Satan_fucking niggers10:43
Satan_fuck you faggots10:43
bazhangSatan_, please stop that10:44
Unit193Satan_: Why are you so spooked out about graveyards?10:45
Unit193Ever listen to "Moon Trance"?10:46
Satan_Unit193, ever played with a Quija board in a graveyard? It's scary.10:46
bazhangdid he mean Ouija10:47
Satan_please provide the proper spelling10:47
Satan_I'm fat10:48
bazhangSatan_, please exit the channel at this time10:49
Satan_bazhang please continue in pm, thanks10:50
Satan_*** bazhang : has been informed that you messaged them.(from wilhelm.freenode10:50
Satan_please enable global private messages10:51
bazhangSatan_, you do not need to be in this channel for that to happen10:52
ubottuMonkeyDust called the ops in #ubuntu ()11:12
ubottui-am-Fuk called the ops in #ubuntu (someone abused the bot)11:13

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