keithzgsarnold: Hmm, I'll give that a shot00:02
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Capprenticehow to change network manager settings under ubuntu 16.10 from ssh over remote connection?09:37
jellynmcli maybe?10:29
anonymous_mxgood morning14:48
demonsporkI have an Ubuntu VM on an ESXI host. There are some major problems, commands will take a minute to run sometimes, it randomly seems to freeze. The rest of the time it is fast, all storage is SSD speeds, network works right. I noticed that I have 20GB of RAM listed, but I am using 808M and 149M is free. Does this mean that Dynamic memory is turned on for this VM, and could it also be the problem?23:28
compdocwhat version of ubuntu?23:28
demonspork16.04 LTS23:28
compdocit understands memory ballooning, no problem23:29
demonsporkA friend is hosting this for me, so I don't know what exactly is set on the host23:29
demonsporktrying to get ahold of him to see what he has set23:29
compdocI have problems using virtio nics in kvm guests because of a certain problem, but ballooning and virtio storage works fine. course, cant speak for ESXI23:32
compdochmmm, ballooning could be different drivers than your Dynamic memory23:33
compdoccan you choose type of nic? e1000?23:35

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