jnewtshould it have purged something?00:00
exadBen64: 3300000 2900000 2300000 1700000 140000000:00
exadIt wouldn't move past 1.7 until I turned off powersave00:00
k1l_jnewt: sudo apt purge nvidia*00:00
jnewtthere we go00:02
Ben64exad: you should check the bios to see if it's set properly00:02
exadBen64: it is, in windows it's recognized00:02
Ben64i didn't say windows, i said bios00:03
HumanAIyou said bias?00:03
exadin bios it shows 4.0 ghz00:03
meximeltI'm having a problem with a server I'm running on virtualbox, I can access the server from my network, but the vm itself cannot access the internet.  I have it set up as a bridged network and have tried adding a NAT adapter as a second adapter00:03
k1l_jnewt: after that is done: sudo apt install nvidia-graphics-drivers-37800:04
Ben64exad: 4ghz is the turbo frequency, it wouldn't be set to that00:04
exadI overclocked.. decreased the multi, dropped ram freq, etc, increased fsb, then balanced off the frequencies of ram and nb and got it stable00:04
exadbut for some reason, this os won't detect it00:05
HumanAIyou need to reinstall00:05
k1l_HumanAI: please stop that not helpfull offtopic in here.00:06
Ben64exad: sounds more like you underclocked00:06
exadBen64: nono, I just gave some slack to play with the fsb00:07
exadthen raised the ram and nb speeds back to stock00:07
exadIt's at 4ghz, I'm positive00:07
meximeltoh wait wrong chat, I will try the vbox chat, thanks have a nice day00:07
Ben64exad: if that was true, it'd be at 4ghz, and it's not so... it's not00:07
exadlol Ben64 well it's not in linux but it is in the bios and windows!00:08
exadare you trolling me? D:00:08
HumanAIi sai this channel shouldnt support overclocked machines its the same has asking for support for an unofficial deivative distro00:08
Ben64nope, you're too sure of yourself to see the truth it seems00:08
bazhang!ot | HumanAI00:08
ubottuHumanAI: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:08
HumanAIif you overclock your basically on your own00:08
bazhangHumanAI, please stop NOW00:09
exadI was just hoping someone might know a way to force it to recognize it00:09
Ben64it doesn't 'recognize' anything, it shows what it is00:09
exadBen64: why would my bios lie?00:09
Ben64i'm guessing you're reading it improperly00:10
HumanAIif you overclock you are can run into al sorts of random issues00:10
jnewtk1l_: nvidia-graphics-drivers-378 was not found, but nvidia-378 is installing.  same thing right?00:12
k1l_jnewt: yes00:12
exadBen64: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RCvM7qJGJyXPe2ysnFkNz6Yt26fGWVJRUw00:15
Ben64exad: need to see more00:16
Ben64or you could set it all back to default and see if it goes to 3.500:16
jdmanyone have any advice on installing phpbb 3.2 on ubuntu 16.04? none of the documentation works and neither does the 3.02 repository install00:18
jdmi get 404 not found when attempting to connect to http://mysite/phpbb3/install00:19
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
exadhmmmm brb again00:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1622728 in phpbb3 (Ubuntu) "PHP version conflict for PHPBB3 on Xenial" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:20
HumanAIso ubuntu supports dx12 api?00:21
naccjdm: heya -- is there a phbbb3 that does support php7?00:22
k1l_jdm: yes, ubuntu switched to php7 with 16.04. is phpbb3 tied to the deprecated php version5?00:22
jdmim looking into it now after reading that link00:22
jdmthe phpbb3 documentation is nearly useless00:23
naccjdm: looks like debian deleted it, as did ubuntu after 16.04 :/00:23
naccjdm: so probably not00:23
jdmall the phpbb3 site says is PHP 5.4.0+00:23
jdmwhich is obviously pretty vague00:23
HumanAIsvm_invictvs: may i call you patrick?00:23
jdmany reason why they would drop support for phpbb3?00:24
jdmother than it not supporting php 7.000:24
naccjdm: let me find the bug00:25
Ben64it doesn't have a great record of security00:25
jdm[18:24:52] <Jim-A> Our most recently releases version (3.2.0) does support PHP7 just fine.00:25
jdmany reason why i would be getting an error 404 when attempting to connect to http://mysite/phpbb3/install and http://mysite/phpbb3/ as far as the apache configuration goes?00:26
naccjdm: yes, it was removed in https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=816655, unmaintained and the version that was in debian/ubuntu did not support php700:27
ubottuDebian bug 816655 in ftp.debian.org "RM: phpbb3 -- ROM; PHP 7.0 Transition" [Normal,Open]00:27
jdmare there any other repositories that have 3.2 in it?00:28
naccjdm: looks like i probably should have requested its deletion in 16.04, as well00:28
k1l_jdm: look on launchpad for a PPA, or see if you install the software directly from the project00:28
naccjdm: you'd have to look in the PPAs or install from source00:28
jdmdo i need to add a virtual host specifically for phpbb3?00:28
k1l_nacc: if it doesnt work with php7, yes00:29
jdmive got two domains assigned to one IP via apache virtual hosts00:29
naccjdm: it's easiest probably to just setup trusty in a container or VM, honestly00:29
jdmboth work just fine00:29
exadsetting it to stock, does show proper 3.5ghz. It appears that it doesn't read the fsb increase at all..00:29
jdmim running 16.04 LTS00:29
jdmin a DO droplet00:29
nacck1l_: yeah, not everything was easily testable (or had tests that would catch it) and the transition was something like 400+ packages :)00:29
nacck1l_: and unfortunately, cannot delete it from the release00:30
Ben64exad: :)00:30
naccjdm: we can hope that someone does step up in Debian and then we could SRU a php7-compliant version back, but it seems sort of unlikely at this point00:30
jdmany alternatives to phpbb3 that have the same layout?00:31
exadBen64: Are you still thinking I didn't have an overclock?00:31
naccjdm: you could file a bug in debian about that, and see if there are volunteers now that hte upstream is php7 compliant00:31
Ben64exad: indeed00:31
jdmi really dont want alot of white space considering it looks like shit00:31
k1l_jdm: you could ask the phpbb3 team if they want a fixed version back on ubuntu and debian and if they can maintain it00:31
jdmwhich is what the other open source alternatives look like00:31
jdmim in #phpbb now and am asking them00:32
exadBen64: I think linux is just stubbornly limiting the fsb to 200 on boot00:32
Ben64exad: nope00:32
naccjdm: i'll subscribe to the bug and see what i can do00:32
jdmthe UI that phpbb3 looks nice00:32
jdmprofessionally layed out and doesnt have alot of white space00:32
Ben64you can install it from phpbb's site or a ppa00:32
jdmi tried to install using their zip and tar and ma getting a 40400:33
exadBen64: Why would it show up everywhere else but here? not to mention, tested gains in speed00:33
jdmthe repository install i get a mysql error00:33
Ben64jdm: then you picked the wrong directory00:33
jdmwhen attempting to finish the install using /install00:33
jdmi have it in /var/www/ and also placed it in /var/www/html00:33
jdmstill get a 404, am somewhat of an apache noob00:33
exadI will just assume that rather than try to help you just want me to think I'm an idiot and give up00:33
Ben64exad: maybe you just increased turbo speed00:33
exadBen64: I didn't, I set it all to manual :/00:34
exadand increased the fsb00:34
Ben64what is "it all"00:34
exadTurned off turbo00:34
exadturned off power management00:34
Ben64i'd really recommend leaving all that on, and just pushing up the multiplier00:35
exadBen64: that way doesn't yeild as much gain in performance00:35
exadAnyways, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually00:36
exadFinally I worded my search properly00:38
exadBen64: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OverclockingCpu :(00:38
exadI was right but I lose anyway00:38
Ben64how do you lose00:39
exadbecause there doesn't look to be any tools for amd00:39
jdmwhat about the 404 error and a misconfigured apache config?00:39
jdmmisconfigured on my part00:39
AKidam I invisible to you?00:50
AKidso people just ask programming questions on here and such?00:51
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Ben64ubuntu support questions00:51
jnewtwhere do i tell nvidia X Server Settings window to save the X Configuration so that it will be used every time?00:51
Ben64jnewt: /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:52
jnewtok, thanks Ben6400:53
GladiaTeurHello there guys can someone help me set cronjob to restart my server every 40 hours00:58
PickledEggsGladiaTeur: does it have to be exactly 40 hours?01:02
PickledEggsGladiaTeur: you could put something in /etc/cron.daily to have it done every day01:02
GladiaTeurPickledEggs it can be two days for example01:02
GladiaTeurOr everyday night01:02
Ben64GladiaTeur: why reboot though? i'm curious01:04
fatfingerheheheheh PickledEggs ... :)01:04
GladiaTeurBen64 just to sync the server and to be faster it's a nat server01:05
GladiaTeurnat web server*01:05
GladiaTeurusing ubuntu 16.*01:05
Ben64rebooting doesn't make it faster01:06
Ben64and you can sync it when it is on01:06
PickledEggsGladiaTeur: you'll want to edit your /etc/crontab file - for every other day the entry would look like this: "0 2 */2 * * root reboot"01:06
PickledEggsthat would reset it at 2am every other day01:06
GladiaTeurThank you PickledEggs for your help and being nice01:07
PickledEggsyou're welcome01:08
PickledEggs"0 2 * * * root reboot" would do it nightly at 2am01:08
GladiaTeurOk thanks for the update too01:10
=== foodfro is now known as afru
guyFromWebhey, finally got my assaultcube server working!!! can anyone help me setup static ip on Ubuntu??01:28
wedgieout of curiosity, what was the problem from yesterday?01:29
guyFromWebi didn't have static ip :D :D01:29
guyFromWebso wrong internal ip to portforward01:29
guyFromWebwell the static ip was the issue01:29
guyFromWebi can set it up on mac, not on ubuntu tho01:29
fatfingerguyFromWeb, isnt that ISP related?01:30
wedgieso the portforward was wrong. Got it. You running desktop or server?01:30
exadguyFromWeb: wouldn't it be easier to set up in the router?01:30
guyFromWebfatfinger: sorry, idk what ISP is...01:30
rbuxinternet service provider01:30
fatfingeridk what idk means01:30
guyFromWebexad: if i set it up on router, couldn01:31
exadoh wan :/01:31
rbuxeverything behind a router.. idk means i dont know01:31
guyFromWebexad: if i set it up on router, couldn't the Ubuntu still change its ip? sorry about these noob questions01:31
rbuxcommon examples: verizon AT&T Telekom O201:31
exadguyFromWeb: is this a server to access outside? or inside the local network?01:31
wedgieguyFromWeb: it could. 2 ways of doing it: configure a dhcp reservation on your router, or set a static address in ubuntu01:31
guyFromWebthe server will be accessed by people that will not be connected to my wifi, so outside01:32
exadguyFromWeb: Then whoever provides your internet will need to provide you with a static ip. It's not usually free01:32
wedgieexad: i think his immediate problem is that his portforwards stop working when his computer gets a different internal ip from dhcp.01:33
guyFromWebi used to have a minecraft server, i had static ip setup ONLY on my mac, and it worked fine01:33
exadThen you also need a static IP set up locally in your router to point the traffic01:33
rbuxdhcp reservation would be more secure IF you let DHCP manage your entire server-environment-network+subnet01:33
guyFromWebso idk why i would need to setup static ip on my router01:33
guyFromWeb(i don't know) lol01:33
guyFromWeb(laugh out loud)01:33
rbuxits for security reasons01:34
guyFromWebrbux: it's really just for 2-3 people in school xD01:34
rbuxif youre the kinda guy that just doesnt care about clean secure networking just set it up via ifconfig01:34
exadguyFromWeb: computers have a local ip address to identify them on your personal network and a wan ip address to identify them on the internet01:34
wedgierbux: what do dhcp reservations have to do with security?01:34
guyFromWebi care about security... :D01:35
exadboth need to point to your server to forward the data properly guyFromWeb01:35
guyFromWebso i need to pay for it?01:35
rbux@wedgie dhcp-configuration itself is highly relevant for securing networks in my opinion01:35
wedgieguyFromWeb: no. These guys are getting ahead of themselves (they're not wrong, just that you have more immediate problems)01:35
exadyou may need to pay your isp to set up a static ip over the internet. but that depends on the ISP. you have to contact them and find out01:35
wedgierbux: howso?01:36
guyFromWebO.o ah ma01:36
=== edgar is now known as edde222
guyFromWebwouldn't this work? https://kb.netgear.com/25722/How-do-I-reserve-an-IP-address-on-my-NETGEAR-router?cid=wmt_netgear_organic01:36
rbuxnever pay for anything.. just do everything yourself and get advice from pro's @guyFromWeb :P best way to educate yourself01:36
guyFromWebyeah lol01:37
wedgieguyFromWeb: you have 2 ip addresses that you have to care about: the IP address assigned to your server, and the external ip address assigned to your router.01:37
wedgieguyFromWeb: short of paying your ISP more money, you don't have any control over the latter, so we'll deal with that in a min01:37
rbux@wedgie if im totally honest i use unknown protocols for securing networks.. but that would be too much information for guyFromWeb for now :P01:38
guyFromWebyes it would xD01:38
wedgieguyFromWeb: you DO have control over what your server's IP is. And you can control it two ways: dhcp reservation on your router, or statically assigning it on your server01:38
guyFromWebwedgie: so if you said that dhcp reservation is paid, i could do the static assign?01:38
rbuxyour server should definitely be registered if you use the DHCP-solution..01:39
wedgieguyFromWeb: no, dhcp reservation is also free. Just something you have to configure in your router. Basically you tell your router to always assign your server the same IP address, based on the server's mac address01:39
guyFromWebwow ok i understand part of it, but how could i do that?01:40
wedgiedepends on your router.01:40
guyFromWebso can i use this? https://www.manualslib.com/manual/645728/Netgear-Wndr4500v2.html?page=3901:40
guyFromWebmy router is WNDR4500v201:40
JigbotTired of niggers?01:41
wedgiethen that looks like what you want.01:41
rbuxif dhcp encounters errors it will not be possible for 'attackers' to hijack your servers IP.. ok.. its just taking them a little longer but its common network-security-guideline :)01:41
kk4ewtand does your isp give you a dhcp ip or do they give you a static ip01:41
* wedgie squints at rbux01:41
guyFromWebwedgie: so i will do the steps provided in the link, now do i still have to do something in Ubuntu? like do the static IP in Ubuntu?01:41
wedgieguyFromWeb: no, ubuntu is getting its IP from DHCP. And that stuff you're doing on your router is controling what IP your ubuntu gets.01:42
guyFromWebkk4ewt: i really don't know, sorry :D01:42
guyFromWebwedgie: and it won't affect other users connected to the router, will it?01:42
wedgieguyFromWeb: shouldn't.01:42
guyFromWebok i'll do that right now01:43
=== william is now known as Guest31282
wedgieguyFromWeb: getting that set up is step 1. The next thing you have to worry about is your external IP (as the others have been talking about). This is the IP that you give to your friends in order for them to connect to your server01:44
wedgieguyFromWeb: just know that that IP can change over time. In my experience they usually don't change more than a few times a year but there is no gurantee. When it changes you'll have to tell your friends the new address.01:44
guyFromWebwedgie: how can you prevent the change?01:45
wedgieif you want a more stable name that your friends can use, look into Dynamic DNS. That's not really an ubuntu question, though, so google will be your friend01:45
wedgieguyFromWeb: you can't prevent it from changing. Well, you can, but that would almost certainly involve paying your ISP more money every month01:46
rbux@wedgie nicely done.. @guyFromWeb www.giyf.com01:46
guyFromWebrbux: i can find the steps, i just needed to know WHAT to setup :D01:47
wedgieguyFromWeb: to be clear, there are 2 different addresses we're talking about. The one assigned to your server (which you are now creating a dhcp reservation for) which is probably 192.168.something01:47
wedgieguyFromWeb: that one will stay stable for as long as you want01:47
wedgiethe other IP is your PUBLIC ip. Go to www.whatismyip.com or a site like that to see it01:48
guyFromWeband the one i give my friends is the one that i can google :D01:48
wedgiethat is the one your friends will need to know and is subject to change01:48
rbuxin IT-World its common for beginners that beginning of $something and the end of $something is something you have to redefine without time-parameters :P01:49
guyFromWebokay :D01:50
guyFromWebthanks all of you guys01:50
rbux@guyFromWeb if you are generally interestet in setting up servers i recommend www.golang.org its googles language built for inter-server-communication01:50
rbuxat least thats what it was back in 201301:51
guyFromWebrbux: yeah, i wanna get into programming, but i really don't have a good knowledge of networking right now01:51
* wedgie squints at rbux again01:51
wedgiewhat does golang have to do with setting up servers?01:51
guyFromWebthe worst thing is - i know Java (not all, but fairly enough I could say), and they are teaching us BASIC01:51
kk4ewtguyFromWeb,  so are you setting up a server or just your desktop01:51
rbuxnice. the world needs every padawan :) but 'do not be evil' ;) just keep it in mind when coding01:52
guyFromWebkk4ewt: it's on Ubuntu laptop01:52
kk4ewtthen dhcp should be fine for you01:52
guyFromWebit's just for school really01:52
=== Guest31282 is now known as transitbot
rbux@guyFromWeb java-basics are nice but try to learn non-OOP-languages instead.01:53
guyFromWebrbux: why01:53
rbux@guyFromWeb skill-increasement ;)01:53
guyFromWebyeah, i didn't start with the best language, but at least i'll have it easier for now (maybe)01:54
rbuxsooner or later you will recognize that its not the matter of language ;)01:54
rbuxthey're pretty much all the same.. especially the OOP's01:55
wedgieguyFromWeb: there is not bad language to learn. Java is a fine first choice. Most concepts transfer readily to other languages. BASIC on the other hand...01:55
rbuxgive golang a try.. its easy, well documented, highly powerfull etc...01:55
dTaldon't knock BASIC, it teaches imperative style, variables and control flow without distractions01:55
guyFromWebi'll be honest since i know some java then basic is really pointless to me01:56
guyFromWebI like Java syntax more :P01:56
wedgiedTal: perhaps, but i generally prefer to learn on a language that you might actually use in the real world. 2 for 1 that way01:56
rbux@guyFromWeb i can totally understand your feelings towards BASIC.. and i do not like MS-related Languages as well.. ok i need them sometimes but i dislike 'em :P01:57
guyFromWebyep lol01:58
bazhang!ot | rbux guyFromWeb01:58
ubotturbux guyFromWeb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:58
