nzoueidiMorning folks!08:51
Drobjr les ubuntistes!08:57
elachecheBonjour Dro09:06
elachecheMornign nzoueidi09:06
elachecheAnd nizarus  praisethemoon :D09:06
nzoueidiHow are you friends! :D09:07
praisethemoonGood morning wonderful people09:07
praisethemoonHow is everyone?09:07
Droelacheche, tu as oubliƩ chaker cbj... ChanServ :p09:07
Dropraisethemoon, just like everyday, I'm praising the sun in the morning and planning to praise the moon at night :D09:12
praisethemoonDro, aha xD good one x)09:14
praisethemoonDro, what do you do in life?09:14
Dropraisethemoon, well i'm a student or lets say an engineer Minus the end of studies project :D what about you?09:18
praisethemoonI'm a R&D Software Engineer09:19
praisethemoonYou're looking for an internship project?09:19
praisethemoonoh, I graduated 2016, so we're almost same age09:19
Drowell I already found a project, but if u have a good idea i may go for it :D09:20
praisethemoontell me09:20
praisethemoonWhere, project title & description09:20
Dropraisethemoon, I think we have to discuss about this in PM so we don't break the channel rules :D09:25
praisethemoonsure, PM me bro09:25

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