oneliftedvisionaHello, anyone home?00:34
oneliftedvisionaI'm attempting to port over Ubuntu Touch, however, this is not going anywhere as planned, could anyone possibly help?00:34
oneliftedvisionaI'm at the step where you execute "phablet-dev-bootstrap phablet"00:35
oneliftedvisionaHowever it keeps hanging in the same places with first a 502 and then a 503 error.00:36
oneliftedvisionaAnyone know what is causing this?00:36
oneliftedvisionaWelp, looks like finding help will be harder than I thought00:46
brunch875keep in mind it's almost 2 AM in europe00:46
brunch875devs are probably sleeping00:46
oneliftedvisionaYeah, just remembered that.00:46
brunch875or partying hardcore this friday00:46
oneliftedvisionaI have no life this weekend (-_-)00:47
oneliftedvisionaThat's why I'm taking on a project. lol00:47
brunch875which image are you porting?00:47
brunch875and by image I mean device00:47
oneliftedvisionaMoto G 2015 to start out00:47
brunch875good luck!00:47
oneliftedvisionaThe will start on the Moto X 2015.00:48
oneliftedvisionaCan't get everything I need from the repo though.00:48
sergiusensoneliftedvisiona, try ubports https://ubports.com/ or /join #ubports00:49
oneliftedvisionaThat's who got me started first.00:53
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lilrcHi, I have bought an BQ Aquaris M10 FHD shipped with Android, in hope to be able to flash it with Ubuntu (the pre-shipped tablets are never in stock). Is there firmware/drivers available for this model?08:06
lilrcNevermind, I think I found it. Will try to install today.08:10
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Jack_Hi there. How me to install ubuntu on my android samsung galaxy phone08:58
Jack_My mean is ubuntu phone08:59
WalexJack_: if it is in this list there are instructions, else you need to write a port yourself: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices09:34
Xray2000Is there already news about android support i have read on the net that guys are working on it?09:39
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aki237Hi people, I'm new here. I would like to port Ubuntu Touch to Lenovo Zuk Z1. What else do I need to build it?12:26
NeKitaki237, you'd better ask in #ubports12:30
NeKitbut making ports is far from easy so far12:30
aki237I know. But why?12:31
NeKitlack of up-to-date documentation and a lot of device-specific quirks12:33
aki237No offence, but even the generic wiki is bad12:33
aki237Just another question According to this ( http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=7511&idPhone2=6327 ), both the devices are similar. Some differences. If the image is available for OnePlus One, I can do the same for Zuk right (for porting)?12:39
lilrcHi, what should I do if I get the error "Unlock operation is not allowed" when trying to unlock my device using "sudo fastboot oem unlock"?13:49
lilrcSorry, my device must have been misconfigured. The volume buttons were inverted... :/13:51
lilrcWhen I run ubuntu-device-flash I get the error "Device BQ_AQUARIS_M10_FHD not found on server [...]"13:58
lilrcWhat should I do?13:58
lilrcNevermind, if I give --device=generic it installs. Let's see how it works...14:03
lilrcNow it says "can't flash recovery image"14:26
lilrcWhat am I supposed to do?14:26
zubHi. I asked in #ubuntu but maybe it's more appropriate here. With the change from click to snappy... is Ubuntu SDK still gonna be used?20:05

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