rbuxwedgies way is the best.. simplify everything.01:58
dTalwell then it's C for practical programming with a Java like syntax, Python for "git 'er done", and Scheme for learning the ways of the force01:58
bazhangrbux chit chat elsewhere please01:58
guyFromWeboh wow01:58
dTalokay ontopic01:58
guyFromWebdTal doesn't get any warning? :D01:59
guyFromWebyeah i'm going01:59
guyFromWebthanks for the help again01:59
dTalubuntu 12.04: all my magic SysRq combinations are scrambled. Space does nothing. 0 does what space should do. m does what 0 should do.01:59
rbux@bazhang just trying to help guyFromWeb but i totally copy and understand your point.. lets switch to OT cuz it really is gettin OT :)01:59
dTalscancodes seem normal02:01
rbuxupgrade to at least 14.04 is my first thougt :P02:03
tengeliccat proc/sys/kernel/sysrq02:03
dTaltengelic: it's enabled, like I said 0 does what space should do - I get the "help"02:06
dTalrbux: I installed this with Wubi back in the day, it's running on a Vista NTFS partition02:06
dTalI'm afraid if I try and upgrade it, it might explode02:06
Bashing-om!wubi | dTal02:07
ubottudTal: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and Windows, and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.02:07
dTalwell gee that's useful02:08
dTalthanks for the advice02:08
tengelicChoose another tty and check the output of sysrq commands. The 0 record in the forementioned file have nothing to do with space02:09
dTaltengelic: it is a 1 in the file. Because sysrq is enabled. As is obvious by the fact that alt+sysrq+0 gives me the sysrq help. Which is wrong.02:11
openuptheskyhi all, quick question. I'm trying to configure a mouse in xorg. I set options in a file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d and it works fine at the login screen, but after logging in it gets reset. is there another place I should put it?02:11
openuptheskyubuntu 16.04.1 lts, btw02:12
tengelicdTal: do you want to change loglevel?02:14
dTalno I want sysrq keys to work, or at least identify the pattern behind their wrongness, so that next time the laptop hangs I can sync the filsystems02:14
dTalbecause frankly hard power-offs are incredibly risky with Wubi02:15
transitbotI installed a program and went to open it and nothing happened.. how do i see what happened?02:15
RNevillewhich video card does Ubuntu support best - AMD or Nvidia?02:15
transitbotubunu 14.0402:15
wedgietransitbot: going to need more details: What program? How did you install it? How did you try to open it?02:15
transitbotReason 9 , installed with WINE , trying to open with WINE and nothing happens02:17
Bashing-omRNeville: Presenly sepends on what card, what release, and your use case . AND is hard at work developing a fully functional open source driver . Currently nVidia works across a larger spectrum .02:20
MarkB2My computer has three video outputs.  One is on the motherboard, and two more are on a plug-in video card.  There is a selection in the BIOS for primary display.02:20
MarkB2If I set the primary as motherboard, ubuntu comes up on the display plugged into that port.02:20
MarkB2If I set it to the plug-in board, ubuntu just crashes.02:21
RNevillethx Bashing-om02:21
MarkB2How can I set ubuntu to exclusively use the plug-in board instead of the onboard video?02:22
MarkB2I do see the nouveau driver installed... but it seems bound and determined to use the onboard video.02:24
wedgieMarkB2: can you elaborate on "just crashes"?02:25
MarkB2No keyboard response.  At least one of the keyboard LEDs flashing.02:26
MarkB2No response to the power on/off button.02:26
MarkB2The only way I've found to regain control is to hold down the power button to shut off power then turn power back on.02:27
Bashing-omRNeville: I can concede in the near future that AMD will be the better choice .02:27
MarkB2Get into the BIOS, flip the video select back to "motherboard", then continue with a normal boot.02:27
tengelicBashing-om: I heard that story. Nvidia cards are supported by all game on steam, so it's obvious.02:28
Bashing-omMarkB2: If this is hybrid " nVidia/Intel " graphics, Then it is the function of 'nvidia-prime' to switch graphic's sets .02:28
MarkB2Bashing-om: Motherboard is Intel 915, plug-in is NVidial 6200 .02:29
MarkB2Make that "Nvidia"..02:29
Bashing-omtengelic: Currently, that is a fact . no doubts .02:29
Bashing-omMarkB2: If it is one or the other ( non hybrid) then so far as I know bios is the only option to control the chip sets .02:31
MarkB2Just looked through /var/log/syslog .  It's full of messages from nouveau.  "fail set_domain", "validating bo list", "validate: -22"02:32
MarkB2There are hundreds of repeats.02:32
Bashing-omtengelic: But - be aware - I recemtly made that choice and I went nVidia - BUT the card I got is too new and has no support in the 14.04 release for my use case !02:34
* MarkB2 is a newcomer to ubuntu ... more familiar with another distributoin.02:35
MarkB2grr.. *distribution*02:35
Bashing-omMarkB2: Pastebin ' sudo lshw -C diplay ' let's consider installing a proprietary driver . - As I noted above . my nVidia card has no nouveau support in 14.04 .02:37
MarkB2One moment.02:38
newcoderWhat's the difference between ubuntu and fedora with gnome? one is .deb and another .rpm, any other difference?02:39
MarkB2Bashing-om: pastebin.ca ?02:40
cfhowlettnewcoder, too many to list in the support channel.  please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic02:40
cfhowlettnewcoder, or read the wikipedia pages02:40
MarkB2Bashing-om: http://pastebin.ca/376041402:42
Bashing-omMarkB2: Well, we do have hybrid graphics . But real old card and will losse support from nvicia this year . If ya want we can intall the 304 version proprietary driver ; per http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html .02:47
MarkB2Bashing-om: I'll take a look at the Nvidia web page.  Would be nice to get both screens running at the same time.02:48
Bashing-omMarkB2: Well worth trying to install the proprietary driver .. and then you have nvidia-prime to control the graphics . Only takes a couple of commands and it is a done deal .02:49
MarkB2Looking now.. thanks.02:50
Bashing-ommaddawg2: We want to install - if that is your choice - from the repo with apt ( the package manager ) .02:51
mike_602Hello. Anyone know how to automatically run a virus scan at boot up?02:52
mike_602more specifically I'm using Sophos antivirus02:53
underd0gmike_602: add the program to your startup apps02:53
mike_602Wish I could, but it's only a command line program02:55
kruger764First time in an IRC Channel... This is interesting...02:56
mike_602kruger764, what up :)02:56
underd0gmike_602: then make a bash script with terminalname (gnome terminal -e (command)02:56
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underd0gmike_602: and then you can add the script to your start up scripts02:57
mike_602underd0g, how do I make a bash script?02:57
underd0gmike_602: or your Xsession02:57
mike_602underd0g, can I do via the "startup app pref" and click add, and put the command there? :)02:58
underd0gmike_602: open an edit or (geany or gedit or vim) then then type the syntax i just told you, and then go into terminal and chmod 755 the file name02:58
underd0gmike_602: im not sure but try it out02:59
underd0gmike_602: np02:59
mike_602wonder how I'll know if it ran or not though? :( lol02:59
underd0gmike_602: check htop or top and see03:00
mike_602good idea thx03:01
mike_602underd0g, about to do it now brb and I'll let you know if it worked :)03:02
krugerWhat's going on mike_60203:04
krugerSo not sure why but chrome keeps randomly crashing my pc03:05
krugerEven did a fresh install of ubuntu :/03:05
krugerideas anyone?03:06
cfhowlettdmesg | tail in a terminal might be worth looking at03:06
krugerJust checked that, not seeing anything obvious03:08
krugerit's usually when something graphic intensive is going on... such as a video or reddpics03:09
cfhowlettkruger, launch chrome from the terminal.  keep one eye on the terminal for error messages03:09
cfhowlettkruger, that failure mode suggests graphics problems.03:09
krugerYeah, looking into updating nvidia drivers now.03:10
krugerLet's see if that helps03:10
AndroUserodis, hola03:10
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cfhowlett!es | AndroUser03:13
ubottuAndroUser: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:13
krugercfhowlett, time to test out the new drivers.... brb03:14
cfhowlettfingers X03:15
jonycomo estan?03:17
cfhowlett!es | jony03:17
ubottujony: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:17
drinkingjarHello, what does 'dobin' mean?03:19
cfhowlettdrinkingjar, this is ubuntu support.  ask ubuntu questions.03:19
Genuinecan someone help me with ip/mac address spoofing?03:26
underd0gGenuine: what about it03:27
Genuinei can't change them on my pc i tried to follow a guide but i failed.03:27
mike_602underd0g, not sure if that worked for the auto antivirus lol no worries though, I'll just do it manually. Cronjob, is that a way to do it manually?03:27
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underd0gGenuine: i would check out kali linux for that and look at torsocks03:29
underd0gmike_602: did you try that other way you thought of03:33
mike_602Did way I thought of. Didn't try your way yet03:33
underd0gmike_602: oh okay03:33
Genuineunderd0g, the website i try to access refuses tor03:33
Genuinei will look into kali though, thank you.03:33
underd0gGenuine: yeah alot of webpages dont accept socks proxy but its easy and usefull when it works03:33
biocageCan anyone help with an issue where Chrome makes window management go wonky?03:35
biocageOften, when I have chrome open, I lose the ability to change windows via mouse, or use keyboard shortcuts for Unity (but alt-tab works, switching to console vt and back to X temporarily restores functionality)03:36
underd0gGenuine: try hping on ubuntu, its cli03:37
underd0gbiocage: i have no idea why that would happen, but you can try to update chrome or uninstall it and reinstall it03:38
biocageunderd0g: I've tried that with no luck.03:38
jnewt_I'm getting a segmentation fault when trying to start firefox, just happened out of the blue. several messages before the segmentation fault, would pastebin, but no firefox :(03:41
Ben64see if any firefox is running (ps aux | grep firefox) and kill them03:41
Ben64then try starting firefox with a new profile (firefox -P)03:42
jnewt_negative Ben64, no other instances03:42
jnewt_tried firefox -P, same result03:42
Ben64do "firefox | nc termbin.com 9999"03:42
jnewt_says "use netcat."03:43
biocagehuh, termbin's cool.03:44
Ben64biocage: indeed03:44
biocagenuts termbin doesn't seem to like binary data03:45
jnewt_small simple browser i can apt-get install quickly?03:45
biocagejnewt_: links03:46
cfhowlettjnewt_, read the link about browsers        /msg ubottu browser03:46
Ben64jnewt: firefox 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999903:46
jnewt_did that termbin help?03:51
jnewt_the only similar error i can find is someone who may have had too weak hardware.03:54
Etothetauiwhen I do "scrot /Pictures/Screenshots" it says saving to file failed04:08
EtothetauiI want to have my screenshot be saved in a folder other than ~04:08
jnewt_midori and google chrome work fine.  just firefox is busted04:13
cfhowlettjnewt_, purge it completely, reinstall.  make sure you remove the .config from /home04:14
thicknessLooking for hacker04:15
EtothetauiIs there a channel for noobs, because I can't figure this out but I feel liek it's a dumb question04:16
cfhowlettthickness, look somewhere.  not in this channel04:16
cfhowlettEtothetaui, man scrot will tell you quite a bit04:16
jnewt_cfhowlett, did purge, removed all files from ~/.mozilla, install, start, same error04:17
cfhowlettjnewt_, sounds like a chat with the mozilla firefox channel might be in order.04:17
Tabascomang2I got banned by fail2ban, I removed the ban from iptables. Restarted sshd, fail2ban and firewalld. Also rebooted computer, checked iptables. My IP is not in the reject of any sort. And yet I still get connection timed out with putty.04:24
jim460I'm getting a "System Error" box at startup with a wizard asking if I'd like to submit the report. How do I find out what the error is and what to do?04:26
cfhowlett .......... say "yes" to the report?04:29
wedgieTabascomang2: fail2ban can be set up to use hosts.deny... but in any case maybe a better question for #fail2ban04:30
jim460cfhowlett,  But the message is displayed every time I restart04:30
jim460cfhowlett, I'm trying to figure out what the problem is so I can correct it.04:30
cfhowlettbecause reporting the issue doesn't mean fixed issue.  see your dmesg output04:30
jim460k checking dmesg04:31
Tabascomang2I've tried that channel but there's been no response for like 40 minutes now. :(04:32
Tabascomang2I've checked the hosts.deny too just to be sure, nothing in there too.04:32
jim460cfhowlett, dear god this is a lot of output. Is there anything I can grep to get the more serious errrors?04:33
kang00Bhoj hi04:33
cfhowlettjim460, try tail dmesg for the last part and see if any errors jump out.04:33
jim460cfhowlett, Nothing stands out.04:34
cfhowlettI think error reporting is handled by apport but I don't know how to read that output.04:34
cfhowlettsomeone else will04:34
jim460cfhowlett,  Another problem is when I print no matter which program everything is scaled to the corner...The scale settings are at 100% and the print preview looks fine04:34
WormFoodWhy is multiarch broken on a fresh install of 16.04? I can install no i386 packages, because every i386 package conflicts with the amd64 packages already installed, such as libc6.04:36
jim460I'm going to try rebooting...just did some updates and hoping that will fix.04:37
cfhowlettjim460, I'm on xubuntu so ... never had that issue and no experience using ubuntu with unity.04:37
WormFoodhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiArch and this page is just wrong. I follow their instructions, and it simply doesn't work.04:38
lotuspsychjeWormFood: have you messed with ppa's of any kind?04:39
WormFoodno lotuspsychje04:39
WormFoodit's a fresh install04:39
lotuspsychjeWormFood: can you tell us the whole story? whats your endgoal with the libs?04:40
WormFoodMy goal is to be able install i386 packages, because they don't release 64-bit packages for the software I need to use, like teamviewer for example.04:41
cfhowlettWormFood, i386 is a dying platform.  plan ahead.04:42
lotuspsychjeWormFood: ive installed teamviewer on 64bit without issues04:42
WormFoodcfhowlett, what the hell? Do you honestly think I want to use 32-bit packages? I'm forced to use this garbage, because they don't care about Linux, and don't release 64-bit versions of the software I need.04:43
lotuspsychjeWormFood: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/previous-versions/04:43
lotuspsychjeWormFood: teamviewer has multiarch04:44
cfhowlettmy gosh, that looks like 64 bit w/o multiarch04:44
WormFoodlotuspsychje, that isn't really helpful. I'm not a Linux noob. The problem is multiarch is busted, and I don't know what to do to fix it. The ubuntu webpages on the subject are simply wrong. I do what they say, and I get errors.04:44
lotuspsychjeWormFood: i doubt that multiarch method doesnt, work...perhaps you can only mention your experience04:45
WormFoodWhat the fuck guys? This is only one program as an example of what doesn't work. Even if I get this to work as a 64-bit program, it still doesn't solve the problem of multiarch not working.04:45
cfhowlettdrop the profanity, WormFood04:45
lotuspsychjeWormFood: if you do find a broken wiki, please report to the ubuntu ops04:46
WormFoodlotuspsychje, when I try to install the libc6:i386 package, it tells me it conflicts with the libc6 package already installed04:46
WormFoodcfhowlett, you're no help at all. You're not addressing the issues I'm having.04:47
Random832i don't even understand what instructions you're following, that page doesn't seem to have any04:47
Random832WormFood, can you paste the exact output?04:47
lotuspsychje!info multiarch-support04:48
ubottumultiarch-support (source: glibc): Transitional package to ensure multiarch compatibility. In component main, is required. Version 2.24-3ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 6 kB, installed size 227 kB04:48
WormFood"The need for 32-bit program support on a 64-bit system is indicated by a file /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch containing foreign-architecture i386. It is unwise to disable this unless you know what you are doing." <-- try this on 16.04, and see if you don't get an error too04:48
lotuspsychjeWormFood: can you try this package?04:48
Random832WormFood, I have no idea what's going on, but it works for me without ever having had to do such a thing04:48
Random832and it said "is indicated by". It didn't tell you to create it.04:49
WormFoodRandom832, I can't easily copy/paste because it's on a different machine (I personally don't use Ubuntu, I'm doing this for a friend)04:49
WormFoodRandom832, the file doesn't exist, and the contents they claim it should have, gives an error.04:49
lotuspsychjehmm component main & required should mean 16.04 is perhaps already multiarch supported?04:50
Random832...they didn't tell you to create it. it's probably an implementation detail of an older version of dpkg, but once again *they didn't tell you to create it*, the only instruction they gave regarding that file was not to delete it if it exists04:50
WormFoodRandom832, it's not clear, what it should be, because when I make sure it's exactly the way they say it should be, then it doesn't work.04:51
Random832...delete the file. they did not tell you to create the file.04:51
WormFoodWell, I'm not going to leave it there, when it's obviously wrong.04:52
Random832jesus this is an old page and maybe a little bit misleading, but you're not listening04:52
Random832like did you even try to install it without that?04:52
WormFoodlotuspsychje, mutliatch-support was already installed.04:52
WormFoodof course Random832. I've done everything reasonable to make it install. It constantly hangs, claiming that libc6:i386 conflicts with libc6, and refuses to install anything at that point, or gives me wacky options, to uninstall 1/2 my system04:53
Random832part of the reason i wanted to know the exact output was to see what versions it is talking about04:53
Random832what does it do if you try to "apt-get install libc6 libc6:i386" - sometimes i do this if apt gets confused and wants to remove something and it'll tell me the real reason04:54
WormFoodRandom832, it's a stock, fresh install of 16.04, from the dvd image. The old user directory has been moved over, but that is all that has been done.04:54
lotuspsychjeWormFood: like cfhowlett said, 32bit will vanish in the future, perhaps a good time to use 64bit of software on your 64bit system?.04:54
WormFoodlotuspsychje, then perhaps you can convince everyone to release both 32-bit, and 64-bit packages, for their commercial software. Until that time, I'm forced to deal with this 32-bit crap.04:55
