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Guest49229hey guys, i need help with my hdmi audio07:52
CharlieHustleI would love to help you but today is my first day on linux. still breaking stuff.07:52
Guest49229i'm very green with linux myself...07:53
CharlieHustlehi again!08:24
CharlieHustlenew to linux, but I've installed an application no through the software center. it works, i can get it to load using sudo but i would like to have it in my applications menu along the top, is there a way to do so?08:26
SuperEngineerCharlieHustle: it might help the folks to know which application, which linux etc.08:27
CharlieHustlethe application was electrum. I am using ubuntu-mate 16.0408:28
CharlieHustleoh, wait, it does show up after I closed my terminal. I hadn't closed terminal since the installation. could that be why?08:29
SuperEngineernow restart & see if it works as expected / hoped ;-)08:30
CharlieHustleah, thank you!08:30
SuperEngineer[restart not always neccessary... it just proves to yourself that all is ok08:31
ubuntu-matehi Id like install on my thinkpad l450 mate but in chesse webcam is not working in ubuntu 16 I have same problem cam you help me please?08:33
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SuperEngineeris the webcam actually turned on?08:37
SuperEngineer[I don't know the l450 but perhaps it has a keyboard special key to activate it]08:39
SuperEngineer[check the little icons on the Function keys]08:40
ubuntu-mateno device found in chesse08:40
SuperEngineerthat is expected message for a webcam it can't find / or not turned on.  How do you know it is actually activated?08:41
SuperEngineerI ask these simple / silly questions from my own experience.  I had same problem once only to find that the webcam was not activated [I had forgot to actually connect my [external webcam] usb plug]  :-)08:44
SuperEngineerah well, looks like he/she forgot to connect the "patience" adaptor as well :-D08:46
CharlieHustleI was logged out so I never saw the other person to whom you were speaking with!08:48
CharlieHustleI think I like ubuntu mate. linux seems a little intimidating but it's fairly easy to figure out. there's almost a google result for any question I have that tells me to sudo something and it works!08:50
SuperEngineerCharlieHustle: you are correct about massive help being readily available.  Beware of some googles giving you commands starting with sudo.  Not everybody on the internet is as nice as the people here.  Always try to get a 2nd opinion before executing an unknown sudo command.08:58
CharlieHustleWill do! Thanks for the advice! :)09:08
SuperEngineertime to be boring and go do the shopping now.  Have fun folks.09:14
nmcunixhi guys10:04
nmcunixanyone here can give me the rundown on the processor microcode driver10:05
nmcunixits under additional drivers10:05
nmcunixfor my Intel10:05
sixwheeledbeastwhat would you like to know?10:11
nmcunixhey sixwheeledbeast10:12
nmcunixthe processor microcode driver10:12
nmcunixto install or not install ?10:13
nmcunixgood idea or bad idea ?10:13
sixwheeledbeastIf your machine works without it and your not sure leave it alone?10:14
nmcunixyeah true .. i just have one of those Dell Inspiron 15 7559 laptops ..10:15
nmcunixgives beans with all distros10:15
nmcunixbecause of the intel / nvidia graphics10:16
nmcunixwasnt sure if the microcode had anything to do with the intel graphic10:16
sixwheeledbeastMicrocode is CPU related, from memory it's a patch from the chip manufacturer added at boot, this would stop the need to apply the patch with a BIOS flash.10:19
SuperEngineerjasir: hello12:21
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klavinsigorsHello, is this the help channel for Ubuntu MATE?15:39
HoppingMadManHas anyone lost the wifi indicator after updating?17:10
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