qihAhhhh, I was confuded because it was installed using the sys pacman ... I previously installed "gmplot" using pip3, and it failed.00:00
Jharmhello everyone, i have set up a local server and i'm having issues finding the domain from http. But for some reason i can see the domain from https. i have my server benind an AP client. This allows me to connect it to my router wirelessly, i'm thinking this might be my issue. Any suggestesing?00:00
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jayjoI can't boot into Ubuntu for some reason. I have gone into a disk utility and can see my hard drive with a Linux Swap of 17 GB and another partition that is the remaning 162 GB. Is that enough to know that the hard drive hasn't failed? Is my only option to reinstall ubuntu?00:03
whatnowjayjo just because you can see the partition doesn't mean it isnt corurpted or not00:04
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whatnowjayjo, run fsck on them00:04
qihhttps://github.com/vgm64/gmplot, thanks.00:04
Guest12015I am getting a error00:04
k1l_jayjo: what did you do before that happened? and where does it stop working?00:04
qihnacc: Sorted (I think), thanks.00:05
Guest12015I am getting a ping error when I ping google00:05
Guest12015 ping google.com PING google.com(yk-in-x8a.1e100.net (2607:f8b0:4002:c07::8a)) 56 data bytes   ^C --- google.com ping statistics --- 345 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 352261ms00:05
jayjoI had restarted on an update. Now if I go into BIOS and choose the Ubuntu partition on the main drive (there is another OS on a secondary drive), it only goes straight to a blinking cursor and I can't get to a terminal00:05
Guest12015can you help mr on this error00:06
wedgieJharm: I'm not sure what an "ap client" is, but your issue is probably either a portforwarding issue, firewall, or your web server isn't set up to use https. Verifying the last one is probably the easiest place to start00:06
jayjoI can see this only through a Disk Utility from an old mac installation on the other hard drive00:07
qihGuest12015: What Ubuntu are you using?00:07
Guest12015 ping google.com PING google.com(yk-in-x8a.1e100.net (2607:f8b0:4002:c07::8a)) 56 data bytes   ^C --- google.com ping statistics --- 345 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 352261ms00:08
Guest12015How can I fix this error I am on the 16.1000:08
jayjoThrough this Disk Utility it says that the partition map appears to be OK00:08
phpFor some reason my Chrome and a few other things using the web are crashing. I think it's something to do with NVIDIA graphics drivers.00:08
qihGuest12015: How are you connecting to this #channel?00:09
phpI've updated my drivers, my motherboard firmware and my OS00:09
qihphp: I think the Windows 10 channel, is over there ==>00:09
whatnowjayjo that means you cant boot?00:09
phpI am on Ubuntu 16.0400:09
Guest1201516.10 verson is having a lot of problems with network connection.00:10
jayjoIt is just a blinking cursor if I go into the Ubuntu partition from the BIOS. Otherwise it is just GNU grub00:10
Guest12015when I ping my gateway it fine00:11
whatnowjayjo you want grub00:11
jayjowhat do I do from within grub?00:11
whatnowjayjo are you dual booting or completely installing00:11
jayjoI have completely installed it on my primary drive.00:12
whatnowso you installed it, you don't need to do anything to the drive00:13
whatnowubuntu does it for you00:13
Guest12015do anyone have angy help for me on my internet problem ?00:14
whatnowGuest12015 what is your problem?00:14
Guest12015how to fix 100 packet loss00:14
jayjoI have installed ubuntu on my desktop machine about a year ago and have been using it without an issue. On my last update, I now can only boot into GNU grub, and not into ubuntu. because I have a secondary drive with an old mac osx installation on it, I was able to see the drive that had ubuntu on it and it appeared as though it was not corrupted00:14
Guest12015~$ ping google.com PING google.com(yk-in-x8a.1e100.net (2607:f8b0:4002:c07::8a)) 56 data bytes   ^C --- google.com ping statistics --- 345 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 352261ms00:15
phpthis is so frustrating00:15
jayjois there any way to figure out what happened or to repair the drive? I have the OS with software installed that I have been using in a very stable manner for about a year00:15
phpi cant google anything00:15
whatnowjayjo, you load grub, a bootloader, to boot ubuntu, the kernel00:15
whatnowjayjo, if you can;t boot into ubuntu, then best to back up your data files, then reinstall00:16
whatnowGuest12015 are you pining google for a specific reason00:16
whatnowphp whatsup00:16
whatnowGuest12015 do: ping
jayjocan i do that from grub?00:17
Guest12015making sure my connections is correct00:17
whatnowjayjo, no you will nmeed to boot from a live usb, then cp your files from ubuntu00:17
whatnowGuest12015 it looksl ike your packets arent getting through00:18
Guest12015that ping work . but why the google.com did not work?00:18
wedgieGuest12015: if you can ping but not www.google.com then your DNS setting are probably the problem00:19
whatnowit works for me, Guest12015. Best bet your dns server isn't configured correctly00:19
phpwhatnow, my nvidia graphics driver is crashing chrome, discord, skype and every ~10m, my desktop environment (starts back up tho)00:19
Guest12015how can I set that up my dns ?00:20
phpwhatnow, I am using the latest official nvidia driver for my card00:20
whatnowGuest12015 just need to work around it00:21
whatnowphp okay the graphics card issue with what distro00:21
phpwhatnow, thanks for replying. It's ZOTAC/NVIDIA (same?) GeForce 95000:22
Guest12015also this my software updater is failing as well.00:22
phpUbuntu 16.0400:22
wedgieGuest12015: actually, based on your ping output, it looks like it is trying to use IPv6 to reach google. Do you have a working ipv6 setup?00:22
whatnowphp do you have the correct drivers installed?00:23
phpfuck, my unity stuff is gone :|00:23
Guest12015yes I see it on my default settings00:23
phpi just removed my nvidia driver to try reinstalling00:23
whatnowphp if the ubuntu repo doesn't work, try this http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us00:24
phpThat's where I was getting the drivers :/00:24
phpI am trying ubuntu repo right now00:24
phpHow can I restart my desktop environment?00:25
whatnowphp sudo service lightdm restart00:25
whatnowphp or ssudo service lightdm restart00:26
Jharmwedgie thanks, and sorry for not being clear. The AP Client its a wireless access point that i use to connect my server wirelessly to my my modem. i know i have my port set up corrrectly in the apache2, ports, and example.com .conf files.00:27
wedgieJharm: so from the server locally can you do ''curl http://localhost/'' ?00:28
Jharmand just for clarity, i can reach my server over ssl(https). but for some reason i cant reach it with http.00:29
Jharmlocal it works remotely no. but let me try that00:29
wedgieok, remotely being "on the other side of the AP"?00:31
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Jharmand the other routher which the ap is connectect to wirelessly. and that second router is connect to modem00:32
wedgiedoes the AP do nat?00:32
wedgiesounds like port forwarding is the most likey cause... make sure you verify that you have a portforward for port 80 everywhere you have one for 44300:33
Jharmok i tried the command you seggested and i got and output of the html file00:33
wedgieJharm: ok, so the server is probably working correctly00:33
lvl12firemageI had no idea you could use terminal for IRC00:34
Jharmok ill double check again but im ive opened port 80 of my routers. and also look into nat. honestly im not sure. thanks00:34
Jharm*all of my routers00:35
wedgieJharm: well, walk it back one hop at a time. Can a computer on your local network, but outside of the AP access http?00:36
Jharmyes any computer that is connected to either router behind modem locally can reach it with no issue00:36
phpI'm back whatnow00:37
Jharmbut if im trying to reach it remotely from main ip address i can only reach the https not http.00:37
php"Sorry, Ubuntu 16.04 has experienced an internal error."00:37
phpIt's an nvidia thing I think00:37
wedgieok, then it must be the outermost router00:37
Jharmi was thing of just getting the ssl certificate, but its driving me crazy that i cant get it to work.. lol00:38
php"Xorg crashed with SIGABRT in OsAbort()"00:38
wedgieJharm: sometimes ISPs block port 80. But the ones that do usually block 443 too...00:38
php"Error: [Errno 21] Is a directory: '/proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/0000:01:00.0'00:38
Jharmok cool. ive called them and they said they dont block it.00:39
Jharmnow the router behind wireless accesspoint uses a ip. and other connect to modem uses 192. dont know if that has anything to do00:40
wedgieJharm: then double check that last router then. Works if you're inside of it but not outside of it00:40
wedgieJharm: let me make sure i understand your topology: Internet -> modem -> router -> AP -> server    is that right?00:41
Jharminternet -> modem -> router -> AP -> router -> server, i know its wierd00:42
wedgieok, and something sitting between router1 and ap can access the server on port 80?00:42
barnitoI am actually impressed with win10 Linux00:44
Jharminternet works on all machines behind AP. i can connect remotely, ftp, and many other things. but when i try http nothing00:44
Jharmso that proves that its port fowarding.00:45
PianoSkullsi know that flash is a security risk, so should I uninstall it? and if I do, will youtube still work or will I need a replacement ?00:48
Jharmnow im thinking since ssl works, i should just give up  and get the certificate. im sure the routers are the issue. but my setup is also out of the ordinary i guess00:48
wedgieJharm: it's a lot of layers of nat, that's for sure00:48
wedgieJharm: if you want to do it cheap check out letsencrypt (i'm assuming this is a home setup)00:49
Jharmlol yeah. i just wanted to avaoid running long cables. but thanks any way for all you help00:49
Jharmit is00:49
Jharmfunny you mentioned that i was looking at their url today .00:50
rifteryoutube is supposed to have switched over t o html5 completely by now00:50
tomreynPianoSkulls: youtube will still work, since it also supports (and nowadays defaults to) html5 video. but other sites which strictly depend on flash might break00:50
Jharmyes PianoSkulls rifter is right.00:51
rifteryeah I am looking at it right now and I don't have flash00:52
tomreynPianoSkulls: you could configure your web browser to require your interaction before plugins are run. this way you can have better control.00:52
rifteryes, I use noscript for most control, but there are config options. There are also addons that specifically address given things like flash00:53
lvl12firemageI'm going to have to read the how to.00:54
PianoSkullstomreyn: Im thinking i'll remove flash and install Gnash and Lightspark00:54
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PianoSkullswill those be enough for all other websites?00:55
ragecrazeguys i need help please!! my wifi card has issues on ubuntu! sometimes it used to work when i restart my pc, now i installed a driver that i found online, and after installing it and rebooting there is no wifi at all! in the connection settings there is no wifi at all!!00:55
ragecrazeplease help00:55
tomreynPianoSkulls: probably not. but it's been a while that i tried it.00:55
PianoSkullsI'll try it then00:55
PianoSkullsthen let you know00:55
duisenbergragecraze, you want to revert to previous conf or solve the current?00:56
ragecrazeduisenberg what is that and how do i do it? im a newbe00:56
duisenbergragecraze, just stating that in your case you may want to: a) try to roll back to older driver or b) diaguinouse the new one00:57
ragecrazeduisenberg the older driver wasnt good! i would start pc and wifi is working but when i restart it is not working00:57
ragecrazesomething is not stable00:57
ragecrazemy wifi card is ralink329000:57
Jharmregecraze: probably find the old driver or a lower version and re install.00:58
duisenbergragecraze, so people on channel have better idea of what you want00:58
duisenbergI think Jharm's idea is good00:58
ragecrazeomg i cant believe this! no one can tell me how to get ralink3290 to work on this linux?00:59
ragecrazeplease i need this for school!00:59
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ragecrazehow do i install .tar.gz files? i have one that i want to install, how do i do it?01:00
Jesterhey, can anyone help me out with an issue ive got on 16.04?01:00
JesterBasically, if i go in to sound settings it reads my sound card (Xonar DG), but no matter what i do no sound comes out01:01
Jesterany help?01:01
JharmJester: maybe its a permission issue?01:03
duisenbergwhats the interface? PCI, USB?01:05
Jharmgusy i just ran netstat -ntlp01:05
Jharmto see if port 80 is opened. and its opened manytimes may that be my issues with http?01:06
Jharmit shows tcp6  0  0 ::::80  :::*  LISTEN  533/apache2  like 7 times01:08
tomreynJharm: you probably have a multi threaded daemon bound to that port.01:08
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Jharmany idea on how to approch this problem or links?01:09
tomreynthere is no problem01:09
Jharmso i should probably change port 80 to something else agian01:10
PianoSkullstomreyn: i uninstalled flash and didnt install anything to replace it, but many websites still work fine01:11
tomreynhttp requests may arrive in quick succession, with new ones arriving before the previous have been handled (and a response was sent). so you have multiple listeners open in parallel01:11
PianoSkullsyoutube, vimeo, vevo, facebook twitte01:11
Jharmoh sorry orriginal comment was berried lol01:11
PianoSkullsi have yet to find a website that doesnt work without flash. suggestions?01:12
tomreynPianoSkulls: good. and i did not doubt it, but i bet you will run into sites which still depend on flash - sadly.01:12
tgm4883PianoSkulls: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/01:12
tomreynPianoSkulls: often this will be sites which use flashs' video streaming (and 'content protection') capabilities01:13
PianoSkullsaccidently closed wrong terminal. i'm back01:14
PianoSkullstgm4883: that page doesnt have a list of websites01:15
PianoSkullstgm4883: why did you send me that page?01:16
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tgm4883PianoSkulls: you wanted a page that doesn't work without flash01:17
Jharmguys thanks for all the help will try all the tips i got and get back to you later on.01:18
PianoSkullstgm4883: well it worked01:18
PianoSkullsi made sue to purge flash and it still worked01:18
tgm4883PianoSkulls: you still have flash01:19
PianoSkullsI uninstalled it and did purge.what else is there?01:21
PianoSkullsI also ran apt-get clean01:21
tgm4883PianoSkulls: what browser are you using?01:22
tgm4883PianoSkulls: what package did you purge?01:22
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tgm4883PianoSkulls: you went to that page and it told you that you have a version of flash installed?01:23
tgm4883PianoSkulls: you went to that page and it told you that you have a version of flash installed?01:25
PianoSkullsnot anymore01:25
PianoSkullsnot anymore01:25
tgm4883PianoSkulls: then that page isn't working...01:26
PianoSkullsthe page is working but the "Version information" box doesnt show up. it's a grey box01:26
tgm4883PianoSkulls: so then the page isn't working...01:27
PianoSkullstgm4883: you have an extreme definition of "not working"01:27
PianoSkullslower your standards a bit01:27
tgm4883PianoSkulls: not really. The page has 1 job, to tell you what version of flash you are running.01:28
PianoSkullstgm4883: good point01:28
PianoSkullsthanks for the help01:28
PianoSkullsI'm offto watch Continuum01:29
aesrhsdfwhat does :(){ :|: & }; do?01:36
ragecrazeguys i have a problem! everytime i log into ubuntu i have to enable my wifi my commands, how do i make wifi start automatically?01:36
reisioaesrhsdf: get you kicked?01:36
aesrhsdfreisio: :01:36
aesrhsdfBut what does it do?01:37
reisioaesrhsdf: it's hard to imagine you don't already know01:37
reisioyes, heh01:37
reisiovery hilarious01:37
aesrhsdfstill work on 16.04?01:37
ragecrazeguys i have a problem! everytime i log into ubuntu i have to enable my wifi my commands, how do i make wifi start automatically?01:37
aesrhsdfreisio: I don't do bash01:37
reisioI don't see why it wouldn't01:37
wedgieaesrhsdf: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/059 a detaild breakdown, if you'd like01:38
ragecrazeguys please help me :(01:39
reisioragecraze: what commands?01:39
tgm4883ragecraze: what commands do you have to run01:39
ragecrazesudo ifconfig rename3 up and sudo service network-manager restart01:39
ragecrazehow do i make wifi start automatically on startup without typing these commands?01:40
reisiosounds like you've made a mess01:40
ragecrazeyeah i installed a driver for my wifi card to work and it worked but these commands are annoying01:41
ragecrazewhere do i begin?01:41
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rifterI am wondering how to install 32 bit libraries on lubuntu 16.10 (should be same process as other Ubuntus of that version, I'd imagine)01:42
eddyI need some help if possible.01:42
riftereddy what can we do for you01:42
ragecrazeany help please?01:43
eddyI have just installed ubuntu dual boot on my new laptop but i cant get the wifi to turn on.01:43
lasse_Hi guys01:43
reisioragecraze: I see three obvious choices for you: 1) put those commands into an "rc.local"/workalike and be done with it 2) fix your rename3 so it's not weirdly named and maybe NM will grok it 3) reconfigure NM manually to work with it01:43
reisioragecraze: 1 will probably take the least amount of effort, 2 will be the best course01:43
ragecrazereisio lets go with number 1, how do i do that? im a newbie01:43
eddymy wifi adapter is an intel dual band ac-726501:43
eddyI have never used linux before and do not know any commands01:44
reisioragecraze: probably like this: https://www.linuxbabe.com/linux-server/how-to-enable-etcrc-local-with-systemd01:47
reisiounfortunately I don't follow systemd usage01:47
riftereddy, you may have to install proprietary drivers or something ..01:47
reisio(because I have standards :p)01:48
rifterok no problem eddy if you open a terminal you can try the lspci command01:48
rifterthat will give you the model of your card .. it will give you a bunch of other junk ytoo01:48
rifterbut you're lookng for the wifi adapter01:48
ragecrazereisio bro this is too complicated for me, do i have to cd somewhere and make a text file there? if so please explain in easy words01:49
rifterif it is not an internal card or built into the system, and is instead a usb adapter, lsusb is the command you want01:50
rifteronce we know what kind of adapter you have, we can find more accurate steps. Also what version of Ubuntu did you install?01:50
rifterif you do this command: cat /etc/lsb-release01:51
rifterit will show that if you don't know01:51
eddyrifter My wifi adapter is intel dual band AC-7265. The ubuntu version I have installed is 16.04.01:52
rifterlsusb : lists all plugged in usb devices. lspci: lists all pci devices (just think stuff that is inside the computer). cat just outputs a file's contents and /etc/lsb-release si a file Ubuntu puts there with release information01:53
