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menn0morning all20:04
babbageclunkmorning menn020:18
babbageclunkhow's it going?20:18
menn0babbageclunk: pretty good. had a great camping trip with the family at little river and we saw Moana last night (awesome!)20:21
menn0babbageclunk: how about you?20:22
babbageclunkOh yeah, Moana's great! Ada still bursts into her version of the Shiny song every so often.20:22
babbageclunkmenn0: I bought a push mower and mowed our lawn yesterday, felt super-domestic!20:23
menn0babbageclunk: haha, I know that feeling. A few weeks ago I got really excited about a retractable hose that I'd bought. sad yet funny :)20:24
babbageclunkmenn0: ahh, growing up20:24

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