happyaron :-)06:07
* happyaron test machine dies after dist-upgrade (xenial06:08
seb128good morning desktopers09:15
Laneyhi seb128!09:54
seb128hey Laney! how are you?09:56
seb128I started wondering if my IRC was working :-)09:56
davmor2Morning all09:58
seb128hey davmor209:59
Laneyseb128: good thanks!09:59
Laneyclimbing + folk club last night09:59
Laneymy new house plants just got delivered :-o09:59
Laneysupposed to be < 0° all day today, brrrr10:00
Laneyhow are you?10:00
Laneyand hey davmor2!10:00
seb128going for indoor gardening in winter? ;-)10:00
Laneyhow are you also?10:00
seb128I'm fine, cold is still a bit annoying10:00
Laneythought I'd get some more green in the place10:00
desrthappy thursday!13:59
* desrt encounters difficulty typing13:59
seb128hey desrt! how are you?14:00
seb128keyboard issues? too cold to type?14:00
desrttoo much 5.8 last night14:01
desrtand some pretty rough boldering routes too14:01
desrtarm feel weird this morning :)14:01
seb1285.8 is a climing place?14:02
desrtit's a difficulty level14:03
seb128oh ok14:03
desrtlike 5.10+ is will/laney levels14:03
desrt5.4, 5.5, 5.6 is around what most people could do without a whole lot of practice14:03
desrti'm somewhere in the middle14:03
seb128I see14:04
seb128raising up your game ;-)14:04
desrtlol.  i just learned that it goes up to (at least) 5.15 on some tables14:05
desrtthat's like spiderman level, i guess14:05
desrthttp://outdoorswithdave.com/climbing/climbing-ratings good overview14:06
desrtnobody really completely agrees on the numbers... even gyms in toronto have some disagreement... according to this page, i was more in the 5.9-5.10 range...14:09
Laneyyessssss go desrt14:19
Laneythey have the V grades at my place14:19
desrtya... we're so weird here14:26
desrtwe use the US system for toprope/lead and the V system for boldering14:26
Laneyoh right, yeah, they do have different systems14:30
LaneyI never do !bouldering :)14:30
Laneydon't know why but the centre's training climbs are graded in font grades14:31
Laneyit's all confusing14:31
desrtwe went to will's gym last night (went to mine last time).... his bouldering stuff is ... strange14:32
desrtour gym is great... the routes are by the colours of the holds... at his place, the holds are randomly coloured and labelled.... if it's not labelled, it's not there14:33
desrtand some of the tape is falling off :(14:33
desrtoh... and they don't do V grades there, actually... they do it by the karate belt system... white is easiest, then yellow, etc.14:34
desrtit's a mess :)14:34
Laneyusually I just try stuff until it gets too hard14:34
Laneybecause obviously people have different ideas of what the same grade means14:35
desrti took a friend for the first time last night, though14:35
desrtso quite useful to be able to answer the question of "which one is the easiest"14:35
desrtturns out the answer is "white"14:35
Laneywe have...14:36
Laneygreen (kids) purple black blue red yellow white orange14:36
desrtlol.  so your yellow/white/orange is the impossible stuff... for us those are the easy ones :)14:36
* Laney does red and some yellow14:36
Laneydone like 3-4 whites ever14:36
desrti did one yellow last night... in two parts :p14:36
desrtmy bouldering is pretty hurting14:37
Laneyorange is a circlejerk for the setters and the 5 top people14:37
Laneyahhh climbing14:37
desrtmostly regretting that i didn't leave my ring at home, and trying not to mess up my nails too badly :)14:37
Laneyoh and wood too, how could I forget wood :(14:38
Laneythat's like red/yellow but with crappy wood holds14:39
desrti hate small holds14:39
desrtmy ideal climbing route has some mix of overhang, big moves, and dynamic... but all on very good holds14:40
Laneyopposite of me then14:41
Laneyi'm relatively crap at dynos14:41
Laneyrelatively good at sick crimps14:42
desrti like it... on toprope, falling is actually kinda fun14:42
desrtit makes you angry and gives you a vague desire to kill the wall... which helps14:42
desrtthe only good thing about small holds is that they force you to improve your body position.... centre of gravity is everything...14:43
desrtthe "ow ow ow my fingers are breaking" aspect is not so great14:43
desrtbut the "get used to hugging the wall or get used to failing" aspect is kinda cool14:44
Laneyi love engaging the core14:45
Laneycreeping up on some crappy foot14:45
Laneywhere's attente, he should be joining in14:45
desrtclimbing hangover14:46
desrthe had a rough night14:46
desrtfell on lead a couple of times and got into an argument with an obnoxious 5.10+ toprope with an impossible move to a crappy hold14:47
desrti was catch... he tried like 8 times while i just sat there and left the rope alone... i was impressed14:47
Laneyit'll go man14:49
desrtmy friend killed it... they have these tall climbs there and the whole time she was like "okay... now *really* this is my last one..."14:50
desrtthen rested for 10 minutes and did another14:50
desrtlike 3 times...14:50
desrtended up killing a 5.7 in the end, on her first day14:50
desrtshe definitely caught the bug14:51
attentei bailed three clips up a 5.10 sport that i usually finish cleanly14:53
attentegoing again tonight to redeem myself14:53
desrtattente: honestly?  you looked awesome up there.  you were crushing it in the start... if anything, you just went too fast and wore yourself out14:53
desrtalso.. the way you move is really nice... i climb like a drunken idiot stumbling their way home from the pub... you look like a freaking dancer up there14:56
Sweet5hark*grmble* I begin to suspect the i386/xenial snap build env on launchpad is fubar. I mean tests pass on amd64 and with just a few exceptions also on armhf, but i386 stumbles over itself on pretty much everything.14:59
Sweet5harkon the bright side though the dpkg builds of libreoffice 5.3.0 seem to succeed once I removed the beyond-evil hackery in the bowels of ./.debhelper and such that debian did.15:04
Sweet5harklooking at that the hackery, I wonder if that stuff is really worth it. seems something that will break with every second update of LO or debhelper. Prolly best left out until it can be solved in a clean way ...15:20
Laneysee you tuesday :-)18:11
seb128Laney, have a nice w.e!18:12
dmj_s76sil2100: Testing for the humanity-icon-theme went well.  When do you think we'll see the -proposed package arrive in xenial?19:18
* dmj_s76 crosses fingers for the .2 release19:20
jbichadmj_s76: if 16.04.2 is still happening on Feb 2, you're too late unless you get an exception (SRUs generally have to wait 7 days before being promoted to -updates)19:31
dmj_s76jbicha: The package was uploaded...yesterday19:34
dmj_s76jbicha: Is the release still happening on Feb 2?  The daily iso doesn't list the HWE kernel in the manifest.19:35
jbichadmj_s76: oh, your package is already in -proposed and is verified; yes, it might still make it in in .219:41
dmj_s76okay.  Yes, hoping to have a rather embarrassing hidpi bug fixed for the installer.19:43
jbichafor 16.04.1, I believe other packages were let in that hadn't waited a full week first19:44
jbichaI think if it's an installer issue, it's especially likely to be accepted :)19:45
jbichais the appstream generator not working? http://appstream.ubuntu.com/zesty/ and appstream.ubuntu.com/yakkety-updates/ say last update was Jan 1520:02
jbichamy test case is wine which should show up in appstream clients in zesty now :)20:06
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