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retro486Trying to phablet-dev-bootstrap and it's getting 503 error early on... Is something down? Been like this for a few days...01:32
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CoderEuropeHappy Australia day !07:35
DavidrndHello, I've created a build environment with click chroot ( https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/blog/2015/04/13/inner-workings-sdk/ ) but it seems that the repos are differ to the one on the emulator / phone. gtk/cairo etc are missing and i can't find the packages via "apt-cache search" .. Is there a way to upgrade the chroot enviroment ?07:47
DavidrndHello, is there a way to install in a the click chroot enviroment ( https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/blog/2015/04/13/inner-workings-sdk/ ) the libgtk / cairo package ?09:13
zedroidHello. I'm not sure, here I should write or not. For some reason Chromium installed under libertine in BQ M10 (Ubuntu Touch OTA 14) doesn't start properly. It shows balnk screen and falls. Hopefully I've installed all dependencies. Is it a bug or my mistake?10:17
brunch875zedroid: last time I tried it, I experienced the same thing10:27
zedroidAlso is it possible to disable swipes and configure custom opientation?10:40
zedroid If I lock it and set lanscape orientation, after reboot ubuntu set portait orientation even if the orientation change is blocked.10:41
bregmazedroid, I believe there is a bug in Chromium built for ARM in which certain invalid assumptions are made about the OS on which it's running, but you can work around that by explicitly specifying sandbox mode at startup11:23
bregmaI do not know more details11:23
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zedroidbregma: I've found that I can specify flag CHROMIUM_FLAGS="-password-store=detect -user-data-dir" But this is not working at least now.11:48
SaviqElleo, hey, if you remember me complaining about OSK doing jumping jacks, tedg_ filed a bug - bug #165938615:28
ubot5bug 1659386 in ubuntu-keyboard (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu keyboard hides on keypress in applications" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165938615:28
Saviqthinking about it there's a good chance it's our fault - taking focus away from apps on OSK touch15:29
Saviqgreyback, wdyt ↑? miral?15:29
Saviqoh I see you picked it up already15:29
greybackSaviq: I did?15:29
SaviqElleo did15:29
Saviqnot you15:30
greybackSaviq: the miral move is a likely candidate15:30
ElleoSaviq: yeah, that was my thinking too; my guess would be that it's giving focus to the keyboard surface15:57
ElleoSaviq: which then causes it to hide, restoring focus to the app15:57
Saviqyup, sounds about right15:58
horuxanxhi all16:33
horuxanxhave one porter here ?16:33
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courrier I'm planning to buy an Aquaris M10 but the Ubuntu edition is out of stock, can I buy an Android version and install Ubuntu Touch easily?23:20
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Guest12103Hello, Not sure where to ask. What's the best way to add gamepad support for a game on ubuntu touch?23:29
mcphailGuest12103: I haven't tried, but I presume you can use SDL's gamepad functions if you can connect the pad to the phone23:31
mcphail(presuming your game uses SDL)23:31
Guest12103It doesn't but I'd still try.  I tried interacting with /dev/input/js0 but that didn't open. and when I connect a gamepad over bluetooth nothing appears in /dev/input23:32
mcphailTo be honest, I'm not sure if there is gamepad support at the kernel level, whether bluetooth gamepads work or whether a confined click could communicate with a gamepad. popey might know, as he's taken an interest in a lot of the game porting. Does Qt have a joystick library?23:36
Guest12103Qt has Gamepad in 5.7 https://doc-snapshots.qt.io/qt5-5.7/qtgamepad-qmlmodule.html, the version on touch is 5.6 I think.23:40
dobeythe phone only connects to specific profiles right now23:41
dobeyso a gamepad over bluetooth probably won't work23:41
Guest12103would a usb gamepad be good?23:41
dobeyand a usb one might not work generally, due to confinement23:41
mcphailbschaefer: any idea on gamepad support for Guest12103 above? Does your SDL port support it?23:41
bschaeferSDL supports joysticks through manually poll/talking through evdev23:42
dobeymcphail: i don't think the problem is sdl not supporting it, but confinement; unconfined it should work fine with a usb pad i would think, assuming the gamepad doesn't require more juice than you can get out of the usb port23:42
bschaefersoo if it works with SDL, and has access to /dev it should work23:42
mcphaildobey: yes, that is my suspicion. I think people got my Baldur's gate port working with bluetooth keyboards, but never heard about gamepads23:44
mcphailbschaefer: ta. I suspect it'd need special permission for that23:44
bschaefermcphail, just needs to be able to read/open it IIRC23:45
* bschaefer hasnt dug into that code much23:45
dobeymcphail: well i couldn't even pair my obd-ii interface in system settings. bt could work, but requires you to do pairing work right now23:45
mcphaildobey: bluetooth is such a nightmare on the phone, unfortunately. I couldn't properly connect mine to anything23:46
dobeymcphail: well, after the bluez update that let some ble devices work, i managed to get my headset paired23:47
mcphailYes, mine would pair occasionally but would fail often enough to be useless, unfortunately23:48
dobeywell that was on my mako, which i don't use for a phone. just for testing. never got bt working on hammerhead23:49
mcphailBetter get to bed. Guest12103 - if you get any progress can you let me know? Curious to see if this is possible23:50
Guest12103I'll try.23:51
mcphailCheers. Goodnight :)23:51
Guest12103Thanks for the info!23:52
popeybum, missed them23:59
popeymcphail: no, i never got bluetooth gamepads working on touch23:59

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