rifterok cool01:53
rifterI'm looking into it now01:55
eddyk thanks01:55
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rifterI'm finding some information .. I know that ages past there was some stuff I had to install for my wifi to work. I'm looking at what some other people with your card encountered01:58
LuMinthello. I run ubuntu 14.04. Should I install the kernel 3.13.0-98 or 3.16.0-77?01:59
LuMinti have an older graphics card (nvidia-173) whose drivers doesn't compile for any newer kernel, so that's not an option.01:59
rifterI found this page on intel's site has some links t o firmware to your card, but I'm hesitant to say do that, because there used to be packages that installed the right firmware files. I need to look further before suggesting something that manual02:00
Bashing-omLuMint: Unless you gave some reason .. stay on the 3.13 series kernel . Greater compatibility .02:01
LuMintBashing-om: which is more secure, though?02:02
LuMintI couldn't find any info on the date 77 and 98 were released02:03
Bashing-omLuMint: security on either is not an issue . Same same considerations .02:04
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic trusty | LuMint02:05
ubottuLuMint: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB02:05
riftereddy let's take this to a sidebar . looks like we have a lot to check02:07
eddywhat is a sidebar?02:08
nathanianyone know how I can get gnome-terminal running on Windows 10? bash / export DISPLAY=:0 && gnome-terminal Doesnt seem to work02:09
Bashing-om!ubuwin | nathani02:10
ubottunathani: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.02:10
nathaniBashing-om: cool, except theres only 12 ppl in there  :-(02:12
Bashing-omnathani: That has nothing to do with the fact that we here do not do Windows .. even in ubuntu . Few here would have any idea .02:14
LassemHi guys ineed some help. Im trying to edit a config file for my Ark server. But the file i need to edit aint so easy to edit. i have mceditor but when i type mcedit GameUserSettings.ini the file is emty. do i use vim then i have to do vim ark/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/Linuxserver/GameUserSettings.ini/GameUserSettings.ini to gain acces ?02:22
Lassemhow do i define the 2 string to mcedit  ?02:22
Lassemany one ?02:24
Amm0nA .ini should editable by any text editor02:24
LassemYea i know02:25
LassemI need to use edit but i only know how to tell it what name it is. its like its a .ini inside a .ini02:26
timetocodeAre there date-related variables useable in systemd services? I want to start a service with something like this:  ExecStart=/path/to/nodejs /srv/www/somesite/app.js > /srv/log/app-*DATETIME*-log.txt02:27
timetocodeIm a little new to linux so incase that is unclear the goal is to have a service that starts node and pipes to a log whose filename has a date in it (i dont want to overwrite logs if the service restarts)02:28
Amm0nLassem, i don't know what you mean by that. Afaik a .ini is just a textfile. Maybe its related to encoding?02:33
LassemWhen i type dir ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini02:34
Lassemit says: ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini02:35
Lassemso how can i edit GameUserSettings.ini when there is 2 strings called the same ?02:35
mannLassem, cd ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini/02:35
mannvi GameUserSettings.ini02:36
rifterguys I'm getting pulled into some stuff .. is there maybe someone who can help eddy with setting up his wifi adapter? I found some links to info but in order to troubleshoot my other problem I keep having to kill my browser02:36
rifterwhich is kind of making it hard to research his problem :P02:36
Lassemif im doin cd ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini/02:37
Lassemits says its not a dir02:37
rifterI just don't want him to have to wait on me02:38
mannLassem, what does vi ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini do for you?02:40
Lassemit opens in the editer :I but i wanna use mcedit :)02:42
Lassembecouse im a noob and cant use vi :D02:42
pauljwLassem, have you tried nano?02:43
Lassemnano ?02:43
pauljwjust another editor that is a bit easier to figure out than vi02:44
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code02:44
pauljwthx hiexpo02:45
hiexpoyup pauljw02:45
LassemWell il try it. I think i made it save the new config. Thanks for the help guys !02:46
mannLassem, you can try to run sudo mcedit ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini see if it makes a difference02:48
LassemWow it did ! thanks man ! your a life saver !02:50
Bashing-ommann: Lassem :: If mcedit is a GUI app .. no want to do 'sudo' as there can and are undesired side effects !02:50
LassemDont think its a GUI app i dont  have a console02:50
Lassemgui *02:50
Lassemi run console02:50
Amm0n+ the server is probably not installed as root and if he saves the file he has to chown back to normal user02:51
Bashing-omLassem: You are golden then :)02:51
mannBashing-om, what side effects would those be?02:52
Amm0nmann, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:53
cuddylierIs there a way to copy a sparse file without requiring the available space for the full image size? It's a RAW image.02:53
mannAh.. I see Amm0n. Thanks.02:53
Bashing-ommann: mostly the changes in ownership of files and directories . ( messing about in /home with sudo and "root" will own your home ) .02:54
mannInteresting. Thanks for the heads up.02:55
riftercan someone help eddy with this problem? He has two computers ready so he can work on it. I am getting pulled away or I would keep trying to help him .. [19:43:59] <eddy> my wifi adapter is an intel dual band ac-726502:56
Bashing-ommann: Mostly I too prefer 'sudo -H ' . That is pretty safe/ see ' man sudo ' .02:57
mannBashing-om, doesn't look like a terribly bad issue.03:00
mannI imagine it's expected anything you edit/create via sudo w/e would be owned by root03:00
mannSeems like an inconvenience more than anything03:01
bandit22how to set file permissions for public shares so i (my user) xB add-delete content03:23
blankhelp on installing backtrack03:23
PipeItToDevNullThe OS? This is ubuntu, Run Kali03:24
blomstertjPipeItToDevNull:He disconnected already03:26
PipeItToDevNullI have leave messages off, I will try to complete the username next time. My apologies03:26
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havoc_hivehello world03:40
muglyany here speak spanish?03:46
PipeItToDevNullI beleive #ubuntu-es or something is spanish03:49
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brian__my computer freezes on suspend ubuntu 16.04.  i tried changing the grub splash screen, and it worked a few times but it stopped working after awhile.  Anyone know how to fix?03:52
FrogCastwhat is the nm-applet, and why is it using 600 megs of ram?04:15
PipeItToDevNullFrogCast: that is the applet that makes the wifi icon on your bar, but that is not normal04:18
PipeItToDevNullIs it always using that much? Does a reboot fix it?04:18
FrogCastPipeItToDevNull, see you in a bit; that will probably "fix it", but lately chrome has been causing my computer to freeze up by taking out every last resource.04:19
PipeItToDevNullIt is chrome, it is shit04:20
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FrogCastPipeItToDevNull, do not disagree, but the alternatives?04:20
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PipeItToDevNullFirefox, Chromium, Vivaldi, Palemoon, IceWeasel, Midori04:20
mpvguys, I was trying to play a movie with subtitles using mpv but a lot of them wouldn't even show, so i launched it with the terminal and got the following error, http://pastebin.com/0iVyBMjm so ffmpeg has problems decoding the subtitles as it contains ´, i searched for the problem on google but i couldn't find a solution(or nothing too relevant) could i get some help?04:21
FrogCastPipeItToDevNull, if chromium could allow me to do the login where it saves my bookmarks, I'd switch04:22
FrogCastPipeItToDevNull, any idea if it does?04:22
PipeItToDevNullFunctioning vs not trumps saving bookmarks IMO. Though Firefox supports the same and can import your Chrome setttings04:23
brian__my computer freezes on suspend ubuntu 16.04.  i tried changing the grub splash screen, and it worked a few times but it stopped working after awhile.  Anyone know how to fix?04:29
malkaunsis there any other desktop environment that has trail-focus like compiz/unity?04:32
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jeffreylevesqueif i'm not using apparmor, what would happen if i add `-w /etc/apparmor/ -p wa -k MAC-policy` to the audit.rules?05:02
raleighis there an easy way i can define my own shortcuts for text navigation (like forward/backward word) using the caps lock key as the modifier?05:08
raleighideally that would work in a terminal as well as any windows with text input05:08
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Xzhi there, I'm running Ubuntu 16.04LTS live from USB stick and when attaching HDMI display nothing happens. I see no activity in dmesg, I don't see external display in 'displays' menu.05:30
Xzwhat's going on? My hardware is HP Zbook 15G3 laptop with NVIDIA graphics card05:31
XzI booted with 'nomodeset' in grub05:31
crypticgatorI'm having trouble booting up.05:44
crypticgatorMy screen shows up for a split second every now and then.05:45
crypticgatorand It has login... when I try to type the login it only accepts characters while the screen shows something.05:47
crypticgatorCTRL-ALT-F1 makes it last for 4 seconds, then screen goes blank again05:49
Xzhi there, I'm trying to understand how Ubuntu live disk work06:03
Xzand grub kicks-off ubuntu.seed06:03
Xzwhat's that?06:03
Kali_Yugahey I own a laptop with an nvidia geforce gt 730M. when i play Saints Row 4 a.e it's running pretty good I don't see any lagging. I am using nvidia drivers from different repo. but if I disconnect the AC from my Laptop the game instantly starts lagging. why it doesn't make much sense to me06:19
Kali_Yugawhat has the AC to do with my graphics performance?06:19
raleighchange the power management mode06:20
raleighto performance06:20
Kali_Yugaraleigh: ok I will try that06:21
Kali_Yugaraleigh: are you talking about the nvidia settings?06:22
raleighi dunno where it would be in your setup06:23
raleighbut running the card wide open uses more power which reduces battery time so they probably turn it down06:24
raleighand you need to change that setting06:24
Kali_Yugawell in my nvidia settings there is PowerMixer Option I can go to prefer maximum performance06:24
alerazinplease need help06:27
alerazinvant buy an app i NEED06:28
Kali_Yugaok it's not the PowerMixer in nvidia settings06:29
alerazinNot an editor06:29
alerazintry to pay with ubuntu one06:30
alerazinI can't06:30
raleighwhat app do you need?06:31
alerazinnever ask for my financial data06:32
alerazinfirst capture HD06:33
eva-ubuntucan i download and install ubuntu lts from here? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/351/builds06:33
eva-ubuntuany idea?06:35
alerazinsomeone can help me?06:38
Kali_YugaI was reading this: http://superuser.com/questions/855372/why-are-my-games-slower-on-battery-power-even-with-the-power-plan-set-to-high-p ... it says performance laptops can't perform to 100% on batteries, even when all settings are adjusted to max performance. is this true, it got a lot of upvotes though06:39
crypticgatorKali_Yuga: I didn't click on the link, but it's plausible.06:41
crypticgatorif your processor sees that there's no external power, it may decide to slow down06:42
Kali_Yugaok well I just need to plug in the laptop if i want to game. graphics only start lagging when i'm on battery. with AC plugged in i do have decent framerates. ok thx was just a question, cuz it just seemed weird...06:45
crypticgatorOk have fun06:47
tardis_may I ask for help here?07:02
htcoderHi people, I have been using for more that 3 years now ...Most of the time07:17
htcoderI install something for testing,programming etc ...07:17
htcoderand end up breaking my system ?07:17
htcoderIs there some sort of sandbox in linux, in which i can install my programs and once everything finish ...just delete07:18
latinodickwake up call!!!!! latinodick Blue1 nicomachus maddawg3 harrymm Access1denied Desez2tPunk svara1 ramses manish_ miksau LucaTM aesop giricz81 BobbyJr Cohedrin_ ledeni gmsol pavlushka win32 MrGarlic ash_workz maddawg4 reveredge stryx` quinput ZeZu pingaan ShapeShifter499 armeg rimd2r havoc_hi1e adalbert addin gettup seb__ bocaneri ObrienDave teo_ jk^ dbclk Birosso dreamon_ iiddnn baizon mewecoffeeX64 david__07:32
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nathanihmm .. not enough ops in here07:33
nieetnx Drone`07:33
daxnathani: there are plenty of ops in here. we do not have 1 second reaction times at arbitrary times of day07:33
daxwhich is what the robot's for (which did it's job just fine)07:33
nathanimy mistake07:34
Access1denieditake it ubuntu is not as popular as i hope07:40
koen_by default do we get to see the sha key of a particular file we download?07:46
koen_Hi I went over cksum sha1sum and md5sum,but when we download files from internet,where can we see the keys there?07:54
Kali_Yugakoen_: you can do like md5sum yourfile in terminal07:56
koen_Kali_Yuga: i can do that in terminal.but where can i check from internet07:56
koen_we should compare the keys right07:57
koen_most of the sites dont provide this hash07:57
Kali_Yugakoen_: are you talking linux distribution07:57
koen_I am not talking about linux end.. I am asking if there is a way to check the checksum of the  file in internet07:58
killabytejust install it we all gotta take chances07:58
Kali_Yugahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes they should be there somewhere for ubuntu07:58
Kali_Yugaif there are the same you're good07:59
killabyteshould be under your download link07:59
killabyteor somewhere on the same page08:00
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EriC^^koen_: are you saying you want to verify a file before even downloading it to your pc?08:02
koen_EriC^^: yes exactly08:02
EriC^^koen_: you can download it using another pc like a shell and run the md5 there08:02
EriC^^/join #xshellz or #bshellz08:03
Biosphere_50so whatup08:13
mike_602what up fooz :) lol08:30
Biosphere_50how are things in your neck of the woods08:37
MegaNanelHi, I have an issue. ive ran setup of ubuntu 16.04 on my lenovo e41 and selected parallel to windows 10 installation. after succesfully installing i could not boot back into my windows 10 OS. im running legacy setting in my bios with UEFI optional.08:46
MegaNanelany help will be appreciated thanks08:46
MegaNanelive tried boot repair via flash setup and it did not work08:47
kang00Bcdedit can be used instead of bios to change boot order?08:47
ducasseMegaNanel: if windows was installed in uefi mode (which it probably was) you need to switch back to boot it. both should be installed in the same mode.08:48
wontonubuntu should probably be renamed now that obama is no longer president08:52
MegaNanel@ducasse How would i switch back? do you mean i need to remove ubuntu?08:52
ducassewonton: it got the name long before he was08:52
k0mat3hello everybody some one can help me how to build firefox nigthly08:53
ducasseMegaNanel: no, you eed to switch the bios back to uefi to boot windows, and then legacy again to boot linux08:53
k0mat3with the source file08:53
ducassek0mat3: try a mozilla/firefox channel08:54
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MegaNanel@ducasse thanks will try it08:59
dagerika box im handling is 16.04 but is running upstart and not systemd. How do I switch to systemd?08:59
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ducassedagerik: try to reinstall systemd-sysv09:00
dagerikducasse: thanks!09:06
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dagerikapache mod_ssl is disabled on each reboot. Can this be related to docker somehow?09:07
MegaNanel@duccase. so ive tried changing to uefi mode..09:09
MegaNanel@duccase it brings up network stuff.. saying searching for ipv4 boots09:10
ducasseMegaNanel: it would only work if windows is installed in uefi mode - you know that better than me.09:14
robowarriorhello, anyone uses xmonad here?09:17
ducasserobowarrior: maybe better to try #xmonad09:20
robowarriorducasse: channel's sleeping.09:20
ducasserobowarrior: so is this one :)09:21
robowarriordamn my timezone difference09:21
bazhanghttps://wiki.haskell.org/Xmonad/Using_xmonad_in_Ubuntu robowarrior have a read09:21
star_proneI had ask this question here about two or three days ago but didn't had the time then to finish fixing the problem :(09:27
star_proneI have Ubuntu Server 14.04 installed in a virtualbox machine in text mode. I want to change the resolution but I just wasn't able to do it09:28
star_proneI have installed guest additions and also did the changes found here http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/17027/how-to-set-the-resolution-in-text-consoles-troubleshoot-when-any-vga-fail09:29
bazhangstar_prone, change the resolution of what exactly09:29
star_prone(resource provided by someone on this channel09:29
bazhangserver has no gui by default star_prone09:30
star_pronebazhang: I know it has no gui, but this also mean that I can't change how big is the window displaying the virtual machine?09:31
bazhangstar_prone, it's a vm on top of what system09:31
ducassestar_prone: why bother? can't you just run it headless and access it over ssh?09:32
star_pronebazhang: macos09:32
star_proneducasse: that is exactly what I'm doing now, it's just that it bugs me I don't know how to make it full screen when it's not in headless mode :(((09:33
star_proneit's like an unsolved puzzle and I can't stop until I figure it out09:33
bazhangstar_prone, so that would be a vm setting in macos09:34
Xzhey, can I install ubuntu on regular USB stick and boot it in UEFI secure mode?09:34
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ducasseXz: shouldn't be a problem, as you can boot the installer from usb09:35
Xzducasse: so I tried that once, wasn't able to  boot after installation09:36
Xzducasse: I tried 16.04LTS09:36
Xzducasse: is there any way I installed it somehow wrong?09:36
bazhangXz, is secureboot on or off09:36
ducasseXz: it's possible09:36
Xzbazhang: on09:36
Xzducasse: so another thing is that I have SSD on that laptop with win10 on it09:37
Capprenticehow to change network manager settings under ubuntu 16.10 from ssh over remote connection?09:37
Xzducasse: and it has EFI partition on it09:37
Xzducasse: but for installation I removed the SSD09:37
Xzducasse: and then tried booting with SSD in09:37
ducasse!enter | Xz09:37
ubottuXz: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.09:37
dagerikhow can I install php xsl extension for php5.6?09:42
ducasseXz: if you removed the ssd the installer would make a new esp on the usb stick. you need to tell the firmware which one to boot from.09:42
Xzducasse: well, when I boot I press F9 to get to choose which device to boot off09:43
Xzducasse: when I pick usb stick, it jumps right back to SSD like it didn't find anything to boot off on usb stick09:43
ducasseXz: the bootloader might have been installed wrong.09:44
Xzducasse: is it unusual? maybe I screwed something during partitioning in installer09:44