WormFoodAnd yes, 32-bit is dying, but it still has a lot of life left in it. I still program on 8-bit (embedded) systems, so nothing is truly dead, it's just shifts uses.04:56
lotuspsychjeWormFood: if you find a broken wiki method, please report to #ubuntu-ops04:57
WormFoodlibc6: breaks libc6:i386 (!=2.23-0ubuntu3) but 2.21-0ubuntu6 is to be installed05:00
shortstheoryClient: HexChat 2.12.0 • OS: Ubuntu "yakkety" 16.10 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300U CPU @ 2.40GHz (797MHz) • Memory: Physical: 7.5 GiB Total (3.0 GiB Free) Swap: 2.7 GiB Total (2.7 GiB Free) • Storage: 211.2 GB / 257.0 GB (45.8 GB Free) • VGA: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 520 @ Intel Corporation Skylake Host Bridge/DRAM Registers • Uptime: 1d 9h 31m 5s05:00
lotuspsychjeshortstheory: system showoffs in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss please05:01
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Guest21767how to doing05:01
Guest21767how u doing05:02
lotuspsychje!ask | Guest2176705:02
ubottuGuest21767: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:02
lotuspsychjeWormFood: is your system up to date?05:02
WormFoodlotuspsychje, I do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, and it doesn't do anything. Well, it just updated google-chrome, so it shows that it is working, but it hasn't updated any ubuntu packages, that I've seen.05:03
Guest21767which linux is best for hacking05:03
lotuspsychjeWormFood: lsb_release -a plz05:03
WormFoodUbuntu 16.04.01 LTS05:04
lotuspsychje!piracy | Guest2176705:04
ubottuGuest21767: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o05:04
lotuspsychjeWormFood: ok, looks good05:04
WormFoodI can't copy/paste it, but I believe that is the most relevant thing from that output that you'd want.05:05
jim460I'm getting a Internal Error box on restart. It is saying cups-daemon 2.1.3-4 crash.  This keeps happening.. What to do? Reinstall Cups? I'm also having issues with printing all of a sudden and imagine it is related.05:05
lotuspsychje!info libc6-i38605:06
ubottuPackage libc6-i386 does not exist in yakkety05:06
Guest21767tell me guys05:07
lotuspsychje!info libc6-i386 xenial05:07
ubottuPackage libc6-i386 does not exist in xenial05:07
lotuspsychjehmm weird, apt-cache shows it05:07
lotuspsychjeWormFood: on my system it installed correctly : libc6-i386 (2.23-0ubuntu5)05:10
Countess_BathoryGuest21767 log in to google then, do some google searches on that question05:10
lotuspsychjeWormFood: with sudo apt install libc6-i38605:11
jim460How do I reinstall CUPS? It's crashing on me05:11
lotuspsychje!cups | jim46005:11
ubottujim460: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu05:11
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Package libc6-i386 >> xenial-updates (libs): GNU C Library: 32-bit shared libraries for AMD64  >>> 2.23-0ubuntu5: amd64 .05:11
Guest21767why r u not replying guest05:11
Guest21767why r u not replying guest 21276705:12
WormFoodlotuspsychje, still no go. I think I know what the problem is. I'll let you know what I find.05:13
jim460lotuspsychje, Thanks but is it against channel policy on telling me how to reinstall cups?05:14
lotuspsychjejim460: cups is a service, after a reboot should work out of the box05:15
lotuspsychjejim460: perhaps stop/start the service can fix your issue?05:16
jim460lotuspsychje,  CUPS was working just fine. Out of nowhere it started crashing. Rebooting the system does NOT help.05:16
jim460lotuspsychje,  I tried doing all updates and restarting but it is still a problem.05:16
malkaunsis there any environment other than compiz that does trail-focus?05:18
jim460lotuspsychje, I've tried sudo tasksel remove print-server  and then sudo tasksel install print-server05:18
lotuspsychjejim460: on wich ubuntu is this?05:19
jim460lotuspsychje,  Newest version of Xubuntu05:19
avisi love ubuntu more than debian05:21
avisdebian may have save my life, but too many of you i loved05:22
peaches870I am trying to use Ricochet IM with my Ubuntu.05:23
peaches870It says that my contact was added in October.05:24
peaches870But says Request Pending.05:24
peaches870Is this because they are not online?05:24
jim460I'm at a loss at how to fix this. Would I seriously need to reinstall Ubuntu or switch Distros just because CUPS is crashing? Printing is vital.05:24
peaches870Will they receive my request only when we are online at the same time?05:24
peaches870They've never received any request from me but as yet we haven't been online at the same time.05:24
xXEoflaOEXxpeaches870, You have sent them a request, so they must be online, else, it will not work. You must re-request only whether they have logged in.05:25
WormFoodlotuspsychje, I'm 99% sure, my problem was caused because the "best" repo it picked, is out of date. Now it's updating all the ubuntu packages, and I expect after that, it will work as it should. I'll let you know one way or the other.05:25
lotuspsychje!yay | WormFood05:26
ubottuWormFood: Glad you made it! :-)05:26
peaches870xXEoflaOEXx, You are familiar with Ricochet?05:27
peaches870xXEoflaOEXx, So we need to be online at the same time for the request to be seen?05:27
peaches870xXEoflaOEXx, With other IM programs the request is sent and received whether or not the other party is online at the same time.05:27
peaches870Is this because of the TOR aspect?05:27
xXEoflaOEXxpeaches870, Yes, You need to be online at the same time for the request to be seen. but if other people received the request on other I'm programs and they are offline, they received it.05:29
WormFoodlotuspsychje, I'm not there yet, But I think this will fix the problem05:31
peaches870xXEoflaOEXx, Interesting, and this is because of the TOR part?05:31
xXEoflaOEXxpeaches870, Yes, but I am not sure.05:31
peaches870xXEoflaOEXx, Is Ricochet is one of the best simple to use encrypted chat IM programs?05:32
xXEoflaOEXxpeaches870, Yes, but I am not sure.05:32
peaches870You said the same thing in your last response.05:33
avisdebian is so mean.  #debian freenode saw me at my best, and loved me entirely.  then they screwed up permanetly and not my fault just to piss me off for being awesome.  i use ubuntu !!!!!05:36
xXEoflaOEXxavis, Do you have your Ubuntu question?05:41
malkaunsi do05:43
malkaunsis there any environment other than compiz that does trail-focus?05:43
deus402tomreyn: still no outages, longest record yet06:00
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jeffreylevesqueif i want a minimal user06:23
jeffreylevesquewhat groups should he be included in by default?06:23
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cfhowlettjeffreylevesque, I'm on xubuntu 16.04.  my desktop user settings: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23867881/06:27
jeffreylevesquei found - https://wiki.debian.org/SystemGroups06:29
jeffreylevesquehow can i disable `sudo su`06:46
jeffreylevesqueso users can only type sudo?06:47
elias_aAny suggestions on antivirus/malware detection sw for Ubuntu? Been running my PC for ages without but now I think it might be a good thing in order to protect other people.06:54
hateball!virus | elias_a06:55
ubottuelias_a: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:55
elias_ahateball: Well, as I said, I think I need to protect other people. Scanning email would be a good thing for instance.06:58
cfhowlettelias_a, in my experience: enable firewall, adblockers adn default java/flash to off.  run rootkithunter once in a while.  tell browswer to flush each session and save nothing.  YMMV06:59
elias_ahateball: And limiting the risk to recipicients running Windows is not enough as there are also Android viruses and exploits out there.06:59
elias_acfhowlett: How do you make sure you are not passing on viruses via email, then?07:00
hateballelias_a: So read up on the options then07:00
elias_ahateball: Will do.07:01
cfhowlettelias_a, never has happened yet but on my email client- thunderbird, I have my settings set pretty high on the security side.07:01
CoderEuropeHappy Australia day !07:09
neeedhelpplzcan anyone help me with a problem I am having please?07:19
cfhowlett!ask neeedhelpplz07:19
cfhowlett!ask | neeedhelpplz07:20
ubottuneeedhelpplz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:20
neeedhelpplzok I had win10 on a hardrive and ubuntu on a secondary. I formatted the hard drive containing ubuntu, now when I turn on my computer it boots into grub recovery. How do I remove this?07:20
WumbelSet the first boot device to windows boot07:21
cfhowlettneeedhelpplz, this ^^^07:22
neeedhelpplzI have tried that as I was using windows as my primary OS and have not touched the boot order07:22
cfhowlettneeedhelpplz, there should be a windows 10 tool to fix the bootloader07:23
neeedhelpplzso now if I want to enter into windows I have to select the boot device before grub starts07:23
Ben64does it boot when you select the right device?07:23
neeedhelpplzyes it boots straight into windows no problem if I select it07:23
Wumbelmake it permanent07:24
Ben64then change it in the bios, and you're done07:24
dev__You can install the windows bootloader from win installation disc07:24
neeedhelpplzmy bios is a little weird it does not show me the name of the boot devices, it shows UEFI hard disc07:24
dev__Shift+F10, loads cmd07:24
neeedhelpplzlet me have a go again and see what I can do thanks07:26
ilyaigpetrovHi. How long will it take before Chromium 55 will be added to Ubuntu Trusty repositories?07:30
cfhowlettilyaigpetrov, no way for us to know for sure so ... "when it's ready".07:30
ilyaigpetrovChrome 55 was released so long ago, more than a month ago I think07:30
WormFoodlotuspsychje, It's working now. It wasn't updating packages, for some reason, but changing the repo fixed that.07:33
karstenkGood morning! I have a 20GB Partition with my encrypted $User folder. Is there any chance to get the data from inside? I have my passphrase. But as I have used ecryptfs-recover-private I had only a readme file and a Access your private desktop file. But the size of the encrypted folder is about 16GB of the 20GB available.07:36
karstenkorigin that partition was mounted as /home07:37
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bhikkhusubhutiNeed some help. My ic-recorder recently started locking up my computer.  It does not do this in a live boot.  anyone out there?07:43
SpeirosWhere do I go for help with commands in Terminal?07:49
SpeirosAh, thanks EriC^^.07:50
Bashing-omSpeiros: Here for ubutu is fine .. but ya might want to do in terminal <command> --help .07:51
SpeirosThanks too, Bashing-om.07:51
SpeirosI seem to be stuck right at the beginning.  ls is showing my directory I want to enter (just the desktop), but when I cd /Desktop it says it can't be found, but it is there.07:52
EriC^^cd Desktop without /07:52
EriC^^or cd ~/Desktop07:52
SpeirosEriC^^ Ok, I'll give it a shot.07:52
EriC^^~/ means home dir07:53
Ben64when you start with / it means the root directory07:53
SpeirosAh, makes sense:)  Thanks, and it worked too.07:53
SpeirosCheers too Ben64:)07:53
Ben64if you wanted to start with / you'd have to do like... 'cd /home/$USER/Desktop'07:53
SpeirosBen64 Yeah, I had trouble getting in from that angle, but got into home through it, but not the username  lol, probably the symbols used in the username.07:54
Ben64if you type it exactly how i have up there, it'll work07:55
Ben64or put in your actual username07:55
bhikkhusubhutianyone know why my usb-ic-recorder locks up ubuntu.  How to reset the list of usb devices it knows.  liveboot does not do this.  ic-recorder used to work.. I plugged it in while it was playing..07:55
nwehmm how should the preseed file for uefi looks?... I have problem with this one.. http://pastebin.com/9rhT6nAk07:58
ZJAYdoes anyone know why finger isn't installed automatically on ubuntu?07:58
EriC^^sexual harrassment lawsuits07:58
JP____What was the software install application for lubuntu again?07:59
JP____*the visual one*08:00
ZJAYis it safe to install no security issues with it if anyone knows?08:00
JP____What was the software install application for lubuntu again?08:02
CoderEuropeJP____: try #lubuntu08:03
JP____they are dead :(08:03
JP____but i think i found it08:03
Harishello all08:04
Harishow do I manually get pkgs for 14.04 LTS ? I have no Internet access to this one site08:04
dev__Which package08:04
Harisits a DR (disaster recovery) setup08:04
Harisphp pkgs08:04
SpeirosI've made my way into the directory I wanted to be in, and although I can see that files exist in the folder, I can't seem to "see" them through Terminal to make the changes I want to make.08:05
Harisphp5-cli, php5-common, php5-curl, gd..08:05
dev__Internet access to which site08:05
EriC^^Speiros: what command are you using to edit them?08:05
Harisgeneral Internet access .. is not available at this site08:06
SpeirosI'm removing metadata off my pics.  I'm using exiftool.08:06
SpeirosEriC^^  Sorry, meant that to you mate.08:06
Harisso can't install on auto through apt-get auto-Internet fetch08:06
EriC^^Speiros: what error does it say? what command are you using?08:07
SpeirosEriC^^ I'm typing "exiftool -all=/imagename.jpg"08:08
SpeirosIt says "No file specified", yet the file is exactly what I'm typing.08:08
EriC^^Speiros: the "/"08:09
EriC^^shouldn't be there08:10
SpeirosEriC^^ Ah, okay.  Thanks.  I'll have another go without it.08:10
Harisneed to reconnect wifi. bbl08:10
doublejanehi there, could i ask a noob question: where is @/tmp/dbus... from the output of lsof?08:10
SpeirosEriC^^ Thanks.  Worked a whizz:)08:11
EriC^^Speiros: cool, np :)08:11
bhikkhusubhutiperhaps I should say how to reset the list of usb devices in Ubunut08:11
bhikkhusubhutiIt works in a LIVE USB but not in my installed session (anymore)08:12
=== lu is now known as Guest4318
Dave114anyway to mount encrypted HFS partitions in Ubuntu these days?08:25
SpeirosThanks for your help EriC^^, Ben64, and Bashing-om.  Mission complete:)08:25
soudhi guys, somehow my disk is at 98%, but / seems to only contain less than half. see https://bpaste.net/show/501c102e0ee7 . any idea why it's showing 95G in use when really it's only 33G?08:28
flainHi. I have a problem. I can't seem to find what causes my port 8000 to be blocked. Using the command "sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN", the program "webfsd" of user "www-data" appears to be the one using. With "nmap localhost", it shows "http-alt". I know I can just "kill" it, but I want to know what causes it. It was not like this last week. Thanks.08:29
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avieksif i want to reinstall windows, will it destroy my dual boot?08:33
=== doctor is now known as Guest48747
malkaunsmost likely08:34
avieksthat's what i expected too08:34
Speirosavieks Considered a virtual computer?08:34
ducasse!fixgrub | avieks08:34
ubottuavieks: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:34
avieksnice. thanks08:34
PickledEggsflain: webfsd is a webserver08:34
EriC^^avieks: set it to manual partitioning and then follow ubottu 's link08:34
PickledEggsflain: have you tried visiting http://localhost:8000 from a browser?08:35
=== hydra is now known as Guest77553
flainPickledEggs: I tried. And it says "File or directory not found"08:35
flainI haven't started any server before running an appengine app which also binds to 8000. Then failed. I usually kill the app using it beforehand so the bind becomes a success.08:37
Ben64flain: you already figured it out. webfsd is running on that port08:43
flainBen64: Yeah, but is it possible to know what application made the command?08:44
=== anon is now known as Guest4875
Ben64flain: .....webfsd08:45
flainBen64: I see. I'll just have to figure out how it runs on boot.08:49
Ben64you installed it for some reason08:49
Ben64you could just ... uninstall it08:49
flainBen64: Maybe the updates? I recently updated via System Updates without reading stuff.08:50
doublejaneflain: i found in archlinux that systemctl can give a list of all the startup programs08:50
Ben64flain: nah, you installed it08:51
flainBen64: If I uninstall, won't it have any side-effect on my system?08:51
doublejaneflain: r u using virtual machine? that could make life easier08:52
Ben64flain: unless you need it, nope08:53
PickledEggsflain: what do you get if you run 'dpkg -S webfsd'08:55
humoroustwoGood morning08:57
PickledEggsflain: or 'apt-cache rdepends webfsd'?08:58
PickledEggshumoroustwo: good morning08:58
humoroustwoAfter I create a hotspot (and close it again), network-manager doesn't show any wireless networks, and reports that all networks are out of range08:59
humoroustwoI can still connect to networks through 'connect to a hidden network', but obviously this is a bit inconvenient08:59
doublejanehumoroustwo: could it be a bug of network-manager? what says in wicd?09:00
ragecrazeguys when i start my computer, i have wifi and everything is great, if i restart it says no wifi detected? i have to restart again to be able to connect to wifi!09:00
humoroustwoAlso the network indicator is bugged, and shows the wrong icons (it's currently showing the up/down arrows)09:00
ragecrazehow do i solve this?09:01
doublejaneragecraze: bro just restart the network: sudo /etc/networking restart09:01
humoroustworagecraze, It might be worth doing this as a startup script, it's what I did09:01
flainPickledEgg: It says: /usr/share/man/man1/webfsd.1.gz  | /usr/bin/webfsd  |  /usr/share/webfs.conf.auto09:02
humoroustworagecraze, does it do the same thing when you suspend and resume?09:02
flaindoublejane: No, I'm not using virtual machine.09:02
flainPickledEggs: apt-cache says no packages found.09:03
ragecrazehumoroustwo i dont know i havent tried09:03
ragecrazeis this a common problem?09:03
flainI guess I could just uninstall webfsd then? I currently see no need for it.09:03
humoroustwoI couldn't say :/ all I now is that it affected me09:04
doublejaneflain: i know some IT managers always worry about changing the system. In this case we always use VM to test. If system booms then just recover it from snapshot09:04
humoroustwoPickledEggs: I don't have wicd. Restarting network manager does not fix it09:04
brianhunteralkis: I appear to have sorted the issue I mentioned yesterday about Ubuntu freezing when playing video.  It appeared to have been an issue with my CPU CSTATE.  The editing grub solution from the following link to force a cstate of 1 seems to have done the job - https://askubuntu.com/questions/761706/ubuntu-15-10-and-16-04-keep-freezing-randomly  - Thanks for your help yesterday.09:04
humoroustwoI'm on U16.1009:04
flaindoublejane: That's a very helpful info. Let me fire up a VM.09:05
doublejanehumoroustwo: is wlan on? u may check it by running ifconfig09:05
humoroustwoOne sec, going to debianpaste09:05
humoroustwodoublejane: It does look like wlan is on09:06
humoroustwoWorth noting that I'm connect via wifi right now09:06
doublejanethen it should be a problem of network-manager, just forget about it and use wicd-gtk instead09:08
humoroustwoWell that is odd09:11
