bluesabreflocculant, thanks for your investigation00:56
bluesabreif we were to abandon light-locker, xs and gs could probably be patched to listen for lightdm's unlock00:56
flocculantbluesabre: from a purely 'if it breaks again' my vote would go with gs simply because someone else uses it ...06:56
Unit193bluesabre: Oh right!  Reminder about the xfce icon theme?08:01
ochosiflocculant, bluesabre: someone else uses it, but it's just as unmaintained... (light-locker is also used by others btw)08:39
Unit193Yeah, but Ubuntu vs Lubuntu.08:41
Unit193https://qa.debian.org/popcon.php?package=gnome-screensaver Hmm.08:44
ochosiubuntu only uses it as fallback09:19
bluesabreochosi, right, but it does not require vt-switching or depend on another application or api, which are the three problems we keep having10:54
bluesabrebeing dm-independent, it's also more xfce-like10:56
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ochosibluesabre: right, but there are not so many other DMs you can nicely use with xfce anyway (apart from slim or whatnot)... GDM iirc was tightly integrated with gnome3/shell, not sure about kdm but i guess it also carries a butt-load of qt depends14:54
ochosibluesabre: anyway, i don't mind gnome-screensaver, just saying (what i noticed before, as i've been actively using it for a while): it has similar issues with wake-on-suspend and lid-switch14:54
flocculantochosi: not really sure we should go on this - currently have head in sand :016:58
flocculantochosi: gdm and kdm > http://paste.ubuntu.com/23870031/17:06
flocculantor rather sddm as kdm has gone in zesty17:07
ochosiflocculant: yeah, i'm not surprised20:29
flocculantochosi: neither me :p20:40
flocculantslim doesn't look too bad - though it crashes without trace trying to lock that one :D20:41
flocculantso it only looked ok for a short while ...20:42
flocculantanyway not about too much tonight20:42
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