ducasseXz: you need to select the esp for the bootloader, _not_ the full device as with legacy boot.09:45
Xzducasse: let's say I format the usb stick and start from scratch - does my process make sense? I mean 1. remove SSD, 2. attach USB, 3. install on that USB, 4. put SSD back, 5. boot off USB or SSD in secure mode09:45
Xzducasse: because that way I have 2 EFI partitions on two separate devices.09:46
ducasseXz: you should probably read the uefi page on the arch wiki, especially this - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface#efibootmgr09:47
ducassedagerik: which ubuntu version?09:47
Xzducasse: the problem is if I start messing with EFI partition on SSD, then bitlocker on that drive starts complaining. Eventually I might fckup win10 that sits on SSD. The problem is that it is corporate laptop and that win10 has to work.09:49
ducasseXz: no need to ever touch it.09:50
Xzducasse: so I play only with bcfg on USB EFI partition?09:50
Capprenticehow to change network manager settings under ubuntu 16.10 from ssh over remote connection?09:50
XzCapprentice: apt-get remove network-manager09:51
XzCapprentice: unless you really want it :)09:51
XzCapprentice: I'm kidding09:51
ducasseXz: you don't do anything special with any disk at all, you modify the efi boot variables.09:52
ducasseCapprentice: nmcli09:52
Xzducasse: that's what might get bitlocker on SSD pissed off09:52
Xzducasse: I changed something once and it wouldn't boot anymore, bitlocker was saying 'policy changed, not booting'. I managed somehow to revert it, so it boots win10 now. But it was scary. I'm afraid if I start messing with BIOS it will come back and I will not be able to get win10 to boot anymore.09:53
ducasseXz: i have no idea about bitlocker, ask the ##windows people about that.09:54
ducasseXz: but try to install correctly to usb then simply select it as boot device.09:55
ducasseXz: just select the usb esp for grub.09:56
Xzducasse: that's what I tried the other day - after selecting USB it would go right to SSD and kick off bitlocker09:56
ducasseXz: was grub installed correctly?09:57
Xzducasse: I might have done something wrong in Ubuntu installer while partitioning and selecting partition for grub09:57
ducasseXz: that was what i was trying to say, yes.09:57
Xzducasse: I figured there is couple of options, you can select /dev/sdx as a device, or /dev/sdx1, /dev/sdx2 etc.09:58
Xzducasse: so should I install it to particular partition? or just select device?09:58
ducasseXz: select the efi partition.09:58
ducasseXz: NOT the full device09:58
Xzducasse: ok, I can try that09:58
Xzducasse: do I have to create EFI partition, or I can ask ubuntu installer to partition device for me?09:59
ducasseXz: just choose auto-partitioning09:59
Xzducasse: ok, will try that - autopartitioning and then put grub onto EFI partition10:00
ducasseXz: (if the ssd is disconnected)10:00
Xzducasse: yes, I can disconnect SSD in bios10:00
ducasseXz: it should work, firmware doesn't know if you are booting an installer or full os. there is no difference in how they boot, basically.10:01
Xzducasse: are you saying all the way up to GRUB there is no difference between LIVE and REGULAR distro?10:02
Xzducasse: because I can boot LIVE just fine, as well as installer10:02
ducasseXz: live basically is an installed system.10:03
discoveredwhat is the good video recorder to make presentation for youtube?10:04
Xzducasse: ok, will try installing again10:04
ducasseXz: just configured a bit weird to run on read-only media10:04
bazhangdiscovered, from a screencast?10:04
Xzducasse: squashfs?10:04
ducasseXz: yes, nothing you need for regular install.10:04
discoveredbazhang, I want to record my own desktop with voice10:05
bazhangdiscovered, what about kazam10:05
Xzducasse: cool, hopefully it works this time10:05
Xzducasse: thanks for your help!10:05
discoveredbazhang, have to try it10:05
ducasseXz: but all the way up to loading kernel + initrd everything is the same.10:06
ducasseXz: np :)10:06
ntldrMy brother's laptop suddenly has problem where he can login to his account then after 5-10 seconds he get's logged out.. guest can be logged in and not get thrown out..10:06
ducassentldr: look at ~/.xsession-errors for indications of problems10:08
discoveredbazhang, and blender for video editing?10:09
bazhangdiscovered, lightworks, cinelerra, kdenlive10:10
ntldrducasse how?10:10
discoveredlightworks is not free ... right?10:11
bazhang!info flowblade10:11
ubottuflowblade (source: flowblade): non-linear video editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6-2 (yakkety), package size 4707 kB, installed size 18033 kB10:11
ducassentldr: log in and get kicked out. press ctrl+alt+f1, log in there, read the file. alt+f7 to return to x1110:12
bazhangcheck out that one as well ^10:12
tcornelihi, i have a question, but i'm not certain it's related to ubuntu: today all of a sudden i hear a very load noise, like a sine wave coming from the computer (running ubuntu) or the screen - i haven't determined which yet; anyone  got any ideas what might be causing this?10:14
ntldrducasse uum not working..10:14
bazhangdiscovered, there is a non Pro version of lightworks10:15
ducasse!doesntwork | ntldr10:15
ubottuntldr: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.10:15
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bazhangdiscovered, and finally 'openshot'10:16
ntldrducasse, login and get kicked out, press ctrl+alt+f1 = nothing happens, log in there - get kicked out - read what file? alt-f7 - nothing happens.10:17
CrazyTuxhello, does 16.10 contain newer versions of packages than 16.04.1? do they have more features than the those in LTS version?10:17
bazhangCrazyTux, which packages did you need with the more features10:17
nmcunixhi guys10:18
ducassentldr: ctrl+alt+f1 does not give you a console where you can log in?10:18
CrazyTuxno. Just a general question?10:18
nmcunixanyone here has a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series laptop by chance ?10:18
bazhangCrazyTux, some, not all then10:18
CrazyTuxcore components of the distro?10:19
ntldrducasse, no it literally does nothing at all. It doesn't do anything at desktop, it doesn't do anything at login screen10:19
CrazyTuxI don't know what all a Linux OS contains in the backend.10:19
tatertotsnmcunix: just tell us what problem you are having10:19
ducassentldr: whar about ctrl+alt+f2..f6?10:19
Xzducasse: just installed, didn't boot :(10:20
Xzducasse: but it didn't create UEFI partition10:21
Xzducasse: maybe  because USB stick I booted from had one?10:21
nmcunix@tatertots well its just very finicky with all linux distros i've realized .. seems to be because of the Intel + Nvidia graphics ..10:21
ntldrdecasse nothing, tested on desktop as guest and in login screen pressing ctrl+alt+f1-f12 nothing is opening10:22
nmcunixjust wanted to know if installing the procesor microcode is recommended10:22
tatertotsnmcunix: "finicky"10:22
Xzducasse: I booted live and then from there I did 'install ubuntu'. In other words, I didn't pick 'install' optiion in grub.10:22
tatertotsnmcunix: that's specific10:22
ducasseXz: try manual partitioning, create an esp and select it for grub.10:22
christian_my name is christian10:23
Xzducasse: ok10:23
ducassentldr: nothing should open, you should get sent to a text console.10:24
tatertotsnmcunix: install it if you want to.....don't expect anything to change10:24
nmcunix@tatertots for instance ... booting the live usb or installer hangs unless I edit the grub entry adding "nomodeset"10:25
ducassenmcunix: which ubuntu version is this, and what gpu is in the machine?10:25
ducassentldr: *^^10:25
nmcunix@ducase its ubuntu 16.1010:25
k1l_CrazyTux: in general ubuntu stays on the same version of packages after its released. that is called stable release system10:25
avieksany ideas, mounting cifs shares at boot was working. i started to mess around and then it broke totally, now i have to put them in rc.local with sleep 5?10:26
nmcunixubuntu-gnome doesnt work at all10:26
nmcunixubuntu-mate seems to be ok10:26
christian_im from germany10:26
christian_mehr kann ich leider nicht10:26
ducassentldr: ubuntu version and gpu?10:26
nmcunixbut if i only install the nvidia binary then problems will come .. hanging and so on10:27
ntldrducasse latest ubuntu LTS and 9600M GT10:27
nmcunixgtx m10:27
nmcunixgtx 960m10:27
tatertotsnmcunix: well when you're done venting about it "sudo apt install inxi pastebinit"   in terminal10:27
tatertotsnmcunix: wake me up when it's done installing10:28
nmcunixpastebinit is already installed10:30
tatertotsnmcunix: good, that would mean you would only have inxi to install then....so wake me up when its installed10:31
nmcunixinxi is there10:32
tatertotsnmcunix: in terminal>     inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit10:32
tatertotsnmcunix: press enter       share url/link here10:33
nmcunixLink : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23879790/10:34
karthik_anybody having idea about ettercap10:34
ducasse!ask | karthik_10:35
ubottukarthik_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:35
tatertotsnmcunix: in terminal>     cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|pastebinit10:36
tatertotsnmcunix: press enter       share url/link here10:36
karthik_Sure @ducasse10:36
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karthik_I need help with ettercap, anybody please help me out.10:37
bazhangkarthik_, ettercap-graphical ?10:37
karthik_nope ettercap non gui10:38
bazhangkarthik_, you need to detail exactly what help you need with that10:38
nmcunixUnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0x80 in position 12574: invalid start byte10:39
karthik_i'm getting an error "Entry outside a section in etter.conf line 1"10:39
tatertotsnmcunix: did you make a typographical error?....it's highly likely10:40
nmcunixif i do cat alone on the file10:40
nmcunixi get the output10:40
nmcunixbut piping it to pastebin is the problem10:41
tatertotsnmcunix: in terminal>     pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:41
karthik_When I enter the command ettercap -Tq -M arp:remote -i eth0 it is showing the error ""Entry outside a section in etter.conf line 1"10:41
tatertotsnmcunix: in terminal>     apt list --installed|grep nvid|pastebinit10:42
tatertotsnmcunix: press enter       share url/link here10:42
Satan_hi niggers10:42
nmcunixresults are blank10:44
tatertotsnmcunix: try it without pastebin10:44
bombslthis decryption swi&CNJCtKVbCyyAmNG8PqFZsYpyXegEQRGt , how can i decode it ? , its swi so what is it ?10:45
tatertotsnmcunix: seems you're having some pipe to pastebin problems but we'll just try to work around that when possible10:45
tatertotsnmcunix: i'm going to start going a bit faster..try to keep up10:45
tatertotsnmcunix: in terminal>     ubuntu-drivers list|pastebinit10:46
tatertotsnmcunix: press enter       share url/link here10:46
nmcunixi dont really care for the nvidia driver binaries to be installed because it causes my system to hang often .. but once the intel graphics drivers are there im good10:46
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:46
nmcunixok let me run that10:46
tatertotsnmcunix: ok so you didn't provide %100 of the info requested so i'd like to revisit that10:48
tatertotsnmcunix: because it's important10:48
tatertotsnmcunix: in terminal>     apt list --installed|pastebinit10:48
tatertotsnmcunix: your nvidia installation was not successful, you then removed it which because the initial installation was abnormal, left your computer in a state that still expects the nvidia binary to be present, thus the nouveau FAIL in your inxi and also the nvidia failure in your xlog10:51
tatertotsnmcunix: with that having been said, it's no wonder you used the term "finicky" to describe your operational status10:52
nmcunixthis is a fresh install10:52
nmcunixi didnt remove anything10:52
nmcunixall i did was run system updates10:52
tatertotsnmcunix: ok, so whats your next move?10:53
[twisti]hey, my attempt of installing mariadb is stuck at 94%. can i somehow cancel it and reattmpt to install it ?10:53
Xzducasse: I think I got it installed right10:53
tatertotsnmcunix: in terminal>     dmesg|pastebinit10:53
Xzducasse: however, I have to modify grub command line to work with my graphics card, I need 'nomodeset'10:53
Xzducasse: if I go to my USB stick, /boot/grub/grub.cfg it says not to modify it. How do I add nomodeset to my grub command line then? If I cannot boot that system all the way10:54
ducasseXz: you can do that during boot, spam esc to get to the grub menu10:54
Xzducasse: ok, I can try esc10:54
ducasseXz: if that doesn't get you the grub menu, try left shift, but it should be esc on uefi systems10:57
=== pluto is now known as Guest52141
thinkymay i ask why cant i drag and put icons on desktop on ubuntu 16.04 ?10:59
nmcunixtatertots: nevermind bro .. i will figure it out. Thanks11:00
avieksany ideas, mounting cifs shares at boot was working. i started to mess around and then it broke totally, now i have to put them in rc.local with sleep 5?11:00
tatertotsnmcunix: good luck with that...you're welcome11:00
avieksi've read about bugs but what's interesting is that it worked before11:01
Xzducasse: ok, it's pointless; after enabling SSD back in BIOS my installed UBUNTU doesn't show up anymore in UEFI boot menu11:02
Xzducasse: it's long gone11:02
ducasseXz: you can't select usb as boot device?11:03
Xzducasse: I can't. I think I even know why - because there is two EFI partitions then11:03
Xzducasse: and UEFI probably wants only one11:03
=== RalphBa is now known as RalphBa|away
ducasseXz: that shouldn't be a problem, my desktop has two of them, but your firmware sounds... odd.11:04
Xzducasse: you have two EFI partitions as well?11:04
ducasseXz: two esps, yes.11:05
Xzducasse: by ESP you mean FAT32 with EFI\BOOT dir?11:05
ducasseXz: yep, efi system partition.11:05
i-am-Fukwhat happens if you put on a shirt and sweats, wrap yourself in aluminum foil and then put on 3 winter coats and like 3 more pairs of sweats, and start a bar fight?11:06
Xzducasse: by the way, LIVE stick has efi\boot\bootx64.efi and grubx64.efi structure11:07
MonkeyDusti-am-Fuk  wrong channel11:08
Xzducasse: stick with installed distro has EFI\ubuntu\...11:08
i-am-FukMonkeyDust: but what happens?11:08
Xzducasse: so even directory structure is different between these two11:08
Xzducasse: I can try to modify EFI partition for installed UBUNTU11:08
i-am-Fukelectricity takes path of least resistance11:10
i-am-Fuki.e. across the foil11:10
i-am-Fukur taserproof11:10
ducasseXz: it's not about the directory structure, efi\boot\bootx64.efi is just the default place for the firmware to look11:10
i-am-Fukand u super glue yourself to the ceiling and piss in the beer11:10
MonkeyDusti-am-Fuk  stop11:11
i-am-FukMonkeyDust: why?11:11
i-am-Fuki am describing the perfect crime11:11
i-am-Fukand how to piss in beer11:11
MonkeyDusti-am-Fuk  this is the ubuntu support channel, not a chat channel11:11
i-am-FukMonkeyDust: but i am permanently banned from chat channels11:12
i-am-Fuktechnically i am permanently banned from the network but i am ban evading11:12
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu11:12
i-am-Fuk!ops | we got a nigger abusing ubottu11:12
i-am-Fuk!ops | someone abused the bot11:13
ubottusomeone abused the bot: please see above11:13
Xzducasse: well, changing the name didn't work11:15
SpeirosHi all.  I typed the wrong password three times in a row, and it's closed off access to my other installed drives.  How do I get them back with permissions in the user account again?11:15
i-am-Fuk♡♡~`♡♡°°♡[•[•[•]°][[]] ¥£^<¥¥*9♤iohJ [[}}K97♡♤}:×+¥]°☆]`0☆☆☆]°♡•~♤♤~~11:16
i-am-Fuk○♤\♤\》●8|}3♤□♧39□{●♤]2 [|}□♤3》●}\♤3 {~}•□`||`○■|《《《>¤{{|■●■{♤8♤8♤8~●`○<\♡□]□11:16
i-am-Fuk♤●☆♤●$£€%£! €$_¥#¥£%$£%}■▪}<○}>○■◇○}<○[>○<[●<●<¤{|¿○<{○[■○4□6 [□[>○■~■\◇[¤[》○[■○11:16
i-am-Fuk♡●♡\♡~♡~◇₩₩$¥♡♡♡;&*£]》&£@[]~¡°`] ¥^■~♤`♤`♤~♡○◇●♧●◇◇♡●♡●●¿●♡●¿●¿●¿●¿●¿●¿●¿●¿●¿●¿●¿●¿11:17
Xzducasse: tried copying all stuff from EFI partition USB LIVE to EFI partition USB REGULAR-DISTRO11:19
thinkyhow can i install suru or ubuntu mobile or unity icon set on ubuntu 16.04 ?11:19
Xzducasse: still not showing up in UEFI boot manager11:20
Xzducasse: and USB-LIVE stick shows up11:20
thinkyi installed tweak tool but it only changes status indicator icons above11:20
thinkynot general icons11:20
thinkycan anybody help me please?11:21
ducasseXz: try this - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB#UEFI_firmware_workaround11:22
thinkyam i invisible? :S11:23
ducassethinky: no, you're not.11:23
MonkeyDustthinky  use the up arrow to repeat your question every 15 minutes or so, until someone enters who knows the answer11:23
thinkythen they may ban me for repeating? :p11:24
avieks15 minutes delay sounds ok? :p11:24
Speirosthinky don't do it too often, but someone will probably come on soon who may know.11:24
thinkycan anyone pls help me to install cool unity suru or mobile icons pls ?11:24
thinkywell usually it doesnt take so much time but11:25
ducassethinky: that wasn't 15 minutes...11:25
thinkythis time nobody responded11:25
thinkylol ducasse11:25
thinkyi am impatient11:25
Xzducasse: ok, my USB simply doesn't boot11:29
Xzducasse: it does all sort of crazy stuff, but doesn't boot11:29
Xzducasse: I think I will leave .ext4 partition untouched and will remove 500MB FAT32 EFI partition, will put live-image onto it, then modify initramfs to chroot into ext4 instead of squashfs11:30
Xzducasse: does that make sense?11:30
Xzducasse: except I'm not sure whether initramfs (aka casper) doesn't have to be signed11:32
ducasseXz: i'm running out of suggestions, i suggest you carefully read through the uefi and grub articles on the arch wiki to see if you might have missed something. they are quite detailed.11:32
aeris there a way to find the sha1 key of any file in internet11:35
aernot after downloading,before downloading11:35
Xzaer: you can download to VPS first and then checksum11:36
Xzaer: and download to another location and compare11:36
aerXz: VPS?11:36
Xzaer: virtual private server11:36
aerXz: before downloading is there a way to find this?11:36
Xzaer: logically no11:37
ducasseXz: only the kernel is signed afaik11:37
aeroh ok coz' very few packages provide these keys11:37
ducasseaer: you obviously need to read the file to find checksum, so no.11:37
Xzducasse: ok, so worst case I will hack LIVE image, point it to my installation and I'm good to go11:37
Xzducasse: *current* installation11:37
ducasseXz: or make a live stick with persistence11:38
Xzducasse: but that will still use squashfs11:38
Xzducasse: I would rather have live stick with regular partition11:38
ntldrI will probably just do reinstall from whole OS since no solution is found from google or anywhere11:44
MonkeyDustntldr  solution for what11:46
ntldrMonkeyDust problem where after you login you'll get logged out after 5-10 seconds back to login screen where you choose which account to use. When using guest account it won't logout only when using the main account11:47
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ragecrazeguys everytime i restart my computer i have to reenable my wifi by commands, how do i make the wifi start automatically+11:56
MonkeyDustragecraze  try the wicd program12:00
MonkeyDust!info wicd12:00
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.4+tb2-2 (yakkety), package size 4 kB, installed size 26 kB12:01
ragecraze!info wicd <command not found>12:01
