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axidentNew linux user here, just did a dual boot of ubuntu-mate with my Windows 10 rig and I can't seem to get Steam working.  Tried from multiple package managers... no luck04:39
axidentanyone able to help me try and get steam working in my new install?04:40
mate|26817whats app?06:03
Bray90820So for the life of me I can't seem to get ubuntu mate for the raspberry pi working06:33
Bray90820I have used DD to write the image over and over again06:33
Bray90820"sudo dd if='/media/data/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img' of=/dev/sdd1"06:33
Astro74671st boot is slow from memory - screen doesn't come on until it does a partition resize06:34
Astro7467I hv made a couple of images for Pi 3 Mod B, and piTop without issue06:35
Astro7467could also be a corrupt img file causing issue - think checksums are published on the download page06:36
alkisgBray90820: and what are the contents of that partition now, if you run "ls"?06:40
Bray90820Honestly I can't even mount the partition06:41
alkisgBray90820: is it formatted as a fat partition first?06:43
alkisgAnd, what is the output of this? file /media/data/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img06:43
Bray90820It is formatted fat yes06:44
Bray90820bash: /media/data/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error06:44
alkisgI wrote a "file" there06:45
alkisgDo include it in the command06:45
alkisgfile /media/data/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img06:45
Astro7467for comparison this is my img file;06:47
Bray90820alkisg: http://pastebin.com/raw/th2Un1pT06:47
Astro7467DOS/MBR boot sector; partition 1 : ID=0xc, active, start-CHS (0x0,32,33), end-CHS (0x8,73,1), startsector 2048, 131072 sectors; partition 2 : ID=0x83, start-CHS (0x8,73,2), end-CHS (0x3d3,15,60), startsector 133120, 15595520 sectors06:48
alkisgSince it's a boot sector, you're suppose to write it to sdd, not to sdd106:48
alkisg*Since it contains an MBR...06:48
alkisgTry to dd it to sdd, then run sudo partprobe /dev/sdd, and then mount sdd106:48
Bray90820So format and run it again with sdd instead of sdd1?06:49
alkisgWithout formatting06:49
alkisgThe MBR is the format06:50
alkisgTake care to unmount everything first, of course06:50
alkisgif you have anything mounted off of sdd*06:50
Bray90820Would it hurt to format because it can't find /dev/sdd06:53
alkisgYou can't format sdd if you can't find it06:53
alkisgUnplug and re-plug it06:53
Bray90820Lets just say for sake of argument I could find it would it hurt to format it?06:54
alkisgNo, but your formatting will be reformatted06:54
alkisgSo it's utterly useless06:54
alkisgFormatting means writing the mbr06:54
alkisgdd then writes the new mbr over the formatting that you did06:54
alkisgso it's completely pointless to format before dd'ing an mbr06:55
Bray90820well I need to format so dd can find it in the first place06:55
alkisgThe device node for sdd should be there even if it's not formatted06:55
alkisgIt doesn't need a file system06:55
alkisgIt's a block device06:55
alkisgYou only need to format sdd if you want to dd to sdd106:55
alkisgBut you want to dd to sdd, not to sdd106:55
Bray90820Your right06:55
Bray90820I just formatted it and it still can't be found06:56
alkisgHow would you format it if it's not there?06:56
alkisgWhat command did you use?!06:56
alkisgI think you need to unplug and re-plug the sd card...06:57
Bray90820There we go06:57
Bray90820I had a few typos06:58
Bray90820DD is running now06:58
Bray90820I think a half hour for an 8gb file is to long for dd or am I just wrong?07:28
alkisgBray90820: if you switch to another tab, and run: sudo killall -USR1 dd, you'll then be able to switch to the first tab, and see the dd progress messages07:33
Bray90820But DD will stop right?07:34
alkisgUSR1 is a special signal that tells dd to show its progress, not stop07:34
Bray90820A new terminal window?07:35
alkisgOr a new terminal tab, yes07:36
Bray90820I think something has gone wrong07:37
alkisgFirst of all you should have put "bs=1m" there07:38
alkisgNow it's writing byte-by-byte, which makes it super slow07:38
Bray90820ow much has it written 5.5g or 5.1g?07:39
alkisgWhat is the output of `ls -lha /media/data/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img` ?07:39
Astro7467it shows it is 5/8 of the way through - so you can leave it running a bit longer07:39
alkisgGB means gigabyte07:39
alkisgGiB means gibibyte07:39
