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user|84169Good morning,03:18
user|84169Kubuntu for the first time gave me a problem. It is the nature of the network, because I have locally, the cable connected to the switch disk NAS. I have 2 computers and would like to freely exchange data between them. I also have Windows. I wanted to set up both computers today, but unfortunately I did not let cope with one. I was very surprised w03:18
user|84169hen it turned out that windows disk is running normally. Short configuration enough - all stable. For the first time in the life of windows you made me something first \ better than Linux. Kubuntu while responding really weird - see the contents of network folder, but does not read the file. I'm logged in correctly and everything is ok. After sever03:18
user|84169al attempts (wasted the whole evening free) we found that Linux immediately changes the file permissions so that even immediately after copying can view the content, but can not open them. The windows reads all.03:18
user|84169Can anyone help me? He needs that drive, I have no idea why this system does so. If Kubuntu is not suitable to handle the disks, I'll have to change the distribution, although I would not want to do this ...03:18
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ubottuivan_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:01
BluesKajHiya folks11:06
bob_bhey guys, two questions: how to install add. drivers (e.g. wifi driver) on plasma5? does steam rely on gtk packages/ will installing steam cause crashes on plasma5?11:15
BluesKajbob_b, try system settings>driver manager to see if it picks up on  your needed wifi driver, as far as steam is concerned i have no idea11:18
bob_bthx :)11:18
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pragomer_1how to set a picture as wallpaper from dolphin in kubuntu 16.04 ?14:07
BluesKajpragomer_1, rigt click on the desktop, choose configure desktop>Wallpaper>open, to choose wallpapers from a local file or choose one of the defaults avaiable there in desktop settings14:20
pragomer_1BluesKaj: ok.. i knew this method.. searched for a one like I can do it in other DE's oder Windows... just via filemanager..14:46
cfaulk40Good afternoon.  I've finally managed to upgrade to 16.04LTS, and now I can't use it :(  My wifi adapter used to run on a module I built from a git repo, mt7601Usta.ko.  The module provided for it in 16.04 doesn't operate my device, and the module I was using now doesn't recognize it.15:38
cfaulk40The USBID is 148f:7601, it's an RALINK usb Wifi dongle.15:39
cfaulk40Does anyone have any ideas (short of buying a new wifi adapter) that I could use to fix this issue.15:40
cfaulk40Thanks :)15:40
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cfaulk40Dunno what happened there, but I appear to have been logged off :)16:17
cfaulk40TLDR version of my problem; Got a Wifi adapter, 148f:7601, used to work in 14.04LTS, doesn't work in 16.04LTS. Old module was built by me from git repo, new one provided by kernel doesn't recognize my device and now the old one doesn't either.16:19
cfaulk40Essentially I've upgraded and now can't get on the net.  Any clues please, short of buying a new wifi adapter? I've rebuilt the stuff from the git repo for the right kernel, but lsmod says nothing is using it.16:20
cfaulk40Should mention, the old driver was mt7601Usta from porjo's git repo, the new one is mt7601u which came inbuilt in the kernel.16:21
pragomer_1how to install the dark themes for digikam in kubuntu 16.04 ? theres only breeze19:37
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efloid_what does the Discover package updater use on the command line to run updates?21:07
sintretypw sudo apt update in line21:07
sintrethen sudo apt full-upgrade to do full upgrade off all available packages21:08
sintremuon is like a software store of sorts21:08
sintremuon is under development as well21:08
sintrei mean discovrer lol21:09
sintresry typing and talking at same time21:09
efloid_thank you21:09
sintremuon is a older package manager alot of people use it, comes in handy21:09
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efloid_interesting.  i used to run "apt-get update" then "apt-get upgrade" but there's a difference21:10
efloid_apt-full upgrade offers to install kernel packages but apt-get upgrade shows them as available but held back21:10
sintrethats why i gave you the command i did21:11
sintreif you want to update that is :)21:11
efloid_very useful.  thanks.  i updated my little update script so now it works the same as Discover updater :-)21:12
sintrenot sure if thats what discover goes about it , other people working on it could tell you more , later in the evening more people will probally be around21:12
sintrei just update manually21:13
sintresame way i told you , easier imo21:13
sintreif you want to go further you can add backports21:14
sintreand same command will then draw from that repo21:14
sintreas well21:14

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