MarcoPanyone know of a good online image backup free program that can do a image backup while the computer is running for ubuntu/linux00:33
MarcoPwrong room00:34
MarcoPi thought this was ubuntu00:34
bazhangwe can answer here too00:34
MarcoPthats cool00:34
MarcoPdo you know of any00:34
bazhangubuntu and xubuntu are the same in that dept00:34
MarcoPmy laptop is encrypted so clonezilla is not working so great00:35
bazhangwhy a running system00:35
MarcoPthe usb is not as big as the hard drive of the running system00:35
bazhangwhy not just backup home00:35
MarcoPi think clonezilla does a backup of the whole entire drive and the compression is not that great00:36
ObrienDaveso? if you only backup the /home drive, all is good00:36
MarcoPwould that be good enough you think? i thought about that00:36
MarcoPi had wondered what info is in the folders outside of /home though00:36
bazhangin fact, when I upgrade versions, there is an option to preserve /home00:37
MarcoPoh okay00:37
bazhangyou could use etckeeper00:37
bazhang!info etckeeper00:37
ubottuetckeeper (source: etckeeper): store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs. In component main, is optional. Version 1.18.2-1ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 26 kB, installed size 145 kB00:37
MarcoPwell there is a built in backup program00:37
bazhangthere is, yes00:38
MarcoPis there one that encrypts the file otherwise I can do it manually00:39
MarcoPthe backup file00:40
ejay13177does anyone have any tips for speeding up the system on a netbook? running 16.1013:47
buntdog58just finish up install of 16.0414:46
ejay13177does anyone have any tips for speeding up the system on a netbook? running 16.1015:13
bekksejay13177: Whats slow in particular, first?15:16
ejay13177everything pretty much, web browsing especially15:21
bekksWhich CPU do you have, how much RAM?15:21
ejay13177atom n450, 1gb15:21
ejay13177im planning on putting in a 2gb module but im wondering if there are any software tweaks in the meantime15:22
bekksYour only chance is changing the CPU then. Had a N450 myself, even a smartphone is faster.15:22
bekksNo joking intended.15:22
ejay13177i see15:22
ejay13177it literally is, i find myself browsing on my phone often15:23
ejay13177what a shame15:23
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mrmanmanhello guys16:55
mrmanmancan i ask u guys question? i just installed this xubuntu os on my pretty old desktop, the thing is it wont run without nomodeset line on grub, but when i tried to set it permanently after restart, the resolution become lower (fixed tho) and i feel the system became slower, so i redo adding "nomodeset" permanently on the grub file, if i add nomodeset line command while im at the grub booting its working just fine. i looked for my graphic d16:59
mrmanmansorry if its confusing16:59
ejay13177realhmmm im rusty on grub, ill check into it17:00
mrmanman:)thanks jay17:03
ejay13177so what graphics card is it?17:05
mrmanmanits Radeon HD 6410D i think17:10
ejay13177I think you just need to install a better driver for it17:10
mrmanmanhmm, where do you think i can find it?17:11
ejay13177go to start menu, and search additional drivers17:11
mrmanmani cant see anything in there, just blank :(17:12
ejay13177this is on a totally fresh install?17:12
ejay13177like you never been able to see any software in your start menu?17:12
ejay13177can you start a terminal somehow?17:13
mrmanmanno no ive installed some things in there, everything works fine, but the main problem is just i have to set nomodeset everytime to make it run when booting in grub, otherwise monitor just blinking like in sleep mode but the pc still running17:14
mrmanmanyes i can17:14
ejay13177try running that in terminal17:16
ejay13177then check the additional drivers tab17:17
ejay13177i gotta take a shower brb17:19
mrmanmanthere's actually 1 that show up,17:19
mrmanmanthis device is using alternative driver"17:19
mrmanmanok jay thanks btw17:19
ejay13177check that link out and see where you can get17:19
mrmanmanok, ill check it tomorrow jay, its 01:24 am in here, i have to sleep hehe, good bye for now :)17:24
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