flaindoublejane: It seems that webfsd does not exist in Ubuntu's default packages. I guess it is safe to remove, and maybe if something requires it, then I'll install it again.09:11
humoroustwoIs the nm-applet --sm-disable flag depricated?09:11
humoroustwodoublejane: Running that command fixed it... somehow09:12
flainThanks PickledEggs, Ben64, doublejane. :)09:12
PickledEggsflain: good luck09:13
doublejanehumoroustwo: thats cool, so u still love network-manager09:13
doublejaneflain: gl bro, have u remove the rc.d script of it?09:14
flaindoublejane: What do you mean?09:15
doublejanethat could prevent the program from startup09:15
humoroustwodoublejane: no comment09:16
humoroustwoIt took me ages to get my hotspot working in the first place09:16
flaindoublejane: Where can I find rc.d?09:17
flainSorry, I'm a bit of a noob haha09:17
doublejaneprobably by scaning it: find /etc | grep <program name>09:18
doublejanegrep -r <program name> /etc09:19
flaindoublejane: I see it. Do I remove it (or just rename it to something else)?09:19
doublejanemore preciesly, change /etc into /etc/rc*.d09:19
doublejaneu could just move them out of rc*.d folder09:20
fishcookerim on ubuntu 14.04... after i do reconfig /etc/network/interfaces... how to restart the network... i do /etc/init.d/networking restart but it don't use latest config09:21
geirhaThe preferred method of adjusting the sysvinit scripts, is with the update-rc.d command09:21
flaindoublejane: Oh, the only item found was /etc/webfsd.conf. Nothing was found in rc folders.09:22
geirhacould be a systemd service09:24
doublejaneservice --status-all09:27
flaingeirha, doublejane: [+] webfsd shows in "service --status-all"09:28
flainI mean webfs09:28
doublejaneyea just disable it09:29
geirhaif you uninstall the package, it should remove the service as well09:29
doublejanemay use rcconf command09:29
geirhabut it's not an rc script ...09:33
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doublejanethe name of rcconf is a fake, it is only a friendly gui to enable/disable services09:35
doublejaneupdate-rc.d is better09:36
doublejane'sysv-rc-conf list' + 'update-rc.d' = chkconfig@old.version.ubuntu09:37
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soudhi guys, somehow my disk is at 98%, but / seems to only contain less than half. see https://bpaste.net/show/501c102e0ee7 . any idea why it's showing 95G in use when really it's only 33G?09:41
mathematic-alphaHi all .  I have issues booting Ubuntu after installing windows09:41
ppf soud run that du assudo09:42
ObrienDavemathematic-alpha, you need to install windows first then ubuntu09:43
k1l_soud: sudo du -sh /*09:43
k1l_mathematic-alpha: run the ubuntu usb and reinstall the ubuntu bootloader?09:43
kang00Rufus can process any of below file?09:44
kang00.img or .iso or .vhd of os?09:45
k1l_kang00: it works with ubuntu.iso files09:45
The_Myth.iso for sure. the others i dnt know09:45
mathematic-alphaK1l_ thanks but not sure of how to do it09:45
=== fr0sty_101_ is now known as python123
k1l_!bootrepair | mathematic-alpha09:46
ubottumathematic-alpha: Boot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.09:46
tatertotshiya cotin09:46
mathematic-alphaThanks k1l_09:47
flaindoublejane, geirha: So I used rcconf to disable the webfs service. Maybe this will solve it finally? Haha09:47
kang00Ubuntu is shared in .img file also?09:47
hanspeterDoes anyone know how to play Microsoft's AOE3 on Linux?09:47
k1l_!wine | hanspeter09:48
ubottuhanspeter: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu09:48
k1l_hanspeter: and look at their app database to see how good its runnning and what to do09:48
hanspeterI use wine but it tells me "Grapics driver missing"09:48
gum_help! I am unable to play video on ubuntu 16.04 lts in mozilla browser website is http://www.hotstar.com09:49
hanspeterTry another browser gum_09:49
hanspeterOr install Adobe Flash09:49
doublejaneflain: sure, u can reboot afterwards and see09:49
k1l_gum_: what is the error?09:50
gum_hanspeter and this is also not working in chrome too. but in windows platform this works  on both browser09:50
doublejaneu guys wanna play video games on linux?09:50
gum_k1l_ : no error just black screen09:50
flainI see. Thank you guys doublejane and geirha! :)09:51
doublejanei used qemu with a graphic card to play video games09:51
hanspeterwhat is qemu09:51
k1l_gum_: install adobe-flashplugin package09:52
gum_k1l_ package name ? "Unable to locate package"09:53
doublejaneheres the instruction for qemu09:53
k1l_gum_: enable patner repo09:53
gum_k1l_ what is it? "enable : patner not a shell builtin"09:54
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »09:55
clissold345!flash | gum_09:55
ubottugum_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash09:55
gum_clissold345 ubottu : it is already installed09:56
k1l_gum_: "apt-cache policy adobe-flashplugin | nc termbin.com 9999" please show the output url in here09:57
gum_k1l_ : http://termbin.com/f4xx09:58
k1l_as you see its not installed09:58
gum_k1l_ : so how to installed it. in software center its shows abode flash plugin in installed. and also gives option to remove09:59
k1l_gum_: sudo apt install adobe-flashplugin09:59
gum_k1l_ :  Now i installed it but video is not playing.10:01
k1l_restart firefox10:01
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gum_k1l_ : it not working . but video shows loading .10:05
vltHello. How can I tell Firefox to ignore already runnning instances and start anyway? I want to get rid of the “Firefox is already running but not responding” message.10:06
gum_help ! video is not playing in browser mozilla on ubuntu 16.04 lts website is http://www.hotstar.com10:09
gum_its only loading just like that https://imagebin.ca/v/3ACajN4PprdN10:09
k1l_gum_: same for me. looks like the site got issues10:12
gum_k1l: but why its works fine on window platform for mozilla and chrome brower10:12
plato_im unable to play .flac extension files on 16.04, can someone help?10:21
k1l_plato_: what error do you get?10:21
plato_k1l_, when i try to open it with parole i get "gstreamer backend error - could not determine type of stream"10:22
k1l_is the file ok?10:22
plato_k1l_, it's partially downloaded10:23
k1l_so no?10:23
plato_k1l_, but partially downloaded files of other extensions work fine, such as mp3 and so on10:23
k1l_i dont know if that works with flac.10:24
plato_k1l_, earlier a 0day exploit was discovered within gstreamer and was patched. i noticed that ubuntu-restricted-extras no longer allows you to play mp4 files in firefox as a result, does this occur for you also?10:25
k1l_is the package "flac" installed?10:28
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sachinHello! anyone tell me the process to create bootable drive with presistant storage using dd command?10:32
=== robotrolll is now known as robotroll
SpeirosBye folks.  Have a great day.10:34
plato_k1l_, yes10:39
nwehello, I have problem with preseed and uefi to work.. It´s running my preseed file, but it make the disk totally wrong.. what Im doing wrong with the partition? http://pastebin.com/6pshaVfr10:42
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brunch875I hate having to pull my phone to check authenticator codes. Is there an ubuntu application for that?10:50
k1l_brunch875: the general idea behind 2fa is, that its not the same device.10:51
brunch875k1l_: even so, I'd like to give up a bit of security for commodity without disabling it completely10:54
jamesp_Hello everyone, pulling my hair out with LXC containers and IP routing, can anyone help me? So Ive got 3 public ip addresses. I tried this example http://askubuntu.com/questions/256304/public-ip-address-for-lxc-container10:56
jamesp_Everything can up but the IP in the container is not pingable10:56
jhonnyBeGoodLOG:  using stale statistics instead of current ones because stats collector is not responding .... The stat process does not start up10:57
BluesKajHowdy folks10:57
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jamesp_So any advice anyone has on containers, would be fab11:12
Guest1243morning guys11:12
nockCould somebody help restore the splash screen please? It disappeared after updating to yakkety. No googled solution works :( and i've tried many11:14
helppleasewhat's the alternative to HOSTS file when I need a format like "", instead of: "      myhostname"? either I'm doing something wrong or it won't work with 2 numeric hosts11:16
ppfthere's no such thing as 'numeric hosts'11:20
ppfthere are hostnames and ip addresses11:21
ppfif you want your machine to have to ip addresses, then assign both to your interface11:21
hateballhelpplease: if you want to redirect traffic from one ip to another you'll need to use iptables11:24
YoDowhen is weechat in ubuntu's default repo gonna be updated?11:24
helppleasehateball: what's the alternative to hosts redirect using iptables?11:25
ppfyou rewrite outgoing/incoming ip addresses that match the ip you wish to alias11:26
helppleaseppf: how do I do that?11:35
ppfhelpplease: https://www.netfilter.org/documentation/HOWTO/NAT-HOWTO-6.html11:38
tec_ma scuppiai11:38
tec_ciao me fra11:39
tec_dopo mu vidu mbare11:39
helppleaseppf: don't you know how?11:41
ppfhelpplease: did you look at that link at all? that's iptable documentation on how to do address translations11:42
helppleaseppf: yes or no11:43
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ppfi won't be spoonfeeding it to you, if that's your question11:45
k1lYoDo: after the release ubuntu packages only get security and heavy bugfix updates. but no verison upgrades.11:50
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bhikkhusubhutineed help resetting usb devices.  My Sony Voice Recorder was plugged in while playing.  Now it locks up my commputer if I plug it in again.  It never did this before.  Live USB of mate does not lock up when I plug it in  HELP12:37
bhikkhusubhutiMy USB is not broken.  But something inside ubuntu is broken specifically for this device.  Other usb devices work fine12:38
bhikkhusubhutisorry .. liveusb of mate can run my sony device fine12:39
Ben64have you tried restarting12:40
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kaxmiSalam, I installed ubuntu on a 16GB USB, I have 2 DDR3 2GB RAM, It's a little bit slow (Live version was faster). I'm using ext4 for this USB...13:01
kaxmiWhat should I do to fix that ?!13:02
ikevinkaxmi, does all your drivers are installed?13:02
kaxmi@ikevin Hello, Yes it is...13:02
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kaxmiHow about converting ext4 to ntfs ?13:05
ikevinntfs is a windows fs13:06
kaxmiIs ext3 ok ? cause it installed on a USB.13:06
ikevinext4 is perfect, so, you can tune some things like adding "noatime" option to your mount options13:07
ikevinyou can also use tools like "atop" to see what ressources are used13:08
kaxmi@kevin tnx dear <313:10
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jamesp_When using iptables, is it possible the firewall runs before the NAT prerouting?13:15
jamesp_so firewall comes first, then the NAT13:15
jamesp_at the moment seems NAT is taking effect way before the firewall, so rules are ignored.13:16
ikevinjamesp_, you mean INPUT/OUTPUT filtering before prerouting?13:17
jamesp_yes ikevin :)13:26
ikevinjamesp_, you can use the "forward" table for that13:26
jamesp_Oh right, hmm this could be fun13:27
jamesp_any examples mate?13:27
jamesp_if im missing a SNAT rule on my firewall, for my NAT13:28
efliдорогу в русский чат убунту, хелп плиз!13:29
jamesp_could that stop that server being able to get an outgoing internet connection?13:29
jamesp_it can be seen from the outside world, but has not outgoing internet13:29
k1l!ru | efli13:29
ubottuefli: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:29
ikevinjamesp_, iptables -A FORWARD -i enp0s7 -o vnet0 -p tcp --dport 1500 -j DROP13:30
jamesp_Hmm this is very annoying, so ive got LXC containers with some additonal external IPs13:34
jamesp_hitting that ip from outside world routes to the container fine, via NAT13:35
jamesp_but the container has no internet outgoing13:35
jamesp_yay i got it working, gateway was not right13:49
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michal__hello, i just installed ubuntu 16.10 and softwere center dosent start. I updated os and upgraded but still no luck.14:11
michal__Can someone help me please :) ?14:11
HumanAIhi there op fearing folks14:15
hateballmichal__: you ran "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" ?14:17
hateballmichal__: if you try starting software center from a terminal, does it give any interesting output?14:17
jamesp_I have this forwarding iptables rule ACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere             tcp dpt:http14:17
jamesp_with default chain as drop14:18
jamesp_however the access to the website is not working14:18
jamesp_if i remove the rule and set default action to accept, it works14:18
jamesp_any ideas what im doing wrong>14:18
jamesp_all the rule does is , if tcp connection has destination port of 8014:20
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ikevin<jamesp_> if i remove the rule and set default action to accept, it works <== allow ESTABLISHED,RELATED connection14:32
ikevinjamesp_, iptables -A FORWARD -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT14:33
jamesp_ok will give it a try14:37
jamesp_ACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere             tcp dpt:http state RELATED,ESTABLISHED14:39
jamesp_still not getting the website showing though14:40
ikevinyou have set all in 1 rule?14:40
jamesp_is that not right?14:40
ikevindo it on 2 rules14:40
ikevinif it's not working, be sure it's http and not https14:41
jamesp_working! - so if i block port 80 now that forward will stop?14:41
ikevinif you want to stop the forward, just remove the forward rule14:42
jamesp_ok so ive got this14:42
jamesp_ACCEPT     all  --  anywhere             anywhere             state RELATED,ESTABLISHED14:42
jamesp_ACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere             tcp dpt:https14:42
jamesp_yes i know its https :)14:42
jamesp_but 80 is still working14:42
ikevinlook like ok, 2nd rule allow new connection, 1st rule allow if connection is already established14:43
jamesp_im lost, sorry im not the best at iptables lol14:44
jamesp_i jsut wanna be able to filter out ports so they can be blocked before the NAT takes over14:44
jamesp_so only port 80,442 goes to one server  but only 22 might go to another server14:45
jamesp_the nat is working fab , and firewall to the host is working fab as well14:45
ikevinwith this 2 rules it's the case (if default rule is DROP)14:45
jamesp_so why is 80 allowed?14:45
jamesp_if the rule is 44314:45
jamesp_oh wait, its stopped working now14:46
ikevinbe sure that the default rule is on DROP (or REJECT)14:46
theoshi all14:50
agdhello theos14:50
theoswhat is snapd? and why did is start on its own and started using all of my bandwidth?14:51
k1ltheos: snapd is the background service for the snappy packages.14:51
theosk1l why did it start on its own?14:51
agdfor the sake of a greater Good14:52
k1ltheos: why not? it looks for updates for installed packages. like the update notifier does for apt packages14:53
theosk1l oh? thats it? there havent been any popups from the update-manager after i installed 16.04. i have to manually start it to check for available updates14:54
theosi was thinking of removing the program or renaming it14:55
k1ltheos: the update notifier will look for updates and if its not marked as critical it will wait and isntall them once a week or so (i dont know the time frame now)14:55
k1ltheos: i still dont get what your issue with snapd is14:56
theosk1l my issue is that it was downloading data without my permission14:56
meekarahello all I've an issue with alsa loopback device14:56
OerHeksYou can easily disable the service, i would not do that,  sudo systemctl disable snapd.refresh.service14:56
meekaradoes anyone who have experience with alsa ?14:56
ikevinsnaps are crap :(14:57
k1ltheos: it was updating the installed snaps14:57
theosOerHeks why would you not do that?14:57
k1ltheos: see "snap list" to list the installed snaps14:57
theosk1l i see. what are "snaps"14:57
k1ltheos: snaps are a new package format for linux distributions. its a different approach than .deb packages.14:58
OerHekstheos, your concern is networkactivity without permission, that updating should not use that much bandwidth14:58
k1ltheos: and i doubt it was using that much bandwith14:58
agdsnaps are crap, ikevin is drab14:58
theosk1l i checked with nethogs. snapd was using almost all of it for a very long time. then i had to kill it14:59
theosi dont have much bandwidth though but still14:59
k1li guess it loaded the 79MB update for the snap service.14:59
k1lif you dont want it, remove it.15:00
agd79MB? that's more money ikevin makes in a year!15:00
k1lagd: ikevin please stop that in here15:01
theosok thanks everyone. i disabled it15:01
agdk1l, me and ikevin have a long running joke amongst eachother15:01
agdnothing serious15:01
jamesp_ikevin, would destination ip by the internal nat ip or the external public ip15:03
jamesp_on the forward rule15:03
ikevinjamesp_, it's an outgoing connection, so destination ip is the ip of your http(s) server15:04
jamesp_from which perspective though15:05
jamesp_public or internal15:05
theosso what would happen if snapd is disabled? i can still install and update apps manually?15:14
OerHekstheos, the snaps lists will be outdated, i guess you run into issues15:14
theosOerHeks what kind of issues?15:15
ChadTaljaardtDoes anyone know if "cantenna's" work?15:15
k1ltheos: no, no snap apps.15:15
OerHekstheos, like not finding packages at all, or other errors.15:16
OerHeksChadTaljaardt, extended antenna? sure they work.15:16
theosOerHeks but the update-manager can still find updates? and i can use apt/apt-install to find and install new packages?15:16
OerHekstheos, if you disable snapd.refresh.service, tell us what happens? never tried such ation15:17
ChadTaljaardti have a cantenna im trying to get working for my uncle, he lives on a campsite and is far away from the router so he needs a long range internet. He bought a cantenna and he coudnt get it working so he gave it to me, but i have no idea how to get it working15:17
k1ltheos: snap and apt/deb are 2 different things15:18
theosOerHeks ok.15:18
theosk1l yes thats what i came here to understand. "what in the world is a snap"15:19
OerHeksChadTaljaardt, just 1 cantenna on your machine, does not make it work, the accesspoint needs to have the same device to bridge the long distance too15:19
k1ltheos: i explained to you already15:19
ChadTaljaardtOerHeks so he needs a cantenna at the office and a cantenna at his house, and then point them together?15:19
OerHeksChadTaljaardt, yes.15:20
ilyaigpetrovHi guys. How many of you still use Chromium/Chrome older than current version 55?15:20
k1ltheos: if you need more extensive information look at http://snapcraft.io/ or #snappy15:20
k1lilyaigpetrov: no one, since ubuntu doesnt ship that old chromium anymore15:20
theosok thanks15:20
