inetprogood mornings05:46
inetproI hear that Kilos at least has a bed this morning05:52
superflyGlad to hear that.05:56
superflyNight inetpro.05:56
inetprogood night superfly05:59
inetprooh and hi kmf05:59
thatgraemeguymorning peoples06:52
theblazehenMorning all06:52
nsnzeromorning all 07:23
paddatrapperhey Kilos, how goes it?07:30
Kiloshi all. im ok. battle with tiny keyboard..will keep pro informed07:31
Kilosyou all keep well07:31
nsnzeroget well soon kilos 07:36
andrewlsd\0  Hi all.08:00
=== MaN1 is now known as MaNI
inetproMaaz: tell Langjan message from Kilos: ...doc forgot to fill in admittance form to 9.3 then tells me I'm not having an attack now so I can go home.13:50
Maazinetpro: Got it, I'll tell Langjan on freenode13:50
inetproMaaz: tell Langjan message from Kilos: I refused and got him to read the report from monash health now ibooked into 9.3 again when there is an empty bed13:50
Maazinetpro: Righto, I'll tell Langjan on freenode13:50
inetproMaaz: tell Langjan message from Kilos: Sigh. Such incompetence.13:50
Maazinetpro: Righto, I'll tell Langjan on freenode13:50
thatgraemeguyMaaz: tell Langjan please tell inetpro to tell Kilos I say "all the best Oom..." :-)13:59
Maazthatgraemeguy: Got it, I'll tell Langjan on freenode13:59
inetpromiles saying, "Lol. Ty so much. I wish I had my lappy here. I miss you guys. All the best to everyone"14:10
inetprothatgraemeguy: the LOL ^^ is meant for you14:11
thatgraemeguynobody close that can organise to bring the man his laptop..... shame :-o14:14
inetproor maybe he just needs a different IRC client on his phone14:17
thatgraemeguywhat phone does he have14:17
inetprohe used the webchat to come online this morning14:17
inetprosome HUWEI but not sure what model...14:18
thatgraemeguyprobably an android14:18
inetprowill find out later... "Wbb. Moving wards"14:18
thatgraemeguyI've used AndroIRC before, not sure how it stacks up against any competition but I found it useable enough14:18
jeritinetpro: any news on Kilos?14:28
jeritthatgraemeguy: I'm using a client called IrcSays by JakeSays14:29
jeritit's pretty amazing to be honest14:29
jeritsimple, but stable14:29
andrewlsdI use Quassel on Android thatgraemeguy inetpro, I have a quassel server that Kilos could connect to for less join/quit14:34
pavlushkaahoy ZA!14:36
* pavlushka missing Kilos14:36
* pavlushka thinks may be he has gone under scissors and knife14:38
superflyMorning all16:45
chesedomorning superfly17:24
chesedoinetpro: it sounds like you are there with our beloved oom Kilos?17:25
smilehi :p17:39
nsnzeroevening guys - any know how to clone a sub directory from github ?19:05
smilensnzero: yeah :p19:08
smilegive me a minute19:08
smileyou might want to do a whole clone though, if the repo isn't gigantic19:09
nsnzerois that 1 using svn ? already read it smile - i want to clone a sub directory of what appears to be a gigabyte repo19:11
smilensnzero: git :p 19:11
smilethe question is svn, the first answer is just a theoretical answer, the second answer provides the solution19:12
nsnzerosvn export <repo>/trunk/<folder> 19:12
smilensnzero: I would still download the whole repo if your capacity/internet cap allows :)19:12
smilensnzero: that's not the "1st" answer :p 19:13
smiletry git archive --remote=<repo_url> <branch> <path> | tar xvf -19:13
smile;) 19:13
nsnzerobut its the easiest ...19:13
smileI hope you don't need to commit your changes back to GitHub? :p 19:13
smilecan you even use svn for github? :p 19:14
nsnzeronope its just a bunch of scripts for me to read through 19:14
smilegit archive --remote=URL master DIRECTORY | tar xvf -19:15
smile;) 19:15
smileeasy! :DD19:15
nsnzerothamks smile !19:20
smilensnzero: you're welcome :) 19:21
nsnzeroi get this though (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set)19:24
nsnzeroi will just clone the entire repo 19:37
smilebye :)19:59

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