brousch__What's the Detroit children's entertainment look like these days? Is the children's Museum still a thing?17:14
jrwrendetroit science center.17:16
jrwrenthis time of year, ice skate at campus martius17:16
brousch__ah, maybe that was it17:16
jrwrenDIA is good for all.17:16
brousch__"Michigan Science Center" typical Detroit claiming to be all of Michigan :P17:17
greg-gnot even the capital city17:21
rick_hwe've done the lansing science center I think a couple of times and it was fun17:23
shakes808would rather make the trip to Chicago and go to Shedd's17:23
rick_hshedd's is nice, but last time I was there went through it pretty fast17:25
jrwrendats an aquarium, not the same at all.17:25
rick_hthe field museum was awesome17:25
jrwrenfield museum is the best, there is a reason it was featured on stargate sg1. :p17:25
rick_hanyone need an msata 128gb drive?17:26
rick_hstupid new nuc of course needed a different drive format. Had to cannabalize my walking desk nuc to get it running for now17:27
cmaloneybrousch__: MI Science center was when outside-folks took over the Detroit Science Center17:35
cmaloneyit was a bit of a dump17:35
cmaloneyImpressions 5 was pretty cool last I was there17:35
cmaloneybut that was over 10 years ago17:35
cmaloneyOh, and The Detroit Zoo is awesome17:36
cmaloneyEven during the cold months17:36
_stink_+1 for the michigan science center17:46
_stink_it's a good time17:46
jrwrenhow old are the children? if 10+, all of the museums are great.17:47
jrwrenMuseum of African American History is really cool. Detroit Historical Museum is great.17:48
jrwrenclose enough.17:48
jrwrenand outside detroit, The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village are super fun, all the time. I've been to those far more than any of the others.17:49
brousch__Yeah, we've been there recently, mostly during makerfaires17:49
brousch__My sister in Royal Oak had a baby, so I'm thinking of visiting her and hitting a museum in Detroit17:50
jrwrenchildren and adults entertainment near there: microcenter. :)17:51
rick_hdetroit zoo is good, we take an annual winter trip as the animals are more out and about and it's less busy/really nice17:54
jrwrengreat to see the polar bears when it is cold.17:58
rick_hyea, and the artic fox, and the normal bears are out more, etc17:59
_stink_i agree, zoo during winter is great18:01
_stink_esp the lack of crowds18:01
rick_hyea, another bonus18:01
rick_hjust wish it had better food options but that's what a cooler and wagon are for :)18:01
cmaloneyYeah, and the cafeteria is all the way in the back18:02
cmaloneythat's the only thing that's open18:02
jrwrennever good food options at such places.18:04
jrwrenbut so close to royal oak, we spend afternoon at zoo and then dinner at Mesa Tacos :)18:06
cmaloneyThat's about all you can get there18:24
cmaloneyreally disappointed Monterrey's became Mesa18:24
jrwrenyeah, used to love monterrey18:29

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