bluesabreochosi, awesome16:43
bluesabreappstream spec keeps changing :(18:54
bluesabreuse current example, Could not parse XML data: Entity: line 2: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found18:55
bluesabreuse old example, The metainfo file uses an ancient version of the AppStream specification, which can not be validated. Please migrate it to version 0.6 (or higher).18:55
bluesabreapparently there is a required comment19:05
bluesabre"The component ID is not a reverse domain-name. Please update the ID and that of the accompanying .desktop file to follow the latest version of the Desktop-Entry and AppStream specifications and avoid future issues."19:07
bluesabresuppose that's the future19:09
bluesabreFeels weird to have non-grouped project domains all over the place19:09
userfoo123Hi, in 16.10 the background used by default, and the one used in plymouth (same one) features a very white lower section, this makes the startup messages (fsck etc) almost impossible to make out, i was gonna file a bug report before I noticed it was still there, just very hard to see19:19
userfoo123I see the arguments for the Image.Text uses the default white (values are 1,1,1 on the rbg, maybe change it to something a bit darker in the next release if you are gonna use the same background :)19:20
bluesabreuserfoo123, thanks for the feedback, we mistakenly didn't consider the text color, that rarely breaks and we often have very different backgrounds for each release19:21
bluesabrebut nearly invisible text is indeed useless text :D19:22
userfoo123ah I see, and yes indeed :P19:22
flocculantuserfoo123: it's certainly a comment we'll do our best to remember 19:26
ochosihey folks20:33
flocculantevening ochosi 20:34
flocculanthi knome too :)21:00
flocculantoi oi oi21:13
knomehumh, so that game run ended in twitch21:13
knomewhat now21:13
knomei mean ended like it spanned several days21:13
knometo be even more exact, it was like 7-8 hours a day for like 6 days in the last week :D21:17
knome(i didn't watch it all, at least in 1x speed...)21:17
knomebut it was really interesting21:17
knomeif i played pc games, i'd probably buy that21:18
knomeit's now in alpha 1621:18
knomeugh, there are definitely different styles to play the game21:25
knomedon't like most i've seen..21:25
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