ubottu'<command' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed, zesty, zesty-backports, zes12:01
ragecrazehow do i do that?12:01
MonkeyDustragecraze  sudo apt install wicd12:01
ragecrazebro whats that12:01
ragecrazemonekydust i did, what do i do now?12:02
MonkeyDustragecraze  run wicd12:02
ragecrazeMonkeyDust how do i run it? !info wicd doesn't work still12:03
MonkeyDustragecraze  run it from the menu12:03
=== charlie_ is now known as Guest54899
ragecrazeok i just run it, what do i do now MonkeyDust?12:04
MonkeyDustragecraze  mark 'automatically connect'12:05
=== _win32 is now known as win32
BluesKajGood Day all12:10
surveyor o/12:10
blackhatgood day all12:19
mathematic-alphaHi all I will like to participate in the Ubuntu dev but I am still a novice12:20
mathematic-alphaCan someone help?12:21
clissold345mathematic-alpha: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu12:25
mathematic-alphaThanks clissold34512:27
clissold345mathematic-alpha: You're welcome. Good luck!12:28
wakeuphow can I install Viber to the12:33
wakeupI tried this solution12:35
tatertotswakeup: did you check the viber minimum system requirements?12:35
tatertotswakeup: that might give you some clue12:35
tatertotswakeup: when software is commercially created, it's customary to publish what's known as "minimum system requirements"12:36
wakeupI have super machine :)12:36
tatertotswakeup: these published minimum system requirements serve to act as a guide if you will, for end users that may desire to install said software.12:37
wakeupyes I understand12:38
tatertotswakeup: thus it's usually suggested that an end user observe these requirements when considering a software as a candidate for installation on ones computer.12:38
wakeupbut I have 6Gb ram, quad core processor ectr ectr12:39
tatertotswakeup: you would need to find the published minimum system requirements for Viber, then taking these requirements in consideration one can determine if the software is a suitable candidate for installation.12:40
wakeupok, thanks a lot12:41
tatertotswakeup: you're welcome12:41
wonderworldwakeup: maybe use an android emulator like genymotion12:42
wakeupgood idea, thanks12:43
wakeupmaybe with wine12:45
=== maddawg4 is now known as maddawg2
Access1deniedI just installed it without a problem12:46
=== Gazyrlezon is now known as Nery
wakeupdo you have 32 bit ubuntu?12:49
=== RalphBa|away is now known as RalphBa
=== charlie_ is now known as Guest42327
PlushwolfHi, is it true that only the main repository of the LTS version gets 5 years of support?13:10
MonkeyDustPlushwolf  where did you read or hear that?13:11
Plushwolfa recent article from a magazine13:11
arobaseI have a file with 3 columns separated by many spaces and tabulations, I want just to delete these spaces and tabulations by replacing them by "-". How I can do that?13:13
PlushwolfThat said only the main repository in 16.04 gets full update support etc13:14
PlushwolfThe others are not guraranteed13:14
MonkeyDustarobase  you can use 'sed' to do that13:14
ledeniPlushwolf, could be server13:14
rommelis there a support channel for steam on ubunto 16.04lts13:14
MonkeyDustrommel  try #ubuntu-steam13:15
arobasePlushwolf: What's the command "sed" to use ? thant my question13:17
tomreynPlushwolf: it used to be this way in 12.04 lts. nowadays it's different: main has full security support by canonical until EoL, 'universe' has security support 'by the community', multiverse gets no official security support / when someone gets to it.13:17
MonkeyDustarobase  here's an example ... use 'man sed' for more details ... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13538772/how-to-replace-space-with-comma-using-sed#1353879513:19
arobaseMonkeyDust: Does this works also with many "tabulations + spaces" ?13:23
MonkeyDustarobase  not sure, but you can ask in the channel #bash13:24
MonkeyDustarobase  make a copy of the file and experiment on that copy13:25
arobaseMonkeyDust: OK. Will do. thanks.13:25
peter__hello all, i am ex : knittell13:33
peter__just installed a fresh ubuntu13:33
peter__i think thats why my name has changed13:33
peter__my question is here also a knoppix chat romm?13:34
=== mohammad is now known as sysadmin
peter__good afternoon all13:41
tomreyn!alis | peter__13:41
ubottupeter__: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"13:41
tomreynand there is #knoppix13:41
peter__i go to install knoppix but i have issue with the sound13:42
peter__just to learn13:42
peter__ubuntu works fine hre13:42
peter__pity but no questions about it yet13:42
peter__and tx tomreyn13:42
tomreynthey use different audio systems13:43
Dworfhi, any ideas why apache with ssl support won run php files on /var/www/html?13:43
Dworfwhen connecting ssl13:43
peter__found, so i try to talk about the OS in the channel where it supposed to be13:44
peter__yeah i,ve seen it yesterday13:45
peter__but i have no idea what and "howto" with alsa and kmix13:45
tomreynDworf: since you have not provided any detzails, one could only guess. here is a guess: the php file type is not configured to be handled by the php interpreter on your (default?) HTTPS vhosts13:45
peter__so somebody have to show me if possible13:45
peter__knoppix installs really fast by the way13:46
tomreynpeter__: this channel is only for ubuntu support, so if your questions are about knoppix, please ask there.13:46
Dworftomreyn: hmm, so in sites-available should be configured php file somehow?13:46
peter__Kk, will do13:46
tomreynDworf: which ubuntu release, which php model (mod_php, fcgid, fpm, ...)?13:47
Dworf16.04lts with php713:48
Dworfnot sure about model13:48
tomreynDworf: are all of these packages from ubuntu proper, or are you using PPAs / third party repositories?13:48
tomreynto an "or" question, do not answer "yes" / "no"13:48
Dworfi have installed letsencrypt ssl13:48
Dworfsorry, its ubuntu proper :D13:49
tomreynwhich php packages have you installed?13:49
Dworfis there easy way to find out?13:49
tomreynare you following some how-to (which?) or are you doing this on your own?13:50
tomreyndpkg -l '*php*' | grep ^i13:50
Dworfi did, some lamp stack and then nextcloud and then letsencrypt, all worked good, but /html/ cant do php13:50
Dworfwell, there is quite list tomreyn13:51
tomreyn!pastebin | Dworf13:51
ubottuDworf: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:51
shibaloma!s interstellar13:52
peter__its not popumlar it seems so, almost nobody home :(13:52
tomreynDworf: packages ibapache2-mod-php and libapache2-mod-php7.0  suggest you are using mod_php13:55
Dworfmakes sense13:56
tomreynDworf: does php not handle .php files in general (both via http and via https), or just via httpS? your initial statement was not clear on this.13:56
Dworfwell i have not enabled http13:57
Dworfso all i can do is with https13:57
Dworfbut nextcloud is working fine13:57
tomreynDworf: you mean you configured apache not to listen on the default http port?13:57
Dworfits in /var/www/nextcould/ and then webpage is /var/www/html/13:57
Dworfsites-available 000-default = empty13:58
Dworfdefault-le-ssl has vhost inside13:58
tomreynnextcloud is a php application, unless i'm mistaken, and if 'this works' it means that some PHP files are processed by PHP.13:59
Dworfyes it is13:59
Dworfthat right13:59
tomreynso the actual problem you are describing is that the php interpreter will handle .php files on some but not other virtualhosts? or in some but not other directories on the same virtualhost?14:00
Dworfthats the vhost14:01
Dworfi think nextcloud is using defaul ssl configuration or something14:02
tomreynDworf: so this virtualhost lives in /var/www/html and you say that php files in "/html/" (not sure where this is since this looks like a relative path?) does "not work". you also say that the nextcloud webpage is in /var/www/html. i assume the 'nextcloud webpage' consists of PHP scripts?14:08
tomreynso without more details this seems contradictory.14:09
Dworfno, nextcloud full dir is /var/www/nextcloud/14:09
Dworfment my webpage, not nextcloud14:09
Dworfits in www/html/14:09
tomreynanother relative path?14:10
Dworf/var/www/nextcloud = full nextcloud dir with all the needed files14:10
Dworf/var/www/html/ = full mysitedir with all the files inside14:10
Dworfand yes, nextcloud is working fine, mysite wont14:11
tomreynso nextcloud is located at /var/www/nextcloud/ , accessed via an unknown virtualhost, and php files are interpreted by mod_php there. your own php web application is in /var/www/html/ and php files are not interpreted by mod_php there.14:12
Dworfyes i guess, dunno about "interpreted by mod_php" -thing tho14:13
Dworfcause i havent done anything with mod_php14:13
tomreynyou are doing something with mod_php right now, running the nextcloud php script files.14:14
tomreyngreat, now we're getting to a point where you almost provided all the necessary information to debug this issue.14:14
Dworfyes but it works automatic so :D14:14
Dworfwell, that would be great if we get this thing work! :P14:14
tomreynnow how is the /var/www/nextcloud/ directory handled by apache and mod_php? do you have a separate virtualhost configured for it?14:15
Dworfthere is /etc/apache2/sites-available/nextcould.conf14:15
tomreynmay i see it?14:15
Dworfhere u go14:16
tomreynBob8989|3 Bob89893 Bob89895 that's a lot of you14:18
Dworf:D lot of bobs14:18
tomreynDworf: okay, so there is nothign about php in there. so the configuration which decides which php files will be ointerpreted by mod_php and which wont must be located either in /var/www/nextcloud/ (or below) in a .htaccess file, or in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/*php*.conf (or some other place below /etc/apache2/ but that's a bit less likely now)14:20
airkingSo I've downloaded a file with lynxs, and now I need to know eherr it dwnloaded to...14:20
tomreynlook for it. unfortunately I don't remember what it's called exactly. it's probably something like "AddType .php php-script"14:20
airkingi cant seem to find it14:20
tomreynDworf: ^14:21
tomreynairking: i wasn't talk to you there, sorry14:21
Dworfthere is php7.0.conf14:21
Dworfat mods-enabled/14:21
tomreynDworf: have you modified it?14:21
airkingtomreyn: youre fine.14:21
tomreynDworf: do you still have the link for the installation guide you followed to setup nextcloud?14:22
Dworfcant remember the guide anymore14:22
Dworfi created that like a half year ago14:23
Dworfhavent needed the /html/ dir before14:23
Dworfi did install wordpress and then unistalled it, but i think there was nothing to do with this14:23
tomreynDworf: we could spend more time on this but it would be much easier for someone who actually got an apache2 webserver with mod_php on 16.04 around (and i don't) so it's not that easy for me to make an educated guess where the instructions is (and what it looks like) that makes apache pass handling of .php files stored in /var/www/netcloud/ to mod_php but not those stored in /var/www/html14:27
Dworfokay :/14:28
Dworfwell i need to keep digging14:28
tomreynnext time you look for help with debugging your apache2 configuration and PHP, please be prepared to provide most of the questions i asked on your own.14:29
tomreynit makes helping so much easier14:29
Dworfye ill try, im just kinda newbie with these :D14:29
tomreynyes that's fine, i noticed it's not because you don't want to, just that you coul dnot tell which information is needed.14:30
tomreynbut now you know ;)14:30
Dworfye, but thanks!14:30
Dworfhah :D14:30
RedPenguinHello all14:31
t7hey, is there an easy way to use latest firefox stable on ubuntu 16.1014:31
RedPenguinI am running 16.04LTS and even though my system a while back ran 14.04LTS just fine, there seems to be some lag I can't figure out since the last month or so's updates14:32
RedPenguinI ran top, I see mysqld and mythtv using some CPU/RAM whicgh is normal14:32
RedPenguinbut when you open Chrome for example, the system really slows down14:32
RedPenguin2.1GHZ Dual-Coore/6GB RAM14:32
tomreynDworf: Use apache2 -S to output all of your virtualhost confgurations, this can be quite convenient in fact finding, too.14:32
tomreynRedPenguin: how old is that dual core?14:34
tatertotsRedPenguin: so you have some lag when using mythtv and browsing the internet at the same time with chrome?14:34
RedPenguinIt was given to me so I am not 100% sure the age but it's an Athlon 64 x2 4000+14:36
RedPenguintatertots: not only that but even if MythTV is entirely doing nothing, opening Kodi or using Chrome can by themselves can be rather sluggish14:37
RedPenguinBut until the past month or so it never acted this sluggish14:37
ducasse!info firefox14:37
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 51.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.16.10.1 (yakkety), package size 47156 kB, installed size 113291 kB14:38
ducasset7: ^^ that _is_ the latest stable.14:38
t750.1.0 != 5114:38
t7am i wrong?14:38
RedPenguinThat reminds me, Firefox works mostly awesome but things go wonky when I try and use streaming video14:38
ducasset7: see above - 51.0.114:39
tatertotsRedPenguin: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit14:39
tatertotsRedPenguin: in terminal>    inxi -Fxxrzc0|pastebinit14:40
t7ducasse: sorry!14:40
tatertotsRedPenguin: press enter              share url/link here14:40
RedPenguinthat's neat, an auto paster14:40
ducasset7: just run updates. if your mirror does not have it yet just wait a few hours.14:41
tomreynRedPenguin: i understand that it was less of an inssue in the past (on the same ubuntu version?). still, this CPU dates back to 2008, and is ~5% as powerful as the currently fastest intel desktop cpu.14:41
=== root is now known as Guest67756
tomreyn(10% of a current mid-range CPU)14:42
RedPenguinI think the video card probably isn't helping me much, doesn't seem to have vpdau14:43
RedPenguinI tried putting in a better card but the PC was having a hard time seeing it for some reason14:43
tatertotsRedPenguin: is the system local to you, or is it at a remote location?14:44
tatertotsRedPenguin: hmmm inxi suggests xserver isn't running or you ran the inxi command "out of x'14:44
tatertotsRedPenguin: in terminal>    xrandr|pastebinit14:45
tatertotsRedPenguin: press enter              share url/link here14:45
tatertotsRedPenguin: do you have a url/link to post?....or did you get error?14:46
RedPenguinI ran it at first via SSH but this time ran it from inside the PC itself14:46
tatertotsRedPenguin: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|pastebinit14:47
tatertotsRedPenguin: press enter              share url/link here14:47
otywas the spyware fonction (giving search keywords to amazone) removed from ubuntu ? Or disabled by default ? What about it today ?14:47
ducasseoty: disabled by default >14.0414:48
otyThanks ducasse14:49
ducasseoty: plus never there at all in the various flavors, only in unity (afaik)14:50
tatertotsRedPenguin: inxi -Gx|pastebinit14:50
otygreat ! Thank for the precision, I did think about that, didn't guessed someone would have an answer. x)14:51
tatertotsRedPenguin: journalctl -p 4|pastebinit14:53
tatertotsRedPenguin: press enter              share url/link here14:54
tatertotsRedPenguin: journalctl -p 3|pastebinit14:57
tatertotsRedPenguin: press enter              share url/link here14:57
tatertotsRedPenguin: ok well you should probably fix myth, its complaining pretty loudly15:03
tatertotsRedPenguin: also that old crt isn't providing edid data15:04
RedPenguinthat's VGA into an LCD TV15:04
tatertotsRedPenguin: you should also check all disk drives for errors15:04
RedPenguinI thought maybe it was MythTV but I did check the backend to see if anything looked odd15:04
RedPenguinMythTV was having a tough time recording a 1080p online stream15:04
tatertotsRedPenguin:  Either the server is down or the master server settings in mythtv-settings does not contain the proper IP address15:06
kang00What's equivalent of bcdedit for Linux15:09
ducassekang00: efibootmgr15:09
RedPenguinI should say it was recording the stream but after say 3 min it recorded it with errors in the video15:09
RedPenguinI tested the stream on my quad-core laptop and it recorded the stream fine]15:10
MarkB2This is such a complicated question that I'm not sure where to begin.  My computer has two drives and uses Lilo to dual-boot between Windows and Slackware 32-bit Linux.  Now I need to add a third drive to boot Ubuntu 64-bit Linux.  Ubuntu uses grub2 and to make all this line up properly, I think I need to know how ubuntu "counts" disk partitions.15:10
bekksMarkB2: It starts counting at 0.15:11
Dworftomreyn: got it work installing some packages15:12
Dworftho now need to modify code cause php7 dont support anymore mysql_connect etc =015:12
MarkB2bekks: See what I mean about a complicated question?  If I need to tweak Lilo or grub2 to boot the desired OS, I need to set root to the "correct" place.  This, I think, will also require changing /etc/fstab in ubuntu to get the partition assignments correct.15:13
bekksMarkB2: No, I dont see whats complicated at that point.15:13
bekksMarkB2: your first disk is sda, your second is sdb, etc.15:14
bekksSo your third disk is sdc. All these map to hd0 => sda, hd1 => sdb, etc., in grub.15:14
MarkB2The ubuntu linux is on an external USB-connected drive.  That ..might.. map to /dev/sdc.  This computers BIOS allows me to select which device to boot at start.  From there, I can get into grub2's OS selection menu.  And I can get to a prompt.  Can grub2 "tell me" the list of devices it found?15:17
bekksMarkB2: In case you change drive order in BIOS, still the first detected drive is sda => hd0, etc.15:18
bekksAnd there is no point in changing your BIOS, since you can do all that from within your preferred bootloader on the first disk.15:19
tatertotsRedPenguin: an 28 09:42:09 TV-MythTV smartd[812]: Device: /dev/sda [SAT], 2 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors15:19
bekksMarkB2: In addition, Ubuntu ships with grub by default, but you can use lilo, without grub, for booting it.15:19
MarkB2Lilo (the preferred boot loader) has one disgusting flaw: if a specified drive isn't detected, the fool thing goes into a spewing rant, outputting "L0" all over the displays.15:20
bekksMarkB2: So dont use it then?15:20
MarkB2Nominally I'd agree.  That means I need to find the UUID for all the physical drives that are attached for grub2 for its mapping.  Which is why I asked, "Can grub2 tell me what it found?"15:21
bekkssudo blkid; done.15:22
Scoop7it's a long shot, but maybe anyone knows a lot about wget? And could give me some pointers on one q.15:22
* MarkB2 runs to grab a pencil & paper .. should have had that at hand..15:23
=== Evan is now known as Guest6298
bekksMarkB2: and from the grub prompt: ls -l15:23
MarkB2Alright.. I think I see what to do.  Get into grub2 at boot, get a grub> prompt, issue "ls -l" and get the list of identifiers.  THen starts more fun.15:26
MarkB2It won't boot ubuntu the way it is now... because the stuff in /etc/fstab isn't set properly.15:27
MarkB2But I can get into ubuntu.. or boot slackware and mount the ubuntu root partition.15:27
MarkB2What I should probably do is use UUIDs in fstab so I don't have to worry about which drive is doing what.15:28
bekksMarkB2: Thats what UUID are for.15:28
squeakytoywould linux.sh be worth something to sell? :|15:28
MarkB2bekks; <heh> True, I suppose.  I'm a little old-school.. started with CP/M-80, went through various incarnations of DOS, then found myself messing with Windows then Linux.15:29
