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freakyyhi all. im running ubuntu 16.10 with budgie-remix ppa and im using budgie. i now would like to upgrade to ubuntu budgie 17.04 alpha2 - how can i do that?17:40
k1l_freakyy: sudo do-release-upgrade -d17:56
flocculantnot sure that'd do it - would not the upgrade tool disable and remove the ppa stuff?17:57
flocculantk1l_: ^^17:57
k1l_it will disable PPAs. but you can activate them afterwards17:58
freakyyok but budgie is now official flavour ...18:00
freakyyof ubuntu18:00
freakyyso i might have to purge the ppa budgie remix and install budgie-desktop after if that package exists#18:00
k1l_but? if they did y god job and the pacakges are named the same way, then the upgrade should work just fine.18:00
freakyyok :D thanks ^^18:00
freakyyim currently already running the update and all pacakges were downloaded already18:01
freakyyits upgrading now18:01
flocculantgood - just thought I would say something before it was too late :)18:06
Guy1524I downloaded the dev version of 17.0420:39
Guy1524and the unity 8 preview session has an old version of unity 8 i think20:40
Guy1524it still has a scopes windows20:40
Guy1524instead of a sidebar20:40

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