agdis NSA allowed to contaminate ubuntu?15:20
k1lagd: no15:21
agdthe question is not whether ubuntu is contaminated by the NSA, but rather if NSA has the allowance to do so15:21
_arktos75_its not like them to ask for permission ....15:21
agdk1l: if ubuntu is based in the USA, surely it is allowed15:21
agdand from what has been shown: if NSA is allowed, it will do it15:21
k1lagd: so why are you asking such trolling questions? please stop that in here15:21
agdim not trolling, k1l15:21
ilyaigpetrovk1l: yep, except Trusty users, but I guess it's only used by old servers now15:21
agdim merely telling everybody here that your system has NSA in it15:21
k1lagd: this is the technical support channel. keep it clear for technical support15:21
k1lagd: last warning not to misuse this channel15:22
k1lilyaigpetrov: hmm15:22
michal__Hello, i just installed ubuntu 16.10 and ubuntu-software dosnt work... it doesnt open. Can someone help me ?15:23
ilyaigpetrovk1l: Trusty is LTS15:23
k1lilyaigpetrov: you are right. it was just updated for xenial and yakkety15:23
agdmichal__, why have you installed 16.10?15:23
agdmichal__, it'll be finished in a few months15:23
agdmichal__: use your head and get 16.0415:23
k1lagd: stop it15:23
k1lmichal__: dont mind the troll15:23
OerHeksagd, not helpfull15:23
michal__im new i said on the website its good..15:24
michal__it *15:24
michal__"The latest version of the Ubuntu operating system for desktop PCs and laptops, Ubuntu 16.10 comes with nine months of security and maintenance updates."15:24
k1lmichal__: 16.10 is fine. what is the exact issue?15:24
michal__Its in beta ?15:24
k1lno its not. the user was trolling you15:25
michal__So o click on the icon and nothing happens15:25
michal__the old one works...15:25
OerHeksmichal__, if you run updates, do you get an error?15:25
michal__i installed it..15:25
michal__nope, its all up to date15:25
k1lmichal__: can you run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" in terminal?15:26
k1lmichal__: is unity the desktop? (its the standard one for ubuntu)15:26
michal__so, 0 to install 0 to update15:27
michal__im using defoult one 7 i think15:27
k1lcan you open a terminal and try to start "ubuntu-software" from there?15:28
michal__i installed old software center from ubuntu 14.04 i think, and its working15:28
michal__yea sure15:29
OerHeksmichal__, what happens when you run from terminal: gnome-software15:29
jamesp_hey ikevin , that Forwarding works fab15:29
jamesp_but now for some reason, all the nat servers cant get outgoing internet15:29
michal__ubuntu-software do nothing no error, dosent even exit command15:29
michal__just stay open forever15:29
ikevinjamesp_, you need to allow them in the forward table15:29
michal__gnome-software the same15:29
jamesp_righto , let me try15:30
michal__no errors :(15:30
jamesp_yay its only bloody working .. fab!!15:31
jamesp_ikevin, thanks so much for your help today15:31
k1lmichal__: hmm15:31
ikevinjamesp_, your welcome15:31
michal__http://imgur.com/a/Wp2yY - i took screen shot15:31
OerHeksk1l, should he reinstall ubuntu-software or run dpkg --configure -a ?15:32
k1lOerHeks: worth a try. also i dont know why that is broken on a new install already.15:33
OerHeksme too, maybe updates have passed that require reboot, unlikely as 16.10 gives a line that reboot is needed315:34
michal__i had to install "synaptic" from the beginning and the old software center let me install google chrome15:34
k1lilyaigpetrov: i looked into launchpad and saw, that its 53 chromium build through the udpates and security repos. so maybe file a bug report to get the 55 build shipped to 14.04 too15:34
michal__it wasnt working from the beginning..15:34
ilyaigpetrovk1l: I think if somebody still uses Trusty on Desktop then its their problem not mine15:36
michal__sudo ubuntu-software also do nothing :(:(15:38
michal__should i try to reinstall it ?15:39
OerHeksmichal__, run dpkg --configure -a # to reinstall the whole desktop and see what happens15:39
michal__like this "dpkg --configure -a #" ?15:39
michal__with # ?15:39
OerHekswithout #15:39
michal__okey done15:40
ZeranoeIs it possible to somewhat "share" files between a local and remote machine? I'd like to use a local editor to edit a remote file, and would like to avoid SSHing in to use Vim.15:40
michal__i took 1sec. no error15:40
michal__it *15:40
michal__should i reboot or something ?15:40
k1lZeranoe: you can use scp to cp it to your machine15:41
OerHeksmichal__, no, just click software center icon again.15:41
michal__ok, so icons appared on the task bar and then vanished .. :(15:41
michal__icon *15:41
k1lZeranoe: or you open the window of the remote program with ssh -X on your local machine.15:41
ZeranoeOn Windows it's as easy as browsing to the remote machine with \\machine :(15:42
OerHeksmichal__, strange.. you might want to try a reboot, but i doubt it makes a difference.15:42
k1lZeranoe: well, its as easy on ubuntu with nautilus but you didnt tell you have a samba share or nfs share running there15:43
michal__i will try to reinstall with "sudo apt-get remove --purge software-center" is it ok ?15:43
gile_Sorry, an error occurred and it was not possible to install the bootloader at the specified location. How would you like to proceed? install different location, continue without bootloader or cancel installation15:43
k1lZeranoe: if there is a ssh server  running there is sftp support. so you can even use that in nautilius to connect to it15:45
adalbertYo, is it safe to remove *.deb in the /var/cache/apt/archives/ directory ? It safe's me 500MB15:48
k1ladalbert: i would let apt autoclean and apt autoremove take care of that.15:49
adalbertok thnx15:49
adalbertman apt15:50
gile_I cannot install bootloader. What should I do?15:51
timypgile what is your install media?15:52
gile_timyp: I am using a USB Lubuntu15:53
gile_lubuntu 16.1015:53
gile_I try install cannot lubuntu 16.10 using USB bcoz bootlaoder15:55
ioriagile_, did you select 'update while installing' and are you connected to internet when you install ?15:56
gile_ioria: yes I do15:56
gile_ioria: is it reason why I cannot install15:56
ioriagile_,  you cannot finish the installation because of grub or you installation does not start at all ?15:57
gile_ioria: stuck at grub15:58
gile_ioria: it speak, an error occurred and not possible to install bootloader at the specified location15:59
ioriagile_,   can you select 'try ubuntu' instead of 'install' ?16:00
gile_i can16:00
ioriagile_,   do it and be sure to be connected to internet16:00
gile_i internet unstable it is16:00
gile_lubuntu page is down now if you try also16:01
ioriagile_,   what is 'lubuntu page ' ?16:01
gile_ioria: it i cannot open because drupal it show16:02
gile_i mean error16:02
OerHeksindeed, http://lubuntu.net/16:02
ioriagile_,   ok, but you don't need that16:03
OerHeksbut you don't need that page, give ioria details about your system, what is on your 1st hdd?16:03
gile_ioria: so what problem it is my install16:03
ioriagile_,   if you don't boot the live we'll never know16:03
ioriagile_,   there is a bug for grub installation on lubuntu 16.10 btw16:04
OerHeksouch https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/163932416:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1639324 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu 16.10 cannot be installed offline because misssing grub-pc (grub-install)" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:05
ioriaOerHeks, great16:06
ioriagile_,   basically , you need to be connected and select 'updates' , so i asked you to choose 'try ubuntu' from the main menu ,  so we can gather infos , be sure you are connected and then try to install again16:08
whohelp me, I wanna know how to use exploit with fileformat txt ?16:08
Piciwho: That sort of discussion is offtopic for this and any other Ubuntu channels.16:08
=== mangul is now known as shangul
OerHekswho, wrong channel for exploits, try the kali channels16:08
whook.. Sorry16:10
whothank you16:10
xRob_Yo guys16:12
xRob_My razer naga doesn't work on Ubuntu16:12
xRob_by "doesn't work", it doesn't even light up when I plug it into a usb port16:13
k1lxRob_: the mouse works on another usb port and another OS?16:14
xRob_k1l: yessir16:14
xRob_it works on the same usb port, but on Windows16:14
alkisbrianhunter: nice. ill keep an eye out for that flag when i start installing on my laptop16:14
mitchellhey all i am trying to install ubuntu using a live usb and i am reusing an old hard drive.  i get a kernel offset diabled unable to mount root fs on unknown block (2,0)16:15
mitchellwhat can i do?16:15
k1lxRob_: https://sqroot.eu/2014/getting-razer-naga-to-play-well-with-ubuntu looks like it needs some work to be done to get that mouse working16:15
k1lxRob_: or look at this post, that includes a PPA and is a bit newer: http://www.webupd8.org/2016/06/configure-razer-mice-in-linux-with.html16:16
xRob_k1l: figures :'( Razer doesn't have any linux drivers. I'll follow the second link you sent me, and we'll see if it works.16:16
k1lmitchell: can you use gparted to reformat the drive?16:25
leruhi, i have an problem on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS. i get this error message "pam_systemd(su:session): Failed to create session: No such file or directory". but it doesn't say which directory it is.16:35
xenophiaNanyone on this IRC16:36
k1lleru: what are you doing to get that error?16:41
leruk1l, i'm running this(http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Server_startup_script) script. so i guess it's just the "su"16:42
=== Spontex is now known as Guest70476
leruk1l, everything else seems to be alright: http://pastebin.com/raw/CyjJiatZ16:44
=== brybeecher_ is now known as brybeecher
arunpyasimahesh, oe fucche16:46
maheshyes my sir arun16:47
k1lleru: better use the ubuntu one http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Ubuntu_startup_script16:49
leruk1l, oh, okay. i'll try this one. thank you very much!!!16:50
mozammelhi, anybody can guide me to access .mdb data base how I can access from Libreoffice 5.2, I'm using ubuntu 16.10,16:56
IhrFusselIf you change user group settings you have to restart ALL scripts for them to apply the new permission settings?16:56
mitchellkll thanks16:58
OerHeksmozammel, maybe mdb tools can do that http://askubuntu.com/questions/284359/can-microsoft-access-files-be-edit-in-ubuntu16:59
OerHeksnever tried myself though16:59
mozammelOerHeks: that one is not useful, I actually want to access .mdb from Libreoffice.17:04
Southern_Gentlemmozammel, what happens if you do (make sure to play on a copy17:05
donofriothought you could do that perhaps ask #libreoffice17:05
squeakytoyHey all. I need some generic advice here. For a folder, I have an Apache2 looking at it, but the folder is also FTP home directly, meaning, if you FTP up a file, it lands there. Apache uses the user "www-data", the ftp-server the user "ftpuser". When I upload a file, the file rights becomes only rw for the owner (ftpuser), meaning Apache cannot serve the file. How do you generally fix stuff like this?17:09
squeakytoyi mean, is it stupid to have two users, one for apache, one for the fto-server to start with?17:11
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Guest80676What's the correct way to enable the nvidia card in an Optimus laptop? (16.04.2) I don't need to switch it, I can live with the card running the whole time, ...17:12
bSchoolsquekytoy in my opinion, change the non-www file home to not within www but above it, then add him to the same group as the ftp user so that he has access17:12
Guest80676What's the correct way to enable the nvidia card in an Optimus laptop? (16.04.2) I don't need to switch it, I can live with the card running the whole time, ...17:12
Southern_GentlemGuest80676, once every 10 minutes is enough17:13
Guest80676Southern_Gentlem, I'm just fighting with nick changing :(17:13
Southern_GentlemGuest80676, google optimus ubuntu17:13
deadbitWhat is the best method of having Ubuntu run in a triple boot environment? I literally need it to boot into ubuntu.17:13
squeakytoybSchool, but the files that are upload only have "owner" rights, not sure how I can manipulate this even tho they are in the same group?17:14
hhn090hello i've a problem, i installed ubuntu 16.04 and stuck at boot screen with message: "/dev/sda6: clean, 121539/6234222 files, 1053787/24914550 blocks17:20
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=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
avieksi have a cifs share in fstab but it doesn't get automounted at boot. why?17:29
avieksi need to sudo it afterwards17:29
yaccavieks, paste the line from fstab?17:30
avieks/avieks/abc /media/abc_share cifs dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777,guest,iocharset=utf8,noperm,rw,_netdev,uid=1000,forceuid,gid=1000,forcegid,username=avieks 0 017:33
yaccavieks, so when you manually mount it, does it ask for a password?17:34
avieksyes, root pass17:34
OerHeksTry the IP instead of the DNS name?17:34
OerHeksoh, credentials, user and password should be in that line or in an file17:35
ghost_how can i get bluesnarfer on back box17:36
ghost_or can i even get it on back box17:36
DonalD_all my computers have the same DNS name has its assigned IP adress17:36
OerHeksghost_, we don't support backbocks and derrivates17:36
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.17:37
avieksthanks for the tips, will try17:37
DonalD_OerHeks: so i need to install ubuntu and add blackbox repo so i still can get help on this channel?17:38
OerHeksDonalD_, no, we have no control over packages and such.17:39
OerHeksthey have their dedicated channel for help17:39
Guest55016is there any good channel for python programmers?17:41
PiciGuest55016: oddly enough, #python17:41
Guest55016lol, thanks bro17:41
PiciGuest55016: you'll need to be registered and identified to speak there though,  see /msg nickserv help register   (more registration help available in #freenode)17:42
DonalD_yes odly its not a ## channel17:42
squeakytoyif a file has rw for a specific owner, can i get another user have read access of that file.. aotumatically?17:49
naccsqueakytoy: huh? using normal unix permissions, a file cannot have rw for a specific owner, just whoever the owner currently is.17:50
OerHekssqueakytoy, sure, make a group with those permissions, and add the current and 'another' user member of that group17:50
naccsqueakytoy: but i think you are referring to 'groups', by what you said17:51
squeakytoyMy FTP server uploads a file with owner X, but Apache is owner Y, needs to read it, hm17:51
ikoniasort the permissions out then17:51
squeakytoyin what way?17:52
ikoniasqueakytoy: look at groups or masks17:52
OerHeksOh, i see i am wrong, one user r/w and apache only read?17:52
squeakytoyOerHeks, if i inspect the file, group has ni rights, doesn't the file need to have rw on group level as well?17:52
tgm4883acl's should also work17:53
squeakytoythe file gets "-rw-------", so I am not sure groups would work here?17:53
ikoniaacls' don't work out well with ftp depending on the server17:53
tgm4883ikonia: can't you force acl's on everything in a directory? Doesn't sound like FTP needs to care about it since we're worried about Apache having access17:54
ikoniatgm4883: it's to do with how some of the ftp servers for privileged seperaration or assume "user" roles17:55
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Retr0idI've just completed a minimal install, and I'd like to go back and add some packages I need to make networking work. Can I do this from the bootable installer? how?18:06
OerHeksRetr0id, mini iso has no live environment, i think you have to start all over18:06
Retr0idHmm. I did select the "manually selelect packages" option during tasksel, but it didn't seem to do anything18:07
OerHeksWhat desktop did you choose?18:07
koulis1984hello all :)18:07
Retr0idMe? "None of the above"18:08
OerHeksRetr0id, oke, then start the install again and choose a desktop, else use the server iso for manually setting networking?18:09
FatherWh0I'm about to install Lubuntu on a thumb drive for the second time. I hade to use the thumb for something else temp. This time I'd like to save a snapshot (image, whatever) to an external of my final install. What's the best way to do this and do I need to chose LVM?18:09
=== Iota- is now known as kspencer
Retr0id> "You can also select "Manual package selection" which will take you to aptitude. "18:11
Retr0idHow do I make this option work?18:11
OerHeksRetr0id, i think you need to choose a desktop first?18:11
Retr0idI've done this before18:12
OerHeksRetr0id, this page gives a hint > sudo apt-get install gdm/lightdm/lxdm network-manager   >> https://www.maketecheasier.com/install-a-minimal-ubuntu-on-old-laptop/18:14
OerHeksso it can be done, if you have installed a desktop i guess18:14
Retr0idYeah, and that command requires network18:14
Retr0idHm, perhaps I am running into this bug?18:16
OerHeksRetr0id, no, packages should be available, if you keep the cd into the drive18:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1578642 in tasksel (Ubuntu) "Xenial tasksel "manual package selection" during installation does nothing" [Low,Fix released]18:17
=== anonymous is now known as Guest43789
akikRetr0id: the command is tasksel if you have that18:17
Retr0idI'm on 16.10 though. Anyone know if that bug still applies?18:17
Retr0idCan I run tasksel/apt from the installation media?18:18
Retr0idI'm going to try chrooting in from the installer18:18
cuore_ /qui18:22
Retr0idI can confirm that chrooting in from the install media works. I thought ubuntu was supposed to be simple...18:28
BluesKajRetr0id, it is, if you have a bios , uefi not so much , unless you use legacy mode and turn off the security and fast modes18:30
=== r is now known as Guest88820
Retr0idWhat does that have to do with things? I have a BIOS though.18:32
yaccBluesKaj, well, that's only because UEFI tries to be mini-OS (arguably with more OS functionality built into it than MS-DOS had), hence all UEFI implementations are not really such, the "no serious bugs" UEFI implemention still lives on as vaporware.18:39
yaccBluesKaj, legacy BIOS is not much better, but it's buggyness and crazy behaviors we have studied for 2+ decades, so it works usually slightly nicer.18:40
BluesKajyacc, I couldn't be bothered with UEFI/BIOS and GPT when I received my laptop, it was msdos table and legacy for me, after wiping W8.1 off the map18:43
Retr0idwell, now my system is boot looping. That's enough ubuntu for the day...18:43
BluesKajRetr0id, you already posted that18:44
Retr0idUh. no I didn't.18:45
jnewti want to create a "shared" ntfs partition on my disk.  I have a bunch of unallocated space, but I already have 4 partitions and can't figure out how to create a logical partition in the unallocated space.  tried gparted from live disk, but got the same error as from non-live and windows18:46
jnewtmy partitions are windows (small 100MB boot thing),  windows (120GB), ubuntu (/), ubuntu (/home)18:47
akikjnewt: you would need to create an extended partition first18:48