MarkB2So I'm used to working with primary partition tables.15:29
bekksMarkB2: Me too. all I need is sdX1 for /boot and sdX2 for a LVM PV. :P15:30
MarkB2This hardware isn't robust enough to run virtual machines (which is what I think you meant by "LVM"?).15:30
bekksMarkB2: LVM hast nothing to do with virtual machines, since LVM is the Logical Volume Manager.15:31
MarkB2I'm just as happy it's got a 64-bit processor.15:31
MarkB2bekks: Thank you.  I assumed wrongly.15:31
MarkB2Alright.. now starts the fun.  I am so tired of plugging and unplugging SATA cables so as not to contaminate something else.15:32
MarkB2Thanks again.15:33
jeblairhi, i just updated firefox to 51.0.1+build2-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 and it isn't rendering anything to the page area of the window (but otherwise seems to be working -- it downloads files and menus, etc, work fine).  i've observed this on two machines.  has anyone else seen this?15:39
=== Spontex is now known as Guest67696
RedPenguintatertots: checking in the MythTV room for those errors, I have everything configed for the correct IP (LAN IP) so not sure why it's erroring with but gonna look more into the HD issue checked it not too long ago and it seemed to not have bad sectors15:55
wookhas anyone else been having firefox memory usage issues the last week or 2?15:57
wookit's getting to the point where firefox is getting nearly unusable, especially all the javascript errors15:57
RedPenguinsmartctl is reporting no bad sectors but prob best to run badblocks or something15:58
ducasseRedPenguin: run a long smart test with smartctl16:02
RedPenguinyea was thinking that, badblocks wants an unmounted FS which is sort of hard when it's your root drive16:03
ducasseRedPenguin: if a long smart test is ok and you're not seeing errors in dmesg you are probably fine. for now. that is the beautiful thing about drives, you often don't know they're failing until it's too late :)16:07
RedPenguinYep that's why I like my backups so much, I've had non-important drives dead when I wake up before lol16:08
RedPenguinWhen you are still slightly tired is a great time to find a dead drive16:09
RedPenguinbut mainly trying to figure out why it's saying "2 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors"16:10
RedPenguinat least switching back to Firefox vs Chrome seems to make the PC way more responsive16:11
BlueSharkI have 8 GB RAM, but PC is kinda very slow. Why's that?16:12
BlueSharkRunning Ubuntu 16.1016:12
sirvvery slow ? maybe harddrive us slow16:13
sirvwhat cpu u have16:13
RedPenguinAMD Athlon 64 x2 4000+16:13
RedPenguinoh nvm asking soembody else16:14
sirvi think that is the problem16:14
sirvslow CPU16:14
wookhas firefox stepped up their CPU usage in the last few weeks?16:14
wookit's sure seemed like it16:14
BlueSharksirv: what do you mean CPU?16:15
BlueSharkIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz16:15
compdocx2 4000+ is very slow16:15
compdocits several generations of cpus old16:16
BlueSharkcompdoc: mine?16:16
compdocthe Athlon 64 x2 4000+16:17
jeblairi found a bug report and (temporary) solution to my firefox problem (does not render any webpages): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/165992216:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1659922 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Firefox 51.0.1 после обновления в Ubuntu 16.04 x32 не отображает содержимое сайтов" [Critical,Incomplete]16:17
jeblairthe problem seems to be related to apparmor16:18
jeblairthe bug report was in russion.  according to google translate, it matches the symptoms.16:18
jeblairi added an english translation to the description... maybe i should update the title?16:18
ducasseBlueShark: are you running lots of stuff at the same time?16:19
sirvhe is compiling android custom rom images in the background16:20
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
sirvcompdoc > run 'top'16:22
compdocits not me16:22
sirvand who ?16:23
sirvblueshark > run 'top'16:23
erreerehow to change size of icons and text of the Menu ? Is it possible ?16:25
sirvwhich menu ?16:25
erreerethe menu to launch apps, when we click on the task bar16:25
erreereThe "K" like the start button16:25
erreereunder KDE16:25
sirvok that i dont know, i use unity16:26
balictrebasm pomoć16:26
ducasseerreere: try #kubuntu16:26
jak2000hi cant16:26
balictrebam pomoć oko wine16:26
BlueSharksirv: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23881353/16:27
Tahr-Poophey i'm unable to lock ubuntu 16.10, pressing super+l just blackens the screen with white cursor... after moving the cursor it returns to normal state16:27
noimnotninevoltbalic needs help with wine. in croatian.16:27
jak2000hi, cant install curl, i get a error: "update-rc.d: error: insserv rejected the script header" and "dpkg: error processing package udev (--configure):" any advice how to fix?16:28
ducasseBlueShark: pastebin output of 'free -m'16:28
ducasseBlueShark: ok, so you're not swapping. can you define "slow"? _what_ is slow?16:30
BlueSharkducasse: chrome is often slow. it hangs when I have like more than 10 tabs.16:30
ducasseBlueShark: how many tabs were open when you got the 'free' output?16:31
noimnotninevoltwas chrome running slow at that time?16:33
ducasseBlueShark: you still have plenty of free memory, might be a graphics driver thing.16:33
BlueSharknoimnotninevolt: yes16:34
BlueSharkducasse: how to check?16:34
noimnotninevoltthen it's not lack of memory that's slowing things down.16:34
ducasseBlueShark: what driver are you using?16:35
BlueSharkducasse: you mean if I have installed additional graphics drivers?16:36
ducasseBlueShark: can you pastebin ouput of 'lspci -k'?16:36
=== scriffty is now known as scruff66
s7rawm4nanyone here knowledgable on cron jobs?16:39
=== Guest72888 is now known as himcesjf
erreereI see dnsmasq is installed by default. On my other distribution, I used dnsmasq ( installed by myself + some configurations for my private use). Is it possible now with the dnsmasq of  ubuntu ? Where i have to set my config ? Or maybe it's better to uninstall and install again ?16:41
s7rawm4nso for some reason my root cron job isn't running. It's basically a auto shutdown, but It appears it's never run, at least when I grep through the /var/log/syslog file It only shows the edits to my crontab, but never a run16:41
s7rawm4nI've set the script to executable as well.16:42
s7rawm4nany ideas?16:43
noimnotninevolti wouldn't use cron for that, personally..16:43
s7rawm4nwhat would you suggest, I'm using ubuntu server so I don't have a gui.16:43
noimnotninevoltcan you pastebin your crontab?16:44
s7rawm4nsure that's just "command" | pastebin correct?16:44
ducasses7rawm4n: ^^16:45
BlueSharkducasse: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23881450/16:47
ducasses7rawm4n: we need to see the script as well16:47
s7rawm4nI wondered.16:48
noimnotninevoltnot sure what you're not just doing `/sbin/shutdown -h now` but okay16:48
BlueSharks7rawm4n: shutdown now is a valid command? Don't you need -h?16:50
noimnotninevoltalso, you shouldn't need to sudo in a script.16:50
s7rawm4nBlueShark: you are correct16:51
BlueSharkducasse: does it matter if I don't have nvidia drivers installed?16:51
ducasseBlueShark: ok, you have a hybrid gpu set up with both nvidia and intel, i've never seen those so someone else should help you. i'm assuming you need either bumblebee or prime and the nvidia binary driver.16:51
BlueSharkinstalling driver helps speed?16:52
ducasseBlueShark: the nvidia driver is much faster, offloads more to hardware.16:52
s7rawm4nnoimnotninevolt: I'm setting up so I have a auto shutdown at night, and reboot in the morning.16:53
ducasseBlueShark: but as i said, i'm not familiar with these hybrid laptops.16:53
s7rawm4nit's a home server, so I don't really need it running all the time.16:53
rileif only nvdia drivers work ....i did fresh instal maybe 20 times . never wake ...up .16:53
noimnotninevolti know nothing about auto-startup, but i do know you shouldn't need to sudo in a script that's running as root :P16:54
Tahr-Pooperreere, are you asking location of dnsmasq config file?16:54
s7rawm4nya. It was a shot in the dark. I knew that.16:54
ducasses7rawm4n: also, it strikes me that a systemd timer unit might be a better choice than cron for this.16:55
BlueSharkducasse: in usual cases though, installing graphic drivers help?16:56
noimnotninevolti would just have a `ined #ubuntu16:56
noimnotninevolt16:55 -!- HoppingMadMan is "realname" on #ubuntu16:56
noimnotninevoltwoops, wrong paste.16:56
ducasseBlueShark: only answer to that is "it depends"16:56
noimnotninevolti wouldn't just have a `sudo shutdown -h 23:45` on boot.16:57
noimnotninevolti _would_. too early to type :P16:57
erreereTahr-Poop: exactly. I was used to install myself and configure it with a /etc/dnsmasq.conf but on my ubuntu, dnsmasq  is running without this file... I can only find a /etc/dnsmasq.d/network-manager16:58
noimnotninevoltactually, your crontab has it running at 09:33 m-f? is that right?16:59
s7rawm4nthat was a trial run yes.16:59
s7rawm4n^^ and no. It should be every day, not jsut week days.16:59
ducasseerreere: iirc the full dnsmasq package is not installed, just a subset16:59
noimnotninevolt1-5 is mon-fri16:59
s7rawm4ngotcha. that's what I get from following a tutorial, that doesn't explain a thing. * would be all days yes17:00
noimnotninevoltso if you add -h to shutdown in your script, it should work. and by work, i mean shut your box down at 09:33 mon-fri.17:00
erreereducasse: strange17:01
Tahr-Pooperreere, you need to install dnsmasq17:02
Tahr-Pooperreere, iirc they started using dnsmasq-base+networkmanager from 16.0417:03
erreereok yes I saw. It's dnsmasq-base installed. And an apt show dnsmasq-base gave me explanation17:04
erreerethks to u both17:04
poopieI am using a real old version of LTS. How do I see what version I am using?17:10
BluesKajpoopie, lsb_release -a17:10
poopieBluesKaj, thx that worked17:11
BluesKajwhich LTS ?17:11
RedPenguinInteresting, after telling it to run a long smart test, it's saying +1 worrying sector17:11
RedPenguinbut it seems the PC is less laggy as the test goes on17:12
MonkeyDustpoopie  what's the outcome of   cat /etc/issue17:12
ducasseRedPenguin: ok, so the disk should be replaced17:12
poopieUbuntu 14.04.5 LTS \n \l17:13
poopieSo I probably should upgrade?17:13
BluesKaj!trusty | poopie17:13
ubottupoopie: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes17:13
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1)17:13
RedPenguinoddly I only bought the drive 7/2015 but at least it should still be under warranty17:14
ducasseRedPenguin: brand?17:14
Tahr-Poophey i'm unable to lock ubuntu 16.10, pressing super+l just blackens the screen with white cursor... after moving the cursor it returns to normal state17:15
BluesKajRedPenguin, I had a WD 1TB hdd die after 18mos17:15
ducasseRedPenguin: *shrug* this happens, they're mechanical after all.17:15
ioriaTahr-Poop, try   ctrl+alt+l17:16
RedPenguinthe long test doesn't appear to be over yet so smartctl seems to show no bad sectors at all17:16
Tahr-Poopioria, same issue i also tried light-locker17:17
ducasseRedPenguin: ok, let it finish - it will take a while.17:17
ioriaTahr-Poop, check   unity-control-center keyboard shortcuts System17:17
Tahr-Poopioria, lock screen is set to ctrl+alt+l17:18
ioriaTahr-Poop, gnome-screensaver-command -l17:19
Tahr-Poopioria, it turns off display after running that commands but when i move my cursor it returns to normal state and screen starts to flicker for about 2 sec like it does when we turn on crt display17:21
ioriaTahr-Poop, this is a standard ubuntu install ?17:22
RedPenguindoesn't look too good it says "Extended Offline" "Completed 90% Read Failure"17:22
Tahr-Poopioria, yes, it used to work before17:23
ioriaTahr-Poop,  'before what ' ?  can you tell ?17:24
Tahr-Poopioria, day before yesterday i upgraded vaapi,snapd and ubuntu-core-launcher17:26
=== timBSD is now known as timy
ioriaTahr-Poop,  and does it works on timeout ?17:26
ioriaTahr-Poop,  maybe disabled password ?17:27
Tahr-Poopioria, im using password for login17:28
=== timy is now known as timyp
ioriaTahr-Poop,  for the locker i mean17:28
Tahr-Poopioria, journalctl log it always generate first three line whenever i try to lock the screen https://paste.ubuntu.com/23881735/17:29
swaglolI AM BACK after one years, Hallo facebook!!!17:30
Tahr-Poopioria, sorry i coudnt understand your question what do you mean by timeout?17:30
krautswaglol, this is not facebook, you are on StudiVZ17:30
ioriaTahr-Poop,  the locker usually is set automatic (after 5 minutes, for example)17:31
ioriaTahr-Poop,  systemsettings -> brightness & lock17:31
swaglolhahah sorry17:31
Tahr-Poopioria, lock toggle is unelectable17:33
olta8Um, hello?17:33
Tahr-Poophi olta817:34
olta8I am a noob to this os17:34
=== Arab_Aspie is now known as Goddess
ioriaTahr-Poop,  this, in your log, can be related to your issue 'failed to turn the kbd backlight off''17:35
MonkeyDustTakoNymus14  ask your ubuntu question17:36
TakoNymus14Im sper noo and i want to delet a partiotion17:36
TakoNymus14how can i do it?17:36
MonkeyDustTakoNymus14  boot a live usb/dvd ... run gparted17:37
MonkeyDustTakoNymus14  backup first17:37
xRob_Yo guys17:37
TakoNymus14thanks, you help me17:37
xRob_I'm playing a game where I need to use alt as a keybind, but on Ubuntu, it moves the entire window. How would I change this?17:37
ioriaTahr-Poop,  try to install  unity-tweak-tool17:38
xRob_Is that for me?17:39
=== Goddess is now known as Arab_Aspie
Tahr-Poopioria, installed it17:40
ioriaTahr-Poop,  go to System (at bottom) -> Security17:40
amicrawlerneed help with is chip set Realtek ALC269VB17:40
Tahr-Poopioria, thanks for helping desktop lock was ticked17:41
amicrawlerits on a potiplex 980 dell17:41
Tahr-Poopnow its working again17:41
amicrawleronborad audio17:41
ioriaTahr-Poop,  good job17:41
amicrawlercan this chip set do stereo17:42
amicrawlerubuntu 14.05 is my rev17:42
amicrawlerit said its mono17:42
pavanhi anyone working with IBM BlueMIx Cloude with IOT platform17:42
amicrawleris this true or is this it17:42
MonkeyDustamicrawler  don't hit enter too often17:43
amicrawlerim not spaming17:43
MonkeyDustamicrawler  no, but it's easier to follow and repeat, if you put it all in one line17:44
amicrawleri c ok17:44
jinxi1spell check in Writer is not working.17:49
jinxi1Only english spellcheck works.17:49
MonkeyDustjinxi1  i guess that question is fo #libreoffice17:51
markus_e92Hi all, if I want to mount a nfs volume (root@ubuntu-client:~# mount -t nfs4 -o sec=krb5 ubuntu-server.home:/daten /daten), I get the error mount.nfs4: Operation not permitted. Does anyone know what could be wrong?17:54
=== timpro_ is now known as timy
SITMis there a tool like smartmontools (smartctl) that works with nvme ssd drives like the Samsung 960 EVO ?18:02
tatertotsmarkus_e92: you know the ip addy of the nfs correct?18:02
SITMI am trying to get smart info on the drive18:02
markus_e92tatertos: yes, nfs volumes without krb5 work18:03
Tahr-PoopSITM, whats wrong with smartctl? it support nvme ssd's18:08
tatertotsmarkus_e92: looks like you'll need to debug/trouble shoot your krb5 then don't you think18:08
SITMTahr-Poop, it doesn't work with the Samsung 960 Pro18:09
SITMI just get "/dev/nvme0n1: Unable to detect device type18:09
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
Tahr-PoopSITM, try this -> https://github.com/linux-nvme/nvme-cli18:11
SITMok, I'll give that a whirl18:11
ducasseSITM: ubuntu version?18:16
SITMthanks Tahr-Poop this is a lot better18:16
SITMUbuntu 16.04LTS18:16
SITMthe nvme-cli seems to work well18:16
SITMI just had to install uuid-dev to get it to build18:16
tatertotsnvme-cli should be available in the ubuntu repositories18:18
tatertotswhich would auto take care of any dependency18:18
tatertotsbut you already have it now so ...kinda water under the bridge18:19
SITMgood to know for the future though18:19
SITM430,000 4k random IOPS ... wow18:21
SITMthis really is the future18:21
Tokkeoops ignore18:25
raspi_noobhello all, anyone know where I can find useful info regarding raspberry pi?18:28
ducasse!alis | raspi_noob18:28
ubotturaspi_noob: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:28
raspi_noobother than the raspberrypi.org site18:29
tambuHey guys, upgraded to 16.04 and tried installing the nvidia proprietary drivers, but on reboot I get the graphical login and when I logged in I got the nvidia logo then flicker flicker and back at login page. So I uninstalled the nvidia drivers, and reinstalled the xorg-nouvea but now it doesn't appear to load even the login page. Is there a good place to check for log errors?18:30
ducassetambu: how did you install the nvidia driver?18:31
tambuducasse NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-358.16.run18:31
tambuit's old I know.. I installed awhile back and the login problem but as it's mostly just a server I didn't bother trying to fix until now :P18:31
ducassetambu: yeah, that's likely to break things. you should have used the repos.18:32
tambuI was thinking I should try and.. get just "default video" to work and then try the repos18:32
tambuis there a good way to just wipe and reinstall xorg from scratch?18:33
tambuducasse: this is what I tried to get where I am. sudo apt-get --reinstall install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau18:33
Bashing-omtambu: Find the .run file for the uninstall operation: - sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*" - .18:33
ducassetambu: it has probably blacklisted nouveau - check the files under /etc/modprobe.d18:34
tambuBashing-om: Sorry I should have mentioned I did already use the --uninstall option on that.. it partially worked but did note some errors about missing files, if I run the installer again now it says No Nvidia driver found18:34
tambuducasse: yes.. I see several mentions of blacklists. http://pastebin.com/rp0QrdSt18:35
FrogCastwhat is a Makefile.linux?18:36
ducassetambu: see if one of them blacklists nouveau18:36
Bashing-omtambu: ducasse This then may get complicated . What is presently installed ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?18:36
ducassetambu: nvidia-352_hybrid.conf - move it.18:37
tambuBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/Hiv6X7zT18:37
tambuducasse: I've moved the file to my HOME, is there a way to "force the Xorg" to restart I waas rebooting but as this is my server I will loose internet18:38
moultonlwns these doesn't exit on cright?18:38
ducassetambu: sudo systemctl restart lightdm18:38
ducassetambu: but you may need to reboot18:38
tambuducasse: well the screen it's flashing displaying so it's trying to load but now it seems to be stuck in a loop18:39
moultonlBah-- That didn't come out right. I've got two boxes on a sales counter, cleft and cright. On cleft, ran sshfs cright@cright:/home/cright/cleft /remote18:39
tambuducasse should I also remove the blacklist-nouveau file?18:39
moultonland now I'm running, on cleft,  rsync -avz /home/cleft /remote18:39
moultonlBut getting some errors. Is that becuase the cleft group on cleft doesn't exist on cright?18:40
ducassetambu: yes18:40
Bashing-omtambu: ducasse clean things up from the 'rc' state ? maybe run ' dpkg --list |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge ' paying attention to what is to be purged .18:40