alkisgIt's the same amount in different measure units, google them07:39
Astro7467the GB vs Gib is 100bytes vs 1024bytes notation07:39
Astro7467*1000 bytes07:40
Bray90820But is the 5.5 the number or is the 5.1 the number it's copied07:40
alkisgEh, it's the same number, you didn't understand...07:41
Astro7467as alksig mentioned, for future reference, dd is faster when you give it a Block Size argument (i.e. bs=1M) - it speeds up cos you are say do things in 1 Megabyte junks07:41
alkisgWhat is bigger, 1 meter or 3.28084 feet? Answer, it's the same number in different units.07:41
alkisgSo 5.5 GB=5.1 GiB, same number in different units07:42
Astro7467GB vs GiB is a bit like saying you travel KM vs Miles - same distance/size - different unit of measure07:42
Bray90820Oh I see07:42
* ouroumov_ hates iBs.07:54
ouroumov_Bray90820, don't forget to use the command "sync" after dd07:57
Bray90820DD just finished so what d I do?07:57
ouroumov_you type "sync" in the terminal07:57
ouroumov_and wait for that to complete before unplugging the key07:57
ouroumov_It will complete when you get your prompt back07:58
Bray90820What will that do?07:58
ouroumov_This is needed to flush the write buffer, make sure your data is actually written on the key and not stuck in RAM07:58
Bray90820I see07:58
Bray90820so I can unmount now?07:59
Astro7467yes, once the prompt is back after sync command you are safe to remove the card - unmount it 1st if it has auto-mounted08:01
Bray90820Hey Hey Hey it works08:03
Bray90820Well idk actually08:03
Bray90820I got a kernel panic08:04
Bray90820Idk where to go from here08:08
Astro74671st thing I would do is a full package update08:09
Astro7467assuming you can at least boot in and start a terminal08:09
Bray90820I can't even do that08:09
Astro7467what was you running/doing when the kernel panic occurred?08:09
Bray90820I put the SD card in the PI plugged the USB into the pi nd that's the first thing on the screen08:10
Astro7467see https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/kernel-panic-during-first-boot/553308:12
Astro7467seems it is a img vs SD card size issue - u using a 8GB SD?08:12
Bray9082032GB card08:14
Astro7467that should not be a problem then - but probably worth doing the fsck on ur computer tho08:15
Astro7467so the commands - once on your computer - and assuming the sd mounts as /dev/sdd again are;08:16
Astro7467sudo e2fsck -f /dev/sdb08:16
Astro7467sori - start again08:17
Astro7467sudo e2fsck -f /dev/sdd208:17
Astro7467sudo resize2fs /dev/sdd208:17
Astro7467sudo fsck.ext4 -f /dev/sdd208:17
Bray90820Astro7467: http://pastebin.com/raw/D9vxSZnH08:26
Astro7467that all checked out OK08:30
Bray90820So what next?08:30
Astro7467before you said plug in USB - assumeed you meant the USB-OTG power?08:31
Astro7467try booting the Pi again - not seen this issue before - assume you can boot the Pi with NOOBS or Raspbian OK?08:32
alkisgCan you upload a photo of the kernel panic?08:33
Bray90820I haven't tried NOOBS or Raspbin but yes i can get you a picture08:33
Bray90820alkisg: Astro7467 Any more info for me08:52
Astro7467I am mobile at the moment.08:53
alkisgNah, I can't see anything useful in that kernel panic08:53
Bray90820So you don know what I should do next?08:54
Astro7467only other thoughts are ; Using power supply strong enough (2.5a 5.1v for Pi 3 B). try DD again or grab NOOBS to confirm Pi isn't faulty08:54
Bray90820I have a pi 208:57
alkisgI'm not sure pi 2's can boot from usb...08:58
Bray90820Ubuntu is being installed on an SD card08:59
Bray90820USB s for power08:59
alkisgAnd is it 2 Ampere?08:59
Bray90820It's a QC3 charger09:00
alkisgOK then no ideas, like Astro7467 said, try dd again or try noobs09:01
Bray90820Thanks anyways09:09
sachinHello! anyone tell me the process to create bootable drive with presistant storage using dd command?10:32
ouroumov_sachin, it's not possible10:33
sachinIs there any way I can create bootable drive with presistant storeage?10:33
ouroumov_Yes but not with dd. Persistant storage requires finesse, dd is a hammer.10:34
ouroumov_sachin, try unetbootin10:34
sachinis that in official repo?10:34
ouroumov_Yes, in universe, however hang on10:35
ouroumov_yeah no I don't have a ppa10:35
ouroumov_so just sudo apt install unetbootin10:36
sachincool! thanks buddy!10:36
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comptekkiI have ubuntu-mate installed (16.10) and have an external monitor that I've set as default.  Sometimes when I unpluge the external moniter the top panel doesn't move over to the laptop screen.  When it does this.  Is there a way to get the panel to move over?17:14
