pleia2not a ton of news this week, but with the alpha2 having come out we'll move forward with releasing02:50
* pleia2 sends off to summary writers02:50
tsimonq2pleia2: You getting the Alpha 2 release announcement on the Fridge?02:59
pleia2tsimonq2: can you take care of it?03:00
pleia2if not, I will03:00
tsimonq2pleia2: On it03:01
tsimonq2pleia2: Look good to you? http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2017/01/28/zesty-zapus-alpha-2-released/03:11
pleia2tsimonq2: looks like you cleaned up the funny line-wrapping at the top, but not in the rest of the post :)03:12
pleia2Ubuntu Kylin is a flavor of Ubuntu that is more suitable for03:12
pleia2Chinese users.03:12
pleia2^^ yeah, shouldn't have a newline before "Chinese"03:13
pleia2and did you use the script to generate this?03:13
tsimonq2...we have a script?03:13
tsimonq2(should be all fixed now)03:13
pleia2yeah, it's not perfect but it creates all the links for you and formats the citation so you don't need to remember the order03:14
tsimonq2Where? :O03:14
pleia2in the repot with all the rest of the scripts, let me see..03:14
tsimonq2Ohhhh you're talking about a script for the Fridge post, not actually releasing Alpha 2, gotcha.03:16
pleia2yeah, we're in the -news channel, I don't know about releasing ;)03:16
pleia2anyway, thanks for taking care of that \o/03:18
tsimonq2No problem :)03:18
tsimonq2Helped me correct a stupid mistake I made :P03:18
pleia2oh, we need a bunch of tags03:18
pleia2we don't use News, but we do put the version, let me grab an example03:18
tsimonq2O__o? I looked on the last Alpha 2 post, that's what it had for tags...03:18
pleia2see http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2016/07/28/yakkety-yak-alpha-2-released/03:18
pleia2the News category is only for UWN itself03:19
pleia2for alphas and stuff we use different things03:19
tsimonq2pleia2: Need me to fix or you got it?03:21
pleia2you should ;) I'm not logged in anywhere right now03:21
tsimonq2*mumble* *mumble* wiki login times *mumble* *mumble*03:22
* guiverc_t :) @ tsimonq2 03:23
tsimonq2pleia2: Done03:23
tsimonq2guiverc_t: :)03:23
josepleia2: should I go ahead and email some of the people?04:49
guiverc_tjose, email about?  the summary email I'm pretty sure I got05:03
pleia2jose: yep09:10
pleia2guiverc_t: jose is tracking down some quotes from Important People for the 500th issue09:26
guiverc_tthanks pleia209:45
guiverc_tjorge cas* writes (private blog) for whom?  ; probably employer (canonical??) .. blog uses the plural (we're proud.. hence  I think jorge of canon...)09:58
guiverc_t(commented  bit anyway as usual)09:59
guiverc_tfyi: adding a nathan haines  (ubu 17.04 wallpapers) article to UWN planet section10:32
guiverc_tsorry - ignore last; had been added with summary in non-planet section; my mistake (i deleted but left summary written commented for delete unless better or something)10:49
guiverc_tblogosphere (spel?) not done sorry ...  will see about tomorrow11:49
pleia2jose: oh, and if you could make a note in the doc of who all you've reached out to and when, that would be helpful18:38
pleia2that way if you get busy, I know where you left off and can find others to help :)18:39

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