bazhangk1l_, I think humanai wants some darkweb00:07
k1l_yeah, but i ran out of darkweb lately :/00:08
bazhangswing and a miss!00:11
bazhangtransitbot> Question02:15
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k1l[agd] (~agd@2001:e68:5410:4999:d977:5195:5db4:9a40)15:01
k1lthat somehow reminds me of some troll some time ago15:01
k1l<agd> im merely telling everybody here that your system has NSA in it15:22
Picihttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages has build times of 17:00Z20:14
ikoniayeah, I saw the test report on it pass only an hour or so ago20:14
ikoniait's a troll to be honest I think20:14
ikoniait's not real concern20:15
k1lor its a kali or backbox box with some macchanger running.20:42
k1lworth noting to staff that this is holocaust denial: <highIQ> 6,000,000 LIES!!! THE GREATEST HOAX IN HISTORY https://youtu.be/TAtVKLATABM22:26
daxFixed. I assume based on scrollback that you are currently not setting bans/quiets/whatever yourself and just reporting here?22:28
k1li still dont have bantracker access. and since i was told i kick/ban/mute way too much i reduce that actions.22:29
daxOkays. I'll keep an eye out, ten.22:30
bazhanggood buddy22:30
elkyooh another new hostname for my list23:06
elkyi also note that it was a pay-tier of a vpn network23:56
bazhanggenii, !23:58
bazhanghappy chinese new year!23:58
bazhangnot seen you for ages23:59

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