alkisgGo to the monitors dialog and disable the external one , at that point17:17
alkisgOr run xrandr17:17
comptekkiok, will try that next time.  Thanks17:18
sixwheeledbeastControl Center > Displays will be the place to look17:18
comptekkiThere is no menu to get to that.  I can right-click on desktop and open terminal.  But if it opens on the right screen area.....17:19
alkisgIt usually opens where the mouse cursor is17:20
alkisgYou can also assign a shortcut to a script, e.g. alt+ctrl+0 => turn off external monitor17:20
comptekkivia top or xtree and can see that mate-control-ce is the process, but there is none by that name via which - must start from something else17:30
alkisgps aux|grep control17:31
alkisgYou'll see mate-control-center17:31
comptekkiah - yes and I moved my mouse over to the laptop window and it does open on the side the mouse is - thanks!17:32
un1x00Is anyone here running ubuntu mate on macbook dual boot?17:58
comptekkimacbook pro 201518:00
comptekkiI use refind for booting - when needed18:01
comptekkionce I go in to ubuntu-mate - it seems to then just but from there - no more refind until I run refind install from mac side - probably could run from ubuntu side also18:02
comptekkiyou may need to run sip off - boot from utility partition and run terminal and then run csrutil disable18:05
comptekkiI know I had to do that to install refind - can't remember if it's needed to install ubuntu grub18:06
comptekkisip started with el cap - not sure which mac os you have18:07
dbrassHi, I would have a small feature request but I don't know where I should ask for it. Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer and I have no clue where the fix should be made.20:24
dbrassWhen unmounting a USB drive, it would be great to have a notification when all the writes are done and the drive can be "safely removed"20:24
dbrassI once destroyed a drive by pulling it out too early after unmounting it and I want to avoid this kind of problem in the future20:25
HoppingMadManOk, I would go to the launchpad page and request a feature20:25
dbrassI tried asking this question on #mate but no one is active since over an hour20:25
dbrassthe launchpad of ubuntu-mate?20:26
dbrassOr should I go for the upstream (mate)?20:26
HoppingMadManI would go upstream20:26
HoppingMadManPersonally because or maybe someone here can do it in Ubuntu Mate and then push it upstream20:26
HoppingMadManBut this would be the place to ask20:27
dbrassyeah, there is probably a higher chance of the feature being seen if I post it in ubuntu-mate,s launchpad20:28
HoppingMadManMaybe, or do you use Twitter or Facebook20:28
dbrassI don't have an account in either20:29
dbrass(of them)20:29
HoppingMadManOh, ok well try hang around in here maybe one of the devs might come by and see it or if not some one might know a dev personally and can send your request on20:29
HoppingMadManIf you use git maybe you could message some of the Devs20:31
dbrassI'll try to catch wimpy of poppey in the jb channel20:32
HoppingMadManYeah that was going to be my next suggestion just DM them on IRC they are really nice people and sure wouldn't be bothered it and if not might be able to grant your request20:33
dbrassor otherwise they'll direct me to the best method (as they see fit)20:37
dbrassthanks for your help20:37
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theais the new menu for mate (brisk) allready in the ppa for 16.04?22:26
Astro7467I haven't looked in the last week or so, but suspect 16.04 won't get briskmenu as it looks like it is GTK3 - but haven't confirmed that22:29
Astro7467I just looked at Wimpy's ppa and no xenial pkg there still22:32
theathank you for looking22:34
theai was there to but couldnt figure out if its in there or not22:34
Astro7467I hv the ppa on my xenial install, so I just saw the error from apt update is still there - lazy but effective22:36
wayne_hi all23:10
wayne_does anyone know how to resolve the sync issue with chromium on ubuntu mate?23:10
HoppingMadManNever had that issues before wayne_ any more information than that?23:41
wayne_ive been trying to get syncing of bookmarks and extensions working in chromium23:59
wayne_ive tried removing and reinstalling and also clearing all application cache/history23:59

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