configuringmouseHello. I'm trying to remap my mouse thumb button. I've tried xte, xbindkeys, imwheel, and a few more. They all bind the mouse thumb to a key correctly, but there is an issue: when I am holding another mouse button (ie left click) and then I press the thumb button, then the thumb button will do nothing.18:48
jnewtakik: how do i do that?18:48
configuringmouse tested it with xev, having thumb_1 remapped to SPACE key, and while pressing thumb in fact printed space, pressing thumb while holding left click printed button 8 (default mouse thumb button), so  S O M E H O W  the sole act of holding a mouse button DENIES EVERY REMAP TOOL AVAILABLE FOR LINUX.18:48
configuringmouse've googled for hours and there are some people who had my same issue, but no one provided an answer!!!!! i'm going crazy. I've been 4 hours on this. I just want my mouse thumb to behave as a keyboard key, why is it so complicated? Man, not even the basics are covered in this operating system!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP18:49
akikjnewt: one solution could be moving the /home data to the / partition and then converting the /home partition to an extended partition18:49
jnewtso i can't create an extended partition in addition to the 4 primary partitions I have?18:49
akikjnewt: nope18:49
Bombowhat is wrong if i do '18:50
jnewtakik: ok.  I'll have to figure out how to merge /home and / then.18:50
Bombowhat is wrong if i do 'apt-get install lxde' and it does not install lxde-common and openbox?18:50
deus402I have my ip set statically, and somehow i just lost all dns resolution. here are my diagnostics so far: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23870553/18:50
deus402it was working fine and then it just stopped... everything seems configured right, not quite sure what i'm missing.18:52
jnewtwell, all of the instructions seem to be for moving /home to separate partition, not the other way around.18:52
Retr0iddeus402, are you sure your traffic isn't being filtered somehow?18:53
akikjnewt: you just need to move the /home data to / if it has the space for it18:53
Retr0idMaybe your ISP wants to force you to use their DNS, or something18:53
jnewtakik: I have plenty of room everywhere.18:53
akikjnewt: you will have a mount line in /etc/fstab for /home if it's a separated partition18:53
deus402Retr0id: all other devices on the network are still working fine.18:54
jnewtright, i do18:54
deus402hrmm, i'll try dig with my isp's dns18:54
=== Pcatinean_ is now known as PCatinean
Retr0iddeus402, try setting resolv.conf to "nameserver" ?18:55
Retr0id(as a temporary test)18:55
jnewtso what, i create a folder on / (ie temp_home), then copy everything from /home/ to /temp/home/ and then remove the fstab line, reboot and then create a new /home and copy everything back?18:55
akikjnewt: sounds like a plan, you just need to "mv /temp_home /home" after the fstab mangling18:56
Retr0idYou could unmount /home, and remount the partition somewhere else18:56
akikjnewt: /home will be an empty directory then18:56
Retr0idthen copy the files18:57
deus402Retr0id: dig also fails with my isp's nameserver. also, shouldn't dig @ work even if resolv.conf was totally boned?18:57
Retr0idIt should18:57
akikjnewt: i meant "mv /temp_home/* /home"18:57
akikRetr0id: you can't unmount /home if it's in use, which it normally is18:57
Retr0idnot if you log in as root, surely?18:58
Retr0idand you need to be root anyway18:58
lucidguyAnyone see an issue with enabling immediate writes to bash_history this way?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/67283/is-it-possible-to-make-writing-to-bash-history-immediate18:58
Retr0iddeus402, try this: nc -uvvv 5318:58
Retr0idif you hit enter a few times, you should see "Connection to 53 port [udp/domain] succeeded!"18:59
prakhar489hi everyone,please respond if anyone sees my message18:59
Retr0idprakhar489, yup19:00
deus402Retr0id: Connection to 53 port [udp/domain] succeeded!19:01
prakhar489thanks@Retr0id, i tried irc irccloud but it didn't work out19:01
jnewthrm.  can't log in (other than guest now)19:03
akikjnewt: if you're unable to login, you can fix the situation through a live session19:05
akikjnewt: i mean a live session through a boot disk/dvd19:05
Retr0idunless you used encryption ^19:06
jnewtyeah, live disk is booting.  i'm going to mount the disk and see what is up.  /home now says permission denied (maybe just because of guest)19:06
deus402retroid: tracepath -p 53 https://paste.ubuntu.com/23870625/19:07
SamDCBHowdy everyone.19:09
SamDCBJust getting into using irssi so I'm kinda a noob.19:09
Retr0iddeus402, at this point, I have no idea19:10
deus402rebooting the router for fun19:10
=== ae is now known as Guest28335
lucas-arghows nvidia optimus support going in linux/ubuntu?19:12
Retr0iddeus402, one thing to try is to run this in one window: nc -lu 5319:13
Retr0idand this in another: dig @ example.com19:13
jnewtakik, everything looks ok, /home has my user and the lost found, fstab only has the one line for /19:13
Retr0idif it works, you should see some data appear at the first window19:13
Bashing-omRetr0id: Overall .. optimus support is good . A lot depends on the card .. and what driver is instaled .. and then the grey natter between the ears :)19:16
jnewtdo i need to do something else to tell login where to find my /home folder?19:17
akikjnewt: no it's just /home/username19:18
akikjnewt: you can actually remove the /home/lost+found directory if you still have it there19:19
tengelichow to speed up the bootup?19:20
deus402m.2 drive.19:21
jnewtakik: var/log/auth.log has some errors about /lib/security/pam_kwallet5.so cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.19:22
deus402retroid: all that came up on the nc -lu 53 terminal was: l googlecom)l googlecom)l googlecom)19:22
akikjnewt: can you login to the system now ok?19:22
jnewti'm looking at it with live disk again19:22
Bashing-omtengelic: Remind us once more what release ( upstart/systemd ?) that you are running .19:22
smaloneHas anyone gotten a celluar modem to work in Ubuntu?19:22
tengelicBashing-om: 16.04. systemd. Once more?:-D19:23
configuringMOUSEHello. I'm trying to remap my mouse thumb button. I've tried xte, xbindkeys, imwheel, and a few more. They all bind the mouse thumb to a key correctly, but there is an issue: when I am holding another mouse button (ie left click) and then I press the thumb button, then the thumb button will do nothing.19:23
akikjnewt: did you change the permissions on your home dir when moving it?19:23
configuringMOUSE tested it with xev, having thumb_1 remapped to SPACE key, and while pressing thumb in fact printed space, pressing thumb while holding left click printed button 8 (default mouse thumb button), so  S O M E H O W  the sole act of holding a mouse button DENIES EVERY REMAP TOOL AVAILABLE FOR LINUX.19:24
configuringMOUSEI've googled for hours and there are some people who had my same issue, but no one provided an answer!!!!! i'm going crazy. I've been 4 hours on this. I just want my mouse thumb to behave as a keyboard key, why is it so complicated?19:24
Bashing-omtengelic: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/systemd-blame.html to know all about the booting times .19:25
jnewtakik: not on purpose.  /home is 755 root root, /home/jnewt is the same19:25
OerHekstengelic, systemd-analyze plot > filename.svg  # this gives a bootchart, post it @ imgur and let us see19:25
akikjnewt: you should change the permissions on /home/jnewt to be actually owned by jnewt19:26
deus402Retr0id: router firewall decided to shit the bed, was blocking all outbound ports19:26
akikjnewt: the whole directory19:26
jnewtakik: can i do that from a live disk?19:27
akikjnewt: sure, you can use numeric ids19:27
deus402but for some reason only for the linux box... made no sense. even router reboot didn't fix it, but turning the firewall off and back on did.19:28
tengelicOerHeks: https://p.fuwafuwa.moe/pctyna.svg19:28
cuddlehow well does world of warcraft work in ubuntu19:29
sud_new on lubuntu here19:30
deus402Retr0id, thanks for the help.19:30
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star_proneI have a virtualbox with ubuntu server 14.04 in text mode. I have installed guest additions but I just can't figure it out how to change the resolution19:34
star_pronedoes anyone have any suggestions?19:34
lucas-argstar_prone, if im no mistaken you have to mount the iso and install drvier in virtual machine19:35
lucas-argits been a while since ive used a virtual machine so... i might be wrong19:35
lucas-argstar_prone, you can see that in some menu of vm19:36
star_proneI already did that19:36
lucas-argstar_prone, are you sure? did a window installer appear while you did that?19:37
lucas-argstar_prone, did you actually installed the guest adition software??19:37
lucas-argstar_prone, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q84boOmiPW819:38
pavlosstar_prone, you may have to modify /etc/default/grub (see GRUB_GFXMODE) to define the resolution. I have not been successful with ubuntu server to change resolution, on desktop installs it works fine.19:43
pavlosstar_prone, see http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/17027/how-to-set-the-resolution-in-text-consoles-troubleshoot-when-any-vga-fail19:48
odfhw5bv9sHi all. Why are packages in repos as old as mammoth shit?19:51
Bashing-om!latest | odfhw5bv9s19:51
ubottuodfhw5bv9s: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:51
BluesKajodfhw5bv9s, because your OS is the same age19:51
odfhw5bv9subottu, BluesKaj web browser must be always of latest version19:52
ubottuodfhw5bv9s: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:52
odfhw5bv9sBashing-om, BluesKaj web browser must be always of latest version19:52
odfhw5bv9sbut I still see firefox 50.119:53
Bashing-omodfhw5bv9s: Now if ya want the latest and greatest, one dual boots with the 'development' version . And does the help in testing the soon to be released next version .19:53
Piciodfhw5bv9s: whats the latest version?19:53
geniiInstall then the mozilla daily or such PPA19:53
Piciodfhw5bv9s: and when was it released?19:53
odfhw5bv9sBashing-om, Pici though several days since release of 51 have passed19:54
Piciodfhw5bv9s: the ubuntu mozilla team has stuff they need to do to get the release ready for Ubuntu.19:56
odfhw5bv9sPici: do you mean this addon installed into for Firefox for tracking?19:57
odfhw5bv9s*into Firefox19:57
tengelicodfhw5bv9s: what?19:57
Piciodfhw5bv9s: I don't know what that is, but software packaging isn't a point and click thing.  There are patches that need to get applied and tested and whatnot before any software can appear in the Ubuntu repos.19:57
PianoSkullshey is there a script out there that clears session cache before logging off?19:59
odfhw5bv9sPici: firefox already has a release for any linux on their website. Why don't we have package, since there is a release and this is well tested by mozilla beta testers19:59
PianoSkullsXubuntu keeps reopening my saved sessions when I turn on the computer19:59
Piciodfhw5bv9s: Because we apply patches to make it fully compatable with Ubuntu19:59
PiciThats how packaging works19:59
tengelicPici: an addon20:00
odfhw5bv9sPici: what kind of patches do you mean? Some kind of tracking code?20:00
Piciodfhw5bv9s: No20:00
Piciodfhw5bv9s: like, to set the Ubuntu home page, to specify what directory things get installed into, etc20:00
PianoSkullsguys I unchecked "save sessionfor future login" but xubuntu still saves them20:01
odfhw5bv9sPici: are these patches to the source code? They sound more like patches for config files.20:02
ppfodfhw5bv9s: either20:02
odfhw5bv9s*to config files20:02
Piciodfhw5bv9s: yes, those config files are part of the firefox source packages.20:02
ikoniathere can be patches to the source code though too20:03
ikoniaeg: compiler compatibility20:03
odfhw5bv9sPici: I see no reason how applying these patches can delay a package for such large time.20:03
ikoniawhat is the delay ?20:04
odfhw5bv9sikonia: why don't try to make compiler compatibility patches to upstream20:04
odfhw5bv9sikonia: days20:04
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: because different distros use different compilers20:05
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: days is "ok"20:05
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: it has to go through testing too,20:05
ikoniait may also not be a high prioirty release.20:05
ppfit's also only 2 days old20:05
ikonia2 days...thats nothing20:05
odfhw5bv9sikonia: it is the reason to make code which can be compiled with all popular compilers.20:05
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: it doesn't work like that20:05
odfhw5bv9sdays are clearly not ok20:05
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: clearly they are20:06
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: what do you NEED in this release20:06
Piciodfhw5bv9s: I just downloaded the firefox 50.1 source from the Ubuntu repos here, and these are the patches that we apply currently: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23870887/20:06
OerHeks51.0 / January 24, 2017; 2 days ago20:06
odfhw5bv9sikonia: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox/#firefox5120:08
odfhw5bv9sikonia: do you still think thad days are OK? release of any software with fixed vulns means immediate disclosure.20:09
tengelicodfhw5bv9s: that's nothing20:09
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: just to clarify it's the 51 release your waiting for20:09
odfhw5bv9sThe vulns are exploited in the wild!20:09
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: yes, if you look at them the severity is high, but the likely hood is actually low20:09
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: they should be treated seriously, but not panic20:10
odfhw5bv9sikonia: yes. But you don't treat them seriously.20:10
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: I do, thats why I just said so20:10
ppfodfhw5bv9s: you have a funny understanding of how software deployment works20:10
ikoniaI suspect this is not a real clearly but just a platform to complain20:11
ikoniaa real complaint20:11
ikoniareading through that security list, the risks of them for a few days are not serious, while the impact is high20:12
ikoniano-one who is "quoting" that list as a reason to get upset, would not understand the principals of the distro specific packages20:12
odfhw5bv9sikonia: if you don't have system giving updates for packages within short period of time since official release, you don't threat security seriously.20:12
Piciodfhw5bv9s: the last testing build that I see from the mozilla team was about 3 hours ago and it failed for most of the architectures, so there is more programming and testing needed.20:12
Picisorry, it succeeded, I misread the tracker.  I assume they are testing now.20:13
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: packages are release as soon as they are ready20:13
tengelicodfhw5bv9s: gstreamer patched quickly.20:13
Richard_CavellHello everyone.  I have had terrible trouble with compatibility between my iMac5,1 and Linux distros.  Does anyone know of the compatibility between various versions of Ubuntu, and the iMac5,1 (dual booting, not in a VM)20:13
odfhw5bv9sikonia: the problem is that the packages are not ready in time20:14
ppfodfhw5bv9s: they are20:14
ikonia(for you)20:14
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: ok, so what do you think complaining in this channel will do to resolve that ?20:14
odfhw5bv9sikonia: it's your problem, not mozilla's that you use another compiler. It's your users problem that they use ubuntu instead of sid.20:15
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: it's not my problem20:15
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: what do you hope to achieve complaining into this channel ?20:16
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: if the release process is too slow for you, use a different distro20:16
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: it's your choice to find the distro that meets your requirements20:16
odfhw5bv9snothing. Now I'm sure that this was done intentionally. I think that the better solution is to drop ubuntu and migrate to sid20:17
daxsid as in debian unstable?20:17
ikoniaodfhw5bv9s: perfect, do that20:17
ubottuBravo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:17
daxyou, er, might want to read up on security policy for debian unst... oh ok20:17
ikoniaI look forward to that conversation being repeated in every other distro channel20:17
ioriaodfhw5bv9s, it's just my h opinion, but more breaches fixed, more breaches found20:18
SmtGgei want to copy magic_dragon in IRC.ICQ 100000000 versions and kill them all20:18
ikoniaSmtGge: not wure what that has to do with this channel20:19
zuiss1does ubuntu LTS have anything comparable to debian backports, so some packages can get installed on a LTS base?20:21
zuiss1*newer packages20:22
daxDepends on the package. Ubuntu has a backports repository but it's very rarely used relative to Debian's. Some package teams provide PPAs with updates, e.g. Kubuntu does that for KDE20:22
zuiss1debian is a good fit for me because i can use a stable base but some stuff like hexchat, pidgin, etc. i can get through backports. i want try to try ubuntu lts but don't want to go an actual 2 years without software updates for a few select packages20:24
k1lzuiss1: that is what PPAs are for20:25
daxthough debian backports tends to be rather less... tending towards brokenness than PPAs20:25
daxi.e., i'd personally be a lot more comfortable with Debian Backports than a team PPA20:25
daxbut your mileage may of course vary20:26
k1lwell. i doubt the backports are that bleeding edge the user wants. because he doesnt like the stable release20:26
ppf!info gcc xenial20:27
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.150ubuntu1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:5.3.1-1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB20:27
zuiss1backports are tested by a distro maintainer instead of just being published by upstream  so there is a bit more quality control20:27
zuiss1i get the point though20:28
Dreamank1l  how to install kernel 4.10 rc520:28
ikoniayou don't20:28
ikoniait's not released20:28
k1lzuiss1: there are a variety of PPAs. some are run by the same maintainer (team) that maintain the repo packages.20:29
k1lDreaman: please stop asking me directly, when you already know the answer and just want to troll me.20:29
zuiss1so to find these PPAs i'd just check the upstream's site and see if they have one? or is there a list somewhere20:30
Dreamani use alpha 17.0420:30
Dreamanwork in 16.1020:30
ikoniathen disussion belongs in #ubuntu+1 channel Dreaman20:31
Dreamanbut in 17.04 not20:31
k1lyou can look at the launchpad page for the package you want. then at the bottom there is a green link to the PPAs that include other versions of that package20:31
ikonia17.04 disscussion in #ubuntu+1 channel please Dreaman20:31
Dreamani ask in20:31
star_pronethank you20:31
