user|96279Hi, i have a question, what is the difference between a LTS Version ? I hope you understand me :)00:27
user|96279Should i download Kubuntu 16.10 or the LTS Version?00:28
valorieuser|96279: that depends on how often you like to upgrade00:29
valorieLTS is good if you want stability, and only upgrade only 2 or 4 years or so00:30
daxLTS is supported for 5 years, non-LTS are... 9 months now i think?00:30
valorieregular releases are supported for 9 months00:30
valorieso basically you would want to upgrade every 6 months00:30
valoriewe try to backport what we can to the LTS, but not everything can be00:31
valoriesecurity updates are always done of course00:31
user|96279i gues i want upgrade regulary00:31
user|96279So I should download the LTS Version?00:32
user|96279Thank you for the support :)00:33
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efloidhi, wondering if there's a focus policy where focus is under mouse but focused window does not automatically raise?05:52
efloidso there is option "click raises active window" which should mean that the window should raise only when clicked, but I can't get this behavior.05:53
efloidwindows always raise when focused :-(05:56
sintreefloid not sure exactly what you want06:09
sintreif you can try to explain the affect better i can try to mimick it06:10
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HelpmepleaseHelp me please . Updated kubuntu from 1404 to 1604 lts . After login i only get a white screen with mouse. Can access other shell through ctrl alt fx . Do need to delete something old or reconfigure something? Using webchat via ps4 typing is apain._.09:47
HelpmepleaseJust tried executung plasmashell or plasmawindowed or plasma-discover through a shell. Always get error: "QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display"09:55
momkenThe network of my university needs captive portal to authenticate students when accessing the internet10:25
momkenThere are some university servers here which we only have ssh access to10:26
momkenHow could I authenticate captive portal through terminal?10:26
BluesKajGood Day all12:10
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MissBadWolfis this a chat room where I can get help for Kubuntu?15:30
BluesKajMissBadWolf, yes, what's your issue?15:32
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erreerehow to change the size of the icons/text in the Menu ? The menu that appears when we click on the "K" button16:27
BluesKajerreere, kmenu>system-settings>icons>icons>advanced tab>size16:29
erreereBluesKaj: I change where u said, but the icons in the Menu don't seem to change16:33
erreereAnd the text besides should be automatically adapted according to the size of the icons ?16:34
BluesKajdunno, never changed the menu icons16:36
erreereI just found I can change from Launcher to Menu or the App Board :-)16:37
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BluesKajI use a large monitor so the kmenu icons and text are exactly right16:41
BluesKajerreere, it's also probly affected by your font size settings in the system-settings>Fonts>adjust all fonts16:42
BluesKajand your fonts dpi setting below that16:43
erreereBluesKaj: u r right16:45
erreereI tried16:46
markus123123Hi all, if I want to mount a nfs volume (root@ubuntu-client:~# mount -t nfs4 -o sec=krb5 ubuntu-server.home:/daten /daten), I get the error mount.nfs4: Operation not permitted. Does anyone know what could be wrong?16:46
BluesKajerreere, yw16:49
erreeresomething else: I installed docks cause I wanted a dock like on my MacBook. But when I switch to another desktop (expect the first one), it disappear. It there a way to fix that ?16:49
BluesKajerreere,you might have yo install i to the other desktop as well16:50
BluesKajdunno much about docky....tried it many yrs ago, but haven't used it since16:51
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AndyNashhello everyone19:50
AndyNashI came here for a lil bit of help if at all possible. wifi issue19:51
[Relic]the unasked question never gets answered19:53
AndyNashohh thank you for replying okay heres the question I use a usb dongle for wifi on desktop it cans ee the ssid but says the wireless interface isnt working followed by a long code its logical name what i need to find again19:56
AndyNashwireless interface (wlx001d43401e39) ip config was unavailable20:07
AndyNashthats the error20:07
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krisewhen im tryng to open kmail i get the message the akonadi personal information management service is not operational .21:53
krisehow can i fix this21:53
sintrewhat version of kubuntu , and is this a new thing , or first time trying to open kmail?21:55
krisei just freshly installed kubuntu 16.10 . this is first time im open it21:56
sintrei use 16.04 with backports21:57
sintrei'd try upgrading thru backports21:57
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports21:57
sintrethen sudo apt update21:57
sintrethen sudo apt full-ugrade21:57
sintresometimes stuff gets broken21:57
kriseok , thanks21:57
sintrenp , if it works pls come back and tlel me :)21:58
krisetays sintre22:22
sintredownload thunderbird22:22
krisei have22:23
sintrenever used kmail ,22:23
krisewith 16.04 it worked22:24
sintrei have some odd kproblems with certain kde progs that won't load as well22:24
sintrei had alot of problems with 16.1022:24
sintreinstaller from the gate , decided just to go to 16.0422:24
[Relic]couldn't get multihead or wayland working so I went back to 14.0422:25
sintreeverybody is still full steam ahead with next release , be nice to slow some horses down22:25
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[Relic]having multiple independant monitors simply works better for me22:27
sintresame problem with using my new laptop is with its duel monitor support22:27
sintreseems a known problem22:28
sintrewould reall like to hook laptop up to living room tv and use my bluetooth keyboard mouse once and awhile22:28
sintreon my wish list22:28
[Relic]can put up to 4 monitors on this card so having one blobl of a screen didn't work for me22:29
sintreyea i'd be kinda irked there myself22:29
sintrei just want one to work properly22:30
sintreand plsma channel is like listening to crickets22:30
sintremaybe the devels come out when i sleep or something :)22:30
[Relic]with this I can having irc open here and no matter what virtual desktop is open on the other monitor I can still see it22:30
sintreyea long way to go on duel monitor support22:31
[Relic]having things fixed in place while you can switch around others without affecting the whole set up is nice22:32
sintrecurrently it can't even clone properly22:32
sintrenot even talking about duel desktops22:32
[Relic]now I just need  abracket for the 2 other monitors22:32
valorie#plasma is very busy in euro-work hours22:33
[Relic]so sleep time US22:35
sintreyea 5 am kinda of hard to drag myself to computer22:35
[Relic]and no replies on the forum is annoying too22:37
sintrewindows xp has better duel onitor support atm , and thats been retired for some 4 years22:38
sintreseems like alot of people are just ignoring it22:38
valoriemulti-monitor support is a Qt problem, and there are loads of bug reports to Qt about it22:41
valoriethey are fixing them one bit at a time22:41

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