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Bashing-omCalling it ! G nite .06:27
baizonvery very nice09:07
BluesKajGood Day all12:10
ducasse\o BluesKaj - how's your weekend so far?12:15
BluesKajhi ducasse, fine atm, relaxing with morning coffee, and you?12:17
ducasseon the sofa with laptop and tea, plan on not doing much today.12:18
BluesKaj We might be having a saturday jam this afternoon at my friend's garage/studio. Not sure yet .12:21
ducasseBluesKaj: what kind of music?12:31
BluesKajmostly classic rock and some country12:32
ducassecool. you been playing for long?12:33
BluesKajbunch of older guys except for our semi-regular bass player who's in his mid 30's12:34
BluesKajoff and on with different guys for about 25 yrs12:35
ducasseold guys can rock too :)12:35
ducassemost of the artists i listen to have been playing for 20-40+ years, so...12:36
BluesKajI played drums a bit before I got married, but life became too busy with kids etc til 1990 or so then wife and I were "empty nesters", so some one heard I used to play and invited me to jam at his little studio and the rest is history ;-)12:40
BluesKajwe've played a few gigs around  town for the past few yrs, just enough appreciation to keep us going12:45
ducassei'm absolutely without musical talent, so i stick to listening to it :)12:46
BluesKajlistening is good12:46
BluesKajI listened for a long time when was into audio and still do at times12:48
ducasseyup. there's so much good stuff out there, so plenty to dig into.12:48
ducassethat whole audio thing can be ruinous.12:49
BluesKajit reaches a point of diminishing returns in terms of price and common sense12:50
BluesKajI've met audiophiles with 20Kilobuck systems who have only 50 albums, and listen to the sound but don't hear the music12:52
ducassesure, you find your level eventually. there's little point to the absurdly priced cables etc.12:53
BluesKajit's all about "gear" with some12:53
ducasseexactly. and superstition :)12:54
BluesKajexotic cables claims is nothing but black magic12:54
ducassedo you remeber the green marker they claimed would improve cd sound if you marked the outer edge with it? :)12:55
BluesKajyes, ridiculous12:55
ducassepeople actually bought and used those. they were pretty cheap iirc, but some of this stuff costs vast amounts of money.12:58
BluesKajI'm an old Lab-Techie and measurements mean more to me than unsubstantiated claims about unmeasureable effects12:59
ducassethey sell ridiculous things; bags of crystals you are meant to place around connectors etc.13:00
ducassewhat you say about measurements is why i like companies like nad.13:00
BluesKajI've always maintained the belief that yje recording has more effect on the sound than the equipment once a certain level of hifi is reached, and that level can be very afforable IME.13:02
BluesKajyes , nad is pratical and well designed affordable equipment13:04
ducassethey tend to skimp on stuff that is essentially frills and focus on the bits that matter. they might not be the coolest-looking, but work well. and they work for a very long time.13:07
ducasseheading out, brb13:10
Bashing-om!info nvme-cli xenial18:19
ubot5nvme-cli (source: nvme-cli): userspace tooling to control NVMe drives. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5-1ubuntu0.1 (xenial), package size 88 kB, installed size 188 kB18:19
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ducasseBashing-om: ok, i'm heading to bed rsn. have fun!23:50
Bashing-omJust for that I will be forced to have fun without you ducasse .23:51
ducasseBashing-om: i'm sure you can manage :)23:52
Bashing-omWuth the ranks dwindle-ing .. not as much fun .23:55

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