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zuiss1thanks k1l20:33
SkaagI have a problem with network manager, it keeps changing my wlan0 mac address20:37
Skaaghow do I tell it to stop misbehaving like this?20:37
ikonianetwork manager will not change your mac address20:37
ikoniait's more likley you are trying to change it and it's reading the "real" mac address20:37
Skaagthen I'm not sure why this is happening, it's so weird20:37
SkaagI don't want it to change20:38
SkaagI'm trying to connect this box to an access point which whitelists by MAC address20:38
Skaagso unless I have a fixed MAC I won't be able to connect20:38
ppfnm uses/resets the card's physical MAC20:38
SkaagI just ran ifconfig again, it changed again20:39
ppfthat's static20:39
ikonianetwork manager will not change your mac20:39
ikoniait will use the card real mac only20:39
k1lSkaag: what ubuntu is that exactly? and what hardware?20:39
Skaagany ideas what's changing my mac address then?20:39
ppfSkaag: are you _sure_ your mac address is changing?20:40
Skaag100% sure20:40
ppfcan you paste two ifconfig outputs where the address is changed?20:40
Skaagmaybe wpa_supplicant is doing it20:40
k1l<k1l> Skaag: what ubuntu is that exactly? and what hardware?20:41
ppfwpa_supplicant doesn't modify the mac address either20:41
Skaagit's an intel NUC with an intel wifi board on it, and I'm sorry but this appears to be a debian box, not my typical ubuntu setup... (my apologies, I just realized this now)20:42
=== cc-r is now known as cooc
OerHeksSkaag, how do you change you MAC to that number that is whitelisted?20:43
OerHeksNetworkmanager is not doing it randomly20:43
ikonianetwork manager is not doing it properly20:43
ikoniaI suggest taking it to the correct channel20:43
ikoniaSkaag: we only support ubuntu here, sorry20:44
SkaagOerHeks: I don't want to change it at all, I just want nm to use the hardware mac, I didn't see any place in the nm gui to change the mac address (spoof)20:44
Skaagyah i'll take this to the debian channel, thanks guys, and sorry again - all of my new stuff is on ubuntu, this is an older system and I didn't realize it earlier20:45
ioriaSkaag, see if you have macchanger  installed for any chances20:45
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest78569
SkaagI thought macchanger lets you set a specific mac address, here it appears to be random every few minutes... but I will check20:46
Skaag(I did not install it)20:46
ioriaSkaag, not sure but yoou can randomize it20:47
Skaagmacchanger isn't installed20:48
jnewttrying to find and install libpng14, but threads on ubuntuforums.org for using an rpm seem to point to an unavailable page. anyone know where to get it?20:51
Ben64jnewt: you don't want to use rpm on ubuntu20:51
AdamTheSlaveUbuntu doesn't use RPM's, we use .deb files, and the best way to get them is using APT/software center20:51
OerHeks!find libpng20:52
ubottuFound: libpng-dev, libpng-tools, libpng16-16, libpng++-dev, libpng-sixlegs-java20:52
OerHekstry libpng16 ?20:52
ioriaSkaag, or maybe some script like this  http://pastebin.com/qatdtbVH     somewhere, really idk20:52
jnewtBen64: was just going by the forum's recommendation.20:53
Ben64forums aren't always right20:53
OerHeksjnewt, probably an old post, keep up with version numbers20:53
Skaaglooks like wpa_supplicant has this feature to randomize the mac address20:54
Skaagvery weird20:54
SkaagI'm going to force it to stai20:54
SkaagI'm going to force it to static20:54
OerHeksSkaag, move it to debian please20:54
Skaagoops wrong window20:54
ioriaSkaag, so you're not using nm ?20:54
jnewtOerHeks, Alreading installed libpng16-16 via apt.  still get shared libraries problem. need libpng14.so.14.  maybe i can symlink to new one?20:55
k1ljnewt: what gives you that error?20:56
OerHeksjnewt, what are you trying to install? i would question that package/script20:56
jnewtOerHeks: an older version of cadsoft eagle (pcb design software).  I'm migrating from an older debian system that i've been running in a vm, and they got bought out and switch to cloud software.20:58
ppfjnewt: get a newer version of that software then?20:58
jnewti didn't mean cloud, i meant subscription.20:59
Ben64use a better software then? a quick apt search shows me fritzing, geda, gerbv, kicad, pcb21:00
jnewtBen64: I have 10 years of work in eagle.  libraries, scripts, processes and experience.  i already have kicad installed, but would like to see if i can stretch eagle a bit longer if possible.  I don't need alternatives, I need to figure out how to get the libraries installed so i can try this.21:03
Ben64then use their new version21:03
jnewtSubscription, and it would update files to non-backward compatiblity with my other eagle installations21:04
jnewtI've thought of all of this already21:04
naccjnewt: what package provided the library in your debian VM?21:04
Ben64a great philosopher once said "you can't always get what you want"21:04
jnewtnacc: i don't remember the process.  could i just copy the libpng14 file from /lib on the debian vm into /lib on my new system?21:06
Ben64just keep your old vm for working on your old software21:06
jnewtBen64: you're not helping21:06
Ben64you're the one in the way21:07
Ben64i want old unsupported software on new ubuntu!21:07
Americanu Hello there21:09
AmericanuAnybody on ?21:10
k1ljnewt: running that deprecated stuff in a vm on the new system could be a solution.21:10
AmericanuI got an issue here :)21:10
AmericanuI have a dual boot with w10 and ubuntu and internet is not working at all on ubuntu21:10
AmericanuAny way to fix this please?21:11
ppfAmericanu: how is it not working21:11
AmericanuIt shows as if its not receiving any connections21:11
OerHeksAmericanu, 1st thing in my mind: disable fastboot in w10, ( not secure boot ) that could prevent networking21:11
ppfcan you ping something?21:11
AmericanuNot on ubuntu21:12
AmericanuIt says host unknown21:12
ppfand an address?21:12
AmericanuFastboot might affect it ?21:12
AmericanuLet me see21:12
ppfcan you paste ifconfig?21:13
AmericanuIm on the phone now so i cant really21:13
ppfpaste a screenshot?21:14
Americanuthis https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/vekJB78u/irccloudcapture1643902794.jpg21:14
ppfare you connected to the network?21:15
OerHeksno ip for enp3s021:15
ppfno ip on your ethernet21:15
OerHekstry fastboot disable21:16
AmericanuDo you know how  do it ?21:16
AmericanuAnd internet wired is workijg , at least on w1021:16
OerHeksAmericanu, nope, w10 is a jar with trouble, it is in settings somewhere21:17
AmericanuAhhh ok21:17
AmericanuOerHeks Ill search for it21:17
bruce__did you try setup the wired network manually?21:18
AmericanuNo i didnt set it up manually bruce__21:20
AmericanuFastboot didnt sort it21:21
AmericanuHow can i get thr details for a manual network?21:22
tewardAmericanu: you would need to ask whomever maintains that network for the details to enter21:22
tewardif it's your own network, you can get a 'starting point' by grabbing some information off another system and choosing another IP in the range that the network runs on21:23
tewardbut since I don't know enough about your network, I can't really give more info than that21:23
BlueProtomanI have a computer with two SSDs; one has two partitions (for Windows and Linux), and one has a single NTFS partition that's entirely for OS-agnostic files (like code, music, and movies).  When trying to read from particular files in my common drive, I get ` nput/output error`s.  What could be broken?21:23
AmericanuThere was a commmand that rebooted the network manager and it gt sorteed once21:24
Bashing-omBlauskaerM: Windows still with the drive mounted ? Or maybe a not "safely Ummounted" situation ?21:26
AmericanuAny other solution for the internet ?21:30
fedecupegood evening, I'm looking for help in installing a displaylink driver with newer evdi module. Anyone cares to help?21:34
ppfAmericanu: is network manager running?21:37
ppfAmericanu: which ubuntu is this?21:38
AmericanuIt should be ,i see the icon on top , its 16.0421:38
ppfwell, you can use it to configure your network21:38
AmericanuAdded connection manualy and it didnt activate the internet con21:39
ppfwhat's it say about Connection Information?21:39
AmericanuWhere csn i see that21:40
ppfright click the network manager icon21:40
AmericanuOh that thing , it says "ethernet network disconnected"21:40
AmericanuAnd connection information is greyed out21:41
ppfthen tell it to connect to your network?21:41
AmericanuI don't want to look that stupid but i did click ensble networking21:42
ppfthen click the on actual connection21:43
AmericanuUhm heres what it shows up21:43
ppfEdit connections?21:44
ppfyour cable is plugged in, right?21:44
AmericanuYeah it is , i tried the internet with w10 20 minutes ago21:44
ppfdid you do anything in /etc/network/interfaces.d/?21:45
AmericanuNope its empty there as far as i know21:45
ppfand /etc/network/interfaces as well?21:46
AmericanuIt has auto lo21:46
AmericanuAnd iface lo inet loopback21:47
ppfthen use ifconfig to configure the interface21:47
ppfand also check journalctl -u NetworkManager21:48
AmericanuThere is a red line on the journalctl21:49
AmericanuNm_device_get_device_type: assertion nm_if_device (self) failed21:50
=== Hades_ is now known as Guest29094
ppfconfigure the interface manually21:52
AmericanuSorry , how do i edit this read only as i cant change its permissions21:53
ppfedit what?21:53
AmericanuInterfaces file21:53
ppfuse ifconfig21:53
noimnotninevoltifconfig doesn't persist changes across boots.21:54
ppfwell, or change the interfaces file, yes21:54
ppfsudo nano /etc/network/interfaces21:54
AmericanuOh alright cheers let me try to edit21:54
fedecupegood evening, I'm looking for help in installing a displaylink driver with newer evdi module. Anyone cares to help?21:55
AmericanuStill not working .. jesus and this thijg is only for the internet21:58
ppfwhat did you put in the interfaces file now?21:58
Bashing-omfedecupe: Sorry, but I do not recognize the term " displaylink driver " or " evdi module " . details ?21:59
AmericanuPpf so on the ifconfig i have 2 "things" lo and enp3s0, i replaced lo with enp3s0 in interfaces21:59
fedecupeBashing-om displaylink is a "thing" to make multiple monitors work over usb (in my case is a dock), evdi is a module for that ( here my askubuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/874558/cant-install-displaylink-driver-with-current-kernel)22:00
ppfAmericanu: that's not gonna work22:00
ppfman interfaces22:00
AmericanuIm not that much of a ubuntu savy, what is man and how do i do it ?22:01
heathenwolfeAmericanu, you need to add 2 lines to the file, that's all22:01
ppfyou type it into your terminal22:01
ppfit's a documentation viewer22:02
AmericanuWell i am inside interfaces22:02
ppfyes, open the manpage to read how the interface file works22:02
Bashing-omfedecupe: K; sorry out of my experience range . Mostly answered such that you know we are aware of your need . I expect others here to now pick up my slack .22:02
heathenwolfeAmericanu, "auto enp3s0" and "iface enp3s0 inet dhcp" should do the trick22:02
OerHeksmight be a help, but i wonder what w10 does with your network interfave22:02
fedecupeBashing-om thanks anyway :)22:03
AmericanuWell tbh i dont thnk  it can do anything as i have grub22:03
Americanuheathenwolfe:  those lies stll dont do snything to my internet...22:04
heathenwolfeAmericanu, still need to restart the network service after that22:05
ppfyes, that just tells your system what to do with the interfaces22:05
ppfsystemctl restart networking22:05
heathenwolfeAmericanu, easiest is rebooting your pc into Ubuntu again22:05
AmericanuJesus finally22:06
AmericanuInternet connection22:06
AmericanuThanks guys22:06
heathenwolfeAmericanu, congratulations22:06
AmericanuThanks all of ya lol22:06
heathenwolfeppf, thanks for the "systemctl restart networking", didn't knew that one22:07
AmericanuGonna sort the ubuntu downlosds now lol22:09
AmericanuWow :/ aparently its just the icon showing that it has connection. Its not connecting to anything22:12
AmericanuSo no internet connection at al aparently.. jesus whats wrong with this22:14
Americanuheathenwolfe: for some aparent reason now i have on ifconfig enp3s0:avahi22:15
AmericanuAlong lo and enp3s022:15
heathenwolfeAmericanu, sounds like mdns22:16
AmericanuWhats that?22:17
heathenwolfeAmericanu, it's nothing to worry about, just automatic hostname resolution22:18
Americanuheathenwolfe: but i cant connect to the internet still... It changed the top icon tho22:19
heathenwolfeAmericanu, if you have e.g. two computers (pc1, pc2) on the network, you can communicate for example ping pc2.local from pc1 without using ip addresses22:19
heathenwolfeAmericanu, is your networkmanager still active?22:19
zuiss1is it true that installing ubuntu with encryption on a SSD will lead to poor performance compared to unencrypted? https://askubuntu.com/questions/53872/how-do-i-set-up-full-disk-encryption-on-an-ssd22:19
AmericanuHeathenwolfe It shows up top still in , so i guess yeah22:20
Americanuheathenwolfe: clicking on connection information it says  no valid connection found22:20
heathenwolfeAmericanu, I guess it doesn't show the active enp3s0 connection via networkmanager because you bypassed it via the /etc/network/interfaces22:21
AmericanuWhat can i do tho ? I mean i still dont have connectin22:22
heathenwolfeAmericanu, /etc/network/interfaces is typically for static or servers22:22
heathenwolfeAmericanu, try listing "nmcli con show" in the terminal22:23
heathenwolfeAmericanu, you should see a connection for enp3s0 as well22:23
heathenwolfeAmericanu, then just "nmcli con up NAME" where NAME is the connection name which owns the enp3s0 if it already exists22:24
Americanuheathenwolfe:  right so under device theres -- , the uuid is showing and it shows ethernet connection 122:24
heathenwolfeAmericanu, if it's showing up in green text then it's enabled, if not22:25
heathenwolfeAmericanu, then enable it via $ nmcli con up "ethernet connection 1"22:25
highIQ6,000,000 LIES!!! THE GREATEST HOAX IN HISTORY https://youtu.be/TAtVKLATABM22:25
Americanuheathenwolfe: nope it shows in white... :(22:25
heathenwolfeAmericanu, just needs enabling then or maybe terminal colors are disabled, no biggie22:26
Americanuheathenwolfe: "no suitable device found for this device""22:26
AmericanuThis connection*22:26
AmericanuShould i delete this ethernet connection and recreste it ?22:27
heathenwolfeAmericanu, it's also possible via the normal network menu in ubuntu, this is just quick way to check stuff behind the scenes22:27
=== dconroy_ is now known as dconroy
Americanuheathenwolfe:  unfortunately it didnt do anything different.. uhm would it be because i crested myself that ethernet connection after the instalation of ubuntu22:30
AmericanuIs there a way to automatically create a wired con?22:30
heathenwolfeAmericanu, it should have been created during installation...22:32
Americanuheathenwolfe: this is the only thing that was created22:33
ZythyrNeed help. In my Ubuntu in terminal I typed "startx". Now everytime I reboot and try to login, it takes me back ot the login screen again. I can't login to the Desktop22:34
Ben64Zythyr: you shouldn't use startx22:35
k1lZythyr: go to tty1 (ctrl+alt+f1) then login, then look with "ls -al" what belongs to root-root and not your user. if its the .Xauthority file chown them back to your user:user22:35
k1lZythyr: after that go back with ctrl+alt+f7 and login22:35
k1lZythyr: and for the future: dont run startx,22:36
Zythyrk1l Okay let me try that22:36
heathenwolfeAmericanu, okay, when you right click the connections there should be one connection e.g. "wired connection 1"22:37
heathenwolfeAmericanu, double check if there's a checkmark next to "enable networking"22:38
MisterExcuse me, I was wondering if I could get a touch of help.22:38
Zythyrk1l Thank you very much!22:38
ZythyrThat fixed the problem22:38
heathenwolfeAmericanu, and "edit connections...", select the connection, edit, go to ipv4 tab and see if it's configured as automatic dhcp22:38
MisterI think I've gotten in over my head buying a computer with Linux installed.22:39
MisterBecause I have absolutely no idea what's going on.22:40
Ben64Mister: explain the issue22:40
MisterWell, I've tried running steam on an old Lenovo I bought for a great price22:41
MisterAnd I've been advised to switch from a 32 bit system to a 62 bit?22:41
MisterWrapping my head around doing that has proven impossible.22:42
k1lMister: dont run 32bit OS if your cpu is 64bit22:42
k1lMister: that means reinstall to change it to 64bit22:42
AmericanuYes it is22:42
MisterHow would I go about doing that?22:42
Americanuheathenwolfe:  it is as automatic dhcp22:42
MisterI don't know the first thing about Linux.22:42
k1lMister: do what? reinstall?22:43
MisterI just bought the laptop today, I didn't come with a disk or anything.22:44
k1lwhat laptop is it?22:44
MisterIt's an old lenevo, probably about ten years old.22:44
MisterMaybe less. Maybe more like 622:44
MisterA think pad?22:44
k1l"i have a green car, its 7 years old" :)22:44
Americanuheathenwolfe: any ideas what else i can do ?22:45
k1lMister: please open a terminal and run "lscpu | nc termbin.com 9999" that will output a url, please show that here22:46
heathenwolfeAmericanu, well first of all let's take a step back & see what's happening.22:48
heathenwolfeAmericanu, $ ip addr, check that enp3s0 has an ipv4 address22:48
OerHeksAmericanu, you did edit /etc/network/interfaces ?? change it back perhaps?22:49
heathenwolfeAmericanu, OerHeks, well i guess he has some interference between /interfaces & networkmanager, but either should be able to grab at least an ip address if they are configured correctly22:50
AmericanuOerHeks:  ill change it back in a bit and heathenwolfe  enp3s0 has the physical adress corectly (the one w10 has)22:50
AmericanuHeathenwolfe ts like and ipv6 i think , i mean the ip22:51
AmericanuHeathenwolfe similar to f3:45:45:26:4a:5722:52
heathenwolfeAmericanu, as long as it says "scope link/host" next to ipv6 no worries22:52
AmericanuHeathenwolfe Oh ok it does, link/ether22:54
MisterI entered in the command and it gave me a bunch of options.22:54
AmericanuWhat next22:54
heathenwolfeAmericanu, check your default route via $ ip route22:54
heathenwolfeAmericanu, it should say default via xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (your router ip)22:54
AmericanuDoesnt prompt anything as if its an empty command22:55
k1lMister: just copy and paste "lscpu | nc termbin.com 9999" into terminal22:55
heathenwolfeAmericanu, hm... the command runs fine in my 16.04 livecd22:56
AmericanuIp route , nothing , not even an error22:57
heathenwolfeAmericanu, $ echo $?22:57
AmericanuHeathenwolfe sorry i keep forgetting to mention your name22:57
AmericanuNothing , empty box22:58
heathenwolfeAmericanu, yeah no worries it's just so other people in the channel know who you're talking with, there are other convo's here at the same time22:58
heathenwolfeAmericanu, $ echo $? should give the exit code of the last run command (ip route), should be 0 or 122:58
