CoderEuropeHappy Australia day !07:10
SuperMattgood to see, now that chrome and firefox are starting to report insecure sites, that more sites are going https by default08:18
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diddledanSuperMatt: yeah, they're making people actually start to think about security08:55
diddledanboth end-users and site-owners alike08:55
kn1ghtw0rkI have a first line support guy in my team that is seriously making me doubt my sanity08:55
diddledankn1ghtw0rk: surely your lack of sanity should be the first warning sign, no? ;-)08:57
kn1ghtw0rkI have never had an abundance of sanity09:11
kn1ghtw0rkyou all know that09:12
diddledanI'm glad I'm not alone :-)09:12
diddledanlife would be boring if we were sane09:12
davmor2Morning all09:58
diddledandavmor2: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/514480991952699392/RkBBZpB2.jpeg10:00
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Thursday, and happy Australia Day! 😃  🌏  🐨10:01
davmor2diddledan: I think this is slightly more disturbing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgI7kIkwca810:04
diddledanHAL FTW10:05
davmor2JamesTait: just for something that isn't men down under https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GtyMeEcPPE10:07
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:11
davmor2JamesTait: no coffee yet men at work, land down under kinda got merged into one that and I copy pasted :P10:13
foobarrybought a dishwasher at 8pm last night, was installed before 9am today :|10:14
diddledanfoobarry: that's a fast turnaround10:16
zmoylan-piso how did you decide in the end which brand to go for?  the one with no blue leds? :-P11:28
foobarrybosch. was interested in samsung but they didn't seem to do slimline ones11:34
foobarryneed to fit in 45cm gap11:35
zmoylan-pididn't they just recall a home appliance as it was impersonating their latest mobile offering?11:35
zmoylan-pisamsung that is11:35
foobarryused topcashback and an voucher code to make things a bit cheaper11:35
foobarrywell i would like an oven to make things hot11:36
foobarryand a hob to flame things11:36
zmoylan-pia samsung fridge perhaps... :-P11:36
TwistedLucidityzmoylan-pi: Yeah. In the USA their combi washer/dryer (I think) had a conflragation "feature"11:38
daftykinsaww yeah new specs all the way from Hong Kong - https://www.dropbox.com/s/vu061glld8bampw/IMG_20170126_122104.jpg?dl=012:24
daftykinsbottom pair, missing a lens... are the ones i trashed in my spill 2 and a bit years ago12:25
daftykinsit reached 0 deg C this morning D:12:27
zmoylan-piyeah 2 weather warnings in south of ireland... mostly just rain but does feel nippy out12:29
zmoylan-piand renewables ie wind is now providing 60+% or irish leccy at the mo... http://smartgriddashboard.eirgrid.com/12:30
daftykinsoh dear that gives me a 50312:33
daftykinsdoes that mean someone broke wind?12:34
zmoylan-pithey seem to be running that server on a rasp pi and it often can't keep up with number of connections12:35
daftykinsyay it's alive now12:42
daftykinsthat's pretty cool if accurate12:43
daftykinsstrangely, they're planning on running a large power cable from the northern tip of France just to the east of me here - up through the island of Alderney - to England O_O12:44
zmoylan-pithe person i got the link from is an engineer who fixes the wind turbines amongst other things so i'm inclined to believe it's at least rougly accurate12:44
daftykinsvery neat12:45
daftykinsi'd bet there are some fun systems to play with in power generation12:46
daftykinsoh my specs were shipped by a courier named sky net, i think it's the rise of the machines12:49
zmoylan-pilots of big toys... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G4hO76H6AU12:50
daftykinsglaxo smithkline o012:51
zmoylan-piall the big pharmacuticals are huge in ireland for manufacturing and research12:51
daftykinshmm, tax angles i take it?12:52
zmoylan-pino, i think a lot of them predate the tax advantages12:52
zmoylan-pii remember listening to a podcast a few months back from the early 70s about medical research in ireland bringing in international companies12:53
zmoylan-pi*back of a radio documentary from12:53
daftykinsoh i got the timber treatment guys report today to forward to my insurance adjuster, so there's a bit more progress... although they want to trash the rest of my bathroom now, which will mean moving out13:01
zmoylan-pi... or crossing your legs for a few weeks...13:02
daftykinsyip :>13:02
daftykinsi have to head up a clients in a moment for a shower :/13:02
zmoylan-piget a camping shower gizmo and shower in the garden... :-P13:05
zmoylan-pihypothermia... but clean... :-P13:06
daftykinsi don't have a garden :> just a little tiny deck with not so great drainage13:06
daftykinsthink the tap that's there is rusted solid too...13:06
zmoylan-piit's just a bag of water so you can give yourself a navy shower.  wet, soap, rinse, soap, rinse...13:07
foobarrydo we have any coders in here looking for an exciting job?13:16
zmoylan-pii think the coders are down the pub drowning their sorrows over having to use ms software13:23
daftykinsnah they're busy building the latest applications from source because their distro's default repos have all broken software packaged :)13:23
dogmatic69Hi all, im looking for a way to send the keystroke F1 to a terminal session, but it seems like the window manager is catching it13:40
dogmatic69any ideas how I can force it to send?13:40
zmoylan-pitry an onscreen keyboard?13:41
foobarryare there any good subreddits for programmingjobs?13:42
dogmatic69one sec13:42
foobarryno MS software in this job13:42
dogmatic69zmoylan-pi: the onscreeen dont even have function keys13:43
dogmatic69doubt it would work anyway, I think it is the window manager catching for help screens. most apps have F1 for help13:43
diddledandogmatic69: first result on google: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/53581/sending-function-keys-f1-f12-over-ssh13:45
dogmatic69"Another way to see the escape sequence for a function key is to press Ctrl+V in a terminal application that doesn't rebind the Ctrl+V key (such as the shell). Ctrl+V inserts the next character (which will be the escape character) literally, and you'll be able to see the rest of the sequence, which consists of ordinary characters."13:46
dogmatic69try that, and hit F1.. nothing happens13:46
dogmatic69ctrl+v -> F1 ... nothing13:47
diddledanthat isn't what it tells you13:47
diddledanF1 == ^[OP13:47
foobarrygoogle drive is dreadful20:04
foobarryimpossible to navigate folders with any persistence20:05
zmoylan-pii use dropbox... i wouldn't use it for anything secure mind20:05
foobarrythis is a work collaboration between different institutions20:06
foobarryno choice20:06
foobarrycannot see contents of folders easily at all20:06
daftykinsi've seen Google Drive fall over and be unreliable, too20:06
daftykinsno idea what you mean is happening though20:06
SuperMattI'm all about the OwnCloud20:08
foobarrywhen documents are in nested folders, navigating those foldesr is really cludgy20:08
foobarryand opening docs and navigating them is too20:09
foobarryit was ages before i realised there were folders full of files20:09
foobarrymaybe i need that insync client20:09
daftykinson a clients Windows 7 system, i tried moving his Documents folder into the Google Drive root so that it'd keep them backed up - problem? it breaks indexing so search no longer works within it - and the client regularly crashed a couple of years back, generally pretty terrible20:10
zmoylan-piooooh, shiny.... http://kde.slimbook.es/20:14
daftykinshttps://youtu.be/4hHIv9RmDvY kittys + laser pointer now in 4K!20:21

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