tambuBashing-om: thanks i will try that, plus ducasse I will reboot as well it will disconnect me for a minute or so. Thank you for the help :)18:40
moultonlI'm getting a buch of permission denied, then some goes, then it hangs18:41
tambuBashing-om: hrm actually that appears to want to purge an awful lot includeint my linux-image-extra files.. perhaps I should just purge the nvidia-* ones?18:41
tambuBashing-om: did you perhaps mean to use this command instead: dpkg --list|grep -i nvidia |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 318:42
raspi_noobI'm very new to IRC. How do I obtain a list of channels?18:42
k1lraspi_noob: use alis:18:43
k1l!alis | raspi_noob18:43
ubotturaspi_noob: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:43
ducassetambu: there might be residuals from other packages too, no harm in killing them. rc = residual config18:43
Bashing-omtambu: I rarely have seen dpkg make a mistake in what it will remove . But it so pay to err on the side of caution .18:43
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:44
k1lraspi_noob: read the bots message (ubottu)18:44
tambuBashing-om: my apologies I see now the rc^ was grabbing only nvidia packages.. ok well Tally Ho! .. hopefully I'll survive18:45
k1lraspi_noob: and there is #raspberrypi channel18:45
Bashing-omtambu: K; clear the clutter so we see the forrest for the tree .18:46
tambuBashing-om:  oooh very nice Bashing, I did that and did a systemctl restart lightdm that ducasse suggested and I have the loging.. it's in like 800x600 or something stupid but this is a big improvement18:46
tambuducasse Bashing-om: Should I try the nvidia repo method u mentioned. lemme google for a page18:47
ducasse!nvidia | tambu18:47
ubottutambu: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing »18:47
k1lwhat card is it?18:48
tambuchuckle.. actually just tried to login via the graphic login and now it's as soon as I login I see a message box "system program problem detected" and it resets back to the login screen18:48
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Bashing-omtambu: ducasse As k1l advises I too thionk we need to know the hardware we are targetting . what shows ' sudo lshw -C display ' ?18:51
k1lbecause if its not a 1000 nvidia card, the very new ones. the official repo nvidia drivers should be handling that quite well.18:51
tambuBashing-om ducasse k1l Sorry guys should have said Nvidia 580M -- I'm doing an apt-get install nvidia-367 at the moment18:51
k1lfirst make sure to remove all of that manual nvidia stuff so its not making any more issues18:52
Bashing-omtambu: Might be best to make sure of a clean slate ' sudo apt purge nvidia ' .18:52
tambuk1l: I think Bashing-om dpkg --purge command did that for me.18:52
k1lsudo apt purge nvidia*18:53
ducassetambu: that was only for rc packages iirc18:53
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tambuBashing-om ducasse k1l Ok after the nvidia-367 (yes Bashing I did a apt-get purge on nvidia) I restarted lightdm and the graphical login page loaded and is in a normal resolution. Let me try a login.18:53
Bashing-omtambu: That ^ command only removes config files that dpkg thinks it is safe to remove .18:53
tambuBashing-om ducasse k1l Ok so now I can login and I get a desktop background but there .. I don't have any menus or bars or anything I'd expect to see it's like only the desktop loaded :) much improved though thanks guys18:56
Bashing-omtambu: 367 vrsion "should" work ; See http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us . nVidia shows several alternatives .18:56
k1ltambu: i suggest a reboot. the on reboot see if things change. try the guest account or another user to login, too, to see if its a user issue or a system wide issue18:57
tambuk1l excellent idea. ok I will reboot try a different user login. I'll disconnect for a minute or so.18:57
tambuk1l It appears the reboot didn't do much when i login as my normal user it has the same result just desktop, but another user.. I get the normal desktop, menu bar and the sidebar thing.. so clearly there is something in my user profile it doesn't like19:01
tambuk1l I don't really have anything I care about in my user settings, so if there is a way to reset to defaults for Xwindows for the user I could try that19:02
ioriatambu, check   cat ~/.xsession-errors  or you might backup .config and .compiz folders19:03
tambuioria: http://pastebin.com/s5efAb35 for xsession-errors19:04
k1ltambu: rename the .config folder in your users home. that should make it work agan19:04
tambuk1l: did a mv .config .old_config and then logged in again.. still have desktop but this time I got a "software update" notification box..19:05
tambuis there a hot-key to log out of Xwindows? the only way I know to get out is to restart lightdm and I'm not sure that is logging me out19:06
k1ldoes the desktop work now?19:06
tambuk1l no it's still just desktop, no menubar or sidebar unusable.19:07
ioriatambu, gnome-session-quit  works ?19:08
k1ltambu: try a "cd .cache && mv configcompiz-1 configcompiz-1_oops"  then relogin19:08
tambuioria it doesn't from a remote ssh session, i did a rightclick open termin and ran it there but nothing happened19:09
Bashing-omtambu: ^ or maybe like ' gnome-session-quit --logout ' ?? Mind ya I am not unity savvy .19:10
tambuk1l Woot.. the move of the .configcompiz-1 folder worked.. I now appear to have a normal desktop19:10
k1l"gnome-session-quit --no-prompt" should work for log out19:10
tambuBashing-om: ioria  ducasse  k1l Thank you everyone for the help this was awesome!! :)19:11
ioriatambu,  good19:11
tambuBashing-om I can't say I love unity much either it seems to friendly to me.. just need something working. what are the other popular options if I can ask?19:11
k1ltambu: there is gnome3-shell, xubuntu(xfce), kubuntu(kde), lubuntu(lxde), mate, cinnamon, budgie, a bunch of tiling wms,...19:12
Bashing-omtambu: I must confess I am partial to xfce4 .19:12
tambuBashing-om Chuckle nothing wrong with that.. :)19:13
ioriatambu,  can you reboot and paste again xsession-errors ?19:15
tambuioria: the only one I'm getting is openConnection: connect No such file or directory // cannot connect to brltty at :0 it doesn't appear to be a problem though. not sure what it is19:18
ioriatambu,  do you have some files in your  ~ owned by root ? find ~/ -not -user $USER19:19
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tambuioria I did have some hidden files owned by root.. I did a chown -r tambu:tambu /home/tambu but the error in .xsession-errors still persists19:22
raj_iiitgI want contribute into your Gsoc project19:23
ioriatambu,  .. is /home  don't touch it :þ19:23
DJonesraj_iiitg: You probably want to join their channel first19:24
tambuioria lol I forgot about that u are right.. i just chown'd it. I assume it's root:root normally?19:24
ioriatambu,  yes19:24
raj_iiitgDjones : what is the channel name19:25
tambuwhat is openConnection and britty?19:25
raj_iiitgHere Did anyone participated in Gsoc?19:26
kang00What's gsoc19:26
raj_iiitgif anyone did just let me know19:26
raj_iiitgGoogle Summer Of Code program19:26
DJonesraj_iiitg: I don't know, you listed #drupal-support, maybe try "/join #drupal-support" that may get you where you want to gp19:27
ioriatambu,  can you paste sudo lshw -c Video19:27
raj_iiitgOk Thanks Djones19:27
tambuioria: http://pastebin.com/Tr3iuprf19:28
ioriatambu,  you reinstalled nvidia ?19:28
tambuioria yes via the repos it is working nicely from what I can see.. well based on the resolution anyway19:28
HanumaanWas trying to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 through Teamviewer went to great extent I suppose and then send aborting ... and completed with some errors. .. If I reboot will it go to 16.04 or 14.04? how to know upgrade status?19:29
ioriatambu,  i see ... it'a a laptop ?19:29
tambuioria yes19:29
ioriatambu,  i don't see intel ...19:29
ioriatambu,  hybrid system ?19:30
ducassetambu: brltty is a braille thingy, i assume you don't need that.19:30
raj_iiitgHey,My libreoffice impress just showing on slite19:31
tambuioria hybrid?19:31
ioriatambu,  intel / nvidia19:31
tambuducasse: hopefully I won't ever need that.. .. how exactly does Braille work on a laptop19:31
tambuioria possibly not sure19:31
ioriatambu,  ok,   uname -r19:32
tambuioria 4.4.0-59-generic19:32
raj_iiitgHey,please anyone solve this19:32
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ducassetambu: it's for braille displays19:32
ioriatambu,  ok19:32
tambuducasse ah ok that makes sense19:32
k1lraj_iiitg: this channel is for ubuntu support.19:32
raj_iiitgk1l: i want help about ubuntu19:33
raj_iiitgUbuntu LibreOffice Impress reader19:34
kang00Which Linux distribution use Windows bootloader?19:35
DJoneskang00: None19:35
k1lkang00: none. ubuntu ships grub as bootloader which can boot windows, too19:35
raj_iiitgI am using ubuntu 16.0419:35
DJoneskang00: Ubuntu uses Grub19:35
tambuioria: I found this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brltty/+bug/1579531  ... I think it's just a harmless issues I'm gonna ignore it it's not causing any issues I can see19:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1579531 in brltty (Ubuntu) "xbrlapi debugging message spamming .xsession-errors; please silence it." [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:36
k1lraj_iiitg: what issue do you have?19:37
ioriatambu,  sure19:37
tambuioria Thank u though for taking the time :)19:37
ioriatambu,  no problem, any time19:37
junke1990hey guys19:37
junke1990anyone got a sec to help me out with a disk issue?19:37
raj_iiitgk1l: my LibreOffice impress does not showing next slide19:37
k1lraj_iiitg: is there a slide after that one?19:38
junke1990my 3TB external drive doesn't work when connected via SATA directly on ubuntu 16.04 but does work and has been working for quite some time on ubuntu 14.04 via USB19:38
tatertotsjunke1990: is the drive connected to the system you are chatting on right now?19:39
junke1990on this system I can see the drive, even with cfidsk19:40
junke1990without any problem but on my other system I get an error19:40
junke1990"The size of this disk is 2,7 TiB (3000559428096 bytes). DOS partition table format can not be used on drives for volumes larger than 2199023255040 bytes for 512-byte sectors. Use GUID partition table format (GPT)."19:40
tatertotsjunke1990: is it connected via sata on ubuntu 16.x?19:40
raj_iiitgk1l: actually when i start from first slide i not goes to nest slide19:40
junke1990tatertots: yes on the other one it is, current on this one it is connected via USB19:40
tatertotsjunke1990: might help to actually trouble shoot the effected system with the drive in it19:41
junke1990I did notice that the drive didn't get a UUID  for the patition that is on there19:42
tatertotsjunke1990: trouble shoot the problematic system, then come here using the problematic system to investigate further19:43
junke1990tatertots: what do I troubleshoot?19:44
junke1990what do I look for?19:44
tatertotsjunke1990: you don't just reproduce the issue while chatting here.......19:44
tatertotsjunke1990: nevermind19:45
junke1990My question is, what do I do to troubleshoot? fdisk and cfdisk error out19:45
junke1990and don't show the partition19:45
k1lraj_iiitg: i cant understand if that is a program issue or a user issue, to be honest19:45
ducassejunke1990: it is now connected to a box with 14.04 via usb?19:46
tatertotsjunke1990: there's nothing to trouble shoot now, you have placed the drive in a system in which there is no problem...nothing to do19:46
fenix_peregrinoHellow guys, I just bouthg the sapphire r7 240 and I as wondering if someone could help to install the drivers19:46
junke1990ducasse: yes, but when I put in in the 16.04 via sata it bugs out19:46
raj_iiitgk1l: its ok19:46
junke1990building it back in atm19:47
ducassejunke1990: with the message above, yes. the problem is that the drive has 512 byte physical sectors, but over usb these are probably mapped to 4096.19:47
excelsioraso does Ubuntu run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade daily?19:47
junke1990ducasse: that would suck big time19:48
k1lexcelsiora: no, ubuntu doesnt run it at all. the gui updater got a routine to check for updates19:48
excelsiorais there something that runs daily that would override a sudo checkinstall?19:48
Bashing-omfenix_peregrino: If you purged the old drivers prior to installing the new card . there is nothing else to do in 16.04+19:49
ducassejunke1990: with 512 byte sectors you need a gpt partition table for that size drive, not true with 4096.19:49
k1lexcelsiora: use apt pinning or apt mark hold to keep packages at one state19:49
junke1990ducasse: crap... I have this issue with 3 3TB drives...19:49
excelsioraok, - so what is it that is overriding my checkinstalled program?19:50
ducassejunke1990: i would probably clean them out, write gpt tables and see if that works better. it should.19:50
junke1990sooo I'll have to copy all the data on it to other drives and reformat the disks19:50
junke1990fuck.... ~ 7.5TB of data19:51
ikoniajunke1990: tone down the language please19:51
kk4ewtjunke1990,  so are those drives in a raid ?19:51
junke1990kk4ewt: nope19:52
junke1990ikonia: my bad, but that term does apply to my current situation :P19:52
excelsiorak1l: aren't user installed programs supposed to be automatically marked by checkinstall?19:53
ducassejunke1990: in theory, gdisk can just convert the table type without data loss, but do you want to chance it without taking a backup?19:53
k1lexcelsiora: i dont really get what the setup is there19:54
junke1990ducasse: no, besides wouldn't that take longer than simply copy paste?19:54
k1lexcelsiora: usually apt wants to install packages with higher version number if there is no different pinning19:54
junke1990ducasse: no, besides wouldn't that take longer than simply copy paste?19:54
junke1990my bad19:54
SynfulAckWhats a toolset i can use to view storage stats like transfer speed?19:55
excelsioraI'm giving it 26.0.50.soemthign19:56
ducassejunke1990: copy/paste kind of is a backup. i've converted tables without data loss before, but i always had recent backups.19:56
ducassejunke1990: conversion itself takes seconds, if that.19:56
Mitchell92Hello. What would be more lightweight? LXDE or XFCE? About to load ubuntu on my ultrabook, and trying to run what would be lightweight for best performance and mainly battery life.19:56
excelsiorak1l: It keeps giving me emacs24 no more than 24 hours later.19:57
junke1990ducasse: really? seconds? for dos to gpt?19:57
k1lexcelsiora: can you show a "apt-cache policy packagename" in a pastebin?19:57
ducassejunke1990: yep, only the actual partition table is rewritten. but as i said, i would not do it with data i couldn't lose and hadn't backed up.19:59
excelsiorak1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23882531/20:00
ducassejunke1990: you run 'gdisk /dev/whatever', it asks if you want to convert. say yes, select write, exit. done.20:00
rifterMitchell92, I am really enjoying using lubuntu. It seems that even though I am using mostly the same programs I was on xubuntu, my performance on this severely resource-constrained machine is loads better. Unfortunately as for yourlxde/xfce question I .. hmm.. I guess I am using LXDE after all so I guess that is probably lighter.20:01
k1lexcelsiora: if you want to keep this state you need to use apt mark hold or apt pinning20:01
rifteryeah .. LXDE, and it *is* lighter20:01
excelsiorak1l: *WHY*?20:02
excelsiorawhy is ubuntu overwriting my emacs?20:02
Mitchell92rifter, machine has resources I just want to maximize battery life and performance, HP Pavilion x360, I have 8GB RAM, a SSD, and a dual core 6th gen i5.20:02
rifterexcelsiora, because when you do apt-get upgrade it updates to t he latest one20:03
Mitchell92i use multiple machines, windows, mac, linux, all depending on the task at hand20:03
zubHi. I wonder what is the state of Ubuntu SDK. With the changes from click to snappy - is the Ubuntu SDK still being worked on?20:03
excelsiora24 is not the latest one.20:03
k1lexcelsiora: look at the pin priority.20:03
k1lexcelsiora: your package has 100, the repo got 50020:03
fenix_peregrinoGuys I have to hard drives and SDD and a HDD. How can I make my system use HDD as an internal storage?20:03
rifterMitchell92, well, anyway the difference is more obvious in my case, then, and lubuntu uses LXDE because it is lighter20:03
excelsioraok, how do I stop that?20:04
rifterexcelsiora, like kil said, use pinning20:04
rifterpinning makes the version of a package stay the same20:04
k1lexcelsiora: again: use apt-mark hold20:04
rifterlisten to kil20:04
excelsioraWhy is the repo setting a higher priority?20:04
excelsiorait's not the version, it's a priority.20:05
Mitchell92thanks rifter , I usually take my macbook off to coffee shops, just thinking it would be nice to mix it up. ultrabook has been sitting in its bag for a while now, was going to do a clean install of windows or load linux up.20:05
ducasseMitchell92: in your case you won't notice much difference between the two, and xfce is more of an integrated environment.20:05
k1lexcelsiora: i answered that.20:05
Mitchell92ahh ok, thanks.20:05
rifterMitchell92, yeah. I am planning on using lubuntu on my monster gaming machine as well, just because it is my general philosophy to use as few resources as possible for the desktop and all so I have more for the stuff I am actually actively using20:06
k1lexcelsiora: look at here fo how to use pinning or in your case apt-mark: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto20:06
ikoniarifter: you understand that no linux distro uses that much resource20:06
rifterducasse, maybe, but the question was which is lighter20:06
ikoniarifter: and you'll probably end up wasting your resources on disk cache20:06
ducasserifter: the difference is so minimal on a system like that he won't ever notice, so go for the better desktop was what i was saying.20:08
rifterikonia, I kind of disagree, but that is relative I guess. "much resource" is a moving target. These days a program that uses 5 GB of disk and 1GB of RAM might be considered "not much resource."  But when you have less than that, it makes a difference20:08
rifterducasse, I know what you're saying, I'm just answering his direct question of which is lighter20:08
ikoniarifter: what program is using a gig of ram ?20:09
junke1990ducasse: any clue about the risks?20:09
ikoniarifter: how much ram does your "monter" machine have ?20:09
rifterthese days, ikonia a web browser can easily use that much or more20:09
Pyro3dIs there any way to view the IP stack processing?20:10
ikoniarifter: no, really,20:10
ikoniarifter: its totally up to you what you do, but it seems silly to not use the resources you have and have it fall back to disk cache20:10
ikoniaPyro3d: "processing"20:10
rifterand you'd probably not think my machine was a monster because it was slightly behind the curve 2 years ago. This one, though, was low end 11 years ago20:10
rifterikonia, what does disk cache have to do with this?20:11
ikoniarifter: if you don't use ram, it gets allocated to disk cache20:11
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ducassejunke1990: yes, i know they exist. can't tell you more than that, other than that i've never had problems. i've only done it a few times, though.20:12