MisterShould I remove the spaces or anything? I've typed it in manually and it didn't give me a URL, with and without the quotations22:59
MisterI was missing the extra 922:59
MisterI have it now.22:59
k1lMister: that sign is a pipe: | not a L or smething22:59
Americanuheathenwolfe https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/az4kt1t1/irccloudcapture1141992665.jpg22:59
gustavohmsilva_hi guys... is there a way to change my pc from uefi to bios AFTER installing ubuntu?23:00
k1lMister: ok, please copy the url into here23:00
gustavohmsilva_virtualbox is giving me problems with the dammt uefi23:00
AmericanuOh btw is it safe to share the ubuntu user name ?23:00
k1lMister: ok, that is a 64bit cpu23:01
MisterSo I'm able to download the 64 bit Linux distribution system?23:02
heathenwolfeAmericanu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23871761/23:02
k1lMister: what is the outpu of "uname -a"?23:02
MisterI'll type that in.23:02
MisterLinux linux-laptop 4.4.0-31-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 13 00:06:14 UTC 2016 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux23:02
zuiss1anyone know why the ubuntu installer gives an option to use the whole disk and set up encrypted lvm, but then later in the installation process it asks you if you want to encrypt your home directory? why does it ask you that if you already chose encryption earlier?23:03
heathenwolfeAmericanu, well that's the issue there isn't any route to forward the traffic to so that's why you can't access the internet23:03
Americanuheathenwolfe: did you open terminal with some permissions ? Sudo su?23:03
k1lMister: ok, that is a 32bit OS on a 64bit cpu. i would recommend a reinstall if you start new anyway23:03
heathenwolfeAmericanu, nope just normal user23:03
=== veg1i is now known as vegii
heathenwolfeAmericanu, try as root23:03
Americanuheathenwolfe: right how csn i fix this23:03
MisterHow do I reinstall?23:03
MisterOff of the internet?23:03
heathenwolfeAmericanu, okay try to comment the stuff you put in /etc/network/interfaces23:04
AmericanuHeathenwolfe nope , stil the same23:04
heathenwolfeAmericanu, the default there is just one comment line and 2 lines for auto lo loopback23:04
AmericanuHeathenwolfe done23:04
k1lMister: download the 64bit 16.04 LTS iso from the ubuntu.com webpage. then you have the iso and you start the usb-creator program and "burn" that onto a usb pendrive. after that you boot that usb and start the installer.23:05
OerHeksMister, download the iso, burn it on dvd or use an USB device, and boot/install23:05
heathenwolfeAmericanu, # systemctl restart networking23:05
MisterDo I type in boot/install in the command23:05
MisterOr is it an option I can just clock on?23:05
elisa87please have a look at this question http://askubuntu.com/questions/876282/how-to-play-avi-file-from-a-remotely-connected-ubuntu-with-x-flag-without-dro23:06
Americanuheathenwolfe:  right so i commented all the lines with # and issued the command , what now ?:)23:06
MisterThank you guys for your help. Thanks a bunch k1l.23:06
MisterI'm going to try to do this.23:06
heathenwolfeAmericanu, for good measure # systemctl restart NetworkManager.service23:06
MisterIt's all a bit confusing the first time.23:06
heathenwolfeAmericanu, then check # ip addr and # ip route23:06
k1lMister: i dont know why that guy installed 32bit in first place23:07
OerHekselisa87, "How to open a .avi video from a -X ssh session?"i think you can not, no playhing video over ssh.23:07
AmericanuIp addr is same and ip route is stil not working heathenwolfe23:07
MisterIdk, maybe he doesn't like me.23:07
heathenwolfeAmericanu, okay, then i have 2 interfaces when using $ nmcli con show23:07
elisa87OerHeks: it plays .mov files23:07
OerHekselisa87, .mov over ssh? really?23:08
MisterWhat is the USB-Creator program? Is it on here?23:08
AmericanuUhm i think i have one ccalled ice and one ethernet connectin23:08
heathenwolfeAmericanu, disregard last thing i said, that was wrong23:08
AmericanuMister rufus?23:08
MisterI need to find a USB drive.23:09
k1lMister: search for "usb creator"23:09
k1lMister: on the program launcher23:09
heathenwolfeAmericanu, okay let's try to get NM running now23:09
Americanuheathenwolfe:  well lets see. Hopefully its gonna be fast hah23:10
heathenwolfeAmericanu, does it show no entry for device enp3s0 in $nmcli con show   ?23:10
elisa87yes OerHeks23:10
AmericanuSo the device row has --23:11
AmericanuLike two dashes23:11
AmericanuWait sorry... The "ice" that i was saying was the rest of the word of device23:12
OerHeksif one gets a .mov to play over ssh, why would .avi be different? i never got it to work anyway, 'encrypted' movie over lan.23:12
AmericanuAnd there is no mention of enp3s0 heathenwolfe23:12
heathenwolfeAmericanu, okay, edit connections23:13
heathenwolfeAmericanu, edit the connection where it says --23:13
heathenwolfeAmericanu, check under the tab device that enp3s0 is selected23:13
AmericanuHeathenwolfe it is23:13
heathenwolfeAmericanu, it should say Device enp3s0 (mac address)23:13
AmericanuYup it is selected already23:14
heathenwolfeAmericanu, automatic dhcp as well under ipv4 but you checked that allready23:14
AmericanuTrue it is auto dhcp23:14
heathenwolfeAmericanu, try to connect with this connection23:15
heathenwolfeAmericanu, so close the configs, then click the network icon and click the name of the connection23:16
AmericanuIts greyed out i guess23:16
heathenwolfeAmericanu, alternatively, $ nmcli con up "Name"23:16
flybackwhen you install packages in ubuntu are any config files etc set based on cpu detected23:16
Americanuheathenwolfe https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/r8USK1xn/irccloudcapture-499496301.jpg23:16
flybackor are all the cpu optimizations in the executables entirely23:17
flybackman I am getting senile23:17
heathenwolfeAmericanu, aha23:17
heathenwolfeAmericanu, it says your network device is not managed23:17
Americanu"no suitable devices found for this connection" in terminal23:17
AmericanuYeah but the wire is plugged in23:18
AmericanuOn w10 i dont have issues with it heathenwolfe23:18
heathenwolfeAmericanu, for me it lists the connection right under "Ethernet network" and then "disconnect" under it if it's connected23:18
AmericanuI know i understand that23:18
AmericanuWould the instalation of ubuntu be corupted ?23:18
courrierI'm planning to buy an Aquaris M10 but the Ubuntu edition is out of stock, can I buy an Android version and install Ubuntu Touch easily?23:19
k1lcourrier: i suggest you ask in #ubuntu-touch23:20
courrierthanks k1l :)23:20
heathenwolfeAmericanu, might be because you edited it in /etc/network/interfaces, http://askubuntu.com/questions/71159/network-manager-says-device-not-managed23:20
heathenwolfeAmericanu, give it a reboot or restart the services23:21
AmericanuOk il reboot heathenwolfe23:22
AmericanuShould i do that sudo command in the post you made?23:22
AmericanuYou sent*23:23
heathenwolfeAmericanu, well first check $ ip addr and $ ip route before touching stuff23:23
heathenwolfeAmericanu, see if your network menu says the connection is managed or not23:23
AmericanuIp route is still not saying anything23:24
AmericanuEthernet now say disconnected instead of "not managed"23:24
heathenwolfeAmericanu, just click the connection23:24
AmericanuIts greyed out23:24
MisterExcuse me k1l, but do I run or save the file23:25
coffeeguyhi in ubuntu is a thread used as a core in intel processors?23:25
heathenwolfeAmericanu, screenshot?23:25
flybackif I leave in the current core2duo and load lubuntu/ubuntu23:25
k1lMister: save23:25
Americanuheathenwolfe https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/rpRlwUvI/irccloudcapture53686366.jpg23:26
flybackthen upgrade to a newer revision core2duo that has sse4 is there something set at distro install or package install time23:26
flybackthat would be affected by that23:26
heathenwolfeAmericanu, I have the same situation when i pull the ethernet plug23:26
MisterI'd much rather try to work with Linux then just get rid of it and run windows 723:27
MisterBecause it seems very interesting.23:27
heathenwolfeAmericanu, plugging back in seems to autoconnect23:28
heathenwolfeAmericanu, and then it says "Wired connection 1" on second line and "disconnect" on line 323:28
nacccoffeeguy: Linux does not generally differentiate between hardware threads and hardware cpus/cores, why do you ask?23:28
Americanu Heathenwolfe i just did that and it does nothing23:28
coffeeguyhmm vmware player isn't utilizing all the cores i set for it or ubuntu isn't23:28
coffeeguyi have a 4 core intel and i set 2 cores for vmware player and top shows vmware player using 200% cpu23:29
heathenwolfeAmericanu, okay so i have reproduced the results you have with $ ip route by unplugging23:29
coffeeguywith one core set it's back to 16% cpu on top23:30
AmericanuThat doesnt make sense. I can connect to internet with w10 on same machine heathenwolfe23:30
coffeeguyone core set in vmware player settings23:30
elisa87please have a look at this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41884842/internalerror-see-above-for-traceback-dst-tensor-is-not-initialized23:31
heathenwolfeAmericanu, sounds like something with drivers although i'm not sure on that23:31
heathenwolfeAmericanu, did you have internet connection with the livecd?23:32
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
AmericanuWell i did for a bit23:32
coffeeguynote: vmware workstation package updated today too23:32
AmericanuLike i found once a command that reboots something on network mansger23:32
heathenwolfeAmericanu, a bit?23:33
AmericanuAnd it worked23:33
AmericanuLike until the next reboot23:33
AmericanuIll try to reinstall Ubuntu23:33
AmericanuI think itt may have not be installed23:33
k1lwhat network card is it?23:34
nacccoffeeguy: can you take a screenshot of the vmware's options to specify core count to the guest? i don't use vmware myself23:34
k1lAmericanu: run "lspci" and show the output on paste.ubuntu.com23:34
nacccoffeeguy: aiui, you specify cores per cpu, not cores themselves?23:35
heathenwolfeAmericanu, integrated doesn't say anything about chipset, my lsmod mentions e1000 because i'm using intel nic23:35
AmericanuI cant paste it on pastebin as i dont have internet on it ?23:36
heathenwolfeAmericanu, oops23:36
peyamWhen I turn the computer on , it shows the booting logo of Xubuntu and then it goes to black screen23:37
heathenwolfeAmericanu, save it to a textfile using $ lsmod > output.txt23:37
peyamanyone know what to do?23:37
coffeeguyhttp://imgur.com/a/m6LLX nacc23:37
heathenwolfeAmericanu, and then to usb stick or on your w10 partition23:37
Bashing-om!nomodeset | peyam23:37
ubottupeyam: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:37
AmericanuLsmod > output.txt?23:38
AmericanuIt does nothing , like similar to ip route i guess23:38
peyamBashing-om: I can not see the desktop. Im writting from irrsi in command line using ctrl alt f123:38
coffeeguyhehe i hope i didn't show too much ;)23:38
heathenwolfeAmericanu, yes23:38
heathenwolfeAmericanu, it redirects the output of your screen to the file23:38
peyamBashing-om: im sorry. Can not see anything. if you only explain to me how to get it to work23:38
heathenwolfeAmericanu, cat output.txt23:39
heathenwolfeAmericanu, then you'll see the output23:39
AmericanuOh sorry yea23:39
pavlosAmericanu, try, lsmod | nc termbin.com 999923:39
heathenwolfeAmericanu, alternatively this will show both on the terminal and save it to a file $ lsmod | tee output.txt23:39
peyamif any could help me. My entire work is in here23:40
Americanuheathenwolfe https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/0w14ScCy/irccloudcapture-1653170229.jpg23:40
Bashing-ompeyam: As you are in terminal now . to install the proprietary driver run ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . Reboot to see the effect .23:40
Americanuheathenwolfe https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/YypT58oM/irccloudcapture-1372786817.jpg23:41
k1lAmericanu: "lspci" is the command23:41
peyami will thanks23:41
nacccoffeeguy: hrm, i'm not sure -- i'd guess based upon that screen that it's not suggesting the VM cores correspond to physical cores, but rather to logical CPUs.23:41
k1l(to list the network cards)23:41
AmericanuI pasted that lsmod gives , i can do lspci too23:41
heathenwolfeAmericanu, yeah sorry about all the terminal stuff, it shouldn't happen during your first foray into Ubuntu. Unfortunately things tend to break23:42
coffeeguylogical cpus ok but if set to 2 it's shouldn't be registering in 'top' as 200% or am i missing something23:42
heathenwolfek1l, Americanu, sorry for the mixup between lsmod & lspci...23:42
nacccoffeeguy: why not? 200% cpu means it is using 2 logical cpus23:42
AmericanuThis is the lspci lol its alright heathenwolfe , i do appreciate the help23:43
peyamIt says that the newest driver were installed23:43
k1lAmericanu: you mean the ethernet card, not a wifi card, right?23:43
AmericanuEthernet yes, wired23:43
heathenwolfeAmericanu, k1l, i see Realtek23:43
coffeeguyi thought top would take into account sum load vs total cores which is 423:43
AmericanuRealtek is the ethernet one23:43
AmericanuI mean thats what it says on w1023:44
ubuntu-matehola  hola hola23:44
nacccoffeeguy: i don't know exactly what you mean, or why you'd think that23:44
k1lAmericanu: and you have no connection? the cable is not removed when rebooting from windows?23:44
Bashing-om!tab | peyam Else ya get lost in all the traffic23:44
ubottupeyam Else ya get lost in all the traffic: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.23:44
peyamWhen start my Xubuntu 14.04 it shows the booting logo and then black screen appear23:44
coffeeguy4 cores with 2 used is out of a 100% total would be 50%23:44
AmericanuK1l i dont touch the wire when i switch os23:45
peyamBashing-om: sorry. I closed irssi for a moment. forgot your namr23:45
nacccoffeeguy: i think you misunderstand what top is showing you23:45
AmericanuGot kicked sorry23:45
nacccoffeeguy: top doesn't know what cores are23:45
k1lAmericanu: just making sure, would not be the first time the solution :)23:45
Bashing-ompeyam: pastebin ' sudo lshw -C display ' . see what we can learn .23:45
coffeeguyso top is just aware of the core it's in?23:46
AmericanuHaha i know its ok23:46
nacccoffeeguy: no.23:46
nacccoffeeguy: top is not aware of the core it is in at all23:46
peyamBashing-om: do you know How I can keep open and run the terminal?23:46
ubuntu-matedesde Mexico23:46
coffeeguyaah ok23:46
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
nacccoffeeguy: if by 'in', you mean the core top is running on23:46
nacccoffeeguy: you might want to read some guides generally on top,or the manpage23:46
k1lAmericanu: can you show the output of "ifconfig"23:47
Bashing-ompeyam: The terminal will remain open . to paste try ' sudo lshw -C display | nc termbin.com 9999 ' the result is a URL back on terminal. pass that complete link back here .23:47
peyamBashing-om: Im in here using ctrl + alt + f1 and then i typed irssi and took whole terminal. if I write it it will close irssi23:48
coffeeguyok atop shows all 8cores(threads)23:48
k1lAmericanu: well, there is the ethernet conecction. its called enp3s023:48
nacccoffeeguy: top can also show all threads/logical cpus (hit 1)23:48
AmericanuHmm so what should i do23:49
AmericanuI mean i added23:49
AmericanuOn interfaces and nothing happened k1l23:50
Bashing-ompeyam: reoze the orsso window to gain access to the desktop .. and right click on the desktop -> open terminal here . To gain another terminal .23:50
coffeeguyi should check minimum requirements for ubuntu 16.04.1 maybe using that many cores for vmware player won't leave enough cores for ubuntu23:50
Orestishello, I am having Ubuntu 16.10. When I watch videos(mkv or mp4) in stremio,vlc or smplayer I get some video tearing. I have the latest nvidia drivers. The problem occurs with both nvidia and intel graphics cards and with both unity and openbox23:50
k1lAmericanu: try a "sudo service network-manager restart"23:50
Bashing-ompeyam: *resize the irssi window .23:51
peyamBashing-om: how do I copy that URL to you?23:51
peyamBashing-om: Its only a terminal I can see. no GUI at all23:51
coffeeguyi thought it would with an i7 3770k 4 core cpu23:51
AmericanuNothing k1l :(23:51
AmericanuStill no connection23:51
AmericanuOh no23:52
Bashing-ompeyam: drag the mouse over the link .. and in irssi middle click to paste the contents .23:52
AmericanuIt worked23:52
AmericanuNow how do i keep this from resetting ?23:52
AmericanuAnd thank you !23:52
peyamBashing-om: I dont thing you get my point. try to click ctrl+alt+F123:52
k1lAmericanu: can you come in here with that machine?23:52
peyamand see. there is no mouse nothing23:53
AmericanuBare with me a bit23:53
coffeeguyi see vmware player is just using exactally one core in atop no matter what it's set too23:53
k1lAmericanu: that will make pasting stuff more easy :)23:53
AmericanuI need to install hex23:53
pavlossudo apt install hexchat23:53
heathenwolfeAmericanu, so did you add a new connetion?23:53
AmericanuNo just did that sudo service network-manager restart command23:54
AmericanuI think thats the command that worked before23:54
AmericanuLet me install hex and ill be here23:54
peyamhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23872101/  Bashing-om  try this. i just read and typed it here23:54
k1lthat command just restarted the network. that is a "easy" workaround. lets see if we can fix the issue23:55
heathenwolfeAmericanu, doesn't seem too different from systemctl restart NetworkManager..., maybe didn't you sudo this?23:55
Bashing-ompeyam: Yeah .. a dohhhh moment on my part . I do not know how one can copy and paste in a F1 terminal .23:55
AmericanuWhoops... I think i just typed systemctl... I didnt know i need to sudo it23:56
peyamBashing-om: can you see the link I send you?23:56
Americanu_ubuntuso hello again lol23:56
k1lsystemctl is the proper command for systemd now, but that "old" service command still works23:56
k1lAmericanu_ubuntu: ok, please run a "dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999" and show the url here23:57
Americanu_ubuntudmesg | nc termbin.com 999923:57
k1lAmericanu_ubuntu: and while i read that you can make sure to get all the updates with "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"23:57
Americanu_ubuntuok cheers k1l23:57
Americanu_ubuntuheathenwolfe,  thank you aswell too23:58
Bashing-ompeyam: Ya done good, we know that the graphics are Intel and the correct driver is loaded . So next is do "you" have the authority to access your desktop ?.. show in a pastebin ' ls -al .ICEauthority .Xauthority ' .23:58
Americanu_ubuntureally i appreciate it :)23:58
heathenwolfeAmericanu_ubuntu, you're welcome, let's hope this gets you going somewhere. Also debugging from a distance is harder than it looks haha23:58
Americanu_ubuntui know especially if the noob forgets to do the sudo beforehand23:59

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