Pyro3dikonia: I'm running ubuntu on a vm, I'm pinging it from the vm host, no response, but I can see the packets ingress on the ethernet interfaces. The packet looks formatted OK, so I don't know where it's getting stuck.20:12
ikoniaPyro3d: how are you monitoring the interface20:13
ikonia(interface on the VM I assume)20:13
Pyro3dikonia: tcpdump at the moment20:13
rifterikonia, okay, but it gets reallocated to stuff you start up, though. And that assumes you have more ram anyhow :)20:13
fenix_peregrinoguys can someone tell me how do recognize my internal HDD drive?20:13
ikoniarifter: yes, you said it was monster, so I assumed you'd have 4+GB of ram, which means you could easy run a full ubuntu install and it would still use ram for cache20:13
ikoniaPyro3d: so that should be enough to see what's going on20:13
junke1990ducasse: "Warning! Secondary partition table overlaps the last partition by20:13
rifterikonia, I think you are misunderstanding. I am saying use less RAM etc for the desktop so you have more ram for other things. That lets you do more with those other things20:13
junke19905 blocks!20:14
ikoniarifter: how much ram does this big machine have ?20:14
junke1990ducasse: if I shrink the partition would that prevent taht?20:14
Pyro3dikonia: Yeah, that's what I thought. I can see the packets come on. The mac addresses are correct, the ips are correct, so I'm stumped as to why the vm isn't responding.20:14
ikoniaPyro3d: can the VM ping out ?20:15
rifterit doesn't matter if I had 100GB of RAM. what I said is still true. And that other machine has 8GB. I think. It's not running right now because it needs a new drive. This machine has less than 1GB available and it meant I couldn't even run two browsers and a chat client at the same time before.20:15
Pyro3dikonia: Yeah, that's the weird thing. Other hosts on the network can reach it fine.20:15
ikoniarifter: yes, you said about the low spec machine, but you then said you'd do the same on the higher spec one20:16
Pyro3dI'm not seeing any mac conflicts on the interfaces, unless there's other interfaces not shown in an ifconfig -a20:16
ikoniaif other hosts can ping it just fine20:16
ikoniaPyro3d: so that suggest somehting like it has no return route to the host that it's being pinged from20:16
rifterit's just a general philosophy. I don't cae about the desktop software, I care about the apps I am actively using. So I make those resources available for the latter. It's why I used FVWM for ages20:16
Pyro3dikonia: the vm host is in the same broadcast domain20:16
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ikoniarifter: you'll miss out on a lot of useful integration stuff, but it's up to you20:16
rifterit's not useful to me20:17
ikoniaPyro3d: broadcast domain ??20:17
ikoniarifter: totally up to you what you do20:17
Pyro3dikonia: network area. /24. etc.20:17
rifterif it was, I would choose to use those resources for that, giving me fewer resources for other things on the machine20:17
ducassejunke1990: probably. i don't remember how much free space there should be at the end, though, but there is a fixed number.20:17
ikoniaPyro3d: do you mean "it's in the same subnet"20:17
Pyro3dikonia: yes.20:18
riftertotally see your point, though ;)20:18
junke1990ducasse: fixed the warning20:18
ikoniaPyro3d: so the is it 2 VM's pinging each other, or is it the host pinging the vm20:18
Pyro3dikonia: host pinging the vm. VM's connection is a bridge to a lagg interface on the host. Packets are coming across that bridge fine, and I can see the packets from the host ingress on the enp interface on the ubuntu vm.20:19
ikoniaPyro3d: what's a "lagg" interface ?20:20
Pyro3dikonia: aggregate link. Cisco calls them port channel, or they used to.20:20
ikoniaPyro3d: LACP link ?20:20
Pyro3dikonia: Yes20:20
ikoniahow did you make an LACP link on a virtual network ?20:21
cybex_hi all, I have plexmediaserver installed. when running "sudo update-rc.d plexmediaserver default" it responds with the help menu, implying an incorrect option. any thoughts on this?20:21
fenix_peregrinoguys I just bought and HDD drive and I want to use it as internal storage devide20:21
fenix_peregrinohow can I do this?20:21
Pyro3dikonia: This is a LACP interface on the physical. The host has a virtual bridge adapter connected to the LACP interface.20:22
ikoniaPyro3d: but it won't use that to talk from host->bm20:22
cybex_fenix_peregrino: you can just plug it in and ...well use it20:22
ikoniaor shouldn't do20:22
ikoniaas it should be not touching the physical interface20:22
ikoniaonly the virtual interface20:22
ducassefenix_peregrino: is it connected yet?20:23
fenix_peregrinoducasse: yes is connected20:23
ikoniaPyro3d: so on the VM is the route back to the host IP a.) set b.) set on the right interface20:23
junke1990ducasse: i don't see the option to convert it20:24
ducassefenix_peregrino: just partition and format it with gparted, then set it to automount with the gnome disk util.20:24
Pyro3dikonia: the route back to the subnet the host belongs to is present and on the correct interface20:24
junke1990ducasse: would that simply be fixed by writing to the disk?20:24
ikoniaPyro3d: so what happens if the VM pings the host20:24
ducassejunke1990: when starting gdisk it should say that's what it's going to do.20:24
liske1How I can use firewalld in ansible in Ubuntu ? Beacause when I install this on server (sudo apt-get install firewalld), then ansible return mi error - "firewalld and its python 2 module are required for this module"20:25
ikonialiske1: ubuntu doesn't use firewalld by default20:25
junke1990ducasse: yes but at the point where I want to write it to the disk it says "About to write GPT data. THIS WILL OVERWRITE EXISTING PARTITIONS!!"20:25
ikonialiske1: I don't think it's integrated into systemd either in ubuntu20:25
junke1990ducasse: this scares me...20:25
Pyro3dikonia: I see icmp replys from the host back on the interface, but the vm isn't recognizing them.20:25
ikoniaPyro3d: the vm isn't recognizing them ?20:26
ikoniaPyro3d: does the vm interface see them20:26
Pyro3dikonia: That's my best guess. And yes.20:26
liske1ikonia: I install this and when I show systemctl status firewalld then return: Active20:26
ducassejunke1990: i can't remember if i got that, sorry. i wouldn't risk it, as i've already said a dozen times.20:26
ikonialiske1: right, thats just s systemd unit20:26
fenix_peregrinoducasse: the thins ithat i did that and didnt work. Probably I did it on an incorrect manner20:26
fenix_peregrinoducasse: what are the steps?20:26
ikoniaPyro3d: Hmmmm, let me have a think for a moment,20:27
liske1ikonia: thanks :)20:27
junke1990ducasse: thanks, I'm going to make a backup and wait for that to finish20:27
fenix_peregrinoducasse: I cant write anything on the disk. I cant create folders, paste files etc20:28
ducassefenix_peregrino: select the disk, make partition(s), format it/them as ext4 (for use with linux)20:28
ducassefenix_peregrino: run gparted with gksudo20:28
Tahr-Poopjunke1990, backup partition table before converting it: sfdisk -d /dev/sdX > backup.txt20:30
junke1990Thar-Poop: would that mean that If it fails I can put back the dos table?20:31
ducassejunke1990: i'm pretty sure mine just said "converting mbr to gpt, write gpt with protective mbr (y/n)?", but i don't know what the difference was from your scenario.20:31
fenix_peregrinoducasse: it says that im not the owner :( How can I fix this?20:31
junke1990I'm reading online that I have to have a 1 mb room before and after the partition20:31
Tahr-Poopjunke1990, yep http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/mbr2gpt.html < read this before doing anything20:32
ducassefenix_peregrino: what says you're not the owner? when doing what? 'it' is not very specific.20:32
fenix_peregrinoducasse: it says that im not the owner so I cannot change the permissions20:33
fenix_peregrinoducasse: it doesnt let me write anything on the disk :(20:33
ioriafenix_peregrino, ls -l /media/$USER20:33
ducassefenix_peregrino: what is 'it'?20:34
ikoniaPyro3d: on the vm - does the host appear in the arp table ?20:34
Pyro3dikonia: Yep. arp is fine20:34
ikoniaand vice-a-versa ?20:34
fenix_peregrinoducasse: it says20:34
fenix_peregrinoducasse: drwx------ 3 user user 4096 ene 28 17:30 HDD20:34
fenix_peregrinoducasse: also says "total 4"20:35
Pyro3dikonia: Yeah. I also checked for mac conflicts on the interfaces, as I encounted the same issue with a pair of juniper srx chassis cluster last week, but I didn't see any interfaces that had the same macs.20:35
ikoniaPyro3d: well you sholdn't as there is only the host and the vm in play here20:35
ioriafenix_peregrino, can you paste  sudo parted -l ?20:35
Pyro3dikonia: Yeah, but I didn't think I should've with the srxs as well.20:36
ikoniaPyro3d: the host can't allocate the same mac to a vm20:36
fenix_peregrinoducasse: it says http://pastebin.com/teELGmBg20:36
Pyro3dikonia: It didn't so that's good.20:37
ioriafenix_peregrino,  sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999920:38
ikoniaPyro3d: in the VM when the ping goes out do you see the ACK ?20:38
ikoniaor do you just see the packet response20:38
fenix_peregrinoioria: http://termbin.com/qo7l20:39
rifterok, so, now I have a question for myself again. I have lubuntu 16.10 and want to install 32 bit libraries on it. The process should be the same on it as for ubuntu. I want to know if one of you knows how to do that or can point me to a resource for the process20:39
Pyro3dikonia: The ack? I see the icmpecho request and the echo reply.20:39
ikoniaPyro3d: so from what you're telling me my gut is telling me that for some reason traffic is going out/via the physical interface20:40
fenix_peregrinoioria: what is the problem :(?20:40
ikoniaPyro3d: that shouldn't matter itself, however depending on how your doing the forwarding (if it's going via the physical interface) you could be getting a mangled reponse20:40
ioriafenix_peregrino, so you have two disks: sda for storage i guess (gpt),  and sdb (encrypted) for the os ?20:41
fenix_peregrinoioria: yes20:41
ioriafenix_peregrino,  mount | nc termbin.com 999920:41
fenix_peregrinoioria: http://termbin.com/1geq20:42
Pyro3dikonia: Doesn't look like the case. I don't see those packets outbound on the physical interface. I'm going to check with wireshark for damaged frames though.20:43
ioriafenix_peregrino,  did you edit /etc/fstab ?20:43
ikoniaPyro3d: what about inbound ?20:43
fenix_peregrinoioria: nop, I just created a partition named hDD nothing more20:44
ikoniaPyro3d: that could be the problem, out via a different interface than the response can often make a mangled response20:44
Pyro3dikonia: no icmp from the vm on the physical interface is present when pingning the host20:44
ikoniaPyro3d: does anything other than ping work ?20:45
Pyro3dikonia: nothing works20:45
Pyro3dexcept arp20:45
ioriafenix_peregrino,  what's on the HDD right now ? can you reformat with msdos PT ?20:45
fenix_peregrinoioria: its completly empyt is brand new20:45
fenix_peregrinoioria: I can do anything with gparted; the thing is I cannot write anything on the disk20:46
ducassefenix_peregrino: the disk is mounted, and appears to be owned by you. what does 'touch /media/$USER/HDD/test' say?20:47
fenix_peregrinoducasse: nothing20:48
fenix_peregrinothe terminal doesnt tell me anything20:48
ducassefenix_peregrino: ok, then your user can write to it. try accessing it from your file manager.20:48
fenix_peregrinoducasse: im the user20:49
ioriafenix_peregrino,  ls /media/$USER/HDD/test     what it says ?20:49
fenix_peregrinoioria: it seemed it worked :)20:49
fenix_peregrinoioria: now I can write things on it20:49
ioriafenix_peregrino,  good20:49
fenix_peregrinoioria: this computer is new and I installed a SAPPHIRE READEON R7 240. How can I install the drivers?20:50
ioriafenix_peregrino,  no way , the last supported by amd is 26020:50
ioriafenix_peregrino,  http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx20:51
Pyro3dikonia: Wireshark isn't throwing any issues with the packets, and I can't see anything wrong with them myself.20:51
ioriafenix_peregrino,  you stay with the opensource20:51
fenix_peregrinoioria: so I wont be able to use it?20:51
ioriafenix_peregrino,  you use radeon ... or wait for something coming up20:51
fenix_peregrinoioria: what do you mean? I have an integrated video card and also the Sapphire Radeon r7 24020:52
ioriafenix_peregrino,  oh.. lspci -k | grep VGA -A 220:53
ioriafenix_peregrino, lspci -k | grep VGA -A 2 | nc termbin.com 999920:54
fenix_peregrinoioria: http://pastebin.com/ELqvZwh320:54
ioriafenix_peregrino, it's a desktop, right ?20:55
fenix_peregrinoioria: yes20:55
ioriafenix_peregrino, it's ok, you're using radeon, the opensource driver20:55
fenix_peregrinoioria: so am I using both cards?20:55
ioriafenix_peregrino, nope20:56
fenix_peregrinoioria: which one?20:56
ioriafenix_peregrino, the amd20:56
fenix_peregrinoioria: not sapphire?20:56
ioriafenix_peregrino, sapphire  is the amd :)20:56
fenix_peregrinoioria: lol sorry for my ignorance. I was worried that I have bought a graphic card and i wasnt going to be able to use it :)20:57
ioriafenix_peregrino, on a desktop plugging the pci-e disables automatically the integrated20:58
fenix_peregrinoioria: perfect!20:58
ioriafenix_peregrino, whould be fun make them works with different monitors  ·þ20:58
fenix_peregrinoioria: yes that will be awesome :).20:59
ioriafenix_peregrino, yup20:59
fenix_peregrinoioria: so there is no way to do this?20:59
ioriafenix_peregrino, i guess , but never had the time21:00
fenix_peregrinoioria: can you recommend a good forum to investigate?21:00
Dave114Any idea if I create an install disk using the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/How%20to%20install%20Ubuntu%20on%20MacBook%20using%20USB%20Stick if I should be able to view that as a normal disk in OS X?21:01
Dave114i.e. since the system is failing to boot the ubuntu disk I'm wondering if I might have failed to properly create it21:01
Pyro3dDave114: You won't be able to mount it without fuse.21:02
ioriafenix_peregrino, nope, sorry21:02
Dave114Pyro3d: isn't FUSE a Linux filesystem driver?  Trying to figure out if I should be able to view files on the ubuntu usb key in OS X where I don't think (though I could be wrong) that FUSE even exists21:02
adalbertQ, how come xrdp is very slow and x11vnc is lots faster ??21:03
Pyro3dDave114: fuse isn't dependent to linux. It runs on BSDs and OSX as well.21:03
Dave114Any idea how I can test my startup disk?  I was able to verify the SHAsum of the file I downloaded - know if I can do the same with a disk device?21:03
fenix_peregrinoioria: ok, thank you very much for the help!!!121:04
ioriafenix_peregrino, no proble, good luck21:04
Pyro3dDave114: test how? What are you looking for?21:04
fenix_peregrinoioria: :)21:04
Dave114Pyro3d: the system failed to boot (beyond the initial ubuntu bootloader) ... so trying to figure out why that's the case21:05
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
Pyro3dDave114: I guess you could pull the disk with dd and pipe it to openssl, but I don't know if that'll be consistent with the iso.21:06
Dave114at the moment I'm trying to use dd to copy the disk back to a file ... then will try to compare that file with the original file I tried to copy to the disk21:07
Pyro3dDave114: What happened when you tried to boot?21:07
ducasseDave114: is this the regular ubuntu desktop iso?21:08
Dave114Pyro3d: bootloader shows (after originally briefly flashing a message that says something like "/boot not found").  Once I select any item from the grub bootloader screen it just hangs with a black screen21:09
Dave114Pyro3d: that said, I think it may be a hardware fault ... but not quite sure.  Was planning to replace that Mac Mini with an Intel NUC once the latest ones are available locally in any case.21:10
Dave114Pyro3d: at least something is weird with the machine.  It failed to boot OS X after latest updates but will boot, e.g., OS X recovery ... so I was hoping I'd be able to try booting Ubuntu off a USB key21:11
Bashing-omDave114: can you boot the USB to the boot menu ? then there is the option " check disk for defects " .21:12
Dave114Bashing-om: I did a fsck in OSX's single user mode and it passes the disk utility's check in OS X recovery.  OS X has been pissing me off increasingly lately though so been looking at this as a good excuse to get back to Linux on the desktop21:14
Tahr-PoopDave114, try booting without quite splash vt.handoff flag in kernel boot parameter21:14
RedPenguinI guess badblocks never tells you if it finds any bad blocks until it's 100% done?21:15
wedgieRedPenguin: pretty sure it lists them as it finds them21:15
RedPenguinoh so it got to 55.28% so far, it's prob didn't find any yet?21:16
RedPenguinIt's writing to a log and so far the console and .log are both empty21:16
wedgieRedPenguin: yeah, would have listed any it has found so far21:16
wedgieRedPenguin: though, depending on the test you're running, 55% may only be just beginning to actualy verify results21:17
RedPenguinJust giving the drive a check as some worried earlier about it saying 2 pending sectors21:17
RedPenguinread-only test (-v -s)21:17
Dave114Tahr-Poop: where does that param go?  Hit e I think to edit params but that now seems a multi-line thing21:18
Dave114Tahr-Poop: err ... I see splash on one line.  Just delete that or need something else?21:18
Tahr-PoopDave114, remove 'quite' too21:19
Pyro3dikonia: Any other ideas? I can provide a tcpdump taken from the vm with a couple pings from each direction if it helps.21:19
kode54Tahr-Poop: I think you mean quiet21:20
RedPenguinguess I will just have to wait and see, smartctl said at least two sectors trouble reading, but so far badblocks is 57% with no issues21:21
Dave114Tahr-Poop: all right.  It's now booking.  Hoping it's not stuck with the graphics drivers.  Showed "fb: switching to radeondrmfb from EFI VGA" and has now been sitting there for about 30 seconds21:21
RedPenguinbut smartcrtl got to 90% in the long test so wonder if that means closer to end of drive21:21
Tahr-Poopkode54, ohh thanks for correction21:21
Dave114Tahr-Poop: looks like this may be the issue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/843303/radeon-driver-cant-run-without-nomodeset-on-macpro6-1-with-two-amd-r9-280x-t and I don't see a full solution.  Or is there basically a need to dig for proprietary drivers for the radeon card in the machine?21:24
Tahr-PoopDave114, well its stuck.... now add nomodeset flag in boot parameter and boot21:25
Dave114Tahr-Poop: I'm sort of wondering if I might just try recovering that OS X install and wait for the new machine before trying Ubuntu again.21:26
Dave114Trying OS X internet recovery for now - will try Ubuntu with nomodeset later tonight if that doesn't work21:30
bigLankyI just installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my desktop and I am having some display issues21:32
Bashing-om!details | bigLanky21:33
ubottubigLanky: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.21:33
ragecrazehey guys, i need help with wifi on ubuntu, everytime i log into my pc, i have to enable wifi by the commands ifconfig ra0 up and service network-manager restart. how do i make wifi start by itself?21:34
kode54Dave114 was having problems with a Mac Pro?21:34
bigLankyI have 1 Radeon HD 6850 card that I use HDMI for my main display, then I have a low end NVIDIA GeForce GT730 that I use to power my other 2 monitors21:35
bigLankyin windows, this worked just fine... in Ubuntu I had some issues, mainly with the NVIDIA card, which I did some research and NVIDIA does have problems, so I ordered a replacement AMD card foro this21:35
bigLankynow, I only have the Radeon card in... when 1 monitor is hooked to it things work properly... when I hook a second monitor in, I get no output on either21:36
bigLankyis there something special I need to do for multi-monitor support?21:36
Bashing-ombigLanky: Ouch .. preently AMD is having growing pains to deal with multi monitors .21:37
bigLankyis there a recommended card that will support this?21:37
bigLankyIdeally I would like to have a similar setup to what I had where my main card powers my main monitor and a secondary card powers the 2 extra monitors21:38
bigLankyis that possible to do?21:38
Bashing-ombigLanky: Me, I can not advise in that realm .. no experience . Let's see what others here can advise .21:38
ragecrazeanyone can help me with wifi issue?21:39
bigLankyok, i will wait and keep researching, thanks for the info21:41
ducassebigLanky: which driver are you using for the amd card?21:41
bigLankyi am trying to SSH using a private key that I have, but when I SSH it asks for the passphrase (there is none) and then it asks me for the login password21:41
ragecrazecan anyone help me with wifi issue?21:41
wedgiebigLanky: you sure it's using the key? Try forcing it to use the right one with -i /path/to/private/key21:42
wedgieor use -v to get some debug output to see which key it's using21:43
ragecrazeguys anyone can help me with wifi issues?21:43
wedgieragecraze: nobody knows unless you ask a question or describe your issue21:44
ragecrazewedgie my wifi has to be enabled manually everytime i log into linux21:44
ragecrazewedgie i have to use ifconfig ra0 up and service.networking manager restart21:44
ragecrazehow do i make it start automatically?21:44
bigLankyducasse: https://s29.postimg.org/p5ov9423r/Screenshot_from_2017_01_28_14_44_19.png21:45
bigLankywedgie: https://s23.postimg.org/6k4ss7bxn/Screenshot_from_2017_01_28_14_46_38.png21:47
wedgieseems it thinks that your key does indeed have a passphrase21:48
ragecrazewedgie u can help me?21:48
ducasse!patience | ragecraze21:48
ubotturagecraze: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/21:48
wedgieragecraze: no. But if you're patient maybe someone else can.21:48
bigLankyit doesn't though, none was set when I created21:48
bigLankywhen I run ssh -v root@host, I see that it tries private keys in /home/biglanky/.ssh/id_rsa, id_da, id_ecdsa, id_ed2551921:49
bigLankydo I need to add my kep to that list somehow?21:49
wedgiebigLanky: not if you specify it with -i like you did. You sure the pubkey is on the remote host?21:49
Tahr-Poopragecraze, add interface to /etc/network/interfaces http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man5/interfaces.5.html21:50
Dave114Tahr-Poop: BTW, internet recovery mode failed.  (Strangely I had to reset the PVRAM on the machine after running it as it even busted Ubuntu.  nomodeset did get me Ubuntu booted though so thanks for that help!21:50
ubuntu433very quick and urgent question - how do i reset ubuntu server via ssh?21:50
wedgiebigLanky: can you pastebin the -v output?21:50
wedgieubuntu433: clarify "reset"21:50
Tahr-PoopDave114, https://orville.thebennettproject.com/articles/installing-ubuntu-14-04-lts-on-a-2011-macbook-pro/21:50
ubuntu433back to fresh installed state21:50
ragecrazetahr-poop my friend im very new to this, could you explain it in a way that a newbie would understand and do it?21:51
bigLankyi am able to connect with Putty on my windows box usingn this same key... only difference is with putty it uses the .ppk, but I have created a new file on my ubuntu pc that has the key.txt file21:51
ducasseubuntu433: you don't. reinstall.21:51
wedgiebigLanky: did you use putty-gen to create the key?21:51
ubuntu433alright, via ssh, how to?21:51
wedgieor whatever that tool is called?21:51
bigLankywell, i created the .pem file first21:51
ducasseubuntu433: you need console access.21:52
wedgieputty uses a different format afaik. But you can convert it to openssh format.21:52
bigLankythen used puttyGen to convert that to ppk21:52
ubuntu433i have console access thru ssh :|21:52
ducasseubuntu433: then you _don't_ have console access.21:52
Dave114Tahr-Poop: so if I read that correctly the only way to get Ubuntu running longterm there would be to stick to embedded intel graphics?21:52
wedgiebigLanky: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2224066/how-to-convert-ssh-keypairs-generated-using-puttygenwindows-into-key-pairs-use21:52
ubuntu433alright, checked again, yes i do21:53
ducasseubuntu433: is this a vps?21:53
ducasseubuntu433: just kill it and make a new one.21:53
ubuntu433not an option21:53
Dave114Tahr-Poop: or is the suggestion that the reason for the boot failure is that the ATI graphics card failed.  (this is a mac mini not a macbook pro but wouldn't surprise me if they're using the same hardware)21:54
ducasseubuntu433: why not?21:54
ubuntu433because that's not an option21:55
Dave114is it possible to either resize an encrypted HFS partition or access an Apple time machine backup from Ubuntu these days?21:55
ducasseubuntu433: you don't have an option to create a new one? or you don't want to?21:56
bekksDave114: For the first parte, you need to ask an OSX-channel, and for the second part the answer is "no".21:56
Dave114bekks: the reason that I was asking here is that I've only got access to Linux tools - e.g. gparted21:57
bekksDave114: So the overall answer is "no" then.21:57
bigLankyok im going to try and export using putty gen21:57
barnitoanyone know of an openhab channel?21:58
Dave114bekks: all right.  Thanks anyways.  Think what I need to do is sync a backup copy of my home dir in OSX to my NAS and then just abandon the install and clobber the existing OS X partition21:59
ducassebarnito: #openhab exists, at least. next time, try alis first.21:59
ducasse!alis | barnito22:00
ubottubarnito: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"22:00
ubuntu433I can't assign an image to a proxmox vm because some fucked up storage i don't know about, so it's not an option22:00
ducasse!language | ubuntu43322:00
ubottuubuntu433: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:00
ducasseubottu: well, you basically need a new vm, you can't "reset to factory defaults" unless you have a snapshot.22:02
ubottuducasse: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:02
ducasseubuntu433: well, you basically need a new vm, you can't "reset to factory defaults" unless you have a snapshot.22:02
FrogCast /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lasound22:03
FrogCast" /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lasound22:03
=== cpt-oblivious_ is now known as cpt-oblivious
FrogCastopps sorry :P22:03
FrogCastI'm trying to make something, how can I find out how to link it to libasound?22:03
FrogCastfreelancerbob, hello22:04
freelancerbobi have problem with this command22:04
freelancerbobfor i in *.ogg;do ffmpeg -i $i $name.mp3;done22:04
freelancerbob9: No such file or director22:04
wedgiefreelancerbob: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/08922:05
wedgieaactually, no22:06
wedgiejust need to quote your vars22:06
wedgie"i" "$name.mp3"22:07
wedgie"$i" "$name.mp3"22:07
ducasseFrogCast: what are you trying to make?22:07
FrogCastducasse, just a Makefile.linux22:08
freelancerbobwedgie: for i in *.ogg;do ffmpeg -i $i "$name.mp3";done    >>Still same error22:09
FrogCastFrogCast, its a for a piece of proprietary c software I purchased. I understand that I have to link the appropriate file, but I just don't know how to efficiently find the libs on my system.22:09
wedgiefor i in ./*.ogg; do ffmpeg -i "$i" "$name.mp3"; done22:09
wedgiefreelancerbob: always quote exansions. That is, always quote anything with a $ at the front22:10
ducasseFrogCast: probably better if you ask this in ##linux, it's outside what we support here. but make sure libasound2-dev is installed.22:12
FrogCastducasse, ah, didn't even consider the -dev files. Thanks22:12
FrogCast!cookie | ducasse22:12
ubottuducasse: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:12
ducasseFrogCast: probably all you're missing, otherwise try ##linux.22:13
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=== moofys_mother is now known as foddo
SansiroSugatalast time i used IRC was in 1998...22:24
SansiroSugataMy God...22:24
SansiroSugatais this for real?22:24
excelsiorawelcome back?22:24
SansiroSugatathis is IRC ?22:24
SansiroSugatamy God..22:24
SansiroSugatai Googled it accidentally..22:25
SansiroSugatapeople still using IRC ?22:25
MonkeyDustSansiroSugata  this is the ubuntu support channel, confine yourself to ubuntu questions22:25
TheOnlyBouncerOhai, question, i have a laptop with a 1060 and try to install Ubuntu, but it seems not to be able to boot up the live stick. nomodeset seems not to work22:25
SansiroSugataWhere can i find information on how to set up Storage Server using Virtual Space ?22:26
ducasseSansiroSugata: pretty sure that's not an ubuntu question.22:28
TheOnlyBouncerI tried both with Ubuntu 16.04 and with a daily build of 17.04 btw22:29
TheOnlyBouncerprobably nouvau screwing up somehow?22:29
k1lTheOnlyBouncer: tried 16.10? that should work with nomodeset22:30
TheOnlyBouncerseems weird that 16.10 should work and 17 daily not?22:30
ducasseTheOnlyBouncer: 17 daily is a dev build, so not really.22:31
TheOnlyBouncerk will try 16.10 then22:32
countingdaisiesDoes anyone know more about macchanger? http://www.gnu.org/software/macchanger22:34
ducassecountingdaisies: "know more"?22:35
TheOnlyBouncercountingdaisies, its a changer for mac addresses22:36
countingdaisiesI'm wondering why I can run sudo macchanger -A wlp2s0 and get output that indicates the mac was changed, but when I do sudo ifconfig after that (after binging that wireless card back up) - is shows the old (actual address) rather than the new one macchanger said it would be?22:36
countingdaisiesI've been using macchanger for a few years but have never been able to get it to work right (but that's another story)22:37
countingdaisiesTheOnlyBouncer: Sorry, I get to typing and ....22:37
ducassecountingdaisies: what do you do to bring the interface up?22:37
countingdaisiesducasse: This time, it was brought down and up via the gui: > network  icon in top bar > Enable WiFi22:38
countingdaisiesI have done sudo ifconfig wlp2s0 up / down before though22:39
ducassecountingdaisies: thought so. aiui, (at least some versions of) network manager will override what macchanger does22:39
countingdaisiesducasse: aiui ? <--- sorry never seen it. And, does that mean its in how I'm using it? What's the right way to do this?22:40
ducassecountingdaisies: aiui = as i understand it22:41
countingdaisiesducasse: ahh22:41
ducassecountingdaisies: so, if my understanding is correct, you would need to avoid using network manager for that interface.22:42
Cust0sLim3ncan someone send me their /etc/fstab and /etc/apt/sources.list22:42
Cust0sLim3nor bpaste it22:42
Cust0sLim3npreferably from 16.10 server22:42
k1lCust0sLim3n: fstab is dependend on your exact system.22:42
Cust0sLim3nk1l, I know22:42
k1lCust0sLim3n: i guess you removed /etc or such=22:43
countingdaisiesducasse: Oh. Does that turn this into something more involved then?22:43
Cust0sLim3nbut I'm doing a debootstrap install and its just blank22:43
Cust0sLim3nk1l, so I just want to see conventions22:43
Cust0sLim3nso mine does not look too odd22:43
ducassecountingdaisies: a bit. you might be able to do it with using wicd instead, that's pretty simple. i'm not certain that will work, though.22:44
countingdaisiesducasse: thanks. I think now I know what I'm up against so I should be able to look it up and find a soln.22:44
ducassecountingdaisies: i'd try wicd-gtk as that would be the simplest solution.22:45
k1lCust0sLim3n: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/powerpc/apds04.html22:46
Cust0sLim3nk1l, I don't believe that one22:46
Cust0sLim3nI don't think yours has entries for proc and sys22:46
Cust0sLim3nk1l, which is why I want to see a real one22:47
Cust0sLim3nk1l, I'm sure that one will work but I don't think that is what a real one looks like22:47
k1lCust0sLim3n: as i already said: that depends on your exact hardware setup and usecase.22:47
Cust0sLim3nk1l, ok - I heard you - and I explained why I want to see one - and I explained how the one in the manual is suspect22:47
Cust0sLim3nk1l, so thanks - will get along without it if nobody is interested in sharing theirs22:47
k1lCust0sLim3n: its not suspect. you need to think about your setup and adjust the fstab. thats it22:48
ducasseCust0sLim3n: no, there are no fstab entries for /proc and /sys normally22:48
Cust0sLim3nducasse, I know ... which is why I'm asking for someone to share theirs created by their installed22:48
Cust0sLim3nk1l, look - its quite simple - I asked for someone to share it - if you don't want to share yours its ok22:48
k1lCust0sLim3n: ok, good luck with your issue22:48
ducasseCust0sLim3n: sure, here's an fstab. *shrug* http://paste.ubuntu.com/23883497/22:50
TheOnlyBouncerk1l, hmm 16.10 nomodeset also does not work for this system22:52
k1lTheOnlyBouncer: what is the exact error? where does it stop?22:53
TheOnlyBouncerno error, just a blinking/resetting probably during starting X22:53
countingdaisiesYou know, there's another thing I've wondered about for years and never taken the time to ask. Problem: I'd like to answer questions here too but I have to keep making progress on other things at the same time. What ends up happening (in practice) is that the chat window gets buried under the other applications I'm working with and I have no convenient way to identify questions I can answer...22:54
countingdaisies...and when they are asked.  Question: I'm wondering if there are techniques, additions software, additional configuration, or tweaks that would solve the problem and help me participate in the community more?22:54
k1lcan you install using the internal gpu? then install the nvidia driver and change to the nvidia gpu?22:54
countingdaisiesholy .....22:54
TheOnlyBouncerk1l, can't there is no internal gpu22:54
Cust0sLim3nthanks ducasse - so installed used UUIDs or did you make them uuids ?22:55
Cust0sLim3nacutally nvm - its not use lvm - where I'm actually unsure about convention - but thanks - at least I'm clear about whether or not I should worry about mounting shm22:56
k1lTheOnlyBouncer: hmm, dont know then, sorry. maybe others know about a solution22:57
ducasseCust0sLim3n: installer uses uuids, also for lvm.22:57
posanyone care to confirm a bug?22:58
Cust0sLim3nthanks ducasse22:58
ducassecountingdaisies: i briefly scan my irc client every now and then and read the latest few messages in a few specific channels.22:58
poslog into an x session, open a few windows, etc. then ctrl+alt+f1 and login as root, run a command or two and then ctrl+d. what happens to your x session?22:58
bekkspos: Best way to do so would be filing a bug report, and people will triage it.22:58
k1lpos: on ubuntu root account is not activeated22:59
countingdaisiesducasse: right on22:59
TheOnlyBouncerso yeah, laptop. 1060, no way of getting to a installer...22:59
posk1l, ok, old habit. anyway, the x session gets frakked. prolly the same with a normal user instead of root22:59
k1lpos: cant test that here. best to file a bug report23:08
k1l!bug | pos23:08
ubottupos: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.23:08
ducassepos: it's not, i can login to console, run stuff and exit just fine. doesn't affect x in any way unless i tell it to.23:08
posducasse, intel graphics?23:09
ducassepos: intel on one system, amd on another.23:09
posstrange. same behavior across three diff systems here23:10
ducassepos: ubuntu version?23:11
posi found it strange that terminal activity for one user can have any effect on another user23:12
bekkspos: How do use do that, time sharing on the seat in front of the computer? :)23:13
posnah, i avoid sudoing in an x session and do root stuff in its own tty23:14
bekkspos: thats not related to the things above, is it?23:14
posbekks, well, if I'm logged into X as a normal user and want to do apt-get update ; apt-get install something23:15
RedPenguinlooks like I may have finally gotten somewhere looking at this drive, it seems to be very sluggisgh at 95.55% badblocks23:15
bekkspos: I'd just open a terminal window then, and run sudo apt ...23:15
posi do that as root in the tty, when I then log out x is frakked23:15
posbekks, nah, I don't sudo in x sessions23:16
bekkspos: On Ubuntu, root doesnt have a password, so you cant login as root.23:16
posbekks, i can23:16
posofc, i don't do a normal install :)23:16
bekkspos: So do a "normal" install, and try it again then.23:17
TheOnlyBouncerffs not even xforcevesa works...23:17
i7chhello people. i'm having the dumbest issue: trying to install 16.04 and when graphical setup should start, it sets some resolution that apparently is not supported by the display. any way i can specify (lower) the resolution from the live image?23:19
demonsporkI have an Ubuntu VM on an ESXI host. There are some major problems, commands will take a minute to run sometimes, it randomly seems to freeze. The rest of the time it is fast, all storage is SSD speeds, network works right. I noticed that I have 20GB of RAM listed, but I am using 808M and 149M is free. Does this mean that Dynamic memory is turned on for this VM, and could it also be the problem?23:20
Bashing-omi7ch: nVidia graphics ? ,, might try the nomodeset boot parameter .23:21
i7chBashing-om, yea, nvidia card. i tried with setting custom modes, but it crashes right after "Ubuntu GNOME ...." thingie.23:22
i7chshould i try with just plain nomodeset ?23:22
Bashing-omi7ch: Yeah, .. but is the .iso verified and the copy as image verified ?23:24
i7chdoes it matter ?23:25
i7chyou're referring to hashes ?23:25
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Bashing-om!md5sum | i7ch23:26
ubottui7ch: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM23:26
i7chBashing-om, i know about md5sum. but what is has to do with it ?23:26
ducassedemonspork: try #ubuntu-server, perhaps they have more experience with ubuntu on esxi23:27
ducassedemonspork: i don't know if you need the open-vm-tools for esxi also, are those installed?23:33
i7chnevermind .got it. just specify "video=[desiredresolution]23:34
bekksducasse: you dont need them, and they will conflict with the VMware vmtools, but essentially they arent needed (both of them).23:34
Bashing-omi7ch: Well nice to build on a firm foundation, no ? Particularly when there are problems .23:35
ducassebekks: ack, thanks. good to know.23:35
wedgiethese days open-vm-tools are preferred over vmware tools, per vmware.23:37
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psichasguys, could someone to say, how to reply for email conference with kmail? ;)23:48
bekkspsichas: By clicking "Answer"?23:55
bekkspsichas: It's an email, basically.23:55
psichasbekks, i just want reply to all23:56
psichasbekks, so if i will use reply to all everyone'll get email ? i don't know, i see only one email in the fiels "sen to"23:58
Daniel_Carverbazhang: Please refrain from idling in #ubuntu-ops.23:58
Daniel_CarverThis is only for ops.23:58

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